American Idol 2009 Top 7 Round 2 Elimination Results – April 22, 2009

Tonight on American Idol 2009, the double elimination results for this season’s second round of Top 7 will be revealed. Stay tuned…

So far this week’s bottom performers are: 1 – Lil, 2 – Anoop, 3 – Allison

American Idol 2009 Top 7 Round 2 Elimination Results:

  • Lil Rounds has been eliminated
  • Anoop Desai has also been eliminated

Without any fanfare, Lil Rounds was eliminated tonight in the first 15 mins of the show. That was fast. Who will be the second singer eliminated? It’s Anoop Desai!

Were you surprised? I wasn’t. Let’s hear your comments and early predictions for next week. Battle it out in the comments for your favorite.




  1. Sorry Lil, I’ve known you at the start of this season, I’ve even placed (some) of my money on you. But you just aren’t delivering.

  2. That’s too bad anoop. My wife voted for you for 1 whole hour. She will be sad when it is on in a few hours.

  3. i’m a little disappointed in the judges comments about Lil Rounds, but guess what ? SHE will be ok.
    i’m positive she’s gonna make a name for herself in the very near future. Lil, this is just the beginning of your career.

  4. I am not surprised at the two eliminated tonight. The Show has been loaded with a young man right from the beginning who has already been trained on stage and in the business. No one can win against Adam Lambert.

    By the way I really liked Lil Rounds as a Singer and I thought the Randy and especially Simon’s remarks were extremely ignorant and not necessary when critiquing someone. Rudeness is never a sign of intelligence.

    The other best thing you could do for this show is get rid of that 4th judge Kara. She is so extremely arrogant.

  5. I was not surprised with the eliminations. I was surprised of Allison being in the bottom. I thought the top three would be Adam, Danny and Allison. Matt will probably be the next one to go. He got by this week because he was better than Lil and a better stage presence than Anoop. Still watching for my favorite to win….Danny.

  6. Lil went home! No suprise! She was too sassy for Simon and he has more pull than some might think! Matt should have went home too. What a shock! His performance yesterday was Baaad! My top 3 are Adam,Kris and Allison. I would like to include Danny too. But that would be kind of cheating. We agreed to stick with 3 in our house! Go Adam. I am not saying Adam has Elvis’s voice.But he sure looks a lot like him! And he is extremely talented. Unless I am shocked to death like with Chris Daughtry then the winner will be Adam!

  7. I don’t like Matt, he should have gone. Anoop has a lot better voice and I can understand the words when he sings and it is not a lot of screaming.

  8. I was very surprised that Anoop was let go! I never really thought much about him in the beginning, but WOW he was the most improved singer. It should have been Matt to go.. He is good, but not as good as Anoop.. I was also surprised that Allison was in the bottom 3..

  9. I was happyto finally see Anoop Desai go, not really sure why he stayed for as long as he did. As for Lil Rounds she has a gift and will go far in her career, but as we all know someone has to win. There is great compatition right now. The rest all deserve to be there right now. Great job everyone!!!

  10. i agree, but again, what is wrong with america??? Allison should not have been in the bottom 3, shes AMAZING!!

  11. Lil Rounds is gone,but wait,Jennifer Hudson didn’t win the contest either.But I think Grammey and Oscar say’s it all.Hello somebody her exit performance showed what you robots over looked.Judge for yourselves and stop being manipulated by 4 robots.

  12. America got it spot on. In my opinion, the bottom 3 deserved to be there and either of them were ready to leave. It’s now clearly obvious that Adam and Kris are far and away the most talented and most deserving to take it out. They best represent why this show is so important in unearthing talented artists – how could these 2 guys not have been discovered by now?

  13. Lil needed to go for sure but it could have been either Matt or Anoop as the second to leave. I would rather have seen Matt go as I think Anoop has really improved the last two weeks, however he wasn’t ever going to win. I think he will do well though. Kris is the “sleeper” in this contest for sure and Adam has been the winner since he first stepped on the stage. He’s the whole package and he’s very “easy” on the eyes.

  14. As I have predicted a week ago, Lil and Anoop would get the boot, and they did…surprisingly, Alison got to the bottom 3 instead of Matt whom I believe should have gotten likewise the axe. Next week’s fearless forecast for elimination would then be Matt, and therefore, my fav Andrew, Kris, Alison and Danny would vie for the finals..ultimately, Andrew would be the AI !!!

