American Idol 2009 Top 5: Who Will Be The Best This Week? – Poll

The Rat Pack lives again this week on American Idol 2009 when the season’s Top 5 singers take to the stage and perform hits from legends like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr.

Now that we’re just weeks away from the season finale of Idol the remaining singers won’t have any room for mistakes. The Rat Pack theme will be someone’s downfall. Who do you think it will be? Vote in the poll below for this week’s best.

My wording was overly complicated. I meant to say: vote in the poll for this week’s best, and leave comments on this week’s worst.

Update: Jamie Foxx is supposed to be tonight’s mentor, according to Paula Abdul.




  1. Adam Lambert, once again will leave everyone else in the dust. In danger this week, I would have to say Matt or Kris. I believe the top three will be Adam, Allison, and Danny, although Allison does seem to get put in the bottom fairly frequently, which I do not understand. However, it’s up to the voters. We shall see. I don’t see Adam getting beat as his fan base runs from teens to seniors and everyone inbetween. He can sing any genre, and do it well.

  2. Adam will be the best this week. You can see every week he is the most versatile among the contestants. He has a lot of experinced in theater either in US or Europe.
    As what Randy usually said about Adam
    ” You’ve got the thing dude “

  3. I cannot wait to see what Adam is going to do, his performance will be great, he is the WINNER.

  4. yeah this competition may as well be re-named
    Adam Lambert and those other people…
    because I dont see any question in him losing.
    he is so brilliant, i love him!!!

  5. I think Adam is good of course but I think Danny will be the BEST this week..Go Danny GO!!!!!

  6. The question was who’s downfall will it be! I think it will be Matt to go this week. He was already eliminated by the voters once, it’s going to happen again. Then I can see Kris going. Top 3 will be Adam, Danny and Allison. I think they are going to give each other a run for the title. GO DANNY GO !!!

  7. I would like to see Adam Win as he seems to be able to sing anything that is put in front of him, he can also dance, an all round entertainer.

  8. Let’s hope Allison leaves. It’s about time and it should happened unless the powoer-hungry judges interfere with their influence via excessively pimping Allsion to the masses. It should be Allison or Matt leaving on Wednesday, but I am hearing some scuttle about a possible Danny upset. That could happen too. But really Allison needs to go. Maybe the judges will decide to fairly judge her this week. Adam and Kris should be safe for a while. But, one never knows….

  9. Rat Pack hugh?! You know what, I think Allison is and Matt are going to surprise everyone. First of all, a girl having to sing a Rat Pack song, I think she’s going to knock this one out of the park. Matt has the look going on and the voice to do well with this theme. Though I love Adam, I do believe these two are going to do really well.

  10. I hope Matt Giraud wins, his the best contestant in the season… I wish his safe this week… His better than anyone else and he wants this so badly…Go!Matt! Go!

  11. Since most of the ‘rat pack’ group were guys i’m not sure how well Allison will adapt but I hope see does well. It would be refreshing to hear a different sound come from the llittle rocker.

  12. This week should be very interesting. I can’t wait to see what Adam comes up with this week. He can change things up as much as he wants and still be true to himself. He will be the best tonight. I mean why should tonight be any different? Danny should do well and I hope the rest of them do good also. I like them all and wish them well but I absolutely LOVE ADAM. He is already an American Idol and will soon be the worlds next great superstar.

  13. I am soooo SICK of Adam, I think it should be Danny or Allison for the top two, but I know everyone just loves Adam. YUCK! I think he is over rated. Didn’t he already have a record deal that didn’t amount to anything????

  14. I’ll be watching Adam. He should be GREAT as usual. Can’t wait to see what he does.

    Go Adam!

  15. Why should this week be any different. Adam shines over everybody else. That does not mean that the others aren’t wonderful. By now, they are all great and it’s just the final count down. These 5 are STARS. I wonder who will sing My Way.

  16. adam will be great tonite, same as always. mat will be going this week or allison although i believe that she is actually the second best singer and entertainer. adam will take the title.

  17. Gay or Guy whatever!!Adam has all the potentials..I felt bad ANOOP was gone,this is his night supposed to be.

  18. For me, i dont consider sexuality an issue. Even if adam is openly gay, i will still consider him as the next american idol as he has the talent and the best in this batch as well.

    go adam lambert, i hope you will outshine the others again tonight in your performance.

  19. Adam will unfortunately be the best, however, Im going with allison. She IS the second best in this competition and deserves to be in the finale. She is defenitely an underdog this week, but i am sure she will choose the right song and vocals that fit her and she will suprise us!! VOTE ALLISON!

  20. At this point song choice isn’t an issue.No matter how good or bad each contestant performs they will still have there die hard fans that will vote for them.People don’t really care what the judges have to say,I know I don’t.Paula and Kara lie to them all the time so they don’t feel bad.I have my favs and will vote for them no matter what and so will you:)

  21. shelley: its unfair to read comments saying yuckk against adam lambert. I love this guy and i go for him to be the next american idol but to read nasty comments saying adam is yuck, thats below the belt.
    Well, let me say Danny is yuckkyyyy also!!!!

    go adam, you are the best.

