American Idol 2009 Top 7 Round 2: Who Will Be The Best This Week? – Poll

Here we go again. It’s the second week of American Idol 2009 Top 7 after last week’s save of Matt Giraud from elimination. After several great weeks of songs and performances I’m a little concerned that things will dip on Tuesday’s Idol performances with the Disco theme. Let’s hope they prove me wrong!

Who do you think will be the best at Disco? Vote in the poll below and leave your comments telling everyone who you think will be this week’s best performer.




  1. Danny is my favorite. I think he can sing any type of music and make it work. But, it will be intereting to see how Adam does. He always puts such a unique spin on songs…remember his song during Country week? It was amazing, I thought. I also think Anoop will do well with Disco…should be fun!

  2. I agree Adam will be the best as usual. Danny will do just as good too. Lil, Matt & Anoop will be in bottom three. But two will go home this week. Lil & Anoop I perdict will be out. But they are still good singers. Somebody has to go.

  3. I Think “They” Like Anoop too Much to Send Him home. I think “They” Will get Rid of Lil and Matt. I Love Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. This will be a natural for Adam. And please…..stop putting someone the calibur of Anoop Desai in the bottom 3. You never hear much said about Kris, because he is forgetable. My idea of the bottom 3 is Lil, Kris, and Matt.

  6. Yesterday, I found out that my mother loves Anoop! Go figure. And she was pissed to hear that Adam has done live theatre — says that’s cheating. My mother is old. I wonder if this is the way most senior-citizen ladies are thinking?

  7. I think Adam can surely sing disco. I really like Kris. But I have my doubts if he can sing disco? Remember some of the good ones from years earlier got signed to record contracts anyway. Of course some of the winners have been dropped by their record labels already. It should be interesting.

  8. Adam, Danny. Allison And Matt will do very very well on Tuesday performance and who knows, Matt may give his best performance again like “Part Time Lover” and we will never know! The one whom i really want to go and get eliminated for good is Lil cause i think we all had enough with her bad performances that she had trully ruin and spoilt the song and of course, the bad comments of Randy and Simon that couldn’t get out of my head. She’s got to go already! I mean, other black woman singers who were in the competition before like Latoya London, Jennifer Hudson, Vonzell, Trenyce, Fantasia and Jordin Sparks whom sung better and fantastic every single week in the competition than Lil, for sure i have to agree with that and did not 3 weeks straight in a row performed badly like what Lil’s does! Fate does not want them to win except Jordin and Fantasia and also sure Lil and cause Lil especially do not have the passion to win the idol unlike Adam or Allison and the only female contestant by far left that should be looking for and voting every single week is Allsion not Lil! So People of America especially, vote less and don’t vote for Lil cause she not worth it to be in final 3, 4 and 5 and vote for the idols that trully and trully deserve to be in the competition like Matt, Adam, Danny and Allsion!

  9. I love all in top 8. ADam is the best singer. he will be winner. Howver, this week i think Lil and Kris will be out. Sorry.

  10. I love all in top 7. ADam is the best singer. he will be winner. Howver, this week i think Lil and Kris will be out. Sorry. Greeting from Saigon-Vietnam

  11. Adam seems to be able to pull it off with any sobg so disco should not be any different, even though I like adam, Danny is real good too, he can see anything and you can hear his soul. Sometimes as much as I like Adam, I find he does scream alot. I think Idol is gonna be between Adam and Danny this year, since I love them both…go guys go!!

  12. I think Adam, Matt, Allison, and Danny will do good this week. Actually Lil should have left last week so this week it should be Lil and Anoop.

  13. Danny is my pick all the way. I like everything about him….however…then there is Adam. While he is NOT my pick.. one cannot simply ignore his talent. He is BARS above all the rest but I have a hard time with all the experience he has already. I do not like his screaming…but other than that I think he will end up with a contract no matter what. Again…it is Danny all the way for me!!!!!!!!!

  14. I think it will be Adam, Danny and Allison in the finals. I think Lil and Matt should be eliminated this week.


  16. First off, I love Adam. I think he can pull off any song. He’s just got the whole talent package, the it factor.

    As a senior citizen, I adore Adam and I do not think that it is unfair for him to compete; because he has had stage experance. He’s trying to get himself in the music business, he wants to sing. Give the guy a break.

