American Idol 2010 Recap of the Dallas Auditions

Well I must say that I absolutely enjoyed this entire audition process in Dallas, TX for American Idol Season 9.  Not only did they show us a vast majority of really good singers but BOTH guest judges did surprisingly well. 

Neil Patrick Harris was up first and for just a minute I thought we were going to have a repeat of last night’s feud between Kara and Katy only this time between NPH and Simon Cowell but they both handled it with class.  Neil obviously didn’t agree much with Simon and you could see the aggravation on Simon’s face but they both remained civil and no stones were thrown.

And what can you say about Joe Jonas except he is an absolute doll.  He was sweet and polite and my daughter was in heaven just staring at him for the 20 minutes he was on.

The first contestant we saw with a golden ticket was Lloyd Thomas.  Another young man who overcame a past of growing up in the projects to work on the docks for an airline.  Simon said he was his favorite of the day. 

Another standout was Erika Rhodes who came dressed like a dominatrix and swinging a whip.  She was a breeze to go through to Hollywood.

The most precious for me was Dave Pittman who has Turret Syndrome.  The amazing thing is when he sings, there is no sign of the turrets. 

On the second day we saw another of our Top 24 guys named Todrick Hall.  He sang an original song he wrote just for the occassion and it was pretty funny.  He had a great voice and I totally see why we will be voting for him in February.

I definitely put the Dallas auditions as one of the best cities we have seen to date.  Do you agree?  Who stood out to you in last night’s auditions?

Get ready for next week when Idol goes to Colorado and the return of Victoria Beckham as a guest judge.  Matt, I know you are really looking forward to seeing her again lol.




  1. Definitely better than LA’s auditions. NPH was hilarious with his bit about the girl’s sign but managed to keep it nice with everyone. Joe Jonas could give some tips to Avril on how that job is done!

    my favorite part was with Simon saying he knew what his dream was when the Barney girl was there. What a bizarre audition!

  2. I can’t wait for the auditions to be over. Hollywood is the part when I am glued to the tv set until the winner is announced. Oh my god posh spice again, give that girl a personality, and bring on Ellen!!!!!!!!

  3. Ashley, I agree about the Turret syndrome guy..I close my eyes and it sounded like I was listening to Sam Cooke himself. This guy has soul. As for the Barney girl I have to disagree..she got thru because of the outfit not her singing.

  4. Ugh, Posh. Yeah, I was sorry to see that she was coming back for round 2 of guest sitting-there-adding-nothing next week.


  6. I’m a bit confused at why you are sending mails telling us who will be in the top 24? is this a real Idol site or just someone impersonating them and guessing? – either way I don’t mind but I’m just curious. I’m sure I sugned up on the real idol site so I’m not following the logic of the emails….
    As for last night, I can’t say I agree that it was the best, I actually liked the one that you didn’t like (near the start, you said one was boring, but I liked it) – I have ot say that even though it’s still the ONLY TV i watch all year long,it’s getting so predictable that my seven year old daughter can guess who will make it through before they’re done. Anyways, don’t mean to whine, just giving input.

    So back to the guy who wrote the song and to the Dominatrix from Barney. You could TOTALLY tell that they put the Barney chick through based on something that had happened outside the TV show, what a crock, her audition wasn’t good at all. As for the guy who wrote the song, I also thought he was fantastic but was also surprised that they put him through, again, something had been worked out already, because in the past they would never have put someone like that through. His voice wasn’t that great.
    My personal favorite, who unfortunately won’t make it past Hollywood, is the blond girl with the shorts and the unique voice. She was sublimely entertaining but doesn’t have enough range to make it all the way.

  7. I don’t know what it is but I have found this year of auditions so un-interesting this year. I think I’m close to bailing on Idol. I do want to see how Ellen does but I see myself fastforwarding a lot if I do indeed watch. Anyone else getting a strange feeling about idol this year?

  8. @samantha: is a dedicated fan site for American Idol. If you’re receiving daily email updates from us then you signed up for them here on the site (thanks!). We promise that we wouldn’t be sending you anything you didn’t request (nor could we without your email address).

    The Top 24 Spoilers were skillfully compiled by Ashley, one of the writers here on the site. These spoilers are strongly believed to be true based on details from around the interwebs. Of course until we hit Hollywood week and beyond the information is still purely speculative until confirmed 100%

    Thanks for being a reader and enjoy!

    – Matt

  9. hi Matt – thanks for explanation! Appreciate your quick answer ! I am enjoying reading everything!

  10. Skotie68, I think it is because Paula isn’t around and we have all these guest judges and anticipating how Ellen will do. I think once we get past the auditions things will get back to normal.

  11. I’m also very anxious to see how Ellen fits in and performs as a judge. The only thing I’ve seen so far was the commercial she did for Idol with her doing some “it’ll be the best bestest best Idol ever” bit. It didn’t give me the warm fuzzies. I’ve enjoyed her TV work in the past, but she’s really going to have to convince me on this one.

  12. Please note…with respect to Dave Pittman, it is “Tourette Syndrome” and without becoming ‘preachy’, individuals with this neurological condition can do many things and not show signs of the disorder. I am extremely excited that he is going to Hollywood as are my children who themselves have TS. He will be an inspiration to many…hope he goes through to the finals!

  13. Quick question ??? Why are we seeing new judges for each audition? I know Paula’s gone but they should of got rid of Kara instead? Kara bugs me. She can never give her own opinion on whether a contestant should go through to Hollywood, or get axed. She always copies what the person next to her replies. First,her response was whatever Randy would say.Now, she goes with whatever the person on her left chooses. Please get rid of Kara and bring Ellen or someone else in to take her place!

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