American Idol 2009 Top 8: Who Will Be The Best This Week? – Poll

Things are slowly closing in on American Idol 2009. We’re down to the season’s Top 8 performers and this week they’ll be performing songs from the year they were born. This one should be wide open for someone to take the lead.

Who do you think it will be? Vote in the poll below and leave your comments telling everyone who you think will be this week’s best performer.




  1. Adam is soooo far ahead of the other contestants—his worst performance would still
    beat any of the others best.

  2. Not even hardly…Adam needs to go back to Gothic City or to Broadway..and after hearing about the YouTube stuff hopefully America will see it that way too.

  3. There is no way to win having Adam in the contest, he is the best, we only have to see him every week, i am so sorry, cause i like Danny and Kriss also Alison, i hate Anoop he must go home, he is very boring, the others should go also any time, go, go ADAM you are the best!!!

  4. My vote is still for Danny. Not only is he an awesome singer, but he is very personable, very humble, modest and just adorable. As good as Adam is, he is a bit strange and certainly belongs more on Broadway than on American Idol.

  5. Anoop and Kris are just awwwwwwesome, i would love it if they are the last 2 finallists. Adam and Danny are professional performers too.The others, not so much. I don’t think they’ll make good recording artists

  6. Danny danny danny…why? because he would make a great American Idol for Americans, with his good voice, personality, humility and overall presentation of himself. Adam’s voice is really great as well, but then i think you have to look at the whole package.After all, it is Americal Idol…that should come as a package, right?

  7. I have downloaded all of Adam’s songs and videos.
    I vote for him every week as many times as possible.
    I look forward to hearing him sing every week.

    I believe he will win this week.

  8. Adma is very good in playing with his hair, applying Black Kohl Pencil marker around his eyes, painting black nail polish on all his nails and black earrings. I am getting tired of singers who overact and oversing. I am so sorry Adam fans. I am not crazy with him.

  9. Adam and Danny is going to make it big whatever happens. I would like to see Kris win it this year.

  10. The thing about Adam fans is that we don’t care if you don’t like him. So don’t be sorry because It just doesn’t matter to us if you don’t like his hair, nails, blah blah blah.

  11. American Idol is a singing competition, So, the best singer is Adam Lambert.
    He is The American Idol 2009 even here in Brazil, where we love the Show and We Love Adam!!
    So don’t be sorry because It just doesn’t matter to us if you don’t like his hair, nails, rythm….etc….

  12. Ditto! This is a singing competition, so Adam should win. Sorry, the judge’s can load on the overly-complimentary b.s. on Allsion or Matt or Danny (who does have a very good voice, though not even close to Adam’s)as much as they want, it is really silly to think anyone comes close to Adam. I can guaranty that if he is eliminated at any point, viewership will sink. The guy might look unconventional, sing unlike all of the other idols, but face it–he is clearly and without a doubt the most talented. So if his style of music is not your cup of tea (I do not prefer his style, personally–excpept for his rendition of “Tracks..”) you cannot deny his inate and obvious talent. He is an absolutley gifted performer and vocalist. Fair is fair. If he does not win, the producers will have to give it up.

  13. People have gone Lambert crazy because he is so showy but he is not the most gifted. It is unfair and kind of discouraging for the others when the judges become so biased. We cannot deny Gokey’s voice and don`t tell me Alexis Grace wasn`t treated unfairly with all the garbage of having to ‘dirty it up’. That girl had a true raw talent and she won’t even be part of the tour?! Where is the fun and excitement of the competition when we already know that no matter how hard the others work the judges will have that hmmm attitude. It sucks…

  14. i luv u kris!
    u r sooooo hot!!!!!!!!

    i hate adam!
    he is gay!
    i want kris or matt to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hey Emma, leave your bigoted comments out of the conversation. Maybe you only like Kris because he is a white male. You probably have an issue with Lil’s race and Allison’s ethnic heritage too. Woudln’t doubt it. BIGOTRY IS BIGOTRY. You can say you are only anti-gay, but you are really just a garden variety bigot. IT is hard for me to ignore these ignorant, uneducated comments that ppl make. Apologies to all I have offended–except for Emma.

  16. my vote is for Adam..2 solid hours…!!..i love Danny,Kris and Anoop too..Scoot needs to go home..didnt care abt d rest..:|…my ears r still bleedin after lil rounds performanc last week..sry to say..:(

  17. This is NOT broadway!! Adam needs to go he is NOT what America expects as their American Idol. Danny, Kris, Matt, or Allison let the best man/woman win…they are the competition!

  18. Danny is in my opinion the best, he is the only one so far that consistantly has my hair standing.


  20. Adam is alright, But face-it Danny Gokey RULESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam is to gay! He can go make out with Simon for all I care! End of the message…LOL

  21. I honestly believe that it’ll come down to Adam and Danny, but it is too soon to call. The public will decide and a lot of us were shocked by last year’s results. The night before the last show, Simon made it sound as if David Archuleta couldn’t lose and you saw what happened. The public will decide.

