American Idol 2009 Top 9 Elimination Results – April 1, 2009

Tonight on American Idol 2009, the elimination results for this season’s Top 9 will be revealed. Stay tuned…

American Idol 2009 Top 9 Elimination Results:

  • Megan Joy Corkrey

Anoop and Allison joined Megan Joy to round out the bottom three this week but were both safe this week. Did America make the right choice? Your thoughts?

Exit question: Was Lady Gaga’s performance the worst guest singing this season?




  1. I think Simon is a total butthead. He should learn to have some compassion for people, because one of these days he will be wanting someones help and kindness and there will be NOT ONE person to give him that

  2. He is acting. It is part of the reason why people watch the show. Because he is soooo off the top…..that is what makes it fun!

  3. I was a huge fan of Megan until last night & tonight! She was arrogant & haughty & I do not know what that was she was trying to do but I was so embarassed for her! Megan’s dancing is as bad as Elaine’s dance on that old Seinfeld episode. I never did like that jerking around she did but tonight there was no doubt in my mind that she was going home & deserved to go! Her singing was atrocious & I think she was trying so hard to show everyone what they were missing that she made it worse.

  4. Megan deserved what she got tonight! For two reasons: 1) She CAN’T sing and 2) her remark to Simon that she didn’t care what he thought of her performances was absolutely thoughtLESS on her account! Doesn’t she realize Simon runs this show and that despite what seems to be brutal abuse, he does know what he’s talking about. So for her to say something like that on national tv towards Simon was incredibly stupid on her account! I thought she should have been sent home two weeks ago as it is was because she lacks the talent that the others have, but tonight’s comment did it in for me! I’m glad she’s gone – especially when she has that kind of attitude!

  5. Megan voice is far more impressive than any woman left. I will buy her CD long before would by Adams, Danny’s, Allison’s, or any one else this year.

  6. Simon could be quite hard on the contestants but almost 10 out of 10, Simon has been proven RIGHT…if one wants to be a Star, then he/she must really stand out and define exactly where in the musical universe he/she would be shining through !

  7. This might be off and too early, but my fearless forecast for this season is that this musical whiz-kid Adam besting all the others to get that plum American Idol by a mile !!! Cheers !!!

  8. The judges are the ones who put them there to start with and are there to tell then what it takes to be a star. They know what they are talking about. When the contestants tell the judges that “they had fun” & wouldn’t change a thing they are saying they don’t care about the judges opinions and they need a reality check. The should listen.

  9. FINALLY!!! Megan is Gone–Yea! But what’s with
    Allison being in the bottom three? No way does
    she belong there! Anoop did, and I think Scott
    did. But at least Megan is gone!
    Lady GaGa is more like Lady “Gag Gag”–what was
    THAT? She made even Megan look not so bad!

  10. I really liked Megan,she has a unique voice and always thought that even if she was gone, we´ll be hearing from her in the future and that she´ll only need a good producer, but after what she said to Simon tonight, may be she´ll need a godmother too..jajjaja

  11. OMG! I was soooooo ready for Megan to GO several weeks ago ~ but I could not believe how AWFUL her last performance was tonight! I too was EMBARRASSED for her! When she said “I don’t care” to Simon, I really feel she was trying to save face and be brave and not cry ~ that’s all ~ she KNEW Simon wasn’t about to save her, so what did she have to lose? Not a thing! Now she gets to go on tour AND take a breather and visit her song! Simon DOES need to show more compassion ~ I don’t care if he DOES know what he’s doing or he DOES run the show ~ he’s just way too BLUNT!!!

    And Lady Gaga ~ UGH!!! She’s as theatrical as Adam ~ they belong together, but not on Idol! Broadway is really where they should go!

  12. Lady Gaga was the most disgusting thing I have seen on idol! The music was far from the quality of the show.

  13. megan got what was coming to her with her smart mouth. she should of never of been brought back in the first place…. maybe being a mom she is good at but singing she sucked at, she cant dance and has no personality

  14. First of … hopefully this isn’t an April fools joke .. coz I don’t get to watch AI09 untill tonite as here in Indonesia we only get a delayed telecast……..