  15. Ooppss…correction, Andrew should be Adam…sorry for the miscue…

    Adam Lambert should ultimately be declared American Idol !!!

  16. Ya what’s is wrong with the ears and eyes. At this stage, look beyond AI.

    Most contestants competes with himself, resulting to a disaster like Kris and Matt. Danny is a good singer but sounds copy cat of David Cook.

    Please don’t waste your vote, just because he or she is good looking, it doesn’t mean he deserves to be an Idol.

    That leaves Alison and Adam, cant wait to see those two compete in the finals.

  17. Danny isnt a copy cat of David Cook. David Cook is a rocker. Danny, on the other hand, is a blues/ballad singer.

    but they do have on thing in common, they are both great singers!

    AMERICAN IDOL 2009 for me is:

    David Cook = Danny Gokey
    D Archuleta = Adam Lambert

    go, go, Gokey!

    David Cook is the greatest IDOL ever!

  18. My early prediction is Adam Lambert. I do not like at all because he has too much sccream and yelling it hurt my ear a lot and he will go home next week. I do like Allison Iraheta a lots Allison will win next American Idol and she will became 2nd youngest American Idol since Jordin Sparks in season 6 winners at age 17 years old. Adam, Danny, Matt, and Kris will not win American Idol.

    Sencresily, Marky

  19. randy jackson’s a fan of adam lambert.

    kara dioguardi’s a fan of matt giraud.

    paula abdul’s a fan of danny gokey.

    simon cowell’s a fan of himself.

  20. Well, another week and I have to admit I was surprised about a few things. I wasn’t surprised to see Lil Rounds go, she just never quite pulled it together, however I do think she is talanted. I personally also agreed about Anoop, although I really thought Matt would go. Again, he is talented. But someone had to go, and those two were at the bottom. The surprise was Allison being in the bottom, she is so good and original and yet she keeps gettting put in the bottom three. Are people not voting or what? Adam Lambert literally blew everyone out of the water yet again. The one that I just don’t get is Kris, I am just totally unimpressed, I didn’t like his song choice or his performance. If we want Allison to continue we need to vote. Danny Gokey also continues to be a pleasant surprise, Next week bye bye Matt or possibly Kris. The top three should be Adam, Allison, and Danny, in that order. I think Adam has already won, He is the total package, voice, stage presense and that special something that only comes around rarely, I think Adam is going to end up being big, bigger than any Idol before him, He has the talent to go down in history. His attitude is always so thankful, and he always takes the time to thank the band and the fans. As with any talent, your fans can make or break you. I also agree with Randy Jackson, In all the years I have watched Idol, this is the best group I’ve ever seen, Even the worst have been better than some of the previous seasons best. Who is Taylor Hicks? Another thing about Adam, he crosses all age groups and has fans of all ages, all genre’s, he doesn’t restrict himself to any one style. Best Idol season ever. I did feel bad for the disco performers, they dressed to young and all sang like they were out of breath, besides what’s disco without the queen, Donna Summer?

  21. Alison and Adam will be in the finals and I think Adam will win, Alison is too young either way the hole top 12 or 11 or 10 have already won. Im sure they already recording or having contracts to record albums.

  22. David gone to bottom 3 for a time then compete with a young, good looking and popular David A., based on the 3 finale performance the obvious winner is David A.

    The ultimate Idol ever, David C., Great!!!

  23. math i love you my heart is on you. im so glad math still just wondering why the judges like danny gokey voice he sounds same & he sang like karaoke its painful on my ear also alison sounds like karaoke.thier voice shits

  24. thier deserve to be a bottom 3 how come dannny gokey never experience in the botton 3 hes voice is fuck i hate his voice

  25. …allison has an amazing voice and she will have a great career ahead, with or without getting into AI finals… but in order o win over AI voters…maybe she should ton down that edginess in her stage looks… she migh check what Adam does in looks department…. he keeps his unique style but once in a while shows he can have mainstream appeal as well…

    ….lil rounds – another great voice but her being childishly stubborn for no good reason got her rightly out….Lil never took judge’s comments seriously /Simon’s particularly/…and contniued with songs and arrangements that “she had fun with” but which did nothing good to her voice !? she seemed to forget that AI is singing competition as well and seemes to pay more attention to her (good) looks then to her the musical choices or strategy in that respect… If Lil doesn’t learn to open herself now and learn, at this stage of her career, and take comments constructively for her own good, she never will.

