American Idol 2009 Top 8 – Elimination Prediction Poll

This week’s American Idol 2009 performance show featured songs from the year they were born and I think it made for a great night on the Idol stage! What did you think? Hopefully you did lots of voting, but here’s your chance to do another round of voting. Check out the poll below and vote for who you think will be eliminated on Wednesday’s Idol Top 8 results show then tell everyone why.

I do have one nit to pick after Tuesday’s performance show. The judges slammed Lil for doing a copycat performance of Tina Turner which she did, but then Simon gave Adam Lambert‘s Mad World a standing ovation for doing a straight copy of the 2001 cover by Gary Jules and Michael Andrews. I guess Simon didn’t play Gears of War.

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  1. Allison again picked the right song and sang it well. This girl can sing high and low vocals. She was the best. Adam did great also it is between Allison and Adam. Lil can be good. She has a good voice but there is always something missing there as if she does not know where to go with the songs she sings. Good luck to all next week.

  2. Allison moved up to the number two spot last night, in my opinion. she really showed another side and what a talent! Lil will (unfortunately) be heading home next week, if not tonight, since she just can’t define herself. Poor Scott really blew it and it was hard to watch. Danny is getting too predictable. As talented as the rest are, I can’t find any of them outstanding. Adam has it in the bag.

  3. Allison is amazing.Now,I would buy her album.She’s confident on stage, has great vocals and consistently selects songs that work with her voice.Scott needs to go.His voice is average and annoying.Adam drives me crazy.He has a good voice but I can’t stand to watch him sing.

  4. Scott or Kris should go home.
    Lil, Anoop and Matt will follow.
    Adam, Allison and Danny did well last night.
    Adam was great and I think he is the most talented of all the contestants.

  5. I think Lil should go, but I believe it will be Scott. Also, I don’t think Matt translates to the TV audience; his judges reviews always strike me as more positive than the performance warranted. Anoop can sing, but is not a star/idol. Any of these four leaving would not be a suprise.

  6. Adam makes me sick!!! I cringe everytime he starts screaming and want to throw up everytime he performs.Please don’t let him represent America….he’s a disgrace! Danny, Allison Matt or Kris will do us proud!

  7. I felt really bad but because the show ran late I did not hear or see Adam perform. I downloaded it today and, as always, blows me away. I feel the top 3 will be Allison, Danny and Adam. I feel either Lil or Scott will go home tonight. As a comment that Adam did copy Tears for Fear–if you remember Katherine McFee. Well, her rendition of “Over the Rainbow” was an exact copy of Eva Cassidy’s (she died early from Breast Cancer) and the judges didn’t even realize it.

  8. Adam again!!! Amazing,outstanding,incredible!!!What was more amazing,outstanding,incredible than Adam’s performance? Simon’s standing ovation!!!

  9. Adam!!!!!!! WOW!!!!WOW!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!! The top three in this order ADAM, DANNY, ALLISON

  10. it doesnt matter what type of music adam sings he can sing it, adam is a true artist!!!scott will go home tonight hes just not good enough.

  11. I agree……Does she have some kind of sickness? If she doesn’t then she needs to be gone because she is very nerve racking to watch………

  12. Adam simply transports me somewhere else when he sing. His sound is intriguing and captivating. Always!

  13. Adam is uber-talented but I don’t enjoy his singing and wouldn’t buy his album. Either Lil or Scott needs to go tonight–even though I really like them both. Oh well.
    My prediction of top three: Adam, Kris, Allison
    My preference of top three: Kris, Allison, Danny

  14. Lil and Scott will join Matt in the bottom 3. Matt’s song wasn’t as good as the judges said. Allison is that good, she is the female version of Adam. The top 3 at the end will be Adam, Allison, and Danny. Kris will be #4, while Anoop will sit at #5. Sorry, that is just the way it is. Lil has a good singing voice, but her performances are worst the Scott’s singing. So take Scott’s singing, vs. Lil’s performance and the way she sings the songs, who is worst? Besides, Scott won’t go home tonight because is backing Scott. Lil will be sent packing. couldn’t save Megan last week because the producers rigged it. They commented that they were tired of her performances. Watch and see, I’ve been right every week thus far.

  15. Paolo, you were spot on with your post! Good job.. Nikki on the other hand is a douche bag! And angela got it right as well. Good to see other smart people post here as well.

  16. I Think Adam is a true Artist hands down. Love watching him and listening to him.
    Danny is too a great artist, My two Favorite

  17. Scott or Lil will go home tonight.

    I see it all in this order:

    #1 Adam

    And then we have the rest. Allison and Danny top it off. To bad for them that Adam is in this seasons competition!

  18. No, the quality of Allison’s voice is not there. It’s ugly. Go back to listen to her “Don’t Speak” and last night’s performance, and play Gwen Stefani’s and Bonnie Raitt’s versions. You should “hear” the differences. Unfortunately, for this year’s contestants there’s no one who could sing like Carrie Underwood, Jordan Sparks, David Cook or David Arculeta. Adam is manufacturing his sounds with no real emotions. Not from the heart! None of them does that anyway.

