American Idol 2009 Top 8 Becomes Top 7 – Official List

Last night on American Idol 2009 Scott MacIntyre was sent packing after splitting the judges’ vote 2-2. Anoop and Lil joined Scott in the bottom 3, but both survived another week. Anoop continues to find himself on the edge of elimination. How much longer can he survive?

Here is your official list of the season’s Top 7 performers. Which remaining American Idol do you think will win it all?

American Idol 2009 Top 7:

  • Danny Gokey
  • Kris Allen
  • Allison Iraheta
  • Adam Lambert
  • Lil Rounds
  • Matt Giraud
  • Anoop Desai

One of these 7 singers is your next American Idol! Who do you think it will be? Sound off in the comments below.




  1. I think that Adam will be the winner. His voice is fantastic and I can definitely see him having a hit record.

    he is sexy too.

  2. Adam will be the winner..i will be shocked if he doesnt win he is different and consistent every week. i cant wait for his cd already but for now i have to just settle for the ones that i get on i tunes

  3. El ganador de American Idol 2009 será Adam Lambert.
    Tiene voz,presencia y es guapisimo.


  4. El ganador absoluto de American Idol 2009 será
    sin lugar a dudas Adam Lambert.

    Saludos desde Guatemala,Centroamerica

  5. Adam is the winner!..He is something different, something new, all with great great talent. I have been listening to his performances over and over again and find always something more to appreciate.
    Adam will be a mega star in the whole wide world. That is for sure!!

  6. I hope that it is Adam. I look forward to hearing Adam sing. You never know what he will sing next. He has a great style and is very confident with his singing. Adam you are the winner in my book.

  7. la ganadora sera allion iraheta , es original , tiene una voz espectacular y canta cualquier genero , ella ganara

  8. I just don’t get all the hype about adam.I do not like his singing! there is others better! like.Matt,and Chris.

  9. i think lil rounds is a very good singer an has a great voice….i also think that the 16 year old gurl can also sing 2

  10. An idol has to be someone whose songs can be heard,sing-along by all genre of people.
    So can do that in the remaining 7,Not Adam!

  11. All the hype about Adam is that he is not just a singer with a good voice. Whether or not you like his style or appearance, he is a true artist who can take any song and make it sound original. The show is about artistry, not about who can belt out a song the loudest and, based on that, I think Adam will be our next American Idol.

  12. I feel that the winner should be able to sing any genre and hold an audience. Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert and Lil Rounds all seem to fill that prerequsite….but I hope Lil Rounds wins.

  13. Adam will, most assuredly, be very successful by all counts. So, if Idol is to be taken seriously, he should win. Others pale greatly in comparison. It’s not even a contest.This year we have medicore singers, good singers, semi-strong singers and them Adam–who is fantastic. It is rather humorous when people say he is not the best. Duh! It’s pretty obvious there is no competition. Imagine how boring it would have been this season without him and with only the current crop of idol contestants? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ……..

  14. I think that Adam or Danny will win. Danny is great to listen to, but Adam was born to be a performer. Even if you don’t like him, you are always interested in seeing what he will do. I think Lil is not very good at all.

  15. Adam will be a big star sooner or later. He is no equal in this season. Allison is the 2nd best.

  16. I agree with Dee…I think it will come down to Danny and Adam. I like Danny best but everyone else in my family LOVES Adam. I think Adam is very talented, and I love it that he takes risks and doesn’t care to be different and authentic. That makes him fun to watch every week. And yeah, I’d probably buy his CD. But, I adore Danny. He is the real deal–talent, heart and passion. He could do well in Contemporary Christian, as well as on the Top 40. He is amazing. I think third place will be Allison. That girl can rock! She is young but so good! I like her. But, I am cheering on Danny to the very end.