  26. I wasn’t surprised with tonights elimination. I was surprised to see Allison in the bottom 3 though. I like her much more than Matt. My fav is (1) Adam-the guy is the full package and is the winner in my opinion. I liked this guy right from the get-go. (2) Allison-so very talanted and only 16. She’s entertain to watch and has an incredible voice. (3) toss between Danny (very good singer but doesn’t command the stage) & Kris (he has been moving up in my picks from 4 to tie for 3rd place. Loved him singing Once last week.

  27. I just found out the happy news like right now from here. The result show has not premier on Asia but yet, Very very happy, glad and fully excited that she’s gone for good! Happily, at last that my hopes and prediction had came true finally. This is the best and happiest news ever that i have to celebrate and pop the champagne tonight!! Yippeeeeeeeeee! and bye bye Lil! Hope that you won’t slip and fall on a banana and don’t look back cause no one is going to give you any more chances and pity on you as you had you chances and you did not do it right, correctly and carefully and so goodbye for good!

    Well Lil, she do not know how to sing well and choose the correct song, very suck in all the performances, don’t know how to be original and creative unlike Adam and Kris, copycat copycat copycat again and again and again and again, trying to be the simply the best in all of the performances but did not happen at all, and worst, what wrong with her? Is she sick or she really really sick that she need to see a shrink for that cause what i’ve stated here is so easy to do!

    Can’t she choose a great song that really suit her vocals and her pretty well and like as if it’s the most difficult and hardest thing to do. Every single time she performed, there’s lots of pitching, sceaming too loud and too much that became irritating and anooying, and worst, every single time, Randy and Simon always had to give her bad commens and i’m already sick sick sick sick sick sick and very tired tired tired tired of it and finally, there will be no more of it, finally at last! ]

    Me totally agreed on what simon comented on her 100% and now that, she finally gone for good and can’t be able to become fans fave which she’s not really. So very very happy and words can’t explain how i feel. She should had gone for good like last week because one again, she suck and trully, big time suck and will awalys be! Go home and became a full time mum just like Megan and also, go and see a therapy or a hire a entertaiment lawyer and seek lots of help from it!

  28. I am surprised to see Allison in the bottom 3. May I remind you guys that to have a woman in the top 5, gives life to women genre each week’s performance especially the youth. Where are your votes,guys???? More surprises each week as we see Allison bouncing back!!!

    I love Anoop’s vocals and his rendition to each song he sang . In fact, he is better than Mat but it is also popularity contest here and Anoop finds it hard to connect himself to american audience…. this made him underdog….however, I would buy his album if someone invests for him…anyone, please???

    Adam is just original, he is far better than anyone else in the group because his style is unique and adorable.I foresee him as american idol this season…..

    Danny is fantastic but as I say, it would be Adam’s luck this year! Kris is “sleepy giant”. given a break…he might emerge as the winner!!!

  29. my favorite is Lil Round she great the artist was in her mind to follow the guide by Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell and the the punk rock Allison she rock the house down.

    my final three three is Matt Girad Danny Gokey my final two and do not save Matt he is suck those faa have the lowest two loser

  30. my favorite tow rock punk singer are Lil Round and Allison is my favorite two,

    my SIster really like Adam Lambert he is rock and the few rock song for him is Blame it on the love of Rock and roll.

    the rolling Stone Satifaction Rock DJ Robbie William speak softly love Andy William

  31. There is only one winner Adam Lambert, he has a fantastic voice, love his songs, I can listen to him the whole day and still want more. I cannot wait to see what he is going to do next.

  32. Once again, very happy and overjoy that the 2 loser who always gave the most not so great performances like more than 2 times, were out for good.

    Bye Bye Bye Anoop and don’t look back cause the judges will not pity you and used the safe on you and oh, i forgot already that they judges had used their safe on Matt and it was the best the amazing deal and worth it that so much for them to use the safe on Matt and Matt saved himself from the competition once and again instead on Anoop and Lil cause it’s not worth it to use it on them and Yipeee for Matt as he did not sat on the uncomfortable stool again but sadly, Anoop and Lil had to sat again!

