American Idol 2010: Rating the Top 6

We are down to our final 6 on American Idol Season 9 so it is time to separate the best from all the rest.  This week I’m basing the list on my personal favorites from worst to best regardless of who has the “best” vocals.

6)  Aaron Kelly just don’t do it for me.  Perhaps it’s because I’m a little older than most of the viewing audience but I’m not feeling it from him.  I would have preferred Alex Lambert stay over him.

5)  Big Mike Lynche – I do feel like he was worthy of the save however I don’t feel like I would buy any of his music and this is what I am looking for now. 

4)  Siobhan Magnus is the new pick for VFTW.  I’m a little confused at this because her vocals are much better than Aaron Kelly. 

3)  Crystal Bowersox is probably the best singer in the competition but her style is not what I would buy and since I am basing this on my personal favs she lands at number 3.

2)  Casey James – yes he was in the bottom 2 last week and yes he hasn’t done the best the last 2 weeks but he does have good vocals and he is the only one who tries to choose more upbeat songs. 

1)  Lee Dewyze is my favorite.  He has really grown in this competition and I love his style.  I would buy anything he put out.

How would you rate these top 6?




  1. i like you top 6 but i will like Crystal be number 2 and Casey be number 3

    casey kind boring last week….

  2. Ashley – One thing with Idol is that you have judges and media trumping up certain contestants as sure things, then you see them gone, season after season. Daughtry, Melinda, Archuleta, Lambert..
    This year, judges have made Crystal, Lee, Big Mike their favorites. Yet Siobhan Magnus gets 30-35% more buzz on Facebook, Twitter, and Internet sites than even Crystal.
    Now it could be that Siobhan has another huge trainwreck, that is possible. But judges have done about the most damage to her prospects that they can, and it is harder and harder to take their critiques of her as honest. Unless she has another wreck, give her Top 3. Magnus also has 3 “not so secret weapons” if you accept Twitter ‘wisdom”.
    1. She is considered a hot babe.
    2. Apparantly, her recent studio work has been absolutely superior. Twitter folks have been raving about how good “When You Believe” is on i tunes.
    3. The 18 and under vote. Normally a female contestant suffers here, but apparantly Magnus is wildly popular with teens, and the tween girls with Tim and Casey and to a lesser extent Aaron may just stick around and vote for her, if she is left and those three boys are gone. Lee, Crystal, and Big Mike appear to have little enthusiasm.

  3. Amend – Obviously Casey at 27 is not a boy. But he IS attractive to female tweens and teens.

  4. I love Cyrstal,Mike,Casey and Lee.Casey needs to sing more songs like Jealous Guy.From that one song,he could have won the whole show.(Best vocal of the season was that song).He needs to show that more,even though I love his bluzzy sound.Cyrstal is always great,and has the unique IT factor.I love Mike,but if you ask yourself,who you would recognize on the radio,it’s Chyrstal,Casey,an Lee.Shiobon has a nasal voice,and her screaming makes me want to push mute.She has the best comebacks,and seems sweet,but it ends there.Sorry Ashley.

  5. Please vote for standout performances and great vocals only.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ashley, i totally agree with your top two, here’s my list starting from most fav –

    1. lee – love his voice & vocal & soulfulness
    2. casey – love his voice & effortless style
    [look forward to both their CDs]
    3. siobhan – like her unique everything
    4. crystal – she sings twice her age, impressive
    5. aaron – he sings thrice his age, impressive
    6. mike – he looks a big teddy bear, very cute 🙂

  7. Chris Ford, I based this list on my personal tastes and which persons music I would most likely buy. I don’t have anything against Siobhan in fact I think it’s ridiculous she is the pick for VFTW. At this point in the competition I think it comes down to your personal taste in music.

  8. Let’s leave the cuteness, personality, and the like aside and stick to music:

    6) Mike Lynch – one dimensional, he does a good ballad but has suffered on other material – Eleanor Rigby was just horrible.

    5) Aaron Kelly – again one dimensional. Sings love songs and ballads well, but I can’t see him doing anything else. In another 3-4 years, he will have a good chance to record.

    4) Siobhan Magnus – I fail to see the fuss about her. Her “moment” was hitting the big note in the Aretha number. Since then she has been disappointing.

    3) Lee Dewyze – Lee has shown a lot of growth during the season, and is growing into a marketable artist. As of now I see another Danny Gokey — can make an album and sell 500K to 1 million copies.

    2) Casey James – Casey is by far the best musician of the group, but this is a singing competition. I can see Casey having huge success as a country artist in the Keith Urban, Brad Paisley mode, or fronting a band. He has given solid performances. I did not agree with the intense criticism on the Fleetwood Mac number.

