American Idol 2013 Online Auditions Now Open


Want to audition for American Idol 2013 but don’t want to wait in those ridiculous stadium lines? You don’t even have to leave your house if you decide to audition online.

American Idol‘s online audition page for Season 12 is now active and you can submit yourself singing and possibly end up on the show! You have to register of course and upload your video. There’s also a section where you can nominate a friend. So if you’ve got a friend too stubborn to do it themselves, you can do it for them

According to the website, the online auditions end in 12 days. So looks like the online option is limited so act now! Let us know if you plan to audition online or if you already have! Share your experience in our comments section below!




  1. Hey Branden, are you going to be doing the top 10 high points and 10 low points of season 11 like last year?  

      • You thought  J blowed, just wait till you have the woman who is famous for being famous who used to sing 20 years ago…Mariah.

      • Vanessa, You are right about Mariah . she is more of a diva than JLO. I can’t eve imagine her being one of the judges. Lets see. Randy Dawg, Maraih diva, and Joe Jonas. Who the heck is he. Oh he used to be in a band with his brothers. Poor Randy. Yet Randy is still getting a pay check!  BYE Ms Sherry

  2. I haven’t ranked em, but some of my high & low points are-

    Well my #1 low point is easy.  Tommy Hillinger ruining almost every song the week he got a spot before the contestants.  Other low points, in no particular order:

    Holly getting the boot.  I don’t think she was the best.  So in that sense I understand it.  She was my favorite though.  Maybe more than any other year. When she got the boot, as opposed to say Shiobhan the year before, I was actually sort of sad.  Joshua crying sorta added to the moment.

    Jennifer hogging the stage when Jessica got the save.  Jesus H woman.  Just sit in your seat & tell her she was saved.  You get enough of a spotlight to show what a worthless (insert bad word here) you are. 

    Jennifer shrieking to  Elise  that “I DIDN’T WANT TO STAND UP!!” comment.  Ya couldn’t let Elise have her moment.  You just had to, I mean just HAD to, make it about you. 

    A few more by Jennifer but this is going to be a long post as it is.

    The general feeling until about week 9, that this season wasn’t any good.  I just couldn’t get into it like I did in other seasons.  I was wondering if AI had run its course for me.  I was more watching it at that time because it was like a book I had started & wasn’t gonna put down than because I was enjoying the show.

    The nonsense w/ Shannon’s dad & Steven. 

    The feeling of top 3 & top 2 week, each singer only having 1 good song per day.  After a real slow start, I had thought this might turn out to be the best season ever.  It was still good.  Since the last 2 weeks weren’t so great, I put it as the 2nd best season behind Kris Allen’s year.

    High Points-

    Week 9.  Wow!!! Every one of those performances I enjoyed.  After thinking this season was going to be brutal, that really changed my opinion.

    Week 9 down to week 4.  Almost all of the performances were good.  This show really got on a roll.

    A lot of Skylers performances.  Starting w/ her top 24, she really caught my attention.  I love her energy. 

    Phillip’s Home.  That’s the best Idol send off song ever IMO.   Dang that’s a good song.  I didn’t care for the other 2 of his that week, but that was not just a good Idol song, it was a good song period. 

    The simple fact that there were about 7 contestants who were all pretty good & all pretty even.   There were no Haley’s this year who were obviously better than the rest.  It was simply a lot of pretty good singers.  I liked that more than if there were 1 or 2 standouts.

    • More highs-

      This wasn’t a high for the show, but a high w/ a few friends & I.  When Nikki Minog said she wanted to be a judge, a friend said “but they’ve already got a female judge who can’t sing.” 

      The overall great job Ryan Seacrest does.

      That 8 contestants had at least 1 stand out song. 

      I tried to stay away from individual performances.  I gave more general things that I really enjoyed.   There were a slew of excellent songs this year.   So overall, I really ejoyed this year. 

      • Stopping kissing the butt of the dude who gave us the gift? of the Kardashians 🙁

      • You are correct.  My mistake.  When Siobhan got booted, I didn’t feel as bad.  I thought she was the best one.  That whole season was a trainwreck pretty much.

        Last year was Haley.  When she got knocked off I was #(@)&*&@($@#.  I didn’t watch the final performance show.  That’s the only AI I’ve ever missed on purpose since I started watching. 
        Either one of those 2, or some of the other eliminations before (Allison, Daughtry, Melinda, Bo coming in 2nd) I wasn’t sad.  I didn’t cry or anything.  It wasn’t like that.  But something about Holly going- maybe Joshua crying- just made me feel sad.  That’s what I meant.

