American Idol 2010: It’s Shania Twain Week

Shania Twain was my favorite guest judge during the audition process and I’m not surprised they brought her in to mentor the Top 6 and sing her catalogue for this week of American Idol season 9.

shania twain

Choosing songs from her list is going to be hard.  I can see Casey James doing “Rock This Country” but I think he needs to slow things down this week and really show off his vocal range so maybe “You’ve Got a Way” or “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing”. 

Big Mike Lynche would do well with “From This Moment” and put an R&B spin on it.  That would be cool.

Aaron Kelly could choose “There Goes The Neighborhood” and do it justice.

I like Ka – Ching! for Lee Dewyze.  It’s got a nice beat and he could come out and rock it with a smile and a little movement around the stage and that would be a nice change and something we haven’t seen him do yet.  He needs to own that stage!

OK the women are actually hard to choose for.  Siobhan needs to show us all this week what kind of an artist she wants to be so whatever she chooses, she needs to put her own spin on the song.   Maybe “You’re Still The One”?  Shania has a much lower voice than Siobhan so she needs to keep that in mind when choosing a song.  Crystal could change it up this week and surprise us all with “Man, I Feel Like A Woman” or if she wanted to keep it slow than “Forever and For Always”. 

What do you think these contestants should choose from the Shania Twain catalogue?




  1. This may be the easiest theme week for the Idols so far this season. While a first class entertainer, Shania doesn’t have a remarkable vocal range, making her song list very accessible to the contestants. And most of her offerings are poppy, radio friendly, and adaptable to giving them a new spin. Should be good, looking forward to it.

  2. SIOBHAN is going to have the most trouble with Shania songs. SIOBHAN has a deep smokey voice. Shania is all twang with a bang..AWESOME!
    Ain’t no country in SIOBHAN.

  3. I like Shania Twain’s music. Should be very interesting this week.. If the Idols change it up to make it their own, this should be real interesting…..I think Siobhan will do just that.
    Who knows…maybe the Judges will give her a break this week!!!!!!!!

  4. Here’s my wish list:
    1. Crystal – I Ain’t No Quitter – To show a sense of humor
    2. Casey – All Fired Up – He needs to show some energy
    3. Aaron – Up – Age appropriate and fun
    4. Mike – It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing – Sensitive and soulful
    5. Siobhan – You’ve Got A Way – All moonbeams and mist.
    6. Lee – You’re Still The One – If he puts a rock spin on it.

  5. Phyllis G – If the judges did not feel like giving Shiobhan a single kind word on all the previous weeks that I thought were crystal clear, pitch perfect renditions that exceeded most of the other performers every week … I don’t see it happening on a week that might call for a bit of country twang. As I just don’t see any country twang coming out of Shiobhan. No, I suspect the judges knowing that country is not Shiobhan’s thing, will amp up their negative comments on her more this week than they ever have before.

    I do like the idea someone else said about having Shania being a full time judge.
    As Kara and Simon’s blatant negitivity in regard to Shiobhan is wearing thin with me.

  6. @Steve….I guess your right but I can always hope….I really like Siobhan, she is unique and different and I like that…I just hope that more voters out there see that and ignore the judges and vote for her……..

  7. If Siobhan sticks with one of Shania’s sensitive ballads no one will miss the twang. I really can’t see her doing any of Shania’s fast numbers. Besides, Shania doesn;t really have a twang. She’s Canadian and her speech is more upper midwest than southern.

  8. Though I like Shania Twain, why does it have to be another artist week? We have had the Beatles, the Rolling Stone, and Elvis. Why can’t the theme be more overarching, and allow the singers to pull a song from a theme, instead of just one artist?

  9. Funny how Siobhan is always the most talked about…
    I think I remember her saying that she listened and practiced to various female country singers – so it won’t be alien territory.
    Might be a good week to pick a Twain song where she can amp it up and do some belting. 3 weeks in a row she has been doing her performances, “serious”, controlled and “nuanced”. A move back to a little more energy and having a little more fun and movement on stage, engaging the audience more.

    It’s not like Dioguardi and Cowell are going to lose their blatant bias and efforts to discredit her and Casey – no matter how well the two perform. The two judges dream is to carry “Big Mike” to the Final 3 where he would not be the threat to Lee that Siobhan or Casey could be if they have a smash night.

  10. Canyon, you may be right, but then again she has sung 3 or 4 slow ballads in a row and a lot of her fans (myself included) are waiting for her to pick up the pace ASAP. BTW, her newest studio song is very good (sappy song selection notwithstanding).

