American Idol 2009 Top 7 Round 2 – Elimination Prediction Poll

This week’s American Idol 2009 performance show brought a round of Disco classics to the stage. Not my favorite genre, but everyone has a favorite from the night. Who was yours?

Remember that this is no normal elimination night. No, instead this will be a first ever elimination show following the Judges’ Save so we’ll have a double send-off to make up for last week. Check out the poll below and vote for which 2 singers will be eliminated on Wednesday’s Idol Top 7 results show then tell everyone why.

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  1. I can’t believe that the judges wasted thier save on MATT GIRAUD!!:( I hate him!!!!! I want Adam or Danny to win and allison to be third. ANd I want MATT and LIL to go home tonight. Unfortunatly I won’t be able to watch because this week is national turn off your t.v week so be sure to blog. ALso don’t forget that tomorrow (wednesday) is Earth Day so so your part by doing some or all of the things listed below….
    *Early earth hour(turn out you lights for an hour and no cheating)
    * Ride your bike to work or the supermarket or anywhere elses you would like.
    * Participate in national turn off your tv week and record the performance and results show of American Idol
    * Unplug all of your electronic devices(minus your refrige) for an hour

    and lastly

    **do all the above**
    (that’s the one I’m going to do do)
    Thanks for reading
    And again be sure to blog

  2. To no name: Turn off your TV, but live stream on Fox. You apparently still use the computer. Adam was once again spectacular. You are most likely correct, Lil and Matt don’t have the chops for top 5.

  3. Im positive that Lil will be going but I dont know between Anoop or Matt, personally I thought Anoop was boring tonight, but I still like him.
    I could honestly care less, as long as my love Adam is still on, it doesnt matter to me who leaves!

  4. Matt is boring… he is too much a Justin Timberlake “wanna be” and Anoop needs to move on out….Yawn! You know he’d be a better ER doctor.

  5. Have the judges been fair and neutral. I have my doubt. My choice will be Matt and Adam going home.

  6. I believe it will be Lil and Matt and if it goes as it should they will both leave. Anoop has to be awarded the most improved for the last two weeks…….and what can you say about Adam… Kara said he’s brilliant and he’s already a star.

  7. It’s time to say good-bye to Lil and Anoop. Matt will be going home next week. What a solid Disco performance by Adam, the overall winner of American Idol! Disco Queen, Donna Summer should be proud to have 3 songs performed by Allison, Anoop and Kris.

  8. I think Lil and Anoop will be in danger of going home next week. Actually I like Anoop and if they gave a prize as best dressed,he’d win hands down!

  9. I am going to say, Matt and Kris.
    Matt should Not have been saved, It was a waste of the save. Kris in my opinion, had the worst performance this evening. I’m also not overjoyed with Lil or Anoop.

  10. I still think that Kris is the sleeper. He is always cosistant. Hey, no name this is about American Idol not a political foram for your views on the enviroment. Do your own thing.

  11. Between this week and next Matt, Lil and Anoop need to go. The guys both bore me to tears and, while Lil is upbeat, she does always sound the same as the person whose song she performs.
    I don’t understand the love of Adam.Sometimes he’s pretty good, sometimes not–last night not great in my opinion, but they never call him on it.
    I loved Kris’s very original rendition last night. He un-discoed the song, which is always a good thing, made it totally original and did a great job at the whole thing. Danny is always great also, but Simon dis’s him. Adam can do the same type of dance/performance and get kudo’s. I think Danny and Kris are hands down the best.

  12. Lil will definitely go this week , she is the only one that has not shown any kind of improvement at all.

    as for Anoop — there is only so much that ‘a great smile’ can do!

    i really loved what all the other did with DISCO!!!!!!!

