American Idol 2010 Top 3 Elimination Results

We’re about to find out who will be eliminated from the Top 3 tonight on American Idol after last night’s performance of songs from the judges. Based on your votes in our Top 3 performance poll it looks like we will find Casey James at the bottom of the results which means he’ll probably be going home. Surprised?

Join us in the Idol Chat room as we wait to see the big reveal and then be sure to check for tickets to the summer Idol tour before the best seats are sold out.

American Idol 2010 Top 3 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Casey James

Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox will continue on to next week’s Top 2 finale.

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your opinion!




  1. I’ve been a Casey fan from day 1. However, as much as I love Casey, I am inclined to think that he’s the one who’s going to get the boot tonight. His singing wasn’t as mind-blowing as the other two. But then, anything can happen. So, for me, it’s expecting the worst but hoping for the best!
    P.S: Too bad voting is only for those in the States. I know for a fact that Casey has a HUGE fan base where I am i.e Brunei, which, for those not in the know, is a small country in Asia and a neighbour to Singapore & Malaysia.

  2. I like CASEY and will be sad to see him leave tonight. He seems a nice, humble young man. I admit he’s a talented singer, and guitarist too.
    I really love LEE. this boy has been improving a lot. I believe he deserves to win this thing. He’s been working very hard every single week, he’s a good listener, and above all, he has a fantastic soulful voice that touches my heart. Some singers are pleasant on the stage, but LEE – I can close my eyes and listen to him all day. I was concerned about Simon’s choice for him but last night LEE proved that he CAN sing.
    LEE is on his way to be a great artist!
    WAY TO GO, LEE !!!

  3. see what i mean like the person before me young and have no idea of good artist. Lee can sing at weddings and partys

  4. replay casye is the one at partys , but i think the little girls will put him over the top

  5. All 3 are special.

    The lucky one to leave tonight will be either Crystal going home to her baby or Casey going home to his dogs.

    Sorry Lee, you’ll have to finish business because you are so damn talented.

  6. I love casey…my heart is sad..but he might not have to put up with the fakes on AI. Lee has been appointed…so what.

  7. for those of you who can close your eyes and listen to Lee…..can you at all hear his inability to sing an entire song in tune? Or does singing ability no longer matter in a singing contest?

  8. Salsa and i think one of the highest per capita incomes in the world…so hope your countrymen buy casey’s albums…take care.

  9. yeah check out his home concert where he sings with his mom…casey is amazing…he is for real. when he talked about his mom…all tears here.

  10. I think it will be Casey going home tonight…However, if it was left up to me to pick who would be eliminated it would be Lee.

  11. It looks like Casey will go and that Lee is now favourite. But if I was Him I would not be shouting Helehulia until the final. You know what they say “It,s not over until the fat lady sings” Definatly nothing personal, I believe in Crystal.

  12. lee was fantastic last night. his version of hallelueya was brilliant. definite winner

  13. Crystal has been crying a lot lately. she seems so stressed. hope that hot boyfriend marries her. she deserves better. is the boyfriend her sons father?

  14. lee’s not the only one who sings off tune, crystal does too, she missed a couple of notes again last night especially the high notes. can’t the voters hear her? no matter what happens, i will buy casey’s cds for myself and buy some more for my friends. so good luck casey!

  15. Lee has great eyes…hate his tattoos…he sings ok..but not like my casey
    casey is the best.

  16. @20 Sorry I meant he may not be shouting Hellehulia after the results of the final.

  17. I think Lee will win, but Casey doesn’t have to feel bad the way he looks !!!!!!!!!!

  18. havent really enjoyed crystals performances for weeks now. thought she was a definite winner at start of this as well. but lee has been best performer for last 5/6 weeks i think


  20. All casey fans should not watch the finals…its rigged. casey you are the best.

  21. never enjoyed crystal’s performances from the beginning. i just don’t like her style. and it’s the same kind every week. sorry. i like lee better. but of course, no one beats casey.

  22. First of all, they are all good, would not have gotten this far if they weren’t. Casey is good, I think Lee is much better, the guy has a lot of soul his voice reminds me of those old rock tunes back in the late 80’s, with that rasp to it. Crystal is very good too, but, they have all had off moments, nobody is perfect, and anybody would get nervous standing up there singing in front of a massive audience. But to say that Lee cannot sing, come on people, you would have to be tone deaf to think that boy can’t sing. I do think that Casey is going home tonight, he just didn’t push it like Lee and Crystal did, maybe it was the song choices, I don’t know, but, it’s in no way over for him, he will be big no matter what, all 3 of them will be. But Lee has come a long way from where he first started, and his confidence has grown so much, you can just see it so much more now.

  23. I want Lee to win but if Crystal I’m also okay with it. But to Lee fans, make sure he’s gonna win. Thanks. πŸ™‚
    Goodluck Lee and Crystal!

  24. Great not watching American Idol, have the also rans.Casey we will see you again, and now american idol is the who fricken cares who wins. Lee learn the national anthem. cause thats what you will be singing for the next three years. and don’t forget how to sell paint.