    I think Mat and Lil will go home wed. nite.

  17. I think Adam, Danny and Allison will be the best as it has been. I think the competition a little unfair because of the stage experience Adam has. I think American Idol should be for raw talent. Lil and Anoop should be eliminated this week. Lil should have gone long ago for not being able to carry a tune throughout an entire song (you have to keep in tune) then Anoop, he can sing but his stage presence isn’t what it should be to be an Idol. Even though Adam is the favorable one of most people I am still hoping DANNY gets the title of AMERICAN IDOL.

  18. Hey Googlemesh. I don’t know how old your mother is or what you consider a senior citizen. I am 62 years old and absolutly love Adam. My daughter is 44 and my other daughter is 42 and they love Adam. My son is 33 and didn”t like Adam at all in the beginning, but is now a fan. My grandson is 8 and guess what. He’s a fan also. Age has nothing to do with it. Bottom line: Adam has the talent, charisma, and gut instinct to become a superstar and will win American Idol. People like him only come along once in a great while.

  19. I agree that Lil should be out but I do have to say that given the fact that Donna Summers had so many songs out……Lil may actually have a good week.

  20. Hey Sandy –

    You go girl. Adam does rock!

    OK so he did theatre….SO WHAT!!! usually everyone that auditions for idol does it because they were singing somewhere…..HELLO!!!!!!!

  21. Attention Googlemesh.. and Babs and Sandy..I am 72 years old and I think Adam is amazing and the best male singer ever on Idol ,as does my 49 yr old daughter, my 26 yr old grand daughter and my grandson’s 18 yr old girlfriend. Almost no one gets on the show without experience; e.g. Matt has several yrs of performing in clubs. Adam should win; will win; will be a star…..!!!!

  22. This should be a very interesting week. Disco will probably eliminate Matt for sure….Adam should do well…He can sing just about anything….Lil Rounds, if she picks the right song can do good. As they say, stay tuned.

  23. Danny will be the best as always. He has the best voice and attitude. His performances are a joy to watch.
    Adam Lambert is all about Adam Lambert!! I can only imagine how he will butcher disco week. I am sure he will twist and mutilate another song by screaming and screeching just to be sure he stands out in the crowd.

  24. I do not understand all the comments about Adams screaming. He does that in certain songs that require it. Like the heavy rock stuff. Look at his Mad World and Tracks of my Tears. As I mentioned before his voice is beautiful, soft, controlled and emotional at the same time. I like Danny
    as a person and he does some good work but it isn’t always exciting and on the mark like Adam.
    I think Lil, Matt, and Anoop will be in the bottom three. Neither of them can go to the finish so I don’t care who goes of those three.

  25. For me I will just enjoy watching the program,As long as ANOOP still there. I know ANOOP WILL SURPRISE the world tonight.Go,go,go,ANOOP!!!!TRY YOUR BEST.SHOW IT TO THE WORLD!!

  26. o.k. so here’s the deal. Adam Lambert has the best vocal ability, and is the best performer. He has the ability to evoke emotion whether it is to jump up, and dance around, or make you stop and contemplate beautifully written words. I am not young. I have in my possession Elvis Presley’s autograph obtained on a street corner in Seattle, when I was a teen-ager. I have been to Beattle concerts twice. I “rocked around the clock”. Music is not about age, it is about connection, and that transgresses all boundaries. It looks to me that Adam has lived, and grown, and even suffered, and that is what gives him his abilities NOT that he has been a theatre performer….so, yes, Adam will bring the best performance on Disco week as he has every week.

  27. I would expect Adam to shine in this particular genre, but there are always surprises on this show. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  28. Now Rick i will dis agree with you Adam is a horrible,Horrible singer! I,as in me do not “belive” (As in the words by Shar,that Adam fyi the boring sreechy stick in the mud sang in Hollywood week round 3)that america can actually like his sreechy nonsence!!!

    Alought i dont like Asam i do like Matt and Allison.
    Matt should defenetly shine in this genre!
    But i liked Jasmine Murray the best!

  29. Dont you know by now that Adam is the idol of 2009. Even his worst night he got good feed back from the judges and there is no one close to Adam. He is clearly a cut above. I cant wait to see what he does tonight. Next are Danny & Allison.


