American Idol 2009 Top 10 – The Week Ahead

Last week on American Idol 2009 Alexis Grace was sent packing when Michael Starver beat her out for America’s vote. This week the remaining Top 10 singers will perform on Wednesday and face another single elimination on Thursday. That’s right, there has been a schedule shift with everything moving by a day. Here’s what’s ahead this week on Idol:

On Wednesday night’s American Idol performance show the remaining singers will be selecting a song from the Motown classics while being mentored by Smokey Robinson.

On Thursday night’s American Idol Results show which will air at 8pm rather than the usual 9pm, musical legend Smokey Robinson will be performing as a guest star. Joining him that night will be former Idol winner Ruben Studdard who will sing his latest single, “Together.”

Who do you think will have the best week with the Motown theme?




  1. I think that Adam will win the American Idol this year.
    I´m writing from Brazil and I´m watching A.Idol every saturday and Sunday (Brazil´s time).
    Jimmy Piroutek

  2. I agree that Adam is clearly the most talented and regardless of what happens, he probably has the best shot at a successful career. However, the American public can do some weird things, and I’m not overly confident that Adam will win.

  3. I think Adam will win, he is the most talented, all around contestant, not mention the most appealing. He deserves to win, he is so diverse and will sell the most cds if he wins, if he doesnt, Adam will still sell the most cds.

  4. Adam is the most talented, incredible voice.
    Ring of Fire was “hot”!!!
    Scott MacIntyre is boring so is Anoop & Kris Allen. Danny Gokey is overrated.

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