American Idol 2009 Top 9 – Elimination Prediction Poll

After the Top 9’s American Idol performances of the “most downloaded songs” several of the singers continued to pull ahead but the real question is: who will be eliminated?

DialIdol is showing Megan Joy to be in the most trouble but closely followed by Allison. I’m not surprised by Megan Joy’s danger of elimination, but I thought Allison would have more support.

Vote in the poll below for who you think will be going home Wednesday night when Ryan Seacrest reveals America’s votes. Leave your comments and defend your pick for who was the best and who is going home!

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  1. Megan should NOT be there anymore!!! Sure, she’s beautiful–BUT ITS TIME to GO!!! Same
    with Anoop and Scott. Once again, Adam is
    outstanding–so were Allison, Kris and Danny.
    C’mon Lil–get it together–she’s got a great
    voice but isn’t picking the right songs.

  2. I’d like to see Megan get another chance, and have Scott go…he sounds the same, week after week. Idol is Adam or Danny.

  3. Megan has to go!!!! OMG she was awful.
    I’m a huge Danny fan. I thought Chris was great. Adam was very good as was Matt.
    I just loved the show.

  4. I am so sorry but Megan should be out tonight, she doesn’t have anything to do in the contest, also some others like Anoop, Scot and maybe Mat. Hope Adam and Dany keep giveing us a good show as always, congratulations, and thanks a lot for making my nights so enjoying.
    Alma, Mexico, City

  5. Adios, Megan. Get ready for the tour. Lil Rounds will be following soon. Lil is trying to hard and has lost her tonal quality, last night she was shouting rather than singing toward the end of her song.

  6. Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Good-bye Megaannn! Megan should have left last week but as America would have it looks win over actual talent. Adam is the American Idol bringing more and more each week. If he’s not picked then I’m through with Idol. I feel like Danny, Matt and Kris are tied in this competition and Allison will be in the top 4. Keep on keeping on Idol.

  7. I’ll say this only once, If Megan isn’t gone tonight I swear I will not be watching Idol any more.

  8. megan should stay you will see next week she will be the best performer becoz she got quirky personality it doesn’t matter what the judges say about her latest performance so pls support her bcoz she is so unique and most special performer in the show i hope she will stay and i guess scott shoul go!!!

  9. u know people megan is so unique no matter what negative statement u said she will be the best in the american idol so pls give her another chance to prove she is one of the best not always adam and danny pay attention to another contestant who will need the support of america dont vote base on the judges statement or other people statement vote who will u think deserve to stay or to win in this competition!!!

  10. I like Adam but the screaming needs to go that is so 80’s give it up do a song without screaming!!!! Go DANNY!!!!!

  11. Goodbye Megan!! She has overstayed her welcome. Danny, Matt and Kris are real artists! Allison is awesome for her age. These should be the top 4. Adam is horrible. The judges need to stop trying to pick the American Idol and let us do our job!

  12. Megan was a train wreck! She was that way last week and this week. It’s painful to hear her sign. I think she is very good looking, but man, can she not sing. Anoop has to big of a following to go at this stage. Lil Rounds isn’t as good as she thinks she is, or as good as the judges make her out to be. She needs to go right after Megan or Scott.

  13. Megan needs to find the right song to showcase her quirky personality. Adam is by far the best of the lot. Danny, Matt, Kirk and Allison should be battling it out for 2nd place. Lil is boring and Anoop is just too awkward and amateurish with no distinct style.

  14. Well as much as I like Megan – she hasn’t brought anything fantastic to the stage. I would like to see her again, but she may have blown it. My favorite of the night was Kris! Way to go. I am an Allison fan also. I think Anoop should be the one to go home – he is boring. Happy Idoling!

  15. Megan or Matt – Bye, Bye! Top 4 – Adam, Danny, Allison and Kris. Probably Adam or Danny taking the American Idol. Too fun! Have a great day!

  16. all the people who wants megan 2 go home, “shut up, you all chipmunks”. if you dont want 2 watch the show, we actually and certainly dont care…. please for those real people… let us save megan.. she is the best among the rest..she is unique and i think there would be a time 4 her to shine.. i talked to her and she said that she will do great this coming week..yipeee.!!! megan megan d great 4 her because she has a power..hahaha.. scott or matt should go..harharhar! megan d best

  17. in above people like sally,yusuki, jean lanze, nikki,patrina D.,kathy and rita are all joking ang kidding about their dropped opinions.. they are insane and they are all one person(she is imelda) , she is trying to stop megan’s journey but she will not succeed…bcoz megan is great..hahaha

  18. Megan needs to go. She has already received too many breaks. The others have talent, and she is awful!!

  19. I think it’s the end for Megan. She is cute but her voice the past 2 weeks was like nails on a chalkboard… sorry. Anoop was good but a bit dull… LOVE Danny and Kris. Adam is incredible but not my cup of tea. I think Danny will WIN.