  13. I think Lil and Anoop should go and then Chris should go. I did not think Kris was very good either.

  14. I think that hands down Lil and Anoop should go this week. I also think that Matt is wicked, he is so talented and i just love his voice and talent. Kris is also amazing, he is so cute and has such a good voice and then Danny is really good too, i think they should be top three. As for Adam i think he is so terrible!!!!!!!!!!! he sucks!!!!! he cant sing and he looks and acts terrible on stage, i dont think he has talent at all, last night he sounded like the old man from family guy who is in love with chris when he sang lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im cheering for Matt, Kris and Danny all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lil and Anoop need to go home. Period. As for the 3rd person in the bottom 3, I don’t know, I think it could either be Danny or Matt. I love them both, but they were a little weak, but someone has to be the 3rd person. I thought Kris did extremely well last night. I LOVED his performance. Allison is so amazing, loved her last night. And, I hate to admit this, even though I am not a huge Adam fan, I thought he did really well last night. It was nice to see he can actually SING when he really wants to instead of screaming or shrieking as usual.
    For someone, like myself, who lived thru the 70’s and Disco when it first came out, overall I thought last night was pretty good…(except for Lil and Anoop)
    Can’t wait for the results show tonight. It will be great to see some of Disco’s originals!!!

  16. Lil is gone tonight although she has great vocals. Her song picks just ain’t gettin’ it. My pick for the second contestant to go tonight is tied between Anoop & Matt. Matt is too much like a Justin T. wanna be and I’m still trying to figure Noop Dog out. Which way is he going. He’s versatile but I don’t see his strength going further than ballads. I’m sure Lil is going though. I’ll be tuned in tonight and as for the national turn off the TV day. I’m not having it until AI is off.

  17. I have to say the worse performances were Anoop, Kris, Lil and Danny. I hated all their songs. Adam’s song was okay but I thought it was disco week I was looking forward to them really jamming but most all just sang slow songs. I thought Matt was the only one that reminded me of Disco and thought he did a great job with the song, I would have picked something different for him but still did okay. I would love to see Anoop and Lil go home and have danny in the bottom 3 tonight to knock him down a peg or 2. Adam knows he has won the competition so he isn’t worried at all. Although the judges like it when they make their own, I think some went overboard to the point you couldn’t even tell what song it was supposed to be.

  18. I really want Lil to go. She has no idea how to change a song without going off key. It is a toss up between Matt and Anoop for the other one to go. Anoop has no stage appeal and I really don’t care for the quiver in Matt’s voice when singing (a bit too much). Definitely Lil and I will say Matt.

  19. although I’m watching AI late last night ,at least I saw my bet ANOOP’S time. Oh my God he;s amazing last the rest contestants I never had the chance to look thier performance.Go ANOOP!!!

  20. To the person that said Adam would go home tonight, where have you been? You have not been watching the show..Evidently you have been under a rock..Adam is going no place..He will be in the finals..The only way he can be beat is if another contestant has dozens of people voting over and over..Even if he does not win, he will be the big star from this competition..One person said they voted 1,000 times for someone..Stange I have never been able to get through to vote at all..

  21. to no name:::::Ridiculous….Is all of Hollywood and Al gore gonna turn off theirs…Yeah Right!!! anyway…..Kris should stay…he is a REAL talent

  22. Lil is gone in my opinion. Anoop and Matt will go next as to the order of elemination>>>> Who knows. Last night I really liked Kris The final two will be Adam and Danny.

  23. I think there is going to be a surprise elimination tonight –

    Allison & Kris

    They fell under the radar – and the judges were so mean to Lil Rounds. I think she is going to get a sympathy vote.

  24. Matt and Lil need to go home. Anoop next week to go home. Adam, Allison, Danny and Kris are the best.

  25. I think Lil and Matt will be the two eliminated tonight. Lil shows no respect when the Judges are talking, she is too busy rambling on and on defending herself. She does look great, but it does seem that she only worries about her looks, instead of her singing. Adam is so talented, but he at least acts humble about it and acknowledges those who help him. Matt is better than Anoop, but… the s like Anoop better by far. I think it would be great for Kris Allen to win the whole thing. He is original and talented and a breath of fresh air. Adam already has it made in the industry, and Allison will for sure make it in the music world. Danny will probably be another Chris Daughtry.

