American Idol 2009 Top 7 Becomes Top 5 – Official List

Last night on American Idol 2009 Anoop Desai and Lil Rounds were eliminated after receiving the fewest viewer votes. Allison was a surprise for me to be in the bottom 3 considering Matt Giraud escaped that circle despite being technically eliminated the week before but remaining due to the Judges’ Save.

Here is your official list of the season’s Top 5 performers. Which remaining American Idol do you think will win it all?

American Idol 2009 Top 5:

  • Danny Gokey
  • Kris Allen
  • Allison Iraheta
  • Adam Lambert
  • Matt Giraud

One of these 5 singers is your next American Idol! Who do you think it will be? Sound off in the comments below.




  1. I think America got it right this week. I love Danny. Allison and Adam are really good too. Kris is a quiet sleeper who keeps showing originality week after week. Each week he surprises the judges with risks in his song choices and nailing them. In my opinion, Kris has a very good chance of being in the top two.

  2. My vote is still for Matt. I agree with you Katie, Kris is steadily coming up those charts though. We’ll see what happens.

  3. I hope Adam and Allison will be the 2 finalist .:=) maybe Adam will be the next American Idol 2009:):)who knows?? only God knows::))

  4. hi!!!!!….
    Adam will win this ….no doubt of it!!!!…
    he is alway great on his performances!!!…and i think he is a really handsome man….XPPPPPPPP

  5. I think Adam will definitely win this competition. In my opinion, he is the most talented, versatile singer in all the years of Idol. If he doesn’t take the win, hands down, this will probably be my last year of watching Idol! Adam is great!!!

  6. Sorry to see Lil leave. She just didn’t take it to the next level. I think the top 2 are going to be Adam and Allison. They are all great.

  7. I think Idol this season is going just the way it should be – Allison should not have been in the bottom 3 – Kris was fabulous this week – when it gets down to the final 3 – it’s going to be really tough to call. They have an amazing load of talent this season. Danny Allison and Adam all deserve to win.

  8. all the contestants left are star material. they are all great but Adam stands Out.He has beeb number one from the start in my opinion.
    He is already an American Idol.

  9. ohh man i got so scared when i found out that allison was in the bottom 3! Definetly am happy it was anoop not her. Anoop is a great singer but not made for the top 5!

  10. I hope the last 2 standing are Danny and Kris. Their “real”. They would be great against each other in a sing off.
    Adam should be doing shows in Vegas like say in Elvis’s Wedding Chapel. He’s way too over the top and the squeeling ahh! what is that!. Allison well she’s great! she’s young and is going to make it big on her own and Matt, well he’s lucky he survived this long.

  11. Matt Giraund got talent, i want to see him in the final or at least the Top 3 with Adam and Chris . Here is my prediction for the result . Winner : Adam Lambert , Second place : Matt Giraund , 3rd Place : Chrs Top4 is the fight of Allison and Danny _ Go Matt Go!!!!

  12. Adam is stupendous! He has to win if there is any justice!Kris, Danny and Allison are all pretty good but they are not in the same league. I don’t understand the detractors who say Adam shrieks or screams. If so, it’s the most melodious scream I have ever heard.

  13. Adam you are fantastic, a real natural, can,t wait to see you in the final, i think it will be a show not to miss. i love the american idols,


  15. I think Adam will win hands down, with Allison as runner up. Its amazing to see how far these kids have come and how far they will go…
    always watchingg gloria

  16. I think Adam and Allison are going to be the final two and as for Matt he is the next to leave then followed by Kris then Danny wish they could all make it but ey its only meant for one person

  17. Adam will win. I know that. He’s the only one who Simon hasn’t given a bad feedback to. HE WILL WIN.
    Or either Allyson or Kris. They’re awesome. 😀

  18. I am from the UK and if we were allowed to vote, Aam would have thousands more votes, he has got to win!!!

  19. This is the first time I have watched American Idol – I live in the UK -Adam is absolutely overwhelming – I cant wait to see just what he will perform every week – his voice is amazing and he has the most fantastic stage presence – He puts so much energy into each performance and he thoroughly deserves to win. This is what an idol should be.

    Cant wait to hear his first album.

    Good luck to you Adam


  20. Top three for me is Kris, Alison and Adam. Although I am not a Adam fan I realise he will be in the top three. So next to go Matt then Danny. My VOTES….. go to KRIS. If the top two is Alison and Adam then I will vote for Alison. I think she is great.

  21. Adam G should be # 1 but Alison is pushing a good second. Danny is running 3rd. I would not want to be a judge because ALL of the top 5 are super good.

  22. Matt should go next week. He’s okay and probably would have made it farther in previous seasons, but Adam, Allison, Danny, and Kris are better.

    I think Adam should win, Allison should be second, followed by Kris and then Danny. Danny is great but he seems to be getting just a little worse since his fantastic Hero. Kris is getting better, so I think he will eventually get ahead of Danny.

  23. if i have to predict who will be this year’s winner..
    next to be eliminated is Danny Gokey
    then matt giraud
    then allison iraheta..
    then i dunno who beteen Kris allen & Adam lambert.. i like them all actually (i love kris the most), but possibly adam will win. this is just a prediction..

  24. im actualy not an adam fan
    way over done
    plus the hair??????
    i think top 3 will be danny alison and adam
    not sure from there on

  25. Anoop’s gone.
    I thought that I was ready for the news, but I wasn’t. I’m really disappointed and sad.
    Oh well, that’s AI.

    Good luck for the rest. Well, watching AI will not be the same without Anoop. Sigh.:(

    Okay, I’m going to dim my lights now. I’ll miss Anoop.

  26. I think the top 2 will deff be Adam and Allison! Ive been big fans ever since the beginning… especially for Allison! She’s my fav!!!! I would deffinately, without a doubt, buy her album if she came out with one because i know it will be great!! Same with Adam! They are both very unique and I HOPE THEY MAKE IT TO THE TOP!!! ILL be watching! 😀

    good luck guys!!

  27. i love adam and without any question or what so ever he will be the next american idol.
    i love danny as well, he got very good voice but base on popularity i think adam can be a winner.
    kris…very talented guy if he can’t go to the final two i think he can make it in this industry.
    for me who got in top 13 they’re already good singer but the reality is base on how popularity are you…

  28. I hope Danny wins it but I really think Adam is this year’s winner. I do believe it will come down between those two. Both are equally talented but Adam is edgier and will get the “teen girl” vote more than Danny.