  20. Danny is definitely the winner! I like him so much because he understands the song and connect it to his heart and to others as well. Danny is the best! I am seeing him win this competition.

  21. all of you megan lovers who dont know music when you here it,watch tonight when megan goes home,watch it and weep!! i will be jumping up and down!!! ha haha ha!!

  22. to the few that are begging and pleading to save Megan wouldn’t have to if she was truely as good as you seem to think – sorry, no “chipmunks” here, just folks that know talent when they here it. Megan is unique, she just needs her own songs to sing – i mean who could she “copy” and do good at it? sorry – but she could be in real trouble tonite – but then again Anoop, Matt, Scott???? We shall see tonite.


  24. Ally get a life. Megan sucks and Adams bring creative, artistic talent to the stage in each performance. This is not based on what Randy Simon, Paula or the new chick says. I have some knowledge of what the music industry is about and right now Megan isn’t strong enough to bring it. The longer Megan stays the dumber she looks. By the way are you her manager? LOL

  25. When they say good-bye to Megan, will the judges save her? I wouldn’t think so – they are saving that for Matt or Kris or Allison or Adam or Danny??!! Pretty much the rest will go without a save, just what order? Getting interesting! Happy Idoling!

  26. Megan sounds like a cat caught in a car door. She is hot, but that’s it. I don’t even like her coffee stain arm tat! She looks stoned, doesn’t even realize that she is on TV, and can’t sing to save her life. Glad she is going home. I read online from an Idol insider that she is going no matter what. Tonight’s results are rigged. Mark my words.

  27. See, this is why we love Megan. Even her brother is working to piss off the judges. She must have a pretty cool family! Do you remember someone shouting out “broken record” to Kara last night? Turns out it was Megan’s brother CJ. Whitney Pastorek from EW details the hilarious events at the live show last night where Kara was pissed:

    “And just as I’d finished hooting with laughter at the brilliant cruelty of Kara opening with “I really like you, but” — you know it’s bad when they skip the outfit and go straight for the heart — a voice interrupted the DioGuarbot with “Broken record!” The voice seemed to come from Megan’s family, and sure enough, her brother CJ was more than happy to raise his hand and take responsibility. Kara ran off the rails and handed her flaming caboose to Paula… Once the cameras were pointed elsewhere, Kara made mocking faces to Paula and Simon, presumably in reference to CJ talking back while she was trying to be authoritative. Paula and Simon ignored her… On her way out for break, Kara and her burly bodyguards stomped over to Megan’s family to have a little chat. Kara did not look happy…

    On our way to the Grove parking structure, two of my journalist buddies and I ran into Megan’s brother CJ… we asked him what Kara wanted when she came stomping over to them. CJ said she seemed mad, and wanted to know what he meant by “broken record.” He responded with “‘Package artist’ is your package phrase,” which made her stomp away. When she came back, she tried to make light of it, but I get the sense that for the Familia de Alegria, Kara is now pretty much on notice for good.”

    You tell her, CJ. Kara is useless on this show and it’s about time someone mocked her to her face. Awesome family! Though this probably means the producers will probably send Megan packing this week since they hate when people challenge the show.

  28. This is the worst year ever. There isn’t one person in the group worth saving. The show is one cringe after another. Danny is more irritating than Megan. And don’t give me any Adam crap. I’d like him to remove the vice from his NNNs and see if he can actually sing. Quite frankly, if Megan goes, there will be absolutely no reason to watch.

  29. Scott and Anoop may be a little generic, but at least they hit the right notes. Megan can’t carry a tune to save her life. OMG, I can’t stand to listen to her. I keep thinking she’s going to get better, but she doesn’t. The only reason she’s still there is because some guys are only voting on her looks.

  30. JP – I have to agree – I keep waiting for Megan to do something good. It just isn’t happening. SVEN – Bye, bye to you too – I think your girl is going home tonite. There are quite a few that are worth watching -you should relax and give them a chance. But whatever – Go Kris!!

  31. I cannot believe that they left Megan on this long…her movements are awkward, she always sounds the same and she deserves to go. The others have talent…even Michael had more talent than Megan. Please let tonight be the night tovote her off the island!

  32. Sorry but i have to agree with like none of you i think you are crazy Megan was amazing this week but last week she was awful I hate Adam Lambert i think he needs to go personally i hated his kind of Sibirian take of “The ring of fire”! He looked like a wierdo!
    Also i liked Jasmine Murray i think it’s just about time to elimanate him or Anoop

  33. As much as I like your style of singing, I’m sorry Megan, but it is time to say good bye until you tour! Your song choice has not been great, and it is ruining your chances of winning anything!! Next is Anoop, probably follwed by Scott or Matt. My favorite is still Adam (sorry Zlastic!!) for his uniqueness and then Danny, Kris and Lil. I do like Allison also, she is quite the great singer for her young age. You never know, it might be a tight race to the finish……..

