American Idol 2010: Idol Gives Back and Sends Tim Home

tim urban

After sitting through 2 1/2 hours of sad videos and not so great performances, the american idol gods smiled and sent Tim Urban home.  I can’t tell you all how happy I am that it was Tim and not my man Casey James but it was a close one.  All you Casey fans need to get on the phones next week and vote, vote, vote!

President Barak Obama and First Lady Michelle opened the show and thanks Idol and all the viewers for their continued support of charities.  I was wishing for a little serenading from the two but no such luck.

fergieI wasn’t real impressed with The Black Eyed Peas and kept wondering what in the world Fergie was wearing.  I think that outfit could have fed a lot of starving children around the world.  The group sang “Rock That Body” which wasn’t real inspiring and then we cut to a pregnant girl gasping for her final breaths which didn’t look good considering the song being sung.  It just wasn’t the right time to portray something that emotional. 

I enjoyed the comedic act of George Lopez probably the best of everything aside from Tim getting the boot.  After a brief moment when he tells all the contestants to stand, he then says he is there to judge the judges.  He starts with Randy and says, “Every night you say pitchy. What do you think Kara? Think you’re own thoughts. You feel me Lionel Pitchy?”  He said his cousin who works in the dog pound says dawg less than Randy.  He tells Kara he wall papered his house with her nudie magazine photos.  He asks Simon to wear a large t shirt and wants to know if it’s saline or silicone which I thought was humorous.

We see Jeff Beck and Joss Stone perform as well as Alicia Keys and Carrie Underwood.  They were typcial and if you are fans of theirs you probably enjoyed it, if not you probably hit the mute button. 

The only time I teared up was when Annie Lennox, who is stuck in London due to the volcano, did a video with a young girl in Africa with Aids.  She did a before medicine and after medicine scenario and I was shocked.  It was the most inspiring moment of the show for me. 

Mary J. Blige and the All Star Band which included Randy Jackson, Steve Vai and Orianthi all perform “Stairway To Heaven” and being a Led Zepplin fan I thought they rocked it.  Orianthi can jam on the guitar and I enjoy watching her anytime she is on. 

Elton John is the last song of the evening and we find out that over 15 million dollars has been raised so far which is awesome for all these charities around the world.  And the final results come down to Casey and Tim and we get the most wonderful news that Tim Urban has been voted out. 

How did you feel about these results?




  1. I am so happy Casey is safe,I do believe Tim should have been gone WEEKS ago,still can’t believe Casey was on the bottom three,even the song wasn’t a big wow,he’s still amazing.I’m keeping my hopes up,that he’s gonna win,cause no one there deserves it more,even though Crystal is really good too.

  2. Casey fans…VOTE,VOTE,VOTE for him next week! We can’t sit through that again! He is the best! He so deserves to be there! I know he has a great fan base, so I’m still a little bit surprised he was even in the bottom three. Remember, he IS NOT one of the judges favorites…he needs us! GO CASEY!!!!!

  3. I have been annoyed with Casey as of lately and really would have been satisfied if he had gone home. Tim has shown improvement and would have liked to see another of him. Oh well!

  4. Even though I`m not the biggest fan of Casey, I`m really glad he got to stay for at least another week. I also think that Aaron should go home next week. He might have a good voice but he never really changes the songs to make them his own.

  5. Did anyone notice how FABULOUS Casey and Crystal sounded together when they were the only two singing in the Ford car commercial? Wow, they sounded good together(and I’m not even a Crystal fan!)

  6. Casey to go next week… Aaron the following week….

    These two really have run their courses.

    I truly fear for a messed up Idol Final like last year….

    Crystal is by far the best in the competition, but I fear for her because she also seems to have a lot of haters that I can only put down to jealousy.

    I do not believe that lee will even make the final. A some point people are going to realise that his lack of personality is just that, not shyness or quiet and refined, but simply that he has no stage presence or personality; basically he is a bore! Sure he would be great for the radio, but to go to a live performance… no way!

    So please, if you are a Crystal fan then carry on voting for her, but please, if you are not, do not vote for the others just because you are bitter and want to see her go…..

    I also think, that if this show is to survive, then it needs to revamp the whole judging procedure.

  7. Won’t actually see the show until tonight in Scotland but I just couldn’t stand the suspense so checked the web site for the spoiler! THANK YOU AMERICA! Common sense has prevailed and Tim has been eliminated at last. He had a good run and I’m sure you haven’t heard the last of him! Mike or Aaron should be next (TOOOOO Boring), then Siobhan, who, if she gets any more bad crit from Kara, looks as if she might just freak out and quit! (And who would blame her?) If only Casey would move his long, lean body about a bit more (yes you’ve guessed it, I think he’s gorgeous) he would appeal to more people. His guitar playing and singing are undeniably exceptional, but he just looks so wooden on stage even though he is so handsome. Lee looks like a deer caught in the headlights…startled and disbelieving that he is actually there. I know he has progressed a lot since the show began, but you’d think by now he’d have started to relax. (I think he is great though and he is my bet to win.) Crystal is good and has been from the start, but no way is she anybody’s idea of an “Idol”. She will have a great career ahead in the music business whether she wins or not and I do see what some of you mean by “fake”. There is just something not 100% sincere about the attitude, but she can’t fake the talent, that is genuine, love her or hate her. So keep the votes coming America, and may the best contestant win!

  8. I’m definitely glad Tim is gone. I don’t know how in the world he made it to the top 7. But as far as Casey being the best, he’s not. He is good and I think he’ll be in the top 3. But I personally think Crystal is the best this season. She consistently rocks it.

  9. Casey, boring week after week, so after this year, he probably would have a career in country music, if he stops singing I truly believe he can be a guitar god, he’s got that down already and he’s great there. Crystal, well boring, consistent and good. Siobhan is the only performer worth the professional tag already, each week she takes the time and effort to ‘craft’ each performance/song with a definate beginning, middle and end. She’s brilliant in that she’s polished already. And she can belt it out. Everyone else are honestly good people, but not worth the effort. All season judges saying ‘use the stage’ which means ‘move’! and all they do is tap a foot or move an elbow… it’s been so funny to watch. The guitars have gotten in the way of them performing!

  10. I read what all of you said and you got it all wrong. I agree with Tim sucks cause he does he should of been top 12, then Paige top 11, then either Casey or Lacey top 10, then the one that didn’t get now top 9, Andrew top 8, Aaron top 7, Didi top 6, Lee top 5, Michael or Siobiohn [There both losing it] top 4, Michael or Siobahn {at first Siobahn was really good now not as good] top 3, Crystle huge fan Katie huge fan also so my winner is up to America’s vote. Now, Crystel fans vote.

  11. I’m glad Tim is gone. The only other thing I can say is that I can see Crystal and Siobhan the last two surviving. I really would like to see Siobhan win. She’s unique and has a beautiful voice. Don’t get me wrong, Crystal’s voice is awesome as well, but with Siobhan being different and the way she delivers her songs, noone else in the competition can do that.

  12. Next Elimination: Aaron
    After That:Shioban
    Next: Casey

    FINALE-Mike and Lee


  14. Next one to leave SHOULD BE Mike. He is such a bully and thinks he owns American Idol. But, it will probably be little Aaron, as the judges have been picking on him lately, and that is a sure sign they will get him dumped. Too bad, as he, Casey and Lee are the most polite, the most all-american looking and the best singers.

