American Idol 2010: Casey James Eliminated

I have been dreading this day when I have to say goodbye to my favorite Casey James. (sniff!)  Yesterday on the American Idol results show we found out that the two people singing in the finale are Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox. 

casey jamesI loved Casey for so many reasons and yes one was the eye candy he provided twice a week lol.  Another was the humility he displayed.  He was thankful for the opportunity and let us all know it was an amazing jouney.  He sang “Daughters” to close the show and walked out in the crowd and hugged his fans and carried a little girl and sang the song to her.  A touching moment.  

But, foremost was his outstanding musicianship.  He can play the hell out of the guitar and for those who think he is just some back up in a band don’t really know much about music.  To be able to play lead while singing is a hard thing to do and he did it well.  Like Randy said, he is the guitarist they have ever had on the show.  Not only that but he has the vocals to go along with it.  I will be the first to admit that he chose the wrong songs probably half the time but when he got one right, it was really great.  As he grows as an artist and finds his niche he will make it big in the music industry.  Of this I have no doubt.  So all you Casey fans out there don’t worry.  We will be hearing from him again.




  1. In hindsight, I think that Casey was satisfied with a 3rd place finish–certainly nothing to sneer at. He didn’t really seem to have a fire in his belly to win it all which his good enough performance on Tuesday showed.

    I think Casey will have a music career, but he will not be a star. In the end he may be happy to be working in music and doing what he loves 20 years from now, and you know, that really is a good thing.

    Winning American Idol may really have been a burden that Casey ultimately did not want and he may have been surprised that he went as far as he did in the competition. I think he will do ok in his career though.

  2. I have a friend whose husband is in a very popular local country band. The band is known throughout the region and has a following. He has been doing this for 20 years and this band will never make it big time, but in all of those years he has got to do something he loves to do and to make some money doing it. That is actually very cool because so few ever become stars.

    Casey may have this or maybe more, but he strikes me as a young man who will find happiness in whatever the level of his music career may be. That is an admirable quality.

  3. We are happy that he is happy that he made it this far the Top 3. He is born a singer. He is so refined, well-dressed, clean-cut, humble, adorable,handsome and tall. Nice guy. He will survive with his guitar and smooth flawless vocal and great looks and goldie hair. Kara’s choice. He will go far. Kara, please help him in his music career.He is talented.

  4. I like Casey,but him going home was the right choice. At least he came this far unlike Chris Doughtry who was eliminated at number 5. He should of won. Anyway,if Casey sang like that on Tuesday and walked in the crowd he might of been in the finale,who knows?

  5. America,
    Happy to see Lee & Crystal in Top 2. If Crystal comes out 2nd, at least she can have a new car for her baby and a singing career ahead of her.

    America, beLEEve that LEE has a fantastically unique vocal very stereo like a vocal of two persons in it. Love it so much. Hope he wins next week. Lee, blow us off our seats next week . You can do it! BeLEEve it.

    If you win, please come to South East Asia.We will buy your CD, can’t wait for it to be out.
    Good Luck. Go go Lee.

  6. I feel that the right two made it to the finals. But, whatever else happens, Idol producers, don’t ignore the opportunity to have these two do another duet. The last one was both musically and visually a real treat for music lovers. Magic like that doesn’t happen every day. Don’t waste it.

  7. Its has pretty well been proven that winning AI doesn’t mean that much. Everyone in the top 12 got to sing before 100,000,000 people with the name recognition that goes along with it.

    I really don’t know how good a guitar player Casey is. The short time limit never allowed him to play a real solo, and the sound mixer buried a lot of his fills. The little I heard sounded pretty good, though.

    I can see where 7 or 8 people who competed this year could have a national career of some sort.

  8. Think Lee and Crystal are deserving of top two spots. Would love to see Crystal sing Black Velvet.

    Idol Fan in Fla.

  9. I feel terrible that Casey is eliminated. he was the only one who looked like an international star while the remaining 2 , errr !! i really hope that Casey make it big in the music industry & not just locally but worldwide. i believe he can be as popular as Daughtry. Casey has already established a fanbase & i hope he can use that quickly . he is even popular here in Egypt ! you’ve made it baby so keep going 🙂

  10. I agree with Ashley. It must be incredibly hard to play lead guitar and sing. It should be easy to recogize his voice when his first single is played on the radio. I know he will have an amazing recording career.

  11. Now that Casey has the exposure, he can play his own music which is awesome and the rest of us who appreciate good music will be able to enjoy him. Casey is the best!

  12. Casey is admittedly easy on the eyes but the right two are in the finals. Lee, you are our American Idol here in Kingston, Jamaica. You are going to be just great!!

  13. Of course I think everyone knew it would be Lee & Crystal in the finals. However, Casey James is no slouch…not only is he a good singer, he is the one out of the bunch who actually had the physical appearance of an American Idol. We’ll be hearing again from Casey – and if we don’t, as long as he’s happy, what more can he want. His final song last night, plus the way he interacted with the crowd and judges, made him a winner in my book.

  14. So happy Crystal and Lee made it I hope Crystal wins it but either one could take it they are both great people and great singers my vote is on crystal

  15. I think the right two are in the finals but having said that, Casey would have fitted well had he made it to the top two. Casey has got a really good voice and he is confident, its just the song choice. But when he comes out with his first album he will make it big.

  16. I love Casey.. I will definitely support him and buy his albums, and I’ll be a forever fan:)

    He’s the best guitar player on idol and it’s really difficult to sing great and play really well at the same time (that’s why others are just, you know, STRUMMING. I think his only problem was the song of choice and the judges’ choice for him. It’s not a WOW song, it’s just easy and gentle. I bet if he was given a great song to sing, he would make it.

    But never mind, I know he’s gonna make it BIG.
    He has the amazing talent, looks, style and humble personality.

    I think he’s the HOTTEST idol contestant EVER!

  17. I have been a Crystal fan from the beginning. Before Tuesday’s performances, I would have been really depressed if Lee were to win AI and not Crystal. But Lee absolutely blew me away Tuesday. I actually woke up Wednesday with “Halleluah” playing in my head. I would still love for Crystal to win, but if Lee wins I can be happy with that, too. America picked the right two for the final, it’s going to be awesome!

  18. Yes, boring finale. As we predicted. Even though Lee has a good voice but he doesn’t have that star quality. Crystal on the other hand is a confident singer however there’s nothing new.

  19. I agree at comment #9. I felt terrible as well. I was really sad. I agree, he’s the only one whom when you see, you can say “Oh, yes, he really is a star”. And when you hear him sing and play, you would say “oh, he’s a great artist”. Coz whether we like it or not, it should be a total package. I have seen so many idol winners who didn’t possess the star quality and they just didn’t make it after IDOL.

  20. My admiration for Casey has soared, his graceful departure from Idol last night after enduring weeks of overtly biased and humiliating comments from the judges convinced me that he had already won. It was quite clear to me from the beginning that Casey was not in the actual running to win this show on air, Kara, Randy and Simon saw to that. Making a fool of herself at the beginning by drooling like a love-sick teenager over Casey’s extraordinary good looks, Kara not only instantly compromised his potential for gaining the male vote in America and possibly a lot of female votes too, it also ensured she spent the rest of the contest desperate to regain her composure and in the process of doing so, over-compensated with such cruel criticism as “you sounded like a sheep”). During the entire contest it was evident that Casey was not going to enjoy the softer critisicm that other far lesser talented contestants received. Kara and Randy’s outstandingly limp song choice for Casey at such a critical stage of the competition was also highly suspect – again at a great cost to Casey. Add to this lethal mix, what appears to me as Simon’s flagrant determination to knock Casey flat at almost every turn (what on earth was it about Casey that wound him up so much, I wonder?) Admirers of Casey also knew exactly where they stood. When my family and I saw Lee lounging in a private jet receiving s text from Simon, as if Lee were already crowned, we almost choked on our pretzels. However, when I later saw Lee singing Simon’s personally chosen song with violins and full, majestic choir backing with knobs on (all that was missing was angels flying overhead) – we laughed out loud. Simon’s misty eyed ‘wink and need to hammer it home to the public in case we missed it for the hundredth time, “how genuinely nice Lee is as a person, of course, only served to make us wonder if Casey was really an axe murderer in disguise, or at the very least a “not very nice person”. So, you could say we are not surprised by the outcome of the past two nights love-in and vote-off. Ultimately, Simon has achieved what he is best at -manipulation of a highly suggestible audience – the brainwashing is almost complete and the American public have been led by the neck and well and truly ‘cowled’ as we Brits have been for some years now. As for me, I will never watch this show again, I don’t think I will ever get out of my mind the thought of that humble, gracious and yes, as someone said above utterly “refined” young man’s aura of dignity, who, at the height of his pressure and disappointment and having achieved so much, received as a parting shot from Cowell, the despicable and cruel comment that he should have accepted a “gig” he’d been offered next week- I presume he meant in his home town. I hope someone out there gives him a contract today, he is the most talented and charismatic contestant that this show has ever been graced with and he has a huge fan base around the world (we thank Idol for that at least) and we cannot wait to buy his records. The interpretation for the name ‘Casey’ in Gaelic is ‘beautiful’ and ‘brave’,I couldn’t have summed him up better. My family and many of our friends and I wish him all the best that life can bring. His performances left us spell-bound. Summer.