  30. we are from new zealand and we like danny he is a very good singer my mum likes kris good luck to both of them we will be wishing them well all the way from new Zealand.

  31. I have to agree with the majority,
    Adam will continue to blow everyone else out of the water. He has that something special that only comes along very rarely. Elvis Presley had it, and was and always will be the king. Adam also has it, a natural connection with the audience, making everyone in the audience feel like he’s only singing to them. The eye contact and smile, along with a natural rhythm, his movements exactly timed to the music. no matter what genre he sings. He sings everything with tremendous feeling, from rock to beautiful ballads. Smokey Robinson recognized it, giving Adam a standing ovation for his interpretation of his song. When an artist of Smokey’s caliber see’s something special enough for that kind of public respect, there’s definitely something there. I am a 50 yr old woman, who has a love for all music, whether it be classical, opera, country, folk, rock and roll, as long as it’s done well, and Adam could sing the phone book and make it great.

  32. No question about it..Adam has it all…He has what no other performer has had since Elvis Presley…He is the only contestant on American Idol that could take Elvis’ place and that is saying a lot….Sounds good!! Adam, the King!!!

  33. Matt definitely has the moves for disco night. He will be outstanding tonight! Danny’s just a little boring to me. Anoop, last time he sang that Elvis song he sounded horrible and his moves looked horandeous. Kris should be ok but I never really saw him dance before. That’s why I think Matt will be good cause he always has a good stage performance.

  34. I love Danny!!! Adam is soooo overrated! I’d love to see a Christian win this contest but I doubt the mainstream media would allow that!


  35. The three judgescomments was so good on Anoop’s performance tonight.Let’s see tomorrow .I told you,He has a lot of surprises

  36. Adam is by far the best, but with Allison and Danny hot on his tail. All 3 will get record deals, you can bet on that!

    I think Matt really did save himself tonight–good job! I think Kris is cute as the dickens, but I don’t get all the accolades. He is just pretty good to my ears, coming in about even with Matt. (I actually find myself smiling at Kris but pulling for Matt.)

    Both Lil Rounds and Anoop will be going home. Definitely expendable.

  37. OMG! Did you watch and hear Adam’s performance? OMG! I grew up in the disco era and am so used to hearing 70’s music. This Adam totally re-invented and owned that song! He’s the Alpha and Omega; the Creator and Destroyer. He’s perhaps the 2nd coming of Christ or, in terms of music, the King!

  38. Adam is the best. He has powerful vocals, and very cool and suave.

    I love adam lambert and though i live in the philippines, but i always watch AI in our cable tv. For me is is an icon in this idol season.

    I wish adam lambert can sing the song ” Breathe Easy” by Blue and i am sure with his powerful vocals, he will sing better than Duncan Thomas of Blue.

  39. I am an adam lambert fan……. i watched all his songs at You Tube, i kept on watching them esp. this song ” If I can’t Have you”. OMG…. he simply made me cry with his heart rending vocals……..

    Adam Lambert is GOD….. ad Simon Cowell is Jesus Christ lolz……….

  40. Hey Sue from NewZealand…Kiaora! Allison is my favourite. She is the bomb. Adam will probably triumph at the end …and he deserves it but if he doesn’t its Allison all the way!!!

  41. Go Adam and Allison. I am tired of people winning because of their sob stories. Things happen but life goes on and they shouldn’t use their heartaches to win.

  42. Original is the word!! Every contestant are trying hard to be original and they sound great especially Adam.. He is unexpected, unpredictable!! My husband and I were discussing on what song he will sing tonight, probably stayin alive or any song from Saturday night fever (indeed he didn’t disappoint us, he sang a sing from that soundtrack) however his performance surprised us!!! He is GOOD!!! I think anoop and lil will be packing their bags home.. Their singing are unbearable to listen and boring too .. I have no choice but switch channel each time they are singing. As for Danny, boring too. I do agree with Simon, he’s clumsy..

  43. I agree with Ann B and Jodi! I love music! I am a huge fan of Steve Perry Of Journey. Google him in wikpedia to see what it says about his voice. Adam will absolutely be the winner. Face it. He is just the most talented singer on Idol. I love Kris and think he will get signed to a record deal anyway. I think Lil rounds will go home tonight. She irritates the hell out of Simone blabbiing on and on . He was mad last night because he couldn’t get a word in for her blabbing. She knows it all and won’t even listen to what they tell her to try to make her self better! I think the top 3 bottom tonight will be Anoop. Matt and Lil. We will have to wait and see who goes. And you other ladies I agree, Adam can sing the phone book. He is cute. My husband said he reminds him of Elvis. He kind of looks like Elvis. But there will never be another Elvis!