  29. As the judges have said repeatedly, you not only can sing BUT most important YOU must be an artist. that is a Stage Performer. Then I go for DANNY

  30. All I have to say is Go MATT!!!!!
    I hope Kris and Danny go home, they are both so boring I can barely stand to watch them1
    Top 3 Adam, Matt and Allison!!!!!!
    Can’t wait until next week!

  31. It’s Danny all the way. Adam is just way over the top; he’s an Elvis want to be and his whiny sounds are driving me crazy. Allison is good, but boring at times and OMG why does she yell so much? Kris is very good and i would definitely buy his music, but he doesn’t have that winner quality (savoir faire); Matt should be the next to go. GO DANNY GO!

  32. it has to be ADAM, and next to him is Allison, The third finalist should be Kris. Matt and Danny will be out in the next two weeks.

  33. Could it actually be that Matt is a dark horse?
    He seemed awfully cute in the dancing routines, don’t u all think?

  34. The top two should be Kris and Adam. Danny can sing, but Kris has more to offer. Kris is more original…can dance great….plays guitar and piano….has shown more artistry than Danny with changing the songs. I really like Matt too and feel he has major talent, but for whatever reason, just doesn’t have the fan base that Kris, Adam and Danny have. Allison has a great voice, but all of her songs sound alike and there is only “so much” of that raspy voice I can handle. Doesn’t socially handle herself very well.

  35. Why does everyone put Allison in the top 2 or 3 over Kris. Obviously, America loves Kris. She’s been in the bottom 3 several times and Kris has NEVER been in the bottom 3. GO KRIS!!!

  36. Kris will win because he appeals to all age groups. His performance gets stronger every week.

  37. Top 3 should be in this order: Adam, Allison, Danny. I am a professional vocal coach and I base this on vocal ability. Matt and Kris have had some pitch issues and their voices have had weak spots. Adam and Allison both have great stage presence with consistant vocal strength.

  38. I agree, the top two are KRIS and ADAM, they are the originals, the problem with kris is his lack of personality and I think he must make wiser song choices, most of the time he sings bubblegum music. Matt is always trying too hard, it seems he is always in pain. Allison sounds like she is forcing her voice and has no charisma and Gokey is the worst,as boring and predictable as Anoop.

  39. Adam, all the way!!!
    Nobody else even comes close. Allison and Danny are good also, but Adam leaves everyone in the dust week after week. His fans are all genders and all ages. Trust me this boy is going to be a major star.

  40. Suggestion for the network. Boost your ratings, pick up the top 7 and give them a weekly show. I will miss everyone of them terribly when this is over.

    Adam has run away with it I think. I can’t pick the #2. I love Danny, but then again, I love all of them.

  41. I think Adam should win. His voice is so pure. Some may not always like his different styles but he’s got it going on. And yes, he does appeal to all ages. Danny is good but getting predictable. I like Allison but I think I have a soft spot for the rockers. Hope Matt goes next week. Kris is getting pretty good. But Adam really deserves the title. I would love to see/hear a full night of him!

  42. I think it’s Adam Lambert who’ll be the next American Idol . His voice is unique, I mean not unlike other winners of A.I. But, my bet is danny Gokey. I just love the whole package of him.

  43. ADAM has to win, there is just nooooooooo way he can’t!! He’s got so much more than the whole package!!

  44. Allison should go home next week. Matt is so talented, but I agree with an earlier comment that he seems to try too hard. I hope he stays another week…..but we’ve all known for a while who the top 3 will be….Adam, Kris and Danny.

  45. Adam for Idol!! Infact, if there was to be a world idol now, Adam would win HANDS DOWN!!! GO ADAM!

  46. I stick to my original vote: Adam Lambert. Chris is very commercial and current (he should be in the New Berverly Hills series), and Danny seems to have gotten the hearts of many women melted with his puppy eyes, smoky voice and sad story (losing his beloved wife). Matt, yep, he’s got talent alright! He’s not been very consistent with his progress though. So, yeah, Adam it is! He deserves it. He’s unique, consistent and has remained down to earth all the way through. Hope he stays modest, unlike Danny who did get to show a few snob vibes.

  47. Ow, and, let’s not forget Alison! I hope she gets to be in the top three! I like her a lot, but the men seem to have all the attention these days. 😀

  48. Mona, for Allison to make the top 3…that would mean either Kris or Danny would go home. Don’t think that will happen.

  49. Don’t know how the rest of you feel…Yes, Danny has major talent, but he seems to be arrogant and that is a real “turn off”. I think he’s working hard to appear more humble, but it doesn’t come across as genuine. Geez, Adam is soooooo talented, but is not snotty about it… Adam, Kris and Matt seem like really sweet guys!

  50. Yes, Jan, I’m fully aware of that, which is why I said ‘I hope’. It’s just a hope in contrast to what would most likely happen, especially given the fact, the remaining guys, except for Danny, are just genuinely sweet. But then again, who knows? Something unexpected might just turn out! 😀

  51. You know something that I LOVE about this year. It seems like all of them have such a close friendship! I love seeing them support and help one another.


  53. When Paula said Adam is in the same league as Steve Tyler and who’s the other guy… sorry… I think he must have missed out FREDIE MERCURY… Adam is the FREDIE MERCURY OF AMERICAN IDOL!

  54. I from other country of the world but I loved to watch american Idol.If I could only vote.I prefer to win ADAM coz he is great singer,very confident and naturally high PITCH….

  55. Adam is streets ahead of the rest in terms of star quality, a unique style, fantastic voice – I am always blown away by his performance. I will be buying his album – just cant wait for it! Allison is really good too

    1. ADAM
    2. ALLISON
    3. KRIS
    4. DANNY
    5. MATT

    Kris has a lot more originality then Danny and i assume is a lot more HUMBLE???

  57. Actually Kris has more originality than Adam, Adam’s Mad World, which by the way, was my absolute favorite performance of the season, was not his arrangement…it was done before by Gary Jules (I think that was his name). Even his Ring of Fire song was copied from someone else’s arrangement. Kris is actually changing his songs himself. Adam does show his artistry through other ave’s. The way he sat on the stool with the spotlight on him during the Mad World performance was outstanding.

  58. Let me add to my last posting. I know sitting on a stool with a spotlight doesn’t sound THAT outstanding…but combined with soft lighting and the camera angles…well anyone that saw it knows what I’m talking about.

  59. my four year old begs to watch mad world, over and over again, so gotta agree…was the best, but hey jj, even if it was copied from someone else, he blew the original out of the water vocally, were Kris can only dream of that….

  60. I am really enjoying the America Idols, All of the Top 5 are incredibly talented, but Adam is TOPS!!!! If he doesn’t win, then I give up.
    My predictions for the top 2 are Adam and Allison. Go Adam, South Africa supports YOU!!!!