  17. Neo-Elvis . . . , er, . . . Adam will win. The others are pleasant enough, but Adam can be spectacular. I believe that he will mellow out substantially when the record label “handlers” get hold of him. The theatrics are an act; he will release songs acceptable to the broader spectrum of listeners.

  18. I want Goeke to win, but could a rocker take the title like Adam? Or could it be Allison.. These are the 3 finalists!!

  19. Definitely Adam. The sports books seem to think so, too. You’d only make .80 on the dollar by betting for him! Good luck, Adam!

  20. My friends call me adam obsessed. I have blue in my side bangs and green in my hair. I own ALL his songs and vids. And I have at least 5 shirts that support him… life is good. He is an amazing person and I hope he wins. His voice can go from rocker to soft and soothing and even funky!!!! He is the obvious winner here… LOVE YA ADAM U ROCK!!! 😛

  21. I have to admit I was pretty biased when I first saw Adam, with his painted nails and weird look. But after listening to his songs each week, and the way he acknowledges the praises and criticism, i think he’s pretty ok. BUT to be an idol, someone whom everyone should look to for inspiration as a wholesome personality, i do think DANNY GOKEY fits the bill.
    Sorry…(to quote Simon Cowell..haha)

  22. Hi there, from day one, its been Danny Gokey for me…He stands out as a person, and i notice he picks songs from his heart, songs that mean something to him. Not just about any popular song on the block, but songs that touches the soul. Thats what should make an idol, yeah. Danny Gokey all the wayyy!!

  23. Adam will undoubtedly win it all, as he should. The race is for second place, and that should be Danny. And I have to say, if Anoop makes an album of ballads, I will be the first in line to get it. I never liked Always On My Mind until he sang it. I love Allison too.

  24. Danny all the way. He is an awesome singer who sings with such soul and feeling. He interviews well and has the more adorable smile. Adam, although entertaining, is a bit strange. He seems to assured and too self-centered. Kris is cute. Matt and Alyson and excellent singers/performers. Adios Anoop and Lil. You’ve held on for too long.
    GO DANNY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. American Idol is a singing competition, so based on that alone, I hope ADAM will win! Just don’t judge a book by its cover… so what if he wears make up or nail polish?? he can wear a skirt, i still don’t care… what matters to me is his voice! n his ability 2 entertain us and sing different kinds of songs each week!! well, even if he doesn’t win, i’m sure there r lots of record labels wanting to sign him up anyway….

    I’m hoping the final three will b ADAM, Allison and Danny XDD

  26. The most consistant top 3 contestants will be Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey and Allison Iraheta. In that order. Just my thinking.

  27. I think Adam will sweep off the rest.. He is the next American Idol 2009.

    Why?? Simply because he has the voice, the pitch, the looks, versatility, great music arranger & most of all he dares to go way beyond the original singers have done……

  28. If people would only analyze it very well,i think lil rounds,and danny gokey will make it 2 the finals.,even if adam won’t win surely he’ll have his own album,

  29. Danny,Lil and Adam ,have the possiblty of being the nxt amercan idol,becAuse they have same traits that a total performer has,the only thing that would make them diff. From eAch other is the soNG choice. ,

  30. I said it weeks ago, but I’ll say it again. Adam Lambert has to be the next american idol. He’s a class apart. Just too good for the others.

  31. Lil Rounds will take this one home, she can sing and has confidence in herself…she is a diva in the making.

  32. …Looking at all these comments, Adam is the clear winner, and yup, America absolutely has it right!!!!….performance factor, talent, originality, this young man has it all….I usually don’t watch AI with much enthusiasm, most of it is so middle of the road, but OMG!!!….he has me absolutely riveted to the TV when he performs!!!!!…he is the simply the best that has ever been on this show, no question….and for Simon to give him a standing ovation?!?!…c’mon, it’s SIMON, for God’s sake, and he just doesn’t do that!!!

  33. I think Adam will win because he can take any song and make it his own. I think Danny will be right behind him. Those two will be like the two davids last year!!