    But I do agree…. I don’t if it is truly fixed or what…. but it seems that the ones going home are spot on this season except for last week (which in fact could go both Megan or Mike, and I though it would’ve been Megan as from where I’m standing Mike was just an true all american middle class guy and though he would’ve gained more sympathy)

    Anw Megan has been the worse these two weeks…. besides that other than having a unique voice & good looks she can’t back it up technically (serious pitch problems) and good show(wo)manship

    Anoop though seems that he didn’t get what Randy was saying… Randy was referring to the kinds of song that Anoop did on his first audition, more upbeat than what he did last week but more soulful than this weeks performance…….

    Anw againI hope it’s not an April Fools kinda thing bcoz I seriously hope Megan get the boot this week……..

  15. I’m just surprised she has a #1 single! The music world is in sad shape these days! She and Adam = 2 of a kind, in my opinion!

  16. In #21, I’m talking about Lady GaGa, of course ~ not Megan (there’s no way she could have a #1 single)!

  17. @Kipper: Well that’s why AI is popular and a good way to find future stars .. coz you get to see prospective stars perform week in-week out with a level of consistency live on stage (My God just look at the performances by past idols, they were truly magnificent especially Carrie and Kelly C.)…

    The music scene nowadays, many artists are good recording artists but not good live performers
    for example let’s just look at Megan, if she was discovered outside of AI she might’ve gotten a No.1 single on account of her unique voice and some technology smoothing during recordings but she may be just like Lady Gaga….. not a good live performer……

  18. yes, America got it right this time, and Megan was the worst this week. Anoop should have chosen another song, otherwise he’s quite good, and could stay in the competition for a little longer. Allison is also a very good singer and could stay for a while.

  19. J.J. thought Gaga’s performance was the best so far and Duke says he’d buy Megan’s cd before he would buy Adams. So it’s just like ‘One mans food is another mans poison” When most people love Adam and most people wanted Megan out long ago, and Paula said Adam was the next Steven Tyler or Mic Jagger, there are people like J.J. too.

  20. I haven’t watched it yet since I’m on the west coast, but I wish Anoop would go. He’s so boring and arrogant, and someone needs to trim his eyebrows! I liked Megan at first, but last night, she blew it big time. As far as Danny goes, I have absolutely NO idea what people see in him over Adam or Kris, who have wonderful voices and are proving themselves to be true artists week after week. I liked Danny at first and he seems to be such a great guy, but he sounds the same every time and last night, he was off-key a lot and I can’t believe nobody noticed. When Adam sang last night, I kept thinking Steven Tyler and Mick Jaggar…the voice and range that guy has is simply UNBELIEVABLE!!

  21. Bonnie, I agree in everything you´re saying about Anoop, Megan and Danny. I also prefer Kris over Danny but it seems the judges are playing their cards so Danny and Adam will compete till the end.

  22. @Bonnie; speaking ’bout Boring.. I get what Paula was saying about Scott…. although I get that he is somewhat impaired but he might and should amp it up… perhaps just using a good ballad without the Piano sitting on a stool, or using a keyboard rather than a baby grand so he could turn to facing the audience so his facial expression & emotional connection to the song could be shown….. coz every week we already know what we are going to see (picture wise) before he performs and that is starting to get on my nerves…..

    Anoop isn’t that boring compared to Scott coz he could change it up but last nite’s performance was reminisince of Michael Jackson week…. a bit imitating…..

    Danny is technically sound and has Charisma, Kris is getting there but Adam already has the whole package; star persona, Voice, Technical prowess and Charisma(especially with the way he looked this past two weeks)

  23. Just as I have predicted too like the rest of you, but my top picks is a bit different from the rest of you and the rest of America.
    My predicted final four, top three, top finalists, and American idol
    Final Four: lil,Danny,Scott, and Anoop
    Top Three: Lil, Danny, Scott,
    Top two finalists: either Lil and Danny or Danny and Matt
    Winner:Danny as American Idol.

    I understand most of you would want Allison, Allen, Kris, or Adam because they are the “power house” but I look for more resiliency after a rough week. Everyone has a rough week but my top four are the ones that seems to bounce back after a rough week and even survive the bottom three and all of them seem to take the judges criticism seriously and it help them improve. So that is the reason why I chose my top 4

  24. I am so glad that Megan got sent home. She was horrible and I agree with Simon that she had become overly self-indulgent. It like she thought she could do no wrong cause she has so many “fans”! Obviously wrong on that one… Simon was harsh but it was well deserved.