  21. I can’t believe how bias the judges are for Lee, and could someone please tell me why when it came to the judges song pic they didn’t team Ellen up with an experianced musical person to pick Crystals song? What a song pic! That is so a man song. It must be difficult as a women to sing baby I’m a man and your the only women who could ever help me. Out of all the beautiful songs she could of sang. Go figure. Like I said its more than obvious by the judges comments and actions that Lee will win no matter how bad he may do on Tues. Very Sad that they can’t put them on equal playing ground

  22. Just read summers comment and totally agree! If they are going to have a judges song pic, all the judges should collectivley pic for each contestant. Even then they can sway the chances for a person by the song they pic. I have nothing against Lee, I just have something against the judges blantant bias in trying to get him to win. Like Travis whoever that sang BELIEVE last night with it lit up across the stage at the end, and how ironic that Lee’s big thing is BELEEVE! Lot’s of little subblimanal stuff goin on that’s no coincedence. Let’s let america decide without all the judges bias comments. I think we are smart enough to decide on our own who is good. As for going on to really do something, I don’t think it will be Lee. No carisma or much personality. What guy winner has ever done much after Idol. Look at the women who have though. I think Casey will do well because he has the personality and can sing and play guitar well. We shall see!!!

  23. I agree totally with comments 21 and 22 about the judges behavior in this season. Has been awful to listen to them and lead people to vote so wrong so many times. But that is story already and we are about to crown the new American Idol so I just suggest to the public that can vote to be objective and really fair and impartial. I know almost everyone has a favorite but to those who is “the same who wins” please vote with wisdom and fairness. This is a changing life for someone so lets be the GOOD judges at least in the end.
    If I could I would vote for Lee.

  24. I was relieved — and apparently, so was she — that Crystal Bowersox made the final two, after it became so obvious that the producers were desperately promoting DeWyze. Obviously, there’s powerful investment behind this guy. Well, at least Mamasox makes the finale — many of the runners-up have had spectacular careers (Clay Aiken has done better than most of the winners!). But … I was YouTubing her audition and early performances last night, and must say that I miss the spontaneity and verve of those let-it-all-hang-out days. She was truer to herself, sang with more energy and abandon, and seemed to be having a better time. Well, whatever happens, however the money men slkant the alleged “results,” the dreadlocked onetime busker (a street singer warbling for change tossed into her open guitar case) has done what all of us should do: written her name in the book of the world.

  25. to #21 ,22 ,23 ,24…
    the judges were mediocre at best this year…i agree with you there…but having said that ..casey was average to good at best..the right 2 made it of the three..but these three were not the best out of the final 12..we all know that!


  27. Its been an odd season this year with more “artists” that singers, no real Whitneyesque warblers/belters that we are used to. The right two are in the final since Siobhan left anyway – loved that girl just a shame she never quite reached the peak of her earlier performances (judges mixed messages really didnt help) Casey seemed like a decent guy but was only really an OK singer/performer, I never went wild over him or looked forward to his songs.

    So pleased Crystal is in the final – its Crystal all the way for me because she doesnt sit in the normal American Idol mold she has integrity and real tallent and a great voice.

    Lee on the other hand …didnt he win a couple of years ago..oh wait that was David Cook! Nothing new, good voice but no personality. And seriously unfair last night, Ellen the non musical one, picks Crystals song….what?! Then Simon picks Lees and give him full orchestration and a choir so bound to be a show stopper

    Crystal to win!

  28. sorry to see casey go… would have loved to see him and lee in the final two. hopefully all of casey’s votes will go to lee. crystal seems so smug about herself lately and i really don’t think she would appreciate winning as much as lee would… it was evident in the reactions to their hometown visits. VOTE FOR LEE!!!

  29. It’s a load of crap for those who pretended they’re “star search agent” & keep saying that Lee has no star quality! Most of the superstars these days were look like sh*t when they first start their career. it’s their management company or agency “created’ them to become one or when they became rich & famous, the star qulity will comes out natually on its own!

  30. to 88fngrslouie – i totally agree… there are definitely some who were voted off way too early… lee is the only one who belongs where he is.

  31. The only reasons Casey James went this far is because he was eye candy to some and his guitar playing. Remember this is a singing contest and at that he was very marginal at best.

  32. Yes, VOTE FOR LEE. He deserves it.

    This is what he wanted to do so much. His gifted passion. Make it happen for him. He was born for this moment. Hallelujah.

    America, make it happen for Lee by Voting for Lee. Make it happen. Hid victory and dream of a lifetime depends on your VOTE and lies in your hands. I can’t vote. Luv.- Amanda from S.E.Asia. ASIA VOTES FOR LEE!!!

  33. This is American Idol not America’s best singer. To me that means you need the whole package and not just a good voice.

  34. I was sorry to see Casey go and I HOPE we hear lots from him..he is a real gentlemen who is very very humble…I think Lee will take it all

  35. i think “maybe i’m amazed” was the perfect song for crystal. when i heard that she was going to sing that song, i thought that the judges were biased in her favor… come on, “daughters” and “hallelujah” (not AGAIN!). however, she blew it. she could have changed up the lyrics to suit her. she did a beautiful job with it until she started that annoying screeching. and look what lee did with hallelujah… the talent speaks for itself.

  36. @ #21 Summer…I agree…Although, Casey was not my pick to win…I do believe that he was comprised from the begining…I filled out the Iedol survey and offered my opinion on Kara…but it is what it is and everyone has an opinion…it will probably fall on deaf ears…I feel Casey will do very well for himself…he did indeed go out in style…I liked how his focus was MORE on the audience and his family than it was on the judges with his departing song…that was a “class act”. A little dissapointed in Lee…”whooping it up” after the announcement came that he was safe…but I guess he wads just caught up in his own excitement of being in the top 2…my vote will still go for him…Crystal has never been one of my favorites…I would have preferred Siobhan in Crystal’s place. Again…it is what it is and we shall find out next week who the #1 will be. Thx for sharing your thoughts.

  37. truthfully i believe our comments here are (almost) as biased as the judges 🙂

    honestly i also believe that nice Casey is happier now not playing games… and yhat mamasox is looking forward to securing herself a much more rewarding runner-up position…

  38. I was sorry to see Casey go, however, obviously someone had to go. It was apparent that Casey would have the least votes due to the fact that Kara and Randy picked a pathetic song for him to sing. There is NO other way to describe how I felt about Crystal’s except that it was a total INSULT for Ellen to choose a STRAIGHT song (sung by a male to a female) and have poor Crystal have to sing that as if she were singing it to Ellen to satisfy her own personal homosexuality! That totally sucked and Ellen should be reprimanded for doing that to a straight female attempting to win American Idol! I have positively nothing against gays but let’s be realistic, at least!! This competition is for the IDOLS, not the judges. Lee is great but not star quality and Crystal is fantastic and very talented and should win! I’d be happy with either choice as they were both clearly the most gifted and improved.

  39. ASHLEY #34..

    if your comment is true that why at auditions the judges always say to someone that is juggling while singing , or dancing while singing always say ” this is a singing competition”. remember bikini girl from 2 tears ago..she looked awesome in her suit but was a horrible singer…gone she was. anyway I like singing and substance opinion only.

  40. even though casey went home i still belive he was the best 1.
    i will miss casey very badly but the good news is i will c him at the tour.

  41. Thanks Nancy, Marta and Rose. We seem to have been watching the same programme!! As far as Casey’s voice is concerned, I am from an older age group probably, but have always been surrounded by music and, dare I say it, remember when music was really music. I think his voice is fantastic, would absolutely have loved to hear him sing something by Bob Seger or even Bob Dylan and even more still from Bryan Adams. I find the two finalists very bland. I felt, however, that if Casey didn’t get through, Lee would have been my second choice. Personally, I found Crystal’s personality quite overbearing, arrogant and brittle and I didn’t go for the ‘single-mother’/hard life play on the audience, despite being from a single mother family myself. I dread to think how she will be if she wins. I knew Simon had hit a new low when he started telling the world what a hard life Lee had had. None of this should come into it and although I think Lee deserves to succeed, who knows, his chances now may have been compromised by Simon as Casey’s were by Kara. Casey is Casey, I feel what you see is what you get with no play on public sympathy and I am sure his life struggles have been equally as hard. As so many say above, he symbolises pure class and dignity and there simply is no comparison, he is leagues above the rest.

  42. Agree…Summer….I can definitely see Casey as another Seger, Dylan and even singing some of the Sounds of Bread…if anyone even remembers them…my era…the comparison of Crystal to Joplin (again…my era) is absurd. Also, did not like the performancesa gy that Grayson (?) guy…and for him to be compared to Justin Timberlake…come on, Perez H…really. I feel for little Justin Bieber…the child will be burnt out by the time he is 21…just don’t get the Bieber-fever thing. The performing guest talent has been lackluster this year. Still feel Siobhan and Aaron were gone to early. Voting for Lee…

  43. Casey will do real well. He play a mean guitar, lots HOT, has a good heart, sings good and connects with people. I am a fan.
    Lee is not as great as they (the judges) make him out to be. He is a wanabe Gokey.
    Crystal has real talent and heart. She gives her all and keeps it real. GO CRYSTAL!!! GO CASEY!!


  44. I was sad to see Casey go because I get sad for each and everyone that gets eliminated…..but I do have to admit, he left like a gentleman….lot of class…..He definitely was the one to go at this time…..Sorry ASHLEY…..but you will see him next week in the finale……

  45. I hear Casey in the Country/Pop field….Looks, sound, talent, personality makes me feel that if Nashville embraced him…put him in videos, he’d go to the top in a hurry. I personally think Kara directing him to do more rock style hurt him; the reason so many felt he picked “wrong song choices”. Crystal picked the variations, but she always put her pop/spin to them. Casey did not. Anybody agree with me?….comments, please!

