American Idol 2009 Top 5 – The Week Ahead

Last week’s American Idol double elimination was surprisingly a little lackluster considering there wasn’t much of a surprise to see Lil and Anoop sent shuffling off-stage. Now that we’re down to just the American Idol 2009 Top 5 I think the anticipation is starting to build though many fans are supporting a domination by Adam Lambert.

The Idol theme this week is going to be Rat Pack, as in the Sixties group of singers which included Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford. Now that’s an interesting topic for song selections and could really provide for some hit or miss performances. I’m hoping for more hits than the latter, but we’ll know once Tuesday night’s performance show is over.

On Wednesday night’s Idol results show we’ll learn who is eliminated and who remains to make up the season’s Top 4. Former Idol winner Taylor Hicks will be returning to perform his single “Seven Mile Breakdown.” I’m not much of a Hicks’ fan, but maybe he’ll offer up more than I’m expecting.

It’s time for more predictions for who is going to have a great week and who will be sent packing. Let’s hear your thoughts and comments now!




  1. I suppose Adam will pull another solid performance out of the bag………but expecting Danny to blow the judges and audience away with this weeks song choice….let’s go Danny your my favourite to be Idol 2009 so it’s time to catch up Adam with this weeks performance……..I know you can do so let’s go Danny.

  2. How tired could these music “categories” possibly get? Disco??? Rat Pack??? Please. The judges harp on the singers to be current, to be creative, and then give them crap options for categories. There is so much great music out there – hell Kara’s written a lot of it. There’s just no excuse for these tired old challenges.

  3. I think all the contestants will have a good week, except I am worried about Alison…any thoughts on what or who she may sing?? I hope she does well since I am rooting for her, although I also think Adam is going to win by a landslide..he is so talented and so different. I love to watch him

  4. Also, in response to Erin, I could not agree with you lame was that disco night results show? Let the contestans sing things more current..why do we have such old mentors for these kids..let them all be more current and then we will see the cream rise to the top…

  5. I guess this week it will be a Matt or Allison elimination. It would be heartbreaking to see Allison go bcos I love her voice and style, but I guess America is not voting for her for some reason, even when Simon thinks she’s brilliant!! Adam Lambert is in a class of his own and will be the next American Idol.

  6. adam will once again show everyone how to make a song his own while singing beyond the capabilities of the rest of the contestants. will adam win the title for the year? of course !!!

  7. I still think that if Matt puts together the right song and the right arrangement, the public will respond. If not, I hope that Allison does well.

  8. I would like to see Matt go, however, the theme being the Rat Pack, he should be in his comfort zone. I have concerns about Allison tho, and that would be so unfair.

  9. Not looking foward to next week rat pack? the judges are always saying the contestants are singing song to old for them and then they hand them this. And Taylor Hicks 🙁

  10. It’s got to be Matt to go this week. In my o[nion he is not as good as the rest of them.
    Go Kris…

  11. I’m for Allison all the way but she has to pick the right song for her soulful voice or it could be disastrous. Frank Sinatra would be good, he has a lot of good ones. Kris is another favorite. He gets better and better every week. Adam is wearing thin. Loves to screech those high notes. Good Broadway singer.


  13. I am not from leaving from america but i love watching american idol coz i like singing.i would say adam is great and he deserve to win in this competition.

  14. Oh Danny … We have loved him from his first audition. We so badly want him to win. We love his voice. Adam is good, but would like to see him take second place. Go Danny. From all your fans in South Africa.

  15. The Rat Pack! Wow, I mean like Frank Sinatra is my favorite old time singers. I hope one of them chooses his song and I hope it will be Adam. Go!Go! Adam, you can do it, and hope that you are there till the end.

  16. Go Allison ……. you go gal, we will support you till u win. Either Adam or Allison… but I think Kris has a lovely voice too plus he is cute. No wonder Paula is crazy about this young dude….lol

  17. No one wants Allison to go!!! And she shouldn’t!
    I have faith she’ll pick the right song for her voice and style. Shes been smart with her song choices thus far but she needs more supporters.
    Keep Allison in another week or 3….
    VOTE ALLISON – The last girl standing!

  18. OMG, Taylor Hicks!?!
    I still don’t understand how he won! I suppose if he can win American Idol, then it’s anyone’s game.
    My vote is for Danny hands down! Adam’s screaming and dramatics are killing me! Alyson shouts too much and is becoming boring. Matt has to go and spend some time finding himself as a singer. Kris can stay a bit longer (he’s so adorable).
    GO DANNY GO! You are the best by a dozen miles!

  19. I like Allison, too; and I think the reason she doesn’t get votes is because of her appearance and stage presence. Something is missing there, she doesn’t WOW the audience with her appearance; but I love her voice and will continue to vote ALLISON!

