American Idol 2009: Is Adam Lambert A Lock To Win? Oddmakers Say So

We may still have a stack of American Idol 2009 performances to go before anyone can be crowned this season’s Idol, but that isn’t stopping bet takers and odds makers from weighing in on the results. The NYP is reporting that the odds for Adam Lambert to win have become so strong that bet placers will only receive 80 cents on every dollar bet in his direction.

american idol_lambert_odds

The talent show has seen some heavy favorites in the past but nothing quite like Lambert — who is running away from the field with seven other performers still in the running.

Lambert has been out of the top spot only once so far in competition — when he stumbled during country music week — and briefly gave the betting lead to Danny Gokey.

Gokey this week is holding steady as the second pick, with most bookmakers listing him at 5-to-2.

Kris Allen is moving up among “Idol” bettors and is now the show’s No. 3 pick at around 7-to-1.

Allison Iraheta had been the third pick for several weeks, but — after a lackluster performance last week — fell to the middle of the pack.

What do you think? Will Adam Lambert take home the crown or will we have another Daughtry-like upset and see his fans grow too complacent in their voting to keep him safe? Let’s hear your thoughts!




  1. I’m betting against Adam. He’s good, but don’t you think that the camera lighting is done so much better for him than the others? Remember, AI thrives on upsets!

  2. Adam has a great voice but I would never pay to see him, listen to his music on the radio, or EVER spend money on any of his music. He screams and wails way to much and it’s annoying. Oh and considering he’s been a broadway performer it really isn’t any surprise that he is a good performer.
    I can almost guarantee adam will win, but i’m rooting for kris or danny, two people i think could actually have success. adam reminds me of another taylor hicks, everyone loves him now but in a few years people are going to wonder what the heck?!

  3. I don’t care for Adam at all. He’s not indicative of American Idol. His you tube performances turn me totally against him.

    But the judges have been pushing him and America seems to follow what the judges say. I think he will win it all. Sad Sad day too.

  4. I think Adam could win if he always consistent.The people is going to be critizise right now.Remember when Adam falled in country week.We’ll be watch out Kris.His grafic always up every week also his vote.I prefer Kris than Adam to win AI.Kris is artistry n commercial in music industry.Maybe Adam will have a huge succes in America but not worldwide.Remember David Cook.In worlwide David Arculeta beats him.If Kris Allen win,he must have a succes around the world coz his style is not typical like Adam.

  5. Quite frankly, Adam did NOT fail in country week. Whoever thinks he failed, just didn’t get it !!!!

    LALA….your quote:
    Adam has a great voice…..
    He screams and wails way to much and it’s annoying. Oh and considering he’s been a broadway performer it really isn’t any surprise that he is a good performer….End of your Quote.


    Clueless !!!

  6. I’m totally impressed by Adam’s performance tonight, and he should be commended for a job well done. On the other hand, Matt gave an outstanding rendition of Steve Wonder’s ‘Part-Time Lover”, which he made it his own. Likewise, Danny has always connected his songs to the audience. Adam, is most likely to win American Idol Season 8, and he’s receiving great reviews from other sources. Who’ll be eliminated tomorrow? Maybe Kris. Who knows?

  7. The “Ring of Fire” performance by Adam was so controversial I had to view it a couple of times at youtube. I missed it on live TV. When I watched it online, the first words that came to me was… “wow! genius!” I appreciate great music, and this is a great rendition of a country song.

  8. It’s Danny all the way. He is an incredible (and so adorable). He has such audience appeal. He is humble and very pleasant and connects incredibly well with the audience. Adam is an excellent singer performer too, but he has no audience connection. Kris is adorable but his style seems to be limited to balad-type songs and should be 2nd runner up to Danny first and Adam second.

  9. Adam is usually good; but not nearly as great as they make him out to be. While they do like upsets, they also like to manipulate the outcome and they’re pushing Adam on us big time. They may have already decided that he’s the winner, no matter what the voting says.

  10. I can’t stand to watch Adam. He’s to theatrical and sticks his tongue out when he sings high notes. Allison doesn’t get the credit she deserves. I would buy her album. Her performance this week was her best by far.

  11. I think the finalist are all wonderful, but there is no comparison to Adam..he is just the whole package..I am in my fifties and watch the show with my children, and I cannot wait for Adam to come out to perform..he is just so different than anyone I have ever seen in my lifetime….the best to him and to all of them. I do think that Scott will leave today, maybe Lil Rounds, but I think she is still awesome…but is not performing up to par.

  12. Adam Lambert is gonna be a huge musical artist. What you’re not seeing on Am. Idol is his showmanship, which they have told him to tone down. So going to an Adam Lambert concert will be a fantastic, exciting experience!!! I think he’s spectacular and Am. Idol has NEVER before had talent like his.

