American Idol 2010 Idol Gives Back & Top 7 Results

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We’re about to find out who, if anyone, will be eliminated from the Top 7 tonight as part of the Idol Gives Back special event. I’m not expecting to see an elimination, but Seacrest did say we’d get results at the end of tonight’s show. I suppose those results could always be that there are no results, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Update: Ryan Seacrest just confirmed that yes, someone will go home tonight!

Based on your votes in our Top 7 performance poll it’s a three-way tie for last place with Tim Urban, Aaron Kelly, and Michael Lynche. If one of those three go then I’d guess right now that it’s not Urban. Sigh. He’s like the bad guy in the horror movie that just won’t stop! Who do you think it might be?

Join us in the Idol Chat room as we wait to see the big reveal.

American Idol 2010 Top 7 Elimination Results’ Bottom 3:

  • #1 – Casey James
  • #2 – Aaron Kelly Ryan reveals he is safe
  • #3 – Tim Urban

The show is running very late, but the results are still to come…

American Idol 2010 Top 7 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Tim Urban

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your thoughts!




  1. I believe Tim Urban will have to go tonight as in my opinion he had the worst performance last night.

  2. I agree that the talentless one should go but I doubt it..he has millions of fans.

  3. Hi,from New Zealand, watching from the outside this years contest is a shamm. It seems to me that either the American public are stone deaf or this is a popularity show not a talent show. Again from the outside maybe they need to move on with the show and give greater control to the Judges. I am totally aware this phone in vote is a revenue gatherer so I suggest a 60 / 40 split in favour of votes. Finally as much as I love Ellen I believe for this show to continue to have credibility it should be Judged by Professionals

  4. LOL @ “Heโ€™s like the bad guy in the horror movie that just wonโ€™t stop!”

    Haha he had his good moments on the show…but majority was just…bad. But he looks good, so teenage girls are voting for him :O oh well.

    It’s ok, cause even if he still stays in the competition…he won’t win. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope Lee DeWyze wins AI ๐Ÿ˜› or actually even Bowersox ๐Ÿ™‚ Either way, they both have great talent and great potential in the music business ๐Ÿ˜€

    Unlike Siobhan, who has (just) good talent but a BAD attitude especially towards criticism, that’s supposed to help her. :/

  5. Vote casting should be limited to 1 so the tone deaf little girls can be over ruled. Sick of talentless hacks like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers poluting the air waves. Tim Urban adds to the misery. America’s ears are bleeding.

  6. i still love andrew garcia. no one else is worthy of the title of winner of american idol.

  7. Send Peter Brady (uh, Tim Urban) packing…please. C’mon compared to Casey he really isn’t that good. It is painful to watch each week.


  9. If we listen to Tim about 5 seconds, we’ll turn the TV off. Idol don’t need the performer like this. I know he has a beautiful smile, but we should vote for a beautiful voice.

  10. Why is it taking so long for the results?? I wanna know who went home. Please say it was Tim. I have been ready for him to go home for quite some time now!


  12. Tim is just awful, he should of never been picked to be in the top 24 back when either. There was other talent far better than him. His voice is lacking depth. As for the others, the only true artist is Crystal. She displays the most conviction when she performs, and is extremely consistent. Siobhan does NOT have a good voice. She sings entirely in her voice except for when she screams, and it sounds dull and lifeless. She needs some professional singing lessons about how to give yourself a non-muffled tone. Either Tim or Siobhan I would love to see go here soon.

  13. I’m glad that america recognize Siobhan’s talent for she was never in the bottom three.. i hope america will keep believing in themselves in criticizing real talent based on their opinion and not based on the judges


  15. Lady you’re crazy. Mike is amazingly talented and if this were an R&B directed show, it would be him and Crystal in the final.

  16. hey #20 stop ruining Siobhan’s image.. she is the best singer there is.. tim’s gone at last!! woohooh!

  17. Siobhan i have to admit im a little jealous of you, I think my girlfriend will leave me with hopes to be with you….i will admit though, she does have good taste. your the only one on the show who has any talent and i wish you best for the rest of the competition.