  20. Happy Birthday Allison! You and Adam are anything but boring. You are both outstanding and in a class of your own…you know…the finale class? Danny sings better with his glasses on but looks better with them off. Kris is adorably married and Matt has lost some confidence on his journey but has a fab voice!
    America…Vote Allison!!!!The last Idolgirl standing!!!!!!

  21. I love Allison, Danny, and Adam. But Allison is my favorite. How many 16 almost 17 year girls or boys can sing like that? She’s awesome I will stop watching the show if allison gets kicked off, well maybe not than Danny wouldd be my favorite. Vote Smart, Bote Allison!!!!

  22. Well I am definitly not excited about Taylor Hicks…..he definitly didnt deserve to be an American Idol….but I AM excited for Adam, just like every week! You know he will do something totally different and unexpected, it will be awesome!

  23. Adam is a very safe bet for the finale… and he should be fighting it out to the end with Allison. But if Americans get it wrong and she leaves… well I guess I have to go with Adam – BUT I DONT WANT TO COZ ALLISON Is AMAZING!!!!
    Please America…Please vote for Allison!
    Hope America gets it right this week and doesnt spoil your birthday.

  24. This is where being creative comes in and they change the song to update it with the time. Yeah..I agree the category stinks. Will someone sing Candy Man?? I truley feel it’s gonna be one of the toughest weeks, but this is where we really see who can make the song of their choice their own. No matter what..America votes and it really doesn’t matter what kind of reviews they get. Someone will be leaving no matter what. The one who will have the most problem will be Allison, but hey she may find that perfect song. I personally am not familiar with the songs available through the Rat Pack. Before my time too and I am 47 yrs old, but this is what makes American so addicting. Mystery of what will come next. Go Adam !!!!

  25. I hope Adam Lambert will sing ‘my way’ by frank sinatra. this is an old song which my late dad used to sing before…. time for adam to sing the blues lol.

    i love adam lambert to be the next american idol. go go go adam lambert, you are great!!!!

  26. Please vote for adam lambert …. i hope he will be the next american idol and he deserve to win this.

  27. Does it really matter who is next to go? Unless a mircle happens and Danny knocks a couple of performances out of the ball park Adam will come out the winner. Adam is in a league all of his own….but I would love to see Danny win it all!!!

  28. Geez, I can’t believe no one likes Matt, I think he is awesome and sweet. Kris drives me insane with his crooked mouth and honestly think he and Danny are the most boring on the show this year. Top 3 should be Adam, Matt and Allison. Bye Bye Danny he is gone this week too boring and sounds the same week after week after week! YAWN!!!!!!

  29. Goodbye Allison, although I think you are amazing. She’s going home this week. I’m hoping Danny wins it all!

  30. Taylor Hicks probably would not have made it into the top 10 of this group of American Idol’s – They are the best! I still think Adam is in a class above the othes, though, and he will be the next American Idol by a landslide.

  31. Totally agreed with Claudia! It does not matter who’s going home next week or any other upcoming weeks cause all of the top 5 are already winners and they can prove to us that they can stay that very long in the competition with their stage personality, talent, passion and their signature dance moves especially Matt G! You guys should right now, go and listen or buy Matt G 2 albums, “Prospective” and “Mind Body And Soul” cause the albums are so so good and fantastic that both albums already sold out on amazon! If he’s that so talented and his 2 albums already sold out, what more can he asked for you guys but to support and cheer him all the way!

  32. Happy B Day Allsion! You are already a woman cause of your strong feminine and girl power and stage persona You’ll be the next Kelly Clarkson and maybe win this whole competiton! The people has not seen how talentd and fantastic you are and you will show how good you are later in the competition!

  33. Doesn’t really matter what Adam sings – it will be beautiful and perfect. He IS the next American Idol.

  34. In my opinion Adam is the BEST A.I. ever had on the show in all the years it was on..

  35. Kris will shine again with Rat Pack night! He should easily dominate the night. I’m sure that Adam’s selection will be interesting and well-performed also. Allison the screamer may find herself going home this week–can’t imagine what she will do with this theme.

  36. If Matt G has two albums out already, how is “undiscovered talent”? People complain that Adam has theatrical experience, but that has nothing to do with a singing contract..If Matt is so good that he has a record label already promoting him, why is he even on AI????

  37. I just wanted to comment on Taylor Kicks, since he is performing Wednesday night…..I was not a viewer of AI at the time. HOW DID THAT GUY WIN AMERICAN IDOL? It is especially interesting, when compared to the other awesome talents that have come from the show. Ruben is not that good either, but I am not sure if he won or was runner up. At least I would be happy with any of the Top 5 winning this year. Adam doesn’t need to “win” to be a huge success later on. He will be a huge star no matter what. Not so sure about the rest, but I like them all.