    They are not that strong competitor and they are also won’t be the one winning the idol and also, no good! It’s a fact that who ever idol was a regular in bottom 3, will not win the competition and sooner, he/she will also be gone from the competition and he’s been in bottom 3 cause most of his performances he gave was a singing yoyo, from Zero to Hero and people are confussed with that. Very confussed on that especially me!

    including me fully knows that and that’s why he got to go! Do not drag or be buggin that he’s already gone. I mean, he still did pretty well on the ballads performances and that’s the NO 1 best highlight on his performances. I still do believe that the disco performance, he did not do well and it was not the great performance of Anoop and that’s why he got booted out that so seriously! Judges also don’t like it and so why let him stay? It’s a waste of time for him to stay onto the next round!

    Whatsoever, it’s time for him to go home and let the whoever recording company wants to sign him as an artist and once and for all, the all judges did not even regretted using the safe on Matt cause Paula and the judges can’t let go Matt easily and it was a mijority deal that they all used on Matt. Matt has been saved and i’m so so happy for it. Oh yes and it happened and very sorry that they can’t used on Anoop cause one again, it’s not worth it. Go and work out on the dance moves and learn that carefully if he want to sing and perform better on the RNB songs and train and the vocals as well!

  33. Lil rounds should have been eliminated long time ago. It’s a miracle that she was able to survive that long. Unless she learns some lesson of listening to criticisms rather than arguing with the judges (What did she think of the competition, a court battle?), then she will remain to be a “good-for-nothing second rate copycat”

  34. America, thank you for keeping Allison! I would have freaked if Lil was still there and Allison gone. But if we want Allison there for the finale you gotta vote for her next week and the next and the next. I have no doubt she’ll be amazing with whatever the theme is. Shes flippin awesome! We, here in New Zealand are huge fans of the spunky 16 year old and cannot understand why shes been in the bottom 3 soooo many times. Please wake up and vote Allison all the way. Its the right thing to do. Everyone is slowly coming round to a Adam/Allison finale! And why not? They are the best vocally, in stage presence and natural talent.

  35. adam is super cool… and he ought to win…. but i am a bit sad that he is a gay… hais… BUT i still love him… go danny and adam…. the top 2… fight for the best:) anoop is actually good…seriously… i mean he sholu be out this week but the last few week he shold not be in bottom 3 he have a great poerformance… guess is becase he is indian that why no much vote… hais

  36. America eliminated the right two contestants last night; however, I believe that Matt should have been in the bottom instead of
    Allison. We are now down to the top five and, let’s face it, they are all excellent singers and performers and anyone of them is deserving of the title American Idol 2009. That being said, my vote continues to be for Danny Gokey on so many levels. First and foremost he is by far the best singer among them, always singing on key (he could sing acapella and would sound incredible) and hitting each and every note on the dime. He doesn’t shout (Allison) or whine (Adam). He knows who he is as a performer and shows this each and every week. Go Danny Go!

  37. I am glad Lil is gone, she should have been out last week, then the judges would have still had the save. She is not an artist, she has a voice, but she does not understand music.

    Anoop has a fantastic, strong voice. I feel bad cause if they had not saved Matt, he would have been in still, but I love Matt’s voice, I am glad he is still in. I would not be surprised if Allison is next to go. I don’t think she should be in the bottom but I don’t vote for her because she has already won a record deal and 50 thousand dollars. I want someone else to have a chance.

    Adam, Chris and Danny are FANTASTIC. Chris is too cute…. but in the end, I want Danny to win! But if it is Adam, he well deserves it.

    We all know it will be Adam, Chris and Danny in the end, that has been obvious since the top 13. No matter which one wins, I think America loves all three and they will all wind up winners in their career.

  38. And Lil, with her attitude and lack of respect for what the professionals are telling her. I say good bye, Thank God your gone. It’s like Megan, she told Simon she does not care what he thinks and he gave it back to her, he did not care to use the save.

    I love the respect Anoop and Danny always showed the judges. The rest I am sure respect the judges as well, they just have not had the same opportunities to express it. Adam was hysterical when he said to Simon in reference to Rocy Horror picute show “was that an insult” He took it as a compliment!