  34. Artistry and originality will surely conclude anyone to say ADAM possesses it and he is a sure winner! However, Danny has a soulful voice, he is adorable to all types of viewers (young and old). Regardless of the result of american idol, people will want more of Adam,meaning, his future as an artist is assured already. Adam is a natural entertainer. Danny has a pleasant singing voice that captivates the heart of anyone who listens to him-young, vibrant and full of energy, he could be he next american idol. Allison will come third. The votes through text will surely dictate who will WIN not the speculators!

  35. Unless Adam makes a disasterous mis-step of some kind (his personal life is probably a big put-off for the more conservative viewers, that could backfire on him), his mesmerizing vocals will win it for him. I do hope that Kris and Danny finish 2 and 3 behind him and end up with recording contracts also–love both of them. I’m ready for Allison the screamer to go home.

  36. there is no contest. from the first time i saw and heard adam performs, all the rest are simply picking dusts.


  38. Kris is adorable and would be a very good idol…He has a lot that the ladies like….I am routing for him….he seems to be new and fresh and should go far… but I think Adam will probably take it…I just have to wonder what his previous experiences are???


  40. at the very beginning I know adam will be the next American Idol.but when it comes to ballad I like ANOOP very very much.I’m now watching and waiting for his first album.gooo ANOOP,competition is still going on..

  41. Adam seems to be the likely to win but I am hoping it will be Danny. If I were to go to a concert I would rather hear Danny sing over Adam because Adams high pitched and sometimes screaming voice would bother me after a few songs. Dannys voice is easier to listen to.

  42. Well,it appears that we are all pretty much in agreement w/who the clear winners are…but does everyone remember Melinda Doolittle,the fabulous singer that never had a bad week,and Simon couldn’t stop praising her,and SHE didn’t win….very surprised.Not that the Sparks girl wasn’t good,but I really thought Melinda would win.She WAS and still is amazing….she blows Lil away (not even in the same category talent wise)Lil won’t win anyhow.We’ll see what happens,though..anything can change,right?

  43. That’s a very good point Amy, I’m glad you mentioned that, I think Melinda’s disadvantage was the age group of the voters.

  44. Adam Lambert u r 100% the winner. Ur incredible ur the best ever exists on American idol (among all seasons). God bless u. WE LOVE YOU. INDIA.

  45. Adam will win. There is no comparison between his artistry and that of the others. Noone else has played with staging like Adam. Using the lighting for visual effect is something only someone who sees the whole song, not just the melody and words, can do. Some of the others will have careers but I’m only looking to one for superstardom.

  46. It’s Adam–all the way–I don’t care what his sexual preferences are-it has nothing to do with his amazing talent. Anoop will probably go next. Lil really blew it–she had so many chances to make an impression. With her own hair, she looked fresh, young, and sassy–and should have sang that way–but didn’t. Allison
    deserves 2nd or 3rd. Danny is good-but rather
    common–you already hear his type of singing all over the place. Kris and Matt–same old same old. Adam should win and Allison take 2nd!

  47. I think Adam has it in the bag even with his sexual preferences sneaking out! Everyone remember Clay Aiken? I think the whole world knew he was gay and I believe there were pictures of him on the internet too! Look how good he did on idol and even after idol. Adam is in a class all by himself!

  48. come on america,Why Adam,Adam,Adam all the time, there are others with good abilities as good and better than adam .Chris is adorable,allision is a bomb,Danny has an amazing voice too and all of them looks 100 percent better than adam and with better backgrounds.Wake up america.I like what amy Tee is saying.
    I’m Chris fan.

  49. For me,Adam is a sure winner!!! Yeah, it’s true that the race is for second and third. Danny 2nd and Kris, 3rd… that’s my choice… I never liked Allison. Her voice is so common and she shouts everytime she sings. I don’t see the beauty in her voice. sorry.