  25. All I can say to everybody is.. Happy Holy week to all of you guys!!!

    I’m gonna take a break from all paperworks!!



  26. I was happy to see Megan go. At first I liked her as she had a unique fun voice, but the fame got to her. She started acting like a “spoiled” brat and was convince her so called fans will save her. I guess she doesn’t have as many fans as she would like to believe. I also agree about her comment to Simon that she didn’t care. She got what she deserves. Good ridden.

  27. I’ve liked Adam since audition, and still do. His voice range just blew my mind. He’s unique, talented, gorgeous, consistently great and unpredictable; on top of that, he remains modest! Wow! A billion wows!

    Megan, well, it’s about time!!!

  28. I Think Adam Lambert will win the show… The best american idol so far… Great…

  29. America was right in voting Megan off last night; however, how did Allison get into the bottom three? She is an excellent singer and performer (if you like her style, though). And she is only 16 years of age! Scott should have been in the bottom three instead of her. Scott is an excellent musician and musical arranger, but his singing leaves a lot to be desired. Anoop should be eliminated next week, then Scott and after him Lil Round and then Matt and finally Allison. The final three should be Danny, Adam and Chris. I have been a big Danny fan from day one of the compettiion and hope to see him win.

  30. Megan was gone a long time ago for me. Her dancing was horrible and her bad notes drove me crazy. I think America voted her off a long time ago……she was only in the top 13 because the judges put her there. Now, it’s time for Anoop to go back to college.

  31. I believe it’s going to be Adam and
    Allison in the top two….Megan was rediculous! Enough of the same stupid shaky dance routine already!! and the attitude…please! good riddens says it all!! Love ya Matt G.. Miss playin’ at the piano bar with ya!!

  32. danny should definately win.I am not sure what to make of adam but i dont like his music. Simon needs to lighten up at the end of the day it should all be fun

  33. Megan and Anoop were definatly the worst!!!!!!!
    I loved Danny though.He was so good1

  34. Megan was terrible. She thought that she was cute with her words and actions, but she was a jerk!!!!!

  35. I liked Meagan despite her awkward dancing .. no coordination AT ALL. She was unique and I rather liked her voice. But her constant wrong choice of songs did not do her any favors. In my opinion, what really did her in was her cavalier attitude the last two shows. She acted like she didn’t care if she went home. Still I will somewhat miss seeing her on the show.

  36. Here is your american idol order. Next to go is anoop then scott then matt then alison then lil then chris then danny then adam wins.

  37. Copme On Now Adam need to go home if you want to go and listen to Theatrical Music go to the Theater Show but to be A American Idol You have to be a Rounded All around Hit. You need to get all ages and all focus from a well balanced prospective. I may be older but this fella is a Great actor but not singer need we remind folks about the Johnny Cash song wich is a all time favorite to many to to mention Adams rediculous other reniditons of song. American please vote wisely and remember who wins will be The American Idol for all to listen to and not just a choosen few.

  38. Fi-na-lly!It WAS a neccessity-her talent did not rank along with the talents of the other contestants,and even she was amazed she would make it as far as she did.We’ll see what happens with the remaining bunch.With Adam,who is the most obvious contender,you never can tell.They keep talking about “star presence”.Just because you have a vocal ability or can play an instrument doesn’t mean you have star presense.I thought Lil had it.She just continues to select songs that don’t do her any justice.I thought she was the one to win,but I don’t see it now.We’ll see what happens.

  39. I think Megan needed to go and I think Adam is the next american idol and I would be very insecure if I were in the running with him.

  40. i wish that Alexis Grace had made it to the tour instead of Meagan. she was really a good little singer.

  41. YEAH! Finally the non talented MEGAN is gone. If she could at least keep her pitch maybe she’d have half a chance. Her dance efforts are a total disaster and that tatoo job was a major distraction for me. I don’t know what’s going on with Matt in the bottom 3 for the last 2 weeks. Hopefully he’ll pick it up because I feel he’s got it. I love Adam’s performances (creatively strong and right on). Danny and Kris run a close tied for me and Allison is awesome. Lil can really sing but she’s not at her full potential and if she doesn’s make America feel her soon she may be gone. I’m up in the air with Anoop and Scott. Will they be next to go? hmmmmmmmmmm.