  25. Wow. I agree. no need to watch AI. Judges get what you want. Lee as a winner and no viewers. Casey don’t worry, you are the idol.

  26. No more Idol for me. vote for whoever it doesn’t matter. Casey is the best. roberto duran said it best…no mas, no mas!

  27. Hi America

    Vote for Lee as your No. 1. You won’t go wrong. BeLEEve me.

    Lastnite i could not stop listening and enjoying his “Hallelujah” song over and over again and never get enough of it, so inspired with the song now, he managed to reconstruct the song and sang it well.

    This goes to show he is dead serious in winning and wanted to win so so much and not what Simon put it as taking a break. He could see his tension each time when Simon passed his comments. He was so relieved when Simon gave him good words. This guy is serious in winning and like what Randy said, he IS READY to make a record. He is my American Idol and yours too!
    Lee, give it all to us and let it all go, next week. Enjoy yourself and “kill” it in the finale. You could move mountains. Trust yourself. OK? When you win, please come to Asia tour.

  28. Casey sang well,the vocals were really good in ‘Daughters’ but his performances were muted, no wow factor
    Crystal was screechy singing ‘ Come to my Window’, but did well with ‘maybe I’m Amazed’
    Lee was great with ‘A simple Man’, and couldnt go wrong with a choir backing him with ‘Hallelujah’ but Jason Cstro’s version still tops Lee’s for me
    So no surprises in tonights results !

  29. People are still going to watch AI even with Casey gone. Im glad he left because Lee and Crystal are amazing compared to him… Casey will find more success if he is in a band not by himself

  30. America got it right 100%.Casey should have gone home weeks ago (when aaron went home)but it could have been anyone anyway.Crystal fan!!!

  31. this person is not going to watch. lee will win, who cares? he looks like billy joel and sounds like a springsteen wannabe…crystal just wants to go home…so why have the next show? just give Lee the crown and let him start sing national anthems and cutting his album. waste of time.

  32. well anyone who reads my posts know how i feel. Casey is it…so without it, Idol basically sucks. so watch the phoney show if you want. I think there must be a good rerun on tuesdays…of course there is the Dancing with the stars results. but it doesn’t matter…i can always watch paint drying for more excitement. Casey make that album.

  33. For all of you who are saying your not going to watch anymore: thats just stupid, because even if Casey had made it into the finale does not mean he would have won.

  34. casey’s going home? awwwww… not watching anymore. crystal bowerSUCKS and lee’s not DEWYZE choice.

  35. definently best choice….casey should have been gone last week and big mike definently should have been in top 3 so yeah…..I am so happy right now!! let’s just see what happens next week..lee or crystal??…dun dun dun dunnnnnnn!

  36. It has been so obvious that Lee has been pre-ordained to win-he is just like the last 2 winners, out of nowhere becoming the Judges favorite, get slobbered all over every week by every judge while all the others start to get lukewarm comments. American sheeple follow along-BLAND Lee wins and Chrystal, Casey, Shivon,etc., go on to have a music career. American Idol hasen’t gotten it right except for Carrie Underwood. Last season for me if Lee wins, still haven’t gotten over last year-Chris who?

  37. stupid? whats stupid is wasting one more hour of my time on worthlessness…Lee won…lets just call it quits and not humiliate crystal like we humiliated Casey. Lee the boxer…or the pretender.

  38. I think they did get it right. Casey was really boring this week. Definitely not the week to be boring and this is coming from a huge fan. But I equally wasn’t really impressed with Crystal or Lee. So I hope they do better next week. Now there’s only two left I hope Crystal nails it next week and wins.

  39. This one was tough, but America got it right!! Casey will go on to do big things, but who will win???

  40. para mi LEE debe ganar porque ha ido creciendo cada semana y pues a las demas personas ue hablan mal de crystal o lee pues la verdad es solo un concurso y no siempre gana la persona q quieres y no por eso vas a tratar mal a las otras personas!!!!!!!!!!!! mucha suerte para la final LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. apparently,judges decided the results.They favor lee and crystal’s waste time to watch idol.

  42. Cherie casey was real. not hiding in a choir. go listen to youtube, and tell me what you think..well don’t tell me, since i am out of here. lee best of luck…learn the national anthem on key if you can…thats what you will be doing.

  43. faba, entiendes ingles? si no entiendes ingles, como puedas saber quien es el mas mejor? casey canta con mucha corazΓ³n.

  44. Oh seriously chichi grow up. If you had read my comment properly you would realise that I actually don’t like lee and would have preferred for Casey to go through. But since I don’t like in the U.S. I have no choice over that.

  45. Sorry spelling mistake. Oh seriously chichi grow up. If you had read my comment properly you would realise that I actually don’t like lee and would have preferred for Casey to go through. But since I don’t live in the U.S. I have no choice over that.

  46. Its sad but this is what both the show and the producers wanted and they made it so obvious last night during their performances.Heard Casey was made to change his song choice at the last minute too. They never gave the guy a chance to make it to top 2. At this point, the voting might have even being rigged to ensure the top 2. Its all good. Casey is going to go places and thats for sure!!