  19. Scott is a terrific guy and very talented but I think his talent is only as a writer, his voice skills have a tendency to be a bit “whiney” tone wise. As for Simon’s comments, Yes Lil (who I do like) did a very karaoke performance last night. However, Adams was not only better, even sitting down with a spot light his stage presence and the way he delivered the performance was way beyond Lil’s. Also, Allison was amazing! She and Adam will be the final two.

  20. I agree with the folks who say Adam is so much better than everyone else !! He is the best male singer ever to appear on American Idol; I can’t wait for an album ( To show where I’m coming from, my favorite singer is Josh Groban..I appreciate folks who can actually sing) Allison is another good one this year…

  21. Adam Lambert is a fantastic singer with incredible stage presence. I LOVED his “Ring of Fire” interpretation. He has charisma, looks, range and a presence that is miles above the others. Danny, Matt and Kris have darned good voices; but they pale in comparison to Adam.

  22. Adam is so….good. He has done Theatre since he was young, and has always sang. He’s way above the other’s that makes it unfair to me.
    But I guess that’s the way it works….
    Allison was a born singer….she can sing anything……and will go far. It’s a hard one this year and I think Kris is most ORIGINAL……Allison,Danny or Kris I hope…Adam already has it made…………

  23. Adam is absolutely the best, but the ‘gay’ thing has ruined it for me. Wish I’d never seen those pics on the internet!! Not sure who AMERICA will choose. Good luck to them all!

  24. I think all the contestants are excellent, but no matter how well they perform, Adam’s artistry outshines them all. The show is really kind of boring this year since no one can compete with Adam. BTW, I like Carol’s comment that Paula should go home. She just babbles. Even Simon doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

  25. I think Scott will go home. However, I would love it if Adam did. If I never had to hear his screeching, screaming voice again it would be too soon! What the hell was that last night, I’ve never even heard of it. He definitely should have been voted off the night of his horrid country performance. I will not watch the show anymore if this over theatrical tongue hanging out when he’s screeching guy wins… go perform on Broadway, that’s where you belong! It doesn’t seem to matter what garbage he’s spewing, he can seem to do no wrong in the judges eyes. Barf!

  26. Hmmm, don’t get the difference of opinions over Adam but to each his own.

    If I were a music producer I’d be offering up everything to get him. I believe I have always had a good ear for music (I sure can’t sing) and I believe with the correct molding, we have a Freddie Mercury/Steven Tyler like talent here. Is he gay? so what, he can SING and has stage presence. I would bet on him making it big!!!

  27. I really like Lil and Scott is ok too, but i feel like one of them will be going home. Allison did very good last night.

  28. Hmm…Someone sounds so young and so bitter about Adam. I guess their crush is not doing well. What that was last night was the best
    performance ever on AI. Adam got a standing ovation from Simon. The song was Mad World-Tears for Fears/Adam Lambert style. Just amazing. Some of the people making negative comments on this site probably does not know who Elvis was either. Adam is our Elvis.

  29. Adam has a flair for the ‘drama’ You got to hand it to him, he knows how to surprise and work the stage. And yes he has had the advantage of being on stage a long time, but hey that’s just good for him. Kris, oh Kris, why couldn’t it have been like last week!?!? The mosh pit is a ‘drowner’. I so hope America doens’t hold it against him. He is the best in my opinion. His songs floating around on the internet, especially Wastin’ Time is brilliant. The dude is original and knows music, instruments, songwriting and all that is essential for Artistry! He has a sound that is consistent and yet surprising. Love his fab voice. KRIS SHOULD WIN!

  30. THANK YOU Geri – I’ve been waiting for someone to recognize the resemblance between Adam and Elvis. Personally, I think that Adam should win. However, I think he’s too over the top to win. He’s bigger than the show.
    I also predict that we will see/hear Allison in the near future.

  31. Mostly I’m a huge fans of Kris.American Idol need a singer like John Meyer n Jason Mraz.They are global quality.

  32. I think it was wrong that Scott went home tonight if anything it should have been lil… Scott at least made his song entertaining but not like Lil she was just plain and boring…SCOTT SHOULD HAVE STAYED!!!! But now its all about Danny and Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  34. For those of you insulting Paula, yes..there is something wrong with her. She has had countless surgeries on her legs/knees and takes prescription medications for pain. I’m sure that we all might come off a little confusing if we had a similar situation.
    For surfgirl, It’s hard to know where to begin. I will only say this, I’m certain the original artists did their songs differently. Ummm, that is the point. Ray, I have been waiting or someone to mention Freddie Mercury, with regard to Adam. Wow, he sure can do a “Freddie!” That is not a compliment I hand out lightly. As for Danny’s appeal, it is purely vocal for me. I really don’t like it when he tries to dance.