  26. Adam – Too Broadway – His voice actually hit a pitch that made my dog cringe last night
    Danny – Sweet – But needs to sing more melodies to show off his voice
    Kris – Cute – Coming out of his shell and showing some personality
    Alison- How old? – Great voice for her age
    Anoop – Good Voice – No Personality
    Matt – Good days, Bad days – Not consistent
    Lil – Had hope for her – Hope lost
    I am hoping Danny wins, he seems to be the one who could sell the most through radio if he is given the right songs
    Sorry Adam fans, we will see him on Broadway.

  27. I think Lil and Matt will be the two eliminated tonight. Lil shows no respect when the Judges are talking, she is too busy rambling on and on defending herself. She does look great, but it does seem that she only worries about her looks, instead of her singing. Adam is so talented, but he at least acts humble about it and acknowledges those who help him. Matt is better than Anoop, but… the s definitely like Anoop better by far. I think it would be great for Kris Allen to win the whole thing. He is original and talented and a breath of fresh air. Adam already has it made in the industry, and Allison will for sure make it in the music world. Danny will probably be another Chris Daughtry.

  28. I think Lil and Matt will be the two eliminated tonight. Lil shows no respect when the Judges are talking, she is too busy rambling on and on defending herself. She does look great, but it does seem that she only worries about her looks, instead of her singing. Adam is so talented, but he at least acts humble about it and acknowledges those who help him. Matt is better than Anoop,the s definitely like Anoop better by far. I think it would be great for Kris Allen to win the whole thing. He is original and talented and a breath of fresh air. Adam already has it made in the industry, and Allison will for sure make it in the music world. Danny will probably be another Chris Daughtry.

  29. Lil and Matt or Anoop. I like Anoop’s voice but he never mixes it up. I’d keep Matt because he is more courageous.

    Adam was the best he has command of the stage just standing there.
    I like Kris mixing it up.

    In general I was disapointed in the whole show. I love the disco beat and feel no one captured it. Why have a disco week and not do disco??

  30. Lil and Anoop should be the ones eliminated in my opinion. Bottom 3 will probably include Matt, who is likely be eliminated next week. My current prediction for future eliminations: Kris, Allison, Adam and Danny will be the final two and Danny will win. Surprises do happen though.

  31. I love Lil and thought she could do well, but she keeps missing the boat. It’s so sad, because I do think she has a great voice. Man, it’s almost heartbreaking.

    Whoever the other person is that’s going, it’s not because they are not good. It’s only because everyone left is pretty much great!

  32. I think Lil and Matt or Anoop will be going home today. Kris is really emerging into a star. This quiet young man is coming up and it may be quite a shock to Danny and Adam who Paula already predicted will be in the finals. How rude. How inconsiderate to the other singers. I am really loving Kris and just how humble he is. He definitely knows what songs he CAN sing. Danny can’t dance and shouldn’t try because that’s what makes him look clumsy; however, you can just sing all slow songs either. Adam is the whole package. I love how he can take a song and make it so new that you wouldn’t even think it was this other song. Allison, for a 16 year old, is amazing. Should be interesting.


  34. Lil is a definite to go tonight and Anoop and Matt will be the other two in the bottom three. I do not know which one will actually leave. I agree that Danny and Adam will be the last two there. Should be interesting to see how it all turns out.

  35. Gotta hand it to Kris – he has to be the most improved over all of them. Kudos to you Kris – you are up and rising! Adam – is Adam and very good mind you. I am an Allison fan! You go Girlfriend! I think Danny may just hit the bottom three this week – along with Anoop and Lil. Can’t see Matt in the bottom three because the judges just saved him last week. How fun this show is – so unpredictablbe. Happy Idoling.

  36. anoop & lil will leave this week i think simon hes blind math is deserving to be an idol i like his performance on tuesday i think hes the best among of the finalist. adam is good but im solid fan of math from philippine.& i will support him until the end. & beside hes very commercial to i love math.