  18. Casey fans…please,please vote for him next week! I don’t think I can go through this again!I love you, Casey, you’re the best!! Note: I liked Tim, but it was time for him to go!

  19. Those of you who don’t get Big Mike are too young to recognize a great voice, a big heart and really nice man. He is not arrogant but just a guy not afraid to step up and give it his all. He’s the most talented of the guys. Lee is just another raspy voiced guy like so many before him on AI. Adam L. was outstanding!

  20. If anyone thinks Crystal should go home…you must be stupid or a fan of Tim Urban…Tim should have never even made it onto the show. Crystal is the best one.

  21. Siobhan…………IS…………THE…………BEST…..Sionhan, siobhan, siobhannnn. I love you!!!

  22. Finally America gets it right, however way too late because more talented people were eliminated before this joke of a contestant. Urban should have been one of the first ones cut!

  23. anerica got it right.tim is good,but cant see him as idol material.the voice is not there.maybe down the road but not now.
    so here is my list from best to worst.

    1.siobhan.she has everything that is needed to package a star.voice,looks,style,smarts,shall i go on.
    2.crystal,very strong vocals,and very polished,but weakness her apperance,and overall style.
    3.lee,has a different unusual sound to his voice.should sound good on radio.
    4.casey.again very marketable.whether in a band or just on a record.also great looks.
    5.mike.good vocals going for him.other than that nothing.
    6.aaron,good chops.but i feel would be eaten up by the media.a little to young at this time.

  24. Tim should have been gone a long time ago- Should have said goodbye to all three, cuz the only two that matter are mamasox and #1 is Lee- It’s like dragging out the inevitable here, I mean really, seriously, can’t believe Tim made it this far- regardless if Lee or Bowersox win, they will get record deals and this guy would buy them- Tim Urban- go finish high school, or something, go to college- not so sad to see him go!! What a doucher!!

  25. Don’t care who goes next as long as the true artist Crystal is safe. The judges don’t critize Crystal cuz she is awesome every week. GO CRYSTAL

  26. Crystal is the only one who should win the show .She has a brilliant voice ,and is so humble even though she is the best she does not really see or believe it .Go Crystal!!!!!………… I will buy any music she records .Simon the only judge who can really recognize talent spotted her from the start .Simon rocks !!!!

  27. Julio I agree with you, Mike and Crystal are the best performer. They would be in the final.

  28. Hey #61- Get off the drugs and seek help, seriously- Better get to bed before ya miss the short bus, because obviously ya wouldn’t know talent if it were to be standing in front of your face

  29. finally!! I wish people will continue voting for siobhan, totally outstanding personality and talent

  30. Tim was a gentleman and had a great attitude throughout his time on American Idol. Sorry I cannot say the same about the judges. Mike should have gone long ago, but he is another issue. The telephone votes are a money maker for AI, and it is a personality vote – not a vote for ability. I wonder if we get the real vote or if it is changed to suit the judges. Just wondering.

  31. Jeff ,appearance is NOT everything ,look at David Cook ,he was not your ‘Tpyical idol “but he has done well .Over the past few weeks Crystal “scrubs up well ” .Nice to see some one normal rather than a very weird dressing ,self opionated Siobhan .

  32. Have to say, I loved Siobhan in the beginning. She has a great voice, but should take a few lessons to improve it. She has begun to rub me the wrong way with her attitude whenever the judges give ANY constructive criticism. If she thinks she is really better than these professionals can judge, why is she on the show and not already on the charts!

  33. Oh no, not Tim!!! He’s the cutest and the bestest!! What was America thinking. This sucks big time………

  34. I wish the judges would not be biased next week and judge honestly because the votes of Siobhan, an amazing singer,is really being affected by their wrong judgment.. they r trying to brainwashed america..

  35. Seriously, I was about sick and tired of Tim Butchering awesome songs, seriously- if ya think he is cute, thats one thing, but this is about talent, something he is lacking, big time

  36. I am so sick of Siobhan. I don’t like her singing, never have and never will. I thought for sure that she would go this week. In my opinion, this season has been one of worst since I have watched it.

