American Idol 2009 Top 9: Who Will Be The Best This Week? – Poll

It’s go-time for American Idol 2009‘s Top 9 singers to give it their all with “most downloaded” night. I’m really anxious to see what that means, but in the mean time let’s start seeing your support for who will be tonight’s very best. Vote in the poll below and then comment to tell us why.

Tonight’s performance episode airs at 8PM (ET/PT) with the results show on Wednesday night at 9PM (ET/PT). Don’t miss David Cook’s return to the Idol stage.




  1. I just love Danny’s voice and his style. I also like Kris, Anoop, and Matt. I really don’t like Adam because he’s way too theatrical and should take his show to Broadway. He also sounds very girly to me! If he ends up as the American Idol, this will be my last Season to watch!

  2. Adam Lambert is the most talented contestant American Idol has ever had. If he “doesn’t” end up as the winner, this may be my last season to watch. You need to check out some of his rock and pop performances. Don’t hold his theatrical abilities against him. He himself has said that it’s just a way to pay his bills while he pursues his music career. The fact is, he has the unique talent to do just about anything musically.

  3. All the Guys have been doing well. Between Adam & Danny; would be my guess for the guys. Allison & Lil for the girls. I will be watching!!!

  4. adam of course!! i like danny and allison too but…. adam is really interesting! i’m always looking forward 2 his performance!! he always has a surprise!! n soo unpredictable!! i always enjoy watching him XDD

  5. As has been said “Adam” is probably the best on the show this year!!
    I see him as another “Wayne Newton”.
    I’m surprised no one has picked him up yet!!

  6. Allison should be the next American Idol. She really projects when she’s on that stage. She is only 16 and already so talented. Adam is good too. I think is between Allison and Adam. Matt, Danny and Anop did very well on Motown night, the rest I give them lots of credit for all the hard work and wish them luck and fun at the tour.

  7. My vote is for Matt. Adam I can’t stand, and I really do try but does nothing for me. let’s see what they do tonight. Megan needs to go home.

  8. Adam reminds me Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, Whitesnake all the good 80s bands. Great singer. I think he may win. Danny was great at the beginning but he seems to have stalled, I hope he gets back and starts selecting good song choices.

  9. ive watched American Idol every season and no one has ever come close to Adam Lambert. He is by far the best. his voice is awsome. He can sing anything.

  10. Really hope MegaN IS OFF THIS week. Adam is a great entertainer and should go far no matter what happens. I do think anoop has a chance if he gains more confidence in himself.

  11. I predict Adam wins it all if he makes no mistakes! The best singer this

  12. Love him or hate him, Adam Lambert is the most talented of the bunch by a mile. Danny is a good singer but not great and so is Matt. Lil is really nothing special compared to Jennifer Hudson or Fantasia. I’m just hoping Allison continues to make her mark and at least makes it to top 5 because she deserves to be there.

  13. Adam is the best talent EVER. He’s not the next Wayne Newton – he’s the next Elvis Presley!

  14. Adam Lambert is awesomee! He is by far the most talented and a great entertainer. No one this season can even match his vocals. I do really like Allison as well. Who cares what she is wearing, did you hear her vocals? She rocks!

  15. I like how Adam changes things up each week. I also want Anoop to do well…I just can’t help but like him. I’ve never really liked Danny or Lil, even though they were total front-runners in the competition.

  16. ADAM IS THE BEST! I hope he stays for as long as possible! Well personaly I think he is going to win! XD anywayz… I think in the finals it will be either adam and allison or adam and kris!

  17. and Kipper, just to add this in. I really dont like danny but you don’t see my calling him girly. And duh Adam is theatrical he was in BroadWay Starz! Dont be hatin on Adam because he actually HAS some talent! And its stupid that one win u would think as “unfair” or “stupid” or watever you think it would be would stop u from watching a great show! thank u and have a nice night. 🙂

  18. Chris has really shined his last two performances and is definitely a contender for the title. His artistic abilities and control are amazing.

