Sneak Peek: Adam Lambert As Judge On American Idol 2015 [VIDEO]

The much awaited return of Adam Lambert is here as part of tonight’s American Idol auditions episode featuring the Season 8 finalist comfortably seated at the Judges’ table. Here’s an extended look at what’s ahead.

Adam Lambert as an American Idol Judge
Adam Lambert as an American Idol Judge – Source: FOX

Both Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. were excited to have Adam join the panel for the New York American Idol auditions. Harry admitted that he can’t relate to the entire process in the same way as Adam who went from auditions to finale night back in 2009. Lopez was anxious to see how the new energy would work on the panel. From the clip below, looks like it turned out very well.

FOX Audio Central caught up with Adam Lambert and asked him about his experience of judging on the show having been a contestant:

You know, it’s full circle and I’m so honored that they asked me. 

You know, these kids that come in for the show, this is like a big dream and I know that they are nervous and their adrenaline is running high and so my goal is to help them get comfortable and to try to, you know, guide them towards winning.

Adam went on to say that the Hopefuls would need to master their nerves if they wanted to be successful on American Idol. “This is the first time in front of celebrity judges.  The tension gets high, so, you know, mastering your nerves, breathing, showing your best voice is the hardest part at this stage of the game,” said Lambert.

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In the clip below you can watch Adam Lambert return to the role of Hopeful as he agrees to Harry Connick Jr.’s request for Adam to do a pretend audition. Adam complies and starts off with “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which you might remember was his original audition performance.