American Idol 2009 Top 8 Elimination Results – April 8, 2009

Tonight on American Idol 2009, the elimination results for this season’s Top 8 will be revealed. Stay tuned…

So far this week’s bottom three are: 1 – Anoop, 2 – Scott, 3 – Lil

Ryan says that Lil Rounds is safe this week. Either Anoop or Scott will have to sing for his life. Ryan announces it is Scott and he’s singing for his Idol-life. Will the judges save him? Nope. Scott has been eliminated.

American Idol 2009 Top 8 Elimination Results:

  • Scott MacIntyre

What do you think? Should Scott have been eliminated? He’s got a great spirit, but he just wasn’t Idol material for me. What about you? Let’s hear your comments.




  1. It’s about time. He’s a good singer and all, but this isn’t the competition for him. He’s not nearly up to par with everyone else.

  2. Poor Scot.I’m sorry for him.Now only 3 finalist never in the bottom three.FIRST is ….. Adam,SECOND is ….. Danny n THREE is ….. My Fav n Fab Kris !!! Bravo.

  3. Scott is a nice guy, but it was past time for him to go! Good decision on America’s part.. Go Allison 🙂 I am so over Adam’s screeching..UGH.

  4. I am absolutely disgusted and extremely very angry, that, Simon Cowell would be so cruel,and very inconciderate as to send someone like Scott mcIntyre home. as for the other two judges, who wanted to send him home, you should be ashamed of yourselves.I think the decision, to send Scott home, was strictely based on discrimination, just because he is blind, and that is just totally and truely very unfair, and wrong in every since of the matter, and I see it as being unjustifyable.I truely think Scott is an American Idol, and he is truely a very talented young man, not to mention a very brave young man.I admire people, like Scott who even thou, may have a disability, with challenges, they don’t let the disability get in their way, of going for their dreams, and what they truely want. I think that this is just a beginning for Scott, and that this decision to send him home, was truely wrong, and one day Scott will see and realize just how an amazing and talented person that he really is. I think, that the judges are going to look back at the tape of the show when it over, and then they are going to realize, what a horrible, and terrible mistake that they all made, for deciding, to send someone, like Scott home. In my book, and in my eyes, he truely, is an American Idol!

  5. No mistake in my book. He’s a great guy – talented, brave, admirable – but for the last few weeks, I could have closed my eyes and seen myself at a Broadway musical or Midtown piano bar. He has a wonderful future in music and stage – – but he is NOT “American Idol” material. jmho *shrugs*

  6. I agree that he was not going to win, but it was really sad to see him go..I wish him the best of luck…he is a very talented musician and I hope someone out there took notice of him and offers him something..terrific piano player….he really is an inspiration to all of us.

  7. I don’t know how Scott rated technically against the others, but I do know that entertaining is about how the performer reaches your heart and makes you respond, sometimes at a visceral level. Scott definitely did this for me every time he sang. I really feel we’ve had a loss from Idol tonight.

  8. I know the judges believed it was time for him to go, but it was very hard to let Scott go. I believe he should have been gone a few weeks ago!! He can sing, but he did not have a chance in this competition!!

  9. I believed that Scott would be gone by the top 5, so no suprise here. I did think for a moment that the judges would save him and let America cut two next week leaving only the top 6. The judge’s save is becoming increasing irrelevant because, if they don’t use it next week, they will have to use it when 6 are left or lose it! It’s a twist that didn’t work. America’s voters will make the call and no “save” will ultimately change the final outcome.

    I suggest an alternative for next year. Right up to the final 4, the bottom 3 are announced and the judges pick 2 to save each week. That way a bad individual performance can be ignored and a contestant can be saved by the body of their work. Just an idle idol thought 🙂

  10. I thought Scott was GREAT!!! But there is truly one or two others that are more American Idol material. Sorry! Scott – I truly have NOTHING to say against your songs Nor your singing!! I would also like to say this – He COULD PLAY THAT PIANO!!!!!

  11. Carolyn: Agreed, if they had save him it wouldn’t have changed a thing in two weeks, but he would have had the opportunity to play for us one more time.

  12. I hated to see Scott go, but I am SOOOOO glad that Lil and Anoop were able to stay. Scott will definitely have a career in the music world. He’s an amazing piano player and a gifted singer. We’ll be seeing much more of him, and that makes me smile.