  15. I’m ready for all of them to leave. This has been the most boring season of A.I. since it started.

    Crystal is a little too Janis-Joplinesque for me. Big Mike always sings those smarmy ballads; loosen up big guy! Casey is drop-dead gorgeous, but can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Siobhan shreaks when she sings the high notes, and Aaron is just to much of a little boy. That leaves Lee DeWyse, who I think should win the whole damn thing.

    I think this might be the last season for A.I. Once Simon leaves, who will play the bad guy? Maybe Piers Morgan from America’s Got Talent? Although, I’m not sure what if anything he knows about music. I think Ellen has been a terrible disappointment. Her show is so good, but she is a real snoozer on A.I. She brings absolutely nothing to the table, was a desperate effort by A.I. to bring new viewers to the show, but I think her and the awful singers could chase viewers away.

    This is, of course, IMHO.

  16. Tim had so so performances through out the weeks. Casey has had some really good performances as well, but he needs to use the guitar as a support and not a filler for words. This is a singing competition and not a instrument recital with lyrics. Aaron, unless you perform as a 16 yr old would, stage left. Siobhan, loose the props. Simon thought they were leaves, so did so many others. Mike you been given one more chance, better start bringing it. Obviously that leaves us with Lee, who is tremendous. And, Crystal with whom I would pick any day!!

  17. I’m soooo…… glad Tim is gone. His voice is bad and his tone is awful. He might be able to sing in a local theatre performance, but he is NOT an American Idol. Casey is everything that a makes a girls heart go pitter patter.

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you for voting Tim out!!! He should have left ages ago… Now please vote for Casey: he should be at the top 5, as well as Lee and Crystal!

  19. I don’t fell bad for Tim. He got to spend 2 months in AI singers’ boot camp; got to sing 9 songs in front of maybe 200,000,000 people. In a world where the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus sell millions of records, he’ll be able to buy his mother a house before he can drink.

  20. Casey, you look good and sing great but you need to care about the audience and give us some romance. Choose a song like “Tonight’s the Night” or “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” and make us feel that passion.

  21. The final two should be Crystal and Lee with Casey and Shioban third and forth – but I too fear for a huge catastrophe of a finale. Big Mike needs to go. He is just CREEPY and the only thing bigger than his body is his ego!

  22. I think Tim ran his course long long ago…it was overdue and others should have stayed in the competition. I predict the next 3 to leave are Aaron, Michael and Casey. Top 3…Sioban, Lee and Crystal, ultimately, Crystal should win but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they hand it to Lee.

  23. It is so interesting to read these posts…everyone has such different preferences!!! It is getting kind of sad to see any of them go at this point.

    It was Tim’s time…he will be seen on Disney I am sure tho, he would be perfect for them. I am so glad Casey did not get voted off!! Poor thing must have been agonizing through the show last night, especially after that comment Lopez made…geez, that was so wrong. He at least deserves to be in the top three or four. Fans vote for him…do not take for granted that he will do well on his own and vote for someone else…He should do really well next week with Shania Twain…he will be in his element. I personally love your voice and your style of music but you have to get a little more excited Casey, you have talent and you sound like Bob Seeger, but the younger viewers probably don’t even know who he is anymore…you have to start grabbing their attention or they will start getting bored.

    None of the performers are working the crowd. Aaron is the only one I think that has even attempted to walk around, and even then he wasn’t working the audience. It may have worked for Axel Rose to stand in one spot, but I prefer a performer to run around the stage a little bit and grab the audience.
    Lee, you have what it takes to be in the finals with Crystal. Believe in yourself!!!! You have talent!. I know Crystal will probably win. She is not my favorite or even in my top three but the judges already have her picked and it appears America loves her also. Siobhan is getting unfairly ripped apart, she has a beautiful voice. Stop listening to the judges Siobhan. Be yourself and you will make it to the top four at least!!
    As evidenced by Mike going from being voted off to not even being in the bottom three, I think it goes to show that when you like a performer you need to vote for them and not take for granted that they will get enough votes on their own. Last night showed me. I have never voted, but I will be voting for you Casey, and if you get voted off, I will be voting for Lee.

  24. Yesterday I had a conversation with Phyllis Las Vegas she posts here a lot and we decided we going to turn our vibes to cheer Tim to win AI hahahah ROFL he is gone and I have to tell you Phyllis we cant make a fan club anymore.
    Seriously!!! he lasted more than enough in the show now is time to get really serious. Next weeks are going to be awesome I think the competition is going to be very very tough.
    I am still for Siobhan to win I love her voice and her talent but I have to say that if Crystal wins or Lee wins I will be very happy as well. Sorry Ashley Casey is not on my top 3 but really anyone remaining now can be the winner and I will be very happy. Still crossing fingers for Siobhan 🙂

  25. I am surprised that America got it right! Yes, Tim should leave (glad he did!) as he is a one-note charlie. Did pretty well with the Beatles but even I, who simply cannot sing, could pull off a McCartney song. I totally agree with Debbie — they should all leave as they are the most boring contestants ever!! And i thought that belonged to Kris Allen!! My vote is for Casey, or perhaps his guitar playing. Not a great voice. I like Lee´s voice on certain rock songs — sounds a bit like Rod Stewert — but NO peesonality. Guess I am spoiled by Adam!!

  26. Oh Yeah that joke of a singer is FINALLY gone. Now the real competition can begin. Go Crystal, you rock.

  27. Casey needs to go, but not before the young guy. (what’s his name??)
    Crystal is good, but needs a make-over and her teeth cleaned. Mike is great, but has not chosen the right songs lately. Siobhan is also in that boat. She needs to find her niche and stick to it.

  28. Yes, I, too, am glad that Tim is gone. Of the ones who were left, he was definitely the one who wouldn’t sing. Which brings me to the only one who can…Aaron. I’ve directed musicals for 30 years and can pretty well tell if a person can sing or not without using any “gimmicks.” He doesn’t need to scream, doesn’t need to “gravel” out the tunes, just sing it straightforward. His pitch is on and he can either belt or sing the lullaby. But, of course, Idol isn’t about talent, is it? It’s all about looks and popularity.

  29. Lee, Casey and Siobhan have always been my top three choices. Mike used to be my number four but Crystal is passing him up. Aaron was after Mike so thus far I am happy with the way it is going… It is getting harder and harder to watch tho.

  30. Not so sure that America got it right – I think AI stepped in and booted Tim. He was the right choice to leave, but can’t believe the young gals voting didn’t keep him in. AI knew all were getting very disappointed with him still being in. Kind of like Sanjiya (SP?) a few years back. Anyway – still think it will come down to Crystal and Lee. I think Lee is too much of a David Cook (whom I adore and voted for), but we don’t need another one – we need a Crystal now. I think she will make big things happen in her career. Final 4: Crystal, Lee, Siobhan and Casey. Mike and Aaron to be the next 2 cut, doesn’t matter who goes first. I think the judges should be more helpful and not so confusing/attacking on their so called advice. Kara is the worse!

  31. Of the remaining, the true singer is Siobhan. Though I would love to see how much Aaron comes 16 he comes close to the raw talent Magnus has.
    But Magnus has weaknesses herself as a teen contestant – so the sum of what Crystal has accumulated in 5 years of experience over what Siobhan has, makes all the difference. Polish, judgment..etc.

