American Idol 2010 Episode 9 – Hollywood Week – Open Discussion

American Idol 2010 breaks open with its Hollywood Week episode and we’re all here to discuss it as it happens! Not only do we get our first look at the potential Top 24 of the season but we’re also meeting Judge Ellen for the first time.

Join other Idol fans in our American Idol chat room and feel free to use this post to share your thoughts and commentary live during the show.

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Let’s hear which of tonight’s performances were your favorites!




  1. Just started watching but so far Ellen has been excellent! I love what she said at the starting about “knowing what its like trying to entertain an audience.” She does it everyday and has a lot to offer these kids.

  2. I know that she didn’t sing so well tonight but Vanessa the blond from the country is so sweet & she does have such a pretty voice..but was so, so nervous…don’t give up Vanessa!!!

  3. Saw ben honeycutt on the show but they did not say if he made it or not. He has a great voice. Anyone know if he made top24?

  4. It really sucks that judges are more concentrated on personality than on talent. For me actually lots of decisions looks unprofessional. I am really dissapointed that skiiboski didn’t get through. Yes, he look too confident and even funny in some ways but he has very good and unusual voice. I would like to hear him on final.

  5. Andrew Garcia was GREAT!! I want to buy his CD now and listen to his beautiful voice!! Go, Andrew!!

  6. I know this isnt the topic right now but I am trying to post this message every where I can. I am a big supporter of the show. I watch even through the first few weeks of nonsense. I am in awe of all the talent in these young people. If Howard Stern becomes part of this show it will be a huge disrespect to these performers and I will not watch the show. It’s the worse idea AI ever had. I thought you learned your lesson with bikini girl!

  7. LOVED VANESSA WOLFE – this sweet girl was just overwhelmed by the exciting experience of Hollywood plus she lacked confidence – which unfortunately resulted in that Hollywood week performance – HOWEVER Simon, Randy and Cara (like many in America)saw in her original audition that she does have real talent and certainly LOTS of appeal as someone genuine and real. Vanessa do not feel this was your only chance – PLEASE work hard and then audition again next season as you will now know what to expect in Hollywood and will not be as nervous. Draw confidence from how many people really liked you and were rooting for you. Stand up straight and confident and KEEP singing and don’t give up on this dream Vanessa (just one example -Loretta Lynn was also a poor country girl but still went on to have a music career). To Vonore TN – surely there must be people there who would be willing to volunteer to help coach Vanessa to be better equipped for a tryout next year. And to AMERICAN IDOL – bring this girl back in some capacity in 2010 season – maybe as a guest of Idol in the audience just to watch. America LOVED this girl and many would really like to see her get a second trip on an “aeroplane” again!!

  8. Every aspiring singer (Idol) should look at a tape of k d lang singing Hallelujah at the Olympic opening to see how to perform with a simple piano accompaniment and still own a piece. Talent shows.

  9. Last nights episode 9 twords the end of the episode when they find out Rob Bolin (the guy that sings with his ex Chelsee Oaks the red head) isn't going through there is a song, a man is singing its a really soft song I forgot how the lyrics went. But if anyone can tell me what that song is that would be really great.

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