  22. Even though I think that Adam will win the competition as he has been flawless week after week, I also believe that Matt and Kris are very talented artists. Unfortunately I think that Allison will struggle this week as she did last week. Danny hopefully will step up his game as he is getting very boring. It should be a very interesting evening!!!

  23. Wow, this is the hard thing to say especially since all of the remaining top 5 idols are so good, talented, amazing and super marvellous and all of them are my faves. I have to say maybe my fave of all the bunch,Matt will be leaving this week even though it’s hard to say his name cause he’s my fave fave idol ever and he’s that good and very talented with the singing, playing the piano and the vibe + style. But, if he’s got to go, then it’s his fate and turn to go home but, i really hope that he will got the chance to stay onto the next round but i don’t think it will happen especially since you guys think that he don’t deserve to stay and be in the competition that very long + also deserved to be saved from the judges saved! But neverless, what happen to his fate lies with you american people and since i can’t vote cause i’m living in Singapore, i’m asking you guys a favour especially Matt G fans to vote him much much and as many as you can and make him stay into the competition as long as possible! So vote for him!

  24. ADAM is by far the MOST phenomenal, the MOST talented of ALL the idol contestants this season. He is versatile, with perfect stage presence. His voice is beyond amazing–he can sing any genre, it doesn’t matter! He ups his game every week! I absolutely LOVE Adam–HE is the next American Idol! He is already a megastar with millions of fans who love and adore him. Adam Lambert will win American Idol 8 hands down! WTG Adam!! You rock and rule baby!

  25. Shelly…I SOOO agree W/ you. I’m getting tired of Adam, too. He’s very talented, but he’s a Broadway star, or a Vegas act…not a pop star, like American Idols are. He’ll make a great living, but I think Danny or Kris would be better American Idols.

  26. I think Matt was the only one that truly got the meaning of the Rat Pack. Adam was not so good in my opinion, he should had held back the screaming on this one and kept his tongue in his mouth, that annoys me. Allison was ok, Kris was awful, Danny was good at the end of the song, the beginning was so boring I could barely stand to listen to it. At least Simon finally saw Matt’s talent and acknowledged it. I would love to see Matt in the top 3, but for some reason people seem to love Danny and Kris not sure why, they sound the same week after week.

  27. I believe that Adam, Allison and Danny will be in the finals!! I do think Kris is cute but I don’t think he will be in the finals. I really don’t think that Matt will be in the finals. I love Allison and think that for 17 years old she has a great voice!! I believe the next one to be voted off is Matt. Why people don’t like Allison or Danny or Adam is beyond my imagination! People vote for ALLISON, ADAM OR DANNY!! oh and btw, Danny is not BORINGGG!!

  28. i agree with you ali danny is pretty good and will go to final danny is my fave too but i thing adam lambert will get the most votes from people you know and i don.t like adam lambert so much .

  29. of course there is no question about who’s gonna win or who was the best last night, isn’t the question. adam, adam, adam!! but who’s going to be second is the real question?? i think all the rest have put up a good fight. who knows? america’s vote!!

  30. Shelly you are so on about Adam…….He’s a has been…always screaming instead of singing.
    Very very THEATRICAL as both Randy and Simon said last night………..Danny or Kris…….

  31. adan is a great singer and a performer as well. he’s deserving of the title for his talent is exceptional.

  32. If Danny wins, he will just release one record. His voters will not support him all the way, like what happened to Taylor Hicks.

    If Kris wins, same thing. He is so conventional. I have to admit he is the nicest guy (even nicer than Adam). But being that is not a guarantee. He will only sell like 2 million records and end of his career. He has a Katherine Mc Phee/Taylor Hicks/Reuben Studdard card.

    If Allison wins, it is unpredictable. I am not a fan, but I like her as a person. Cute and pleasing. But those qualities are not enough. She has the Diana diGarmo/Jasmine Trias card.

    As a Marketing practitioner, the person below has the dazzling marketability and the FASHION/SINGING PLATE OF THE GROUP!

    NOW, WHAT IF ADAM DOES NOT WIN. He will still sell more records than his three other competitors/friends because he is MARKETABLE, CHARMING, and CONFIDENT. I will count it as a big blessing if he still ends in BROADWAY. At least, he is still a STAR. I will buy his records forever. His fans are overwhelming that they will do anything to keep the FLAMEBERT burning!

    I know this is partial, but ADAM has the ELVIS/KURT RUSSELL/ADONIS Card.



  33. Adam, from all us us in South Africa. Go sexy, we love you. Amazing voice. Love your biggest fan, Cindy

  34. I truly hope that Danny is the next American Idol. I have really enjoyed the emotion that he puts into his preformances. I know that odds are that Adam will the next American Idol, but, I can’t get over his screaming every week! Geez we get it you can hit the high notes, trying something different! Just my thoughts

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