American Idol 2009 Top 11 Elimination Results – March 18, 2009

Tonight on American Idol 2009, the elimination results for this season’s Top 11 were be revealed.

American Idol 2009 Top 11 Results:

  • Alexis Grace

Alexis Grace has received the fewest votes this week. Will the judges save her with the new rule? If so, then 2 singers will be eliminated next week. Let’s see…

Nope. Simon just said that it was unanimous. Alexis’ last ditch effort was not good enough. She has been eliminated from American Idol 2009 making way for this season’s Top 10. What do you think of tonight’s results?




  1. Glad to see her go… tired of hearing about how she needs to Dirty it up, or how Dirty is is.. who cares. They aren’t telling Adam to gay it up more, or act straight for once. Good by Alexis!!

  2. Based on Yesterday’s performance I totally agree ….. last night her rendition of Joleen is too much sound alike (for a lack of better description ..Sorry Simon hv to use your line) with the original artist the only spin of that version was in the music and not he way of singing it…… and it did sounded a bit karaoke…… but anyway I thought Anoop ‘dawg’ would have a torrid time as this is country but he blew the top off…… salute… and hopefully he’ll go on …….

  3. I think I’ve just decided NOT to go on tour, since there will be one person there I can’t stand (Adam); one person I can’t figure out how they got into the Top 10, other than beauty (Megan); and one person I feel should have gone home tonight (Allison)! There are only a very few left that I love enough to show up at the AI Tour: Danny, Anoop, and maybe Lil? The group just isn’t as great as last year ~ or Season 5!!! I’m really disappointed in Idol this year!

  4. VERY DISAPPOINTED! THEY SHOULD HAVE KEPT ALEXIS! I loved her form the get go…. never liked Anoopy dog!

  5. She sucked! I hated the “Dirty it Up” thing… any more dirty, she would get $25 per hour..

  6. Disappointed too! Geez… Alexis Grace can sing a whole lot better than some of the others including Megan. She has a good voice! Oh well, for as long as Danny Gokey, Anoop and Matt are there, that is all that matters to me! Go Danny!!!!

  7. Disappointed to see Alexis go tonight. I thought she was very good and much better than a couple others who remain.

  8. Joy, I couldn’t agree more! If it weren’t for the 3 you mentioned, I’d be gone from this Season of Idol totally!

  9. I really like Kris and think he should go far. I will miss Alexis I thought she was good and seemed like a good person. I think Matt might be next..

  10. The judges won’t be saving anyone unless it was one of these four Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert, Lil Rounds and Allison Iruheta that had the lowest number of votes……
    Anoop already got his second chance so if he blows it this time I don’t think the judges will go for it………
    if it comes to the final five and four of them are already through then may be they’ll save someone else………

  11. I totally agree with you Edwin.

    It’s really sad to see Alexis Grace go and I wish she would have been given a chance to prove herself.

    But like how everybody feels, the judges are saving their cards down to the last five.

    As for ALEXIS, I’d like to tell you that you are a wonderful and beautiful singer. You won’t leave this industry empty handed. I’m sure somewhere along the way somebody will pick you up.

    More power to you!!!

  12. Based on last nite’s performance, I’d say it’s spot on. But based on overall, I’d say Anoop. Simply put, he was lucky fm the wk before. Really, against the likes of Adam, Allison, Lil & Danny, he’ll never stand a chance & wl not get far. Perhaps, another wk or 2 & he’ll be sent packing.

  13. I am suprised they didn’t save her, not that they should have; now there are only 3 females on the tour (not good for programming). I now believe the “save” will be used when 6 are left no matter who it is so that 2 will be voted off to create the final four. Just a marketing related thought.

  14. So Matt Giraud is my boy… I used to play drums with him in kalamazoo michigan at monaco bay piano bar and grille as of 3 months ago…He is a very humble cat…He deserves to go far…

  15. is just the beginning…she shouldn’t have goen before scott…oh please, that’s ridiculous!

  16. I hated to see Alexis go, I think she has a wonderful voice. After Adam’s performance the other night I think he should have been eliminated. Ring Of Fire should had not been performed that way. I really like Megan. She has a very unique voice.

  17. After Tuesday’s performances Mike or Adam could of went without being missed. Adam’s performance was a bit creepy. Mike was disappointing. I wanted to hear something different from him. Alexis has great vocals and should of stayed.

  18. I am outraged–the girl had one bad night, but it was not so bad….Michael and Scott should have gone way before her….the judges should have saved her, too…they know she should be in the top ten….

  19. I agree with Katie, Adam’s performance was creepy and it certainly didn’t sound like country to me. He did’nt sing the song, he just wanted to show off his vocals. Megan and Anoop should have been the first to leave. I still can’t get over how hideous Megan’s performance was on Michael Jackson night.

