Adam Lambert and Queen Rock Boston Garden [VIDEOS]

American Idol runner-up and Glee star Adam Lambert is currently on tour with Queen and we have to think from what we’ve seen of his performances, that the late, great Freddie Mercury would not be disappointed. Let’s make it clear that no one could replace Freddie or even come close, but if there is anyone alive who can do him justice at all, we think it is Adam Lambert.

Adam Lambert with Queen
Adam Lambert with Queen at Boston Garden (YouTube)

If you unfortunately don’t have the opportunity to see Adam Lambert with Queen live and in person, we are happy to report there are tons of videos out there on YouTube to enjoy. While no one could really fill the shoes of the sadly departed Freddie Mercury, we think Adam does the best job just about anyone could to pay tribute to his memory on stage.

From the recent Adam Lambert and Queen concert at Boston Garden, it is obvious not just that Adam is a devotee of Freddie Mercury, but that his gig with Queen is the dream of a lifetime. He dives into the role of Queen frontman with panache and relish, but never tries to make you forget he is just a stand-in for Freddie, not a replacement. He knows the honor he has been given to stand there and sing in Freddie’s place and gives it everything he has to be worthy of it.

Watch Adam Lambert with original Queen drummer Roger Tyler and guitarist Brian May at Boston Garden in more concert videos below and tell us what you think!



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  1. Adam puts his own spin on most songs. He is not even close to being Freddie Mercury…..his voice is completely different. HOWEVER, Adam is AWESOME and has a totally phenomenal voice!!!!!!

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