  22. Adam has the best vocal abilities, followed by Danny. Thsi does nto guaranty that eietrh will win, however. Danny is not the “marketable” type which really shouldn’t matter, but it does. Kind of chunky, not terribly handsome. I am not saying this to be mean, just being realistic. Still, at the end of the day, whoever gets the most votes wins! And it may not be the best person, it really is a popularity contest, afterall.

  23. Adam is a PRO. He should not be in the compitition he is to good………
    Kris is very good, and getting BETTER every week…..I hope we get a BIG SURPRIZE…
    Allison is going to go along way also……
    Danny is winning hearts…Will be interesting tonite…….

  24. Adam will fucking win okay???????
    I predict his performance tonight will blow those Adam Lambert’s Haters away!!!
    And I predict, that tonight will be his greatest performance ever. He will sing a song he always sings… a song from broadway and you will fucking love it!!!
    So to all the racist and haters of Adam Lambert, if you do not stop that, your fucking tv’s will be destroyed!!!

  25. Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!Adam Lambert will win!!!!

  26. Wow, I am not a big fan of Adam but come on, it shouldn’t come down to whether he is gay or not. It should be who is the best, I don’t feel that that is Adam, but that it is just my opinion just like all of you have an opinion. Keep it clean no need for the language. Matt all the way……

  27. I’m a big Adam Fan for sure!! he has the whole package and what a stunning dude he is :)and my god his awesome voice and those notes that he hits awwww he is my pick all the way!!!

  28. Listening to Lil, don’t like it at all
    Not too impressed with Chris or Danny this week

  29. I don’t get the judges sometimes. they tell one contestant to “make the song your own, show who you are, take a risk, etc, etc, etc…” then hammer the next contestant for doing just that.

  30. Love Scott, want to see him on till the end atleast he is entertaining. Adam will win but still adore Scott the rest all suck! boring year for sure! except for watching Adam and Scott.

  31. Just when I think Adam can’t get any better–
    he blows me away again!!! Tonite he was just
    incredible–I can’t believe how talented he is!
    How bout Simon giving him a standing ovation?
    Was that the first time he did that for a
    contestant? Adam absolutely deserves to be the
    next American Idol.

  32. Okay,so what’s the deal with voting for someone who already has a singing career into this stage of the competition? I just saw the promoreel for Adam on YouTube. He’s a ringer and it’s unfair to the other contestants,Joe Schmo off the street, or any other future hopefuls to let a professional into this competition. I like Adam. He’s a great singer and will be (and already was) discovered. I’ve heard rumors about Gokey being a pro too, but this whole thing is ridiculous. Adam is the best singer and does have the “whole” package, but that isn’t the point. This is supposed to be about discovering someone. Not “rediscovering” someone. Scott will be a great Bruce Hornsby or inspirational singer. Gokey will be Okey Dokey. Matt will get a deal and so will Lil’ (I just wish she could put something together before the season is over). I love the show and want it to last, but how many sidestories have to hit the rags to pimp this thing. Keep it true to its roots, but don’t rehire Dunkleman. We’ve seen too many retreads this season.


    D A N

  33. Adam needs to go home and try to go to bed with a woman,maybe like that he can learn to sing like a man and not like a sissy.Danny Gorky should get a new wifey and maybe he will be happy.Allison you are great thats all I got to say.

  34. Allison you are on your own just like your song it’s up to you and your song choice and so far you’ve been very good at your song choices, your singing and interpretations have been excellent. And just wanted to say we love you your song tonight I’m gonna make you love me was absolutely great.

  35. I love Matt! He has mad talent. I’d buy his album today. Danny and Kris were off tonight I thought. Great year for talent.

  36. Okay Adam did “Adam” tonight. It was good,but he does too many runs and his falseto grates after a while. Lil’ still hasn’t shown me why she’s gonna’ get a deal,but she will. I feel sorry for Scott,not because of his disability,but because it seems like America is keeping him in because of it. He is a talented singer and I am very aware that he plays a large part in putting together his own arrangements. Something I feel few others on the show could even attempt to do. However,he is a musician. His voice is best-suited for Christian-contemporary. Simon is the only one who seems to be able to tell him the truth without feeling like lightning will strike him if he does. Matt’s performance made me uncomfortable and the arrangement was too slow. The hat? I think he thinks he’s bringing sexy back. . .again. He looked scared and like he wants to be a rocker,but the judges wouldn’t have any of that because he was bad last week. So pick a different song that rocks. Anoop is an enigma, I still can’t get over the Michael Jackson fiasco a few weeks ago. He’s got a good voice,but I don’t see where he fits. Allison is good, as always, but she reminds me of every rocker chick that’s been on that show. Gokey is Robert Downey Jr. meets Bob Seger with a dash of Elmo. I see Danny taking it so America can stick it to Simon. A standing O for Adam Simon? C’mon bro’. . really? You in on his record deal? Maybe a kickback on the odds in Vegas if America does what I said they will.


