Adam Lambert Looks To Make His Own American Idol Mansion [PICS]

The American Idol mansions were always lots of fun for behind-the-scenes footage, so why wouldn’t the same go for an oversized, multi-million dollar home in Los Angeles with Adam Lambert at the helm?

Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert on set of Glee – Source: FOX

According to Twitter reports & Celebuzz’s article it seems Adam had been eyeing a gorgeous $2.4 million home in Hollywood Hills. Considering Adam’s ranking on Forbes’s Top Idol Earners list with $5 million last year it seems he’s doing very well and could afford the lavish home.

Kudos to Adam on his success and no matter which home he ends up buying we’re sure it’ll be awesome, but if he does go for this one then it looks like he’ll be having a good time. Now we’ll just have to sit back and wait for that pool party invite. Okay, probably not. Go ahead and peek inside in the home with the photos below.

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Source: Celebuzz
Image credit: MLS




  1. I love Adam on American idol:) he is a real singer, he has real talent on American idol season 8.

  2. Adam is good at investing so I imagine he has saved enought $ to pay cash for that house if he decides to buy it. But he will probably just put a down payment and use payments as a tax write off. I love that house

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