  61. I think Adam Lambert will win the American Idol because he has the most experinced , unique and brilliant voice compared to the other singers . In this type business experinced counts eg. he has a lot of experinced in life theater , which takes a lot of time and patient. As Randy always said ” Adam you are the man dude “.

  62. Adam should definately be the next American Idol!! He is brilliant.

  63. I think that the top 5 idiols really shown and proved me that they are the best, amazing, strong and powerful either on stage and also within themselves. This season, the top 5 are already the winners and no idol top 5 is the loser. I know the fact they all the top 5 idol will get the recording contract right after idol has ended and no matter who won or loses and release their album by the end of the year and that i have to wait and see which one of the top 5 idols album will go platium and gold within 3 months of the day the album release. But for now, i have to say that all the left remaining are all quite good and marvellous!

  64. I am a 60 year old grandma of two living in Pakistan. American Idol takes me back in time to my teens when Elvis was my favourite singer. Ofcourse, Adam deserves to be this years American Idol, hands down! Allison could well be the runner-up. Both of them are so immensely talented, but Adam has the voice, the charisma, the persona of being a Teenage Idol. I wish him all the best. Bulbul

  65. hey!! i agree wit jj. actually Kris brings originality which makes the songs his very own n unique!! actually wen he’s on stage, it luks like he runs the if he’s performing a concert!! while as for adam he’s a gr8 performer!!no doubt bout it n his vocals r gr8!! n bcoz of his style, everyone loves him i guess!!!

  66. n for matt n danny… i can’t wait for them to get out of the show!! they bring the same kinda version of their songs every week which makes the show quite boring for me!! as for allison, she rocks her own world n i can already see her as a rockstar!!!

  67. Brilliant fantastic, marvellous performance who once again Adam has give us! It is so so sweet and so so beatiful that i was totally speechlees and lost my breath away instantly . I had never ever heard and seen any performer including the pros sang it that so extreamly well. Even Mariah,Celine, Whitney and Toni Ballads can’t even beat this ballad and also at how Adam sang. Everyone whom seen and heard this song must felt the pain and the hurt of this song and there’s not way you will feel it!

    He even melted Paula into a liquid for goodness sake! I really hope that he will add this song and record once again on his debut album when later release cause it’s a must must! He once again has the untimate package to win the competition and i can’t wait for his next mindblowing speechless performances! If We can”t have you, i don’t think i will ever seen Paula melt and almost on tear live on nation tv. Keep up the good work and amazed us with your amazing talent!

  68. Adam Lambert should win. Nobody else has talent even close to his. He can sing anything.

    Liz aged 55 from New Zealand

  69. First and foremost, thank you so so much for your guys out there, whom believe Matt G so so much, no matter how negativity people commented on him that he should be eliminated instead of Anoop and worst, he should had not been saved. Neverless, you guys stayed on and believe the positive side of Matt than landed him onto top 5 and i really really appeaciated of that!
    This is one of the idol that his talent, personality, creativity, passion, his dances and sings so so well and so increrible extreamly well and lots and lots of it that we all should not be simply ignored that easily and be wasted on that. We all, should wach, listen, follow, learn, how he sing, dances, play the piano and performs so so well, very talented like as if he’s very genious fully on the stage. I think that he’s the Irresistible guy like what the Jessica Simpson song stated!

    Wow, he is so so smart and very genuis that i really to be just like him and do what he does on the stage. Though some especially the hattest of Matt G may not agreed that his performances like the previous week that he had to perfrom twice that almost landed him to be booted out, at least he tried the very best to sing well that he almost sang with a sexy vibe.

    Thankfully for the judges especially Paula whom trusted her instinct so so well and look right onto Matt face that he needed so badly and dyiing, that the judges decided to save him. But yet, i do think that saving Matt into the competiton will be the perfect gift that he never ever replaced anything in his life.

    Amazing brilliant sexy powerful performace of Matt Stayin Alive! He almost performed exactly like Justin Timberlake except he did not worn the suite. But neverless, Simon should be open minded and see the pros like Justin performed this song cause he will know more on Matt style, vibe and groove. I do think that Justin will perform exectly like Matt if ever perform at his concert.Very thankful that he did not worn the costume and performed this song!

    I’m always looking forward in every Matt upcoming performances in the future and see/hear what he’s going to do next and very confident that he will perform well. Please one again, don’t ever ever stop voting for this guyand make lots of it. Make this guy dream come true and Matt G, Keep on doing the interpitationn of other idols especially Danny and make lots of it cause that’s really so so hilarious!

    Ridwan, 23 from Singapore will always support all the top 5 idols all the way to the finale! and like i said, no one is the loser, Every one of the idols left standing are th winners

  70. I LOVE Adam i think he is absolutley brillant, if he does not win then i will be shocked he is in a leauge of his own.
    The other 4 are also great but adam sticks out for me…..GO ADAM……..

  71. Im in New zealand and have watched this series from the onset. I said from week one Adam & alison… I still feel and Adam Alison final but Kris is the dark horse here.. And Alison may just get knocked out of 2nd place…Adam has natural talent and has to be of the best ever entertainers that i have seen.. He’s in a leauge of his own, no doubt about it.

  72. Adam will win. If they still made the shallow, cheesy movies like Elvis made, Adam could become a big screen star. In this day of remakes, perhaps he could cover movies like Viva Las Vegas.

  73. I agree with Sandi. Danny and Kris are consistently excellent and original. Adam has already been semi-professional and still isn’t as good as those two. Allison has a strong voice, but a whole CD or concert of that gravelly sound would drive me crazy. Matt should have been let go when they had the chance; he bores me to tears every week.
    Unfortunately, it seems like they’ve chosen Adam to win; unless there’s an upset. The top two should be Danny and Kris; I wouldn’t care which one actually won it.

  74. i’m from New Zealand. I always watch every week. I think danny is gud and he desirve to win…Adam..nah…Singing is not always shouting and not how high is your voice. Thats how you sing the song…. He always get the attention of the judges because of his voice which we never appriciated it….That voice of adam is already heard from differnt rock singers so nothing is new…..For me Danny,

  75. I think Danny, he will take simons advice and acquire the star quality he needs to have, he voice is awsome, it is so sexey and excellent. I am really interested to see how he adjusts his image, he cannot have the same as adam or matt, it would not be him.
    He still makes me tingle all over when i hear him sing. He is orginal.