  37. People who look at one’s talent will vote for Siobhan because they know that she is a one great package

  38. Casey is Karaoke, Siobahn is good at screaming but is always off key, Mike sounds the same every week, Aaron Kelly varies each week, but isnt bad, Lee is going to take it, and Crystal will give him a run for his money- It is down to Lee and Crystal

  39. Why Tim go home? He was best! Everyone else is no talent. No voice that you want to listen to. America not no true talent. This is suck!

  40. Tim Urban should have remained on the show. He is cute and a has a pretty smile. I LUVVVV Tim U.

  41. Once again Tim shows his class. Not so with AI however. He’s the only contestant eliminated that did not get to perform a closing farewell. I hope they make up for it somehow.

  42. How will life go on without Tim, EASILY- Yall need to get some lives or something- Don’t base your life on the show, cuz wow, some of yall should seriously get some help- I’m Out- Done dealin with some of yall crazies- DEUCES!!

  43. Siobhan is a “diamond in the ruff”, Crystal (my fav), Casey, Lee and Mike are naturals. Aaron is a little young but will improve with some time. They are all very talented! I still feel Katy went home too early.

  44. Ok, it is a talent show and your votes either take out or keep in.. Tim may of been bad in the eyes/ears of many, but there is no reason to tear him to pieces. I can only say that He was there and not some of the people who are tearing him apart, so that has to say something!
    So let’s give the guy a break and move on.

  45. Thank goodness Tim is finally gone – he has been horrible since day one – his stupid laughing is just so annoying its almost as this is a joke for him.
    This season has been the worst “BORING” – the only good talent is Crystal and Lee.

  46. Betty Boop- you are on the money, but watch out for the crazies, cuz they out in full force, and fully whacked- you should see some of the comments, and they will get mad at you for speaking the truth- just warning you

  47. to maz.

    its plain and simple u luv crystal,and i like her,but i prefer siobhan.i am not saying she is ugly.i just gravitate toward siobhan.i mean its just a simple matter of taste,and preference.i am sure there are plenty of crytsal admirers out there as well as plenty of admirers for siobhan.

  48. Casey, Lee and Aaron are the best. Siobhan screams too much and goes into a long, goofy explanation each week if she is criticized.
    Mike is arrogant, cannot carry a tune, lived off his “baby’s birth” too long, and thinks he is the winner already.
    Sauerbox is good with “Janis Joplin” type songs, but she is too emotional and has an attitude problem.
    I think Aaron should win. But then, maybe he is too honest, too clean cut, too All-American looking, too pleasant, too polite, and on and on. That wouldn’t fit the American Idol criteria.

  49. i dont know who’s gonna be the winner, but i dont think this year we have any real talent.
    Crystal is cool but she is nothing compared to Adam or Kris, Lee is a good singer but he is not great enough to be the next american idol. i’m so desperate, i want some sparkle on the show, please let the magic happens next week

  50. @ hytyr #68, When people tell you that you should get into a program, I don’t think American Idol is what they have in mind.

  51. America! wake up and smell the sox on that girl! Crystal must have schooled herself through obssessing on Janis Joplin! Go to and look her up. Choose any of her songs and you will see how much Crystal copied from this artist which frankly dosen’t look appealing for these times in my opinion. SHE IS NOT ORIGINAL. DUH. Tired of hearing her same Janis Joplin imitation, Even her facial expression! Simon is old enough to know Janis Joplin so he should know better. But young America is missing it. Come on guys yall are smart, just get informed. Look it up.

  52. This is great! Bye Bye Tim..even though you had a great smile :), I like Crystal and Lee.. Big Mike sings tooo slowww –Yawn ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Aaron annoys me..boring, siobhan is at least interesting to watch, Casey Im not sure of yet!

  53. #97 Sharon is right. Tim was always nice and polite, and took their criticisms every week like a man. His picks for songs was his mistake, as he actually has a good, clear voice and sounds like Ricky Nelson. Too bad he didn’t pick better songs. He gets to go on tour with the group, so he will get better and better with that experience. I liked him.

