Ads Reveal The Kinds Of Songs Phillip, Jessica and Skylar Will Put Out

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Skylar Laine. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

It looks like producers are in search of a few good songs for some of this past season’s top American Idol contestants.

Taxi, an independent Artist & Repertoire company, has a few ads that seem to be a call out for songs for Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and Skylar Laine. It’s an interesting look at the kinds of songs the three American Idol 2012 contestants will be putting on their debut albums. Some of the artists they reference as “in the style” of our interesting. Like Paul McDonald  (Season 10) and Jessica Sanchez herself.

Here’s the listing for Phillip:

POP/ROCK SONGS with MALE VOCALS in the style of David Cook, Paul McDonald, with elements of John Mayer, Train, and Jason Mraz, etc., needed by an A&R Manager of a Major Label for an AMERICAN IDOL winner working on his debut album. They’re looking for FRESH, UPLIFTING, and RADIO-FRIENDLY songs that are stylistically within the range of the referenced artists while bringing something NEW and FRESH to the table. They’ll be looking for the Top-40 Radio side of Pop/Singer-Songwriter/Rock, nothing overly moody or introspective. Your songs should bFUN and CATCHY, with BIG sing-along CHORUSES. Vocal and demo presentation must be top-notch and really sell the song! MALE VOCALS ONLY! MID to UPTEMPO ONLY! Please submit one to three songs online or per CD, include lyrics. All submissions will be screened and critiqued by TAXI and must be received no later than Thursday, August 16, 2012.

For Jessica:

CONTEMPORARY POP SONGS with FEMALE VOCALS in the style Jessica Simpson, Jessica Sanchez, Kelly Clarkson, etc., needed by an A&R Exec for an AMERICAN IDOL runner up working on her debut album. QUOTING THE SOURCE: “We’re looking for Pop songs with meaning and substance, not bubblegum pop.” She is a still young artist, so be sure your lyrics are youthful but not too cute or cheeky. Songs MUST be RADIO-FRIENDLY, FULLY DEVELOPED, and grab the listener’s attention from start to finish. Lyrics must be HONEST, RELATABLE and AGE-APPROPRIATE. (No profanity.) Make sure both vocal and instrumental performances are top-notch and can really sell the song! All tempos are welcome, but BALLADS must sustain interest with transitions and dynamic builds! FEMALE vocals ONLY! Please submit one to three songs online or per CD, include lyrics. All submissions will be screened and critiqued by TAXI and must be received no later than Monday, August 27, 2012.

And Skylar:

CONTEMPORARY COUNTRY POP SONGS with FEMALE VOCALS in the range of Kellie Pickler to Carrie Underwood, needed by a boutique Music Publisher to pitch to an American Idol runner up working on her debut album. QUOTING THE SOURCE: “We’re looking uptempo hits with age appropriate lyrics. Not looking for themes about drinking or anything explicit.” Songs submitted should have STRONG melodies, MEMORABLE lyrics, and above all, share the Contemporary sound and style of the referenced artists. Your songs MUST also have a big, fresh CHORUS HOOK and a strong PAYOFF along with compelling, relatable lyric themes. UPTEMPO SONGS ONLY, NO Mids or Ballads. Radio-ready songs with HIT POTENTIAL are ESSENTIAL! Vocal and instrumental demo presentation must be top-notch! Please submit one to three songs online or per CD, include lyrics. All submissions will be screened and critiqued by TAXI and must be received no later than Monday, August 20, 2012.

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  1. why do all the songs have to be “in the style of…”?  don’t these artists have their OWN STYLE??  sad to say, if they have to be “in the style of”, when the style becomes passe, then so will they.  whatever happened to INDIVIDUALITY??  oh, right, the last individual and unique talent was the runner up in season 8.

    • Namesake… make be laugh but it is soooooo true.  I keep waiting and watching all these talent shows and hope that another Adam style would come along but it has never happened.  He is so unique, I just love him and his talent.  You have to admit, because of Adam, Season 8 was the best season for me.  I couldn’t wait to see his performances every single week and he never disappointed…….Can’t say that about anybody else!!!