  50. I don’t knOW buT for me,adAM shouldnt win.y?.becAuse we alL knOW that he’s a great singer ryt?,nOw even if he’ll nOT win ,they will surely giv him a break.just like daughtry.,,and i think Lil rounds has a goOD shot at this she just had 2 pick the ryt soNg,,she is the power house,

  51. All the remaining 7 are good.
    I predict Adam and Chris will go to the final. Adam will be the American Idol for this season.

  52. Let’s face it: Adam is by far the most artistic, has a unique voice & great range. He’s a performer and does seem very comfortable on stage. I can’t wait to see him perform & hear him sing, every week. I will not only buy his records but would go to his concerts. By far a winner. I also like Goeke & the black girl (Lil?)but unfortunately, she is inconsistant. Bravo! Je vote pour toi a chaque semaine. Tu vas gagner Adam! Youpi!

  53. there’s no questioning Adam is a good singer. BUT, there are times that i feel like he has only this one sound..theres this something in his voice that’s just too much, exaggerated, i really can’t put a finger on it. ALSO, i feel like when he sings, he sing to make the song good and his voice to stand out from the song….and that’s my problem with him. he doesnt feel the song, the emotion of the song.. and for me, that’s Danny Gokey’s strength… Danny feels the song, he sings like he feels the every word he speaks when he sings… plus the soothing quality of his voice that makes you want to hear more from him.

    so for me, AI 2009 is:

    David Cook = Danny Gokey

    David Archuleta = Adam Lambert

    Last year, every week, D. archuleta gets the most praises from the judges, he was the most talked about performer on the show. But in the end (my) David Cook prevailed.

    the same thing is happening now for Adam. Like Archuleta, he always gets the most praises from the judges.

    And there’s the silent, but strong Danny Gokey.

  54. Adam will definitely win if it is based on talent and artistry. Whether Adam wins or not, he is going to be a superstar, likely a musical icon/legend. His vocal and star quality cannot be denied because it is already a FACT and reality.

  55. I am hoping it will be Danny Gokey. Adam is good, there’s no question about it… but his artistic ways are just too weird for me. Or maybe I’m just biased (never liked rock music or guys that shouts out like a girl, hehehe) Gokey got soul… just hope he chages his kind of style, & takes off his glasses once in a while.

  56. That’s ryt fa der’S sumting in adAM that is unclear and weird.,somtyms i dont even undrstand wat he sings he just eat all the lyrics.,but he’s good..,Lil rounds should win.,,danNY is a daugthry type singer even if he’ll not win he will hav his own album for sure.,same also for adam.,,,

  57. Who will win??? Adam will win and no doubt can say anything about it!!!! We all know that every single performances Paula will give the best comments ever as Paula were impressed by Adam’s performances every single week.

  58. I think this is the last week for Anoop….Lil Rounds has the talent..she just has not found the right song….

  59. Ok I have been reading all the reviews and I love Goeke, but Adam is sure astounding the audience week after week, but no one mentions Allison… Allison has a very unique voice. This is one of the things that judges look for something different.. To be an Idol you must fall into one of 3 categories.. 1. the best 2. Different 3.Orginality.. Although Goeke is my favorite I have heard many like him.. Adam sounds a lot like Mic Jagger.. Allison is unique.. Like one of the judges said her voice is undeniable, there is no one that has the sound that she has. These 3 are americas favorites and if there is any saving it will be one of these.. I want to be a judge!!

  60. Absolutely Adam.

    He is an artist, the only one who has a beginning, middle, and end in his songs. He tells the story musically. There is always a build. Allison
    has lots of potential, great pipes. Chris is adorable, the girls like him, seems nice but not always on target. Adam take control of the stage, he is super-star potential.

  61. I’ve watched every season and I would only spend my money buying a recording done by Adam Lambert. He is truly sensational in every way.

  62. I believe it will be Adam Lambert as he so awesome, and very sexy, it will be a toss between Chris and Alison as second runner’s up.