  44. I just watched AI again and yes, Lil is the worst ever! Danny and Kris was wonderful….I have seen Earth, Wind, & Fire live and Danny did a wonderful job. Allison has talent like no other, the girl is just WONDERFUL! Adam will win it all!

  45. I can see Lil, Matt and Anoop already losing steam. They are strugglling and I can see Danny feeling the strain of the competition too; Adam’s standard is simply too high. Alison, good wardrobe..

  46. Sorry Anoop and Lil! The sucked at the dancefloor that they had to be booted out and people, don’t be buggin, stress, and get sad that those two are out as it’s time for them to go and they are not worth it to be in top 5!

  47. Adam Lambert is of a different league, essentially because of his experience. He has the voice, the looks, the charisma, and the humility deserving of a real pro. Kris, given more exposure, will make it in the future, what with his dashing look and talents.


  49. I am so happy that Matt was saved! I know most people do not like him but I think he is very talented and really needs to step it up now, I still say the final 3 will be Adam, Matt and Allison. Danny is annoying and boring, Kris really gets on my nerves the way he sings out of the side of his mouth and honestly can not sing very well (sort like Anoop just ok). I can hard stand to watch him. He is ok to look at if he is just sitting there. Go Matt!!!!!!!

  50. I am a huge fan of Matt! He has the most talent of anyone on that show. I am sorry for those who like Adam, but I cant stand him. Kris is o.k, and Danny is really boring. I was really happy to see Lil and Anoop go, they were awful. Matt deserves to make it to the top two, thats how good he is. Even if he dosen’t make it that far, I am sure he can take his music career further. The first CD he comes out with, I will totally buy it. Janet, I totally agree with you that Matt has got the talent, you are definantly right about that. And Arline, I totally agree with you that Matt is amazing. Alicia, I also agree with you, I htink Matt can make through next week, he has the power in his voice to do any music genre. Come on all Matt fans, vote for the Matt the entire two hours, if you can’t get through, keep trying until you can, and if every matt fan does that he will be locked for safety this week.

  51. Adam is something else, he is a natural performer and showman just like Freddy Mercury and he looks like a reincarnation of Elvis Presley. How can this guy loose.

  52. Ok ppl that like adam are just wrong dany will win adam was in the bottom three and then 2 so we no whos gonna win hi im chloe im 10 years old

  53. Sherry comment #54 APRIL22@3:02 pm. My name is Sherry. IS it a coincidence that we are both Steve Perry fans? I just love Steve Perry! I just bought a collection of Steves pictures when he was with Journey.( AND WOW!) I have looked Steve up on wikpedia. And he is considered 1 of the top ten male voices in rock. His voice classification is ” tenor altino, a term used to describe a man who sings in the HIGHEST possible male register (above tenor and including what would if sung by a woman be called alto or mezzo) Randy Jackson of American Idol who has worked with Steve Perry says “There’s no singer in rock that even came close to Steve Perry”. Jackson goes on to say “The Power, the Range , the tone~~Steve created his own style.He mixed a little Motown, a little Everly Brothers, a Little Led Zeppelin”. Steve Perry has an awesome voice! It still sends chills down my spine to listen to him sing ” If you need me call me”. ” And of course “Oh Sherrie ” The pictures of him in concert are just AWESOME! I see you have already googled it. I hope I didn’t bore you! Just another STEVE PERRY FAN. BIG TIME!! And I am with you on Adam. He does look like Elvis. Watch that sneer on his lip. I think Adam is absolutely the winner! Have a nice day. I can’t wait until Tuesday! Rock on!

  54. Adam has been sensational throughout the competition.Even though Kris did become the new American Idol, with all due respect to him I believe we are going to see a lot more of Adam because he has got a lot more to give into the music indutry

  55. Is it true that Steve Perry may appear in American idol’s new season???!!! We’d love to know!!! We Love Steve Perry! Just so you can see how much…please visit our website!

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