  11. Hi Phyllis G.(Las Vegas) Again I have not been on here for a longtime. It is still my husband hogging the computer. But also, I was in the hospital. Some stupid stomach virus.3 days. But I hated it! LOL. Do not want to ever go back there! I am glad Shania Twain is going to be on.I really like her. She knows a lot about the music business. And I know the guy’s sure like to look at her. I hope she sings something. She stayed away from her music too long! And all because of a Mutt. Then from what I heard he dumped her? WOW! Bummer.How are you doing? I cannot decide who I think will win. I do think SIOBIAN will have a hard time with Shania’s songs. SIOBIAN is just too loud.I like her. But,I am like Simon. I don’t get her? She seems kind of old fashioned. She will definitely need to bring her voice down to do a good job with Shania’s beautiful voice and music. It will be a very interesting 2 weeks. I can’t wait! Take care. Sherry K PS, There is a shery on here. I don’t know who she is? Catch you later!

  12. Hi Sherry,
    Glad to see you back on the blog, not too many from last season, gee I wonder why!!!!!!
    I hope your feeling better, that stomach virus is awful..
    I really like Siobhan and I know Shania’s music might not do it for her but we’ll never know until Tuesday….I have faith….
    I just don” want to see Crystal win….She will get a contract, I’m sure, but I really think that Siobhan needs guidance because she does have a wonderful voice, really…..and she is never boring….My kinda of singer…..LOL
    Well take care of yourself…Hope to see you on the site soon.
    Yes, there is another Sherry but I know your K.

  13. @ Drom # 12 Good point. If she does opt for something up tempo, I hope it’s either “Any Man Of Mine” or “Man, I Feel Like A Woman”. If she does “Man I Feel Like A Woman” Chris Ford will have apoplexy.

  14. Hi,Big Mike I live in westpalm beach fl, and everyone in our home love you, so you just keep doing your thing and let GOD take care of the rest. Whether you win or not our family will always be a fan of yours. Take care and God bless you and your beautiful family.

  15. I personally would love to see Shania become a full time judge next season. I admit part of the reason is she is quite striking in looks. But, she has more musical talent than any other current judge. American Idol could be in trouble when Simon quits after this season. But, just like Pamela Anderson brought tons of male viewers to “Dancing with the stars”, Shania would have the same effect with American Idol.

  16. steve@18 – I agree that Twain would make a good judge. She actually knows how to sing! I doubt that she can afford to spend Tuesday and Wednesday in LA every week for 4 months.

  17. next week could spell trouble for siobhan.
    she will need to pick the most perfect song.her voice,and range may be to over-the-top for someone like shania.i think she shoold sing dont be stupid.that should hit home for both simon,and kara.because they are not stupid,but actually are acting stupid towards siobhan.

  18. ilove you soibhan you are why i love american idol.the judges were not right at all, keep singing from your heart coz that make you areal artist.

  19. My biggest hope is after Shania Twain week, when Kara once again says “I don’t know who you are are” … she said say “You don’t know who I am? I’m the bitch whose whose going to far in this show, despite your pathetic efforts to sabatage me. Ad I don’t care what you say at this point.” Or maybe she could challnge Kara to a mud wrestling fight. Now that would be a ratings getter.

  20. Casey needs to slow it down and go acoustic(not sure about the spelling!)and do a nice romantic ballad this week…Go Casey!! By the way, just saw Tim on the Ellen show and he is a class act! Good Luck, Tim!!

  21. i actually think Siobhan & Casey both will do fine but not Aaron or Mike, who are good singers but aren’t creative enough… Shania’s songs will present a bigger challenge to them

  22. Looking forward to seeing Shania again & I can’t wait to hear the Idol’s sing her songs! Should be a great week. She has so many good songs, and it’s always more fun when most of the Idols sing songs that I know (like they did on Beatles week).

  23. For me the best song for Lee is shania twain “Youre still the one” he can make a acoustic and alternative rock rendition of this song….

  24. @ #28 Edmund

    Either get a life, get lost, get laid or grow up! your comment apart from being completely unwarranted, is very jeuvenile at best and spiteful. You really need to seek help!

    Ashley is the creator of this posting and as a good reporter, it is also her job to inform those what is going on…. Do you not think that the whole of the world knew about 9/11, but the newspapers still reported on it, because it is their job… So be quiet and go back to playing with the traffic!

    Sorry all, just thought his comment was extremely stupid!

