American Idol 2013 Top 9: Now Who Has What It Takes To Win?

American Idol 2013 Top 9

Last week I made some early predictions on what could happen on this season of American Idol 2013 and since powers shift and things change, I’ll be updating the assessment as each person is eliminated. And these are final placement predictions.

Last night Curtis Finch Jr. was cut from the competition, leaving us with our Season 12 Top 9. I had Curtis placed much higher at 5th place. So it’s definitely time to take another look.

The Top 9 Assessment (In order of rank based on last night’s results)

(Top 3) Angie Miller. I had Angie winning the whole thing in my original post. And while Candice is giving her a run for her money, I think I’m leaving Angie right where she is. She’s all ready to go as a recording artist. She has her own songs (that people LOVE) and she has the right look. It’s all there. Final Placement Prediction: Winner of American Idol 2013

(Top 3) Candice Glover. I think Candice SHOULD win American Idol 2013, but I’m not sure she will. That could change, though. I originally had her coming in third. But right now I could see her going all the way to the end and losing to Angie. Final Placement Prediction: 2nd place

(Top 3) Kree Harrison. I’m really glad that Kree is the country singer more fans are going with. I was worried more people would go for Janelle. But Kree is clearly the superior singer. And because of Janelle, I originally had Kree in 7th place. She’s easily getting moved up now. But not to third. That’s too easy. Surely a guy will steal the hearts of some girls and sneak in the top 3.  Final Placement Prediction: 4th place

4. Lazaro Arbos. As I said above, surely a guy will sneak in the Top 3. If anyone can do it, it’s Lazaro. And his 4th place ranking this week proves that. I think the guys might be picked off one-by-one, but Lazaro will be around for a while. Final Placement Prediction: 3rd place

5. Amber Holcomb. I think Amber made it in this spot because of her pimp spot this week. Unless American Idol has more tricks up its sleeve, I think she might be the first girl to go. And it could be as early as next week. But I’m not ready to say that for sure. I originally had her going home this week in 10th place. Final Placement Prediction: 8th place

6. Janelle Arthur. I think she’ll sing a patriotic country song soon that will put her ahead of Amber and hold pretty solid at the middle of the road. I originally had her at 6th place, so she only moves up a notch. Final Placement Prediction: 5th Place

7. Burnell Taylor. I’d love to see Burnell make it longer, but I think he’s found himself in the wrong season. This season of the girls probably won’t allow him to break the Top 5, even though he should. I originally had him all the way up in 2nd place, but that was before how calculated I realized Idol producers were being this season. Final Placement Prediction: 6th Place

8. Paul Jolley. I thought Paul was going to end up getting the WGWG votes (despite not a guitar in sight), but I think he’s too “theatrical,” as the judges keep saying. It’s still possible he’ll jump ahead in the coming weeks, but it’s not looking very promising right now. I originally had him going home 9th place (next week). I’m tempted to stick him there again in case Devin almost going home earns him some extra votes. But I think Paul will improve a bit before he goes. Final Placement Prediction: 7th place

9. Devin Velez. I think Devin has a strong possibility of staying in 9th place and going home next week. He could switch places with Amber or Paul though (sending one of them home) if him almost going home gets his fans riled up enough to vote more next week. But It’s not looking good for him. Final Placement Prediction: 9th place (next to be eliminated)




  1. definite final two-angie and candice. winner??? angie most likely. but candice is definitely going places, along with kree and amber. lazaro was a disappointment the other night. janelle is cute but predictable. love the girls this season except for nicki and mariah

  2. I find it sad that you use the “season of girl” reason so frequently. It looks like Idol this year is so rigged and not interesting anymore. Personally I would love a top4 of Candice, Angela, Burnell & Lazaro

  3. Nikki acted like she was walking off after Curtis was pronounced gone. But did a turn around after a couple of steps behind keith. I wander if Randy said something to her? She needs to grow up and realize that what Nikki wants isn’t always what Nikki gets! Burnell and Amber should have been higher in the rankings, but not crying over spilt milk or this. Ha!

    • Randy and Keith Urban were both talking to Nikki. She was really mad that Burnell got sent home. She was still pounting after the judges would not use a save on Burnell.

      • Keith and Randy were probably reminding her that she signed a contract and petulance was not a valid reason to break it.

      • I’d assumed that she was going up to console him and then was reminded that he still had to sing for his life.

      • I watched the episode again and you know, you are absolutely right. It did look like that’s what she was planning to do. I didnt get the impression that she was going to leave. Good observation GUESTY.

  4. I agree with the prediction of Candice v. Angie in the final. But, I think Paul might be the one guy that makes it into the final three rather than Lazaro. He seems to have just the slightest edge over Lazaro when you consider the total package.

  5. Angie is pretty. And she writes her own songs. She will probably win.So cute and so perky. But I think Candice Glover should win!. Hop on over to youtube and listen to Shirley Bassey sing it. In my opinon Candice sang it better than the original.She put her whole heart and soul in that song.You may be right there Branden. But I hope not. Angie is more like a pagent singer.

  6. Jimmy Iovine’s comments to Angie re beauty pageants were just a little unfair. Angie should have told him right then that she didnt understand what he meant. I had no idea what he meant either. That was supposed to be constructive criticism and it was pointless. She does not sing like any pageant contestant I’ve ever seen. What a pile of b.s.

  7. Nikki has this show figured out, she a reality TV star. That whole walk off thing was class acting to just plain pump up ratings and create attention and judging by this site alone it worked. Man Nikki and Steven woulda been great together, heck Keith and her are awesome together. Haha I can tell how good a singer is by how much Keith is crying at the end,…..makes me laugh.

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