  13. Jeri…ouch, are you his sister? I have a lot of admiration for Scott, and I think he’s talented, and a class act, and he may be an American Idol, but he’s not THE American Idol. America, and the judges made the right decision.

  14. I agree with someone here who said that when an artist sings it is important to feel it in your heart, and I felt Scott McIntyre in my heart every time he sang. I feel so sad that He went home. I love You Scott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I think Anoop will stay in the finals, only because they like him, but nothing else. Yeah, the guy can Entertain, but I don’t think he’s a better artist than Scott. I think Scott is way more TALENTED than Anoop. But guess what? Nobody cares.

  16. Come on, Jeri. Scott may be a talented singer/song-writer who’s bravely overcome adversity, but he’s clearly not the next American Idol. The point of AI is to create a hip commercial artist with a built-in fan base, not to seek out the nicest, bravest, or most deserving new musician. And please remember, Simon didn’t send Scott home–America did. The judges just agreed to go along with the 30 million-or-so voters who preferred somebody else. Me, for one.

  17. … im glad i missed this episode or i would have been furious. Kris and Matt are still on here and Scott is gone?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

  18. I am amazed at how many people seem to have no concept of the purpose of the judge’s save and how it should be used. First, they only get ONE save for the whole entire season. Second, when the save gets used, it means that TWO people will get voted off the following week. If they had used their save on Scott, it is almost a sure thing that he’d get sent home next week anyway. That means that the save would have been completely wasted.

    Jeri, Simon wasn’t being insensitive — he was being smart. He explained that it wasn’t about Scott — it was about the group as a whole. Let’s do a “what if”. What if they had used the save on Scott and then next week the two people with the fewest votes were Scott and Danny? or Scott and Adam? Scott would still be going home anyway, but now there would be no way for the judges to save Danny or Adam (or Scott again).

    In deciding to use the save, the judges decision has to be based on whether the person being voted off is a better singer than 4 or 5 of the people remaining. Some of you might argue that Scott is better than Anoop or even Lil. But that’s not enough of a reason to waste the save on him, because in the next few weeks all three of them could likely be gone anyway.

    Bottom line is that you need to save the save for someone who you feel could possibly end up being the 2009 American Idol. Do you really think that Scott had any chance of getting enough votes every single week from this point forward to avoid elimination. No chance! Remember, this was a decision made by 34 Million people — NOT by Simon Cowell.

  19. haven’t watched the show, but its sad to see, or should i say HEAR, that Scott is gone. He is a talented musician. Hopefully, someone will get him to do something for the music industry. He is an IDOL in his own way, but this competition has been too much for him, i think. So good luck to Scott, hope I’ll be buying your CD someday.

  20. Well NZ-ers absolutely LOVE AmericanIdol. Scott was talented and I admire him but america needs to choose the 1 and only AI ’09.
    I hope Adam and Allison are the last 2 standing. They are the best! And Adams version of ‘Mad World’ should feature on the next Twilight movie ‘New Moon’.

  21. I think American Idol needed a Scott MacIntyre to bring meaning to the word perseverance. I believe it was his time but not due to him not performing but due to the other ones showing off their talent. I define Scott as the true American Idol in the hearts of many many americans tonight.If he ever records, I would run to buy his cd.

  22. Scot should NOT have been eliminated anoop was worst than him scots the only one who can play and sing amazingly

  23. I told you guys, but I really wish someone would explain the rules about allowing a professional singer into the competition. Scott will be fine. I swear, he’s going to land a place in songwriting,producing,scoring whatever. Or singing Christian Contemporary. He’ll be FINE people. But what about the rules someone tell me about letting Adam in this thing? Did anyone read what I wrote yesterday? I just sincerely want to know. Adam is great, but what’s the deal?


    D A N

  24. I was hoping they would reply Adam’s perfomance that many people missed when there TIVO’s shut off due to the show going overtime.