  25. I think Siobhan need an uptempo song this week. I don’t understand what the judges have against her, especially Simon. Even the week he said she was the best, he had to throw in the negativity. My husband watched AI for the first time this week and when the judges got done with Siobhan he said, “What is wrong with these people and what qualifies them to judge this competition? Do they just pick the judges off the street?” (he has no idea who any of them are except Ellen.) Nuff said! This week should be interesting.

  26. Hmm.. This will be an interesting, yet exciting week. I used to be a big fan of Shania Twain, and I’m excited to see how the contestants will do with her songs.

    Lee: Okay, so obviously Lee is no country star, but we all know that he is creative enough to switch it up enough to fit his style. I think he’ll do fine this week.

    Crystal: Yet again, no country star. And, yet again, she’ll be creative enough to switch it up to something likable. I’m excited to see what she’ll do.

    Siobhan: I’m actually a little scared for Siobhan this week. Sure, she’s great, but she’s going to have some trouble this week. For one, Shania’s voice is a lot lower than Siobhan’s, so Siobhan is going to have to do a lot of tweaking to get the song to fit into her voice range. Hopefully, Siobhan will be creative enough to do so. Hoping she’ll show America a performance that we’ll never forget to keep her on another week.

    Big Mike: Okay, here’s where I see trouble. Big Mike is a great performer and has a great voice – but not country. Mike will have to switch up the song a lot, and I just don’t think he’s creative enough to switch it to something likable. I think Mike will have a lot of trouble this week, and I’m hoping he’ll prove me wrong Tuesday night!

    Aaron: Okay, I think that Aaron just screams, Country! Country! Country! So, I think he’ll do good this week. However, he’ll have to switch it up some – but not too much. If he can do that, I’m sure he’ll do fine.

    Casey: Casey ran into some trouble last week. Here’s hoping that that won’t happen again this week! Casey is no country star, but hopefully he’ll be able to prove to America that he can switch up any song – and not keep doing basically the same thing week after week. If he can stop sounding the same every week, I don’t think he’ll have a problem. This boy has true talent – and amazing hair, body, eyes, face, – errm.. yeah. Ha. (:

    Good luck to all the contestants this week!

  27. gogogogo aaron kelly…i hope he will do great this week since they are asked to sing country songs..

  28. I dont like the idea at all that VFTW has Siobhan in replacement of Tim. She is much much more an artist than an intended joke.
    I really hope she does well and hopefully wins AI. I dont know exactly how VFTW works but Tim was very much hated from others not belonging to this site and I really dont want Siobhan to be hated, she deserves more than that. 🙁

  29. i think it should be a good week for all the remaining singers.they,hopefully will take some of the judges advice at try and make some of the songs there own,but also far as siobhan,the judges seem to not get her right now.and she may have lost some of her initial confidence,i do hope she can regain some or all of there votes again,she cant keep going in the direction she is heading and come out on top,in the finals.

  30. To abby- I thought the same thing-the second I heard Shania Twain,I thought of John Paul too.Casey has to slow it down.He was so amazing in Jealous Guy.People heard how great his vocals are.They can’t hear it in the songs he has been picking.He needs to pay attention to the judges.Ever since Cara flirted with him,she is going out of her way to NOT favor him,and almost picks on him,no matter what he does.Ilove Crystal,Casey,Lee and Mike.Shiobon has a nasal,annoying tone.the ones mentioned are always in tune,just some bad song choices.

  31. I don’t believe Casey is really interested in winning. I think he’s just enjoying The Magical Mystery Tour, a chance to travel, make some money and break the monotony. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  32. Edmund, your comment #28 was deleted for the language. I don’t care if you disagree with me but your comment was out of line and will resort in you getting banned if it continues.

  33. Edmund, I don’t work for VFTW so if you have a problem with Siobhan being their pick you need to take it up with them on their forum not here. Your comment #28 was not about disagreeing with me. You attacked me as a person and that was completely uncalled for.

  34. So apparently this Edmund guy has a problem. Ashley is doing her job…thats what good reporters do, but you obviously know nothing about that since you have nothing better to do then trash talk her on this website. (: thanks but there was no need for your rude comments!

  35. NO matter what, Siobhan will the great winner this season. She has the looks and the voice. She is a star with the X factor. The others will be just plain singers like anybody else.

  36. Siobhan is famous already even when the show is still on! :D.. I believe that Siobhan can handle any song so she can still sing great with shaina’s songs even when the judges and producers planned it so that siobhan will have a hard time.. Lets keep voting for her america because she is the only one with a great personality and amazing vocals

  37. first Ashley is doing a great job and you are no a gentlemen @Edmund@

    so far i just think lee is the best!!!