  20. That boys’ bus is going to be a very tight squeeze ~ while only 3 girls on the girls’ bus! Wow! Maybe they need to fly the girls and put the boys in 2 buses! After all, they sure can afford it! But they’ll probably opt for 3 buses!

    Alexis was NOT my favorite, but I do agree that there are several people that should have gone before her! The girl has a GREAT voice ~ I just didn’t like some of her song choices.

  21. I dont believe that alexis should have gone. I think she has a great voice for some reason that terrible meagan corney or something keeps sliding right on by. come on she cant sing she sounds the same in every song kinda like a yoddler in the mountains come on people open your ears how can you think meagan sounds even a little better then alexis

  22. Ken, I’m afraid Megan got the “sympathy” vote this week, plus they just can’t seem to let go of her beauty! Somehow, they’re just “mesmerized” by her! The girl cannot sing! Even I could do better ~ and I’m NOT a singer!

  23. However they changed the format the public and the judges still get it wrong. The same thing happened the week before. I hope that people remember that this is a talent show an not a joke of popularity. Not to have Alexis Grace in the top ten shows there will always be mistakes made by the judges and the public “Take Responsibility”!!!!!

  24. She did a better job then Adam, come on that guy is really creepy. I agree he was only showing his vocals and even if you don’t want to do country get with the program it was “country night” not “creepy night”.

    Matt is my man and I’ll vote for him every time…He’s the best and doesn’t get enough credit….YOU GO MATT….

  25. oh please, alexis deserved to go home, she sucked during yesterday’s performance and she sucked more during her so called “save me” performance.. megan is so good, those who said that she cant sing,maybe you should have your ears cleaned, her voice is very unique,very very good! hope megan, matt, kris and allison makes is to top 4, i hate adam, he’s so gay, so is danny..ewwwww!

  26. Fanatic (good name, by the way)

    No, we shouldn’t have our ears cleaned ~ we’re just stating OUR opinions like YOU are!

  27. Vote for the worst and sympathy vote must have kept Megan in… clearly the worst!

    Didn’t like Alexis though so no harm other than having Megan on the Idols tour….

  28. I think that Adam Lambert should have gone. He has had many chances to break into the business and after his rendition of Johnny Cash’ hit I can see why he never made it.

  29. and how is Megan beautiful? She is disgusting, looks like a circus freak! Can’t dance either… pathetic…

  30. Autumn, if you think that was bad, you should see his disgusting rendition of the Star Spangled Banner on YouTube!

    And Tom, I agree ~ she’s really messed herself up ~ but she does have a beautiful face, IMO ~ and that’s about it!

  31. I feel that was the right decision… Although its getting REALLY hard to decide at this stage of the contest!!

  32. The voters got it right again ! My bottom 2 were Alexis and Michael. I was suprised that Allison was in the bottom 3. Sure did not see that coming. Adam is grest !!!! That version of ” Walk the Line ” has been done many times and his is wonderful. It would be great behind the credits of a Bond movie don’t you agree !

  33. Its good that those who consider themselves among the best feel the heat of being eliminated.
    I think people got tired of Alexis same antics!
    Adam got lucky so is Michael too.
    Danny,Kris,Allison,Matt all the way…..!

  34. Unfortunately, I had the bottom two picked correctly. They all did a great job on Tuesday night, but some did just a little bit better than others, and song choice seems to be the “knife in the heart” that eliminates even the best of performers. My gut feeling is that Adam, Lil and Michael will definitely make it to the finale, with my top choice being Adam, as he is a great performer who difinitely adds his own flair of “uniqueness” to the mix. He is both a great performer, creative, an awesome singer and a little bit sexy in his own special way!! I hope to see him come out on top!! šŸ™‚

  35. I was surprised. I figured that Michael or Scott would be eliminated. I was in shock when Allison was in the bottom three. NO WAY

  36. She really picked the wrong song. For Country night most didn’t sing with any real Country feeling

  37. It’s all rigged. Alexis had one bad night. The judges was always so eager for her to “dirty it up” and then they say go with “what you feel.” It was country and not any of them will perform as well if this is not where there heart is what kind of music they like to sing. Alexis was not that bad, but not her best performance. She has a young daughter to think about and need to set an example. I think there is more behind this. She may wanted to go home for her daughter’s sake. When the Judges diliberated thay was quick to say “Your gone”… Michael always sounds karaoke and not a bad singer but needs to get out! My opinion is this man already has a good job and he has his 15 mins of fame to get signed up with recording scout manager if this is his passion. But there is others stugling here that and thats all they have to make a living and make their lives better and to have comfortable living. The Judges have this safe rule now for a reason. Because it’s not the American people’s choice to have the last say. The Judges will have the final words. They already know who they want to win. Adam on the other hand is good. However, He is one that is too good to be on the American Idle while some of the others are trying so hard to get to the top three finalist. If any of this makes any since. He is too comfortable and always pulls it off no matter what and nothing seems to move him. Unless he hide his feeling good as well. I bet if he ever does get eliminated at any time. There will not be any bad feelings of hurt. Because There is already someone waiting to sign him up as a recording artist in a heartbeat. Overall, this has been a very interesting show this year and most have been oustanding performances. My favorite is Allison. That Girl at her age has got it going on! She has done very well so far and staying true to herself.