  39. I won’t comment on idols cause they are all great, I don’t vote cause I tape it and watch it too late. I just want to say
    “Disco is DEAD!” What a terrible show the old Disco Era Stars put on. Thank God the idols took the “Disco” style arrangements out of the songs.

  40. Not surprised at all…Matt goes home next week. The best surprise of the night was that Allison was in the bottom three! She cannot possibly win it.

  41. Congrats to Anoop and Lil for such a gracious exit from the show..they are true stars and will be just fine in the future…they bowed out with dignity and class…congrats. I was shocked to see Allison in the bottom two…are people just voting on who is cute, or what? Alison is fantastic, and I hope it is an Alison and Adam finish..that woul be the correct finish. In reference to all the comments about Adam being already trained, I have a daughter who is on the stage, and she loves Adam because she says being on a stage and doing live concerts are totally different, and he should be commended. Go Adam…you are terrific and all age groups love you, not just the teeny boppers….

  42. Not a surprise who went home last night. Matt you were awesome and humble as always. You hang in there.

  43. I was not surprised when Lil and Anoop were eliminated last nite. I was surprised at how soon they told Lil it was her that was being eliminated. Why so soon?
    I’m still an Adam fan. I think he’s in a league all by himself. He will not only go on to win but he’ll have a fantastic carreer.

  44. We’ll my bet was off.felt little bad but that’s only the beginning of his journey to stardom..everybody has its own taste and judgement.As a matter of fact the four judges has different ideas.Good luck to my 1st favorite ever since the beginning of the show..ADAM

  45. The soul voice of Anoop will be missed for several weeks…he had always been good and on his best performance. Such a great voice.
    Anoop you may not have won the heart of American people and some of the judges…but you won the heart of millions of people who have the ears of who can sing, its not the race, the culture but what you have great TALENT.
    Hope you’ll come a long way. Great job!

  46. There’s something that’s starting to bug me about Allison — It sounds like she’s singing the same song every single week. I just realized that the reason she always sounds the same is because she hasn’t shown that she has any range. Can she even hit a high note? This is one aspect in which Adam is miles ahead of her.

  47. finally!! average Lil is gone and we´ll be seeing no more boring Anoop. The problem with Allison is that she has no charisma and she always sounds the same no matter what she sings. Gokey is really anoying, he acts as if he is one of the new kids on the block. Matt puts too much of everything in every song, it seems that he is always trying too hard. From the beginning Kris showed originality, but he is too shy and needs to pick better songs. And Adam, he knows what he is doing, he is so smart!!!

  48. Last night Lil and Anoop should have gone home, Lil should have gone home way sooner, she has a poor attitude and that will not get her anywhere. She needs to learn to listen to corrective advice. Anoop should not have been there they saved him once that was enough. I think Danny should win he has the heart to be the next American Idol, sure Adam is good and Chris but Danny is an “American Idol”

  49. we have to vote for allison. maybe now that lil is gone the vote will change some. i see that there are so many good male singers that people are voting for their favorite male to keep them safe. forgetting allison.

  50. I’m still surprised the judges wasted their vote on Matt. He will eventually be eliminated & I think they could have saved their vote for a better candidate later. Anoop is good but not good enough. Keep an eye on Chris; he gave the best performance this past week. Adam too. Allison is a great entertainer for her age, and she should do well even after the show is over, but I don’t think she’ll make it much longer. She could surprise us and be in the top 3 because she’s the only female remaining. I’m on the fence still about Danny. Too bad it was such a lousy evening for singers. Where was Donna Summer when you needed her? Freda Payne was laughable. Wonder what Simon’s comments would have been about her singing?? KC wasn’t much better…he should have stayed behind the keyboard. Props to Paula for working with the contestants on choreography.

  51. Danny will win because of his wife’s death. Every year there is a sob story and that person wins, even if they have no talent. this is a popularity contest not a singing contest. Also, will someone give Karla and Paula speech lessons. they suck.. GO ADAM AND ALLISIN

  52. I was wondering how come Anoop lasted this long. Thought he would have been eliminated long ago.

  53. To Mama Dee-the judges cannot use the save after last was only up to the top five..once the top five were announced, the save was no longer available to any of them….