  54. @chichi I am with you regarding Casey. He is the only reason to watch the show. Love the guitar, the voice, the happiness he displays when performing.

    Other performers might want to realize the opportunity they have been given and cut back on the drama. Just sayin’.

  55. Most boring show ever. Maybe they should have had Adam Lambert do a two hour special instead of this Idol gives back show. Crystal and Lee still fun to watch on the regular one hour show.

  56. glad to c tim go wuz a long time coming n my opinion! crystal did a wonderful job think she has what it takes and sioban has gotten old she needs to step it up if she wants to stay! enuff with tha screamin of key

  57. Love Lee and Siobhan.
    Lee is a true artist,can perform well. Siobhan is real, sharing her feelings despite of criticism. She can do whatever she wants, well….she also listens…..


  58. Bring Lilly and Tim back and start this mess over…. Yo, Yo Dog you messed up. These two should still be on the show!!!

  59. Siobhan is NOT the best singer/performer. The final 2 will by Crystal and Lee. I really doesn’t matter Crystal and Lee will go on to be bigger stars then any of these other contestants.

  60. Lilly should be in the running still but I thing the judges had it right the first time when they did not put him in the top 20.

  61. Julio, Rav, Jan, and Earll Harley Reyes – U SAID IT, guys!! Big Mike & Crystal – the two most deserved of being in the finals!! VOTE THEM THERE!!!

  62. Tim was very talented…He was very Kind and considerate..even with ALL the Critisism from the Judges.Who showed their distaste for his involvment by insulting every move he made!
    Many of you people should be ashamed for your remarks…It’s hard to know that he reads these things…Tims a good Kid…Someday you all may face a time to hear unkind things said about your child…It’s a very sad thing to go through!

  63. I’m glad that tim is gone didn’t like him..he looks too fake…and I agree that that siobana or whatever her name is can belt out some vocals but man she is so freakin boring when she talks it is so painfull makes me wanna fall asleep and I agree she should just take what they say and go with it. She isn’t going to win anyways so I’m not worried. Its going to be eithe lee or crystal they are gonna be the ones at the end!

  64. 122
    are u related to simon,or kara.or,u must have inside information.or possibly you might be jeanne dixon.i didnt realize u could for-see the future,granted lee,and crytsal are good but they havent won,and or done anything yet.and yes siobhan is still around.

  65. I am so glad Tim finally went home. I think Katie went home to early, but I think LEE or CRYSTAL will win this year! I love their voices. I also like Casey, but I don’t really know if he could win. I could be wrong though. And I agree, I also do not like Siobhan. I am so tired of her excuses. No one else is doing that. LEE reminds me of David Cook, who is GREAT! ๐Ÿ™‚ Crystal sounds like Jennifer Nettles (country group “Sugarland”) and that is a good thing. ๐Ÿ™‚ GO LEE,CRYSTAL AND CASEY (I like Aaron 2, nice young man)

  66. Tim Urban was the greatest contestant. He was a phenomenal singer and constantly encouraging to the other contestants. It was stupid that they didn’t even give him a proper Idol goodbye, but he looked just like an angel as always for the few seconds they did show him. He’s my hero. =]] God Bless TIm Urban.

  67. poor tim..tim should stay on…it just not right to see mike got saved for the 3rd time for unoriginal uninspired performance like that..this is not right at all…at least i rather see aaron or casey leaving if not mike(coz they been unexciting and bland this week especially aaron)..i bet we’ll hear more of tim in the future instead of mike..he could be in movies, tv show, music videos,commercials,mags,billboards with his appeal and skills..for mike, perhaps good enough for the gymming say he’s a trainer, but does look like one?..hell no.he look like someone who stop gymming 10 years ago.
    mike sounded very unoriginal and too many other artists sounded like him and his personality is a turn-off( i remember him commenting saying ‘siobhan is amazingly weird’ with a face..dont he think with his size and status and his action not weird too? siobhan style and image is very original and fresh and that is what an artist should be like(it just her singing she need to polish and get the spot-on song)..please sent him home next week by not voting..
    as for now all that matters is to see lee vs crystal finale …urbania-mania lives on..7th can be a 7th heaven Tim..dont be sad.