    1) Crystal Bowersox – Crystal is the only contestant that has never disappointed during the entire season. I can can see her having much success as a solo artist – similar to Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow, Shania Twain, etc. If she doesn’t win it will be a travesty.

  9. well if your going to throw vocal ability and talent out the window and use your personel opinion you basically told us you have the hots for lee and casey

  10. badjag@10 – don’t believe that’s what Ashley said but if you want to read it that way, just remember that the show is “American Idol” not “American Singing”

  11. after the Aretha song and SIOBHAN hit that big note Simon said ” you need to stop hitting that big note” therefore limiting her range.
    I think SIOBHAN is shying away from putting it all out there vocally because of SIMONS critizism. SIOBHAN is waiting to burst out . This week will be tough doing SHANIA but she’s still better than 3 of 6 that are left.

  12. Being 70 yrs old, let me tell you kids something.
    Whether she wins or not, Siobhan Magnus is a future megastar.I’ll even go as far by saying that Siobhan might be the best prospect ever to hit the American Idol stage

  13. Oldmanbob,

    After this season is over, you’ll never hear Siobhan Magnus’ name again, except in articles about past Americal Idol seasons. She can hit high notes true, but after that there’s no spark.


  15. Aaron Kelly is still one of my favorites. To be so young and have that kind of talent is amazing. I believe he has the staying power needed for a career and “stardom”. Crystal is great along the lines of a Melissa Ethridge/Janis Joplin vein, Lee is also a favorite. I don’t get Michael Lynche…to me, there is no real star quality. Siobhon and Casey are good but just not my favorites.

  16. all the way big mike you are shore winner this season,no one in this compition have the style and singing experience as you.

  17. From worst to best:
    6. – Mike- Nothing notable about his voice and painful to watch.
    5. – Casey – Not a frontman, lead guitar and backing vocals.
    4. – Aaron – Good voice, too young, needs about 4 years.
    3. – Crystal – Good if unremarkable voice, very tired vocally and visually.
    2.- -Lee – Better in the studio, but the tour will help him with the stage fright or whatever that is.
    !. – Siobhan – The whole package. Wonderful vocals, drop dead gorgeous and unique in a ho-hum landscape.

  18. big mike is the whole world favorites we are voting for him for london england,and i hope america gives mecheal lynch his chance,not because of is skin colour.good luck to him

  19. we cant wait to see big mike proform on stage this week he is the best american idols ever had.he let us laugh and cry,all is songs are good choice.we looking forward to see him to the final.
    sharon from czechoslovakia

  20. we love big mike and we all going to give him our votes because he is the best around this year,we cant wait to see him and crystal at the final.good luck big mike.

  21. @ASHLEY…..I would like to THANK YOU for this site. I have been on it for two seasons and I really enjoy the comments. Of course we don’t all agree with each other but thats what makes the world go round. I have meet some very nice people and for that I thank you too.

    Regarding the top 6….I really would like to see LEE & SIOBHAN in the finale. Crystal has made it already, she is great (if you like that genre)….

    I saw TIM on the ELLEN show and he was really good. I think we are going to see a lot of him in the future…..

  22. micheal lynch big up to the max,we watch you proform everyweek and we see that your a shore winner,just make some new songs choice for the rest of the 5 weeks and u will be the winner.songs that the whole world likes.we are depending.

  23. There’re so many Crystal alike at the subways…if you ever walk pass subways to go to work! So I wish Lee & either Casey or SIOBHAN (she’s not my fav. but at least she’s different & should be good after some polish!!). Lee is the one I would consider buying his CD (SO far, Adam’ cd is the only one from Idol I brought!)

    So as I said in the previous column, no more strange idea from judges, I hope they won’t come up with a Victoria Beckem’s week next!! Yuk!!

  24. Siobhan needs to go the frick home. Last 3 should be Casey, Crystal and Lee, with Lee winning and Crystal coming in 2nd.

    Siobhan goes home this week, Mike next and then Aaron.

  25. Canyon is exactly right with his remarks about Casey–he is a perfect choice as a backup singer and the lead guitarist for some star-quality group. He’s easy to look at, plays the heck out of that guitar, but just is not a lead or solo singing artist.
    Crystal, Siobahn, and Lee–rock us out!!

  26. My personal favorites from worst to best:

    6. Big Mike: Do not have a special voice. Still think the judges is wrong about the save..
    5. Aaron Kelly: Vocals not enough strong
    4. Siobhan : Have special voice but dont know how to use them. Very disappointing. She herself doesnt know what she is capable of.
    3. Crystal: Talented but she alway the same kind of performance every week. Boring
    2. Lee: Great vocals. Great talent. But his style is like david cook and chris daughtery. Lee can cut CD already!!
    1. Casey James: Unique vocals and talented. A Country rock star.

