American Idol 2009 Top 10 Week Gets Delayed By White House

Next week on American Idol 2009 when the season’s Top 10 singers go to celebrate 50 years of Motown they’re going to have a scheduling problem.

President Obama may not be a big fan of the show because for the second time this season he has asked the networks to relinquish their primetime slot for a national speech, bumping American Idol. Apparently the networks, especially FOX, were not happy, but have made the following schedule adjustments:

Fox is arguably the most impacted network and took the longest to agree to airing the speech. The network will move Tuesday’s two-hour performance episode of “Idol” to Wednesday, and the Wednesday episode to Thursday at 8 p.m.

That preempts “Lie to Me” and “Bones” and puts mega-rated “Idol” against the mega-rated NCAA finals (which neither Fox nor CBS are all that thrilled about).

Okay, no biggie, but be prepared. Next week’s episodes of American Idol will be shifted by both days and timeslots. Performances will be on Wednesday, not Tuesday, but at the same time of 8PM (ET/PT). The Results show will be shifted to Thursday instead of Wednesday and will air at 8PM (ET/PT), not the usual 9PM.

Got it? Be sure to reset your Tivo if you’re gonna miss it!




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  2. It reminds me of what the liberals had to say about the Republican conference in Hawaii… which was media fluff as usual; whereas this guys point is bulletproof.

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