  37. adam hes suck lastnight. i love math im disagree what simon said i think simon need a cottonbuds & eye glasses. i love math style personality & he so talented & his movement is killer love u math

  38. Adam? Could it be just like Chris Daughtry and David Archuleta? Most thought they would win their seasons and did not. I like Adam, but I don’t think he is in a class by himself. I think Kris and Allison are going to give him a run for his money. The rest can really sing, they just don’t bring anything different to the table. Lil and Anoop to say bye-bye tonite.

  39. Goodbye Lil and Matt, I think your time has come, as good as you are. 🙁 You just aren’t bringing it enough for me. Adam, Kris, Danny and Allison were awesome, but you never know, tonight’s elimiation could be a big surprise…..

  40. Danny in the bottom three along with Matt and Anoop. These three men haven’t brought anything original to the stage for the past 4 to 5 weeks. They sound the same week after week. Think tonites elimination will be a shocker with Danny and Anoop leaving. With all the grief Lil got – she has to stay one more week. Getting interesting folks –

  41. Lisa – have you had your coffe now? I agree with you on Danny – he is good, just getting boring with the song choices. Nothing different, just the same each week. Adam is awesome. Would like to see the final “showdown” be Adam and Allison. Kris is moving up tho too – just like Sunshine said. Gotta love to Idol. Good Day!

  42. Let’s do the math together, shall we?

    Lil’ – going home. She often misses power notes, which is supposed to be her strong suite. And the complaining is killing her!

    Matt – going home. Voters already have an opinion and are not easily swayed. His performance was ok, but not enough to change the minds of steadfast supporters of other players.

    Anoop – next to go. Good voice, but only for ballads. His image needs work and small things (like lip sweat) are a distraction. Marketability is also an issue due to his poor choice of clothing and overall style.

    Danny – once a front-runner, his stock has dropped due to just ok performances. He brings little change to the table and has a limited voical range. Head to head with Kris and he falls a little short.

    Allison – Decent rocker, but the raspy tones and the inaudible pronunciations are taking their toll. She also lacks originality. She is a Kelly Clarkson redo and, although Kelly is a great singer and performer, the market can only handle one of her at a time.

    Kris – in a head to head with Adam… Kris loses. He, however, will have a career as his tone is unique and his style is more and more creative wach week. He has demonstrated versitility and class, which have increased his stock.

    Adam – Track of My Tears, Mad World and Ring of Fire…enough said. Perhaps her peaked too early in the competition, but he will have great career. Take a listen to the studio recording of Mad World and hear that he toned it down and with some guidance can produce great music. As for the “drama”, can you say LADY GAGA? Is there not a more dramatic star who is dominating at this time. Life performances are expected to be over-the-top or intimate and Adam can do both. Versitility is the key here and that’s why Adam should win.

  43. Well, what can I say, Adam was spectacular! As I have said from the beginning, he should be the next AI.

    I think Lil and Matt will go home to nite. And next Anoop.

  44. Neo, very good blow by blow analysis..I agree with you…The order may not be exact (you know, America votes and not always on talent)but the end results will be the same…Adam is the man!!

  45. I believe tonight it will be Lil and either Matt or Anoop. Neither of them had a good solid performance last night!

    Kris – will be top 3
    Allison – will be top 3
    Danny – will be top 4
    Adam – will be top 3

    top 2?????
    Allison / Kris

    I don’t care for Adam – I don’t like his renditions of his songs! I was waiting for him to Rock Out last Night – and I feel asleep listening to him – YAWN — BORING!!!!! And Ring of Fire! – OMG _ Johnny Cash would have rolled over in his grave!!!!!! That was Hideous!

    I personally would like to see Adam go – cause he’s gonna make it anyway! I would like to see the top 3 be: Allison, Danny, Kris ! Those three have got some TALENT!!!!