  27. @16 Kenny or Crazy Kenny…wrong Kenny you will here from her big time..vocally the best out there. Listen to her songs on ITUNES.

  28. Remember, it is not just about vocals, it is the whole package they are looking for, which is vocals, looks, personality and stage presence. They want someone who will sell CDs and concert tickets.
    1. Crystal
    2. Lee
    3. Casey
    4. Mike
    5. Siobhan
    6. Aaron

  29. #1 Most likely Lee – nice deep, raspy voice
    #2 Crystal
    #3 Aaron – He is young, but does have a quality voice and will continue to grow stronger vocally
    #4 Siobhan – little quirky but good -Avril Lavigne ??
    #5 Casey – perhaps more in a band…he does play a mean quitar – sort of Leith Urban style
    #6 Big Mike – nothing really special – Haven’t seen any BIG moments

  30. It should be an interesting night Tuesday. I hope Siobhan knocks everyone out of the park. She needs a big night. The judges are driving her crazy. SHe is very confused with their comments.

    My top three pick are: Lee, Crystal and Siobhan. Aaron goes this week and Mike next. Casey…not sure.

    I think they will all do well in the future somewhere somehow. What a great opportunity for all of them. Sing your hearts out kids!

  31. My top picks are Crystal & Lee. I beleive they will be in the final, and Crystal will win.

    The rest of them are just so-so.

    I think Siobhan will be voted off this week of next – we don’t need another screecher!

  32. #40 your crazy Claire. Screamers..Pink , Kelly Clarkson and have you heard Carrie Underwood , Aretha list goes on and on. SIOBHAN is good.

  33. forgot one Mariah Cary all these artist use the screech / screams to their benefit so think about the great screamers of music

  34. Somebody said that it is American Idol not singing so my rating is on the whole package(btw crystal doesn’t have it all)

    1.Siobhan- Love her!!! Has the looks, voice, fashion sense and basically everything. Simon should just stop, she already won. He’s speaking in circles and just sounds stupid and unprofessional.

    2.Lee- Liked him since the boxer. Nice voice and looks nice-guyish.

    3.Crystal- I like nothing of her but she has good vocals and is third best.

    4.Casey- Always liked him and thought he did well with Don’t stop and that the judges were out of line

    5.Aaron Kelley- Nothing actually wrong with him just inexperienced and bad song choices.

    6.Big Fake Mike- Just a big fake with no talent.

    My final will be Siobhan and Lee and I don’t care who wins, like them both.

  35. from best to worst.

    1.siobhan,this girl is tough,smart,honest,and then add in,looks,style,charisma.vocals,talent,and the list keeps on going.
    2.lee.he has a unique voice.maybe comparable to dave matthews,and soms other artists.but a good sound.
    3.crystal.i think she is ready for a meltdown.what would ever happen to her if simor,or the other judges ripped her apart,as they do religiouly to siobhan.she has already broke down,and wanted to leave the show.
    4.casey.cute as a cupcake.can see him on nashville star,or any rock n roll band type.
    5.aaron.good vocals,but to many years a way.not ready for the rigors of winning ai.
    6.mike.see 5.but he would be the one with the best r,and b career.

  36. for all you shiobhan lovers.go to in siobhan magnus.the proceed to go to harrys bar,battle of the bands. u will get a nice treat of last years lunar valve band with siobhan as lead singer.

  37. Casey should win. He is a talented musician and would be diverse and exciting in concert. Can’t wait for his CD hre actually writes songs- organized a band lives music. We can’t stop listening a vunerable good looking guy who admits to being jealous? In America?? Wow he is so confident and doesn’t even realize how hot he is!! His voice is true. Oh and Lee? struggling and the hat what is with that and seeping voice? Chris D again? he does not have the star apeal diversity or talent yeah he tries, but who is able to take the stage and work it every week? Crystal is another Janis some vocals same songs ive heard it all before. Jealous Guy? who knew.. Go For the Gold!!

  38. Crystal’s CD is the one I would buy for the love of her music. She’s different than any other Idol.

    Casey’s I would buy because he sounds different than Daughtry & Cook.

    I like Lee, but he sounds too much like Daughtry & Cook.