  38. I think Matt first then Kris should be the next to go. The top three hopefully will be Danny, Adam and Allison. These three have the best vocals and should go onto record deals. Danny is my pick to win. Then in order Adam and Allison.

  39. Good bye Allison…she should be the one to go…she may sing okay, but trys too hard on the look….get rid of that hair dye girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Taylor Hicks won because people thought Chris Daughtry, the easy front runner, had it made and did not bother to vote for him.He went off in 4th place. Pay attention Adam Lambert fans!! Vote for your man !! I actually believe that if Adam does not win, AI will lose whatever credibility it has as a ” singing competition “

  41. Forgot to say…Adam will most probably not sing “My Way…it is to obvious and that choice is too filled with innuendo as is “I Gotta Be Me” just don’t go there… How about ” Y ou Know How I Feel (S. Davis recorded ) Or I’m A Fool To Want You ( maybe too much like If I Can’t Have You in meaning ?) GO Adam ! He will be Great !!!Whatever he sings This young man is GOOD!!!

  42. Danny is my favorite. Allison will go home after tommorrow. Kris & MAtt will be strong with Rat Pack songs. Adam will do fine. They are all great compared to the top 5 in previous seasons. Go Danny!

  43. Kris is my favorite with Danny a close second. I love their voices, and I’ve downloaded most of their songs.
    Good luck to this top 5. They’re all amazingly gifted and hardworking singers.

  44. Well, how can anyone think that Adam will not be the winner. He is such a showman, and he is the one that I look forward to everyweek.

    He is amazing and grabs control of your attention from the beginning. Danny is also a good performer, but come on, he is no American Idol.

  45. Have you all noticed how flat and BORING past idol contestants are compared to this group? How will AI ever match this year?

  46. I feel this group of young adults are shining above any other groups in yrs past. I hope that Kris or Danny win…I like Adam, but not real crazy about his performances….to fake to me…I think he is to stuck on himself!!!

  47. Janet,I couldn’t have said it any better. You took the exact same words out of my mouth. Matt has soul and a great performer. When the idols did the performance last week that Paula choregraphed, Matt didn’t miss a beat. His moves came naturally. HOTTIE! Anoop was watching everyone else to keep up, Kris was way off beat looked ridiculous, Gokey was just dokey, Allison and Lil were just ok and Adam’s legs were so long I couldn’t see the rest of his body?? Matt should do great this week, as always! Matt G FTW !!!!!!!

  48. I think Matt will be going home this week, unless there is really and upset.

    Love,love,love, Taylor Hicks. Voted all the way for him to win. Looking forward to seeing him again.

    Of course, Adam is the one I am casting all my votes for and If America is fair, he should be the next AI. Gooooooooo Adam!

  49. I hope Matt will pull some strings to make a good bluezy performance.
    I do have concerns for two people Allison and Kris in the sections in the conpetition when ther asked to sing a oldies performance these two have sung ther songs perfect but there song chice was horrible regards to Allisons Hot Stuff!

    Of Course Taylor Hicks will perform!

    But i also want Fantasia to perform (SEason 3 winner)and Jordin Sparks!!!!!

  50. I hate to speculate what he will sing but definitely, I am looking forward to it. PEOPLE FROM AMERICA WHO LOVE ADAM, please don’t stop voting. I wish I could but it is not available here in my country. ADAM RULES FOREVER!

  51. Happy Birthday Allison!!!!

    Do it America – Vote 4 Allison! Shes the last idol girl standing and the best! She rocks every week and I look forward to her Rat Pack song. Shell do well.
    So come on people in America- Vote Allison!!!
    Adamantic is great too!

  52. Adam Lambert is phenomenal!!! He makes AI interesting. I’m looking forward every week to see him perform. He’s got ‘Star quality’….the X factor…the charisma..the looks…and a commanding presence whenever he’s performing on stage with all that ENERGY…He will be this year’s American Idol… can’t wait to buy his cd.

  53. I have been a fan of allison since the beginning of the show and i continue and will continue to vote for her, however, she does need to be very careful with her song choice. I do have faith in her that she will pick the right song that fits her vocals and style. GO ALLISON!! where are all her votes?? Allison and Adam should be in the finale, they are the only two left with the whole package!! vote allison!

  54. It has to be Adam and Allison at the finale. As it has been said before, the rest are good but not good enough. Allison has a unique and great voice. GO ALLISON. AMERICA, vote for talent. Vote for Allison. Adam is an excellent entertainer he is good too. Good luck guys

  55. Do you think its fair for Adam to be let into the American Idol where he has had so much experience and professional guidence. I don’t even think there is a compatition. You know Adam is going to win. He is already a professional performer.

