American Idol 2009 Top 7 – The Week Ahead

Last week on American Idol 2009, we saw Scott MacIntyre eliminated from the competition and sent home as this season’s #8. That leaves us with Idol’s Top 7 performers and an even more narrow playing field.

I’ve really enjoyed the past two weeks of song selection themes which gave the performers a lot of options with the year they were born and “top downloads.” I’m not so certain about this week, but we’ll know soon enough. This week we’ll have “Idols at the Movies” which means hit songs from movie soundtracks.

Things will get really strange with this week’s mentor: Quentin Tarantino. His experience will obviously be the cinema side rather than music, so this should make for an interesting time.

On Wednesday night’s American Idol results show, Idol season three finalist Jennifer Hudson will return to the stage and perform her new single, “If This Isn’t Love.” Cue the teenyboppers as well because Miley Cyrus will sing “The Climb” from “Hannah Montana: The Movie.” Oh joy.

Who will rise to the top this week and who will fall away? Comment & tell us now!




  1. Lil Round and Anoop are the 2 persons should be eliminated for the real competition to begin.

    Lil has a good voice but is too 1 dimensional in terms of her performance style and how she ‘wants’ to perform — NOT ADAPTABLE AND DOES NOT LISTEN

    Anoop has a great personality and above average voice but when compared to the rest of the 7 he ‘lags behind’. He’s niche is that of a ‘crooner with soft and soothing ballads’ and should pursue this .

  2. I think Adam will do good again, he is just the best and so talented. I am for Adam all the way.

  3. I love Allison and Danny. I think it is time for Anoop to leave. He has 2 dance moves that make him look exetremely gay. Speaking of gay did you see the Adam photos? Nasty.

  4. Adam should continue to dominate the competion. I think its Lil’s time to go –unless she really pulls off something great–and takes off that damn wig!!!!!

  5. LIl used to be good. Anoop is annoying! Adam is goodish but is weird with some of his songs. He would make a fantastic punk rock artist.

  6. Allison SO deserves to be in finale with Adam. Shes talented and voters need to wake up! This week i’m sorry to say Anoop will go. Hes cool but the others have stronger gutzier voices.

  7. I really want ANOOP to show his talent he is a great singer just picking the wrong song!!
    hey sng tong chye shut anoop is geat

  8. Anoop has shown his talent. He can sing great Ballads with finesse but thats it.
    The stylists dress him down too much also. Sorry but he don’t look like the AI.

  9. Would’ve been interesting to see what Scott could have done with an electric keyboard though, LOL..

  10. I love kris allen. he is my best.he is a real artist.he sometimes makes his own music.I think its time for anoop to leave the competition.He is so boring.Adam is not good either.

  11. Allison and Adam of course have to make the finals. The rest are good and I hope the hard work takes them somewhere in the business but definetly A and A either or has to win. Next to go Maybe Lil.

  12. Lil is next….she just screeches Kris has what it takes to wow the gals, and Allison needs a new hairdo….Adam, well, he IS GOOD!!!!

  13. I like lil too,I think she’s fan of Diana rose hehe!!but she should go.ANOOP of course I like him,He reminds me of my nephew back in the for ANOOP !!!He’s great!!a balladeer himself…go go goooo ANOOP!!

  14. The top spot runners should be Danny, Allison, and Adam. Annop should be the next to go, his showmanship is not up to the standard for an American Idol. Next to go should be Lil, her performances have not been original and some have had off key moments. GO Danny !!!

  15. Anoop should go home this week.
    Go, Kris! It’s time for him to make a big surge forward. I don’t think that he can overcome Adam, but he should come in a strong second and come out with a recording contract.

  16. It’s really a no-contest as to who will be the next idol. No one can really compete with Adam. The real contest is who will come in second–Danny, Kris or Allison. They are all talented, but in terms of showmanship and creativity, no one can touch Adam.

  17. Go Adam!!! I can’t wait to see what he will do? Adam always makes these songs so interesting. He is truly an excellent entertainer.

  18. Danny will definitely rise to the very top once again, followed by Adam at a close second, then Kris, Alyson, Matt, Lil and lastly Anoop.

  19. Lil, will more than likely leave this week a sweet girl but things do not look good for her.

    Adam Lambert will be the big winner and should be…We look forward to the show just to see and hear what he will do to change a song to make it his own. We have not once been disappointed!!!
    In reading the comments of Meredith #5 we felt embarrassed for her. The artists private lives or personal choices should not play a part with how we the audience hear their voices pick our winner.

  20. Tonight either Lil, Matt, or Anoop will be voted off..It will come down to Adam, Allison and Danny..Allison and Danny are good but no comparison to the natural raw talent, not to mention the looks, that Adam has..Adam will be the next AI….

  21. Now that we down to eliminating two I think Anoop and Lil will be gone. Adam still remains the one to beat. He’s in a different class from the others.

  22. of course the 2 finalist will be Allison and Adam no question about that, :)I hope Americans will vote right. Go american idol.:) we enjoy your show:) from Sherry and family

  23. I am so thankful that Matt was saved, he is very good, I don’t think he realizes how good he is. It was so sweet when he cried. I do think Adam will win Idol this year he is just in a different class than the rest of them. I would love to see cocky Danny Gokey in the bottom 3 next week, he thinks he is so great but is just okay to me. Anoop and Lil need to go home next week, not Matt. I would love to see the bottom 3–Allison, Matt and Adam.

  24. Lil and Anoop especially or Kris, the 2 whoever idols really should be eliminated and gone for good on next results show no matter Lil or Anoop did a superb marvellous performances or has the magical voice when singing, they got to go as it their turn and fate to be and we all do know that they neither won’t get that far in the competition nor win the idol champion. One of the judge already stated that Allison is the only female idol in the competition that deserve to be in and be eyes on her every single week performances cause she
    has seen how talented and amazing Allison is from day one unlike Lil! Lil should had been eliminated instead of Matt and i don’t know why you guys still and still vote on Lil Rounds especially since the last 3 weeks performances, she gave very bad performances, sung the bad songs and worst, she still can get through that easilly! That’s so so funny, weird and SUX! Lil is great but not great enough and every single week, Randy had to comment on her which artists + songs she should had sang and also, “You may like that song but it doesn’t mean that you will sing it well” and lots and lots of comments that i have been sick and tired already! If Anoop, that’s okay cause he had shut up and listened to people’s comments and head for the ballads where we all agreed that his voice is so sweet and magical. But next result show, Lil’s got to go and one male idol, definitely not Matt, Danny or Adam should go. I already had enough of Lil’s performed on stage and always, Simon had to say bad comments on Lil for the last 3 weeks and i’m getting sick of that!Please please vote less for Lil and Anoop’s or Kris this week show. They got to go! Don’t let the good ones get to be in bottom 3, sat on the uncomfortable stool and be eliminated for no reason.



  26. I DON’T LIKE Danny Gokey. I don’t get it with this guy. He may be a good singer, but I don’t think he’s great. I don’t think so.


  28. Hi all, i have watched American Idol 2009 from VietNam. I like this program so much. I think Adam is the best. This week, it is time for Lil and Anoop to leave.

  29. Itz gotta be Adam and Alison in the finals. Anoop and Lil will be the next to go. Come on America vote out the weakest links. Jodi from New Zealand. We love your show

  30. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more articles from you in the future.

    – Jack

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