  54. I think the right 2 were voted off. They are both very humble and handled their exits very gracefully and will do very well for themselves. I think Adam is the whole package seeing how he can rearrange a song, has quite the range with his voice, can hold a note forever, is very humble, not to mention – very extremely handsome – almost an Elvis look. Kris seems to be sneaking in there though and may surprise everyone. He has a wonderful voice with great range. Danny’s voice is good for those slow songs but the problem is there is not much range and you cannot only sing one type of song. There needs to be some variety. Not good slow song then clumsy slow to fast and so on. It’s the same note all the time. Allison same as Danny….same note, same sound. I love Matt’s bluesy sound. I do like them all being that they are all humble; however, when you are looking for the next American Idol – which is a singing show – my thoughts are that Adam will be the next American Idol. None of the others should feel bad either because they will all do very well for themselves.



  57. I think the eliminations were right on! Very happy Matt is still around!!! He is so humble.. great young man! The more I see him the more I love him! Talent goes a long way but character goes further! He has both!!! He is my favorite but I’m happy with all the remaining contestants.

  58. The only thing Matt has going for him is that he looks like an unattractive Justin Timberlake. He can’t sing and he makes ugly faces to boot. He should have been gone last week or this week. But since that didn’t happen hopfully we will be saying good bye to him next week. FINALLY!!

  59. It’s unbelievable that Allison was in the bottom 3 for the third time this season. What is America thinking? She has one of the best voices in the competion if not the best! I do believe that it may have something to do with her outfits. But please people that admire her singing, please get vote to save Allison she deserves to be in the Finale, not Danny. Danny has stumbled or been (clumsy) as Simon has put that past few weeks and Allison has been a much more exciting performer that past few weeks. Help her stay on, she really really is good and deserves more credit. Go Allison!!!

  60. Im a little surprised Anoops journey is over. I feel for him because I could see a massive improvement in his performances especailly with his song choices. I feel Matt should have gone instead. Matt’s perfomances are slightly dropping every week and never any surprises with him…sings the same style and his high pitch notes are becoming very annoying and off key at times.Lil Im glad is finally gone…she made too many promises of doing better the next week but c’mon how many chances does she need? She was definitely not bringing it…I cant believe she survived this long hmmm why is that?Anyway last thing I wanted to say is going to Randy and Kara. These 2 judges have similar comments and I cannot stand when they both say ‘dude you can really sing’ I have heard them say this nearly every week like OMG what the heck does that mean? Does it mean they couldnt sing before but still made it through to the final 12? Very annoying…and do they really need 4 judges…too much time and focus wasted on inexperienced judgement.

  61. I really believe alot of the voters are young teenage girls who are voting for who they think is cute, and not talented. I mean they are all very talented,but to keep voting for Danny, who is a great guy with a terrible sob story is not right…Alison has way more talent than Danny, but its the young girls who are voting “cute” and not talent and marketability….just my opinion. Go Adam and two are the complete package…

  62. I agree with both Jimmy and Angela…Adam is still the complete package and I can’t wait to buy his first CD!!! 🙂

  63. Anyone else notice that Allison’s initials are “AI”? A coincidence or an omen? 🙂

  64. I was not suprised at the results. I was surprised that Alliaon was in the bottom 3. Give this young girl a break. If you listen she has a remarkable voice for someone so young and could be trained to be an idol. I really think Adam is great and should be the winner. I think Matt should be the next one off the show. Sorry Matt. All the contestants are very talented and have star quality. I would like to see Adam and Allison in the final.
    I would also say that Ryan Seacrest really makes the show entertaining. He handles himself remarkabley especially when he gets put down by Simon.
    I like all the judges and believe that Simon speaks his mind and it is usally the truth except when he picks on Ryan

  65. note to Carol.. Adam was indeed funny when he said to Simon ” was that an insult ?” Very clever of him. I felt that he got it and was saying ” OK that is a great classic ; go ahead and compare me, I will accept that.” He is a great singer, great performer, and has got a sense of humor Also, HE WILL WIN !!!!!

  66. Burnie – I hope they do Elvis too 🙂
    Kathy – you nailed it girl. Everyone is voting for sob stories and looks rather than talent. Don’t get me wrong, not saying that Danny isn’t a sweet man but you can’t vote based on that. That’s why this show pisses me off. If we can’t vote based on singing, don’t vote at all. And Allison’s initials “AI” love that!