  39. ok first of all I LUUUV AARON KELLY!!! here is my favs (from worst-6 to best-1)

    1. AARON KELLY!!! he is AMAZING!!! he is a beautiful singer with a huge voice and can hold the big notes. he can have bad song choices and he is not as experienced as the other contestants, but he is still AMAZING and cute and my fav contestant

    2. Crystal- she has a great voice and never a bad performance. She is amazing and i think she will win. Crystal deserves to b there

    3. Lee- he’s pretty good for the most part and i think he has a good chance of winning

    4- Siobhan- Shes ok. Not my fav but DEFINATELY not the worst. Sometimes her “uniquness” can weird and sometimes it can b cool and interesting

    5. Casey- I dont like Casey. He’s waaay better at playing gituar than singing

    6. Big Mike- i used to luuuv big mike! but he just got boring! hes a good singer and i luv him but hes my least fav cuz he is boring now.

    i have 1 more thing to say— THANK YOU LORD TIM URBAN WENT HOME!!!!

    xoxo~tosha <3

  40. Please do not discount Aaron…Yes, he is young, but I feel extremely “marketable”…if you even want to use the overrated term….he appears to have the emotional stamina at a young age to be able to handle the “star” factor. Plus…he does have a great voice and we are voting for vocals….
    About Crystal, Simon said it best, very early on, that if he were walking down the street, Crystal would be like any other subway, street singer one would encounter. Yes, she has a decent voice, but with the recent drama of her wanting to quit and the continued “pampering” she is receiving, she appears to be too emotional. I also like Lee…there is a subtle quality about him. Casey is great on the guitar, but not so much on the vocals. Siobhan has a cute quirkiness about her that will prove her well in the future and Big Mike has to much of a Big ego and not all too memorable.

  41. I have a theory as to WHY VFTW is telling everyone to vote for Shiobhan now that Tim is gone. At this point in the competition, there is no single bad performer left. And since there are no bad singers left, WFTW are left selecting the one performer the judges seem to be most against. And for whatever reason, it is obvious to me and must be to VFTW that is Shiobhan. I myself, used to be a Crystal fan in the beginning, but the judges blatant, uncalled for negativism toward Shiobhan, has me voting for her more and more. So for me at least, the American Idol judges unequivocal favoritism toward Crystal, and negativism for Shiobhan had just the opposite effect the judges hoped for. And I hope it does for others as well.

  42. no hablo ingles pero me encanta ver en mi pais Peru AMerican Idol, me gustan todos los cantantes para mi cada uno tiene algo especial, me dio mucha pena la fecha que se fue Katie, saludos a los jueces que son lo maximo

  43. Lee is my absolute favorite. However I hope he goes #2 because then he won’t be under the thumb of the AI execs. for a whole year- he can do what he wants without answering to them.

  44. As to my favorite (from best to worst) at this point:

    1- Shioban
    2- Lee
    3- Crystal
    Huge drop off at this point …
    4- Casey
    5- Aaron
    6- Mike

  45. @Steve……I hope now Siobhan will get Tim’s votes…..that would be poetic justice considering the way the judges have treated Siobhan.

    @Gabby…..I agree with you….Lee could do his own thing just like Adam did last year…..

  46. my best to worst:

    1. Lee
    2. Casey
    3. Crystal
    4. Mike
    5. Aaron
    6. Siobhan – irritating

  47. This is my personal favorite and exactly how I think it will end up.
    1. Crystal Bowersox, best night – Me & Bobby Mcgee
    2. Lee Dewyze, best night – Treat her like a lady
    3. Casey James, best night – Jealous Guy
    4. Michael Lynch, best night – for me was Eleanore Rigby, loved it.
    5. Siobhan Magnus, best and only great night, Paint it Black
    6. Aaron Kelly, I honestly can’t remember a single thing he has sung, forgettable.

    Crystal is light years ahead of the other contestants, the first time she stepped on the stage she was ready for a recording career, her fan base is huge, she does the same thing over and over because that’s her thing, I could never get tired of it, first singer in 20 years that gives me goose bumps.

    Lee is very good also but not as consistent, he has had some bad nights where Crytal has had zero.

    Casey is very good and very good looking, love him on his guitar

    Michael Lynch is the only competition for Crystal vocally because his voice is excellent but his song choices are poor and I don’t think America wants another Ruben.

    Siobhan is good to a degree but sounds very nasal, has a narrow range, she’s pitchy and usually out of key, she’s not ready for a contract yet but give this girl some training with voice control and watch out.

    Aaron, he is a little sweetheart and very cute, but forgettable and sleepy.

  48. Oh, please allow me to disagree…Aaron is not unforgettable nor sleepy. He has a wonderful voice to be so young that if given the opportunity, will be channeled in the right direction. I believe he (or Lee) will be the dark horse in this competition. Too much drama with Crystal. Siobhan is terrific. Big Mike should have a Big voice…but he doesn’t…Casey needs to be in a band as lead guitarist…not lead singer.