  47. AI9’s gonna get the lowest number of votes ever on a finale. And the lowest viewership rating.

  48. I won’t be voting anymore either, but I do wish the last two good luck! CASEY, hurry up and get working on your CD! I’ll be seeing YOU this summer!! LOVE YOU,LOVE YOU,LOVE YOU!!! YOU ARE THE VERY BEST…as usual, he was nothing but a class act…I wouldn’t have hugged any of the judges after the way they have treated him this season…I say we get rid of all of them, even my favorite Simon!!Casey, hurry up, where is that CD?

  49. If you guys want Casey to be still in the competition then you should vote for him more. And whatever happened that’s God’s plan.

  50. elizabeth i think the whole season has been down. now can only imagine how low it goes. i feel for Crystal. she is now the whipping child. Lee is a nice guy but most likely we will not hear much from him next year. maybe i am wrong, but his voice is quite common.

  51. I watched the live performance last night in youtube.

    I still like Jason Castro’s version of Hallelujah but Lee made it like an inspirational song. Its hard to sing with a choir as your back-up but I believe he pulled it off which made the performance amazing!

    Crystal’s starting to sound monotonous (?). My dad said that she sings like Janice Joplin (I don’t know her).

    Casey…I think it was unfair that they chose “Daughters” for her. The song is still new and the risk of being compared to the original is very high! I really think the judges chose something else that Casey could’ve made more current.

  52. i will buy a casey CD. glad IDOL let him show his stuff. won’t watching anymore shows this season. kinda know who is planned to win. i would vote for crystal but won’t be voting. waste of time.

  53. I loved Casey since the beginning. I thought he was great last night, but I think they have their own choices for the winners and their focus was on Lee and crystal to go forward. I thought Lee done the best last night with the song performance, nut its kinda like the judges took their focus off Casey and liked the other two better.I’m gonna be ready and waiting for Casey’s CD to come out. You was great Casey I’m gonna miss you!

  54. not watching either. what a bunch of bs. lee this and lee that. don’t hate em, but he really sings slightly above average. casey will miss you.

  55. @chichi i don’t want any fights but you could have voted more so he will stay in the competition.

  56. am not too excited anymore for idol next week. the judges steered the voters and dismissed casey. yesterday randy’s comments for casey were made as if casey was already out of the competition.too bad. all the best, casey!!! we luv YOU!!! πŸ™‚

  57. looks like so many people aren’t gonna watch anymore. maybe this is the last of american idol… (yikes)

  58. Remember Danny Gokey? He was my favourite last year as well and he came out third. This year my favourite was Casey and he’s come out third as well. See how well Danny Gokey has done?? So learn from your predecessor, Casey…you are gonna do very well in life cos…..better days are ahead of you (thats’ Gokey’s latest song)!!!!

  59. Im in Australia – we havent seen the show elemination show yet as we are “down under” behind time – lol

    It has been so frustrating that we over here cannot vote.

    I am sure that Casey will go on to have the best singing career out of the final 3 this year just like Adam has done.

    Last week on the Ellen Show she had Rob Lowe on and she pushed for Crystal and Lee – I thought that sucked as she has such a big audience and fanbase herself she should not show her preferences on the final 2 at all. Bad bad Ellen!

    I think you Americans have got it wrong again this year! Casey will be just fine and now he can start on an International career – just like Adam and come and visit us in Aus!!!

  60. CASEY FANS, I just read an article about Casey in the L.A. times, and he seems OK with leaving. Don’t get me wrong, he wanted to win, but he is THRILLED with how far he went on the show and is so OVERWHELMED(spelling?)with the fan support he received while there! OMG…I LOVE HIM TO PIECES!! What’s the holdup, Casey? WHERE is that CD?

  61. Casey darling

    Sad to hear that you got eliminated but definitely you are not going to be eliminated from the music world. You have impeccable vocal, your good guitar playing and your good looks, you will make it so go and grab it while it is still hot. Go jam it! Wish you all the best.

    KC, Don’t forget to get your fans to vote for LEE, DE WYZE CHOICE FOR AMERICAN IDOL. Asia is waiting for you, Lee. Give it all. Let it all out and do give one smile in each song next week, your smile makes the world smile and melts our hearts. Luv ya.

  62. Goodbye Casey! Here are your top 2 folks, LEE DEWYZE & CRYSTAL BOWERSOX. Congrats! The fight is on! =))))) Who will win the The American Idol season 9. BRING IT ON! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I love LEE. GO LEE. I love you. :”> :)) <3 :*

  63. I think Casey is a real sweetheart. He seems completely sincere and humble which is so refreshing. I thought his voice was lovely and he rarely went off key, and his guitar playing great. I really think that he will have a fine career anyway.
    Lee has come a long way and he seemed to grow more than Casey, unfortunately, but I do think that Lee goes off key sometimes even though I like his voice a lot.
    Crystal to me seemed the most talented early on, I especially liked I think it was a Tracey Chapman song she did.