        But yea, Siobhan was the year before.  My mistake.

      • @Danny…sorry to always disagree w/u but when Haley was eliminated, I was doing the happy dance!

      • Vanessa, no problem.  I didn’t understand the Kardashian comment.  So didn’t respond to that.

        As for Haley, did you not like her personality?  I thought it was pretty obvious she was the best singer.  I’ve got nothing against Scott as a person.  I swear on my life that at the start of the season I thought Scott or Jacob were the best singers.  At top 24 week I had Haley ranked about 10th.   3rd best female after Pia and Thia (I think it was Thia) but like 7 guys ahead of her.  The 5 who made the cut plus another couple who’s names I don’t recall. 

        It’s just that as the season went on, the guy couldn’t sing.  He improved drastically when he came back this year as a guest.  He was better than Haley this year.  For that matter, so were James and Alaina.  But last year, Haley was the best one. 

        For what it’s worth, I was for James.  Sorta like I was for Holly this year. I thought James was close to Haley, but not quite as good.  After those 2 I thought there was a pretty big drop off.  Pia was also extremely good, but only at one type of song.  Haley and James were versataille (sp??). 

        So just curious as to why ya didn’t like her?  Was it ya didn’t care for her personality or did ya think she’s a lousy singer?   And also, who did you feel was the best one?


      • @Danny:  In answer to your inquiries!  I didn’t like Haley’s growling…or her personality…too showgirly for my taste.  Who did I like last season..actually no one too much.  I liked Pia before she got eliminated.  Afterwards, she played the victim too much in the media.  I guess Casey was different…and lastly Scotty altho I’m not into country these days, the guy was consistent and could sing.  This season it was all about Phillip.  If he hadn’t been a contestant, I wouldn’t have been a viewer! 🙂   Afterthought:  Ryan Seacrest produces the Kardashian reality show that put them on the map (after Kim’s sex tape), so he gets the blame or credit for much of their initial unearned success.

  3. Have they had online auditions before? Seems like they could weed through hopefuls a lot quicker this way!

    • I’m with you Pally, I don’t recall on-line auditions except for AGT.

      • and what geniuses judge these online auditions??  on a completely different note, guess who just dyed his gorgeous black hair PLATINUM BLONDE!!!!!!  can’t decide if i love it or hate it.

      • @PR63-  Hello Namesake……I give up, who judges them?  LOL…..The crew, maybe!!!  I did see the picture of Adam and I like his hair black.  He is gorgeous either way but I prefer the black hair……I’m still holding out hope that he will be a judge next season….BTW…my baby has arrived and I will be seeing her in two weeks in NY…YAY…..Try and hold off on the humidity please!!!!!!

      • MAZEL TOV!!  i just got back from fort lauderdale where the humidity is absolutely killer.  it hasn’t been all that bad here; a helluva lot cooler than FL

      • @PR63…sorry for butting in here, but black is not Adam’s natural hair color, he’s a ginge!

      • Thanks Namesake!!!!I’ll let you know how the humidity is when I get back….We have practically zero humidity here…….

      • Yes Phyllis. He is gorgeous no matter what. I wish they would put him on TV once in awhile so I could see him. Just love that ADAM!!

      • Templar, Are you sure it is Nick?  If so the guy doen here who crver critiques the TV shows in the news paper said it was Joe. I don’t even know which one is Joe, or Nick when I see them together. I never paid much attention to them. I have a good one for you ladies! Get this ” Taylor Swift far a judge.” I mean we have been bombarded with her for how many years now?  I am so sick of seeing her and listening to her I could BARF.

      • To Templer, Yes you are right 19 year old Nick Jonas has confirmed reports that he’s ” being considered ” to join Mariah at the judges table on season12 of American Idol. The Holly wood Reporter!  Joe Jonas 22 has taken on a mentor role along side Nelly, Gloria Estefan and John rich on the CW”S new music competition Show. The next fame is at your door step. And I am truly very sorry. I don’t ever like to be a downerEVER.. But let’s get real. How in the world can a 19 year old be a judge of anyone trying to sing??? I definitely am not watching a show with Randy ( whom I like ) and Mariah , and 19 year old Nick Jonas.