  56. No, he’s a experienced performer who’s never had the break he needed to make it in the business. He needs and deserves this chance every bit as someone else, maybe more since he’s worked his butt off for a career in this industry for so long.

  57. I totally agree with Erin..Adam has spent his entire life working towards this career…he took whatever he could to further himself…he deserves to win…experience on stage in a theatrical production is nothing compared to a live concert..he will excel..he is untouchable…

  58. Why do so many people think that Adam is this big pro.Yes he has done some theater and plays but none of it professionally.If you paid attention to the earlier rounds all he talked about was how hard it has been to get a break in this business.The guy has paid his dues and now it’s his time to shine.

  59. Did anyone see the new tv guide where they interview Simon and he predicts the last two standing to be Adam and Danny, with Danny winning..what is up with that? While I like Danny, he is no American Idol, except for his sob story…he sings like most of the young people in NE PA sing…nice, but nothing special…how can Simon, in his right mind, say that Danny will win? He alone hardly ever gives Danny good comments….I guess he figures women vote for Danny for his looks and his lost wife, but come on people, this is a singing competition, not a “who do we feel more sorry for”
    Adam all the way!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Wow Kathy that was a bit harsh about Danny, I think he is excellent and has just as good of a chance as Adam to win this. It is very sad that Danny’s wife passed away but he has made this far on talent not pity! Danny is an excellent singer and I for one would love too see him take it all! Everyone up there now is going to get some kind of deal because they all rock!!!

  61. danny will win this shit !!! he is just awesome and great singer but its not beco the death of his wife just he is great singer thats why people vote for him !

  62. Here’s what i thought on the top 5 idols performances and i’m going to start first with the 2 idols whom deserved to be saved from the results and move on to top4.

    Danny: Though i got to say that this performance was not the best performance like Danny’s other brilliant performances, i got to say this that it is still the solid performance from Danny. But with the lots of screaming + + with the big band towards the end of the song, i have to admint that it’s annoying and i can’t wait for this song to end/finish! I recorded the video performance onto my phone and while listening back carrefully, it sounded too too loud that i had to delete it.

    Though this performance was not my cup of tea, but i still have 6 Danny Gokey video live performances recorded onto my phone and those performances like “Hero, Stand By Me, September(My fave of all) and Endless Love” are the the best amazing marvellous performances from Danny Gokey. He has a lot of passion and gift that he can sing this difficult song and with the screaming and shouting, it totally blew me away instanty and he can sing very very excellent well.

    He’s got the sexiest voice ever and no matter what song will he can in upcoming weeks, i think he can pull ithat well and sing better and better any other idiol expectation. Paula Abdul and fall in love with his voice and you guys do the same also. Very happy and proud of him that he’s in top 4 and hope that you guys will vote for him as many times and lots of it. Hop that he may able to come to singapore next year and promote his upcoming debut album which i can’t wait to listen and buy!

    Allison: Oh wow wow wow! Very very very amazed and very very speechless at the performance especially at how Allison sang her way of style and it’s so so classic and so so unique. Though she sang for her family as she’s too young to have a boyfriend and for love, but i think some guys already has fallen in love wiht her and with the song cause there’s no absolutely way that no one can’t feel the song and feel nothing but got to feel it at least something.

    She sang it so so soulful, so smooth and absolutely beautiful that i may have fallen in love with her beautiful voice + the song + her stage personality. Gosh, how does she sang songs like this top 5 performance and also “Hot Stuff” and sang it so so beautiful and simply amazing. Allison is trully a genius talented smart fabalous marvellous singer whom i trully enjoyed every of her live performances that almost some of them, i recorded on my phone.

    can’t wait/looking forward for what she’s going to perform next week top 4, top 3 and maybe the finals and that will happen hopefully if you guys vote her as many and as much as possible and lots of it for another 3 more weeks left and listen carefully to the biggest fan of Allison, it’s very wasted if she did not make into the finals and we should appeciate all her precious and aspiring dreams.

    So sad of her that she got to be the unfortunely victim of Danny Gokey at the Kitchen and she was so so messy and the cake was all over her. But i think, she was having a lot of fun and enjoyed it so much and of course, “Happy Birthday To The Most Beautiful, Intelligent Allison” Hope that you can come to Singapore next year for the promotinal of your upcoming album which i can’t wait to but and the album to release.

    Throughout these 2 idols, they should be in the finals.

    So dissapointed that Matt G is out! But i know the fact that he will continue on with his music journey cause there are 14 million fans out there who are looking out on what’s Matt G going to to next and i’m very patient to see what’s he going to do next on his upcoming project!

  63. I hear that it is Elvis week, Adam should do Awsome,can’t wait to see it…. Go Adam…

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