      • let’s put it this way, grandma, when adam came on i dropped my knitting and made my husband shut up!!  the rest of the show was just a blur.  by the way, how’s the new baby??  ya ever notice it’s never an OLD  baby!!  maybe new baby will be the next unique american idol.  and yes, season 8 was incredible because of our guy

      • @Pr63…..The New baby is doing good.  We will be going to Albany this week to meet her…..We are excited……I have to say Season 8 even my husband couldn’t wait to see and hear Adam….hasn’t watched Idol since!!!!!

    • @PR63 and Phyllis:  I don’t know if you two Glamberts follow him on twitter or not, but he said he will be guest starring on the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode as himself.   He was very excited!

  2. For Phillip..”nothing overly moody or introspective..”?  “Fun and Catchy”..? hmm I hope they produce his own sings instead

  3. So they scour the country for someone unique and then use cookie cutters to market them.  What a crock.

    • Of course they scour the country. In Nashville they have a data base full of submitted lyrics and music. You mean to tell me that they can’t find anything in that vast library of music?? I guess those have been picked over and everything that’s left has been turned down.

       Reba is the last one that had a good release that incorperated some modern lyrics that are relevant to today’s world and actually made it work in the song.

      “Turn On The Radio” actually references twitter and texting without being too corny in the process. That’s what they need some modern, current lyrics that relate to today’s society and don’t ruin the passion of the song i guess. Are there more songs that are similar to Reba’s. I haven’t heard any that I like or that don’t sound too silly. 

      • I was referring to Idol scouring the country for singers, not songwriters.  My point was that equating P2 to David Cook [square peg/round hole] is ridiculous.  Can you imagine P2 doing justice to Music Of The Night as David did?  They are completely different types of artists.

  4. “CONTEMPORARY POP SONGS with FEMALE VOCALS in the style Jessica Simpson, Jessica Sanchez, Kelly Clarkson”.
    Jessica Sanchez? She’s already a star. LOL!

    • yeah ..jessica sanchez isn’t a star….she just an ordinary artist…not popular for me….I DONT LIKE JESSICA…I AGRREE W U….!!!

      • I actually like her a lot. I meant that the writer got confused and talked about her, instead of some other artists who have already a music career. How can you write a song to Jessica by saying “In the style of Jessica Simpson, Jessica Sanchez….”. Funny! It’s obvious that if you’re looking for a song to Jessica, it must be her style. I think it was a mistake.

        She’s not an ordinary artists. She’s a huge potential artist. And she’s not a star (right now), but she will be. You’ll see. 

      • I’ve been reading some of the American Idol reviews regarding this current tour….some of the news articles are very interesting.  Basically its the Jessica Sanchez Show with 9 opening acts……Can’t wait to see her here in Toronto tonight!!!!!

      • @Mamakin, I just read the Los Angeles Times review and it says nothing of the sort. The review tlalks about all of the singers and makes a point to mention that Colton is ready for the billboard charts. He also said..and I quote “At 9:12 p.m., one hour and 57 minutes after the show began, Phillips made his first appearance, to the biggest crowd reaction of the night. His set list included Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” (with Testone),  “Volcano” and his coronation song, “Home.” The last time he performed “Home” on the Nokia stage was on the final Idol episode of the season, and he broke down crying, immediately after being named the winner of season 11. This time his performance was pure joy, without tears, and backed by Brackensick and Dixon” I would hardly call that the Jessica Sanchez show!

  5. P2 was all about being independent and doing his own thing.  Now it seems they’re trying to pigeon hole him into some pop crap that he’s not about.  Winning Idol just may be a curse for the guys.  They end up making the first album in such a short period of time with music they don’t like.  I hope Phillip can survive the bs he is going through.  His good fortune has been Home which has sold a million copies.  Hope he doesn’t give up because of the puppets pulling the strings :/

  6. Maybe they already have chosen some material (self written/ more experimental stuff for PP, ballads for Skylar, R&B stuff for JS) for the artists and they’re just looking to fill out the releases with some radio stuff. It is hard to find good radio material (as witnessed by the poor cheesy albums previous AI’s have released)

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