  35. ANOOP in the bottom 2…??…OMG..I luvd Anoops Performance last night…want Lil to go next..!!…Go AnOOP GOOO..!!!

  36. ADAM YOU’RE WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT…GREAT TALENT!Even though I’m 50, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE every one of your performances. Ring Of Fire – Absolutely blew me away! Mad World – WOOOWW!! You’re different, you’re exciting and I so look forward to your albums, not to mention your videos. When they hit Australian stores Im buying them!

  37. Ok, everyone is fogetting Anoop! Listion Adam’s Mad world was ok. But it was just identical to Gary Jule’s version. I’m not saying it was bad but it’s not everything it was cracked up to be.
    Alison’s I can’t make you love me was pretty good. But I really don’t like her voice.
    Matt’s was just plain boring. I mean do we really want a jazz american idol?
    Scott’s did not have very good vocals but i think he derserved to stay over Lil. But I’m still mad at him taking Alexis place in the top 9
    Danny’s was good but boring, I liked him better then Adam’s and Alison’s.
    Kris was better then what the judges portrayed him to be I don’t think he’ll win though.
    Anoop may not always pull off a perfect performance but the judges refuse to give him credit for his great performances. True colors was perfect vocals, perfect song choice, and great stage presence. He did not deserve to be in the bottem three. It should have been Lil, Kris, and Matt.the top three should be Anoop, Adam, and Danny.

  38. If the show is so boring then why do you keep watching and putting negative comments on this site. Everyone here has a favorite and most realize this is one of the best years ever for American Idol. They have some very talented singers this year. I have not been bored since the top ten was selected. We have some better than others but if they made it to the top ten that tells you they are talented. My advice to the person that keeps saying “Boring” try another TV program and another web site. It might help your boredom…..

  39. Everone has thier own favorites is correct..
    I’m just saying it’s been boring…I’m sure Simon feels the same way….The song choices have been awful this year…. I just think they need to step it up……..I think Kris is the best so far…but song choice?
    Also everyone see’s things in a different light. I don’t think this is the best ever…
    EACH TO THIER OWN…….And I have seen other negative comments…Maybe your watching a different year?

  40. See that was easy. She made a nice comment about Kris. Probably a teeny bopper that gets bored easy. I agree this is the best year ever.

  41. Kris needed to step up weeks ago. His days are numbered. First Lil must go. It is a toss up between Danny Kris and Matt who goes next. Not to sound negative like someone above but it is boring to listen to Kris and Danny.

  42. Isn’t there anyone that thinks Adam is horrible? I truly beieve the judges have picked the winner already this year but hope I am wrong! Adam has great stage performance and can really put on a show but there are SO many others tha out sing him.. close your eyes Allison, Danny, Kris and Matt ALL have more talent!

  43. Liz don’t feel bad saying thier boring…I know now I’m not the only one.
    I wish I was a teeney bobber…….I see where they might think this is the best American Idol ever………..NOT!!!!!!

  44. The judges are not picking anyone now. The American people call and vote every week. This is how the next Idol is picked. Adam and Allison are the only two that are not boring.
    AI has never seen talent like Adam. He was not the one I was for but the last few weeks he has changed my mind. He is remarkable.

  45. I am not saying that Adam or Allison are boring. Just Danny Kris and Matt. They stil have a long way to go. Too predictable. I like to be surprised and Adam and Allison never let me down.

  46. I can’t believe anyone thinks this year is boring. To me, it has the most talent of any American Idol season and I’ve watched them all. I mean really, would Taylor Hicks have a chance this year??? I look forward to watching it every week….

  47. I know what you mean. Danny has become a drag.
    I never thought that I would want Adam to win but I don’t think anyone comes close to his talent. Adam will sell more records than the others regarless of who wins. I will buy his music right now. He is great….

  48. I have watched all the past years and I have never been so excited to watch as I am this year. Great top ten. Adam is really like our new Elvis. I love to watch him and listen to whatever he sings. Allison is also going to do well. Lil and the rest of the gang do need to step up if they want to stay in the competition.

  49. Louise get with it.
    Simon is not bored. He has said this is the best year ever. He gave Adam a standing ovation last week. You must have missed it. Best night ever.

  50. Maybe best night this year….He says that every year………..They all do…I’m not saying Adam is a bad singer. Like someone else said it seems they already have the winner picked……..Not Fair…there is some good talent just hasn’t SHINED YET…….Good Luck to all………..

  51. i really watch last night for the american idol
    and i would rather say that lil is the first one to go home tonight..shes really over confident yet shes only know how to woooooooooo waaaaaaaaaa weeeeeeeeeeeeee whewwwwww while singing that you cant even understand her real self as a singing artist and maybe matt is the second one..i knew he can sing but i want to save anooop bec.he really sing with his own style and he has a very soft voice reallly……. i like it!

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