  25. i think scott is great is great the problem is his eye i think if he can see he become a next asmerican idol. math i love u man bit adam



  28. I believe that America had it right for the bottom three this week. I thought Scott sang much better than the previous night (without his guitar, which was a bit awkward, maybe because it didn’t do the song justice)and I was hoping that he would be saved so he could continue on another week. One thing, though, that really bothers me about Scott is his reactions to the judge’s comments and suggestions. He talks too much and often protests too much. He should just nod and shut up. Anoop should have been the one sent packing tonight. He has absolutely no personality at all. He is a good singer (as they all are no daugh), but he is definitely NOT in the running to become the next American Idol. Lil deserves to stay on at least for another week. Hopefully she will listen to the judges comments and turn a song she sings into her own and not mimic the original artists as she has been doing week after week. Cudos to Allison, Matt, Kris, Adam and my favorite, Danny.

  29. Scott is without a doubt, a motivational performer. When I watch his performance, it moves me. But AI is about competition. And this season, I can name several others that not only move me, but do it with better vocals. C’mon, people. Scott is going to be fine…his fans will be there. But we are looking for the best. And he wasn’t it. We’re not trying to insult him, and we wish him well. We’re just being honest here. Good luck, Scott! And may the best man or woman win!!

  30. a crying shame. He was a model contestant and I can’t help thinking people were affected by his disability. Of all the contestants he seemed the most genuine to me….. Following his true dream HS just trying to strike itrich on Idol.

  31. I knew Scott would be going this week or soon, unfortunately, due to the obvious railroading Simon was doing towards him. They set people up, major league, to go to stay. I also knew they wouldn’t save him; even though he was worth it and should have made it much farther. It is heartbreaking to see how cruel these judges really are. Considering his disability, bravery for coming on the show, and the passion he showed in every performance the judges had no reason to do this. Why they’re setting Adam up to win despite several very bad performances, and consistently picked on Scott is a sad commentary on their lack of values and the “reality” of the show.

  32. First, I want to say that Scott will be just fine. He probably shouldn’t been gone a week ago, but I think people emotional side kicked in. It has nothing to do with his handicap, but there is a contest going on here for Americas best. Scott is more of a contemporary Christian musician that will do good in this type of music. Lets not be touchy feely and emotional. We have to look at the facts people. For instant, Lil and Anoop will probably go next, that is if they don’t turn around their acts. Yet, I just don’t think either of them have what it takes at this point. I do believe there is a market out there for both of them, but they need some guidance. Anoop’s personality is fits slow ballads and that is what he should stick too. Sorry Anoop you are not the next idol. Lil, you need to find your voice again and its a bit too late at this point. Not to say you can’t do it, but girl get yourself together. No matter what Lil will get a deal because as Paula says, she can sing, but voice control and all is killing her. Yes the wrong song choice as well. Well that my to cents.

  33. Scott has talent…but I do not feel his voice was all that strong. Many times I felt he was really forcing out those notes and had his mouth open a little to wide which seemed to make it look forced. He is definately an inspiration to all ( not just to the blind ) but to all people who think they don’t have what it takes. It takes willpower and the want to succeed. I have a 9 year old who I am really trying to teach him basically the same thing when it comes to taking his c.r.c.t.test at school. Sometimes you have to do a little more studying in between school hours to help you to get that better score. Same thing….inner strength and the passion to get what you want. I was actually in tears when Paula had the lst words. I truley felt that they were going to give him another chance and get behind the piano again…but it made since to me when Simon indicated that there are still many better singers left that he basically wanted to keep the save for one of them. Simon can be harsh with some of his remarks, but you know what…he is truthful and if he was to take on a new group you know that group would probably be a success! Good luck to Scott and may he be nabbed by someone somewhere for he has worked so hard for this dream and even though he may have some note issues…if worked with I’m sure he could get better. He was a delight to listen to and I always felt like he was my son up there singing. I was always so proud of him and I think he has been very fortunate to be born in the family he was, for they are so supportive.


  35. Scott is an amazing person…very innocent and we need that. But he is not american idol material but he will be successful in life. In whatever he chooses to do.

  36. I admire him very much as did the judges appear to. I think Lil should have gone before Scott. However I believe he had taken his talent as far as it could go although I think Paula’s suggestion of getting out from behind the piano was bad advice. Billy Joel & others spent their careers behind one.

  37. Yes, Scott should have been eliminated….the next to go should be Anoop…ok voice, no stage presence……I do think Simon is the only honest one on the panel. The rest are always trying to not hurt feelings, and singing is what its about, not feelings….If you don’t want to get burned, get out of the kitchen!!!!!