  38. Adam is really a redhead with freckles! So what’s with all the BLACK ~ both in his appearance AND in his singing! YUK! He will NEVER get my vote! He already found his niche on Broadway, where he belongs! I’m just sorry he’s going on tour! I’d hate being couped up with him on a tour bus if I was one of those other guys!

  39. I agree with some people that they could’ve had better contestants this year. I can’t remember the name of the kid that they let go, but it seemed that all the other contestants were surprised when they did not pick him in Hollywood week.It’s the kid who always wore a hat. He was incredible Good and Felicia too. But this finalists…I don’t know. I would’ve kept Jorge and not Anoop, but Anoop is more charistmatic…But I think Jorge is a much better Singer than Anoop. Anyway, I don’t like Megan at all, even though she’s beautiful and pretty and probably has a voice that is different, I don’t think she’s very commercial. But, that’s just my opinion. Scott is not a great singer, but I love him. I guess we all have our favorites. I think Lil is the best, and Adam has a lot of experience and a powerful voice, even though he is not my piece of cake. As for Anoop, he has likeability.

  40. Kipper- no offense, but reading your comments, all you manage to do is sound homophobic. It’s perfectly understandable not to like Adam’s singing, even though I happen to LOVE it, but to say ‘Iā€™d hate being couped up with him on a tour bus if I was one of those other guys’ is stupid. And Adam’s personality, from what we’ve seen, is not freaky or whatever at all. He’s unique, that’s all. And while usually I can tell tension in a minute, this year’s batch of idols seem to get along well.
    And about the black- it’s called personality. And a statement. Same as a girl who dies her hair blonde to fit in with country loving bimbos. It identifies him.

  41. Sarah, I’m sorry, but I totally disagree with your statement ~ and, just for the record, I’m anything BUT homophobic. Stick to your own opinion and don’t call other people stupid because they disagree with you.

  42. I just wanted to post a correction to my comments from yesterday. My choices for the top 3 should be Adam, Lil and Daniel, not Micheal. He is good, but can be “out performed”. I also have a soft spot for Scott, he is very talented and I hope that he goes far in life with his musical skills. I wish him the best, no matter what!! And good luck to all of the Top 10!!

  43. I agree also, it should be Danny, Lil and Adam. I am hoping also for Anoop or Matt, but my best choice is Danny Gokey. There should be that aspect of foreseeing them as a famous performer like the big singers we have. I see that in Danny and Lil. Just my personal opinion.

  44. I still love Danny ~ but I’m also beginning to like Kris. Both Anoop & Matt are getting better too. Allison is amazing for her age ~ I just don’t like her singing style, but she might give Lil a run for her money! I do have to agree with the judges, though, that this will be a guys’ year again. There’s already 5 guys up there that are defimite possibilities!

  45. Yeah Kris is good too. And has a very likeable face. he reminds me of David Archilleta, only more mature. I like him too. Still, Danny tops my list.

  46. Joy, funny you should mention that Kris reminds you of an older David Archuleta! He does me too! Just give DA a couple more years ~ in fact, he’s already vastly improved his stage presence on tour! I’m a huge fan!

  47. me too, he was my favorite in Season 7. I was hoping he would win. But he really doesn’t need the title, his CDs and videos I hear are doing really well. He’s so wholesome and cute and a great singer too.

  48. Joy, you make my heart sing! Yes, David is doing TREMENDOUSLY well! He just finished a SOLD OUT solo tour, and is now headed first to Asia and then to the UK! He has several songs that he personally wrote that didn’t make his CD, but are now leaking out and may end up on the next CD! They’re AMAZING! WHOOHOOO!!!!!!!

  49. Hi Kipper,

    Wow, good for David. he deserves it. Where in Asia is he going? Hope I can catch him here in Asia.