    Casey was my favourite but I don’t think he seems quite confident enough to do the whole american idol thing anyway. Couldn’t vote as I live in Australia.

  64. @ Tonya: Tim Urban deserved to go home. My friend was sad too. πŸ™ πŸ™‚ GO LEE!

  65. Congratulations to both lee and crystal they really deserves to be at the finale….Gud luck and God blesss…

  66. CASEY…WE LOVE YOU…At least I know a group of ladies who do… DON’T keep us waiting too long for your CD!!! LOVE YOU! LOVE YOU! LOVE YOU!

  67. Something made me a bit angry tonight and apparently I wasn’t the only one cause it’s on MJSBLOG too. Crystal just couldn’t resist playing the diabetes card and the baby card for sympathy. Anything to win, I guess but I, and apparently others, found it sleazy and offensive.

  68. Agree with Julie that maybe Casey wasnt really ready for the big American thing, but hey, despite that, see where that got him?? TOP 3 out of over 100,000 hopefuls! And now he’s famous all over and he’s gonna have a big career, whether in music or modelling….or…I think for some one who hasnt been in the limelight as big as AI, Casey and every other contestant has done very well. And personally, am very proud of them…esp Casey, man of all women’s dreams! yay yay

  69. lee is so hot. casey and crystal are nothing but white trash. go lee. you are so much better than them. lee love your voice. so hot.

  70. Lee Rocks…pure n simple…His voice captivates me, and He is so pure and Real…The fact that he wasn’t handed everything growing up, made mistakes and has taken an golden opportunity and earned it…has brought much respect from my eyes..Go Lee! You are so amazing and wish I had met you when I was 23 or 24! Take it all the way! What you did with last night’s songs…something I would love to have on my Mp3!!! Props to your Mom and Dad! What a beautiful soal…It shows!

  71. ashley so right. casey was a pretty boy faker. crystal is trash. look at those tattoos on her back. she needs to take care of her illegitimate kid,

  72. I think Casey did fair justice to his songs this week. But I think only a few believed he would survive even before the performences. And please forgive me when I say it seemed to me like he was just tagging along for the ride the last few weeks.

    After all the judges comments about lee last night. It looks like the pressure is really on Crystal now. But I hope she pulls out all the stoppers next week. And ryther than her usual love songs she throws in a more a thoughtful song and sings it with full compassion and conviction. Like “Windmills in your mind” or whatever. But any way the rewards of second place are not that much lesser than first and her carear will zoom which ever way it go,s. So will Lee,s. Casey may have to struggle.

  73. lee will rock. crystal will suck. she is probably smoking meth back stage anyway. crystal meth you are losing next week.

  74. Favoritism will not get you what you want, name calling is even worse, So be careful it just may back fire on you

  75. Wheeee. So far, the ones I guess who would leave each week starting from the top 12 hasn’t faileeeeed. Although, I also like Casey as a musician..

  76. well, perhaps it did look like a ride, but the ride has taken him to 3rd spot huh. Some ride , right? If Casey didnt have that star quality, i doubt he would have come this far. By star quality, it encompasses everything, not only his voice. If only he had actually shown how much he wanted this, i tell you he would have gotten it!

  77. Yes, Lee and Crystal should be the two finalists!! Casey should have been voted off weeks ago, MIchael was better than he was. We like Casey, but He cannot compare to Lee and Crystal!!

  78. Somebody got it wrong! Casey is the best. Whoever decided this, I would like to see the vote count 47 million votes and most for Lee. He can’t carry too many tunes!!! Casey has got star power and stage presence and everything it takes. I have been to a lot of concerts and I pretty well know who a star is. This guy got cheated. But he will land a record deal and I hope it’s in Nashville so I can go see him. He’s a dreamboat. I hope Crystal wins she deserves it now I think!!!!

  79. i know casey would have gotten it all if he only works hard, but he definitely know he has everything and alot loves him.

  80. Yessss! But i wished that Big Mike was on the final 3.. It’s going to be an obvious result next wk if America will follow what the judges would be saying πŸ™‚ Lee Dewyze will be the next American Idol!

  81. Hey, hey.. I don’t think it’s just right to say that.. America voted as a whole. Yeah, sure, you like Casey and we all know he’s good. But, most Americans don’t think so. Some think Lee is better, some vote for Crystal. Just accept defeat. :l

  82. Lee has no range and proved it last night when he had to drop down an octave at the beginning of the chorus. A lot of people have sung “hallelujah” and most were better, especially David Archuleta. Lee has momentum but only because his fan base is niave (clueless). Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however, and so Lee may win as he has momentum. Crystal is much more of an artist and has the superior voice. I still think that the contestants should be able to sing whatever they want and to develope their own style. Singing Frank Sinatra when you are a hip hop singer makes no sense and contributes nothing to our knowledge of the singers. It may make somebody look bad who really isn’t. But this show is now passe’ and it will die off soon.