  63. I don’t think anyone in this competition is in the same league as ADAM LAMBERT.
    Then, it’s either Danny, Kris or Matt.
    Danny to me seems off key a lot, and the songs just don’t stick in your head.
    Kris has a nice voice to wow the girls. Kris takes 3rd.
    Danny takes 4th
    Matt takes 5th.
    Anoop and LiL both go home within the next 2 weeks.
    I bet people would line up to See Adam Lambert do a concert right now, or buy an album by him if one was out.
    He ICED it this past week with “MAD WORLD”

  64. Many people are voting for a singer, just because they like that particular individual, rather than on who they think is really the best.
    That’s unfortunate.
    To think that anybody really thinks Anoop is in the category of Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood.
    Or Leona Lewis (XFactor’s 2006 winner)
    is mind boggling to me.
    Or LIL Rounds, who seems off key every week.
    Danny seems off key every week to. Certain parts of his songs just bore you to death.
    Matt won’t go anywhere either. Probably 5th. Danny 4th, Kris 3rd……he has a nice contolled voice. Allison is very good.
    Danny likes to scream. It seems forced.
    ADAM is IN a league of his own.
    Even his horrible rendition of “Ring of Fire” showed his incredible voice and potential.
    Forget liking the song or not. Or the arrangement. If that was a song for a movie or a play, and that’s how they wanted it to be sung, then that’s how it would have been sung.
    His voice still shows. In that song he was able to show more than anyone else this year to this day.

    ADAM could sell out an arena right now if tickets were on sale.
    Anoop?????????//I don’t think so.
    Lil??????????// I don’t think so.
    Matt??????????? I don’t think so.
    Danny ????????? I don’t know.
    On just his voice alone, I don’t think so. Personality wise, I think at first he may sell some……….but he would be soon forgotten.
    Kris has nice controlled voice. He may wow the girls.
    Allison, is extremely good. She could easily fill an arena. She’s only 16.
    She doesn’t come close to 16 year old singing sensation Charice Pempengco……….Who screams out lots of parts to songs, and you just want to hear more and more.
    Josh Groban thinks she has one of the best voices to come along in a long long time.
    Allison, is not anywhere near her league, but she is good……..and should take 2nd place.
    ADAM LAMBERT should take it all.

  65. Adam is a front runner now n judges always praise him too much.My favourite is Kris.I loved his musicality,personality and off course his voice.Adam is not my typical voice that i like but i still like his entertaining in stage.Danny is same way like Elliot Yamin.Allison is too Kelly Clarkson in different way.Matt is soulful man in the bunch.And my prediction is 1.Adam,2.Kris,3.Danny,4.Allison,5.Matt.No matter what who’s gonna take AI crown coz for me the top 5 had personality n future recording artist as well.

  66. Adam is horrible in every single way!
    I am still in shock that Kris Allen did a sing-off with that guy who always sings like a maniac in hollywood week!

  67. Adam should really win hands down..he is someone that is unpredictable and can dish out songs quite innovatively and captivate the audience, whether young or old…the next bottom three this week should list as follows:
    Anoop (he has same style every round, nothing exciting); Lil (is hardheaded and wants to do it her own way, aping this and that singer), and either of Kris or Matt, depending on their upcoming performances…

  68. Allison Iraheta seria una excelente candidata a American Idol. Se le ve futuro, tiene el don. Slds

  69. My favourites are Adam and Allison – both have wonderful vocals.I think Adam should win!
    Danny’s voice is too flat, emotionless and should there be a nomination for the worst dancer, he and Megan Joy win hands down. His motor co-ordination reminds me of William Hung.

  70. 1. Adam
    2. Allison

    Danny has some basic singing skills, but he capability is limited to certain type of music. There are more than once, he was off keys and definitely his songs choice does not measured up in term of technical difficulties.
    He is not a “idol” material, so even he maybe a runner up, it will not last.