    D A N

  37. Adam, is by far the best singer to date. I’m totally impressed by his stage presence, and how he connects to the audience. He’s most likely to win American Idol Season 8.

  38. I can’t predict who will be the next American Idol.Why?I think Season 8 is the best season so far.But i really love Kris Allen.My wish 4 Kris.I also like Adam,Danny,Matt n Allison.He..He..

  39. I swear if Adam wins I will never watch American idol again. Enough shouting and screaming. Danny,Danny,and only Dannnnnnnnnnnny. I hope America will see the real singer in him.

  40. Matt and Alllison did the best!
    Buttom 3 Adam Lambert,Kris,and Danny.
    But i am blown away by scott he is facing a really hard disability and the fact that he played the guitar is amazing.
    but simon was too hard on him by saying he was playing terrible guitar witch i thought was o.k. some of his high notes were sreches but overall i amm the most proud of him but i would like him to sit on a stool next time and not play any instrumements and show that he can be emtionaly conected with a song.

  41. I would like to see Allison win. She has incredible natural talent even at 16. She will go far even without a win. I feel that Adam is above the level of what this show is all about.
    America is looking for some “new” talent and I believe that Allison is in that category.

  42. I know that Adam will win ,,Even though he does scream alot.. but my fav is Matt.. he is really good and has been a very under rated.. I also think Allison is Very good.. Even if she dosn’t win she will be a star.. Actually , they are all good enough to be stars at this point.. Great Talent in the final 9.. the best talent so far in the finals of American Idol

  43. i think adam is great but im not a type of girl who buy his album in the future if ever he win in this competition. i love math giraud i love his style the way he sing thw way he move i think he deserve to be a next american idol. go math im your biggest fan from hongkong

  44. Adam Lambert is by far the best – he is flawless. You can’t say anything negative about his talent and he seems very polite and personable on stage. He is destined to become an American Idol. There is a lot of talent along with Adam, but with him in the running, there’s no contest.

  45. Adam is the best so far…Danny is next in line..Anoop had a gud cum back…luvd his performance last night…!!..kinda confused abt Allison and Kris..Matt,Scott and Lil should be the next to go..!

  46. Adam is easily the best performer out there–like a pro among amateurs,which some would say he is.
    However, my favorite is Kris, with Allison and Danny close behind.
    At the beginning of the competition, my favorites were Danny, Adam, and Lil. But Adam and Lil have faded from favor. I don’t enjoy their singing anymore. There it is.

  47. allison has natural talent she should win over adam because he will be picked up by some recording outfit anyway. scott should go.

  48. Adam will win based on his vocals and his stage performance and originality,as he should.His only competition that I have seen is Matt.

  49. Kris or Scott will go home tonight. Lil’ still has that “will she pull one out of her a–,finally?”, factor. But the public won’t hold out for too much longer before she’s gone too The bottom 3 will be Matt,Scott and Kris. I still don’t think America has the guts to get rid of Scott. They’re just keeping him from moving on with a professional career. Adam will win, but why won’t anyone address that he’s already a professional singer? Look it up. He gets paid for gigs! He had a recording contract! What are the rules for this thing anyway? You just can’t be under contract at the time of the audition or what? YES, He’s the best. So What? I WOULD by an album from him, but isn’t this supposed to find raw talent? Someone get both Simons on the phone and explain this to us? Can someone on this website touch on this subject and enlighten me? I’m not a gay-basher. I don’t even care what the heck he is. So don’t pull that card out. An artist is an artist and he is one! But let someone who hasn’t done professional singing have a shot. I’m not jealous. He’s everything people say about him,positively. He’s a good guy and the world is better for having him in it, but puh-lease! Enough of the 8th grade girls defending him for being some sort of second-coming. I don’t get this competition. It’s like letting Johnny Depp perform at your kids’ school play. Wouldn’t that tick you off as a parent? Now, I’ve offended Johnny Depp fans,your kids and 8th grade girls (or those that still act like them).My work is done. Sorry Adam Lovers!


    D A N

    I’m at a loss.

  50. People say that there is a very fine line between love/hate. When it comes to Adam Lambert, it seems that there is a much finER line between obvious/unapparent, appreciative/ungrateful and a very strange liason between jealousy and admiration. With that being said, I guess some people just need a hearing-aid. If Adam Lambert cannot sing, then I guess human beings do not need oxygen to live, nor blood to flow through their veins…or perhaps not even a heart to beat. Let me see…hmmm…camparison;Adam cannot sing=When we raise our arms above our head, we can actually touch the sky!!! be so talented is practically sinful. The boy is gifted and what a wonderful gift he has been given. Ever heard of— “if you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything”, clearly some have not. Adam is a born natural “artist” in every sense of the word, he is terrific!

  51. I realy like to see the day when Danny is going to win because he deserves to win for the sack of his wife and he is the best

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