  76. So what if Adam is gay! Gay or not… he is the one to beat! I have never watched Am Idol as intently as I did this season thanks to Adam Lambert… I do not even care if his arrangement is original or not… what matters is that every performance he does makes a mark and that is what IDOL is about…

  77. Adam is the run-away winner but if for some reason he doesn’t then it would be okay because the danny, kris, allison and mat are really good. It’s just to bad they had to be in this season because this season belongs to Adam. What is unacceptable was Taylor Hicks winning over Daughtry… What ever happened to that guy?

  78. ADAM will be the American Idol..None of the others will even come place..Just watch him..He is a master showman..all the others just get along but he really stands out..I can’t wait for Tuesday each week to see what he will do next…He reminds me so much of Elvis Presley..I have never been able to say that about another Idol contestant..The only way he can lose is if another contestant has people voting over and over..Since it is America Votes, you all know, the most talented does not always win..

  79. In my opinion ADAM should win he is far above everyone else, I think he could be as famous if not more famous then Elvis was, He will be with out a dought the next king.

  80. The new American Idol is between Adam and Allison. They both stand out they are so unique and have the best voices. I also think Danny has great talent. Kris and Matt are good but not good enough. Kris’s last performance of she works hard for the money bored me.

  81. If people are voting talent, and not who is hot, and who has the best sob story, then it should come down to Adam and Alison, with Adam winning by a landslide. Danny is too boring, one dimensional, Kris is cute, but cannot sell out concert venues, and Matt is just a sweet guy who works extremely hard at his craft.

  82. For me next American Idol is Danny Gokey. He is the better.

    Euclides Reyes
    Domincan Republic

  83. I think most everyone agrees that Adam will win AI, so maybe we can argue about 2nd place. Danny and Kris need to go bye-bye. BORING I can’t stand watching them. I am torn between Matt and Allison coming in 2nd. I was thrilled when American saved Matt he is much more talented than Danny and Kris. I also cannot stand the Kris sings out of the side of his mouth. Go Matt!!!

  84. Just listen and watch, Matt, Kris and Danny just sing the same way all the time…Not enough versatility there…Also Allison sings the same every week..I can’t remember what she sung which week..Now Adam is a different story..I knew he had something special from the very beginnning..He has it all..If he does not win, it is because sometimes “America Votes” for someone that can never be a real star..this has happened before..Whatever happened to Taylor Hicks and some others that won?..It will not matter with Adam because he will go on and be the biggest star of all..”The Cream always rises to the top”..By the way, who cares if he is gay or not..I’m not planning on sleeping with him, just enjoying his music for years to come…

  85. I think Adam will be the next Idol. But what kind of music is he going to do after being titled American Idol. The screaming rock music seems to be what he enjoys doing. But his vocals on the non screaming songs are much more appealing to me rather than the screaming all the time. Just for that fact alone I am hoping Danny wins.

  86. I believe Danny will be our next Amercian Idol.
    Adam is very talented and a great showman, but Danny has been steady all season; there is something real and likeable about him that people love.

  87. Danny Gokey has incredible talent & should be the next American Idol. He has the charisma and appeals to the broadest cross- section of people. He would also have the most appeal to the recording label that signs him. Each one of them has a chance, Danny is a final 2.

  88. I think Allison will be the next to go, people are not taking her seriously! The final two will be Adam/Danny! However Kris and Matt are not far behind, I can see where it will be tight just due to the fact that Adam might take his stuff to far and not please the viewers. In the case that he does go too far, I’m voting for Matt to go to the finals with Danny!


  90. I’m Asian but i’m so excited with this season’s American Idol!! coz it has someone like ADAM in it!! hez just so exciting and unpredictable that i can’t wait 2 see his next performance. he’s d BEST guy (or gay? XD) VOCALIST i’ve ever seen!!!

    the others are good too, itz just too bad that ADAM makes the others look mediocre (quoted from simon hee)….

    sooo…. if AI is a real SINGING competition… Adam should win!!

    Go Adam!! XDD

    p.s i hope Allison will b in d final too ^o^

  91. Adam Lambert should be the next AMERICAN IDOL! No matter what he sings, he makes it his own and it always sounds great! Case in point, the night he sang “Ring of Fire”, I was thinking OMG why would he sing that. That’s a horrible song. I hated that song when Johnny Cash did it. But, much to my surprise, Adam changed it up and I actually liked that song for the very first time. Adam Rocks! I think Kris Allen should be 2nd, followed by Danny Gokey and then Allison. It’s too bad American Idol has become a popularity contest, keeping some of the best singers from advancing and possibly winning. I truly thought Alexis Grace should have been in the top 10, way before Allison and Lil. She was a much, much better singer than either one of them. I hated the Dolly Paron song she did, but she still has an amazing voice. America should be listening to them as singers, not judging them on their poor song choices.

  92. Jo, I agree totally with you. Adam is great but everything is chorographed, from the second the song begins until it ends, every look, every move, every expression is exactly like he has arranged it…comes from his theatre experience. And when he melted Paula…I thought she was gonna pass out…she acted like he put all his emotions into the song…no emotion, Paula, it was all ACTING. As soon as the song was over, in splinter of a second….the emotion left his face and a big smile was on. I wonder, when every song is sung that way at a concert, if it will just feel like you’ve been to a stage production of Adam instead of going to Adam’s concert.

  93. Just curious…how many of you actually vote? And how many times? Last week, I voted 200 times, split them between Kris and Matt. I LOVED Adam, but didn’t think there was a chance he would go home. I have friends that love the show but don’t participate in the voting.

  94. This is a singing talent competition, while all of them can sing, not everyone has Adam’s versatility, he’s jack of all trade, the whole package and very charismatic and boy! he’s a graceful dancer too. What an amazing guy!

    It’s definitely Adam all the way.

  95. Wow, Adam’s stage production! So, this means that we’ll get more than we might’ve expected going to Adam’s concert! I will definitely rush in line to buy the ticket!

  96. JJ -I totally get you on Danny’s arrogance. It’s subtle which really bothers me.
    YL – I agree with your order – Adam winning, then Allison, Kris, Danny, Matt.
    I also want to say that when I go somewhere to be entertained, I want to be taken away from my circumstances and right now the only person that could do that for me is Adam. He can totally rearrange a song, sing every note, very humble, great looks and takes construction criticm very well. They will all do well. They all have good voices…unfortunately for some, they only do well with certain kinds of songs and I can’t imaging buying an album with the same types of songs. I want variety, I want some spice in my life and Adam delivers that EVERY week! You go boy!