    If we go by past Idol seasons, the eventual Top 3 winners are never in Bottom 3 in eliminations from 10 to 6. Only Siobhan, Lee, and Crystal have escaped Bottom 3.

    This season is a little different because “Big Mike” is a judges pet, and at the same time the judges have shown a blatant bias against any female singer who could take votes from their Beloved Crystal. The judges saved BM, and they want BM as 3rd in Top 3, not Casey or Siobhan.

    But fans have seen how unfair Siobhan and Casey have been treated, so there is backlash, especially people now voting for her because she isn’t surrendering.

  32. Of the remaining, the true singer is Siobhan. Though I would love to see how much Aaron comes 16 he comes close to the raw talent Magnus has.
    But Magnus has weaknesses herself as a teen contestant – so the sum of what Crystal has accumulated in 5 years of experience over what Siobhan has, makes all the difference. Polish, judgment..etc.

    If we go by past Idol seasons, the eventual Top 3 winners are never in Bottom 3 in eliminations from 10 to 6. Only Siobhan, Lee, and Crystal have escaped Bottom 3.

    This season is a little different because “Big Mike” is a judges pet, and at the same time the judges have shown a blatant bias against any female singer who could take votes from their Beloved Crystal. The judges saved BM, and they want BM as 3rd in Top 3, not Casey or Siobhan.

    But fans have seen how unfair Siobhan and Casey have been treated, so there is backlash, especially people now voting for her because she isn’t surrendering.

  33. Awww. Sorry! Browser didn’t seem to respond, I clicked again..and double posted.

    But I’ll chip in I like both Lee and Crystal – with Magnus as my fave – but I want Siobhan to finish 2nd or 3rd (unless Crystal somehow isn’t in the running anymore)

  34. Tim is a good guy and he knew his time was running out to remain on AI. I wish him all the success in the world. Big Mike does nothing for me and he is not AI material. I am hoping the viewers do the right thing next week too and send useless want a be Mike home. IMO

  35. the tim voters whould help casey and probably aaron. tim did a good job…i am worried about casey…siobhan and mike need to go..

  36. I don’t see how everyone says the judges sway the votes. Nobody is holding a gun to my head for voting for my favorites. I vote for who I like. The judges talk based on the performance that night. People like Siobhan who have a great voice are talked about because they make bad song choices. Nobody can tell me that if she put that song she sung this week out as a single you would go buy it or download it. Let’s be realistic and that’s what the judges are doing being realistic. When the judges make their comments take that into consideration as well. What did they hear that you may have zoned out cause they were your favorite. I love Mike Lynch but I voted for Lee DeWyze more the other night because the delivery was way better. Just be fair.

  37. Totally awesome, Tim gone and all sorts of charity in one week! Idol Gods did indeed smile! Does that mean we’re in for a surprise next week? I won’t mind if Casey goes.

  38. Glad Tim is gone. I really like Casey, but he needs to incorporate more showmanship and move around on the stage instead of just standing in one spot. If he can engage more with the audience I think he will be with Crystal as the top two.
    Aaron sings well but needs to become a more seasoned singer—he needs time to grow.

  39. Ashley – you do have a point about being fair. We have to remember that one is supposed to vote based on their performance that night, not overall or just because they are your favorite. Casey has always been in my top three but I do admit that he did not do so well the other night and I was worried that he may be eliminated. Since we are down to the nitty gritty, one “bad night” could cost them the show. As far as the judges go, I personally just do not understand for example why Crystal can do no wrong when honestly up until two weeks ago when she started mixing it up a little she bored me to tears. She is a good singer but in my opinion, there are better. She is growing on me tho. And they told Casey he has the same style and needs to mix it up, yet they never told Crystal that when she was doing the same exact thing. She did start mixing it up on her own anyway… that is an example, but I still think they have already decided their favorite, Simon really…not Ellen or Randy so much.

  40. I agree with most of the write up on the performers. Didn’t like the BEP or Mary J. though. Glad to see Tim go. He’s cute and all but not a true American Idol.

    You forgot to mention the segment with David Cook. I thought that was an excellent presentation and very moving and emotional. Those little girls are much in need of support and education and David brought that to light in a very sensitive way.

  41. I was so happy to see Tim finally leave. I don’t think Casey should have been in the bottom three though, based on his performance. Did he remind anyone else of Bob Seger with that song and that voice? I loved it. Although he is not my favorite, he can definately sing. And I love Aaron’s voice – I know he will go places. He can sing ANY song and beautifully at that – all the notes are always perfect. I think the top two will (and should be) Crystal & Lee. I love them both!

  42. @MARTA…..I guess its over for Tim…..America finally got it right…..Now its so funny because I really like Siobhan and I truly wish it would come down to her and Lee and then I really wouldn’t care who won but we all know that the Judges are pushing Crystal and thats not always a good thing…Remember David A. and Adam L…..Judges (especially Simon) pushed for them and they lost…..soooooo we have hope…..
    I’m thinking Tim will show up either on Glee or the Disney channel……He’s got that teeny bopper look going for him……

    Very surprised to see Casey in the bottom 2…Should have been Mike not Casey in the bottom 2….JMO

  43. o well he went home he wasnt that good neways mike and lee and crystal are goin to be the last ones standing …

  44. Hallelujah–finally! Won’t be sorry when Aaron, Casey, and Mike go home either–all have run their course and are boring me to death now. Never have understood the fascination with Aaron that the judges profess; I think he has a small, immature voice, should have waited a year or two.
    Go Crystal!

  45. I think the purpose of the show last night was wonderful. The entertainment except George Lopes and Carrie Underwood sucked. Mary Jo Bilge was way toolong and I did not care for it, so I switched channels. After 2 and 1/2 hours of the Ryan Secrest, I was ready for a change.

  46. Personally, I wish they would send Siobahn ,..whatever her name is home. And yes, i think they sent the right one home this week….Good Luck Tim.

  47. All of you casey fans have another thing comeing Lee is going to take this one. personaly casey sucks


  49. Anita – Thank you!!! Yes I think Casey sounds like Seger…I said the same thing in my post #26. I have been telling my husband for weeks and weeks that I think he sounds just like him. If you don’t watch and just listen I would think it WAS Seger. I am glad that I am not the only one that sees that in him. 🙂

  50. I wish they would completely change the judges panel. There should be someone in Southern California who knows how to sing and wouldn’t mind a well-paying 1 day a week job. Carney Wilson comes to mind, maybe one of the Jacksons, or Dionne Warwick, Kenny Loggins, or one of the Boys2men?

    The current panel has no real singers. They don’t what they are listening to, so their comments are usually off the point, often silly.

  51. It was a long time coming but Tim is now gone. No love lost there. Bye Bye smily.

    Casey can play guitar but his singing is not improving. He’s going soon.

    I like Mike but I do not see him being the next AI.

    Lee will be the overall winner in my opinion.

    Top three:

    I can see Siobhan being very successful on Broadway. I am sure numerous people have there eyes on her. She will succeed whether she wins or not.

    Lee is what they are looking for I think.

    Crystal is the judges pet. They want her to win. Time will tell.

    It has been a very LONG season. My last I think.

  52. It’s about time. I only wish they sent Tim home before they did Alex Lambert.

    Next to go is Mike and unfortunately Aron. You’ve got to hand it to that kid, he can sing!!

    It’s all going to come down to Lee and Crystal. Either way I think Casey, Crystal and Lee will go places after this.