  42. I believe that Megan was long over due to be thrown off….Also, Danny and Adam, will probably be the last 2 to make it to the top….as far as being the “American Idol” this season it will be one of them..IT WAS REALLY GOOD TO SEE DAVID COOK (He is my very best favorite American Idol…I am 62 years old.

  43. I definitely think America got it right last night! But I SHUDDER to think of Adam being the next American Idol! I’m really surprised no one has mentioned his YouTube videos in the media ~ obviously, America must think nothing of the Star Spangled Banner, because Adam makes fun of it! How can you be an “American” Idol and make “fun” of the Star Spangled Banner! I think he needs to join the Marine Corps, where they can straighten him out! A few weeks of boot camp would do the job!

    Before I love someone’s music, I need to love the person! You may think Danny isn’t as “exciting” as Adam, but he’s a great person AND singer ~ and so is Kris! Adam french-kissing his guy friend on the Internet is NOT my idea of an American Idol!

  44. How did Megan make it this long? I honestly think I would be talking under my breath and chuckling if I ever listened to her at a kareoke (sp?) bar! She was aweful, and souldn’t have made it to Hollywood at all. THEN, the attitutde the last few weeks was crazy. I am torn between Adam and Danny. Danny reminds me a lot of David Cook. Adam is unique and extremely talented. I guess I would be 100% behind Adam, but I seem some of his You-Tube performances, which were a little too over the top for me. Even if Adam doesn’t WIN, he has a bright future and good for him!!! I will definately buy his album, no question 100%. I am not sure if I would buy a Danny album???

  45. I seriously do not know how she lasted as long as she did. That is one annoying girl and she can’t sing and worse than her singing is that little shimmy atempt to dance……so glad we don’t have to look at her anymore, now if they would just eliminate Anoop and Scott……….

  46. she should have never been in the Top 12. She made because of her looks. It will between Adam and Chris. Anoop pissed the judges off so he will be next. Paula finally said something right, Adam is just like Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler. ROCK ON

  47. After listening to Megan sing that song again, it wasn’t really that bad. I would rather listen to Megan, at least she’s refreshing and quirky whereas Anoop is just awkward and amateurish, like the judges said, a “wannabe” idol. Allison deserves to be in top 5 at the very least. Anoop, Scott and Lil can go next

  48. I hate the kwa kwa kwa sounds and actios they were making with Allison.Her attitude got into her head,glad she’s out.Anoop and Scott should watch out since the next queue belongs to them!

  49. Megan was on the show for eye-candy. I actually liked some of her versions of quiet songs, but she went downhill in the last two episodes. Last night she revealed who she is underneath that beautiful skin. She was lucky to get the experience and didn’t appreciate the magnitude of that gift.

  50. I am not very happy Megan is going home and I don’t hope she will be in AI for long time. She has unique voice of jazzy & soul voice. Unfortunately she upset the judges and the audience by selecting wrong songs.

    I just realize the contestant of AI8 is not balance between male and female. How could only 5 female than 8 male contestants? which is not fair because there a few other females contestant was very good in top 24, but was not selected.

    Until today I still couldn’t find who will be the contestant that would accompany Adam Lambert to the AI finale.

    I would say, AI S04 was the best from other season, where a bunch of talented contestants so far.

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  51. They made a great choice. Megan is definately not ready to be on American Idol. She seems so uncomfortable with the way she stands, dances and even seems lazy in the amount of effort she puts into singing. I think with training- her voice could be a showcase. Im also not sure if she really has enough true desire to pursue it, like she would have to to be successful.

  52. alim… I agree with you about Megan and the balance between men and women. This season lacks of excitement..from the beginning AI was the Adam Lambert´s show!!!!(judges are helping
    Gokey to be in the finals,but he is so predictable and sometimes boring)…I really hope there will be some changes for next year!!!

  53. Was Megan on something or what…she acted soooo strange last night…I totally think she was either drunk or on something !!So glad she is gone could hardly watch she sing it was so bad…

  54. Oday. I agree Megan acted way wierd. Bus she always has. I don’t think anyone has seen any personality. And what is wiiht the “bird” theme. Her songs with birds in them, and then herr acting lid one last night. Anoop should go next. He way pompus and doesn’t listen to any advice. Lady Gaga was absolutely atroscious and ridiculous. Please.

