Wild Cards: Who Did It Better? Charlie Askew Or Aubrey Cleland?

Wild Cards on American Idol 2013

Part of last night’s American Idol 2013 show featured a song battle between runner-up’s Aubrey Cleland and Charlie Askew. Both singers placed sixth in their respective groups thereby just missing the opportunity to be part of the summer live tour. This was their chance to get back in and become part of the summer fun.

Charlie Askew was up first with an original song, “Blue Sky Diamond.” Charlie later explained to Ryan Seacrest the song was written about his long term girlfriend with whom he was looking to reconcile. Luckily for Charlie Ryan decided to cut him off mid speech and avoid a repeat of last week’s emotional overflow.

Next came Aubrey Cleland with her cover of “Out Here On My Own” by Irene Cara. Her impressive performance was quite the argument for making her part of the American Idol 2013 tour this summer.

So, who will it be? Only one can move on. Or maybe not. Maybe American Idol will take both of them along for the ride. If it’s close in the votes then I’d expect production to not want to miss an opportunity to get as many fans in those seats as possible, but if it’s a blow out then they’ll more likely drop the trailing singer.