  68. He’s gone – FINALLY !!!
    He should never have been in the final 12 – how he stayed this long is all down to little girls and cell phones and texting. Make American Idol like Dancing with the Stars, half viewer votes, half judges.
    Hopefully I never have to hear or see Tim Urban AGAIN ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Sad to see Tim leave. He had the best smile and fun on the show. No need to watch or vote no more. The show is over for me. Until I see him on tour. ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. Hello Everyone!!

    Vote for your choice and stop complaining. AMERICA is the one that picks the next idol. I bet half of you sorry A** don’t vote.

  71. I am amazed at how many people are tone deaf, out of the guys Tim had the best tone and timing. He wasnt as good as Kristol but he was head and shoulders better than any of the other contestants. I have watched all of the american Idol shows and this is the best year ever and I hate to see any of them go.

  72. They finally got it right. Tim should have gone weeks ago.Michael should be next, followed by Casey.

  73. i loved siobhan at first after saw her doing her second performance on the top 24..however she starts to annoy me by defending herself and not be able to take wat the judges commented bout her…the comments are supposed to make you improve!!!im happy aaron kelly stays…his cover of i belive i can fly is amazing especially the ending~~im starting to get bored of casey’s performances…his guitar skills are great though…as for mike,i never liked his performances ,i think they are kinda boring but he has a giant voice..i definitely see crystal and lee making it to the finals …

  74. Cannot agree more with #85.
    – Casey is good, but not impressive.
    – Siobahn succeeded with her screaming just only for her first time (the show in which the judges said “she has her momment”). Many times she was off key.
    – Mike sings the same kind of songs every week that makes he’s little boring.
    – Aaron varies each week, but haven’t had his momment on this show. (Tim even got one)
    – Lee’s voice is not too impressive, but he can make any songs sound original, very creative and talented.
    – Crystal has her own style, fascinate listeners whenever she performs. I think she will gonna be AI this year. However, like Kris Allen, she lacks something to succeed in market place.

  75. casey’s the best..he’s got the voice, the looks, great guitar player, total package. he has no drama, no props unlike the other contestants who have to grab attention to themselves not for their singing. lee’s ok too but he’s like david cook. crystal is not marketable, especially outside america. she performs the same way every week. i don’t know know why the judges don’t see it.

  76. with all the luck! finally tim went home!!!
    im ecstatic when i heard of the results.

    because of him, many potentially good contestants left AI way too early…

    Paige can really sing, but when she had some health issues, her voice didn’t catch up. still she needs at least a spot on the top 10.

    Didi…another good singer, i think she deserved a spot in the top 5, or maybe 7 or 6.

    Katie, she may have a too-big-of-a-voice for a 17 yr old. but that’s just plain her. she should’ve been like 7 or 6 too. she needs experience though.

    Crystal and Lee are the only contestants i can come up to as REALLY good. others are just plain average.

  77. even if crystal wins, she’ll never have a successful career just like kelly, carrie and even adam now have. she’ll be like fantasia and taylor hicks. where are they now?

  78. crystal bores me. sorry for her fans but i can’t see myself voting for her and can’t imagine her to be the next AI. yes, she can sing but she’s not IDOL material.

  79. crystal and lee will be in the final. Next person to will mike or Siobahn. i sick of her and her tatoo body!@

  80. WOW!! Finally Tim Urban the one Blackgirl didnt want to talk about is GONE!! uffffff took so so so long!!
    Now the competition is getting serious at last!!! Pity some others left before Tim but such is life and now we are going to watch GOOD performances, serious singers and amazing results ๐Ÿ™‚
    I know that Crystal is the most loved and pushed from the judges, she will probably win I dont disagree if she does but my preference has been always Siobhan, I think she is the very best of the remaining guys and girls.
    Seems to me the final will be between Siobhan, Lee and Crystal if judges stop annoying Siobhan. If she gets out the final will be Crystal, Lee and Big Mike. Lets see what happens, in the meantime I really wish everyone Good Luck! Good singing!! and the very best on their future.