  38. Anoop should have gone. He was sucking up to the judges this week after his smart remarks last week. He is boring to watch. I agree with Carol, Simon is the only honest judge. Paula is a joke, is she wasted all the time or what.

  39. First of all, let me say that my heart really broke for Scott last night. He just seems like a great guy with such a great outlook on life. I agree with Paula that Scott has touched the hearts of American Idol fans and was a true gentleman throughout his time there. I do, however, agree that it was time for him to go. Although I think he is a terrific singer, he just seems more like the kind of guy that would do theater or voices in animated movies and just does not have what it takes to become a true American Idol.
    I truly hope that people are knocking his door down and ringing his phone off the hook with endless opportunities for him. He is definately star worthy in my opinion.

  40. Reading the other comments…how rediculous to say the decision was based on discrimination. Scott is a good singer but others got voted off that were much better than him. He should have been voted off a long time ago. For example Alexis Grace just picked a bad song the week she got voted off but I think she was a very good singer. So far I think the best are still there. Based of their performances the night before I think Lil should have been voted off. Simon was correct in the way he explained to Scott the SAVE and the group as a whole needed to be considered when deciding whether to use the save.

  41. want Lil to go next..!!..then MAtt and Allison…Anoop has great vocals..!!..he deserves to b in the top 5..

  42. Yes, Scott needed to go. We voted on it! What is this Acorn or what? A revote, a recount….
    By the way…when the heck is Paula leaving???
    It’s time for her to go too.

  43. I am so moved by Scott. To step out in faith and do something like this is amazing. It was bittersweet for me – I did think it was time for him to go; however, I was crying because he is such an inspirational young man. God Bless You Scott! You will be a success at whatever you do.

  44. Scott as nice a person as he appeared to be, just did not have that special magic in his voice. Hence America did not vote to keep him in the competition. Neither I hasten to add is he suited to comtempory christian music. There is I’m sure a slot somewhere in the music industry for him. They are ALL winners to get into the top 10.
    Anoop & Lil to go next PLEASE. My favorite is kick awesome Kris Allen and then Allison. Adam is just too overboard and he is a professional. He should NOT be on AI.

  45. I dont think Scott should have gone home yet Anoop should have gone before him He didn’t do good that good but he was very good the other weeks and he has lots of talent, not AI #1 but should have been closer to the finish

  46. I think they made a bad decision. I really liked Scott when Simon said your going home I cried. Scott is a very good singer I think he will go a long way in the music business as he has already came a long way. I think ANOOP should go home he has not done really good since the begining and I have not liked him from the start. If was not for Allison and Danny I would not watch it anymore this season. But because of them to I will. I think sometimes Simon can be very cruel and it is not right. I would like to know what he thought when Kellie was standing right next to him. She did not make american idol but she has came a long way. Allison and Danny keep up the good work guys.

  47. I think Anoop should have been eliminated. Of course, Adam is going to win the whole thing. He a step above everyone else.

  48. America got it right this time. Scott is a very talented young man. However, compared to the ones who are left, he did not have a chance of winning this competition. I can see him as a great songwriter and composer. Good luck Scott. I can see a great future for you in the music world.

  49. I agree with Gina. I think Scott should’ve stayed(and yes, I had tears rolling down my eyes when Scott got booted off cause he was one of my finalists)cause he is an inspirational contestant. His determination to stay dispite of his disability should’ve touched everyone…but sadly this did not happen. Overall, in my mind, he did well and he had a good run, so props to him.

    I think Adam is too flashy, with his outfit and singing style, dispite what everyone is saying. You guys can argue all you want about Adam being the best and should be the next American Idol, but in my mind, he should be kicked out, next Kris, then…Matt. I think Allison will have a good run with Danny, Lil, and Anoop. In the end it will be Danny! Danny all the WAY!!! even if Adam managed to make it to the final round against Danny, He will not match Danny’s determination and ability to recover previous crappy rounds because my prediction is that Adam will become very prideful due to his previous outstanding performance that he will screw up on his last performance…

    On the other hand, if Allison goes head to head wih Danny, it will be tight. Allison is a natural singer but she doesn’t go around being all flashy… She is only 16 but she can sing but she keeps her head down. Humility is the key man. Humility is key period. End of story

  50. SCOTT IS AN IDOL,..A nice way to tell all the lazy people with perfect eyesight how much we are limiting our selfs…. Adam is OK BUT NOT BETTER THAN THE REST!! Anoop is a very nice guy, a good singer and a person with a good heart. His innocence did appear as if he was sucking up to that stupid kara. ALLISSON should be the next Idol….. GO ALLISSON!!!