  46. all i have to say is that casey is a talented man and good looking.but unfortunate this show is fixed so he had to go. next week another talented man Lee is going home and crystal is going to win because last year it was a guy who won(david cook)so thy have to make it fair. just think about it.

  47. Many viewers have suggested that the show is “fixed”. Can anyone out there prove that statement? I’m serious because I have often wondered the same thing. If it is true, then watching the show and VOTING for the contestants are a complete and utter waste of time and effort. I’d like to know if anyone for sure can prove that American Idol is fixed. If so, I’d boycott the show! I also believe that the “saves” are ridiculous. Why bother spending 2 hours of your time voting for your favorite idol when in the end, the judges completely disregard what America voted for and keep someone IN who America voted OUT!!
    I have also wondered if the votes are tabulated and counted correctly? If I ever find out the answer to that and it is not favorable, again, I’ll boycott the show! Who’s got the truth out there, and where did you obtain the information?

  48. Casey should have been in the top two! He can play like nobody and he can sing too. Crystal and Lee are good but just in singing! To bad the american people dont’ vote on complete talent. This guy has it ALL, not just one thing. I wish him well and I will buy any album he puts out just to hear him play. WoW!!

  49. @#48 Last year it was Chris Allen who won, I believe David Cook won the year before.

  50. @PDF # 49 I imagine that it is a lot of speculation about the show being fixed. It is however, interesting how the # of votes were NOT mentioned when Aaron got eliminated; but every other week they were. Also, the # of votes keeps changing…interesting again, when Idol has taken 2nd place in the rating to DWTS. The comment about the SAVE is also good. They should completely kick out the save. America (supposedly) voted and yet the save the persan with the (supposedly) least amount of votes. Food for thought and ,yes, a lot of speculation.

  51. I think American Idol is great. It gives singers a chance to go further in their lifelong dreams of singing careers. I thought Mike should have in the top 3 then 2. Crystal’s type of singing is so predictable, Janis Joplin style, nothing to yell and scream about, if I heard her on the radio, I probably would not even ask who she was. Nothing outstanding there. Lee, is also like Crystal,that rasping, heavy breathing tone of singing trying to sound like Sting or Bon Jovi. They both are soundalikes. Whereas Mike, a unique type of singer in the sense, he never sounded like any other singer. When he came on stage, he brought singing and performing to a different level.If you didn’t physically see him, he could not tell whether he was white or black.That’s the beauty of singing artistry. It’s being yourself and making whatever you sing your own. It’s a shame, because out of the top 4, Big Mike deserved to up there in the top 2. But then maybe all whites vote but they never see or hear the man. But that’s America for you and it is American Idol for goodness sake.

  52. as much as i hated to see a number of the contestants go (maybe a bit too soon) i think America did get it right and have the two best in the finale… for various reasons

  53. Well Lee is single, free, has no burdens and is ready to go, whereas Crystal is bogged down by a baby and diabetes. I do not think Crystal could handle touring and all the things that go along with winning, but Lee could. Crystal has a strong voice but she is like Simon once said basically a “busker” someone who playe covers in the street for change. She is talented but let’s face it – rock stars need no strings.

  54. TO # 52 ROSE: Thanks Rose for the answer and speculations. You too had some valid and reasonable points to consider. Guess we will never really know if the show is fixed or not.
    I say we should eliminate the “SAVE”. It makes no sense to me and furthers the opinion that even though “America” is voting, the judges can override what we have already done!


  56. @PDF……..I really don’t think there is anyway that we can prove that but after the last two seasons, I’m convinced that something is not right. This is my opinion, prior to this season the judges were all for D. Archaletta and Adam Lambert but neither of them won….This season it seems like they are for LEE so we have to wait and see how next week turns out. Sometimes I think the judges do that so that the other Idol get a ton of votes because the judges are pushing for the opposite one to win…..Nonetheless, because of that I stopped voting because I don’t really think it matters….JMO

  57. jenny your right i nvr thot of that o well thats why i stopped watchin that show ever since katie left

  58. The winner of American Idol will be the person who receives the most votes, and that will not necessarily be the best singer except in the eyes of those who voted for that person. Most votes=winner. Simple.

    That’s just the way it is and all the pouting and ranting or anything else will not change it. Such is life.

  59. @57 jenny… unless the votes count nothing, a guy will most likely win every time as most voters are females

  60. Re: Lucy #55
    I’ve thought along the same lines & have expressed the same with friends. Just who would I push for if I got strong commissions on records sales, packed concerts, and royalties for years? Simon is in a win-win situation with $ to gain with either contestant. I’d think Crystal would pack more in concert halls & sell more albums over the long haul. Considering the baby though & diabetes, trips to foreign countries could be a slow-down; however, insulin controlled & traveling baby sitters (that she could afford at that time) would eliminate any of the problems we may have with this issue. After all, many successful stars are not without their health problems. Lee has nothing to lose & could travel world wide. I’m just not sure that he has the variety of sounds that Crystal can deliver in the long run. Hank Williams, Sr…remember him?…played for coins for quite awhile on the streets of Greenville & Georgiana, Alabama. So, noting the “street seller image” doesn’t hold water. So, with all that said, ALL’S EQUAL AGAIN.

  61. I agree with comments 16 and 19, and I’ll go further and say the whole season has been very mediocre. Yes the right two are in the final, but what the hell, I can’t even be bothered to watch it. It’s the first year I’ve been able to see the series right through and I was expecting more star quality (Jordin Sparks, Adam Lambert). Our X Factor is more exciting, better produced, and with better professional acts (and less hype). I can understand Simon dropping out. What a bore.


  62. Did not like seeing Casey leave. He was so gracious – total gentleman. I agree with #58. Judges always seem to favor the idol who does not win.

  63. For the final, I would take off the image and just listen, cause there is no “eye candy” there. Will miss Casey badly in the end of the show.

  64. I read comments about Lee might not sound good…are you tone deaf??? Lee has it all. Exactly what it takes to be a singer. The judges aren’t being bias…they just know he blew the SOX off of Crystal and always has. Did you see who her followers are? Come on…Lee is the only logical choice to be the next American Idol. His rendition of Hallelujiah brought me to tears. Perfectly executed with passion and feeling! If Bowersox wins over Lee (the rightful person), I will never watch AI again. Get your voting fingers ready america and vote for Lee…

  65. People need to quit hating on Lee.. what the guy needs now is support for the finals, sheeeesh! and i guess Simon can do whatever he wants now seeing as how its his last season on idol. if he wants to be biased towards a cetain contestant then i guess that’s what he’ll do. i dont think he cares what the american idol fans think anymore. he’s leaving!

  66. # 66 & # 69…Totally agree…Lee will win…All around he is the total package. Casey, Siobhan and Aaron all went out with style and finesse…..they will all do well due to the exposure they received and their remarkable talents. It is funny that I did NOT hear time after time about Aaron’s being adopted; or Casey’s motorcycle accident & recovery; or Siobhan’s being a glass blower or even Lee being a paint mixer…EXCEPT from Ryan and the judges…NOT the contestants themselves…yet it appears at every opportunity she can, Crystal is talking about how she wants to give her baby a good life (I am hoping that is EVERY parent’s expectation) and about her diabetes – I am sorry about this and yes, there does need to be awareness for Juvenile Diabetes…but all that can wait until after the Idol finals…I am wondering…is Crystal looking for sympathy votes…she won’t get one from me…mine is going to Lee – JMO

  67. VERY SAD to see Casey leave!He was my favorite from the first(that Bob Seger sound he has goin’ on is AMAZING!)As the show progressed I fell for his guitar playing and humble personality. He is a true gentleman and proved it each and every week as the judges did their best to belittle him at every turn, as well as poke fun at his looks.(HE IS GORGEOUS, SO WHAT?)
    Did they praise him? ONLY when they felt like they had to do so(like after Jealous Guy and Don’t).And by the way, neither of those songs was my favorite performance of his…I LOVED MRS. ROBINSON!!Was he always a solid performer? YES! Even when he was out of his element Sinatra week, he never made excuses for his performance, and readily admitted that he was lost without his guitar. I will see you on the tour, Casey James…you are one of my favorite idols OF ALL TIME(along with Daughtry,please don’t insult Chris and compare Lee to him; and Adam Lambert).
    I won’t be voting in the finale, but I will watch it simply because I have so much time invested in the show(basically due to Casey only).Do I think Lee and Crystal are good enough to make it long term? NO. Don’t get me wrong…I have nothing against these two, I just don’t think they have the distinctive qualities that yell STAR!I, myself, love voices THAT ARE DIFFERENT! Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson,Bob Seger,Gordon Lightfoot.Do these names ring bells with anyone or are you all too young? Casey James has a unique voice just like these stars and they all succeeded in a medium where you don’t have to be a sound alike to find success. I do wish both finalists luck, but two years from now, neither will be a blip on the radar…Lee’s worshipers will have long moved on to the next cutie pie, and Crystal’s music isn’t that marketable. Sorry, Crystal and Lee fans, but it is what it is…

  68. #70-ROSE…..I agree 100% of what you said….

    #71-Wendy……1st of all…lets agree to disagree. I, too, like different…My votes were for Siobhan until the judges picked her apart and she was voted off….We definitely haven’t heard the last of her…..Lilly & Didi had different sounds and they were voted off.
    Casey is a very nice looking gentleman who plays a mean guitar but his vocals are anything but different…..How can you compare him to Willie Nelson, etc….?
    My take on these top three is Crystal and Casey just did their thing and never paid attention to the judges but Lee was opened to criticism and took the advice of the mentors and judges. He is going to be a name that we will hear from in the coming years because he is willing to listen and learn. His voice is different and getting better……Sorry!!!!!! I do feel that Casey got a bum rap with Kara and how they made a big to do about him at the auditions but I feel that is why he lasted so long……….