  83. It’s obvious the judges were steering the competition towards a Crystal and Lee finale. Crystal deserves her spot – I think her confidence and personality has started coming thru and she can belt out a tune. It will be interesting to see how they’ll market her bohemian look and sound. And now to Lee – maybe it’s got something to do with living down under but I just don’t understand what the public or judges see and hear in him (alright he’s not that bad to look at). All I foresee is Lee disappearing after his debut release (which will obviously go No. 1 because of the AI marketing push). All in all a comparatively lacklustre season of AI as evidenced by the finalists.

  84. LEE IS DE ONE.




  85. I said it once before and I will say it again, big Mike may not have been eye candy to a lot of people but he was certainly voice candy to me, because his voice was pleasing to my ears and still is, so keep those sweet and smooth vocals of yours big Mike!

    Mike, stay focused on your family and future, be proud of what you have already accomplished!

  86. simon has liked crystal for awhile,shell win if he has pull.other than that im voting for lee.he shows appreciation that crystal doesnt show.

  87. My husband has been backing Casey all along, but when Lee sang in the final 3 he (my husband) got even the goosebumps. I thought Crystal would win all along, but Lee is the underdog. Go Lee!

  88. Lee will win!..Casey have done well but no power in his voice.Crystal is good too but it seems that her performance is not her best.All 3 have done well but there will be only one American Idol and my vote will be for Lee.

  89. I wouldn’t worry about Casey so much if I were his fans. Casey will now, like Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert before him, to enjoy far more creative control over his future career than the majority of Idol winners have had. Winning Idol doesn’t seem to be as much of a golden ticket as being a runner-up finalist does.

  90. #32-I agree with you 100%. All of them are winners even the rest of the top 12.

    The name of the game besides of course being a good singer, is to make the least mistakes, like choosing the song that will give you an edge over your competitors because after all.. this is a competition as to who’s who!

    Having said that, I think LEE is gonna make it as the Season’s champ. But, no matter what happens, the lives of these top 3 will never be the same again. And to that I give you my Big Applause for being the best you can be!

    Congratulations to all of you!

  91. It’s pretty obvious now that “winning” doesn’t mean very much in this contest.

    AI did uncover five people who are pretty talented: Crystal, Lee, Casey, Mike, and Siobhan.
    Crystal will probably go the indy route and get a relatively small group of fans who will buy her CDs for years. Casey’s best bet would be to go country and be a handsome version of Brad Paisley. Lee probably has to pattern his career on Michael Bubele and sing fake blues songs. He can’t sing well enough to do much else. Mike can go into R&B or gospel and raise his daughter quite well, thank you. Siobhan might become the next pop diva. Her horizons are limitless.


    Farewell! thou art too dear for my possessing,
    And like enough thou know’st thy estimate:
    The charter of thy worth gives thee releasing;
    My bonds in thee are all determinate.
    For how do I hold thee but by thy granting?
    And for that riches where is my deserving?
    The cause of this fair gift in me is wanting,
    And so my patent back again is swerving.
    Thyself thou gavest, thy own worth then not knowing,
    Or me, to whom thou gavest it, else mistaking;
    So thy great gift, upon misprision growing,
    Comes home again, on better judgment making.
    Thus have I had thee, as a dream doth flatter,
    In sleep a king, but waking no such matter.

  93. casey will be another adam!!way to go casey!!!No need to watch the final now…BORING!!!

  94. This result can be predictable. I hope they would make it to top 3 and I hope Crystal and Lee would remain on top 2… So was it! Casey is good but not good enough so Casey’s fan, don’t be upset… I like Casey too but that’s the truth… Casey have to leave…
    About the final, althogh I know Crystal has a great, great voice but I don’t think she gonna win… I have a feeling, inkling that Lee is the winner… And I hope so, too…
    I love Lee…

  95. @Sharina #128… Your poetry is terrible. Just because you use the word ‘thy’ does not make you a poet.

    Silly Girl!

  96. @131 (also at @128) – I have to agree with Chris here. It looks like you gave a “karaoke” version of poetry by trying hard to write an original composition like Shakespeare.

    Anyway, I’m voting for Lee. I beLEEve that he will be the NEXT AMERICAN IDOL.

  97. Unfortunatly there can only be one winner on American Idol,and its very emotional to see you go Casey,but I know you will have an incredible career ahead of you because you have a great voice and looks to go with good luck and I hope you will all remain friends in the coming years.I now look foreward to Lee winning Idol next week what a voice,what a nice young man he is,it takes me back to the 60’s when the world oozed musical talent,it has been a great Idol this time,love to all the contestants,and Randy Cara Simon and Ellen I will miss this Idol,look foreward to buying some of your music.Good luck Lee.

  98. im happy for casey. he not can rest and not worry about the future. he is my next version of a handsome and sexy and hilarious johnny depp; another americas top model; a concert sensation; he can be everything he wants now. he is my mr. personality. he is so unpredictable when in comes to how he react. he has all his moments and he is real.