  49. Well for me I agree with Phyllis and Chris about Siobhan and Lee 🙂 since the beginning (without Andrew they are my favorites) so the season for me should be:
    1. Siobhan
    2. Lee
    3. Crystal
    4. Mike
    5. Aaron
    6. Casey (sorry girls but I just dont get him)

  50. 1.Lee- BEST!! AMAZING.
    2.Crystal- Good but not better than Lee.
    3.Casey- Alright but always pitchy.
    4.Mike- i’ve hated him ever since he first started.
    5.Aaron- He trys to be like a lot of pop stars.
    6.Siobhan- Tries to pull of the Adam Lambert and can’t. And she’s weird with her outfits!

    PS: I love Adam Lambert.. and Siobhan can’t sing.. at all. And I didn’t want Tim to go.. he’s hott and he was improving. I wish America would have given him another chance.

  51. Kind of sad to see any of them go at this point, but…My favs worst to best…

    6. Big Mike-should NOT have been saved…America voted! He is a pet of the judges, though…

    5.Aaron-cute kid, good voice, too young…

    4.Siobhan-she’s ok,as she and Casey ARE NOT the judges’favs…but I wouldn’t buy her music…

    3.Crystal-I wouldn’t buy her music either…

    2.Lee-great voice…cute as can be…yeah, I’d buy his stuff!

    1.Casey-OMG…his voice(WOW!),smokin’ hot rock star bod, that smile, those eyes, that hair, his passion for his guitar…He’s ready to go…and I’m ready to buy his music(and no, I’m not a tween…His voice reminds me of Bob Seger whom I absolutely adore above any other…). Even my boys and my hubby like his sound and guitar skills…VOTE FOR CASEY!!!!!

  52. 1. Lee, definetely will listen to his records!!!
    2. Crystal
    3. Case
    4. Siobhan
    5. Big Mike
    6. Aaron

  53. Do not want to even attempt the numbers game at this point. My personal favorites are Lee, Siobhan and Aaron. Followed by Crystal, Mike and Casey. Would definitely buy an album by Lee – like his raspy and soulful voice and also Aaron. Give Aaron a few years and he will definitely be up there with the likes of Josh Turner and Brad Paisley. He is likable and there is no drama about him. If you read his bio…you will realize that he does have a lot more life experiences that he can draw from in order to make his performances more believable (Kara -who is so into “connecting” with songs) than one would think. He has come a long way in his 17 years. He used to sing with the Charlie Daniels band down in Flordia at Charity events. Again…don’t discount this young man.

  54. 1) big mike
    2) crystal
    3) casey
    5) aaron

    I dont care what people say my favorite is big mike


    Hey guyz.. I ask some members of VFTW and they said that they choose Siobhan as their pick because she has the most interesting personality and totally outstanding talent not because she is the worst.. many people love her while their are also people who hate her. the main reason is actually because of the hatred of the judges to her.. knowing that she has the great voice, she might win the competition and that is their goal.. Siobhan was never in the bottom three, she might be the one to grab this thing.. pls support siobhan!! GO SIOBHAN!!!!

  56. shiobhan is my #6. at one point, i thought she was pretty good, but i must have been drunk at the time. her personality is so annoying, she is the furthest thing from current, and she is just unpleasant to listen to. i dont know why she is so popular (and now she will get even more votes thanks to VFTW)

  57. win or lose, i think lee will be the most successful of the contestants. he has an excellent voice and it will appeal to a large audience. he also has the look of an artist and can write songs. crystal may win, but i cant see her doing very well.

  58. Maybe you guys should stop trying to make that you know music and go with what you really feel inside and that is that you think SIOBHAN is the best and secretly you can’t wait to see what she does: Good or bad. Crystal is not so perfect, she actually missed a big note on her last performance. Watch it through and see if you musicpro’s can hear it!!!!

    6.Big mike

  59. I agree with Doug @ 79 – win or lose, Lee will do a lot more than Crystal, he is not only into singing or performing.

  60. In order of personal preference
    I would buy their music
    Maybe one or two downloads:
    No way their music will ever enter my iPod :

  61. I love Siobhan. She is a winner. She will become famous. She is like Madonna with a great voice.

  62. My list:

    1. Lee Dewyze
    2. Crystal Bowersox
    3. Casey James
    4. Siobhan Magnus
    5. Michael Linche
    6. Aaron Kelly

  63. 1. Aaron Kelly
    2. Big Mike
    3. Crystal Bowersox
    4. Casey James
    5. Lee Dewyze
    6. Siobhan Magnus

    Annoying that I cannot vote because I live in the UK!

  64. I’d rate Crystal & Casey as the equal #1 followed by Lee and then Siobhan.

    Mike and/or Aarom won’t be missed!