  97. I have just been reading all your comments..I’m happy to see that 90% of you know the real deal…that Adam has it all..Beside him all the others, though talented, are boring with their same old, same old every week..In fact, I busy myself with something when AI is on, until Adam comes on..He gets my full attention…He is so full of surprises..Can you just imagine a concert with his versatility?? Wow!!!I was fortunate enough to see Elvis Presley in several concerts..Talk about hearing a pin drop…Everyone’s attention rivited to the stage at all times…I can see Adam doing the same…

  98. Adam. No question about it. Danny was actually my favorite going back to the very beginning but I currently believe it will be Adam, Allison, then Danny.

    Adam is clearly the most talented and most marketable singer. Even you if don’t like him you gotta give that to him!!

  99. As a Brit if I could vote it would be for Adam. The other singers are all talented but Adam is not only an excellent singer his songs are ‘edgy’ and different as he draws you into the music – he is an artist and a great performer – outstanding! I loved David Cook last year, I found him mesmorising and now Adam is doing the same…………x

  100. Adam Lambert ,his voice, his look, the way he takes the stage,he is a star!!!

    go Adam show them!!!

  101. I believe that Adam will win. Each week I like him more and more. I started out as a strong Danny fan, but I do believe that Adam has surpassed him. I go on You Tube and play Ring Of Fire a lot as I really do love Adam’s rendition. I wish Danny and Allison the best as they are big favorites of mine as well and I do believe that they will both make it in the business, but Adam is the whole package. This has really been a wonderful season filled with very talented young people.

  102. Danny and Adam both rock.I’m surprised Matt didn’t get kicked off since the judges saved him.I also like Alison too.:)

  103. Adam is a musical genius, his beautiful, emotive voice is one of the best I have ever heard…. He will be the winner – he mesmerizes me, what a great performer, always entertaining. I wait each week just to hear him. My husband is an excellent musician and he now watches Idol just to hear and see Adam, that is quite an accomplishment! We both want to see him live and will buy any and every CD or album he records. He is a star. I also like Kris except I can’t stand to watch him sing out of the side of his mouth, Allison is terrific, hits all the notes, but her voice is too raspy for me. ADAM WILL WIN!!!!!!!!

  104. I believe that Adam will win this year. He has great talent. I think the top three are Adam, Danny and Allison.

  105. I think that eiter Adam or Danny should be the idol. Adam is very modern, clever and puts a different ‘spin’ on old songs. Danny has an unique and easy voice to listen to. Since we are behind a week in the viewing we can google the outcome. I must say that I prefer listening to the American Idol rather than the New Zealand Idol but I guess you have a bigger pool of singers to choose from.

  106. Definitely Adam, he’s the best. The others are good too, but Adam really knows what he’s doing and knows how to entertain us, doesn’t matter what kind of music he knows his stuff. Go Adam go, we’re with you all the way.

  107. Next week Matt Girarud will be eliminated.
    Love him and will be sorry when he is gone.
    Love his music.

  108. Definitely Adam deserves to win! He is so talented he has the whole package. I feel he is very humble and is always a complete gentleman when interviewed by Ryan. I think second place is between Alison and Danny.
    Good Luck Adam and don’t change the way you are!!

  109. If you have a dvr & record it…listen without watching the performance. Imagine hearing it on the radio. Kris actually sounds better than Adam. Try it! Kris will certainly get a recording contract!

  110. Adam will win,unless America thinks he is safe and votes for someone else , but what ever happens Adam has it made as a great entertainer and I can’t wait to see one of his concerts…I agree fully with the other opinions that he will win but I would like to see who do you think will come in secound place ?

  111. I love ADAM so much! He will be the winner of AMERICAN IDOL THIS YEAR!! No doubt about it!

  112. I hope it’s gonna be DANNY!! love him so much, he’s got such a wonderful voice, gave me the chills so many times & if he sings somethin like “please forgive me” or “iris”, i’ll burst into tears for sure.. such a unique vocals.. kris in good too and so is allison but the truth is that adam will infortunately be in picture coz i don’t like himmm

  113. ADAM LAMBERT is the next american idol…..He is my bet!!!

    He danced well in the dance number choreographed by Paula abdul. In fact he is very versatile guy…. sing and dance well. He looks so tall, towering over the other guys.

    Go go go Adam, My IDOL!!!

  114. 1- ADAM..Above all,he makes smart decisions
    2- KRIS..current and original
    3- ALLISON..good voice, no charisma
    4- DANNY..he began very well, but now is
    always the same
    5- MATT..he is not at ease when he sings

  115. Adam will be the winner.. as a matter of fact he is already a winner to all those who love performances with deep sentiment, power and originality.

    Tks to USA the world have received a new extremely talented man to give us unforgettable moments to love the life of art:))) And if you do not like him… PLS SEND ADAM TO EUROPE AT ONCE::)))

    I love Kris too:)))

  116. Danny gokey is the best siger out there and hi is not becoming boring just much better than before go danny go

  117. yeah i thing danny is the best singer but adam vill definetly get the most votes

  118. ok gianna you thing that who is your fev kris ! haha danny is so fucking much better than kris and matt .

  119. kris is an original, he has an uncommon style!!! danny can sing but his voice reminds me of at least half a dozens of wannabe. THIS SHOW SHOULD BE ABOUT ORIGINALITY TOO, IF NOT, WHATS THE POINT!!!?

  120. Matt all the way! Unique style, someone said he trys to hard, isn’t that whats its all about. Dances well, plays the piano beatifully. Very verstile. If you look at the rest, Allison dosen’t finish her words when she’s sings. Dannys so boring, dosen’t add much to his performance. Kris’s side jaw singing just bugs me, also boring. Adam already does threatre so to me he didn’t count.

  121. matt is boring kris is boring alison is boring even adam is boring but danny is the best 🙂

  122. I really can’t tell the difference between Matt and Kris..They sing exactly alike, like thousands of other wannabes…Also I thought Danny was differrent..Now he sounds about like Matt and Kris, always the same…I would never go to a concert to hear either of those three sing the same thing over and over..Allison is different in a way, but no class…Adam has it all..Something different every week..Never the same..I always wait to see what surprise he has this week..I would love to go to a Adam Lambert concert..Would be full of surprises..Also a CD by him would be awesome..A surprise with every song..

  123. Danny Gokey is so boring…… he is not a good singer as well.

    Adam Lambert and Matt Giraud for the FINAL showdown!!!

    Go Adam Lambert….:)

  124. TO BE AN AMERICAN IDOL, One must be a TOTAL Performer and Adam Lambert has these qualities all…. good stage presence, powerful voice and theatrical performance.

    adam lambert is my international IDOL!!!