  53. Tim finally gone! YAY! He should have went before Katie did! What is with the judges giving Sioban such a hard time? Love your high notes, don’t love your high notes, just not good enough? Oh come on! She has the most beautiful voice. I am a Lee fan too…so hoping it comes down to those two. Crystal is good, but her type of music is not my cup of tea. Casey is good, but Lee has him beat by a mile…and love Lee’s shyness. So refreshing. Hate Big Mike’s attitude…though he has a good voice. He is just too full of himself. Come on Sioban and Lee. Woot Woot!

  54. Anita – by the way, that is probably why I like Casey so much because he sounds like Bob Seger and I miss hearing him.

    I am just afraid that most of the younger viewers probably don’t even know who Bob Seger is so they cannot relate Casey’s great voice to a professional and will get bored with his style. Looks alone won’t carry him far (look at Tim), unless people start realizing his talent.

  55. My prayers have finally been answered. This poses a problem however. Now the Aaron will have a huge edge with the teen voters. I think we’ll see some “good” talent go before he does and I’m not happy about that at all. Go Lee and Crystal.

  56. I really am having a hard time seeing what people see in Casey as a American Idol finalist. Is it nothing more than his good looks? It must be. Because with the exception of his rendition of the song “Jealous Guy” a few weeks back, all his performances have been somewhat mediocre to me. Certainly nowhere as bad as Tim … But, nowhere as good as Crystal, Lee or Shioban either.

    And Ashley … As the overseer of this blog, I very much understand you are entitled to state your opinion of each performance. In fact, I look forward to it. But, don’t you think you are overstepping your position a bit by asking others to vote for who “you” think is the best? Something about that seems a bit unethical to me.

  57. Hey America, Chrystal has a good voice but she is no American Idol, wake up, she reminds me of a hippie. Just too weird.!!!

  58. I am really upset that the show went over time. I DVR it. The guests were not good and sang out of tune. The whole show was extremly lengthy. Then after the show I couldn’t find anywhere on the web who was voted off.

  59. @Steve….Do you really think that who Ashley tells us to vote for means anything to us?
    We are all so opinionated in our own right…..thats why we are on this blog!!!!!LOL

  60. Mickey, personally, I don’t think any of this year’s contestants are Idol material. I don’t think the talent presented this year comes anywhere near the last couple of years. I’m very disappointed in this season. I’m almost to the point where I may not even watch next year and I’ve always been a fan till now.

  61. It’s time for Aaron and Big Mike to go. I’ll continue to vote for the others. It’s getting really tight. Those remaining after Big Mike and Aaron are gone will be hard to decide who to vote for. They are my favorite 4.

  62. Yes, Tim should of been gone many weeks ago, not a true american idol. Casey and Mike are next……..

  63. Here’s what I posted on a local forum way back when. So far so good, only Paige is gone.

    « Reply #5 on Mar 4, 2010, 12:48pm »

    Here’s how it will end up. Males Casey James, Michael Lynch and Lee Dewyze. Females Crystal Bowersox, Siobhan Magnus and Paige Miles.

    The top three males could wind up in any order. I believe the winner will come from the females his year. Those three are absolutely unbelievable. Magnus could steal this away from Bowersox but I think it is Bowersox’s to lose at this point.

  64. Crystal brings it every week.She has never had a bad performance.Casey was my second favorite but he has moved to my third favorite.I love all of his performances, he has the voice & style of the 70’s rock that I love. But Lee has improved every week.He has earned becoming my second favorite.It is really getting tough, they are all wonderful.Tim must have a lot of family and friends.I don’t know how he made it this long.Every week he was the one I expected to be sent home.Tim,I was pulling for you.You have a good voice but your performance never amazed me enough to spend money on a album . Good luck to the rest of you! But to win my vote you are going to have to do something amazing.Casey I still love you but I need to see more from you to pass Crystal and Lee. Good luck to all! May the best performer win!

  65. I was about to bust a gasket if Casey was sent home over Tim last night. So I am releive and happy that Tim got the boot. Casey needs to liven things up, I agree but he is still a really competent singer and an amazing artist on the guitar. He is not however my favorite to win. Crystal seems the most obvious. She is a genuine artist, with an amazing voice and no gimmicks. However, the judges are really throwing salt on her game with the favoritism. Not only is it not fair to the other contestants, she doesn’t need it and America doesn’t need them shoving her down our throats. I think a lot of folks that might vote for her don’t because they are disgruntled with the judges. Also Kara needs to CUT IT OUT. Leave Siobhann alone!! The girl has talent and she can sing. I’m not in love with all her performances but she is consistent and a very good performer. The judges critiques are BS. They are trying to tear her down unfairly. I know many are annoyed that she speaks back, but in this instance I think standing up for herself is approrpriate. Although I think in the long run the defiance will hurt more than help her in the competition.
    All in all, I think the the top four should be Crystal, Siobhann, Lee and Casey. That is a fair assessment and they can duke it out for the title from there and should be voted for by the performance not looks or anything else.

  66. I don`t think that the judges are giving Siobhan a hard time. I totally agree with them. In my opinion she can`t really sing. She might hit some great high notes but that`s about it!!! And to be honest I can`t hear her screams anymore! I mean people are complaining about Casey doing the same thing week after week, but that is what Siobhan is doing. She might pick completely different song, but you can say for sure that she will put in her screaming or some high notes for sure. It is just predictable and so boring! And her version of “when you believe” uuuhhh… I looove this song and I get tears in my eyes when I listen to the Whitney Houston part but her version was just horrible!
    My top three are Crystal, big Mike and Lee!!!

  67. Lee, hope you have time to read this, what both my wife and I think:

    Some of us (the lucky ones) are born to do only one thing extremely well, in our lives… for you, it is writing music and singing, that is what you are meant to do!

    We are swept away by your voice and how you tell stories with songs!!

    Wish you the very very best in Idol and after!!!

  68. It is about time Tim Urban is gone. It should have been weeks ago. Casey James might have had one not so good night but he is a very talented person. Has a great voice, I hope he stays around.

  69. Tim should have gone home long ago; surprising he lasted this long. Keeping Tim in this long may have been the strategy of American Idol. I sort of get the feeling that the winner has already been selected and voting off greater talent prior is a way of narrowing down the contestants. I also feel that the competition is between Chrystal and Lee. I believe that their talent will be our gain down the road regardless of who wins American Idol. Although, I do feel Chrystal will the greatest legend of all time. She is truly a star in the making.

  70. Happy that Aaron was safe but thought Mike should have been sent home.
    Go Aaron !!!!!

  71. The vote was right for Tim, but wrong for Casey. He should be in the top 3, not the bottom 3. I would like for Siobhan to go next, but it will probably be Aaron. My list follows:
    1. Crystal
    2. Lee
    3. Casey
    4. Mike
    5. Siobhan
    6. Aaron

  72. Siobhan is the only one actually using creativity and taking risks. She is using her voice as the beautiful instrument it is, by changing palattes, using soft, lower tones, then showing the incredible range by reaching high for the big notes. Crystal is also fantastic -this week’s performance of “People Get Ready” was a highlight of this season. I hope that it will come down to these two at the end -but I think it will be Lee and Crystal instead.

    I still don’t get all the support for Lee. He has a nice, raspy voice (kind of like a third-rate Rod Stewart, but in a baritone rather than tenor range), but really never hits any BIG notes (I don’t think he can). Plus, although he seems like a nice, modest guy, he has a very boring stage presence.