  50. Adam Lambert,
    If i would elimanate anyone it would defenetly %100 would be you. you are good enough to be in the top 36 but not anywhere close to be in the top 13 in fact here’s who should be in top 13 Kris Allen,Allison Iraheta,Lil Rounds,Jasmine Murray,Casey Carlson,Danny Gokey,Mishavonna Henson,Arianna Afsar,Nick Mitchell(Norman Gentle),Stevie Wright,Anoop Desai,Kendall Beard,and Megan Joy Corkery

  51. Sarah- I totally hate Adam Lambert he is wierd anooying singer and actually thought that he was going to get voted off on country week but Michael Jackson week he was amazing

  52. excuse me kipper Allison is an amazing singer she was second on my list to win well after Jasmine Murray but that prediction didn’t go to well but i thought Lil is amazing though

  53. after seeing most of your comments i think i will puke “Ew, I think i threw up some of you guys”

  54. Thanks Kipper, keep me posted if you find out if they will do one in the Philippines.

    By the way, motown week was great. Of course, Danny (even if the judges did not totally give rave reviews) was awesome. I really love his voice amongst all of them. Chris and Matt were great too. I know you hate Adam, but last night I thought he was good. What I like about him is the surprise element. Though I think his voice is more suited to theatre or maybe heavy metal. I loved Anoop’s performance too. Lil is always good. But I think Michael Sarver, Scott and Meghan might be in the bottom 3. Allison has a powerful voice (kinda like our Charisse – whom Oprah and David Foster has been raving about). Danny is so hot! His voice is just so awesome, he could sing me the phonebook and I would still think he’s amazing. His voice quality is really great! Though he needs to up the anti’ (is this how it’s written?) because Chris and Matt and others are shining. My Idol bet to win is really Danny! I really hope he wins. Again folks…my opinion only… hope this does not make Zack “puke”… hahaha.

  55. Zack, I totally agree with you on Adam. He’s an accomplished Broadway singer and that’s really where he belongs! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however, and this is mine. If Adam ends up in the Top 2, I’ll be frantically voting for whoever the other person is. And if he still wins, that will be the last time I watch Idol, plain and simple.

  56. Hi Joy! I really do agree with you on Danny, I really love his voice. I will say this, that Adam was better last night than the week before.
    To answer your question, both David Cook and David Archuleta, I believe, will be appearing in the Phillipines on May 16th ~ but I’ll try to find the exact link for you, if possible.
    I think Michael Sarver will go home tonight, but who knows! Your bottom 3 sound right to me!

  57. Although I really do like all of the final 10 I am still quite impressed with Adam. There is no one else who is such a multi-talented performer as he! Admit it, his creativity and fearlessness at remaking the songs that he picks is amazing!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone on this show throw it out there like he does!

  58. Joy, here’s your link for the Phillipines! Hope you get to see the Davids! šŸ™‚

  59. You’re welcome, Joy! It’s late here in Florida (after midnight) and I need to go to sleep, but wanted to leave you with this link from David’s appearance coming up in Manila. Very sweet.

  60. My guess was Michael last night and I was right. I think he is missing his family just a little bit also. But at least he will get to go on tour with the gang, and he deserves that! Good luck Michael!

  61. Dial Idol said Michael was going home too, and they also said that Megan & Scott were the other 2 in danger. They were right about Scott, but not Megan. Unless Scott and Megan improve next week, they’ll both be in the Bottom 3 on Wednesday! I wonder who the 3rd person will be??? Now it’s getting interesting!

  62. Thanks a lot Kipper! I will watch it tonight when I get home from work. Can you believe Matt was in the botton 3? He had a good performance. Take care. šŸ™‚

  63. No, I cannot! He was actually in the bottom 2!! I read somewhere that he’s not connecting with the audience, for some reason ~ but I think he’s really good!

  64. That’s too sad if Matt would be eliminated because I think he has a unique style, Justin and Michael Buble combined. Kinda unique, and he’s not bad to look at either. And he is really growing in his craft from week to week. How I wish I could vote, but I’m all the way here in Asia! So, America, pls vote for Matt too. He deserves to stay.

  65. This is a crazy Season. Some of the really talented ones are being voted off and the ones who should not be there are staying! Who will be next? Matt? Kris? or even Danny? It’s a crying shame!

  66. Kris was awesome last night. I’m really beginning to be a fan of him because i really see growth in his performance. Danny, of course still with the great voice, though I found him kind of boring last night, PYT was still my favorite Danny performance. Adam of course never ceases to surprise me. I think they will be the top 3 for me. Scott, well, though he did better last night, the voice just isn’t there. And Meghan, i really don’t dig her voice at all, though she is really so pretty to look at. And Matt, very disappointing last night. Anoop, he strikes me more as a future top-rank executive than a singer, though he’s got a voice, he’s just not going to get that much further I think. I like Anoop though, I think he’s cute. He reminds me of Kumar, American Indian actor/commedian. Lil, not finding her nitch either. Though again, a great singer. And the young Allison, she’s not my kind of singer either, but she could replace Pink someday. She has a good powerful voice. Bottom 3 pick for me are Matt, Meghan and probably Anoop.

  67. While this topic can be very difficult for most people, my belief is that there has to be a middle or common ground that we all can find. I do value that you’ve added pertinent and intelligent thoughts here though. Very much thanks to you!

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