  126. adam is oki as well but danny is mush better i like him lot so dont hold your breath ! 😉

  127. Danny sounds good, yeah, but his concerts would be about as exciting as watching grass grow.

  128. The only 2 contestants with “artistry” are Adam and Kris. After a while, Allison’s voice grates on me. I don’t think she is nearly as talented as the judges give her credit for.


  130. No Matter What..Still Anoop….Maybe Adma or Danny or Allison gonna win this competition..But Anoop still the best

  131. I don’t get it… Adam’s not that great. What is wrong with everyone? Allison definately deserves to win, with Danny a close second!

  132. In replay to post 180, Are you watching the same show Adam is great, he is far better the Alison Adam is the best that has ever been on any A.I. ever. He is a great entertainer and singer.

  133. For me, Adam Lambert is the best in this season. Just watching all his You Tube videos, one is certain that he is cut right as American Idl, very talented guy and handsome too.

    I want to see Adam and Matt duel in the finals……:)

  134. yeah i thing adam danny and alison will be in top 3 than alison fall out and danny and adam in final 2

  135. but i thing adam is going to win this shit but danny gokey is very good but adam will get the much votes

  136. i think that adam will walk this competition has he has the voice, the likeability factor and gorgeous too.

  137. Adam will win, he has fantastic vocals, great stage presence, always delivers a great performance, he is unique, very distinctive style. The others bore me.

  138. Adam Lambert is a real artist… Actually he is spectacular and does resemble Elvis Presley physically!!!
    My second best is Danny Gokey who has got an excellent voice, and who renders the songs with a lot of feelings.
    Good luck to both… and may the best singer win!

  139. yeah i agree too adam and danny are the best out there and they will definedly go to final 2

  140. I think America likes boring, please Danny amd Kris are the least talented of the bunch and so boring to watch. Matt Giraud will come in second, he has emotion and personality and is truly talented. GO MATT!!!!


  142. Adam-great vocals, audience appeal (looks), unique, deep thinker, seems genuinely humble about his talent. He added to a supurb group of finalists this year

  143. gokey is much better than that he is great singer and he will propely go to final 2 he is great !

  144. joss, are you watching the same show, Adam can sing alot better the Danny,Adam Lambert is a great entertainer as well, I think Danny will come in second place, I not sayiny Danny not good,but he does not come even close to the next A.I. Adam.

  145. Only Adam can win the show. Adam is the new Freddie Mercury and will go on to become a legend. ADAM IS SIMPLY THE BEST!!!


  147. Only Adam can win the show. Adam is the new Freddie Mercury and will go on to become a legend.

  148. Adam is the new Freddie Mercury and will go on to become a legend. Only Adam can win

  149. I didn’t know that Matt already has 2 albums out. How then is he qualified as an undiscovered talent?

    Adam, Danny, Alison……in that order.

  150. no kurt you shut up!!! Danny has no chance to make even second place.Kris is much better than Danny.I agree that Adam is the next Freddie Mercury minus the leotards.At least Adam could sell concert tickets.Danny would be lucky to sing at a state fair for free.


  152. people need to learn how to spell on here! Who cares about sexuality and about people who are great singers who happen to be gay? What a joke some of you are for slamming people who are gay. Danny is somewhat cocky. Matt thinks he is better than he really is. Anoop was very cocky. Allison, Adam, and Kris are the only humble contestants, even though deep down Adam knows he is the best.

  153. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLISON!!! You go girl..We here in NZ love you. You rock the house every week!!
    Adamantics is great too. See ya later to the others!
    DO IT!

  154. no chis danny gokey he is maybe not as good as adam lambert but sry but danny is much better than kris what ever most of people say that anyway maybe you two are not watching the same show 😉

  155. haha you fuckers do not know anything about song just ok you are the one vs million who thing kris is better than danny lol so i just say good luck crasy people !

  156. OMG I can’t believe some of what I am reading. You people think Matt is cocky??? Let’s talk about Danny and Adam, they are cocky. I would love to see how humble Adam and Kris would be in the bottom 3. I really want that to happen this week.
    Adam is going to be the winner and I hope to see Matt in the top three. You people are not giving Matt the credit he deserves.


  158. adam is best . but i thing danny will be the second in fi
    nal two so i agree with you kurt danny is better than kris i thing

  159. Don’t think we’ll see Kris or Adam in the bottom for a while.I would love to see Danny there cause he is the cockey one.Maybe that will wipe that cheesy grin off his mug

  160. Kris and Danny should go this week so the show can begin. You need to pay attention this week to who is the 2nd best singer. It is not Kris or Danny BORING, Sorry!

  161. The order I would think is:
    Adam to be the winner.1
    BUT!!! I feel where Adam is a more experienced performer in all that he does, having performed for a year or more professionally, in acting, etc…I feel it should go to someone that has just as much talent but not had the oppertunity to perform…DANNY!!!!!

  162. The order will be:
    Adam to be the winner.1
    So long boring Danny and Kris

  163. I agree let’s get rid of Danny and Kris so we can get on with the good ones!

  164. You got it right Missy!
    Danny should go, then Kris, then Matt….
    So we can have a brilliant finale of Allison “Happy Birthday” and Adamantics.

  165. I agree totally with Janet and Missy, Danny and Kris have to leave!!!! They sound the same every single week and are just so boring I can barely stand to watch them. Matt tries new things and in my opinion does very well each week. He has picked a few bad songs but so have they all. Bye Danny, then Kris.

  166. Kurt,stop contradicting yourself,first you said Kris was no good now you say he is.whatever.And I never gave a perdiction on the outcome of this competition,only Adam will win.I don’t really care who comes in 2nd.Tommorrow I’ll be voting for Allison so she might be able to stick around for a while.

  167. I started out liking Danny, but his performances lately have been boring and his voice doesn’t seem to have the power and range it did during his first 2 or 3 performances. Plus, I agree with the other comments here that he is acting arrogant and cocky lately and that is a real turn off. He seemed to act humble at first, but I think getting this far in the competition has gone to his head. I am really starting to enjoy Kris and Matt more than Danny.

  168. Matt doesn’t have a cocky bone in his body. He seems the most genuinely sweet of the whole bunch. Danny is the most cocky. Kris is sweet. Adam has a reason to be cocky, but he really comes across as a nice guy.

  169. I agree with Katie also. I believe Kris will be in the top two. He is so awesome on he’s songs and especially his creativity. Like some others said, he takes a lot of risks yet nails them all!