    Casey is all about hair, looks and guitar. His vocal performances, other than the John Lennon song, are rote and boring.

    Mike (good voice but terribly obnoxious personality) and Aaron (old-fashioned little boy) need to go next -please!

  73. My favorite is Siobhan, she is the best, the others are bored singing the same, she is different, she is unique and real. I hope she wins and get the final, even though Kara seems to be against Siobahn, because she always tells something wrong about Siobahn; anyway, she is my favorite and hope she will be the winner!! 🙂

  74. I agree that Crystal has a good voice, but lets be realistic…how many people would buy her CD? Her genre is not very popular and she is coming from the hippy era which was over long ago. I would really be disappointed if she won…Lee & Casey could sell CDs without trying…Sioban has an amazing voice…just simply amazing, but also the songs she is choosing would never make a CD sell…so in my opinion the only two who really could sell their music is Lee and Casey. Yes, Lee sounds quite a bit like David Cook…but you see, David is selling CDs big time. Votes need to go to the one(s) who can sell their sound and style. 70’s are over Crystal…get with the times and lose those darn dread locks..tacky! Takes away from her looks!

  75. Steve you didn’t read the blog very well. I said all the casey fans need to vote not everybody vote for casey. Also if you must know Lee is my absolute fav with casey second and crystal third so if anything I would tell people to vote for lee.

  76. nobody has sang more difficult songs than SIOBHAN..taking on Maria Carey , Whitney Houston she’s awesome..I want her in the top 3 ..but take second and make an album so we can all buy it. The Beatles song ..Into the Universe..i watched the DVD and she was spot on with her musical tones..nobody does that song..keep going SIOBHAN

  77. SIOBHAN, I hope that you have time to read this.

    My husband and I think that you are a very talented and beautiful young lady. Don’t let anybody tear you down. Keep going. Good luck!

  78. With the exception of Crystal, Casey is the only person who has been consistant week after week! He should not have been in the bottom 3. I am glad that Tim is finally going home. While he is very sweet, his voice is not anything special. I also feel that this is the best American Idol group in a long while. There are quite a few really talented individuals.

  79. So, “10,000 Children” by Dave Barnes was featured on Idol Gives Back last night, and I love that song (and Dave Barnes, too) 🙂

  80. @ Phyllis # 47 I totally agree with you lets push for Siobhan she is the whole package but still I love Lee and sort of like Crystal so to me doesn’t matter who win all of them will have a wonderful professional life.

  81. Alicia Lee? i couldnt have said it better myself. i agree with you 100% i love lee but i dont really want him or crystal to win because they will be stuck in the AI contract and we wont hear from them for a while. chris allen won last year. and adam lambert is more famous then he is. the only ones to actually make it from winning idol is kelly clarkson and carrie underwood. its almost a curse to win 🙂

  82. Ashley, you seem so knowing… please share your thoughts on why the judges never find any fault with Crystal while they have no problems whatsoever with the rest? is it because she’s so perfect that there is absolutely no room for improvement so they can’t offer any constructive criticism?

  83. debi…Casey is consistantly stiff..he can sing ok but no personality or stage presence..he needs to show some flare or he is gone next week.

  84. Soibhan has a nasal sound and looks strange in those clothes. Lacks personality. She has some quite good spots in her songs but can’t sing a whole song well. She wants to argue with the judges and cry when they criticize her. Needs to go.

    Love Lee’s personality and his singing. I can’t wait to buy CDs from Crystal, Lee and Casey. Love their singing. Mike is good too.

  85. Ronnie, I was actually going to write a blog about that but here’s what I think. Simon always has his fav that he wants to win so he will push for that. Crystal’s pitch and tone don’t need improvement so there’s really nothing to criticize there. She came into the competition knowing her strengths and weaknesses and that gave her a huge advantage over some of the younger competitors. She also don’t have a problem with her nerves like Lee does. And casey picks songs that are more upbeat and fun instead of showing off his vocal range which I like but the judges don’t. Most of you like siobhan and don’t understand why the judges critique her so hard. I’ve agreed with the judges on what they’ve said about her not knowing who she is as an artist and it would be hard to market her. She has the most range of all of them but her voice is more suited for theatre rather than pop.

  86. Couldn’t you just hear Kara and Simon say under
    their breath last night “Oh Sh..t” when Ryan
    told Siobhan that she was safe?

  87. I’m READY for Mike to go home!! I’m so angry the judges used the save on him! He is so BORING! *yawn* I would like to see Cyrstal, Lee and Cassey in the top three. Everyone else in my opinion doesn’t compare.

  88. Hi.
    We were very disappointed with the way the idol show ended.not even giving tim urban a chance to sing his final time or being able to thanks his fans,very unprofesional he worked just as hard as the others voted off.Some of the skits were pretty lame.Could have done without which would have given more time to the contestants.Would like your comments. Thanks You.

  89. Could not agree more with author. Listening to the Blacked eyes Peas was almost as painful as watching them. The song was completely wrong for the “Idol Gives Back” show. Bad marketing move! Tim’s departure was expected and I think Aaron is next. He’s a cute kid but not a David Archuleta, sorry Ryan. In spite of his great enthusiam his voice lacks depth and range of tone. Crystal, Siobhan, Casey and Big Mike all have natural talent in completely different venues. I can see Siobhan on 42nd street, Casey in Nashville, Crystal on the West Coast and Big Mike singing with Celine in Vegas, all great and worthy of the American Idol title.

  90. Why did Casey in the bottom 3?He should not be included there..I feel disappointed about the result.America, you must vote the right person and that is Casey James. He deserves to win this season!

  91. @mickey: you are right Crystal Bowersox is not the one we are looking for an American Idol likewise to Lee DeWyze.. Casey deserves to be the one. Don’t feel bad Casey, you can still make it.We are here to support you!

  92. Ronnie@95 – I’m probably the last one who should try figure out why the judges do what they do. I think they are as a group, clueless and do more harm than good.

    Crystal has made some kind of mistake on every song she’s done, so far. The worse was “Come Together” where she lost her place on the guitar neck, sang two wrong notes, then sang the second verse again and left out the third verse altogether.

    But the purpose of singing is not to be perfect: it’s to communicate emotions. As long as the singer gets the listener to feel what the singer wants to him or her to feel, the singer has done his job. As long as the mistakes don’t distract, they don’t matter.

    Crystal consistently drives the message of the song home and doesn’t let her mistakes distract her or the audience. Siobhan distracts by showing off her awesome capabilities. The rest are focused on trying to be perfect and don’t have time to consider what they are singing.

  93. thanks so very much Ashley (99) and Ted (108) for sharing your thoughts, i appreciate your viewpoints and it must be me then, i find it difficult to connect with Crystal, feel that she’s from another era and very singular if i may say so… Lee on the other hand shows range and depth so i don’t care about the nerve because his voice does the emotions plenty appropriately… i like Casey because he seems to make everything so effortless without screaming his head off… i actually find Crystal not as diversified as Lee & Casey & Siobhan

  94. i.just would like,to mention all the remaining singers left have earned there places.and i want to offer my list of positives for each.

    aaron.strong vocals,and attracts teen crowd.possible future in country music.
    casey.good singer ala bob seger.and good looks.along with can play a mean guitar.
    crystal.great polished singer vocally.has a certain sound to her voice.janis,and bonnie appeal.
    lee.fresh clean appeal.good vocals,different sound and tone he has.
    mike.highly confident singer.he probably feels like he is the best singer left.nothing wrong with that attitude.
    siobhan.super vocals,has the most range of all .
    very strange,and different.also,possibly can sing just about any song,and or kinda of song.