  69. I was sad to see Casey leave too but he sure left like a gentleman. I was not the only one who noticed that his farewell song was awesome – wish he had sung like that on Tuesday night! Definately gonna buy his CD though when it comes out. What a beautiful voice. I get really sick n tired of the people who think Mike’s color got him voted off. Pretty racist comments. The bottom libne is only one person will be the American Idol winner. We all have our own opinion, right? Too bad that some posters here can’t take a contestant’s exit as gracefully as Casey did.

  70. Phyllis G., you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but you won’t change mine.Only time will tell, but I still think I’m right.Also, I didn’t say Casey sounded like any of the singers I named, I said I LOVE their distinctive voices.It’s only my opinion. Actually, I agree with you about Lilly, she was my favorite girl until she was unfairly booted off.

    FYI Guys: Lee is the newest candidate for Vote For The Worst.

  71. goooo LEEEE VOTE FOR LEEE,,,

    crystal SUCKS,, “>”””


  72. leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….pleaseee,, vote for him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ….! 🙂

  73. Lee has a far nicer personality than Crystal.
    Lee has more talent and a better voice – Crystal screams too much – every song sounds the same after awhile. Lee is so humble and has grown in diversity and in confidence. Crystal has no personality to speak of. Lee will go far.

  74. I really was impressed with Casey last night. I wish he and Lee were in the finals. I liked Crystal earlier in the season, but she doesn’t seem to have grown in any way and doesn’t seem really committed. I wonder who the little girl was that Casey was holding. She appeared quite comfortable with him so perhaps it was a niece; whatever or whoever, it was special.

  75. Summer #21– I was wondering if you had heard the same “conspiracy theory”,as I had yesterday before the results?? Supposedly after 5 days of practicing his real choice song, The producers had him change his song choice giving him so less time to arrange & practice song #2. Interesting why & that indeed charming Casey, my own son’s age, alovely beautiful young man & excellent contestant was perhaps given extra obstacles quite unnecessarily on so important a night???

    I personally, have adored Lee from the start,but a finale w/ Casey & Lee would be one so many more of the fans would have enjoyed! Casey James may have vanished for the showdown but he will emerge with a wonderful career & American Idol gave him that break-so let’s not lose sight of the bigger picture– A I is the vehicle that launched so many super-talented unknowns on their professional careers. I look forward to a fair finale musically- & the outcome will be the right one!!

  76. Cindy…I agree. The moment was touching and will be long remembered. The little girl was absolutely adorable. Of all the contestants, Lee, Casey, Siobhan and Aaron appear to be the most humble, grateful and appreciative of the real reason behind AI, which, I believe to be exposure and a stepping stone in fulfilling a dream. The top 10 will do well…given they have the right management and continued support system of their families and of their fans. Still voting for Lee.

  77. we cannot eradicate detractors but for me AMERICA SHOULD VOTE FOR LEEEEEE DEWYZE CHOICE NOTHING ELSE…….as a star there are so many things to consider to expand your horizons you should be humble whatever it is, actually my only choices of all the top 24 is LEE DEWYZE AND THE OTHER IS LAMBERT.

  78. Lee sucks, a springstein wannabe. Crystal is the only talent left. Siboahn just screamed. Go Crystal!

  79. i’m glenna from philippines. i really love casey james. i will support you ever. and you will always be my american idol.

  80. i think the moment Casey knew he would be 3rd,the whole burden lifted from his shoulders which was why he performed his ‘last’ song so well. He comes across as someone who doesnt yearn to be in the limelight, only to be able to do what he loves best. Mama James however opened the door for him and in a way, so did Kara and Victoria Beckham, with the final vote from Randy, and the rest is history. Casey, you are still the very best and all that Ashley said of you is TRUE!!! You are the whole package and you must take it from here. Make the most of the gifts you have and be thankful to God above.

  81. @PDF-During Season 5-at that time the final 4 contestants Chris Daughtry, Elliott, Katherine, and Taylor the end of the show when you called Chris Daughtry’s number you heard Katherine say “Thank You for voting for Katherine”…there was a big public outcry on this and I am amazed more people don’t remember this. People called or wrote into FOX and AI demanding an investigation, saying Chris was unfairly eliminated due to rigged voting. It was after this season, I believe, is when you started hearing “thanks for voting for contestant and then the number” to avoid any questions of the voting seeming improper.

  82. BeLEEve that Lee will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And also vote many many many many many many many many many many many many many many times. And also make Lee will win because there are many people who wants to vote but can’t because they live in other country(like me)!

  83. Casey’s parents has every right to be proud,they raised such a talented and fine young man.I hope he never loses his humility,it’s so rare these days.I’m sure Casey will do great things with his music.Congrats to you Casey,being in the top 3 ia still an honor.

  84. In a way, also good that Casey is in 3rd placing (what an honour!) else today’s posts from ‘casey-haters’ will all be bashing him for being in the Finale…:) Instead, get to read about how sorry most of us are that he’s not in the Finale and what a great future he is still going to have…so haha…blessing in disguise!

  85. I hope Crystal wins because Lee’s voice is like any other lead singer’s voice in a grunge band. He’s good but he isn’t that good. Casey absolutely had no personality what-so-ever. So glad to see him go.

  86. Casey James,

    I hope Kara (AI Judge) is reading this, as her one comment about Casey that is not useful and helpful (you know which one) in Casey’s future career. Yes, Casey was right when he said some of their comments were not useful (i think he meant for his career and image).

    Casey has been week after week showing his composure and I think he is the only one who is so composed (besides Lee) despite harsh comments about him and he took it with stride and like a gentleman. Casey is absolutely not what Kara one mistaken comment (imho).

    Casey, you have a big huge career ahead of you. Don’t let all these comments discourage you or put you down in pursuing what you have talent for and what you do best!

    Casey, come to South East Asia for corporate shows, Secretary Week (girls here will go ga ga), or road shows/tour etc. You will be hot selling here. Trust it. It is money bank here for you.

    Capitalize on your talent, looks, youth, personality, charisma and most of all your sexy sexy flawless vocal and guitar which is your greatest gift and asset. We will buy your CDs and tickets.

    Casey, We are waiting for you to come here. Please come here. You are most welcome here.

  87. LEE IS DE ONE.

    For me, LEE DEWYZE is not only talented but he is also so very CREATIVE especially when he haD this bagpiper in kilt during midshow and his angelic gospel choir in Hallelujah. It mesmerized me.

    He is one composed talented, versatile, creative ARTIST SINGER. Simon was kidding and i think Simon was challenging Lee to do better and better.

    Simon is not kind in words but he is kind and soft at heart. He supported Crystal to win becoz she is a single mum and needed medical attention for her diabetic. Can Crystal take all the pressure of an AI? Simon is sweet & compassionate but his no so sweet critics can be harmful to these poor souls and their future. Be nice, Simon.

    VOTE FOR LEE DEWYZE. You won’t go wrong, that is for sure.

  88. WHHHHHY are they pushing Crystal ?????I don’t get it. Yes’ she is a woman.But why do we want a dreadlock coiffed female to be the Idol? Leeseems to be a lounge singer. What a boring finale expected,these two are boring. Casey is the Idol we needed and wanted to represent a sagging show. Casey was the Light of the show,but they kept trying to hide him .I think it was hard to watch him ,because he made the other contestants seem dreadful !

  89. #93 – sorry but Lee is not to be likened with a “grunge” singer…example of that is Kurt Cobain and Lee’s voice and style of music is no where close to that. Lee’s voice is unique and he is very talented. His shyness lends a quality of endearment to his performances. Did anyone notice how humble he is? After his final song and all of the praises from the judges he was so humble and never an attitude like “yea, I am so good”. He remained stoic and attentive. Also the comments that Mike was voted off because of race is ridiculous. It was his gloating ego that got him voted off. Total opposite of Lee. I agree with one of the other comments made about Crystal. There has been too much mention of her son and diabetes. I too think she is pulling for sympathy votes. Lee is the only deserving contestant to be the next American Idol.

  90. I am very sad that Casey was elminated. He did not seem to be perturbed and has a well deserved 3rd place considering he was in the bottom 3 on many occasions. I think that Lee should take the title – he has a marvellous voice.

  91. hi have been watching american idol and everytime I hear Lee singing, he seem to have pitch problems and it bugs me that a singer can’t sing perfectly in pitch. as for Crystal she does not have pitch problems and have a great voice. as for Casey I find his singing much better than Lee. I agree that Lee is a Gokey wannabe.