    • @Danny and Hi vanessa! Not too many people other than men liked Haley! She had a stuck up attitude. Something men tend to over look. I  mean it’s like she was tiny, cute, nice figure. so the men thaught she was hot. She could not sing as good as she thought she could. It’s that simple! Vanessa do you agree with me? I really don’t remember that season much except for Haley. Once it is over it is off of my mind! Except for the 2008 when the best singer they have had ADAM  LAMBERT the real winner didn’t happen. You may notice  he is on almost every page. And I mean after 4 years? Duh. Not trying to be a smart a—s. Juat a matter of fact. Good day. sherry K

      • Sherry, I have to agree with you about Haley. She was always growling and trying to be sexy. She was a total turn off to me…but my husband liked her. lol

      • Sherry..yes, Nick is only 19 years old but the kid has been in the business for a long time.  He started singing on Broadway at age 7.  He was in quite a few plays and then started writing songs himself.  When you listen to him in interviews, he certainly doesn’t seem like he’s only 19 years old. 

  4. @Vanessa…..I know his hair isn’t naturally that black but I just like it better than the Platinum Blonde!!!!!  Have you seen the picture of him?  Its on-line today.

    • No Phyllis, running around like a mad lady today, haven’t had a chance to look but I will.  I already know I prefer it black, bc of his coloring.  He looked cute as the freckled face red haired boy too!  Again, love that sweet baby…supposed to be getting a little cooler in NYC, so hopefully Albany too will be more comfy 🙂

      • Like I told Pr63, he is gorgeous no matter what!!!!!! LOL….
        I sure hope you are right about Albany being a little cooler…..

      • to vanessa, it’s actually strawberry blonde but he’s so much more striking with jet black hair and at least 30 pounds thinner than his high school yearbook pictures.  i still can’t believe that i’m carrying on like a 17 year old over him.  brings back the days of when i chased ringo all around manhattan.  in any event, do ya think there may be anotheradam hiding in the upcoming auditions??  (or someone close)

      • To Vanessa. I can’t believe I’m carry on like a 17 year old either Vanessa! Isn’t it silly? You my cute little friend and I are just crazy about mr ADAM LAMBERT! Phyllis G. likes him too. And it was what? 2008 that he didn’t win. should have won! Ah well ADAM we still love you! Think it will last for a very long time Vanessa?
        Ms Sherry K.

      • A lot of people don’t realize that Elvis didn’t have black hair naturally either. But how much more effective he was with it dyed black.   Wayne Newton is not a brunette either.   The pics of teen Adam with kind of honey blond hair look better than the platinum do he has now.  I think the black is his best look. JMO

      • Templar:  Yep a lot of edgy types dye their hair black, like Elvis and Adam.  I watched a special on Adam where his mother was telling him how cool it was to  be a ginge!  I still haven’t looked at the platinum look, but I imagine it would wash him out.  Maybe he’s tired of damaging his hair with black dye….Katy Perry is also a blonde.  I have light hair and can’t imagine coloring  it black, but then again at the moment I’m not exactly edgy….. Also, one does have to refrigerate those brownies overnight for the best result.  I was too impatient first time around!  A lot of my gf’s have used that recipe since you told me about them, tks.

      • Vanessa:  I think that snow white bleaching would be just as hard on his hair as the black dye, but the roots might not show as soon.  As for the brownies, it does help to chill them to give the caramel a chance to firm up.  They are so rich, I’d keep them in the fridge just to keep them fresh until you can use them up.

      • Ladies, are you aware of how many of us love, love ADAM? Still after all this time. I think Kris allen won ( shouldn’ have won ) in 2008  ?? WIERD. The caps won’t make the 200 large like the 8. ADAM is loved by tons of women! 

    • I just looked the picture up. I don’t know..I’m kind of liking it. It’s different..kind of 80s.

      • Reply to Pr63 ~ Yes it is amazing that no matter what the subject we are talking about ADAM always comes up. ADAM is a world wide phenomenon. I don’t think anyone will ever come along to replace him. at least not an AI. I don’t expect it to last but 1 more year. They probably get sick of us and our love affair with ADAM. But that’s just the way it is!

    • Phyllis G, I like his hair better black too. But you know ADAM the glamster is going to change his look frequently. It is just something he likes to do. He will put it back black. It’s just a phase he’s going through. His natural color is practically blond any way. guess he decided to go for bold champagne color. He’s doll no matter what he does. 

