American Idol Auditions 2016: Season 15

American Idol auditions for season 15 kicked off in July across the country with mass events in Denver, Savannah, Philadelphia, Little Rock, and San Francisco. The American Idol season 15 audition bus also toured through other major cities and small towns across the U.S.

American Idol 2015 auditions announced
American Idol 2016 auditions – Source: FOX

The auditions are long over now, but the American Idol 2016 hopefuls still have a long way to go before they make it into the finalists for the final season of the show. Although we won’t get to see what’s happening until the new season premieres on January 6th, the contestants have already gone through Hollywood Week (spoilers!) and the Top 51 have been chosen (more spoilers!).

American Idol judges Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr., and Jennifer Lopez will be returning this season to judge last batch of talented singers to compete for the final American Idol winner title. From what we’ve seen so far on the YouTube channels of the Top 51 contestants, it looks like they’ve done an amazing job of picking great talent at the American Idol auditions this past year.

Check out a behind-the-scenes look inside the American Idol auditions taping process from 2015 with host Ryan Seacrest.

American Idol Auditions – Inside the Idol Auditions with Ryan Seacrest:

Check back with us once the season starts for complete coverage of the American Idol 2016 auditions from across the country!




  1. I would audition but I don’t want them labeling me as a “heartthrob” and only stay because of the girl votes. Lol I want to win America my way, with my voice and and performances. Not good-looks, or how well I dress. Frankly I wouldn’t be too fond of a bunch of girls freaking out over me. Auditions in San Fransico though is very tempting lol. I might just try out and see what they think of me.

  2. come to utah cause i will blow your mind away meet me in salt lake city find out for your self

  3. I want to audition for my mom who passed away three years ago 2 days before mother’s day. She is my inspiration because when we were homeless in the streets we would sing to help get through it. I would love to audition but I live in south Carolina.but good luck to anyone who is. I hope one day I can 🙂

  4. Dallas TX please I really want to audition but I don’t have the money to travel I never have I’m rally good all I want is a shot please come to Dallas I would’ve done it last time they had it in Dallas but I wasn’t old enough so yea.

    • I’m only 10 years old and I have amazing singing skills but I live in Niagara falls and I’m not old enough but my sisters are

  5. Can we still aply . cause this year I really wanna try I want to give it a shot, singing is everything for me , and I want to put myself out there so I really hope that I can still try and audition

  6. I’m a 19 yr old female who lost her father at 15 to a fatal car accident in barberton Ohio . I have a amazing voice . I use to just sing to myself in the shower & in my room but when I got with my boyfriend he took the fear out of me & got me to open up to not only him but strangers as well . I’ve sang at karaoke & in the car with my sisters . even have had studio sessions with a producer that was a family friend . I would love to show my dad that he got to accomplish his dreams & watching him has gave me the will power to achieve anything I want if I work hard enough for it . last year there was auditions in Columbus Ohio & barberton Ohio . I was pregnant & missed auditions . I would love to seem them somewhere in Ohio .I don’t mind traveling within state … 2015 is a new year . I’m currently homeless …. But my new years resolution is to at least attempt to get my voice out there & make my dreams come true . not just for me but my daddy as well . Fantasia, Carrie Underwood & Kelly Clarkson are my idols . & I’ve lived a hard life . but I’m more than willing to do anything I can to brighten my future & show the world I have what it takes to over come this horrible bump in my road of life!

  7. hello i lived in seychelles in my hobbies i love singing and i follow all your video i know i can do it i,m so confident i would love to participate in america got talent

  8. I want to audition to become a country singer. U have blown my friend’s away and I think I could blow the judges away

  9. It would be my dream to audition but sadly I am only 13 years old if it was thirteen to twenty eight I would begg my parents to let me go especially because i m over my stage fright beung on the american idol stage is my dream :'(

  10. I want to addition I just don’t think I can I think I missed the addition deadline and I wouldn’t have a way to get to the addition so yeah

  11. I’m 15 and want to audition but I can’t travel that far…plz come to Texas. I can’t give you a better reason than that I’m just a small town nobody with big dreams

  12. I dont have money to travel im not even old enough. Im anxious to sing on American Idol, but id have to audition in 2 years which would make me sad. And plus i dnt have money to travel like some people do. This is my biggest dream. I want to inspire people and make them smile. Because sure enough, they have made me smile. I wouldnt even probably get in. But its worth a try for me….

  13. Man I have a gift that needs too be notice im a 26 years old female who would love too be the nexts american idol being adopted and taking all the hurt and pain into music and being positive with it this would be my only chace too be able too spread my talent and also my gift too the world…..

  14. Please come to lakeland Florida 🙁 I sing a little I wouldn’t say I’m the best but I’ll try my best I promise

  15. I have a killer voice but sadly i missed the auditions of tampa and dont have enough money to travel right now.

  16. Is the Nashville Tenn american idol tryouts for July 30 2015 if so I’m gonna be the next american idol I promise;)

  17. I really want to go to Hollywood but San Francisco is to far from Lamar south Carolina I have transportation but that’s to far I really want to go to Hollywood but San Francisco is to far away from me

  18. Maine did I miss it I would have love to join I really love!!!!! To sing and I’m a very good singer too for a 12 year old girl

  19. Come to Las Vegas It is so much talent hidden that needs to be shown to the world. I have watched the show every since I was a kid but always was afraid of being to late for auditions because its in another state and also turned down or told to try next year. I think many would love if you came to Las Vegas 🙂

  20. Hi everyone I am sure lots of people have lots of talent and I can’t wait to be 16 and I hope everyone has a chance to show thier talent. I am sure you are all amazing! I have no support in my family my dad says I can’t be a singer b/c very good people make it, my sis just tells me to shut up and my 2 bros tease me all the time. I sing to myself and hope my mom will be proud of me

  21. I want to audition but I am 32 years old, from Greeneville, Tennessee, have been singing since I was 6, I love music it has always been my dream job, I would like to have a shot like some of us, we don’t have the money to travel so how can we get a shot at this?

  22. i really want to audition and i would do in sleep he sang to me by phantom of the opera.

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