  92. Honestly, Crystal has a nice voice live & Lee , well, i really think he sings off key alot ! but God, both are really dull ! Siobhan was so annoying! i never liked the way she sang, i found it really too much. Aaron was good though but it should’ve been Casey who won cause his voice was a wow, anyway, he doesn’t need the title to make it big. lots of AI just slept on it and now we can hardly remember them so maybe this will give gim extra motive & make him work harder and achieve more 🙂 waiting for you Casey

  93. Jan and Amanda. I feel that Casey was bigger than the whole show, I think we are going to hear from him big time. I think his aim was exposure and American Idol gave him that opportunity. His strings may have been pulled and he was given stupid songs to sing, but he was not a puppet. He seemed to have a bigger plan, read Casey’s interview with USA Today. I so admired his truth and ‘composure’ throughout (the word Jan used which to me describes him exactly) Whilst Lee and Crystal were blubbing tearfully over judges comments and how grateful they were for them no matter how harsh (never as harsh or humilating as those Casey received), Casey just smiled and stayed real. He said it as it was, that yes he had had a lot of negative comments from Judges. He never once waivered during the whole show from his own reality. I actually felt a bit sorry for Crystal and Lee having to compete with him, it was as if they were (and still are) in a seperate competition and good luck to them and i agree with those above who say they hope voters use their own judgement and not be steered by SC. As for votes being rigged or ‘fixed’, how would we ever know? We can see for ourselves how the audience was manipulated, if there is anyone out there who didn’t see how Casey was being regularly humiliated, I would suggest a visit to specsavers. But vote rigged? I think that would be a very serious allegation with serious consequences for the show, I would like to think that I trust the show makers, but how would we ever know unless the public get to count them for themselve?. Who are the monitors by the way? You just have to read outcomes of audience suggestibility studies, power of the media studies, bias of judges in the legal system and people in everyday life to know it is alive and well. As for someone up there who said we are all playing at being ‘star search agents’ or words to that effect, ourselves, well, we sure are.. those are the skills we use when we vote, we use our judgement hopefully as amateur star search agents!!!! Good luck to all the competitors and Go Casey, we’re all waiting in London for your cd.

  94. America made the right choice and I hope they do next week too.

    LEE TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. What good is being accomplished by ANY OF THE SINGERS being PUT DOWN???? Does it make any of you FEEL BETTER???????

  96. Sad to see Casey leaving. He really charmed me with his style and cool appearance. I really hope to see him again and hope he takes up singing as his career.

  97. any show is a game and to each game there are rules, and each player plays the rules to their best advantage to win… enough said

    Lee to win.

  98. its sad that casey had to leave cause i loved some of his performances ='( but i believe he will have a great career!

  99. Casey, was a ‘breath of fresh air’, humble, unaffected and with huge talent. It is so wonderful to see a kind of simplicity and genuineness in America and not this constant opulence we are all so use to. I wish him all the very best and a great career.

  100. agree with Sorry 100% and if it has to be a novella, please make it more interesting or exciting

  101. Do people really listen to Idol contestants
    once they’ve left the show? How can you avoid
    the radio stations playing Clay Aiken songs,
    Elliot Yamen (I know that is not spelled correctly) Jordin Sparks tunes, etc. – seems like radio stations pick up the latest from
    American Idol contestants but do the general
    public REALLY, TRULY BUY CD’s? If you are a
    national star such as Carrie Underwood, YES!
    I am looking at David Archuleta’s CD just
    below and Fantasia’s CD and Kelly Clarkson’s CD. But do they really make $$$$ ? If I were
    to buy anything, it would probably be Daughtry
    or Adam Lambert but never ever last year’s
    Idol Chris Allen! I can’t even stand the Ford
    commercials he’s done! What a dud!

  102. Hi America,

    It is a shame that Casey is out, as i find he has more potential than Crystal in the music industry. He was given bad choice of song. He is more professional and composed compared to Crystal who giggles and carry herself like an over-react funny immature adult.

    OMG, i was taken aback when she hugged Lee like pouncing on Lee and with one leg on him like seducing (sorry, how i see it, i may be mistaken). What’s that supposed to mean? I am no American, so not sure of that kind of gesture culture.

    Vote LEE, he is always composed and humble and listened to the judges’ comments to improve himself. Good job, Lee. We can see that you must have worked very hard & put in all your effort 110% to win this and you deserve to win it.

    This showed us you really wanted to win this title, that is very important to have the burning passion for it. Go, go Lee. Show us you can do it. We know you can! Your are talented and creative and good.

    Lee, YOU ARE definitely DE ONE for us. WE LOVE YOU, LEE. We hope to see you here.- :-)HUGS FROM K.L. TWIN TOWER.

    America, Vote for Lee. I wish we could vote. Vote on our behalf for LEE DEWYZE.

  103. @ # 107 Ronnie…agree with the game and rules bit…However…who is making these rules, why do these rules keep changing and who is “bending” these rules. JMHO Go Lee for the win !!!

  104. well dear Rose, if the game is a windy path it’s the one who best navigates the path not having a clue what’s coming at her/him next who’s going to come out ahead 🙂

    Lee, the most naturally best navigator, wins!

  105. @ #116 Ronnie….Ahhh…oh wise one….so true…so it is a matter of who can manipulate the system best…lol…got it…Go Lee !!! 🙂

  106. ronnie # 116…Oops…I take that back..senior moment…Crystal is “manipulating the system best (JMO) however, u r right…Lee is the best “navigator” 🙂 Go Lee !!!

  107. Ok, i have one question. so casey was given a bad song & he should’ve chosen a better one (yet his voice was still good in both) so wasn’t that supposed to be an excuse for the fans to vote for him even more to save him from elimination & give him a well deserved second chance? just a thought…

  108. and Rose, the one we support is a wise one, despite what people say of him… he understands the necessity and importance of process, and he is taking it all in, enjoying every single step of his invaluable opportunity and make it the best journey for himself and his believers… he is worthy of our support

    Lee, the best singer and best contestant, wins!

  109. I am glad Krystal made it into the finals-but I wish Siobhan was there with her. I think for the first time Lee actually made me sit up and pay attention when he sang Halleluah-it was interesting to me that Randy and Kara collaborated on a song for Casey which was terrible by the way and Ellen chose a song for Krystal???I think Simon was the only one who made a great song choice for Lee. I am not sure who will win I kind of favor Krystal but if Lee wins I will not be as upset as I was last year when chris won over Adam.I definately see Adam having a much better career than Chris and even Idol asked Adam to mentor on the program.The only time I see Chris is on Ford commercials-Here’s hoping they both do well whatever the outcome

  110. @CinPat……I do listen to some of the Idols after the show is over…..but I only bought Carrie U., Adam L., D. Archuletta and K. Allen’s cds. I only bought Kris’ because I was curious and was giving him the benefit of the doubt but the cd was boring whereas Adam’s I loved every song on it…..
    This season I will buy Siobhan and Lee’s CDs only……

  111. Breaking news….’
    They have announced the songs chosen for idol contestants this week..kara picked for Crystal, Simon for Lee.

    Lee will be singing from the hollywood bowl ave maria, accompanied by the Boston Symphony and The Irish Tenors. As the song concludes the US NAVY Blue Angels will perform overhead.

    Crystal will be live from Bubba’s bowling alley singing Jimmy Crack Corn accompanied by Carrot Top on the Kazoo.

    Lee has been rehearsing all week…Crystal will be informed of the selection Monday night, at the moment she thinks she is doing another she i wasting her time…wink wink.

    May the best man…i mean person win.

  112. sorry about that…Just wanted to say that we are on the same page…..GO LEE!!!!!

  113. HI LEE










  114. 2 124/125 Phyliss G. Thanks…now, here’s a new flash….Simon was on Oprah stating that AI was getting boring and that he was bored…ya think…a comme4nt was made earlier that Simon appeared either too much in love or disconnected from the show….well, we now know why…He. Was. Bored…lol…:-)

  115. have to say some of the comments coming from “asia” impress me – the control of our language, english… wish i had comparable skill in their mother language, whatever it is

  116. ROSE…….Simon did appear to be very bored this season….I figured he was just finishing out his contract………I will miss him!!!!!!

  117. @ 132 Phyllis G. Even though Simon did have his moments (particularily…with the comment he made to Casey about having another gig) Simon has usually had solid, constructive critism. It has been so obvious this year that he really could care less…ah well. I will miss him as well. On a good note, at least for Aaron Kelly fans and those of us that live up in North East PA….it will be Aaron Kelly Day on June 4th… 🙂 Lee to win !!! 🙂

  118. CASEY FANS…Just saw him on the Ellen show and he was AMAZING!! LOVE HIM! OMG…He seems SOO HAPPY!!I wish him nothing but the best!!If you get a chance, Casey fans, watch it…you won’t believe it’s the same guy from idol! I REALLY BELIEVE THAT HE IS HAPPY!! He is SO GORGEOUS and he performed flawlessly, as usual…Casey, get to work on your CD! There are alot of people waiting for it!!

  119. ROSE……Enjoy that day….should be fun…..I liked him too and with a couple more years and good mentoring, he will do great….I will be in NY myself but PA is a little to far to travel.
    I hope your weather has gotten better…..

  120. wendy i saw casey on replay on ellen…wow…he was definitely awesome. what a MAN! So Real! Casey get to work on your first CD.

  121. Phyllis, Thank you. Yes..the weather in the past couple of days has been gorgeous…have been out gardening…but alas…this needs to be Idol talk…GO LEE…lol.. 🙂


    We are WAITING for your NO. 1 Album & CD.

  123. you are gonna have to wait quite awhile for a number one…he will be a one cd wonder…better for weddings and minor league baseball.

  124. Hi fans, I’m a voice teacher vocal coach and have been working with young people like this for many years, in Germany actually where there is a version of American Idol, as in many countries now. Competitions like this are always so subjective and, obviously, what appeals to one person may not necessarily appeal to the next. These guys have really been giving their all and you’ve got to give it to them for being able to get out there week after week in front of tens of millions of viewers, and a panel that isn’t always kind, and stand up under that kind of pressure. The work and the dedication and the love that goes into this can only be called admirable, no matter what one thinks of it all. I feel that song choices could have been better at times and more geared to this high powered situation, rather than to the ‘likes’ of the artists, but I think the two chosen finalists are absolutely justified. As far as their ‘looking like idols’, or having ‘the whole package’, as some of the comments have stated, well… What does an ‘idol’ have to look like? Without wanting or meaning to compare Crystal and Lee to either of these people… Did Janis Joplin ‘look like an idol’? And Lee could almost be Elijah Wood’s brother with those eyes and his gentleness and modesty. Let’s not get caught up in superficialities. Let’s stick with the real people as artists. These are two immensely talented and passionate people, as are the others who made the finals. Credit where credit is due, and the best of luck to them all.