  65. SIOBHAN will have a tough time tonight i hope not though.
    My ranking for it matters..


    Hopefully SIOBHAN stays..not a good week for her. She deserves to stay another week.

  66. I don’t get what the hoopla is about Casey….Yes, he is a nice looking guy but really…He is not a great singer, yes, he is a great guitar player. He should be in a band as a backup singer and lead guitar…..NOT THE AI……JMO

  67. Aaron Kelly all the way. Yes he is super young and has a lot to learn but that kid has the MOST potential out of all of them!

  68. My picks from best to least:
    1. Lee-for the win.
    2. Casey-he is okay.
    3. Aaron-young and I know will do good with guidence from professionals.
    4.Crystal-same,very boring, wouldn’t buy her music.
    5. Shiobhan-same,very boring, wouldn’t buy her music.
    6. Mike-very boring and don’t get it. Still think it was bad move to save him. Plus his attitude is a real turn off.

  69. Out of the thousands that auditioned…just to be in the top 6 is AWESOME & IMPRESSIVE. Still going to vote for Aaron. A lot of talent , sincerity and humility displayed. All the contestants should do well with their own unique spin on whatever song they choose.

  70. Lee and Crystal will be in the finals. My preference would be for Crystal to win it all but it could go either way. There’s a big drop-off in talent with the remaining four. I expect them to exit in the following order: Aaron, Mike, Sioban, Casey.

  71. i won’t mind Crystal taking the title and Lee 2nd ‘cos he can start recording which seems to be what he’s all about… however, Crystal just doesn’t appeal as an Idol despite her awesome vocals which are not exactly “current”

  72. I like Crystal best…then Siobhan, then Casey.
    I think Lee is good but he is a little late in showing it. The ones I have mentioned have been consistently showing their talent.

  73. i have read through a few of these comments, and seen siobhan posted as “boring” “trying to pull off adam lambert” “weird” and “nasally”. she is none of these, never have i SEEN a more interesting cover than paint it black. and, for those who think she is trying to copy adam lambert, i know not of anyone more unique than siobhan, nothing about her is average, or common. weird, yes, but thats a great factor. she has the most interesting personality, the most unique voice, the most pleasing high notes (i refuse to call them screams, since the only time she DID scream was in superstition). the judges put her down because they want the boring, same-every-week crystal to win.

    1: Siobhan: The ENTIRE package, perfect studio voice too. she will go so far, one of the greatest idol contestants ever?
    2: Lee: great raspy voice, not too original, but definitely a strong contender for me.
    3: Casey: i liked him from the start but i think he is becoming slightly average now. put the guitar down for a couple of weeks, show us some huge vocals please!!
    4: Aaron: i think his voice is very good. he is the youngest, and i think he’s much more worthy than most people give him credit for. change the songs more aaron!!
    5: crystal…same every week. this world doesnt need another crystal, even though her vocals are very good. she often has bad notes that the judges “forget” to pick up on…too boring, but a great singer.
    6: micheal: i think hes a huge talent but he just doesnt do anything for me…sorry

    siobhan all the way!!

  74. Agree with some of Alex’s comments.Shiobon is aweful though,and Crystal is far from boring Everyone I know thinks she will win,in addition to a major it factor.(Including the judges,and many people in he music business).Iagree with other comments,although I think besides Mike having agreat voice,he has great stage presence.Lee is a Bruce Springsteen all the way.

  75. @robin..what are you looking for in an artists. Do want the same cookie cutter singer that conforms to the public charts or something unique and different. If it is the later vote SIOBHAN or if you want a per usual singer vote for anyone else. Crystal and SIOBHAN are different than the rest.

  76. @ Robin #101: How can anyone compare Lee to Bruce? Bruce is all fire and energy, while Lee is all fear and apologies. I guess, using your yardstick, Casey is Jon Bon Jovi, Crystal is Janis Joplin and Mike must be Barry White. That being the case, I suppose that makes Aaron out to be Alan Jackson and Siobhan must be Celine. Heck, why even have this show, they’re all going to be gazillionaires.

  77. @ Canyon….so true…yet…I can see Aaron more in the line of Alan Kackson or Josh Turner than I can see Lee as another Springsteen…and I like Lee…he does have a raspy, soulful voice…it is what it is…vote for your personal favorite and whatever happens…happens

  78. I think Siobhan should have been sent home along time ago, I just do not like her voice at all, I like alot of the other girls alot better. Crystal is the best female by far and a tie between Lee & Casey. Just really surprised Siobhan is still around. Hope she goes this week as for the rest they are all good.

  79. @ Rose #104. Don’t get me wrong, I like Lee and hope he makes top 3. But he’s no Springsteen. He’s never going to be “street” like Bruce.