  38. Why is Siobhan on the VFTW? For God’s sake!! she is the best singer in the competition.. Anyway, i wish this will help her because she is really the best

  39. People hated Tim because he sucks, not because his on VFTW.. One thing that I know for sure, the votes of siobhan will increase MORE because we all know that she has a great personality and voice and also very lovable.. lets vote for Shiobhan everybodY ^_^… GO SHIOBHAN!!!

  40. siobhan is a great singer but somehow she has this nasal tone..and it’e getting annoying!!!casey and mike can definitely sing but i dont see anything special bout casey..even his performance on jealous guy was pitchy like what randy said..but among all his performances,jealous guy was the best..sorry but i dont see anything special bout him…all he ever does was playing the guitar on stage.. ..i wanna see him without his guitar then maybe i’ll change my mind…big mike has a giant voice but somehow i dont like his for crystal,yea i agree she’s great!!but she doesnt have that ‘idol’ material to win the competition and even if she wins she will be like fantasia barrino or reuben..i wouldnt but her cd evern thought she’s a great singer..and her hair??she needs to let go of her dreadlocks or whatever how u spelled it…as for aaron he’s like the country version of david archuleta..he’s good for some 16 year old guy ..he has a great voice and alot of young girls like him so i can see him going far in future..who knows he might be the next justin bieber??!!i really like this guy and i think he’s d best among all the contestants…as for lee..he;s alright to me but his vocal sounded the same every week..but he;s definitely creative when it comes to changing up the song…i hope lee and aaron makes it to the final 2..they are the most qualified one even tho crystal is good but i don think she will go far after the competition she will be like taylor hicks or fantasia…sorry for all crystal fans..these are just my opponions..:)

  41. I think Lee has a Bruce Springstein quality and a great tone.I don’t think Crystal’ hair has to do with anything.Either people like Tim for his hair,or don’t ike Cyrstal for hers.We’re not at a hair salon,we’re looking for great vocals.Cyrstal has a ton of talent,and is always good.Casey showed his great voice in Jealous Guy,but I agree,it won’t work with other songs continuing.Mike is great,along with Lee having great vocals.I don’t get the personality comment about SHibon.I do think she has the best comebacks to the judges,and seems sweet.However,others have great personalities,not just when they defend themselves.I think Lee just isn;’t confident in how good he really is.Mike is so sincere,and Casey is always smiling.These people a re still amatuers,and are nervous sometimes.

  42. I agree. Casey needs to slow it down, and sing from his heart. Maybe without the guitar this time.

  43. It should be a country week instead of limits to Shania’s songs only. Cos it ain’t fair to those guys…unless the judges just want to ensure that “Bo Derek copycat” Crystal (hair style wise, of course)to go through!!

  44. It should be a country song week and not a shania twain song week… if that happens, siobhan can choose “a change is gonna come”.. i know she can nail it…

  45. In regards to Lee, I am a designer/artist and I know Lee is confident of and believes in his musical abilities but having to prove it to others is a totally different matter, meaning, he knows how good he is but he is in the process of learning how to “promote” his talent and abilities to those who need to be convinced. He’ll do fine by the end of the show and I believe he may very well be the one!

  46. Why contant hair comments??????????????? What does o Derick possibly have to do with Chrstal?If someone loves hair,Bo wore braids with beads,not dreadlocks.Are we comparing styles now,or listening to pure talent?

  47. I just finished looking over Shania Twain’s catalog. Wow! I sure feel bad for the guys this week. So many of her songs are filled with girl power. Which I like but I wonder how the guys are going to pull it off. This should be very interesting. I can’t wait for Simon’s reaction to the performances. I think he’s going to be on super crabby overload. However, I think that Shania is awesome and likeable whether you’re a country fan or not.

    I hope these 3 songs will be covered:
    “You’ve Got a Way”,
    “You’re Still The One” and
    “From This Moment On”

    I would love to hear Lee sing “You’ve Got a Way.” This song is hot and sexy and Lee can do that when he puts the bagpipes down. 🙂

  48. Although I like Shania Twain, it is ridiculous to limit the songs to her songs. She doesn’t have a huge, varied collection of songs like the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Elvis. They should just have limited the songs to country songs.

    However, it would be worth it if Mike sings “Feel Like a Woman”…

  49. I agree with Brian too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why can’t they do a current song list theme,or a Beyonce theme or someone current?Alot of people can’t do country,but have great vocals.