  55. I am a new Kris Allen fan, he is bringing it every week!! I hope it is Danny and Kris in the finale, Adam in the top 3 even though I know the judges would save him and he too would be in the finale, oh did I just predict the future,lol….

  56. I didn’t know that about Adam on youtube…YUC…you are right Gusto, how can someone be American Idol if they are making fun of America? I would say he lost my vote but don’t ever vote for him anyway..can’t stand his persona and theatrical renditions , he is an artist just don’t like the yelling or shrilling I should say…

  57. It was Megan’s time, no doubt.

    Lady G was a nightmare; her “singing” was sad. Too bad the zipper on her eye wasn’t over her mouth.

    Adam has the chops to sing whatever he choses. Do we forget “Tracks of My Tears” so soon? His act could become mainstream very quickly.

    Of the rest of the top 8, they have all had moments, but don’t seem sustainable. Megan was the last one that I didn’t like, now it just comes to taste.

  58. America finally got it right…..except Megan should have left before Alexis Grace…

  59. Bea #66, that was not Gusto who pointed out Adam on YouTube making FUN of the Star Spangled Banner ~ that was ME! And THANK YOU for paying attention ~ doesn’t look like anyone else did! Adam is GROSS and he’s “putting on the sweet act” so he can WIN American Idol ~ but he’ll never get my vote ~ he’s anti-American and should go back to Broadway where he belongs. He sounds like a girl anyway, and he’s WAYYYY over the top! Very sad, and if he wins AI, it will go down the tubes! Many have already said they won’t watch anymore if he wins, and won’t be attending the Tour either! I just feel sorry for the other contestants having to compete against him, a Broadway singer/entertainer! It’s not fair!

  60. Megan should have gone a long time ago. She has no rhythm, cannot sing and God forbid her body never moved to the tune. She was awful, trying to figure out what planet she came out of and that tatoo, yikes, could she get it any bigger. Terrible on a woman.
    And Ga Ga or was that Gag Me, Gag Me recording artist? You have got to be kidding that someone is paying that girl to sing.

  61. I am glad to see Megan go she has no talent. I think the guys kept to her so long cuz she’s eye candy.

    I think Danny should win over Adam, what I’ve heard and seen on U Tube is not a pretty picture of an American Idol. Danny’s got talent and class.

    As for Simon, he may be harsh but the truth can hurt and he’s very truthful and 99% of the time I agree with him.


  63. Thank goodness Megan is gone. Wow what an attitude. I don’t always agree with Simon, but he does speak the truth and everyone should be listening to him. My vote is for Matt all the way……You go MATTT.

  64. Yeah!!!!! Megan is gone. Thank goodness.

    And Simon’s comment….while biting was true and Megan shouldn’t have said she didn’t care.

  65. I agree that Megan was disrespectful and I found her behavior quite irritating. Somehow I knew that she was going to be the one to leave and I suspect that she did as well. Neverthe less, Simon had the chance to rise to the occasion rather than stoop to her level. They could have let her sing, as they did for the others in the previous weeks, and then just tell her that she wouldn’t be saved. She had just been given some very sad news and it was like pouring salt on the wound. She is extremely immature and he had the chance to help her grow up and he blew it. Shame on Simon.

  66. Simon Cowell is the meanest,nastiest person on the face of the earth. Megan Joy is an amazing singer and rocked that stage everytime fromPut your records on to Little black horse and a cherry tree to Rockn’Robin to Walkn’ after midnight to once in my life to turn your lights down low!

    And Rick i don’t care if Megan was dis repectful her and Casey Carlson were the best aurditioners!

  67. Like most everyone here, I thought Megan was very annoying. She does have potential, but her I-don’t-care attitude proves she’ll have the same kind of problems of the artist she most sounds like, Amy Winehouse, no stage presence, no class, no thanks. I do give her props for singing right to the judges even after Simon’s well-deserved comment and for leaving on the obvious note that she wasn’t sorry for telling Simon she didn’t care about his feedback.