    Lil has been a LET DOWN – I think she could be more powerful – but hasn’t been! And Matt – well he is a Boyband Type! and Anoop – I’m not quite sure what to make of him – I did like his version of Everything I do I do For You!

    Tonite it will be Lil, and either Matt or Anoop. – But we could get surprised!

  46. Adam has this year in the bag.I am not as impressed with Danny as everyone else is. Danny sounds the same week after week. Lil round I believe is lost on what to do. Kris was absolutely fabulous this week. Matt I believe did better than Anoop so I feel the final 5 should be Adam, Allison, Kris, Danny, and Matt.

  47. Lil and Kris should go. I like Kris, but think he’s overrated. Anoop’s voice is flawless every single week! I totally disagreed with Simon’s comment last night. Matt is consistently great as well, but hands down the best performances of the night were ALLISON, MATT and ANOOP!! I AM SO TIRED of Adam – personally, the guy is VERY overrated ~ I thought his performance last night was EXTREMELY BORING and very disappointing. I love Danny, but he really needs to start stepping it up like Allison did and blow the doors off the place – he definitely has the talent!

  48. hope it’s Lil and Anoop. Matt is boring, Adam predictable, Chris has moments. Alison will be great when she has had some voice training, but Danny is my guy.

  49. Adam really is a musical genius, and he seems like a nice dude. He is also almost certainly gay. He’s still my top choice, and I could care less about the gay thing, but is America ready for a gay idol?

  50. adam and danny will be in the finals.

    lil for sure is going home and so is anoop.

    adam won this the first week, no one else has a chance. he is in a diff league. i bet dannu wishes adam wasn’t in the competition.

  51. I think Lil, Anoop and Matt need to go. After that, the talent is incredible. Kris is a big surprise, I hope he can become “memorable” and Adam rocks. Although I think Adam looked rediculous in that outfit last night and I wasn’t as impressed with his song as I usually am. Kris really amazed me last night. Danny doesn’t do anything for me, although he is good and Allison is the next Janis Joplin.

  52. Lil Rounds…needs to go home. She talks back to the judges and is not improving. Matt, horrible song last night. You would think after he got saved he would have picked a better song and gave his all. Everyone predicts Adam is going to win…but I think it’s going to be Danny. He is genuine, likeable and has a unique sound to his voice!

  53. LIL – It’s ashame that the only positive comment she’s gotten is after she got eliminated! Who wouldn’t break down with all the negative comments week after week! (remember Jennifer Hudson – hum)
    Danny – Love his voice hope he makes it to the top 3
    Adam – great voice but he never receives negative feedback and sometimes he really needs it – his song was tooooo slow for disco night – come on Simon where was your negative opinions – hum
    Allison – Great – love her voice!
    Kris – easy to forget
    Matt – Um
    Anoop – not consistent but has progresses along the way

  54. Danny – fantastic, great, awesome.
    Adam – ok needs some negative feedback. Should take Simon’s critism and put it to some good use.
    Allison – great
    Lil – needs to be sent home
    Kris – sweet
    Anoop – do not believe he will be around for much longer
    Matt – Do not think he has a chance

  55. Once again, very happy and overjoy that the 2 loser who always gave the most not so great performances like more than 2 times, were out for good.

    Bye Bye Bye Anoop and don’t look back cause the judges will not pity you and used the safe on you and oh, i forgot already that they judges had used their safe on Matt and it was the best the amazing deal and worth it that so much for them to use the safe on Matt and Matt saved himself from the competition once and again instead on Anoop and Lil cause it’s not worth it to use it on them and Yipeee for Matt as he did not sat on the uncomfortable stool again but sadly, Anoop and Lil had to sat again!