  13. Scott and Lil were below par this time round.They will feature in the bottom three for sure together with Anoop.

  14. I hope everyone that see’s Adam Lambert’s You Tube video making fun of America’s “Star Spangled Banner” writes to American Idol and tells them how rude and degrading and inconsiderate it is. I also think he should be disqualified for showing such disrespect and immaturity. He is NOT at a comedy show putting on a Act. If You want to win America’s vote for talent you DO NOT disrespect America and Show disrespect for The Country. Is was bad enough he was allowed to stay after Totally destroying a Legendary song by Johnny Cash and Now this . I Have to say I really feel bad for all the other contestants that’s on American Idol to have to admit he is part of there experience. Its a terrible shame and You do not deserve the chance at American Idol at all No way, No how Adam Lambert. There is not tolerance for this kind of disrespect and ridiculous behavior. I for One am going to boycott American Idol and am forwarding this to all my friends and have them forward it to there friends, as well till this clown is removed from American Idol. This is insane to have this behavior be allowed and A Pure disgrace and intolerable. The American Anthem is NOT something to be disrespected when you are representing America and what America stand for. Adam totally disrespects America and this proves this.

  15. Personally i love Adam! He is original and talentd. he interoperates music and uses an already different verison of a song or changes it to fit into the type of music he see’s himself performing. Some say country week for him was a bust, but i think it showed his creativity and smart thinking on how to convert a type of music he is not used to doing into his own style. Really, he went above and beyond the expected unlike some of the other preformers who had (has) stuck close with the original dispite there own styles.

    Unfortunately it’s either love him or hate it, or so it seems.His fan base is huge but as the competition contuines i can see those who don’t enjoy him a much as others not voteing for him. As well, he isn’t what you would call mainstream America and may be casted out for this reason. He carries a style thats not always accepted and can also lead to a down fall.

    As for the previous comment about him making fun of America, kicking him off the show is an extreme that is totally unnesscary. We dont know the circumstances (i have not seen the so called video) in which he said it, and it was probaly ment as a joke. It does not have anything to do with the contest and infact that comment came across as immature.

    I do love the other contestants but i RESPECT Adam Lambert and what he has brought to the competiton, it is for this reason why i enjoy seeing him preform every Tuesday

  16. I’d have to say my favorites are Allison Iraheta and, of course, Adam Lambert. I do not think that Allsion will win, but she has a great voice and I think she’ll make it far and have a great career.
    The whole Adam ‘Ring of Fire’ thing-get over it, people. People have different opinions and you have to get it to like it. I didn’t particularly care for it but I respected him for taking a risk and I respect people who liked it or didn’t like it. I don’t think its fair to say that he destroyed the song because HE didn’t make the arrangement.
    Anywats, I love him and beleive he will win-Danny Gokey is okay, but overrated in my opinion.

  17. oh.. he is good singer ,but not enough to be an idol. he is too much of (yahhhhh or nahhhh)and too much make up and girly stuff…oh God ,that black nail pulish………..

  18. Yeah i knew Adam is great.But look at the vote,this season is lower than before.Why?Coz the jugdes and people always praise for him.If they will do that every week.I think kind of boring n please stop the competition soon.Coz we all know Adam is the winner.

  19. Adam is in a league of his own.
    I predict he will win AE 09/ followed by Danny
    I love this show

  20. Adam will definitely be one of the finalists. Danny and Allison will also be in the finals. Unless Lil steps up her game (because she definitely has a voice and stage presence), I think next week may send her back to Memphis. But I’m hoping the best for her. My money is on Danny still as the next American Idol!!

  21. adam is the best pick for the winner of this season. if any of you people had any kind of background in talent then you would recognize adams. adam is the best there has been in the male competition since the american idol competition started. allison and danny will get record deals but adam should be a shue in for the american idol for this season. he is like i said before a multi-talented young man. god bless you all

  22. I think Adam has a great chance of winning,but I also think Danny and Chris and Matt are great as well. Hopefully those 4 will be the last to go and I’m sure Simon will save Danny when he gets down to the bottom three.

  23. I really hope that danny whit his cute smile win! He has a great voice and knows how to use it.
    keep up the good work danny. LUV U

  24. Adam should not be on AI, he’s been on broadway (wicked) so he has a tremendous advantage over the others.

  25. Adam will be the winner! He is Extremely talented! And he is quite good looking! Polite, great stage presence. And he took a song that the original sounds nerdy! And made it HOT! I like Kris too. But I don’t think he can beat Adam. That video of Adam singing was SUPER GREAT!

  26. Adam Lambert is absolutely incredible. Whoever the idiot is that wrote about the video where he sang the star spangle banner, I’m sure if you asked him about it he would tell you that he would NEVER make fun of such a song. The show he was doing was a comedy written by someone else. GET A LIFE.

    Everyone everywhere already knows he is the winner. I think that Adam is at that point in the competition where he’s just going to let us have it. He’s not holding anything back and I love that about him.

    ….and the winner of American Idol is…..


  27. Adam es el ganador indiscutiblemente, su talento sobrepasa los limites de la competencia, cuando lo veo en el show lo comparo con el estilo de uno de mis idolos de la musica rock, con el gran Freddy Mercury, su timbre de vos y su personalida tienen mucho que ver, me gustaria que interpretara alguna de las canciones que hicieron record en la carrera de Freddy, creo que la perfecto seria verlo interpretando BARCELONA esto pudiera sellar con broche de oro.

  28. If adam does not win american idol i will forever boycott this show. Must agree with “yoyo”, if you have any sort of artistic inclination you can not help but admire what adam did with his performance on country week. We all love Johny C, and i completely understand peoples outrage at the complete take adam had on the song. However….IT WAS AMAZING AND THE WORK OF A TRUE GENIUS. He deserves to win. Whoever said he does not have stage presence??? people these days are either completely blind…or i have been watching a different show….ADAM RULES!

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