  81. i miss alex lambert ๐Ÿ™
    i love siobhan. she really stands out.
    i don’t like crystal. she is bland. and when she cried last night, it was so fake.

  82. im verry verry happy the america saved casy james over tim… =) you guys did a great judgement!!i dont like tim… no offense

  83. It was time for Tim to go, although a close race with Aaron. Crystal was by far the best singer but she still bores me. I want to see some entertaining up on that stage, which Big Mike goes some way to doing (which Simon calls theatrics but hey, I like it). They can all sing (to varying degrees) so now we need to see that combined with some showmanship.

  84. #140 is so right. I love everything about Casey. I think Judges are hard on Casey and that is why he was in the bottom 3 this week. I love his voice his looks and he can play a mean guitar. Judges tend to try and tell the public how to vote. They watch them practice and have already made up there minds on what they are going to say. I don’t get why they like Lee so much. I find him boring. Crystal is OK but like #140 I feel she isn’t marketable. Go Casey…..

  85. Tim should have been gone long time ago.. Lilly Scott should have been in this season’s competition. =))

  86. By far the most boring American idol season. Just keeps getting worse every single year. Wayyyy downhill. Casey and Mike get out of there soon. Casey is just a pretty boy with no expressions and karaoke voice. Mike’s just boringgg. I’m betting on crystal and lee for the final two and Siobhan top 3. To be honest though, the judges are pretty biased towards crystal. She can do no wrong but she’s starting to get kinda boring. Hmm :^\

  87. Ouffff, un autre ennuyant de parti!

    Malheureusement, tout est ennuyant cette annรฉe.

    David Cook et Adam Lambert ont montรฉ la barre haute.

    Lee De Wyse et Crystal ont vraiment du talent…

    Sinon, Degeneres devrait aller chanter tant qu’ร  y รชtre!!!


  88. # 68 You are completly crasy to say things like this, nut!

    C’est trรจs mรฉchant…

    I agree with #163. Crystal is a real artist, so sweet. She’s not superficial.

  89. I thought there was a moderator in this blog. The discussion has degenerated quite badly.
    Insulting, asking to bomb a contenstant, talking about hate towards another one. Talking about witchcraft. Honestly… guys… there is more in life than AI.
    It’s a show. It’s great to watch… I do have my favs…
    Anyway, happy Tim is finally gone. Crystal and Lee are definitely the top 2, for me.
    Siobhan is fantastic voice-wise but very marketable.
    But hey… this is just my opinion.

    Editor’s Note: Yes, there is moderation, but when it’s one person writing under different names at 1am then I’m not going to be able to clean it up until the next morning. The person talking about witchcraft has been banned for the repeat threats.

  90. Well number 20 you hate Siobhan so much, you are not perfect either if you hate people, people also hate you cause of your harsh comments.

  91. Siobhan is the most talented. She will pull it together and blow everyone away one of these weeks. Paint it Black was an indicator of what she can do. Quite frankly, I think Siobhan can do a Janis Joplin rendition better than Crystal.

  92. well, happy that tim is gone…i hope that Michael and Siobhan will be next…

    according to their performances each week…i think that the winner will be one of Lee and Crystal. They’re so great…..

  93. I can see that Crystal & Lee have a lot of votes and I can see that either Crystal or Lee will be the winner of American Idol depending on Americans vote. I really hope people vote for Siobhan till Top 5 at least although I know Siobhan won’t become the American Idol cause she may not be the best singer but she can sing although may not be good at times but she tries her best and I like her.

  94. Crystal performs like a 60’s flower child and Siobhan sings opera, Aaron sings Andy Williams and Sinatra good and big Mike lounge music… so that leaves Casey and Lee as the only two really qualified “current” recording & performing artists.

  95. I like Crystal and Lee Dewyze also, both of them deserve to be in the final 2 so either one of this 2 be the winner of American Idol I’m happy.