  95. Casey you would do any of these very well….

    “You’ll Accomp’ny Me” – Bob Seger (you could spice the song up) you already sound just like him.

    “Hurts so Good” – John Cougar Mellencamp (spunky song that you could have fun with, you could rock this one)

    Anything from Chicago, maybe “Look Away”

    “Boys of Summer” – The Eagles – Fun song

    You already sound like a professional but I believe America is looking for more excitement and passion from you….and variety although I personally like your genre.

    You’ll rock next week with Shania Twain songs!

  96. Ronnie, I agree with you that crystal is not diversified which is why she is not my favorite. Her vocals are spot on though. Lee and casey are 1 and 2 on my personal list but judging strictly on the vocals, crystal is # 1.

  97. Please send Casey home next! I just don’t get the goat sound in his voice. GO CRYSTAL!!!!

  98. I am so glad that Tim is finally gone. Mike should leave next.

    We all know that Lee will WIN !!! Go Lee

  99. Thank you America for voting Tim off, it sure took you guys a long time to get “it”. Those of us who live outside the “States” find it frustrating not to be able to vote! LOL. I have watched all AIs since it’s inception and this series has had the least talent. Some fun karaoke type performances in the main.

    The best voices are – Crystal, Mike, Siobhan & Lee – in that order. Before one can be a great singer, one must have a great voice. Other things can be learned but without a great voice, you are going nowhere.

    For the next idol season (if there is one), dump all judges except for Randy and start afresh. Change your public voting system so that singers like Tim Urban don’t stay longer than they need to.

    I enjoy AI but please lift your standards and keep your focus on the participants and not the judges!

  100. oh my goodness but not one of these has given me goosebumps this season…well maybe Crystal once ! \Very disappointing huh .Lee has a great great voice…These two mfor the final

  101. I’ll be fine with Crystal winning, even with Lee coming in second as long as Siobhan makes it to at least third. Then she will be less obligated to Idol, can develop her voice control at a more leisurely pace and bring out an amazing CD. She shouldn’t be rushed. I hope Crystal can endure the strains of the road when they are on tour. If Hollywood was stressful, the road will be like the 7th, circle of hell.

  102. thanks Ashley @ 112 i totally agree Crystal can sing and probably has the best vocal so far… it’s good that the show is American Idol and not American Best Vocal 🙂

  103. I can’t believe what you people are saying. Aaron doesnt deserve to go home anytime soon. He is amazing and wonderful for his age. I’d like to see you people go up there and sing as great as he does. I know he wont win, the winner will obviously be Crystal but Aaron should deff be in the final three with Siobhan and Crystal. I like Crystal but she sounds the same every week. I think she needs to change it up. Lee should have gone home already, he wasnt that great from the start and I didnt really like watching Tim leave. I also think Mike should go soon too. Casey isnt that great either. As for Aaron, he DEFF should be in the final three. Well thats just my opinion. tell me what you guys think. I LOVE AARON KELLY FOREVER<3333333

  104. i think casey should go home aaron was the best and remeber HES ONLY 17 !!!! GOOOO AAROOOON WE LOVE KTHEEER

  105. K – I don’t see many people disagreeing with you that Aaron is a amazing singer “for his age.” I have said this a few times myself. But, his stage presence is less than some of the others. And being older, the others are just more believable to watch perform. Had he waited a few years to develop that stage presence, I suspect he would have been more in the running for the number one spot. But as it is, he or Mike is likely to go home next week. Or at least that is how I hope it turns out.

  106. Come on people. I’m really sick of all the talk about Tim. Yes, it was time to go, but he has improved greatly. I’m not excited about anyone this year. But, here goes…Siohban has got to go. She is different, but so tired of her. Mike has a great voice, but boring. They are all too boring this year. Let’s move and get some excitement. Yes, Crystal has a good voice, but zero in personality. Aaron is really improving. I don’t care how old he is or isn’t. Lee is the best for me. I love to watch Casey, Katie is getting old too. I would love the finish to be Casey and Lee. I believe Lee would win hands down. But, am I crazy or does anyone else remember season 6 when Taylor Hicks used that whole stage. Same with Daughtry. Some thought Taylor was a joke. Maybe he was, but he was entertaining and I adored him. Where is this kind of entertainment today. Get rid of the instruments and make them perform. I’ll continue to vote for Lee………but really not into any of these. They have to step it up.

  107. AI maybe the only place in the singing universe where versatility is valued.
    “Mick Jagger is pretty good, but he is weak on Show tunes.”
    “Aretha Franklin can sing, but I wouldn’t have her star in an opera.”
    “I like Pavarotti, but he doesn’t understand the blues.”
    “BB King would just butcher a Metallica tune.”

  108. OK, hear it goes of my opinion of the contestants this season. I will start with agreeing with everyone that Tim is gone, he didn’t even need to be in the top 24 at all. He has a good personality but he is no singer. Big Mike great personality, just not everyone understands him, I think he is a big teddy bear, very thankful to be were he is. He sings pretty good and I love those dimples. Aaron, he is so cute, u would not think such a big voice could come out of such a small body, for 16 he can sing good, but needs a few years to mature and then he will be awesome. Siobhan, very unique personality and very sweet girl but her style of singing is sometimes good and sometimes bad. Anybody can scream, I think she needs a few more years also to mature. Pretty boy Casey..Everyone sees his looks, not to say he’s not cute, he is, but it is a singing contest. His singing is OK, but he would be better as a guitar player and backup singer in a band. He would be awesome doing that. Lee, I love his voice and he is a very good singer. I could hear him on the radio, I would buy his albums. I agree he needs to get more comfortable and have a better stage presence. Lastly Crystal “MommaSox”…SHE IS AWESOME!! She can sing better than any contestant this season. She has a very unique style, updated 70’s style. A lot of people say she is a pet and never gets criticized, you first have to have something to criticize about. The judges, Randy, Kara, and Simon are in the music industry (singer, songwriter, artist, producer, have their own labels, etc) and definitely know good from bad. She is just a really great singer and even the judges have not found anything really to criticize her about. She impressed me when she played the guitar, harmonica, and sung all at the same time. Even when she is not playing an instrument, her singing talent is undeniable. She will sell many albums and is sure to be on the top of the charts in the coming future. My prediction is Lee and Crystal left in the top two with Crystal the winner by a landslide.

  109. please continue supporting Siobhan.. she is the only one with a great voice and personality… she doesn’t give up no matter how harsh the judges are to her.. People pls believe in ur own criticism and vote for her

  110. I really like Siobhan because even though she knows that the judges are giving her a hard time she is still giving great performances.. People please continue voting for her =)

  111. Most people in the forum are rooting for Siobhan, its because this show is American Idol, not just based on vocals but also the personality of individuals.. in this season only siobhan have it all so vote for her and don’t mind the judges 🙂

  112. Lee is over-hyped and judge pimped—they want you to think there is still areal competition going on when we know–due to the week talent–Crystal is far and head of the pack. The only one close to her is Siobhan. But, the Idol producers and judges try to make us think that Lee is worthy (yeah…right) with his off-key singing and ugly face. Do not be fooled by their manipulation! VOTE FOR CRYSTAL AND SIOBHAN THE ONLY REAL TALENTS THIS SORRY AS$ SEASON!!!!