  80. @ Canyon # 107…Understood. Also…please excuse spelling error on Alan Jackson…so sorry. Looking forward to seeing what our contestants will be doing tonight…Enjoy.

  81. Now I Know people are entitled to their own decisions of who the want as their top 6, but putting Michael Lynch down is not going to help. I’ve watched the comments and so far what I’ve seen is racial discrimination. I just don’t think is right. It’s these kind of comments that make contestants go home that doesn’t really deserve to get the boot.My point, STOP PICKING ON MIKE BECAUSE HE”S THE ONLY BLACK ONE ON THE SHOW.

  82. I actually like Big Mike…maybe not for a frontrunner in the competition, but I like him over Aaron Kelly (who reminds me of a little boy…like Justin Bieber). He seems like he is going to cry any time he gets is he supposed to handle stardom being a crybaby?

    I think Big Mike sounds a lot like Luther Vandross…

  83. And I would rate them:

    1. Crystal
    2. Lee
    3. Big Mike
    4. Casey
    5. Aaron
    6. Siobhan…I think she likes to scream more than she likes to sing.

  84. Although Casey is my favorite contestant for reasons including his voice, personality, charm, looks..etc, Crystal has the best voice in this competition. So this is the order in which I think it will go down.

    1) Crystal
    2) Casey
    3) Lee
    4) Mike
    5) Siobhan
    6) Aaron


    6. Aaron (he’s not too good)
    5. Siobhan (okay… she does nothing for me.)
    4. Casey (he does the same thing EVERY WEEK!)
    3. Big Mike (amazing voice, but he won’t win.)
    2. Lee (amazing voice.)
    1. Crystal (my all time favourite. amazing performances every week.)

  86. I personally think that Aaron Kelly is the best one on the show this year. He always has great vocals, and sings from his heart. He deserves to be the next American Idol NO ONE ELSE.

  87. Aaron is my favorite. He is just so so so talented. He has it all super voice, personality and he is star quality.


  89. I am an 11 year old boy.

    6-Big Mike-He sings great, but i wouldnt buy his music.

    5-Crystal-She will probably win, but only adults would buy her music.

    4-Casey-His vibe is amazing! However, he doesnt have the FULL potential.

    3-Shiabon-She is very hip, and very cool. I think she will be the runner up. But her music isnt fully revealed yet.

    2-Aaron-This guy has the voice of an angel. He deserves to win, but number 1 is a great singer.

    1-Lee-This dude is the improved version of david cook, a past winner. This guy has it made. He is my 3rd favorite idol, but my only favorite who is still in the game.

  90. @P #110 A little lame in this day and age. All the contest6ants did justice to Shania’s songs tonight. Hope you voted for your favorite.

  91. Hey Kevin @ 119… WOW!
    You are only 11 yr old? Amazing! You must be doing very, very well in school – English and Music & possibly Maths too must be your strongest subjects!
    I agree, Lee is the best, but not tonight though… but he’ll be the best again next week I am sure!

  92. Lee DeWyze – You’re Still The One. He is s good singer, the best of the guys IMHO. But he still needs to break free of whatever pain he harbors. Please smile dude. Loosen up. Good song choice.

    Michael Lynche – It Only Hurts When You’re Breathing. I expect something bigger from Big Mike. He doesn’t deliver it. (girlie?) sigh,

    Casey James – Don’t. Nice song, nice singing, but nothing to say “Wow” about. I think he is more of a rocker than a crooner. Judges disagree with me. OK.

    Crystal Bowersox – No One Needs To Know. I really liked this performance. I disagree with the judges again. I think this was one of her best. She went a bit country. Imagine that. Crystal Bowersox sang country. She did a very good job. She introduced some new sounds and performance enhancements. I wasn’t bored with her this week.

    Aaron Kelly – You’ve Got A Way. Not Bad, pretty good, But I can’t say it was all that. When he grows up, he might be great. Someday, but not yet. However, this may have been his best so far.

    Siobhan Magnus – Any Man of Mine. I have no doubt. She deserves to be the American Idol.

    Siobhan will not be the favorite of boring people – that’s for sure

  93. I just keep scratchin’ my head at this support for Lee. He looks like a deer in the headlights. Like he’s sniffed too much of that paint he sells. If he’s the best this show has to offer then I’m switching to DWTS. Does anybody else have an irritating floating pop up blocling their screen? Can’t use this site anymore ’cause it is always in the way. Good luck to all.

  94. After the standard set by Adam last year, its impossible for anyone to come out shining in this season and further seasons to follow. The contestants this year are boring and the only time I felt anything was during 2 of Tim’s performances. He DOES have a voice. The guy or girl in the 4th and 5th row of the audience look more promising as idols as the contestants do.But the show is entertaining!

