Phillip Phillips Covers Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’

Phillip Phillips

American Idol 2012 winner Phillip Phillip has still be on his media tour, while on the road for the Idols Live tour and earlier this week, he stopped by a radio station in Nashville and covered “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaac.

It’s a fantastic acoustic version of the song and interesting because during the past season I suggested in a post that Phillip should perform “Wicked Game” during one of the theme episode. And from the sound of the video posted below, he probably would have had some success with it on the show.

It’s actually more upbeat than Isaak’s version and a lot less steamy, but there’s a lot of soul and a lot of Phillip Phillips in the song. The best part is when he brings it back down at the midpoint after an heavy guitar solo. Oh, here, check it out for yourself:




  1. Wow!! Loved it! This shows exactly why he won American Idol! I cannot wait for his CD to come out!

  2. Gosh I hope he lays this on his first CD.  Can not wait!  This song should go in  the 50 shades movie!

    • Speaking of…how in the world will they make that into a movie without making it NC17?

  3. He sounded and performed great. Wish he’d get the guitarist on his right off. He makes too much noise. Phillip can do this really really top notch all by himself. That’s all he needs. Himself. He’s great. Wow!

  4. You hear P2 give an ah shucks interview and he comes across like a country school boy… BUT when you put that guitar in his hands and he sings in that sexy way that he does with all of his heart and SOUL, he is definitely a MAN.  Love it, love him…the right person won the competition without a doubt.  Yay!

    • Yes- I wrote above. I couldn’t see your name when I tried to reply. I didn’t want to lose my original post. Strange site. I think they’ve got some bugs to get worked out.

    • Yes Phyllis G.I don’t know what their system is this season. But I hope they change it back to the way it was last season. I finally got my comments on but it wasn’t easy. Hope you are having a nice summer! Sherry K

    • Templar. I hate this new format too! I don’t understand why people have a good thing and go and change it! If you see this Hi ! I definitely remember you from several years ago..
      Sherry K

    • I agree that he’s an excellent choice for a winner. I think Home is the best Idol song since I’ve been watching (Season 4). He’s off to a great start in his post Idol career. He’s 2 for 2 on songs I’ve heard. Where I’d maybe disagree w/ ya, at least a little bit, is that America would have had it right w/ any of the top 7. This was a really close season. Back in Season 4 Carrie and Bo were pretty close. With how their careers went, it now seems like Carrie was an obvious choice. But at the time those 2 were on the show, it was like splitting hairs as to who was better. My hope is a few of this past seasons contestants have some success. What would be great is if Phillip had some company in the multi million album club.

      • c’mon. I wrote that as 3 paragraphs. I already write long posts. Please get a site format that can seperate paragraphs. ………………………… This would be another paragraph, but it’s going to be bunched, so to another poster below: Yes, I’m also having trouble posting. The site showed like 4 different squares w/ some sort of error message when I tried to post the above. Then I hit the back button and there was a box that I could click that said “Post as Danny.” So I did that & it sent. Odd though.

      • Danny, They really need to fix this site! It definitely has some bugs in it! It doesn’t seem to want to work right! what was wrong with the old way we used to use??

  5. Looks like the only thing standing between Nick Jonas becoming the new Idol judge is Mariah…glad I closed out on Idol with P2 being the winner. Cannot stand the thought of these people on panel..bye Simon, Paula, Randy…even Steven :/

    • Vanessa, Hi. I am a Chris I saaks fan and I do not like Phillip’s version of the song. I have it on my ipod and listen to it a LOT. I really like Phillip. But do not like his version of the song. By the way vanessa, I cannot stand the thought of these people on the panel. Mariah is such a diva. and Nick Jonas too. Bye to american Idol. I think if possible I will watch “The Voice.’ I am an Adam levien fan! I don’t like Simons X/Factor either. If you have seen the commercials and the way Simon and Britney spears talk to the contestants. Britney Spears said to one of the contestants trying out ” If you want to get that close to me you need to take some certs, or some kind of breath mints”. I got sick of that bad mouthing the contestants the first time Simon was on american Idol.He was calling heavy set girls cows! I don’t want to hear any of that. I just don’t need that negativity! And I don’t think the contestants deserve those kind of comments. Even if they are not any good. Just say NO. Send them home and that is that.

  6. I am sorry Phillip! I do not like your version of Chris Isaaks song. You do not have the great voice Chris Issaks has to sing one of the best songs he ever sang. I have it on my ipod. And Chris gives me chills with his version. Especially the part wher he sings ” No I don’t want to fall in love with somebody like you. No I don’t want to be hurt by somebody like you. sorry Phillip. Try someone else in that genre.You just are not pulling it off with Chris Isaaks song. And I am a fan of yours. Like Jimmy Iovine says. Song choice! It does’t work for me. Sherry K

  7. I think he ruined the song by changing it too much. There are much better covers of the wicked game.

  8. It’s all right. But he cannot come close to Chris Isaac! As a matter of fact that is one of Chris hotest songs! I have it on my ipod. Chris sounds so forlone. Like he is almost crying. I do like Phillip Phillips though! He was the one I wanted to win. so keep making music Phillip. Sherry K Hi Branden!

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