  125. @ Jade # 140…I agree. Thank you for your prespective. In a different capacity, I have worked with young people as a counselor for many years. I cannot imagine the pressures these two finalists as well as the other top 10 finalists have been under. When speaking of the whole package as looks are concerned…I agree…that is superfical. When speaking of the whole package (I do not even like that term) as far as success…who knows…there is really no barometer that one can measure success by…but as far as withstanding some of the emotional pressures that the top 2 will most likely have to endure, Lee, (JMHO), appears more solid and grounded. We will see. Best of luck to all of them. Voting for Lee

  126. I agree with 42 that Aaron should have made it further, and I think to the top 3. He was better than Mike and Casey, but having Lee and Crystal at the top is not a surprise to me. Aaron will do alright for himself in the country genre.

  127. Jan,
    I had Aaron in the top 3 also & know he’ll get plenty of airplay when he records. I think there’s so many commenting on this blog that has never downloaded any of the singer’s music & only giving opinions based on the show’s episodes. I wasn’t aware that the itune downloads are complete songs recorded in the idol studio….not the ones we hear when competing…BUT, downloading an Aaron play shows he has a very professional voice…stays on key & hits all ranges….probably easy to record like Crystal. I think we’ll hear from Aaron soon, and he won’t have to reenter the competition again. He’ll have a big future ahead, and his voice will even mature for the better.

  128. @ 143 Don. Thank you. I definitely agree. I have been an Aaron fan. And Siobhan and Lee. Aaron does sound incredible on the itune downloads…he is awesome. He will be coming up this way in North East, PA…can’t wait. Can definitely encision him up a the CMA’s in a few years picking up some much deserved awards. 🙂

  129. Someone has brought me a sense of contentment, beauty,kindness, wholesomeness “Jesusness”,has good nature when criticized in front of the world,shows gentleness to children and animals,does construction work,creator of his own art and entertainment. I saw past his looks and discovered my IDOL…CASEY JAMES!! This a new era for America.I’m a French Acadian Canadian and I have discovered AMERICA in CASEY JAMES!!!

  130. Cynthia(#146)…YOU ROCK!! CASEY JAMES may be gone from the show, but I have a hunch he WON’T be forgotten! God bless CASEY and his family, as well as all of his fans!!

  131. LEE,






  132. I really want Chrystal to win. She has an amazing voice and attitude. I can’t wait when she puts out a cd. Chrystal come to New Zealand and do concert.
    Do a duet with the Australian Idol 2010 winner Stan Walker. It will be awesome to see 2 very talented singers and musicians singing together.
    My vote goes to Chrystal

  133. The TV Guide poll has Lee leading at a 67% vote to Crystal’s 33% with a little over 3,000 people voting…if that is indicative of the way other polls may be going…it just may be Lee’s win !!!Go Lee. 🙂

  134. from a political standpoint – Lee’s going to get more of Casey’s votes, so he is probably to wi by a good margin.

    As to the contest as to who is better at the craft of singing, it’s no contest. Crystal by a mile.

  135. Lee will win by a mile for his voice, singing, talent, humbleness, commitment, passion and inspiration 🙂

  136. America, Vote for Lee. He is your next American Idol and he is the King of Soul music, R & B music,pop rock music. He “attracts” people to him. Nice guy. He has to believe in himself now that he can win. He needs to step out of his modesty and be confident to be a STAR! He has potential to be a SUPERSTAR! HE HAS GOD-GIFTED VOCAL. GOD BLESS YOU. HALLELUJAH.

  137. Annelee, that was just SOO darn funny it might be true.. you really made made me laugh!!!

    Ronnie…Ouch!! who let Simon in here?

  138. @ 124 Annalee…Love it…that it great. Will she trade in her guitar for a banjo as well ???
    Lee to win. 🙂

  139. lee is the bom he is so good at singing so bad i think he should win the american idol season9 coz he is talented if america dont vote for him they suck

  140. The choir complemented the song Hallelujah an inspirational song.

    Lee has amazingly creative voice and he is so musically talented and he knows how to play his voice to the tune of his songs.

    He has amazingly kind eyes and amazingly grateful heart too. An amazingly cool nice guy with amazing music talents.

    Lee, live your dream! You are the American Idol. BeLLeve it. America, Vote for Lee.

  141. Who do you think will be the winner of American idol is it Crystal Bowersox or Lee Dewyze?

  142. A lot of people are saying this year the winner of American idol is Crystal Bowersox it seems like they want her to win. Even the judges say this year is a gal winner.

  143. Lee for the win!

    Usher says Lee has an amazing voice!
    Shania Twain says Lee has a fantastic style!
    Harry Connick Jr says he likes Lee and his wife thinks Lee’s cute!
    The judges say Lee’s performances are unbelievable, stunning, and he’s heart of the show!
    Lee performed in front of 41,000 in his hometown and everyone from kids to seniors loved him!
    Lee is a fantastic singer and a great singer!

    Lee for the win 🙂

  144. …..To make it more interesting….Vegas bookies are putting their odds on Lee….My vote goes to Crystal for the(all-around)best recording voice, but we can’t lose with either of the two. Let’s see if Vegas is right.

  145. My Magnificent Idol Lee Dewyse,

    BeLEEve it! You have an incredible voice, very versatile and you re-make all the songs to sound so…good. You are so talented. You are able to make an oldie to a new-die.

    Excellent, Lee. Now, go and live your dream. You are a natural soon to be superstar. We beLeeve you. Now you have to beLeeve in yourself.

    Wish you all De Best in your finale. It is going to be a fight. Don’t worry, You are the Boxer. Win it for all of us and your sea of FANS around the world!

    Just do it and win it. You are cool. Go,go LEE.

  146. I couldn’t agree more with Ashley’s last words”we will be hearing from him…” Now is for Lee to win. Go Lee, go. Cristal is an excellent singer but I can’t imagine anyone paying anything to see her; she is an excellent singer, though and I can imagine, depending on the songs, people buying her cd’s.

  147. i have tickets for the finale and will not waste my time with this no talent group of american idols. idols no more. hope they can break even on ticket sales for the summer tour. just a very bad group of singers. did i say singers? sorry for that mistake.

  148. Att: Sangiovese……..
    Hope the rest of the week goes better for you than this morning. You have tickets that most fans don’t have….Change your negative attitude, and sit in & enjoy the show. You probably said the same for past idol shows, but …see how “those losers as you’d describe” have all made their lives successful & prosperous. Don’t like the singing?…Go & enjoy the MUSIC & smile a lot…You might make NEW FRIENDS.

  149. anyone watched Ellen today? both Crystal and Lee are there and it’s hilarious!

    don’t know why anyone would be so negative about them, both are great artists and they seem such good friends…

    and you have to admire their talent and stamina!!

  150. Don,
    you obviously do not know talent. these idols are not even close to mc phee, archie, carrie, etc. etc. they are not even close to last years winner who has gone nowhere. he is opening for another act and is not the headliner. kelli pickler has more talent than mommasox and casey combined. lee is a nice guy and i do hope he ends up doing well. the talent on idol is gone. simon is gone. and ellen is just a fixture along with “dog” randy. such a waste of airtime this year.

  151. We Canadians couldn’t vote for AI. Too bad because Casey would be the winner,never mind the hype about everyone else and the judges’ mean comments.

  152. @ 175 sangiovese…hey…u have tickets…go enjoy…I dare u not to get cvaught up in the excitement…if not…it will be your loss.
    Lee for the win 🙂
    Excuse me…did u say Kelli Pickler…whoa…and just what is she doing lately except opening for Taylor, Carrie and anyone else that will let her ride on their coat tails !!!

  153. to all who disagree: kelli pickler was eliminated early and for good reason. my point was that the winner kris allen is only an opening act and his talent is better than all of this years talent. and i have been to the show. i am invited every year and have gone every year but will not waste my time on this group. i ask why are the rating down? can’t blame that on the economy. best reasons: ellen, randy and a lack of talent bunch. i must agree that mommasox has a voice BUT would not want to look at her for very long and lee can sing somewhat, but the personality is just do electric. LOL compare archie to these guys. he has personality AND a voice and he did not win. yes the two best from this year are in the finals, but they would never get past the top 5 in any other year.

  154. The ratings were probably down because Paula Abdul isn’t a judge anymore and also the NHL aired at the same time. Nothing to do with the talent.

  155. #178..SANGIOVESE….come on..give these idols a break….They are a talented group of individuals and doing a great job….These were no-name people getting up in front of 4 judges and millions of viewers all over the world. Learning new songs every week….Come on…..I wish I could have your ticket….I’d be honored to see the finale….

  156. @ 174 Ronnie…I missed Ellen today…bet it was good…Go Lee 🙂
    @ 181 Phyllis G. Yea…Go Lee. 🙂
    It’s a beautiful day in the neighorhood !!
    Lee for the win…

  157. NHL ROTFLMAO….now that is funny. only dumb canucks watch hockey. would rather watch water freeze. rating down because of hockey. LOL ah the mentality of the average idol viewer.
    Phyllis G.: if you are good looking maybe i will take you. you must be slimmer than crystal, have your hair combed, better teeth and no tatoos. fake boobs are fine. fax email address to 267 280-9032

  158. Phyllis G. this years group is no different than any other year. every idol group has to learn songs, learn how to be presentable and how the act. that is how it is. this group are sloppy looking, have limited talent, and have zero presentation. they are no McPhee, Underwood, etc. etc. they are just average slobs. but i do hope Lee wins. would hate to have to look at hippiesocks any more than i have to. as for casey, maybe he should have combed his hair at least once during the many weeks he was on. KEEP THOSE CARDS AND LETTERS COMING FOLKS. LOL ratings down because of HOCKEY……..ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. SANGIOVESE…..Thank you for the offer, you would not have been disappointed but I don’t think my husband would like it very much……
    I do agree with you regarding this group of idols, they don’t look like McPhee or Carrie but they do have talent. There is no Adam or Chris D. in the crowd but I think LEE will do just fine. I also like Siobhan and I don’t think we heard the last of her either…..but we can’t always judge a book by its cover….