  51. Nyce performance by Flo rida.The lowest moment was Scott’s exit.But anyway he was still to go,America voted him out,so dont blame the judges!Anoop,Lil will still be part of the bottom three compared to the rest.
    But you never know week in week out,we get surprises!

  52. Oh get over Adam already! He obviously has had so much professional experience and no doubt he knows how to entertain. He should have BEEN done a record already and therefore DOES NOT BELONG on American Idol. Vote him off already..give the others a chance to start from nothing and make themselves a star..they all have excellent voices and star quality. If he goes, I guarantee some label will quickly pick him up due to his popularity and stage presence!

  53. Anoop did not deserve to be in the bottom 3. He blows away Kris, Lil and Adam. Adam is a screamer. Kris appeals to the females, but has no versatility. Judges know Anoop can sing. As a group they know what there doing. Anoop is a true minority. A lot more white Americans and African Americans voting for their favorites on the basis of skin color and not talent. Wake America. Anoop can sing!!!

  54. are you all joking kara has it right when she talks about artistry its who can sell after the show and who has longitude in the business and on that fact (even though im a danny fan) only alison and adam will do the business in the future..just like other original artists like doughtry did…all the other will work in some shape or form but become a way !!!!

  55. Scott looked abnormal to me especially when he opens his mouth wide.I know a lot of blind people who look normal. Scott is just so strange. Glad to see him go.

  56. Ray Charles,Stevie Wonder,Jose Feliciano paved the way for Scott.He will go far and should be fine as a recording artist.He deserves credit for his perseverance to overcome his disability and make it better than most sighted people.He made it a great show to watch.The others are run of the mill and I probably won’t watch the show anymore.

  57. Alan, I must confess that Anoop can sing. Yet, his stage appearance is somewhat lacking. But, as you stated he can sing. If the American Idol is supposed to be versatile, I don’t think Anoop fits that mold. However, if its all about singing, Anoop is up there with the rest. Seems like the judges are looking for creativity and I think Kris and Adam are leading in that vain. Anyways, I did get your point and he can sing.

  58. To go off topic for a moment have you read today that Simon might not be able to juggle 3 jobs and that through process of elimination he might have to leave Idol next year when his contract is up?
    I think if Simon leaves they should get all new Judges, maybe not Kara, that have a fresh look on the show.
    What are your thoughts?

  59. To Ron: (I’m having trouble finding your post, but was notified via email of your “off-topic” statement…)

    As much as Simon reminds me of fingernails on a chalkboard – he DOES give serious feedback. What he lacks in tact, he makes up for in substance. Randy and Kara have offered a more “toned-down” critique – but still laced with constructive advice.

    Paula? hmmmmmm….. In the few times I’ve been able to discern what the H— she’s talking about, I’ve felt she’s been a royal waste of time. Last week’s “non-DVR’d golden performance of Adam” can surely be attributed to Paula’s petty prima-dona antics – eating nup precious American Idol time. Whatever she might have said added nothing to the artistic education of any of the contestants.

    In my opinion, I vote to not can ALL the judges – just the ones that waste everyone’s time. ……… (open for interpretation…..)……!

  60. Ron, if Simon leaves it will really hurt the show. He is the best!!! Yes, he does lack in tact, but to me he is simply entertaining the world. I also think Randy is good as well as Kara, but Paula is strictly flowing out of emotions and not content. Sometimes if it doesn’t challenge her, she does good. Yet, most of the time she sounds like Charlie Brown Mother. Yet, I just think the loss of Simon would hurt the show. He plays his role extremely well. Then too, he and Paula may bring balance. You know two extremes working together. I don’t know! What does everyone think?

  61. Reading your comments I can’t understand why so many people feel that Scott should have stayed, he was OK but not great. I hope you don’t loose Simon off the show or Paula. I agree they bring a balance, Simon tells it like it is Paula well she does come across has being a bit off her head but at least it’s entertaining. By the way I’m from the UK so can’t vote but love the show.

  62. Can any help me I trying to remember the the name the Rocken Nures. She was in Chris Daughter Season……..can anyone remeber?

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