  67. i was very disappointed that Anopp was sent home. i think Matt should have gone home. i hated that fact that Paula and Kara saved Matt last week.

  68. I expected the exact results except that I figured that Matt would be in the bottom 3 as well. Allison should not have been there. Maybe the Anoop and Lil votes will be filtered to her.
    As we get closer to the finals, we may see some shocks. I still remember when Tamyra was let go early as well as Constantine and Chris Daughtry. You can never predict what the public will do.

  69. Matt should have been in there with them….
    He”ll go next week…………As for Adam he may be a good singer…but I don’t think he’ll go far if chosen American Idol……..
    To many Adam’s out there….We need something NEW………………….KRIS……………

  70. Americans crack me up! Ha ha ha ha!

    I still feel the same way when i commented at number 39.

  71. Kathy is right…Talent should be voted for, not cute. Chris and Gorky need to go and on the way out take Kara with you.
    Adam and Allison…in that order.

  72. MD Ridwan, why do you u hate Lil with passion? You are full of hatred gal….. pls get rid of it cos it won’t do you any good. Of all the pple you are the only one insulting the eliminated contestants , what’s up with you? I think Lil is a very talented singer who chose wrong songs, anyway congrats gal(LIL) for reaching the top 7. We all love you

  73. First of all, how the hell can she ended up on bottom 2 with Anoop? She should had not been in bottom 2 at all? You guys are so dumb and stupid not to vote on her as many times especially since she and Adam are so brilliant, powerful and fantastic in every of their performances, the only female contestant letf in the competition that our eyeys should be on her, be wowed and fascinating in all her performances and mostly better than Lil Rounds and that’s obviously!

    Do you guys think that while she’s in bottom 2 with Anoop, she will be botted out that night? I don’t ever think of that cause of her strong personality, feminine, and girl power perfromances including the one which blown me away could not let her go so easily and that why Anoop was the bad luck. She’s not the simple plain boring teenager girl anymore but she has already became a woman, a full grown up woman and even does not care whether if she’s 60 or 18 years old!

    Her strong personality, feminine, and girl power perfromances will get her in the final top 3 and please, please don’t let or make her ruin he dream and her journey on idol cause she trully should be on the idol with that hardcore rock chick anthem and make her dream come true and please oncwe again, vote for her lots and lots of times!

  74. First of all, how the hell can she ended up on bottom 2 with Anoop? She should had not been in bottom 2 at all? You guys are so dumb and stupid not to vote on her as many times especially since she and Adam are so brilliant, powerful and fantastic in every of their performances, the only female contestant letf in the competition that our eyeys should be on her, be wowed and fascinating in all her performances and mostly better than Lil Rounds and that’s obviously!

    Do you guys think that while she’s in bottom 2 with Anoop, she will be botted out that night? I don’t ever think of that cause of her strong personality, feminine, and girl power perfromances including the one which blown me away could not let her go so easily and that why Anoop was the bad luck. She’s not the simple plain boring teenager girl anymore but she has already became a woman, a full grown up woman and even does not care whether if she’s 60 or 18 years old!

    Her strong personality, feminine, and girl power perfromances will get her in the final top 3 and please, please don’t let or make her ruin he dream and her journey on idol cause she trully should be on the idol with that hardcore rock chick anthem and make her dream come true and please once again, vote for her lots and lots of times!

  75. First and foremost, thank you so so much for your guys out there, whom believe Matt G so so much, no matter how negativity people commented on him that he should be eliminated instead of Anoop and worst, he should had not been saved. Neverless, you guys stayed on and believe the positive side of Matt than landed him onto top 5 and i really really appeaciated of that!
    This is one of the idol that his talent, personality, creativity, passion, his dances and sings so so well and so increrible extreamly well and lots and lots of it that we all should not be simply ignored that easily and be wasted on that. We all, should wach, listen, follow, learn, how he sing, dances, play the piano and performs so so well, very talented like as if he’s very genious fully on the stage. I think that he’s the Irresistible guy like what the Jessica Simpson song stated!