  99. Get over it Casey fans. The judges are biased–that’s why they are judges! They judge! You may not like their opinions or judgments–but that is the way they see it. And FYI–it’s the way the AI audience sees it too. The sample poll showed Crystal with about 30% of the vote, Lee with 60% and Casey 10%. Numbers don’t lie.

  100. I like all 3 of them but I just LOVE how Lee grew this whole Season and thats what it is all about!! I liked crystal at first but I noticed, she can’t handle the judges comments and seriously, when you go on National TV, you have to be able to handle any constructive critisicm but she always came right back at the judges and did her “own” songs. That’s great she wrote her “own” songs or she wanted to sing songs that “meant” something to her however, that is not what the competition is about. It’s about what range can you sing and what type of songs can you sing and when the judges commented they didn’t like it, she got snippy!! Its a competition, it’s not about what she “wants” to sing!! And by the end, you could just tell, she was tired and wanted to go home. Yeah, she was tired of getting beat down by the judges b/c shes wasn’t listening to them and she was doing what she wanted to do… of course, she is going to be mentally exhausted, trying to spend time w/ her family, practicing non stop, having negativity in her life and not handling it well…

    Now, Lee on the other hand grew the whole season. It was amazing to watch!! He just got stronger and stonger and had more passion each time he came out on stage. Even though the judges said the same exact things to him as they said to Crystal (they didn’t like his songs, he is not in tune etc!! ) He took it and learned and pushed himself!! We saw it every time. You could tell he was not “tired” , he had the energy and found his confidence on that stage, it was obvious and everybody noticed it!! Lee is going to WIN!!! What happened to him is EXACTLY what AMERICAN IDOL is all about!!!

    Crystal will do well but she needs to step down a peg and get off her high horse and listen to the judges, she is good but not the best…. Just because someone sings well doesn’t mean they are the best. It’s how the handle themelves in situations as well and we saw that Crystal behaved and handled herself like a school girl!! She “knows” she good and thats the problem!! However, there are much better singers then her and I truly believe Lee can WIN!!

    Did you see how humble he was at his homecoming day in Chicago? we were all crying, he is a good guy!!

    Now, let me ask you the same question about Crystal, she was playing around w/ her fans…. yeah, she was having fun but where is the humbleness? b/c the did not show it on tv…. huh!!

    We didn’t talk about Casey at all because he is already eliminated but I will say, he was a favorite so, I was upset to see him go but I do think the 2 best are left.
    I will also say at Casey’s Homecoming day, it touched him as well.

    So as you can understand, I’m baffled that Crystal took it so well, as both they guys broke down in tears… it really shows ones “true” self!!! She feels it’s deserved, finally it happened!!


  102. It was time Casey went. He was a favorite of the ladies and teenyboppers Not that great a singer, especially early on.

  103. Personally, I’m glad Casey didn’t win AI. The winner is under 19’s thumb for a year or more and I think he’ll do better on his own, like Adam and Daughtry and many others. He’s amazing, my fav from the start and I look forward to buying his music and seeing him play live. I doubt I’ll be any more interested in Lee a year from now than I am Kris, but I’m buying and seeing Adam and I will be Casey as well. Am interested to see what Crystal does when she’s given her own choices as well.

  104. I would have rather seen Casey and Lee as the final two. Crystal is great but I just know I will not purchase any record she puts out because she is not current. I have purchased music on itunes from Casey and Lee. Casey only really had 2 great songs for me, they were Jealous Man and Dont. As for Lee, I bought almost ALL of his performances PLUS both of his albums. Whats great about him is that we KNOW what kind of music he will put out and I KNOW I will buy every album. I am hoping he wins it all because he is great!

  105. To Sharina #128 . . .

    “What the F@*&” ??? !!!! Who do we need to get to translate? Pure Gibberish! Worthless too.

    America got it right, for change. I wish there could be a tie this season. Both Lee and Crystal deserve the title.

    I will truly miss Simon – what we need are new judges to replace Kara and Ellen!

  106. To everyone out there that thinks the Judges pick the American Idol……For the past three seasons, the Idol that the judges say should win this has not…….They said David A won the night but lost , they said that Adam won the night but lost and now they say that Lee should win (and I sure hope so) but I not that confident with that. I think the public votes opposite of what the judges say and the judges know that….They were pushing Crystal from day 1 and she is the same as she was from the first audition…What made them switch to LEE (besides I do think he is better than Crystal)????? I really don’t trust them….JMO

  107. it’s pretty obvious who the Judges favour to win this – pitch issues not an issue. But how much of these comments will bear an effect on next week’s final – has Lee already won? Sad where it is not up to the 2 to decide that contest on that night.

    131 & 132 – it is Shakespeare – amazing to see such judgements on famous 16th & 17th century literature that will endure the test of time compared to AI.

  108. Ok people need to chill out with the put downs.. We get it, you’re disappointed casey went home, but doesn’t mean you have to say nasty things about lee.. the public voted casey out ok, not the judges. even if they do somewhat influence peoples’ votes, everyone has their own brain to think for themselves!! Look casey got voted out because obivously Lee and Crystal have bigger fan bases. And if you didnt like their performances on the night (for the people who kept dissing Lee’s Hallelujah rendition), then good on you but the truth of the matter is, most people liked it. thats why he’s still there.