    They are not that strong competitor and they are also won’t be the one winning the idol and also, no good! It’s a fact that who ever idol was a regular in bottom 3, will not win the competition and sooner, he/she will also be gone from the competition and he’s been in bottom 3 cause most of his performances he gave was a singing yoyo, from Zero to Hero and people are confussed with that. Very confussed on that especially me!

    including me fully knows that and that’s why he got to go! Do not drag or be buggin that he’s already gone. I mean, he still did pretty well on the ballads performances and that’s the NO 1 best highlight on his performances. I still do believe that the disco performance, he did not do well and it was not the great performance of Anoop and that’s why he got booted out that so seriously! Judges also don’t like it and so why let him stay? It’s a waste of time for him to stay onto the next round!

    Whatsoever, it’s time for him to go home and let the whoever recording company wants to sign him as an artist and once and for all, the all judges did not even regretted using the safe on Matt cause Paula and the judges can’t let go Matt easily and it was a mijority deal that they all used on Matt. Matt has been saved and i’m so so happy for it. Oh yes and it happened and very sorry that they can’t used on Anoop cause one again, it’s not worth it. Go and work out on the dance moves and learn that carefully if he want to sing and perform better on the RNB songs and train and the vocals as well!

    PS: Thank you so so so so mcuh that for you guys voted hardly on Matt that he’s safe this week. Very appeciated on that! Go Matt G!

  56. The majority cannot be wrong and they have spoken: It’s Adm Lambert who will be the next American Idol. He deserves the crown. Kris is another deserving one, though it is obvious that Adam is way ahead. Allison also is oozing with potential. Lil should have listened to the comments of the judges rather than opening her big mouth every time she gets criticisms. which all the more worsened her already serious blind spots. I hope she learns her lessons, but at the rate she shows her defensiveness, it will take an expert Psyco analyst to remedy that problem of hers.

  57. Man I’m glad you guys are FINALLY getting it! Its an Adam and Allison fight in the finale.

  58. Here’s the deal! It is my understand that Adam has been a semi-pro for a while. I like the thought of the rags to riches stories on AI. If what I’ve heard is true, and he has been performing in Vegas for several years, I’d like to see Alison or Chris win this year! Daughtry (sp??)was the same, he was a semi pro. I want the Kelly Clarkston, Ruben Stoddard, Fantasia, stories.

    No doubt he is very good. But I think he has an unfair advantage.

    BTW…so does Matt. Although he’s not the greatest, he has been singing in a club in Michigan for a long time now.

  59. i dont understand y allison was in the bottom 3 last night wat the heck she’s one of the best singers…..i think kris and matt need to go next week i wanna see allison adam and danny in the finals…..i love allison!!!

  60. allison-she’s a really great singer i love her,my fav.
    adam-he’s great too
    danny-he’s good
    kris-i dont quite like him
    matt-he’s good but not good enough to be in the finals.

  61. I was surprised to see Allison in the Bottom Three!!!! Not surprised at all on Lil & Anoop being sent home! It will get interesting from here on out! I hope Allison makes it to the Top 2! She is Awesome!

    I think Matt will go home next –
    then Danny
    then Kris
    And ADAM – will be the idol! Which I think SuX!!! Cause he is not an Idol – He never gets any NEGATIVE feedback! It’s always goo goo over him! GET OVER it already! He SUX!!!!

  62. America what is wrong with you. I can’t beleive Allison was in the bottom three and has been there 2 or 3 times before. It makes me think you are looking superficially because she isn’t this beautiful diva. But she has great talent and vocals.

  63. adam wonferful as usual.

    Matt should have gone home with Lil instead of Anoop. Matt will be next.

    Allison should have not been in the bottom 3. I am of course voting for Adam to win. However, I think the bottom three will ge Adam, Allison and Goeky.

  64. First and foremost, thank you so so much for your guys out there, whom believe Matt G so so much, no matter how negativity people commented on him that he should be eliminated instead of Anoop and worst, he should had not been saved. Neverless, you guys stayed on and believe the positive side of Matt than landed him onto top 5 and i really really appeaciated of that!
    This is one of the idol that his talent, personality, creativity, passion, his dances and sings so so well and so increrible extreamly well and lots and lots of it that we all should not be simply ignored that easily and be wasted on that. We all, should wach, listen, follow, learn, how he sing, dances, play the piano and performs so so well, very talented like as if he’s very genious fully on the stage. I think that he’s the Irresistible guy like what the Jessica Simpson song stated!

