American Idol 2009 Top 7 Round 2 – The Week Ahead

Get ready for the second round of American Idol 2009 Top 7 performances. With the first ever Judges’ Save of Matt Giraud last week we’ll get to see the same crew sing a whole new set of songs on Tuesday with a double elimination on Wednesday. The pressure will really be on the singers this week with the bottom two vote-getters going home with no chance of redemption.

On Tuesday night the Top 7 singers will perform selections from the Disco genre. Blah. I’d put this week right up there with Country for my tastes, but I’m sure it’ll make someone happy. At least I hope so.

Wednesday will bring the double elimination, but before that we’ll see last season’s runner-up, David Archuleta, come back and perform his single “A Little Too Not Over You.” Archuleta will share the spotlight with disco icons: Harry Wayne “KC” Casey (of KC and the Sunshine Band), Thelma Houston, and Freda Payne who will perform a medley of their hits “Get Down Tonight,” “Don’t Leave Me this Way” and “Band of Gold.”

Everyone ready for some disco? Who’s got what it takes this week? Let’s hear it!




  1. i KNOW for a fact that adam will be amazing this week, he has not done bad yet (ring of fire was amazing and original for those of you who hated it!). he did well with “play that funky music” so im sure he will be fine with disco!!! he could sing the phone book if he wanted to, he is perfect!!!

  2. I’d probably agree with your lack of enthusiasm for the Disco theme, but I’m waiting to see how narrowly or broadly they define “Disco”. I’m hoping they’ll allow some of the dance music from the early 80’s — which became more edgy, electronic, and funky than the Disco music of the mid to late 70’s.

  3. I cannot see any of them, except Adam. being able to pull off disco..I wonder why they keep this type of music in the show…I wish them all good I said, Adam can pull off anything, so it will be Adams night, once again.

  4. Well Let’s just see what happen tomorrow.I know my bit ANOOP can do it. Although I have a little bit worry but,as I told you ANOOP has a lot of surprises,He will paint the whole AI RED..

  5. I think the disco theme will be tough for all of them and whoever can pull this off deserves to move on to the next round. It will show who is versatile enough to do all types of music.

  6. Poor Allison probably doesn’t have a clue about the whole 70’s Disco era. You almost had to be there, kinda like the whole 60’s peace and love music (which I hate). I think Adam will pull it off with his amazing creativity again. Last week was the 1st week I didn’t think he had the best perfromance. I think he can sing, but needs to watch out for “shouting” a song. The high notes are great, but do not need to be used for every song (Mad World was awesome 2 weeks ago!)

  7. Can Fanny please stop this ridiculous chatter..everyone is entitled to their opinion, and just because they do not agree with you, does not make them wrong…they have just as much right to discuss this topic intelligently as anyone else..stop being a child….

  8. Danny has got what it takes, he still makes my hair stand, he has such passion and you can feel him sign. I expect this week he will really break loose.

  9. Adam Lambert is the best on American Idol he has the voice and the looks [a young Evis Presley look alike , he will go far , both my husband and I wait each week to hear him sing bravo Adam

  10. ADAM can sing anything!! any songs, any kinds of music!! i won’t worry about him!! he’s my AI already!! XDD

    i just hope that allison n danny will make it too coz i like them also ^-^

    anyhoo……. GO 4 ADAM!! GO GO!! can’t wait 4 his next performance!!

  11. Hey Gusto… everyone knows 70’s music and disco these days…even my under 5 year old niece and nephew know heaps! Allison will do great…as she always has from the start. The judges always say she sings with the maturity thats beyond her age and i agree. She’ll go all the way.
    Allison and Adam…C U at the finale!

  12. I go for Adam I know he is a good singer… For this week competition I bet the amazing performance goes to Adam Lambert again….

  13. I think everyone at this point will probably do well but Danny, Kris & Adam in my opinion will give it their all. Hopefully I dig each of them over all.

  14. Absolutely Adam, Danny, Allison and Matt, the idols whom i want to see them on Final top 4 and song choice for Matt maybe Justin Timberlake “LoveStoned/I Think She Knows cause Matt has the Justin Tinberlake vibe and style. I really hope and pray that Lil Rounds will give a bad performance that people/Simon don’t like it again and give her the boot as it’s time for her to leave the competition as i and the judges know that she will not win the competition no matter how good, marvellous, fantastic she really is and i’m really already sick and tired on her bad performances + Randy and Simon commented on her what to sing songs and what songs/artists she should sang blah blah blah…. People of America, vote the idols what trully deserve to be in the competition, that they had given the best and simply the best performances overall from top 13 onwards. Please once again vote and vote lots on Matt as he don’t deserve to be in bottom 3 once again. His time is not yet! Ridwan from Singapore will always cheer the good idols especially Matt, Adam, Allison and Danny!

  15. Whatever the stupid poll, bad comments + bad words bad stuff that you guys agreed on that neither the judges should not saved Matt nor he was trully deserved to be save at all and all the nonsense and stupid stuff, i have to say again once and for all that it was the best decision ever, not a single thing regretted on Matt and that he trully needed and deserved it that so so badly as if the judges had given him a new life and they had trully given him that!
    I already knew that Matt was about to be saved when 1: Paula and Kara were singing along the song very happily and trully enjoyed the performance very very well as if they were falling in love and Paula screamed loundly
    2:Paula said, “Come On” and simply do not agreed to it to Simon comments on that Matt don’t deserved to win the competition at all which is stupid and nonsense and lastly
    3: She screamed happily when Simon have the good news and which meant, the judges wants him to stay as they knows that he really wanted it so so badly and the judges really knows that so well that they has high hopes on Matt especially Paula and he will work harder and give a better and more better performance than his other performances before in the future. Trully greatful to the judges especially Paula on that good judgement!
    So whatever nonsense that whoever still want to say on Matt not deserve to be saved, i have one word for you, “Loser”! Go and say bad comments to Lil right now instead of Matt!

    Ps: Ryan was making Matt real and real nervous the time where he was talking non stop before he went to the judges for the decision and Matt should had punched Simon’s Face when Simon stated that he don’t deserved to win the competition. At least it was not worth it to punch Simon after all, Matt was saved!

  16. I think Lil and Kris will be gone in this week. Greeting from Vietnam. I love American idol

  17. I think Lil and Kris will be out in this week. Greeting from Vietnam. I love American idol

  18. I can’t wait to see what performances are awaiting for us tonight. I think Matt will do awesome in disco night. Adam has the stage presence and the voice but less screaming please. I don’t care for Adam but will he win AI yes I he will.

  19. Matt needs to go along with Lil. Anoop will probably do a good job with disco tonight. Adam definitely will. Danny and Kris may not do so well, and I’m not sure how Allison will do either. I think it should be Adam and Allison to the end!

  20. There seems to be a conspiracy against Lil. She’s not bad and others have mimicked a song but they are just out to get her off the show. TOO many negative comments every week. It really makes you hate to watch. Enough already!

  21. Everyone thinks adam is good I don’t like him. I think that Danny, Kris, or Allison should be the top three.

  22. So happy that the 2 idol losers Anoop and L were out already, finally and thank you once again for the people whom voted hardly and lots of it on Matt. Trully appeciated on that account and don’t stop voting on matt!

  23. If it was not for Adam it would be a very close and it would be hard to call, but Adam will win, but who will come in secound ?

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