    I’m happy with the final two. It’s clear that these two have always been the front runners this season. Anyone who thinks otherwise must have not been watching this season at all. Lee and Crystal have never been in the bottom three.

    Cheerios =)

  109. i dont think these people who said they will buy lee and crystal’s cd will really do. haha what a joke! πŸ˜‰

  110. i think that the judges give bowersox to much credit i think she has a big head and i also hope that she does not win she is not that good if anyone deserves to win its lee he is very good and i think he will go all the way in the music industry.

  111. Lee is great at singing,way better than bowersox ever thought about being i’m sorry but i just dont like that girl,or her voice,or her big head………….

  112. CASEY: You are headed for big, big things! We can’t wait to see you get the success and fulfillment that awaits you in your career and personal life that you so rightfully deserve. We love you, Casey!

  113. to all american people, did you choose the best for the finale? they dont seen about chrital? she has tatto and not good personality,and the way she sing its not good,and beside,cassy is better than her, anyway its finish,and i hope that simon.well change his way to judge. i like kara and randy, ellen she dont have much in music world, not like randy and kara, well this is from pilippines, bye bye, im my country, we love cassy james,because he’s just very simple,nice look,softspoken,and have good standing,what ever you look is he have all that,

  114. @#131 Chris – Read your Shakespeare and educate yourself a little bit, man. To make it easy, just google the lines and it will tell you who’s words they are from.

  115. Oh, cool, a co-Filipino. Hi, ho! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

    Anyhoo, people, each one has his/her own favorite and opinion. If you think that your name-calling and nasty comments will change others’ opinions, well, think again. You’re just wasting your tiiiime and making a bad image of yourselves..


    To the one who will be the winner of season 9, congratulations.. To the ones who didn’t make it, still, congratulations. Your talents deserve acknowledgements.. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  116. Oh, and.. About the poem.. C’mon. Stop the criticisms.. Every person has his/her own style of writing! -_-” πŸ˜›

  117. I’m so happy Casey was voted off. Who else here thinks that Lee and Crystal’s hug was extremely adorable?

  118. kathy @156: i dont see crystal or lee hug.if they did im the first one to say its disgusting lol. now what?

  119. Erin @140-I said the same about Big Mike…I was upset when he was sent home but then I said he will be able to make his kind of music and not be restrictive to what “idol” wants…same for Casey. I think if he was able to sing more songs within his genre, he could have made it to the finals..I mean everybody listen to Jealous Guy…awesome performance…I think instead of theme nights they should let the contestants pick the songs and they we can really get a good idea of the kind of artist these guys and gals can become..



  121. Reading the last 60 or so comments I find myself agreeing with 116 and 117. But then I am a crystal fan. So much so that I have made a promise to myself to buy the first album she makes after the show with out even listening to it first. I have that much confidence in her. And I hope it is written by her and that she has scoped out to enternaining an international audience. Reading comments by both the columnists and fellow twitters I have to regrettaby accept that in the last few weeks it has turned to lee,s favour. Crystal has better voice personality and stage presence in my opinion. And 137 what,s wrong wih having a bit of harmless fun. And now that dark skys have overloomed over her chances ofwinning I believe that a crystal can glow better in the dark. I really hope she can get up on that stage on the final and overwhelm. ” Sock it to them baby”.

  122. Sorry about about last few sentences on 164 I accidently clicked send before I finished editing

  123. well, about casey, he is my #1 choice, but I think it’s the choice of songs that made him on the bottom place…

  124. I am finding it very interesting that the public seems to have adored Casey! Don’t get me wrong, I liked Casey a lot and voted for him
    too, but I honestly didn’t think he was the most talented. He sure is easy on the eyes though! What a gorgeous young man he is. I am
    certain the the country music industry will snatch him up in a heartbeat if they haven’t yet. Remember Kelly Pickler?? Who would have ever guessed that she would have come this far?
    She’s on CMT – has her own video’s, CD’s and can now even afford a boob job! Good Luck to Casey – this will not be the last of him. I suspect that he’ll soon be on CMT also. Remember Bucky Covington? HE EVEN MADE IT!!

  125. @Phyllis G: I can not speak on the other contestants that was said to have won the night and still lost, but as for Adam, there had been a rumor floating around for awhile that he blew the title because he admitted being gay before the show ended. Whether it’s true or not I don’t care because he’s making history in the music world and still going strong!

  126. @ANGELA…As far as I remember….He admitted that after the season was over but it was obvious that he was…..but I really feel that being gay should not have anything to do with winning AI. Yes, he is definitely doing great and I am so looking forward to seeing him…I hear he is going to be in Vegas on July 31 with Allison.

    But my point was that Adam and David A.had won the night and the judges praised them and then they lost the title, I just hope that it doesn’t happen to LEE…thats what I meant….

  127. @Phyllis: I forgot to mention that Adam will be performing here on the east coast at the music festival in August. I am going to go see him perform.