  34. OMG-PEOPLE !!! Enough with Megan already. She is an awkward no-talent !! Seriously, she stinks and it an embarrassment to her family….
    She needs to go and she needs to go TONIGHT…
    Adam Lambert is the next American Idol, no doubt.

  35. Thank you cakes they need to get off the whole “Megan should stay” she cannot sing!!! She will be eliminated tonight and if she’s not she still wont make it to the top 4

  36. omg I agree Megan is soooo terrible, she twists like a nut and does this thing with her arm, omg and she cannot sing for the life of her. She baaa’s like a sheep! I am a big fan of this show and I feel like screaming when she stays, come on people get her outta there!
    Not being mean just stating the facts! SHe is not good by any means!

  37. Megan…maybe America’s Next Top Model could use you. Looks can only get you so far in a singing competition….and they may even get you past this week, but it’s a definitly NOT maybe that you will NOT win American Idol. Just know that if she stays, it’s on beauty alone!

  38. Yeah Megan must go home.She always bring her corky to the show.That’s the point.She’s unique but nothing artistry.Annop n Scot next.Anoop has a good voice but zero the personality,Scot makes me boring.I think Matt doesn’t deserve to go home.He’s awesome.Lil’ was also become much boring week to week n I like Alisson coz her style of rock.Overall Adam is genius,Danny is brilliant and MY FAVE IDOL since the season begin is Kris.He is fantastic n great musicality.He is a dark horse coz his grafic always up every week.You know what i think Idol needs another Jason Mraz n John Meyer.Bravo Kris.

  39. danny is a perfect idol.he has everything, voice,personality,act,dress code,and handsome.he is what amirican music needs.

  40. they right megan is so preety but she need to go big fan of math & im just dissapointed to the judges what they said to math i think he wonderful singer he melted my heart i love him vote for him

  41. vote for Kris and Matt!
    I don’t know why the judges wants Matt to do RnB but he’s certainly a rock-babe! Kris is amazing! Music genius!

  42. Yeah let’s vote for Kris,Matt,Adam n Danny.They’re both amazing,talented n artistry.No matter what,the boys rolled on the the girls except Anoop n Scott.

  43. Yeah let’s vote for Kris,Matt,Adam n Danny.They’re both amazing,talented n artistry.No matter what,the boys rolled on than the girls except Anoop n Scott.

  44. One may think Anoop’s generic, but hey! He has the talent and the voice. He should stay. Go Anoop!:)

  45. THANK GOD MEGAN IS GONE!!!! She should have been gone last week!!..I love how she said she didnot care what simon thinks..And then simon throws it right back in her face with..””SINCE YOU DONT CARE!!! WE DONT CARE!!!! GOOD BYE MEGAN…DONT LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE A$$, ON YOUR WAY OUT..

  46. Hey Nikki,
    Adam is by far the best, what are you watching that boy can sing… followed by Danny those are the top 2 for sure….
    Go Adam you rock…

  47. It was time for megan to go…I still like her and she was really sweet when she said “I’m coming home baby”…..Her baby is more important then american Idol..anyhow…I see anoop going home next and I think he is kinda smug….like he is special…not…Gokey is starting to sound the same on every song.Kris is terrific….Allison should not be in the bottom 3..but… ADAM LAMBERTS going to win.

  48. Hi Nikki,
    I don’t disagree totally with what you say but, here’s the thing….
    AI is a business. I don’t know for sure but don’t you think the show is getting a cut off of sales revenue??? (Daughtery ( :)) and Taylor Hicks (:() comes to mind as examples. That seems to me the reason for the “save” option this year. They ( AI) are the pros and know the voices and personalities that will sell music and tours. So I wonder, how much influence does the show have on the actual winner? I could be wrong, just a thought…..

  49. ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. I love anoop!!He’s humble I know.He can really those people always critisizing his ability can you ever sing the way he did? shame you!!!!!hurrray anoop!! goooo,gooo,goooo

  51. I totally agree with dee that AI is business,yes,since its business ANOOP has all the potentials to make record busineses instant rich.If you remember that Anoop got 33 million votes from americans just to stay in the competition.lET’S just support ANOOP okey…

  52. worst comes to worst at least anoop got the acknowledgement of the entire world of music.anyway everybody got there reward according to thier best of ability.but Anoop really has all the potentials.gooooo,goooo ANOOP!!!!!!WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

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