American Idol 2009 Top 11 Becomes Top 10 – Official List

Last night’s American Idol 2009 elimination results brought down this season’s Top 11 to the Top 10 with Alexis Grace earning the fewest votes after her Wednesday performances. When it had come down to just Grace and Sarver, Simon revealed they were ready to rescue Grace with the “Judges’ Save” if she was the one set to go. Despite this promise the judges changed their mind and said it was due, in part at least, to her final “save me” performance.

Which remaining American Idol finalist stands out to you as the one to win it all?

American Idol 2009 Top 10:

  • Michael Sarver
  • Danny Gokey
  • Kris Allen
  • Allison Iraheta
  • Adam Lambert
  • Lil Rounds
  • Scott McIntyre
  • Megan Corkrey
  • Matt Giraud
  • Anoop Desai

One of these 10 singers is your next American Idol, but all of them will be part of the American Idol 2009 summer tour!




  1. The only casualties of the week are Megan,Michael,Scott!
    The rest anyone can be a winner!

  2. To add on that:The rumor which was going rounds of rigging!
    Who got booted out,i thought they said she was among the top four.
    Shame on you “AI staffer”!

    • And that shows it to be exactly what you said, a rumor. Unless you really want to get all conspiracy theory and then suspect the producers kicked Alexis off immediately to make it look like they didn’t make it rigged. They could still keep 3 of their desired 4. Not saying I believe that though.

  3. I agree with simon cowell’s comment on adam lambert’s performance of burning or fire. i almost threw my television out too. Indeed the song was HORRIFIC. And the whole package and everything was a mess. No hard feeling though!cos i feel he could do better

  4. Actually, everyone expected the Country theme to be Adam’s only weak performance. It worked out good for him that it came so early in the competition. If this occurred when we were down to 5 or 6 contestants, he’d probably be gone. Expect him to knock it out of the park every week from here on.

  5. Regarding the judge’s “save”, remember that it can only happen once in the entire season. They would have been crazy to use it up this early. They need to save it in case one of their top two or three contestants are ambushed early. My guess is that you won’t see it used on anyone but Gokey, Rounds or Lambert.

  6. Alexis Grace had one bad night. Just because she wasn’t being “dirty” enough for the Judges. The judges would also expess “Just be true to yourself and do what you feel” It may not have been her best performance. However, it was not bad either. She went with her softer side the way she wanted and it was country for goodness sake. There is a motive behind this by the Judges just to get public feedback to throw America votes off. After all they choose to “save or kick off.” Notice how quick they all agreed “Not good enough” I still feel it was rigged. She should have been saved. Michael always sounds Karaoke to me and not that impressive when performing. Adam Lambert I believe is a set up. There is no doubt the man gots talent. I did not like the ‘Rings of Fire’ performance. It was Creepy. But he gots the look and he made it his own. I think the top 4 will be…Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert, Lil Rounds.

  7. I have to say congratulations to Danny Gokey for a job well done. You sang beautifully and I think you’re gonna go the whole way. Also congratulations to those who made it to the top 10. To Alexis, girl you’ve got the voice. It was just too bad the judges did not save you. But like they say, “Tomorrow is another day”. Don’t give up so easily but try again. Everyone knows that you can sing. Just take it as a challenge. But to all those who made it, good luck, especially to Danny Gokey.

  8. Noop Dog,

    U did good!! Not every established singer can sing every type of song…but he definitely has something about him..and he takes chances..does not play AMERICAN IDOL shouls symbolise the American SPIRIT!!!

  9. Adam’s performance was a love it or hate thing. I TOTALLY LOVED IT. I watched it like five times, then bought it off iTunes. Its all a matter of taste, of course, but the guy has definitely got talent. If he gets kicked off anytime in the near future, I’ll be very surprised. And depressed, because he is one of the only contestants I look forward to watching every. Single. Time.

  10. Adam shouldnt be on the show. He is in a league all of his own. He doesnt care what anyone thinks (I dont think) he is just putting himself out there to get what he can post idol and with regards to that how can he not be offered a recording contract etc Some of my friends call him a sell out but I think the guy is just working it and the prize for him is not winning AI (if in fact he does) he has his eyes on a bigger prize. Their just my thoughts.

  11. No Im NOT Adams Grandma but he totally rocks. His version of Ring of Fire was original and fabulous,Cash would have loved it! Ive watched his performance over & over, he is the one the rest should be worried about. Dont care if he has an agenda, he is a risk taker and works hard to surprise and entertain.
    The judges save is a ONE TIME ONLY opportunity!

  12. Top Three picks to win it all!

    1) Lil Rounds
    2) Matt Girard
    3) Allison Iraheta

    Why because…Danny is good but his voice can be a little repititous.Minus his danicing and performance energy level I usually know what to expect from him. Annop is not tough enough to win it. Eeveryone is stepping up there game everywhile, granted annop has too but he still isnt a strong enough singer to soar over the top three I have listed. I really think they need to get rid of Scott. Scott is a great guy but I think he’s getting sympathy votes because of his physical impairment. Scott is not a good enough singer to be in competition with the rest of the 9 contestants. Megan is digging herself in a hole after wednesday night’s performance( 03/25/2009). I agree with simon when he said ” that performance was a train wreck. Notes were all over the place, that stupid twisting dance is repititous. She a gorgeous girl with a jazzy voice that can only take her so far. I dont think she can handle a big song at all. Kris is good but the ladies love him because he’s cute. That, I believe will run out. I dont know what to say about Adam.

  13. I Absolutely LOVE Adam. Every week I cant wait to hear him sing and he is SO gorgeous! He is definitely the winner for me.

  14. I love Allison Iraheta she is young, and will sell records today!!! She will record music that our younger generaion will be waiting to buy, including myself and i’m 30. You go Allison you will go the whole way!!!!!!!

  15. My favorite was Scott! I absolutely loved him, and for those that say he doesn’t sing good enough, listen to all the studio recordings with the ear of a trained vocalist, and he has the purest most “on-key” vocals and best range of anyone. But alas, he didn’t win. He will get a recording contract none the less, and my bet is they will make a movie about him some day. Heck, with his kidney transplant a couple years ago, he only has 8-10 years to live until that kidney gives out. What amazing challenges he faces! I will buy his CD’s!

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