    Seriously though, about Lady Ga Ga… I don’t know her music and I had never seen her perform before, but was I the only one that appreciated the effort? It feels like most of the guest singers, even some past Idols, are there because they have to comply with the small print on their contract. I thought Lady Ga Ga gave the kind of performance others reserve only for the awards shows. I loved the dynamics, the dancing, the lyrics and I have to be honest, I can’t comment on the singing itself since I was too into the thrill of the performance, but I imagine that the fact that the actual singing didn’t catch my attention, means it couldn’t have been too bad.

    Megan’s singing on her last performance on the other hand…

  68. I hated to see Megan leave. She just picked the wrong song. She has such a unique voice. If she puts out a cd I will buy it. Now that she is gone I will be voting for Danny. I wish Adam would leave. When he sang his version of The Johnny Cash song did it for me. That song should have never been sung that way. I have a feeling he is gonna be the next idol. I sure hope not though

  69. I think Adam is a true artist! He cares about what people are going to like, he googles his name so he can read good and bad coments about himself. Lil can sing, but she really can’t perform a lic, she has a strange look on her face when she is singing, almost scary. Adam is going to win!

  70. Adam is awesome! I really like Danny, but he is very predictable and boring. Hope he does something different. Lil Rounds just doesn’t know what to do. Lets hear something crazy!

  71. It was definitely Megan’s time to go! Actually, it was long past her time. Her stage presence is clumsy, her dancing (can you really call what she does dancing?) is awkward and her voice is pitchy. But her attitude the last 2 weeks was the final straw for me. What an arrogant spoiled brat. She has a pretty face, and I think she’s gotten by on that her whole life. Well, she’s in for a rude awakening, and I for one am glad that the judges unanimously decided not to use the save without even hearing her sing one last time — and I loved how Simon told her. She needs to be knocked down a peg or two. There’s too much talent this year for her to take the place of someone who truly deserves a chance (the Sanjaya factor?).

  72. Lisa Brumley: I read all your postings and agree with everything you said — except I don’t remember Anoop being pompous. Did I miss something?

  73. Well, he wont take any criticisim to heart. He seems to ignore it and do whatever. In my opinion anyway.

  74. The judges got it right when they eliminated Megan this week. As for the other contestants, Anoop and Scott will or should be next.
    It seems to me that a person either loves or hates Adam. I think he will be in the top 2.
    He is the most interesting contestant this year, and he CAN sing, he has charisma, reminds me of Elvis….

  75. I think Anoop has a good voice — certainly not what you’d expect looking at him. But I agree with some of the others who say he can be somewhat boring — he needs to step it up in order to stay in the competition. But I thnk in the end those left standing will be: Adam (unless his U-Tube stuff turns people off — I personally have not seen it, just read the postings here), Danny, Chris, Allison and Lil (she’s had a couple of rough weeks after such a strong start — hope she can get back to her “zone”). I really like Scott and Matt but there are so many stand-outs this season. No matter who wins, I believe there will be many contestants getting contracts from their time on American Idol — too bad Megan wasn’t more humble and appreciative of the opportunity she was given. I don’t feel any of the remaining contestants have any attitude issues — they all seem down-to-earth and very real.

  76. Megan’s shaky-shaky dance has annoyed me the first time around, but can be forgiven, but her ‘dont’ care’tirade on Simon showed the true colors of this lovely lady with the wrong attitude, of being a swell-headed girl long before she could even reach that AI stardom !! Anoop and Scott are both bland, nothing new to offer…they should go…Allison should give Adam (my pick to become AI) a run for his money, better than Chris or Danny..of course, ultimately, Lil and Matt would have to say ‘goodbye’, despite their own talents but which could not compare with Adam’s and the other close contenders’…

  77. Anoop should stay he has the voice!!!! he is really good!!!
    Vote for Anoop!! Keep him on!!!! Also Danny is really Good ! as well as Adam! But lil round likes always shouting while singing!!! THE BOYS ARE IN SUPERB COMPETITION!

  78. I didn’t even watch the elimination show. It was painfully obvious that Megan was out the door and I couldn’t bear the thought of hearing her heinous catterwalling another time.
    I don’t agree with whoever said the competition should be more balanced male/female-wise. Why? This year, the male contestants were stronger in auditions. That is how it worked out. I’d rather see the more talented people get a shot, regardless of genitalia.
    Also, for you “moral minority,” I’m sick of hearing your homophobic, holier than thou rantings about Adam. His talent speaks for itself and your relentless attempts to sabotage him will be fruitless.