  114. wtfff y is tim gone what did u all do just cuz the guys r jealous hes soo hot doesnt meeen he shooda wenttt </3 ILOVE TIM URBAN

  115. wow, i loved tim and they didn’t even let tim sing 1 moree time 4 every1 :'( thats gayy TIM<333

  116. So glad Tim was finally voted off. he was not in the same league as the other singers. Tim could carry a tune but there was nothing about his voice which made him stand out above the rest. I think Mike should be the next to go, then we are going to have a real competition. Lee is my favorite, but Crystal is in the top of the rankings also. Siobhan shows the range in her song choices and does a superb job and deserves to be in the top of the list also. I am enjoying the show this year, I enjoy watching the talent of the remaining singers and hope most get a contract to make a career for themselves. GOOD LUCK TO ALL.
    GO LEE.

  117. But what about Mike…
    How could he go from zero to hero…
    He is too arrogant! Let’s hope he is the one to GO!!


  119. everyone should know that what it takes to be the next idol has got to have personality, attitude and most importantly talent. and judging the contestants, the one deserving to win is lee dewyze!!! (he’s sooo adorable when is shy but hope he’ll get over it and be more confident for he’s the one)

  120. Torey..
    who are you to call anyone ugly? if you don’t like a contestant then its fine but to call them names and label them shows how immature you are..for goodness sake grow up..sorry then because u look like brad pitt and no one can compare to ur looks.some people are so thick really.

  121. I AGREE with TOREY..Lee is ugly..and nothign special with his voice too.. but he is just ok..

  122. I enjoy listening to Crystal and Casey and would purchase their CDs before the others. As far as a new replacement judge, I would like to see a male vocal artist to replace Simon. Not sure who but I think it would be a good fit.

  123. CRYSTAL IS boring and freaking fake emotion to kill the rest..what a sly intention…cos she heard people are bored with her and she made a sly trick , and stupid people fell for… HAHAHA

  124. Okay, so I missed Wednesday night’s episode. I can’t believe I spaced on the Tivo but alas, tis so. Can anyone tell me where on the web I could view a repeat of Idol Gives Back Finale? Thanks & Cheers. My opinion:Casey is much better than this week. What a terrible song choice unless you’re Bill Clinton & running for President. Where are his blues? Siohban is pretty but doesn’t have “IT”. Kelly=gone. Michael=peace out. Lee has great tone & phrasing & is growing & should make final three. Crystal is American Idol’s darling & should win. But this is just my humble opinion.

  125. WOW.. some very strong opinions, I feel every one has talent or they would not be there. Yes we did finally get it right, Tim seems like a very nice guy bet was out of his league I to think Disney would be the perfect place for him. Good luck Tim but glad you are moving on!!!
    I thought last nights group song was the best they have performed yet, non of the group song have been very good. None of them know how to work the stage and Im not sure if any of them have rhythm, but do have good vocals.

    CRYSTAL: Is still the best of the bunch, and I think the judges just no that she is well above any one else, she has the pipes and true natural talent.

    LEE & SIOBHAN : both are very good they both have their own style & sound they just need faith in there own abilities.

    AARON: has a great voice just young he also would do really good at Disney, but I can definitely see him grow in to a great singing artist.

    CACEY & BIG MIKE: Casey needs a band and a smokey bar and he will do wonderful, I think his personality will come with experience, and out of the whole joking around about Kara old & over it already!!
    And big Mike I think he is a nice guy. I don’t think he is arrogant I just think he knows who he is, I also think he is a good singer just not a great singer..

    I also LOVE Ellen as a judge, she is doing a great job. I miss Paula even crazy she was better then Kara this year, she really has to stop talking so much I have started fast forwarding through her judging she needs Paula to balance her back out. Randy is Randy some good days some bad dog days. And Simon I think he has been dead on most of the time I am worried about AI when he goes I for one will miss British wit. That leaves Ryan all I can say is “hasn’t he grown in to his big boy pants”
    thank for letting me rant on

  126. I’m watching this season reluctantly after last season’s results. I really think the voting system should be changed, only one vote per phone number. I’m bored with waiting for someone to break out like Adam Lambert did. He held us in anticipation each week. Casey and Mike need to go next…they’re both riding on their images!

  127. I wish America will shock us by voting off Crystal…lol! I’d really want to see the shock & regretful faces of these judges by saving Mike earlier…lolz.

  128. Btw, I think Crystal is so old fashioned! For God sake! She still got that 70’s Bo derek hair style….& dress ugly most of the time! how comes those judges never critize her but the current looking SIOBHAN??

  129. Agree with Barb. More romance, Casey!! Thats whats gonna keep you going on! Dont strum the guitar and see those hot hot songs only…cos america’s getting bored..not seeing anything up the next level…so you gotta do something about it!!! Still rooting for are the best all-rounder.

  130. @tenisaddict its because they wanted crystal 2 win and siobhan is a threat for her.. pls continue voting for siobhan who is a really great singer

  131. @ #143: What does ugly have to do with anything? Have you ever looked at Billy Joel, Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger or Elton John ? That’s a row of mud fences, but that wasn’t a career killer for any of them. And no, I’m not putting Lee in a class with them, just saying music isn’t all about looks.

  132. 135 , 136 , 137..what are you all 12 yrs old…Tim was not good..he had nice teeth..but he probably could be an older mouseketeer or a disney character in a broadway play..great smile.

  133. OK…tired of the comments about Lee being ugly…this is a singing competition not a beauty padgent. His voice should be the focus and he HAS GOT IT! And he IS NOT ugly…maybe not a pretty boy like Tim and that is all that kept Tim in…his looks…got the younger crowd in his corner. Come on, we didn’t need a repeat of last year where the pretty boy won but can’t sing. Danny was much better than Kris. Crystal can sing, but I would never buy her CD. Her audiance will be limited. The only real contestants left are Lee and Sioban. Casey is good, but I feel it is his looks most see. He is not great. I too would like to see American slap the judges in the face and vote Crystal off. In my opinion it should be Lee and Sioban in the last leg of the competition.

  134. @ Bonnie B #157: You are a true voice of reason in a tower of babble, Casey is cute, but not a star and kind of vacant. Crystal has limited commercial appeal. Aaron needs to grow and hopefully will get quite a bit of seasoning on tour. Mike is just obnoxious. I hope Lee wins so Sibhan has a longer time to get all her s**t into one shoe and market her beautiful voice. Lee needs some seasoning as well, and the tour will help.

  135. Siobhan will be around long after American Idol has run its course.
    In fact,can AI even last after Simon is gone? I think not.

  136. While the idea was to raise funds for the various organizations, I really have to say…as entertainment – this show just sucked. Even the “professional singers” were off key. I was shocked to at how horrible the Black Eyed Peas and Alicia Keyes sounded.

    As for the “results” show…I’m sick of the whole Ryan weirdness. And whats with Simon this year. It’s just not the same show.

    Everyone is all crazed about who will be voted off and who will be saved, etc. Just remember, these last 10, have a job. They all get to go on the “Idol Tour”. They all get to showcase their talent yet again. Whether they win the big prize or not, they have all had the opportunity of a lifetime and need to draw from that.