    I only hope the Company “19” will not ruin Adam and let him to be creative. Otherwise, a 5-year contract can be fatal to an artist. People in the industry see Allison is a lot more marketable. Just hope she gets enough vote to stay ahead.

  71. Adam Lambert will win if people vote for the best singer. He is a cut above, a class all of his own.

  72. Well, has anyone noticed that most of the Adam haters have stopped sending their notes in ? Seems like they have either realized he actually is the best singer out there or have stooped letting their predjudices interfere with their thinking. Adam is the best male vocalist ever to appear on AI !!! No doubt about it.There have been several great girl singers but he is the best guy. Yes, I do like Cook,Daughtry and Aiken and have their CD’S but I Can not Wait for Adam’s music to become available Gotta hope that the Idol people won’t try to “tame” his talent. Allison should be second, Yup!!

  73. Well, has anyone noticed that most of the Adam haters have stopped sending their notes in ? Seems like they have either realized he actually is the best singer out there or have stopped letting their predjudices interfere with their thinking. Adam is the best male vocalist ever to appear on AI !!! No doubt about it.There have been several great girl singers but he is the best guy. Yes, I do like Cook,Daughtry and Aiken and have their CD’S but I Can not Wait for Adam’s music to become available Gotta hope that the Idol people won’t try to “tame” his talent. Allison should be second, Yup!!

  74. #1 Adam Lambert
    #2 Danny Gokey
    #3 Allison Iraheta
    #4 Kris Allen
    I’m not a big fan of Adam Lambert, but I think it’s obvious that he’s going to win. Everyone likes him. Even I like him, but I would rather Kris, Danny Gokey, or Allison win.
    No other contestants really have a chance this year among Adam Lambert. It’s kind of sad actually.


  76. L’l Rounds should be the next to go. She hasn’t performed well since Week One of the Top 13 Rounds. I don’t care what judges have been saying that she has good vocals. She can hold the tune which means she is not a singer. Period.

  77. Correction! I meant to say L’l Rounds canNOT hold the tune. Why she is still on the show is a mystery to me. Other good contestants like Allison, Matt, and Anoop have been in the Bottom 3 before. How did that happen? Is AI a popularity contest?


  79. Of course, it’s Adam Lambert!!! He will be the next American Idol. My prediction for the bottom three will be Anoop, Lil’Round & “I dont care who”.

  80. Adam is not good at all.I will be upset if somone like Adam be the next american idol.he just screaming.I love kris.Danny is good too.

  81. To all the people who dislike Adam Lamberts performances….Thank God you are in the minority !!!!
    Adam….all the way !!!

  82. Here is my take on Danny, I am ready to dodge the rotten tomatos about to be thrown, he will make it to the finals or near to it but he won’t win. I see/hear in him what I heard happening last season with David A. He is starting to get boring. No real stage presence, no real connection with the audience, and I am starting to hear the same song week after week just like David A. (Note: David A. was my early pick/favorite last season until he began to bore me and David C. started coming into his own, most notably with the song “Billie Jean”) Don’t get me wrong the guy can sing and I have liked him since the auditions but once again it is like I am starting to hear the same song week after week. Maybe he will surprise me this week and be able to keep my attention which he hasn’t done in the last 2 or 3 weeks.

  83. I think it will come down to Adam & Allison. They both can sing just about anything, and they both have stage presence and unique voices. I will have to give the edge to Adam!

  84. All the judges/idol watcher hype about Danny. In the beginning I agreed, but now … I just don’t get it unless it is the sympathy factor that helped Scot stay in so long.

  85. I Think At This Point They All, Are Winners They Have Worked Very Hard To Be In The Top 7, Too Bad We have To Pick Just One OF Them, In My Books they All are Winners!!