  170. I once liked Danny, but seems that lately he hasn’t been putting out much of his potentials,as if he’s taking it all for granted that he won’t be eliminated anyway. Well, he’d better watch out as the final 2 gets closer, for I think, Kris has begun to prove why he deserves to stay–his last rendition really deserves props. All the while, I never have a change of heart about Adam (no matter gay or guy or whatever!). By the way, has Matt really gotten 2 albums already? He’s not so much qualified to be a part of the show then. (?)

  171. chris you dont understand yeah i like danny better but i was just saying they are both really good you kn ow in top 5 an today we will see who go home 😉

  172. For all you Matt fans ~ check it out. 2 albums previously available by him, PERSPECTIVE, and MIND, BODY, SOUL. I’m with Adam and Danny all the way. And, what’s with all you people who choose to sit here and argue all day, calling Danny cocky? You prove that not everyone can wear the nice guy mask all the time.

  173. I think everybody agree that adam going to win this year, hands down he’s the best. As for the other, I dunno. I really like allison therefore I want her to get second spot, but I think kris and danny has better chance, they do more popular somehow. I used to like danny, now he simply put me off. Predictable, boring and cocky.

  174. I think Aliison,Danny,in that order.
    Matt is very good,but sings the same style each week.BY FAR HIS BEST STYLE IS COUNTRY HE SHOULD SING THOSE TYPES.

  175. Danny has a very confident smile…
    and that turned me off.
    He should have kept the humility because he is in the same competition Adam is in and he needs to look like THE UNDERDOG to win the competition.

  176. I really believe Adam will winn – He IS good!!!! But it’s sad – there ARE one or two more that ARE GOOD too!! But….Only ONE can win!?!??!

  177. While the crowd pleasers are Adam and Danny respectively, I think the person who has the most potential in this competition is Kris. In his own way he seem to be gaining populartiy, each performance he has shown how dynamic an individual he, is not a mimicnad the judges has realized that he has come into his own the is truly in a league by himself. For me Kris is my Winner

    This comment if from a Caribbean Girl – the place of the GReatest show on Earth.

  178. Danny all the WAY!! I’ll buy any music he sells! Danny you are, by far, the BEST!

  179. Allison is TERRIBLE!!!!!!! She is SO bad and I can’t beleive shes still on. Adam and Danny will be the top 2 and Adam will win. If Alison wins I will refuse to EVER watch American idol I mean look at her ugly red wig. She can sing but has no emotion and looks awful. Go danny and Adam!!!!

  180. Lets just see how Matt does tonight, something tells me he is not getting the credit due him. I truly hope Danny, Kris and Adam get knocked down a peg or 2. Adam shouldn’t even be on this show, he is too talented and the others have no chance.

  181. Very nice Matt, top 3 for sure!!! Allsion was okay, Danny’s last few notes were good but the beginning was sooo boring I almost turned the channel and Adam well it was different. Can’t stand the tongue hanging out when he screams. See ya Kris you were not good at all and should go home.

  182. Danny Gokey should win the competition!! Excellent original performer. Just a natural gifted born singer. Love every sound his singing makes.

  183. Glad to see people agreeing with what I’ve been saying all along. Kris will be in the final 2 with Adam.

  184. Definitely “Adam ” I just love him and if people are so dumb to not pick him I wouldn’t watch the show again. I think hes the best that’s ever been on it.!!!!!

  185. Adam is definatly #1!!!

    I really like them all but how I think it SHOULD go is:
    Kris or Danny (I can’t decide!!)… 4 and 3
    ADAM… WINNER!!!!

    The way I think it will PROBABLY go is:
    Plus Adam was in Wicked! I love it!! lol

  186. I knew from The beginning that Adam Lambert is going to be the next AMERICAN IDOL. His vocal range is truely amazing and he never dissappoints us – HOT HOT HOT – THE WHOLE PACKAGE. GO ADAM GO ADAM GO ADAM


  188. Matt was truly one of the only ones that got the concept of the Rat Pack, I agree with Janet that Kris was not good and I am not sure what people see in him, he is just ok. I didn’t like Adam’s song, yes he can sing and will win but I would love to see Matt in the top 3 although it seems no one else agrees. How can you resist his dimples? He is very talented and derserves a chance. Danny’s last chorus was great but the rest of it was very boring. I am still voting for Matt to be in the top 3.

  189. i want danny gokey to win it, yes, adam might have a good vuoice and stage presence, but danny just has that idol theme to him

  190. Tooo much Drama -ADAM- We are tired of that show us something new something different same ole, same ole, every time and for God sake stop screaming- sing Please. Kris Danny and Allison- great job – in that order

  191. Danny was just awsome! He’s not taking things for granted anymore–he’s in to win! I think Kris delivered really nicely. He deserves to stay indeed. Allison was good enouugh, but as Simon said, she’s probably overshadowed by the great personalities of some others. And being the only girl left standing, she might’ve been quite nervous. (I’m pretty sure most voters, like me, are women.) Though, to be honest, I didn’t really like Adam’s rendition this time, I still idolize him as the next idol. But, frankly, last night, Danny was much better than he was!

  192. Allison needs to GO already!!!!!!!! She is horrid. She didn’t sing well at all last night and her red wig is awful!!!!!! GO HOME!!!!! GO HOME!!!!!!!! GO HOME!!!!!! GO HOME!!!!!!!! GO HOME!!!!!!!!!
    I’m glad matt went home and Allison better go next! Go Adam and danny as always and BOO allison!

  193. I hope that Danny wins!!! I was not surprised to see Matt leave. He just wasn’t consistent.
    I’m not a fan of Adam. I think he has unbelievable range but over uses it and it just gets obnoxious.

  194. Adam is the best. He’s really brilliant. No matter what the result, I still love him!

  195. Adam Has been trained, and should not win at all he’s a fake. !!! that’s why he in the bottom 3 last nite People want someone real .!!!!

  196. adam is good but like danny much better and i hope he wins too he is great and will win !!!!

  197. gianna you are tottaly right!!! I love how you put each person and what you think because your right! BOO Allison as always!!! 


  199. None of these people left standing can be considered anywhere near average. Because your personal taste and preferences in music don’t include certain of the individuals does not make them any less. There are those of us who feel just as strongly in the other direction. Kris is not, and never has been, one of my favorites, but I would never go so far as to say he’s average, boring, or unoriginal.

  200. Karan, I agreed with 100% I too was not Kris biggest fan, but now after what he has dispalyed he is by far the most talanted in the remaining four. Danny & Allison is great and Adam need to be a little more versatile because he can actually sing but his preferance is rock. it is a very good competition any one can win.