  19. Are you kidding me?! Adam is the most talented person this show has ever spotlighted! He’s talented, handsome and always brings his top game. He manages to “step it up” with every performance and make each song his own. His originality is unsurpassed, unlike some of the others who are doing very transparent imitations of established stars. This kid is already a superstar.

  20. Delia said it all when she said ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Adam is by far the most talented and undoubtably a star already.He is on track with the right management to achieve mega star status that only a few entertainers have, such as Elvis, Michael Jackson, the Beatles and a few more.There is also some really great talent on AM right now but they are unfortunately in the shadows because of Adam Lambert. Adam has the talent, looks, charisma, sex appeal,and personality that will make him a international entertainer. We love you Adam Lambert.

  21. I am shocked that Megan is still there. When she performs I am embarrassed for her. Have you noticed she can’t even snap her fingers without looking awkward. I like Kris and Adam…Allison is amazing also…..

  22. I think Megan will be going home tonight. I think Chris is a new forerunner with his outstanding performance last night.

  23. Adam is the most talented contestant in AI this season. He has the most amazing vocals and his originality surpasses everyone. When it comes down to the whole package, this boy has it all! A true artist, very unique and it has been awhile since we’ve seen contestants in his caliber. Adam Lambert is American Idol 2009!!!!

    Meagan has to go. I find her awkward and if this is based on talent and artistry, I’m sorry but she has none.

  24. I’m not a keen fan of AI, but I watch AI now because of Adam Lambert. It seems like he’s taking it to another level and using the show to showcase his originality, and not only that, but also his creativity (“artistry” to Kara). He’s the only AI contestant so far who’s able to take any song, old and new, difficult and easy, and make it his own, in a unique kind of way. That will draw out the curiosity of TV viewers out there, and will only improve AI’s ratings. Otherwise, the ratings will decline with boring mediocrity. AI needs him more than he needs AI at this point.

  25. Megan should have went home last week..she has a unique voice but she needs to go home…she hasn’t improved at far as Adam he’s good but he isn’t the best..Danny is way better than him.. i think Lil improved this week but she’s not getting the props.. I don’t favor Anoop

  26. Adam Lamberts “singing” is nothing more than a lot of noisy girly screeching. He gives me a headache everytime I hear him! The worst ever. I never want to hear a song by him on the radio. God forbid it! I hope he gets the boot soon.

  27. im also glad Meagan went home. there were others who auditioned in the beginning who were better but somehow she got through. i hate to be so critical but the truth is i could sing better than her and let me say I CANNOT SING. i also thought she was sarcastic and was pretty stupid to say to the judges that she didnt care. Simon was right to tell her they didnt either and this was her swan song. jan

  28. I think Allison is the most talented. This is a sixteen year old girl with poise, charm and a voice and delivery which is beyond anything i have seen in a long, long time. I don’t know why she lands on the bottom three. I hope people are able to recognize her talent and make the next American Idol.

  29. Adam Lambert is like a Big Red Gaudy decked out Sports Car a a car show, Thats the most expensive , fastest , loudest , the most horsepower , and gets the best gas mileage. He is not for everybody. But almost all will be in awe and want to watch him perform. American Idol is lucky to have him. He is the best I`ve seen in 8 seasons.

  30. How can you support someone that goes on You Tube and Makes fun of Your National Anthem and disrestpects AMERICA the way he did? That is something that is NOT taken lightly or for granted at all or let to slide by. Needless to say how he laughed when he totally destroyed the Legendary Johnny Cash song “Ring of Fire” either. He is making America out to be a joke and It is NOT!!!! Is this what you want to represent America? I know I surely Do Not!!!!

  31. last nights performance of Mad World by Adam proved beyond all doubt he is the best. this is a vocal contest. for those who say you HATE him i wonder why. you can always turn off your television!! he proves every time who should be the next American Idol.

  32. Scott McIntyre deserves to stay in the competition. He has a wonderful voice keen on entertaining. The only difficulty is that due to his handicap he appears almost lost on stage unless he is with the piano. Whether with the piano or not he still can Sing !!!


  34. i hoped all along it would come down to adam and chris. so glad it did! they are both great but my favorite is adam.

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