    Wow, he is so so smart and very genuis that i really to be just like him and do what he does on the stage. Though some especially the hattest of Matt G may not agreed that his performances like the previous week that he had to perfrom twice that almost landed him to be booted out, at least he tried the very best to sing well that he almost sang with a sexy vibe.

    Thankfully for the judges especially Paula whom trusted her instinct so so well and look right onto Matt face that he needed so badly and dyiing, that the judges decided to save him. But yet, i do think that saving Matt into the competiton will be the perfect gift that he never ever replaced anything in his life.

    Amazing brilliant sexy powerful performace of Matt Stayin Alive! He almost performed exactly like Justin Timberlake except he did not worn the suite. But neverless, Simon should be open minded and see the pros like Justin performed this song cause he will know more on Matt style, vibe and groove. I do think that Justin will perform exectly like Matt if ever perform at his concert.Very thankful that he did not worn the costume and performed this song!

    I’m always looking forward in every Matt upcoming performances in the future and see/hear what he’s going to do next and very confident that he will perform well. Please one again, don’t ever ever stop voting for this guyand make lots of it. Make this guy dream come true and Matt G, Keep on doing the interpitationn of other idols especially Danny and make lots of it cause that’s really so so hilarious!

  65. Danny, it’s the Amazing brillant performance of September. Keep up with it and also the sexy voice + use it to lure Paula and make the next idol to met Paula into liquid. The sexy voice almost sounds just like Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton! This is one of the guys who i always look up to cause he’s very inspiring, very motivateds and he had showed me that he still can screw up on his life and still can move on, achieve his dream and be the role model and set the example to the people.

  66. Brilliant fantastic, marvellous performance who once again Adam has give us! It is so so sweet and so so beatiful that i was totally speechlees and lost my breath away instantly . I had never ever heard and seen any performer including the pros sang it that so extreamly well. Even Mariah,Celine, Whitney and Toni Ballads can’t even beat this ballad and also at how Adam sang. Everyone whom seen and heard this song must felt the pain and the hurt of this song and there’s not way you will feel it!

    He even melted Paula into a liquid for goodness sake! I really hope that he will add this song and record once again on his debut album when later release cause it’s a must must! He once again has the untimate package to win the competition and i can’t wait for his next mindblowing speechless performances! If We can”t have you, i don’t think i will ever seen Paula melt and almost on tear live on nation tv. Keep up the good work and amazed us with your amazing talent!

  67. Adam, who is very good, is a ringer. Allison has a wonderful voice and I hope a great career ahead of her. Danny, I love his voice. The rest, good luck.

  68. O.K. if this show is for talent we need to consider the ones that have come far and beyond. That would be Kris and Allison this two have come a long way! Kris can take a song and make it his and that is a lot to accomplish. Allison just has that voice and can also change the song into her mode. This two should be in the top two. And I wish them all the best

  69. As for Adam I cannot see all that much talent!He can do O.K. but I do not think he is the best. As for Matt it is time for him to go. Danny is good but I cannot see him in the top two.The two people that have made a big change in there singing is Kris and Allison! They can take a song and make it there own. I can really see these two standing at the end. I wish them the best and hope I am correct!

  70. Whatever you all say bad thigs and disses Matt G, i’m not angry and mad at you guys for doing but i think it’s fair if i say a little bad things to Lil and Anoop and i think that people should not judge me on what i’ve said on Lil and Anoop cause i’m not a racist and they got eliminated cause their performance ware not that good and the people of America did not vote for them lots and lots. I mean, i am from Singapore, can’t even vote for the idols and this is the place where i can say what i want and in peace. So whoever don’t like what i’m saying especially Faith, i just wanna say that i’m just saying what’s on my mind and nothing personal or anything!

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