  202. Although I have kind of lost interest in AI since they voted Matt off when it should have been boring Danny or boring Kris. I hope it is Danny this week and Kris next week, then I may get be able to finish the season. I don’t think I can bare to watch either of them again, they sound the same every week. Go Adam!

  203. Don’t understand you Janet! This is the most talented season ever. America agreed with me!!! GO KRIS!!!! He is NOT boring!!!!! He has a tender voice. His style reminds me of Neil Diamond…if anyone can remember back that far. lol I feel like he has more talent than Adam! I’m tired of hearing Adam scream!!!

  204. I agree with Dy-no-mite only persons with real musical talants can recognise the real deal Kris super talalted, Danny a singer in his own rights, Adam may have a little singing ability but he is do cought up in mimicking one rock star to the other he as forgotten that this s talant expose’. – talant makes Album and showmanship is for touring concert after ablums are sold. I too, am very tried of his screaming.- he bores me.

  205. Well like I said before I think Kris and Danny should go home. I do not like either of them. By the way I am old enough to remember Neil Diamond and he doesn’t remind me of him at all. I think he will be like Ruben and we will never hear from him after this show. I wouldn’t buy an album of his or Danny’s. Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert have talent and can sell out concerts and albums. I suppose it is just a matter of taste. I personally thought that Matt was more talented than both Kris and Danny. I’m not so sure this was the most talented year for people in Idol. Sorry to see Allison leave I was hoping it would be between Adam and Allsion.

  206. Adam is GOOD!!! As a rock star singer – BUT I am NOT a rock star person – But He Is as good as the rest of the screaming GOOD singers in his own singing!! He’ll Win!!! The other two are GOOD also – but I sure hated to see Allison go – but someone has to – Adam will be the only one standing!! The peoples vote is what counts and if You didn’t vote – then……….God be with ALL of them!! IT HAS BEEN A GOOD SEASON!! Enjoyed it!!!

  207. My money is on Kris. Adam is out next elemination he is too much of drama and wannbe like….? not at all ture to himself. I dont see him lasting long afert the show even if he wins. he will be a one hit wonder Not everybody can lsten to screaming everyday, But iwth the other two there is greater chance of their music reaching global. One can wake up first thing in the morning and listen and appreciate their appost to “Screaming Adam” Like I said before he bores me He is empty.

  208. All 3 of them have great talent but I think Kris will win AI. If Adam chooses Rock songs, he’ll be eliminated. Not that he’s not good at it…it just doesn’t have wide, mainstream appeal. And ALL of America doesn’t appreciate Rock. Danny sounds the same in all of his songs. Kris is the total package.

  209. people is tired of listening to adam’s voice…Its gud to hear for the a couple of times but not everytime…Dann, Kris and matt is just you love listening everytime to there voice…so Adam no way…I’m tired of listening to his voice….sucks

  210. i watch american idol not to watch Adam, I love watching Kris, Danny, Matt…It excite you a lot listening to there voice every week….So sad Matt will be eliminated….Its nice if Adam will be the one who is eliminated…I’m sick of listening to adam’s voice, his personality, he is arrogant and not true, not down to earth as the other contestants….

  211. Adam is great…ha,ha,ha….no way…he is a gud singer but cant stand listening to his voice on the radio incase he will become a recording artist…I’m sick of listening to his voice…to all the american idol fanatics…just realize and think about this singers future…So u think adam will be, no, no, no…i think of him, like madonna. marih carrey, ha,ha,ha…girlish voice….i dont want to idolized that sort of voice

  212. the world is watching american idol but the only choice now is between kris and danny…He has the appeal and true persons….they are the singers that u love to hear everyday on the radio….Not marriah sorry adam….lol

  213. Rachael- Caribbean girl you are so wrong. Adam is very good and just has an amazing vocal range. He has been on broadway and NO WAY will he be a “one hit wonder” a real artist will appreciate his singing. I am in the business and have been up for several broadway shows and trust me adem is the only one who can pull anything up. Kris will go next then danny and adam will win. If you think all adam does is rock and scream, do you remeber motown week when he did the most amazing song and Simon gave him a standing applause?? That shows diversity and you cant judge people on the last perrformance. YOu have to judge them on everything from the past and future.

  214. I Agree 100% with Lopenia,I could not have said it better, THANK YOU Lopenia…

  215. True. Very true. I second Terry on Lopenia’s comment. I have had my eyes on Adam since auditions. As I remember, Simon and Randy had their reservations—they did think that Adam was too theatrical back then. But, they both eventually applauded Adam on being the most consistent contestant—Simon even said that Adam’s performances showed that he’s really in to win. So, if, somehow, based on America’s votes, which could be odd sometimes, Adam doesn’t get first place, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t win, for, to me, he has won already. I’m pretty sure he will top the charts inside and outside the US, he’ll have a career in the movies and smash Broadway. That’s how I see it.

  216. Hey. how does it feel DANNY FANS that keep on talking crap about Adam and Kris? SUCK FAILURE!!! It was sad when he was sent home though. He does deserve to be a recording artist!!

  217. I will not fo so far to say to Danny fans “Failure sucks ” because as it is he is not a failure he stand to gain – maybe not the title of ‘American Idol” however he got the recognition and he is destine to succeed. He has an amazing voice and he is such a humble person- great combination. Sad to see him go. but my money is on Kris all the way. they will last longer in entertainment business – I don’t see Adam as the staying kind.- He belongs in Drama.

  218. judges are bias…Keep on praising adam…I’m into music but i don’t like adam’s voice….i will never listen to always screaming voice with the mix of marriah and witney…He is trying to be a rockers ( danny ) i mean gay rocker…Be wise if u both…

  219. As a Brit I have been watching American Idol mainly due to the uniqueness of Adam. He is so different to anyone else and I was really hoping America would vote him in as their Idol. I was so disappointed to hear of the result and decided not to watch the final show. However I watched the Tuesday night show and even then I thought Adam was amazing. I liked Kris, I also thought he had a good voice my only reservation was that there are a lot of people out there with his style and type of voice, whereas Adam was different and in a league of his own. Although Adam didn’t win I still think he will be a worldclass act and certainly if he comes to Britain, us Brits will embrace him. We tend to like more ‘edgy’ unusual artists and of those of us watching over here we can see Adam as the next ‘Bowie’. Well done Kris, I wish you all the bestxx

  220. I am from New-zealand and i cheated and looked online at who won as we watched a few days behind you, and nearly cried at what i saw, as much as i like Kris and he is talented i have loved adam from the get go and was highly upset that he did not win, however i think this may be a sign that better things will come for him and i wish him all the best watching you actually made idol worth watching each night…..

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