  96. I am with Manoks. Where the moderation? I am new to this forum, and find the hate and vindictive disturbing. I run a number of forums and know for a fact you can have word filtering, etc. And posting bomb and death threats on the internet is actually illegal. Think I will unsubscribe and find another place to get information, etc on AI if things continue as is.

  97. WTF?! WHY ARE SOOOOOOOOO MANY PEOPLE VOTING FOR SIOBHAN TO WIN! She isn’t that good…and I feel sorry for Adam Lambert ๐Ÿ™ Just cause he was compared to Siobhan. Siobhan is just plain weird and only her screams are great. Her vocals are…*ICK*. I can’t believe that people are still voting for her…

    Crystal is good…but not good enough.

    Lee should win. ๐Ÿ™‚


  98. It’s about time!!!!! As #180 Juliana said, ” America got this week right” !!!!!!

  99. i loooove aaron kelly…pls vote for him america…i want him to win or at least be in the top 3..send big mike home!!!his performance is helllla booring..

  100. I hope Mike goes next !!!! Never liked him… Crystal will win this one hands down….

  101. crystal is boring. and her looks are not exactly successful “idol” type, no offense. i will vote for lee instead.

  102. It will be Crystal and Lee in the finals. Either Aaron or Casey will be voted out next week then Mike then Siobhan. This is the worst season ever.

  103. Yes, America finally got it right. Tim should not have lasted as long as he did. The Vote for the Worst website kept him here this long.

  104. woo .. idk that many people wants tim to get out from the competition . hahhaa . i thought that american girls love him , which is not worth to be fan off. finally he’s out ! ๐Ÿ˜€
    who’s next ? hmm

  105. i definitely think its crystal and lee who will make it in the finals…and if its the dark horse again that will win, then its going to be lee!!!

  106. Thank you Matt for erasing all those horrible posts. This blog is to exchange healthy opinions and discuss as mature adults.

  107. Big Mike will be the next one to leave AI and join Hudson as a spoke person for weight watchers. Aaron looks like a stiff board and he should strut his stuff and move around the stage more when singing. Casey is always a pleasure to look at his singing is so so. I think coloring his hair blond has a lot to do with his success and sex appeal.Siobhan needs to downplay his dress attire and sing like it is her last day on AI. Lee should show more emotions when he sing and smile more and follow Crystal lead.

  108. I agree with Alexa and all the others that think
    it will be Crystal and Lee. They are the best and I have thought that from the beginning of this season. Adam Lambert was my favorite last season and I believe I was proven right. Please its time for Big Mike to go . . he is BORING and he thinks he is good. So Arrogant it is sickening.

  109. Don’t get me wrong….I think Casey is HOT but if he wasn’t so good looking, would he still be in the competiton? Yes, he can sing but I don’t think as well as Lee or Crystal..but he’s way better than Tim so yes, he does still deserve to be in the competion….I just don’t think he deserves to win…

  110. Cristal is giving a class to the other contenders..she is in a higher level !! Last time I watched her performing I thought I was listening Gladys Knight or a resurrected Janis Joplin !! What a talent !!

  111. @ Thebrasta – your remark was so juevenile and uncalled for…but I do hope that Mike joins JHudson and become as sucessful as her. The man has talent and all you all can see is his size. Oh, and if you are wondering, I am not a big person either, I am rather petite.

  112. Look I’m a musician Tim AAron should have gone along time ago. Big Mike should not have been saved. I like Mike but think Katie got ripped with his save. Siobhan is getting ripped by the judges, they are trying to get here to be one type of artist. I to do not like to be labeled into a box.Crystal is good but can her os lee rock and move a crowd. lee can play and rock but he’s too okie which means he’ll just stand like a country artist behind the mike. I say Siobhan is the next best whitney mariah or christina

  113. Well, It was a great show and I think the top 12 did a wonderful job on the opening number. The entertainment was top notch except I felt BP’s song was not appropriate for the occassion. Fergies outfit was just atrocious! and the lyrics were not for 7pm at night!