  50. Aah. If Big Mike sang “Man! I feel like a woman!”, I would honestly vote for him until my fingers fell off. Hahaha. (:

  51. Country music or not, every good singer should be able to sing all styles.
    I’m a classical pianist, but for my exams, I still have to play pieces from all time periods, and this even includes jazz.
    It doesn’t even matter that Lee is more inclined towards hard rock. He’s full of talent, and as such, his voice is still versatile enough to be able to pull it off this week. And as for Siobhan, her voice might be a bit higher than Shania’s, but that shouldn’t really matter. Shania’s songs don’t have such a huge range, anyway. Siobhan won’t have a problem. Aaron will rock it this week because country music is his specialty.

  52. siobhan sucks
    she just screams all the time
    michael= another ruben studdard #fail
    lee dewyze= even if he doesnt win it, he’ll still be one of the more successful ones from this season…

  53. @ michael scott
    Siobhan screams all the time?? really?? did she screamed when she sang wicked games? across the universe? when u believe? house of the rising sun? cmon. ur just saying that because u idolize another contestant or u believe the judges.. Frankly, she has the best voice in the competition… And what she is doing isn’t screaming, it is basically forcing the vocal chords to hit the high notes which only a great singer with a wide range can do… please people of USA vote for this wonderful girl.. GO SIOBHAN!!!

  54. @michael scott
    Siobhan screams all the time?? did Siobhan screams on wicked games? how about house of the rising sun? across the universe? when you believe?? cmon ur just saying that because u like another contestants.. Frankly, she is the best singer there is.. pls people vote for her.. GO SIOBHAN!!!

  55. Chill Gordon,you look so agigated.
    I agree with you!Siobhan is the best singer:)
    I think she should sing you’re still the one

  56. Idon’t like Shiobon at all,but to each his own.Even when she slows it down,it’s very nasily.Everyone votes for who they like.My votes will go to Cyrstal,Casey,Mike and Lee.They are always in tune,and can sing anything.I do think Casey needs to sing another slow song.He has a phenominal sound,especially after Jealous guy.He needs to show that again.I’m disappointed over the theme this week.It should be interesting.A female vocalist with mostly guys left.

  57. ANITA BAKER and TONI BRAXTON were nasally , so what their music was huge in the industry. Get past that and look to SIOBHAN’s future. Hopefully she doesn’t get beaten down to conform to the judges or the public.

  58. hope these songs are chosen… don’t care who picks which one really… just wonder how they’d make these tunes beautifully their own –

    don’t be stupid (casey?)
    i ain’t going down (crystal?)
    any man of mine (siobhan?)
    from this moment (aaron or mike?)
    when you kiss me (lee?)

  59. Crystal Bower-Sox “Feel Like A Woman” but she will really have to up her performance with this one. I believe Siobhan could actually pull this song off too. Better vocals than Shania? And Casey rocks all the time. He actually removes his shirt this week – so wow go Casey.

  60. Keep in mind that reality shows have very clever producers who stir up emotions and keep the audience guessing. They edit and spin the shows in order to build excitement and insure that the final episode is a must-see. That’s why Casey has lately been downplayed by the judges. It was obvious early on that he’s the one to beat. Not convinced? Go back and watch everyone’s early performances and listen to the judges.

  61. I love Crystal and Casey hope to see one of them win personally I am not a shibon fan but to each his own. Wish they were doing just country cause Casey could rock some Keith Urban

  62. CASEY…keep voting for him this week, Casey fans…he’s the only one who gets my votes every week! No one compares to him in my book!!

  63. Yes,Wendy and billoejo.Casey is fantastic.I on’t get people saying Shiobon is the only one with talent.Do they not hear Lee,Chrstal,and Casey?The judges love them,and they do have an ear for talent.Chrystal has a great voice,and a uniqueness.SHe would be great on a cd.If I heard Shiobon’s nasal voice,and screaming,I wouldn’t listen.Vote for pure vocals.Enjoy the show.Vote for YOUR fav!!

  64. Listen to Siobhan’s and Crystal’s studio recordings on YouTube or Itunes, then come back here tell us what you think. No one says Siobhan is the only talented one. But, she is the most marketable, has the best stage presence, the greatest vocal range and has a freshness that is totally lacking in Crystal. All of them are adequate vocalists, but Siobhan is a star.

  65. I would not buy a shibon record that is just me however I would buy a cd of the rest of them cause I like their vocals 🙂

  66. Lee…………think if Kara mentions again how cute you are……….ask……..”do I have to take my shirt off now?” ha

  67. who was the woman sitting next to Shania Twain? WHy was she wearing that black “cover” over her blouse?

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