  128. TO ALL OF US ADAM FANS……He will be on Jay Leno tonight…..He was great on Ellen’s show this past Wednesday. He’ll probably sing his new single “If I Had You”…..If your a fan, catch it, its good.

  129. @ANGELA……How awesome is that…..He is coming to Vegas with Allison from last season on July 31st at Mandalay Beach…..I’m so excited……

  130. They got It So right, Lee is Amazing, I have never in all the seasons of AI had a song make me cry, But Lee did w/ hallelujah and Its been so cool watching him grow as an artist and a person through the season,

  131. @Phyllis: I wish I was there!!!! When Allison sang on idol last year, she was so amazing!

    When Adam comes to Bethlehem, PA in August to perform, I don’t know if Allison will be performing with him. I hope she will be there, and my wish is that Adam performs his song (not sure of the title) but his lyrics are “What Ya Want From Me”! I can relate to those lyrics!

  132. I’m for Lee! He has been my favorite from the beginning. Not only is he nice to look at and talented, his shyness is endearing. He is the one who always thanks the band. I wish I could have seen Crystal just once this season with clean hair and no dreadlocks. Know she is talented, but can’t stand her personality. Vote for Lee!!!

  133. I loved the comment about “Crystal-Meth”. I agree and can’t stand her personality! Those sympathy comments she made the other night made me want to puke. Lee is so appreciative and polite, along with being talented and “eye-candy”. Love him. Vote for Lee!!!

  134. Over time judges have emphasized song choice and have even gave examples contrasting songs that do not allow singers to project thier voices and or run up and down the musical scale. Giving a contestant, like Casey, the song Daughters is like greasing, waxing and dispersing one million ball bearings all over the pavment and THEN rocketsleding a contestant under the bus. The guy didnt have a chance with that song. When I hear it on the radio I want to blow my brains out with a smith and Wesson .50. Why dont they just change rename the song to DULDRUMS to the 2nd power and be done with it. I think the only thing that might be true is the vote. I believe they desperately try, for what ever reasons, to influence the vote and it is dosent always pertain to whos the best.

  135. I believe Idol solicits artists and sees who will pay the highest price to have their song sung by an Idol contestant which is why Casey got stuck with an ultra lame put you into a deep (REM)sleep type song such as Daughters. In Addition maybe its just me. Maybe I’ve just breathed to much carbon dioxide or somethin. Didn’t Simon on numerous occasion rip assunder, Shioban, for her dress, who in my and others opinion believe was dressed not only interesting but also very nice and give a 110% pass to Crystal who comes on stage this week and last week, looking as though she is about to play a part in a Mad Max sequel. Something veeeeeery strange going on here.

  136. I think Lee deserves to be in the top 2, however, the judges have blown his talent way out of proportion. CRYSTAL BOWERSOX DESERVES THE TITLE OF AMERICAN IDOL! Listen to what she sounded like as a thirteen year old. It’s been up for 3 days and almost 1,000,000 views. (currently 847,000) votes

  137. For Season 13 they should bring back Simon, Paula, and Randy. Along with the first 12 winners and runner ups. Get 12 new comers, and make American Idol All Star

  138. So either Lee Dewyze DO-IT-WISELY or cyrstal to be CRYSTAL-CLEAR-TO-STAND-TALL to win..the mania is now oonnnnn..

    all izz well all izz well all izz well agaain thizz weeek..yaaaay…yaaaay..
    this is what everyone want to see happen in the finale lee vs crystal , boy vs girl..
    i feel that casey have a chance to sneek between the two front runners from day 1, but he blew it with his weaker song choice and i felt that the judges could just purposely gave him a song that wont make people vote for him as they probably learnt that casey always struggle to in his own song make it to the final a big great amazing song is needed so everybody will be touch and react to that singing and vote endlessly..
    the judges choice to casey i thought was lame too sleepy for the big semi final a goood song to enjoy but its not a song for competition..there was no big moment in that nobody got excited about it except for his looks and image..poor casey. they should gave him paul mccartney song ‘here there everywhere’ or i hope you dance(lee ann womack) or i told you so – carrie underwood or angel by kelly will give so much high impact to him but they gave him a good sleepy song..only simon as always chose a good song everytime.
    just like last year when they gave kris allen ‘apologize’ and danny gokey ‘ dance little sister, which i felt was not a competition song..danny gokey should have sang ‘sign yr name’ instead.
    as a result now the judges got what they want for the finale…fair enough i hope.
    still for the first time ever , i dont really care who win the title coz they are really good singers and likeable..but i do think lee will have a slight edge on the home stretch but crystal might able to catch up at the tape a tight photofinish to be crytal clear n stand tall.
    so either lee dewyse do it wisely or cyrstal to be crytal clear n stand tall to win.

  139. I think Crystal smoked Lee’s azz tonite in the finals!! We were all for Lee, even though she is really a better singer than he is, but now we voted for her last night. Either way, they are both good and can both be great as they age, but she killed it last night!!

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