      • to sherry, and isn’t it amazing that no matter what the subject is, we ALWAYS end up talking about adam!!  to the rest of the world who do  not get it, DEAL WITH IT. adam is a worldwide phenomenon.  he’s the best to come from idol and it’s gonna be a long time until someone can replace him

      • I finally remembered to take a look at Adam as a platinum blonde.  Not feeling it.  Adam, once you go black you SHOULD definitely go back!  Plus, he has too much face makeup on.  I know he has problem skin and that may be what’s causing it.   I will never forget Idol 08, Adam was the man!

      • @13d928286da444cd034887610bfc9879:disqus  Yes it is amazing that after all of this time it is ADAM. Adam. adam, adam. Look and see how many people still talk about him. It’sbecause he is phenomenal, fabulous. gorgeous, stunning. and then he opens his mouth and that beautiful voice comes out. he has the most stunning blue eyes since Elvis!!! Correct if they don’t get it , who cares? Most all of us women get it. and why almost 4 years later is EVERYONE stil talking about Adam???????
        Simon’s mouth dropped open when Adam did not win.
         Where is Kris Allen??   Who knows? I  live down here where he does.Ane he performs at Magic springs. I guess next on a floating ship. you know Caribbean cruise? I really shouldn’t say that. Kris Allen is a nice Christian young man. He said when Ryan called out his name ” It should have been him .” Meaning Adam!!  And as they say “Different strokes for different folks”. You can have WOW, or just bland. There will NEVER be another Adam on any show. Adam is a one of a kind.

    • Phyllis G, It was in  todays paper that Joe Jonas was close to signing on as a judge. the guy here that writes that stuff said ” what is he? Like 19?” I think he is older that that. I think he is the one that got married? doe’s anyone ever notice the new judges tend to be people who’s career is doing notheing? Phyllis, did you see Adam with that Platinum hair. Yes he is still good looking. But, I like the way he looks with his hair black. he will probably go back to black again. Have a nice week. Sherry K 

      • sherry k-he already did!!  black with blond highlights!!  ya gotta love this guy!!  and you’re right about sagging careers.  if these people were still in the limelight they wouldn’t be doing this show.  except for you know who, whose intials are ADAM LAMBERT!!

      • From what I have read, it’s Nick Jonas that is in talks to be a judge. I think he might be about 19. Kevin is the one that got married. Joe is the one that was dating a girl from Twilight. lol…I got all this information from my daughter. I took her to the Jonas Brothers concert back in the day. I actually got her meet and greet passes. She was in heaven. I was not. lol

      • Thank-You Templar! I just now saw this. If you see it again, It was nice of you to tell me which Jonas brother it is. Because I do not know 1 from the other. I think one of them is cuter

    • Sorry Again Branden Little darling( I am not trying to be funny or pick on you Branden! You know I like You!! )  My response is to Vanessa!!!I like to put it right under. But usually can’t get it there.
       Vanessa, I know this is going to sound like a goober to you! I have not seen my AMERICAN IDOL yet with the platinum blond hair!! But I love him with black hair. and it just felt icky in my mind seeing him with blond hair. And yes I hate it when he coats on all that make  up! He is so gorgous he does not need it. ADAM needs to do what the KING Elvis did. He had a bad complexion like ADAM has.
       Elvis had his face either peeled,.or sanded??? Don’t know what they did in the old days.LOL But if ADAM would get his face fixed he would be just beautiful with out caking that make up on! I WILL NEVER FORGET IDOL 08 either!!  ADAM LAMBERT was the American Idol that year. The fans all still love, love ADAM. I will alway Love ADAM.I am going to go google ADAM with the platinum hair. I really hate to see it but must. You do know his natural hair cold is a dishwater blond right. ?Did you see his dad in 08? Because he is REALLY good looking too. and the mother is pretty. It’s in ADAM’S genes. Have fun. Take care!! By the way you are a lot of fun Vanessa!!

      • @Sherry K:  You’re a hoot too Ms. Sherry!   I think Adam probably has had a face peel…I know he hates those darn freckles…but yes good looks are in his genes 🙂

  5. Hey Linus, I don’t think Branden or Matt are going to be talking to us people this year. I do not know why.Matt never say’s anything unles he has to. And Branden is a sweet heart. But he has probably been told not to comment to anyone because it just stirs up the kettle. They are just doing their jobs. Matt is nice too. He is the big boss.

      • Thank-You any way A TEAM! It is nice to talk to you nice guys once in awhile though. Especially sweet Branden. We shall miss you two. all my best to both of you!  Sherry K

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