    Now, the absolute Highlights of the show were, without a doubt, Stairway to heaven!
    MJB was FANTASTIC as was Randy “Dawg” Jackson’s guitar!
    The Climax of the whole show was SIR ELTON JOHN!!! WOW..He may not still have perfect pitch..but who Cares??? Just seeing him up there and watching him was enough for me! Thanks Idol for the Great SHOW!!!!

    Oh, and Tim,all I can say is..I wish it had been CASEY! ecchhh he is irritating, You improved through the weeks but Monday really was BAD! Good luck in the future!

  114. I was disappointed to see Casey in the bottom 3. I hope he sees this as a wake-up call and steps it up next week and puts some emotion into his performance. I would like to see him do another ballad; the judges seem to be impressed when he does. Song selection seems to be everything on this show. Hey all you Casey fans- vote, vote, vote next week!

  115. tim was the right choice.its unfortunate but only 1 will win,as it stands right now.the betting wotld has it like so.
    but i personaly,hope it comes out like this.
    after that i dont care.yes all the judges are pushing there product crystal.and she is the odds-on favorite.but,siobhan has more to her.than just a guitar,dreads.and a rug.

  116. I,too, was disappointed to see Casey in the bottom this week. I love his voice(Bob Seger), his look(sorry, but he IS smokin’ hot), and his guitar skills(Amazing!)Always remember Casey fans…this guy IS NOT one of the judges favorites, so we do have to keep voting for him!VOTE,VOTE,VOTE for Casey next week! He so deserves to be in the top five!!!

  117. Honestly i dont get what all the hype is about casey, the guy may be hot but when compared to the likes of lee, crystal and siobhan, his singing is just average. i think he really needs to go. i couldn’t care less about mike and aaron. and yes i kinda get why the judges diss siobhan. she’s still pretty young though and needs to develop her singing skills further. she hasnt quite got to the level at which crystal is at. its hard to say nefing bad about crystal because the girl can really sing and she also has a knack for picking the right songs. lee is consistent and its been a pleasure watching him every week. and good on tim for making it as far as he did even with alot of people dissing him and putting him down. great spirit.

  118. from the Philippines.

    and i just love the remaining 6 finalists.

    but, i love casey & cristal.

    hope one of them will end as WINNER.

  119. PLEASE
    for “all the fans of AARON KELLY”

    you dont want to see him going home, right???
    come on, please, VOTE for HIM!!!!!!!!!!!
    never stop VOTE for him!!
    i’m begging you……
    thank you so much……

  120. Hey from NZ! Enjoying the show – think that both Casey and Siobhan are great – cant see the point of the others very middle ground – and previous comments regarding crystal doing the janis joplin thing – pretty unoriginal! and quiet frankly – really boring! Nothing on the original – can you imagine a janis joplin doing AI in the first place – too much street credibility – of which crystal has none – well not on the surface.

  121. casey casey casey casey casey casey casey casey casey casey casey casey casey casey casey casey casey casey casey casey casey casey casey casey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he’s d only reason 2 watch American idol

  122. Please, please, please Casey fans…we have to vote,vote, vote this week! The next too eliminated should be Big Mike and then Aaron!

  123. casey’s my american idol…lee is runner-up. i don’t like crystal’s style, not idol type for me.

  124. This is a singing competition right? So forget
    about the dancing and all the razzmatazz and
    ask yourself whose CD would like to listen to.
    Sorry BIG mike does not impress me much,would rather listen to genuine artists such as Crystal
    Bowersox and Lee DeWyze than big Mike.

  125. Mike should go next,followed by Casey and Aaron.Siobhan is amazing,she is the best!

  126. Siobhan is just another Sanjaya Malakar and Jason Castro that won’t get off the stage until the last minute!!

  127. Tim’s performance Better Days was one of my favorites of the night, I do not think he should have went home. Maybe he isn’t meant to win, but I was thinking maybe top 4 for him. I thought Aaron was gonna go. Also, week after that when Siobhan went home was ridiculous because she was my favorite, had the voice and was probably gonna make it to the finale. But yeah…! Two weeks of crappy eliminations! I still love you Tim and Siobhan!! I really hope to hear more from them in the future as great recording artists!

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