  160. hello Rose, you can just google lee & crystal on ellen and watch the clip, it’s so funny & genuine you’d love it!

    i just love the way Lee is, no fuss and no fanfare, all well-intending and sooooooo very good and focused in his one thing good – music

  161. problem is we do judge books by covers or why would people buy bad books just because there was a shirtless guy on the cover or a large breasted female on the cover? appearance is everthing in show biz. presentation. look back a few years ago when the girl from san diego was one of the best singers and her tatoos and husbands (yes her husband helped get her eliminated) were too much. people do judge. after you are a success then you can get away with almost everything, but not before. right or wrong that is how you sometimes win or lose. a girl going on an interview for a job wears torn jeans and a less attractive female wears a skirt and blouse. who gets the job? maybe the chick in jeans gets a date, but not a pay check. BTW, my wife wouldn’t let me take you. LOL and my wife is all for us NOT going to see the show this year. last year i sat next to Paula’s personal doctor so i do get great seats every year. one of the perks of my past life in hollywood. thanks for agreeing with me. seems there are some who do know what is happening.

  162. RONNIE….Thanks for the heads up…..I’ll watch it tonight…..I think her show is great……really looking forward to seeing the two of them together on the show….Thanks again.

  163. I know what your saying I just think it stinks because once these people get fame they do clean up their acts…..remember Elliot Y….a little dental work and he is doing fine…..Everyone is not going to be a Carrie or a Chris D. but people like Constantine are doing great on Broadway with his scrungy looking hair…
    Adam didn’t win but he is doing just fine…..
    Whether these idols make it big or not they are getting recognition……in spite of their looks.

  164. Don’t know talent…only missed one time out of every year to date picking the finalist…Better go to the link two have listed on this blog to see how well ALL HAVE DONE financially & which directions their careers have taken them. True, America loves Pickler, and Nashville embraced her…the same as they’ll do for others you call “no talent”…or, someone will, and they’ll go on to be successful as others in the past have. Money MAKES money…changes everything for these that you’re putting down. Please go back, and pickup the link that shows you the TOP 25 $ earners from past Idol top 10’s. This year will be “no exception” despite your “doom & gloom” predictions. Your attitude & outlook on life NEEDS adjusting.

  165. Add-on “Funny notation”; Remember William Hung…the eliminated one from the past.
    BILLBOARD…despite his elimination on the front end belting “She Bangs”, he’s gone on to be listed among the top 24 wage earners….winning the #21 spot……240,000 albums…..selling 127,000 tracks. He’s become a “very stylish dresser” since his idol days.
    ….Just thought you fans would enjoy this tidbit.

  166. #191…DON….Thanks…that made my point…..Exposure…..makes money…..cleans up their act……and it will happen for these Idols too!!!!!

  167. I’m with you, Summer…We haven’t heard the last of CASEY JAMES! I can’t wait to see him on the tour this summer! Even my hubby enjoys his music and his EXCELLENT guitar skills!I won’t be voting this week, but I’m hoping to catch a glimpse of CASEY on the show! ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM!!


    He’s absolutely unforgettable. I just can’t wait to buy his CD’s.I believe men and woman will appreciate his music, even though women may be dreaming about him.


  170. Yes, Lee deserves it.

    Our son goes to Harvard and we ask him to check out Lee’s journey in music… that’s how dedicated and inspiring we think Lee is.

    We wish Lee wins.

  171. yeah i am not watching this week…Dancing with the stars will be much more exciting….now that Casey is gone. good luck and who ever should be second should win…we know who is first…casey casey casey…the real talent. though i think lee and casey are talented and wonderful…casey is the best….but he got screwed. Lee is probably more right for an AI winner.

  172. i meant lee and crystal are talented and wonderful…guess i can’t get that casey off my brain….lol..

  173. annielee, apparently, you are quite intelligent due to the fact you are a CASEY lover, too! OMG…I totally agree about not being able to get him out of my head! GORGEOUS! My hubby thinks it’s hysterical…I’m not sure I can contain myself until his first CD and the tour this summer!!

  174. OK!!!!!, We got it!!!! We all know you Casey fans out there LOVES Casey & are dedicated to HIS cause. BUT…he ain’t (southern slang for he’s not)ha…still in the running, So….Casey fans…rather than your constant ranting….Pick the next winner. HINT: CASEY IS NOT IN THE RACE.

  175. Don, I can’t pick a winner…he already left…SORRY! Have a GREAT evening!! CASEY may be gone, but he isn’t forgotten!!I actually don’t have anything against the other two, I just prefer CASEY!

  176. Casey James is the American Idol 2010 without portfolio. He is the one who will be the most successful!

  177. All Casey Fans

    Now that Casey is not in the finale, all Casey fans, now VOTE 4 LEE. Lee is special, awesome and a nice humble guy like Casey. cASEY, WE LOVE YOU WE ALWAYS HAVE, YOU ALREADY IS OUR AMERICAN IDOL.


  178. the smart think for casey lovers to do, is not watch tomorrow…come on dancing with the stars is getting exciting…nothing exciting about idol…casey is gone. let the also rans compete. did you see casey on ellen? he seemed so relaxed. sang I don’t need no doctor….if IDOL had not fixed it and screwed up his last songs…maybe he would be the Idol…but who cares…American Idol is a has been show…Casey does not need to win…but it gave him an make it happen Casey.

  179. Don you don’t have to teach me southern slang…Casey is the man…and we ain’t apologizin’ for america’s mistake.

  180. annielee, mark my words, CASEY JAMES has only just begun…I was right about Daughtry when he was unfairly cut and look at him now…I saw him and Bon Jovi together…SMOKIN’HOT!!CASEY is going to be around…ALOT, and for A LONG TIME!! I KNOW IT!!! He was SUPER AWESOME on ELLEN!!

  181. RELAX..Casey fans…He’ll be in Nashville before long with all the other hunks. He’s Video material & he’ll have a very successful career.
    As I’ve said all along….He’d make it big in country/pop….Kara directed him in the wrong direction.

  182. Casey might have still stuck around for the finale had all his female fans [including Kara] restrained themselves a little!

  183. people here are F**king BullS**t. The topic is alwaus Casey!!! Casey is a big NOTHING compared to LEE and CRYSTAL. get over yourself with casey morons

  184. All of you married women who cannot get Casey James out of your heads, your husbands should be worried right about now!!!!! This is some kinky sh#@@t going on!

  185. The topic of this particular blog is “Casey Eliminated”, are some suggesting married women should not have an opinion?

    Annielee, you are so witty coming up with the newsflash…you summed it up .. the Jimmy Crack Corn bit cracked a lot of us over here. That should be published. We were crying laughing at the whole picture. I wonder if many on here have heard of that song, that makes it funnier.


    When I ‘m going to hear his him sing on the radio, I will recognize his voice right away, even without seeing him first.His voice is sexy,with a raspy edge to it and he can sing Bob Seger style, blues, country, rock, classic music , and if that’s not enough, he plays guitar like no other American Idol contestant. See, I didn’t even mention ” handsome.”
    Randy, always being the first to judge his singing, could never open his ears to really hear the singing because he was stuck on judging how overbearing his good looks were. He couldn’t have been hearing him right. And of course all the judges have to be copycats in their comments. I couldn’t believe it!! My..My.. they tried hard to bring Casey down!! I don’t know if he was affected by their disapproving absurd comments, but I sure was!!!
    I love CASEY JAMES!!
    The two runners up are good, but they don’t sound unique like CASEY..sorry

  187. Casey, Casey, Casey…yes, we married women or unmarried women…any sort of woman except an Ellen sort…CANNOT get him out of our heads…WE WANT CASEY!!

  188. OK….goo goo married(s)!!!!! Your husbands deserve to get that giddy headed over someone at their workplace, …..AND, you NOT SAY A WORD!!!
    Fair play to both sides. No wonder your husband(s)want to stay on the golf course, river, etc. Put your pants back ON girls. ha.

  189. Enough already with Casey….buy his CD’s when they come out, go see him in concert…blah,
    blah, blah….the important vote counts tonight for Lee. Just read that Simon Cowell was on Ellen and predicted a win for Lee…he (Simon) said that 6 or so weeks ago he would have said Crystal but he has changed his mind…if this isn’t swaying tne vote or even reverse psychology…don’t know what is. What a bummer!!! Voting for Lee. 🙂

  190. most of the guys out here are so jealous about casey. i think theyre a randy copycat too. too bad. i cant think anything or say anything bad about him. he is just a simple adorable young man who never tried to depend himself from every bad comments he got. if you try to watch his homecoming shows, you will say he is not only a great singer, but also a humble, down to earth person who is loved by his fans both men and women…but i doubt all casey haters will have the courage to search it on youtube. theyre too scared to know the truth of real casey james and too scared their conscience will haunt them, if thet have any.

  191. ANNIELEE…….If its any consolation….ADAM didn’t win last year and he is doing fantastic better than Kris, who did win….THE MORAL of the story…….you don’t have to win to be a winner!