  86. thats true but at the end of the day it comes down to one winner and my choice would be Adam lambert for sure! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  87. Quem vai ser o próximo american idol é Adam Lambert, apesar de achar que a Alison é maravilhosa!!!!

  88. Adam and Allison all da way! Both are gutzy singers and have true stage presence. The others dont come close. Probably Adam will win but I want Allison to be the AI.

  89. Adam!, Adam!, what more can i say. I love him. His performances are great. True STAR….

  90. Anoop rocks…..he is the next generation American idol…….Adam sucks big time…..

  91. I betcha DANNY GOKEY will win….he’s got a GREAT voice, nice looks, and overall just one hell of a man! Adam sings good but I don’t think he’s distinct enough to win…he’s got mad skills at performing but not so much at singing.

  92. Emily,

    I do not mean any disrespect, but are you tone deaf? Maybe you can’t hear certain frequencies of sound like myself. Adam can hit notes that a lot of female singers wish they could. He has a range that is hard to match in male singers. And very rarely is he ever pitchy. Your statement had to have been a joke. Correct?

  93. here is the scoop.. Adam is a great singer no doubt. However I really do not think the majority of voting people like that type of music or entertaining.. Rockers rarely win.. I do think he is the most talented, but I think Danny Goeke style will be America’s favorite!!! We shall see how it all pans out…

  94. Great show last night. Lil Round weakest, then Matt. Anoop was very strong, Allison was also, Danny and Adam powerful, but, look up the performance of Susan Boyle on the internet, wow! Perhaps Simon could bring her over hear as a guest performer, what a treat that would be.

  95. Last two performer that be will fighter for American Idol gonna be Danny & Adam or Allison & Adam.

  96. I think Out all of the contestants, Allison and Adam are the best!! They Rock!! But I hope Allison win the whole competition!!

  97. In my opinion, Allison Iraheta should win this competion.She is original in her rendition of every song she has performed. The range of voice, the colour and her capacity to absorved and deliver the lyrics is formidable. Her theatrically and stage presesence in spite of her youg age is quite outstanding. Yes there are other good candidates but they lack charm, theatricality, stage presence and a luckluster renditions of the songs. Many BRAVOS FOR IRAHETA. SHE SHOULD WIN THIS COMPETION. SHE IS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER AT EVERY PERFORMANCE….

  98. i loveeeee kris allen he is /an amazing singer and soooooooooooooooooooooo hot!i literally love him he is like the best singer eva and dont be mean cuz u all no he is…..not adam ughh….he bothers me i kno he has a good voice but kris allen is sooo much better……sooooo much!

  99. It’s not about “love”…is who can sing the best !!!! And that’s Adam !!!

  100. I have to say that Anoop and Lil were such gracious losers…congrats to them on their success..I have never seen two people sing so well and be so gracious..hold your heads are both stars.
    Adam, Chris, Alison top three

  101. I have to say that Lil and Annop were the most gracious losers I have ever seen..such class…hold your heads are both stars…Adam, Chris and Alison top 3

  102. Adam will be the winner. If he is not he is getting ripped off. He can sing the phone book as everyone says

    Adam will be the winner. He can sing the phone book. Reminds me in looks of Elvis.And I like the way he changes up the songs. He is already an entertainer. Did you see him strut down those steps? In a white suit like Elvis used to wear when he sang gospel.What a sight that was!


  103. i think adam is going to be the my opipion he is the greatest performer and singer ever since american idol started years ago.He has to win he is talented and man can he sing if he doesnt win then something is wrong with the people who have voted.i think danny should of been second runner up he is great im not to sure of cris hes not that good of a singer

  104. ADam is the greatest rockin roll singer since led zeplin and he is better what a voice he can sing anything.he is aswome fantastic and is sexy and is the man who will win

  105. Adam your the dog yourt the 1 and only .your hot and sexy good lookin and the greatest singer we have known since Elvis yes you are as good as elvis see ya on thursday the next winner of american idol

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