    Wow, he is so so smart and very genuis that i really to be just like him and do what he does on the stage. Though some especially the hattest of Matt G may not agreed that his performances like the previous week that he had to perfrom twice that almost landed him to be booted out, at least he tried the very best to sing well that he almost sang with a sexy vibe.

  76. Thankfully for the judges especially Paula whom trusted her instinct so so well and look right onto Matt face that he needed so badly and dyiing, that the judges decided to save him. But yet, i do think that saving Matt into the competiton will be the perfect gift that he never ever replaced anything in his life.

    Amazing brilliant sexy powerful performace of Matt Stayin Alive! He almost performed exactly like Justin Timberlake except he did not worn the suite. But neverless, Simon should be open minded and see the pros like Justin performed this song cause he will know more on Matt style, vibe and groove. I do think that Justin will perform exectly like Matt if ever perform at his concert.Very thankful that he did not worn the costume and performed this song!

    I’m always looking forward in every Matt upcoming performances in the future and see/hear what he’s going to do next and very confident that he will perform well. Please one again, don’t ever ever stop voting for this guyand make lots of it. Make this guy dream come true and Matt G, Keep on doing the interpitationn of other idols especially Danny and make lots of it cause that’s really so so hilarious!

  77. To whoever concern, i don’t hate Lil or have anythin bad on her. It just that she’s the weakest of the other top 5 landing right now and should be gone sooner cause like i said again, she won’t be the winner of the american idol 2009 and she won’t survive staying in the competiton that long. I just saying very honest on what i though of Lil performances and totally 100% aggreed on what Simon comented on her cause it’s true and it’s the fact!

  78. Danny, it’s the Amazing brillant performance of September. Keep up with it and also the sexy voice + use it to lure Paula and make the next idol to met Paula into liquid. The sexy voice almost sounds just like Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton! This is one of the guys who i always look up to cause he’s very inspiring, very motivateds and he had showed me that he still can screw up on his life and still can move on, achieve his dream and be the role model and set the example to the people.

  79. Brilliant fantastic, marvellous performance who once again Adam has give us! It is so so sweet and so so beatiful that i was totally speechlees and lost my breath away instantly . I had never ever heard and seen any performer including the pros sang it that so extreamly well. Even Mariah,Celine, Whitney and Toni Ballads can’t even beat this ballad and also at how Adam sang. Everyone whom seen and heard this song must felt the pain and the hurt of this song and there’s not way you will feel it!

    He even melted Paula into a liquid for goodness sake! I really hope that he will add this song and record once again on his debut album when later release cause it’s a must must! He once again has the untimate package to win the competition and i can’t wait for his next mindblowing speechless performances! If We can”t have you, i don’t think i will ever seen Paula melt and almost on tear live on nation tv. Keep up the good work and amazed us with your amazing talent!

  80. I figured Lil was the next to go based on Tuesday nights’ performance. She actually sang a lot better on Wednesday night when she was making her exit (probably because the pressure was off, and she didn’t have to worry about Simon’s negative comments). I think that Anoop has a really nice voice, but he’s not as creative as the other performers. My guess is that either Matt or Kris will be the next to go (but probably Matt).

  81. I am from Singapore and i have to say what happen to the top 5 idols standing right now, they are all winners to me and no losers. I hope that all of them can get the chance to release an album!

  82. Just wanted to say congratulations to the top 5 who made it to the next round. It is always sad to see such great talent eliminated from the show. But like I always, tomorrow is another day, and the sun will rise again. Lil and Anoop, this is not the end of the world. You both have got great potential to make it to the top just like Jennifer Hudson.

    Anyway just wanted to say a big hello to my man Danny for the great performance. Although I did kind of agreed with Simon about the performance on stage but at least you get it. I am still a big fan and knowing that you are definitely going to win this year’s American Idol.

    Oh yeah….I forgot to wish you a happy birthday last Friday, but what better present to celebrate, then to hear that you made it to the next round. Well, happy be-lated birthday. Hope you had a great one, and may God bless you with many more years to come.

    That is it from me for now. Good luck to all the competitors, especially Danny.

    Love you all and God bless.

  83. Your post is an inspiration for me to discover more about this topic. I must concede your lucidity expanded my sentiments and I will forthwith grab your rss feed to remain up to date on any succeeding articles you might write. You are due, thanks for a job well done!

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