  79. MissMercury: I absolutely agree with you (including your description of Megan’s style – so glad she’s gone!). This contest is – and should be – about talent without regard for gender, and this year the male contestants rocked! Why should the judges be forced to include a set number of females, thereby excluding much more talented males? I seem to recall thinking that last season when they had to have the same number of males and females, and some really good singers lost out to make room for members of the opposite sex who weren’t nearly as talented. While Allison is amazing (can you believe she’s only 16???) and Lil has talent, I’m sure it will come down to an all-male final 3 (or 4).

  80. Kipper: Thanks for the link. I presume there’s supposed to be a video of Adam, but all I could see were comments posted. Could be the filter on our computers at work, so I’ll check it out at home. Thanks, again.

  81. Yes, I think that American called right, Megan Joy should have been off a long time ago.

  82. Miss Mercury, the moral “majority” is tired of people like you too, that’s why I’m quitting this site AND American Idol, which is going down the tubes this season. And you’re wrong, I’m anything but “homophobic.” And you are anything but moral or American! Have fun with your choices in life! That’s what it’s all about, right? Fun?

  83. I think this year the viewers got it all right. I think adam or danny is going to win.

  84. I think it’s a little over-the-top to say you won’t watch Idol because you are frustrated with the results. America voted…and votes. Your vote counts. I think, think your vote should count more or something. Thankfully, the civilization has evolved enough to embrace all kinds, colors , creeds and sexualities. As for being amoral, I do take offense, but coming from you…I just get a wee giggle…since you know nothing about me. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

  85. Adam will be the next American Idol whether he wins or not. I am 63 years old and know a potential superstar when I see one. My older friends all agree with me. What surprised me were the younger people. They didn’t get it at first. Comments like; he belongs back on the stage, he’s a screamer and we’ve been there, done that, and I can’t believe he,s your #1 pick. That has all changed in the last few weeks. As my son put it; Iguess I’ve got to stop putting him down. You were right, you’re always right and I should have known it. It’s very hard to find anyone now who doesn’t agree with me.

  86. Should have given Tatiana a chance instead of Megan. Tatiana can sing better even though she a bit si-si at times. Wrong choice judges.

  87. I also was a big Megan fan until the last two shows. I was glad that Simon said that they didn’t care either. I think her good looks have likely carried her most of her life. Her terrible attitude and disrespect are so bad that I hope they don’t let her tour with the top ten AI contestents.

  88. Azie tatina doesn’t deserve it!
    Megan has gone through alot!
    And Larry Miller Megan was showing her opoin!

  89. Gine, I try very hard to like Anoop. He is a likable guy. The problem is that he isn’t consistent and doesn’t really have a defined style.

  90. RIDICULOUS! There is no way she should have went home and no reason why the judges wouldnt save her. She will be famous regardless.

    ARE YOU GUYS DEAF AND BLIND??!! Megan Joy couldn’t carry a tune if it were in a pretty little hemp basket!! Not only that, but she has absolutely NO RHYTHM!! She’s gangly and awkward and it’s TERRIBLY OFFENSIVE that she even made it Hollywood…WTF??!! This just goes to prove, ONCE AGAIN that Hollywood would rather take a beautiful girl with NO RAW TALENT than “the girl next door” with AMAZING talent…HOW SAD!! What is this industry coming to?? What happened to signing people for their RAW, NATURAL TALENT regardless of their looks??!! Some of the GREATEST singers of ALL TIME were not extremely attractive (take Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles for example)…WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! Music just isn’t what it used to be and I don’t think it ever will be – and I’m only 25!!!!

  92. I think the panel better watch it back – Crystal was great – Sioban was horrid!! Sioban did the freakin scream AGAIN – she was all over the place – did they not hear that?? My husband & I were listening to it & both thought she was all over & missed many notes – the screaming is not pretty either! It is just plain annoying…

    Crystal on the other hand – listen to her again panel!! She hit all the notes & she sounded beautiful. I really felt that song when she sang it! I really hope they LISTEN to it again & recant ….

    I loved Lee & I didn’t think he made any funny faces!

    They were all great tonight other than Sioban – do something different honey – if the screaming is your “money card” then you better get another card!

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