  192. THE WOW FACTOR!!!!, as the judges call it. CLICHE! Does that have anything to do with Simon’s song choice?
    Artists don’t always have to shoot dynamite and shout over the top of their lungs to get your attention.Look at Bob Dylan, to talk of being laid back and super good to listen to.
    It’s all about taste. There’s something to say about a backup choir and an orcherstra and a song like hallelluia which is a powerful SONG NO MATTER WHO SINGS IT.

  193. Love it Maria! I could be Casey’s grandmother, but never seen anyone with so much star quality since I saw first clapped eyes on Elvis when I was 10!!!!

  194. Consider this: The top 10 are WINNERS. Just like horse racing…some will jump out of the gate quicker & make the money. There’s always a sleeper that’ll fool us all & come out of from nowhere…..Anybody’s guess, but the WINNERS will emerge. Even William Hung’s (the She Bang guy)is in the dough now. *see my earlier post…19th overall earnings, and he didn’t get thru the gate to start with…but did show up to entertain us all.

  195. Grammatical errors seem to creep in, don’t they?
    We all write fast & are guilty, but WE know what we mean, and that’s IMPORTANT…Just like voting for Crystal IS IMPORTANT. ha.

  196. Casey James will have a good career and be very successful.I’d love to see him on a magazine cover,on a poster , and to hear his new CD. He has to stay grounded and make good decisions on getting a good manager,though and having people work with him who care about him.

  197. casey is a president, founder and CEO of team casey in texas. he is great already and is getting greater. i wish casey and his fans good luck and all the blessings.

  198. I hope that people will vote for the one they believe is the best finalist tonight, not to be brainwashed by the judges tooting their horns and blowing their whistles.

  199. Alright SWOONERS!….Time to get off the computer, wash dishes, clean up behind the kids, pickup your husband’s dirty underwear, reorganize the bathroom, put your 5 pairs of shoes in your cluttered closet, wash clothes, dry, fold & hang. Next, cool down in a hot tub of water, and get ready for that husband to come in from work later on. Give him all the gusto it’ll take to settle him down for the evening. If you have to shut your eyes & SWOON in your mind….Go ahead!….We won’t look…nor tell anyone!


  201. @234 Guillermo: this blog post is about casey, dont try to make anybody stop commenting about him. if you wanna talk about something else make your own post. and you dont have to write in all caps to get attention. if you dont like comments about casey then dont read it. you can go read something else.

  202. I think CASEY JAMES is so so good. I want to listen to him all the time.He’s so good to look at too.

  203. Lee for the win…he has shown us in recent weeks that he has the style, charisma, presence (I know that is redundant)…but he does. AND…he has the voice that I would enjoy listening to on CD, on the radio and/or in concert. LEE for the win. 🙂

  204. I’m SO PLEASED with all the positive CASEY comments, as he so deserves them all!CASEY FANS, you are THE BEST!! No matter who tries to knock our guy down…we won’t let them!Crystal and Lee fans, isn’t it funny how SOME of you take pleasure in bashing CASEY(99 cent store…I don’t think so). CASEY FANS don’t need to tear others down to build up our guy!CASEY is a class act, as are his fans! CASEY FANS, hopefully we’ll get to see a glimpse of him tonight AND a performance tomorrow(with the top 10)! As far as I’m concerned CASEY is the winner of this season, as Adam Lambert was last season!! GOD BLESS CASEY AND HIS FANS! Have a GREAT evening!!

  205. So……….to sum it all up. IT’S CASEY DAY today on this blog site. Tune it tonight!!!!
    We’ve all made a mistake. They will announce on IDOL this evening that due to SO MANY BLOGS COMING IN ON CASEY’s behalf on this blog site, that Casey is back in the show, and it’s the ONLY way for you heart throbs to SURVIVE and get thru another day. The rest of America & all countries connected surrenders to all Casey fans everywhere…WE were ALL WRONG. Please forgive us!!!!! NOW….can we get on with the show at hand?????

  206. #239..DON….Is it just us but I don’t remember that many CASEY fans on this blog the entire AI season……
    TO ALL CASEY FANS…..Wait for his CD and buy it, go see the AI tour this summer….Like Kris fan’s told me last season when ADAM lost…GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON!!!!!! Don’t rain on LEE & CRYSTAL fans parade!!!!!

  207. @ 241 Phyllis G. You are so right…Let It Go..Time to move ahead with the next AI, which of course, without a doubt, will be Lee !!!
    Enjoy the show tonight and vote for your favorite, which, of course, without a doubt, will be Lee.
    Lee for the win. 🙂

  208. #242..ROSE….Heres hoping..from your lips to the AI gods…….Enjoy the show tonight!!!! and Tomorrow….

  209. @ # 243 Thank you Phyllis…you too. I am going to offer a little TMI here…I have my first cataract surgery on one of my eyes on Thursday…followed up by another surgery in 2 weeks on my other eye…that being said…I can’t see worth a flip…soooo…I do not know HOW cute Casey was/is or Lee but I know what is pleasing to my ears…at least they work…and I love the raspiness and husky soul sound of Lee…Go Lee. 🙂

  210. i dont like the 2 finalist seriously so i will be watching tonight so i can criticize ha ha! CRYSTAL is ugly looking and LEE is boring and sounds like a copycat of past idol contestants.

  211. i will add that LEE will not make it big even if he is going to win. they said the winner this season will be a girl so i think its CRYSTAL.

  212. CASEY!CASEY!CASEY!Regardless of what anyone may say, CASEY is still my favorite!LOVE HIM! It seems to me Lee was thrown under the bus this evening…the judges weren’t too complimentary of him tonight. Crystal seems to have stolen his thunder tonight. Just sayin…welcome to the world of CASEY JAMES(of being thrown under the bus by the judges). CASEY fans certainly know that feeling.

  213. Casey was steam-rollered under that bus. Great to hear all his fans on hear, I feel better reading your wonderful comments.

  214. The show must NOT go on. It is so over rated and just down right boring. The only person who is a star from AI is Carrie Underwood and that’s about it. Something has to change or cancel the show all together. Y A W N………

  215. I am SOOOO happy to read all the wonderful comments about Casey James ! I am appalled at so many of the judge’s comments……wow….if they do continue the show, I won’t be watching ! I’ve been in the Music Industry my entire life and I am here to tell you that I have already started contacting the buyers to BUY CASEY !! He is the only one of the final 3 that is MARKETABLE !! Give me something to sell……wicked guitar , great voice ( if given a REAL chance to use it !) and the kind of looks that make cd covers that sell !! He has it all ! The million dollar smile and the humble attitude are bonus !!! Oh well, in the last 8 years in the business the only A.I. winner to sell a LOT of cds is Carrie Underwood ! ( no dreads and tatoos on that girl !) So essentially, the judges bias is NOT working ! The MEAN comments are not CONSTRUCTIVE either…..shows huge immaturity ! But as the great Howard Stern points out, Simon is just another SPOILED rotten little rich boy……why do those kind always turn out so mean to others?
    Can’t wait to start selling Casey James cds !! Bring it on Casey !!!!

  216. What a farce. The best thing about the finale was the appearance of Will Young. I thought Lee’s performance was underconfident and weak. Crystal was better if pushed to choose between the two. Casey James is going to be a huge star whoever takes him on, he is the coolest guy on the planet. Perhaps Simon left him free to be contracted by Simon.. who knows what goes on behind the scenes. All contestants were brave to go on the show and put themselves through it. Good luck to them all.

  217. The best person came third and it was quite obvious that this was fixed,whatever is said by the panel of judges. CASEY is so talented as a player and singer – very difficult to do both at once!- and if you look at the recording of the receptions he got at his home town – I think you can fairly say that the viewing world supports Casey and will buy his recordings and go to his appearances. What a natural beautiful performer and humble with it. I think he can’t fail to go far.

  218. CASEY AND BRET were truly INCREDIBLE on the finale of AI! Talk about blowing the roof off the place! These two guys did just that…LOVE YOU, CASEY! I can’t wait to buy your CD’S and see you on the tour this summer! BRET…so glad you’re feeling better! If it weren’t for their performance the whole evening would have been a bust! GO CASEY! GO BRET!

  219. Best part of the final Amer. Idol……….hands down Casey and Bret !!
    I love that he already has a huge following !! Nice work, Casey !

  220. Casey James and Bret Michaels blew the whole boring finale right out of the water. Casey James is going to be huge. Watch this space.

  221. #255 ROSE……Yes, LEE won…but we knew that!!!LOL……Its been fun conversing with you and the rest of the LEE fans…..Have a happy and safe summer…..Hope to see you on the site next season…..

    All in FAVOR of PHYLLIS G.(LAS VEGAS)having ALL of US over for a weekend PARTY at her house next month to celebrate the final outcome of American Idol….please, let Phyllis know. Don’t you think all supporters could settle on STEAK & LOBSTER?….Phyllis has had us to entertain her for the season, and it’s only right that WE let her give something back to all her loyal fans….EVERYWHERE.

  223. #259….DON….I don’t think its a crime to enjoy this site….and its been fun conversing with you too! Have a great summer and hope to see you on this site next season!!!!!!
    P.S. You can bring the booze!!!!!!

  224. @ 259 Don & 260 Phyllis G…thank you. You all have a great summer…I will be there in spirit when you do any celebrating…See you next year for Idol 10. Yea Lee… 🙂

  225. Ashli Rae, I have no doubt that Casey will have a successful music career…probably much more so than Lee Dewyze. I intend on buying every CD he comes out with and I would travel many miles to see him in person. I would not travel a mile to see Dewyze, quite frankly.

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