Forbes Ranks The Top-Earning American Idols From 2013

Carrie Underwood American Idol 2012 performance

Last year was a big year for American Idol alumni and Forbes has released the top-earning Idols from 2013.

Carrie Underwood tops the list with a whopping $31 Million, one of her biggest years since winning America Idol. She released her album Blown Away in 2012 and then launched the album, playing in 100 shows during Forbes’ scoring period. She also made bank from endorsement deals like Olay.

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The original Idol winner Kelly Clarkson had a milder year at $7 Million (if one can call $7 Million mild), but that was still enough to put her in the No. 2 spot.

Coming in at No. 3 (with $5 Million) is 2012 Idol winner Phillip Phillips. Perhaps the fastest winner to gain such success, Phillips has scored big with his first album and playing over 90 shows on the road during the Forbes’ scoring period. Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert tied Phillips after releasing his album Trespassing and appearing on Fox’s Glee.

The Top 10 is completed by the usual suspects, but let me point out one more thing. For all those people who ask “what happened to Taylor Hicks?” here’s your answer: He’s doing just fine. He ranks at No. 7 on this list at $2.5 Million. From his Las Vegas show to his restaurant in Alabama, the Season 5 Idol champion is doing just fine.

Here’s the compete list courtesy of Forbes:

1. Carrie Underwood, $31 Million

2. Kelly Clarkson, $7 Million

3. Phillip Phillips, $5 Million (tie)

3. Adam Lambert, $5 Million (tie)

5. Daughtry, $4 Million

6. Scotty McCreery, $3 Million

7. Taylor Hicks, $2.5 Million

8. Fantasia, $1.5 Million (tie)

8. Kellie Pickler, $1.5 Million (tie)

10. Katharine McPhee, $1 Million (tie)

10. Jennifer Hudson, $1 Million (tie)





  1. Surprised at Taylor Hicks. I would have thought he’d be next to last, with Lee Dewietz being the cow’s tail.

  2. Look who’s not on the list…… Candice Glover!!! If the judges would stop getting rid of all the real talent bf the fans can pick then we would end up with real singers like Scotty and Phillip!!

  3. I provided my sources via links. Your sources are still missing and as such are opinions, which were proven to be wrong. Kinda hard for me to feel “hurt” when I’m right and you were wrong. Keep trying though, you might get it one of these times.

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