    That being said…I like Lee, Crystal and Siobhan in the last three. Even though I can’t stand Siobhan’s personality, she is very talented.

  137. Combining the heart-breaking stories of those poor children in Africa with the voting-off of a would-be pop star is absolutely tasteless.
    oh well….at least they raise lots of money.

  138. Sorry to all you Tim Lovers, but OH YEA BABY!!!! Turbans gonnnnneeeee!!!!!!!! Me and my brother hates him, because he was HORRIBLE!!!!!!! except for the Beatles week……anyway…….YAY!!!!!

  139. hey there, im watching it tonight and its glad to know i’ll be watching Tim go home! we all know big mike will win this, he sings like an angel….shame i cant vote or i would!!…New Zealand loves ya American Idol!

  140. when i knew that casey, tim and aaron was in the bottom three, all i could say was “Aaron is definitely going home”. but then, i was shocked to know that Aaron was the FIRST one in the bottom 3 to be saved. only then i knew who was going home. DUH, TIM! glad he is gone. XDD

  141. I think Siobhan needs to go! She’s always on the defensive and does not respond well to criticism. Her voice is forced and she often struggles to keep things together. Crystal is by far the best singer coz she has an authentic voice and plays instruments

  142. I also like Sihboan,but she needed to push herself to be on this game.Glad that Crystal make her non musical risk and Tim,goodbye and gone forever(till next season with Katie Stevens).Lee, I don’t think he was good(soory Lee fans)but a same boring voice, hope Casey will go to the top 2

  143. casey needs to go..he can sing but not good enuff to be in the competition..all he can do is playing the guitar adn his performance is getting BORING!!!BOO…then mike the foolowing week and then siobhan..i wan aaron kelly crystal and lee to be in the top 3..or even better i wan aaron to win…i hope that’s possible..he is vocally talented like randy said bt he needs to change up the song..but since he’s going to pursue country he will do great~!!!

  144. veryy sadd that tim<3 went homee…ivoted a lot nd so did all my friendss..of course were in 6th grade..we relle luved him nd he was AMAZING on ellen..all his h8ers watch that then say hes bad :p uhmm….tim will go farrr with his looks nd voice…im gnna b lost on tuesdays nd wednesdays…! 🙁 ILY TIM<3333333

  145. Thank goodness America got it right. Tim was worst singer in competition.
    I just hope you all vote for Lee, the only decent singer left and will go on to to greater things

  146. It was probably the dullest Idol Gives Back show ever.George Lopez was funny but that’s about it.All the performances were lackluster even Elton John was far from his best.

  147. veryy sadd about Tim….. i really enjoyed him and his face ;)….does any1 no if the tour tickets are out yettt (i need 2 c TIM) haha thanxx plzz just comment on the thingee if yuh no if there out or when they come out..TIM WILL GO FAR IN HIS CAREER<333333333

  148. Frankly this season has been the worst group of Idol talent this far. Although the last 6 seem to able to sing well, there is a serious lack of Idolness about them. Lack of energy and ability to excite the public with the prospect of a new Idol. The dissapointment in this year’s competition is evident in amongst the judges in their behaviour and the comments. Their contradictory comments indicates that they do not know what more to do to get the singers to whow them and the public. Performance is so mediocre.

  149. If Idol was judged by industry professionals it would have been over ages ago … Crystal by a country mile. But it’s not and I doubt she will survive the popular vote at the death cos she’s simply not media pretty enough. But I can just see those same voters choking after Crystal’s post-Idol dental make-over!

    Siobhan is the only other contender with any original talent … if only she could find it!

  150. …as for the judges:

    Ellen should just phone her repetitive comments in … everyone is always wonderful, she just lurves their ‘amazing’ voices … and her eyes look weird.

    Randy is improving each year (not exactly like fine wine, more like cheese) and even manages to criticise the performers occasionally. Progress!

    Kara … who cares what she says, my mind is on other things whenever she speaks. Hehehe.

    Simon looks like he made a mistake agreeing to one final year, but still manages to be the only judge who can consistently get it right.

    As for Ryan Seacrest he gets more irritating every year and I now fast-forward his bits for fear I’ll chuck something at the plasma! Yes, I always record Idol so I can limit my time-wasting to the actual performances and critiques.

  151. Aaron Kelly is the best!! The number 1 man!!He is better than Crystal and Siobhon! Aaron is the top American Idol! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. OMG! I can not believe my Timmy went home! He was really good! His hotness gave him a lot of fans I was really hoping Siobhan went home. Shes not that good and that screaming starts to get old! I get what Kara said when she said that she doesn’t know who she is! She always changes the song but doesnt put her personality into it as much as she should. Tim’s last performance was absoulutly beautiful!

  153. I wanted Tim to stay. He’s cute and started improving. Big Mike HAS TO GO! I HATE HIM!! I want Lee to win!

  154. One thing I am going to miss Tim Urban is he like likes to laugh whenever he finish perform on stage. He should stay all the way into the finalist in the American Idol season 9 (2010).


  155. Lee is very good looking and talented, and so is Casey. Crystal is excellent. I have downloaded the songs of my top 4 choices, and they sound even better on the recordings because the background noise of the fans is not in the way. Mike has a good voice and a great range. I do not like Siobhan’s singing, looks, or personality and will not be buying her CDs. Aaron will be very good with more time and experience. My list follows:

  156. I luv! luv! luv! American Idol and have no favorites. I hope and pray that doors will open to everyone of the young people who are so talented. BUT, I am disappointed that during the program, America Gives Back, that you hosted the President and the UN. I believe you should keep politics out of it. It is the generosity of the American people who make the giving to the nations possible, and each and every one of us have our own political views. And I for one find the activities of the UN the most discriminatory among the entire world. The average American is too naive to understand the deeper activities of the UN, or they have not done their homework and investigated their activities deeper than the surface of the propaganda put on the air of major networks. I appeal to Idol NOT to exploit the generosity of Americans.

  157. American generosity? On a per capita basis America is bottom of the list of first world countries when it comes to third world aid. Sorry, C Browning, it’s YOU who needs to do some research!

    Neither, apparently, do you have a clue about the wide range of humanitarian programmes run by the United Nations.

  158. okay i have no idea who is going to go home tonight. i guess i would have to say based on most of the comments that are always posted i would say big mike. i thought he did a great job last night. thats the second woman he has made cry with his singing! i thought they all did really good. crystal and lee are my fav but i thought last night was crystal’s worst performance. it was too honky tonky for that song. and i dont like shibon and im ready for her to go. she just sucks to me. but that is my opinion. i thought casey redemed himself last night though.

  159. Why is everyone so hard on Siobhan? She is way more talented than lee or any of the other guys. Crystal is good too, but I don’t see her doing anything different week to week. Good luck Siobhan!

  160. I am just so schocked and angry that america sent Siobhan home last night.
    No one on the stage is as good as her.

  161. I really liked Tim. Now Casey and Lee are good. Think Big Mike really should have been kicked off last night.

  162. Whoever thinks that Siobhan can sing needs their ears syringed. So glad she has gone , along with Tim she utterly rubbish

  163. I like Casey James.. and Chrystal. So pleased they are still around.
    I was a huge fan of Adam and he is rigt now here in Finland ::)))))) Adam could be voted American Idol 2010 ..LOL…

    Wish you all the best America

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