  95. I think that Siobhan has the most potential to become this season American Idol. She brings a new fresh music to the industry. Moreover, I love every studio songs she had recorded cuz she sounds fresh and her vocal is just great. I believe Crystal goes 2nd cuz i still want to hear more from her and i still have faith that she will do great music. I choose Lee third since I think I hear a lot of Lee before. His recorded songs almost sound like David Cook’s and I’m not really satisfied. I hope he’ll bring something fresher and greater.

  96. Casey, Lee and Aaron. They are the best in that order.
    Mike needs to go. Can’t stand that high pitched voice – that would sell zero records.
    Siobhan likes to scream too much. She can do well in a song, then let loose with that Dracula scream and ruins the whole thing. Could you imagine her DV with every song having that Dracula scream? Wouldn’t sell many.
    Crystal, bless her heart, just has too many emotional issues to carry on a musical career. Plus, everything she sings sounds like Janis Joplin. If she ever straightens out her head, she might do o.k.

  97. Aaron definitely did justice to Shania’s song. Have to agree that Casey did step forward as well as Lee. Big Mike’s performance was weak. Crystal does have a lot of emotional baggage to make it…even if she does win….and Siobhan…leave the song alone…the screaming at the end is so out there (agree with Simon).

  98. I really don’t get it…Siobhan does not scream….she is singing out loud because she can!!! Funny, Adam did that last year and everyone loved it (including me) because he can sing out loud…..
    JMO….Siobhan and Lee in the finale!!!!!

  99. All 6 were amazing last night. Hard to judge based on last night’s performance. However, my ranking is as follows:

  100. Casey and Lee are both duds, one hit wonders at best. Crystal is nothing more than warmed over Joplin (without the range or intensity), Aaron is boring to the point of channel surfing while he sings, Mike has a good voice but is basically dime a dozen commercially…so that leaves quirky Siobhan…good voice, good range and excellent stage presence…unfortunately, it will be wasted on a generation of kids who scream when the Black Eyed Peas perform a piece of crap. Go figure.

  101. So suprised that it was not Big Mike that left…I enjoyed Siobhan’s quirkiness….have to admit…she went out in STYLE….all th3e best to her


  103. just think, who’s cd would u actually end up buying???? yeah ther are all “good” singers but when i comes down to their style and everything. Like Big Mike another Ruben Studdard, did you ever enjoy his music????

  104. crystal has a great voice but i am not into her style and wouldn’t end up buying her music.



    BIG MIKE another Ruben Studdard, from previous American Idol winner….. didn’t do well with sales.

    Aaron, the innocent little lamb, another Clay Aiken. Already had that.

  106. At the beginning I really liked Mike, don’t get me wrong I still do, and I was disappointed when Shibhan was cut last night, I believe out of all the girls she was the one that shined the most and was what American Idol is about. Now I think Big Mike really needs to pull off a really good song to continue on the show and prove he was worth the save. However I believe that Crystal does not have enough of a personality to make it and if she wins will not make it very long. As of right now my most favorite is Lee he is the most current and has improved the most he has the star quality that will get him the farthest. Aaron is the youngest and a good singer but not that impressible and as for Casey great guitar player but needs to be part of a band. Was glad that Tim finally went home he should have never made it to the top 24 and the judges felt the same way, he was sent home and brought back by the exec. I love the judges Simon can be cruel but they have to be prepared for the real world of music when they get out there and they are worse than Simon.

    Lee blows the rest out of the water, so talented. a-maZ-ING.
    GO LEE LEE GO LEE LEE!!!!!!!!

    AARON (an innocent little lamb) IS ANOTHER Clay Aiken (previous American Idol),already had that, need something new.

    And big MIKE is another Ruben Studdard- who was a previous American Idol winner…did anyone listen to his music after he won? NO

    just think -are you actually going to buy Mike or AAron CD’s when they come out??????????

    DID U ENJOY CLAY AIKEN OR RUBEN STUDDARD (previous American Idols “winners”)… because it is the same, lets switch it up this season.

    Although, Crystal is a great singer, but I am not a fan of her style so I wouldn’t end up listening to her music..

  108. Canyon,I wasn;t comparin Lee and Bruce’s personality at all.Bruce Springsteen is an amazing performer went toall his concerts)I already wrote that Lee needs more confidence,and doesn’t realize how good he is.I was only comparing their vocals.Same kind of sound,and great uniqueness to their sound.Who do you think should win?

  109. Suprised to see Siobhan go although she was not my favorite, she has a spunky quirkiness about her that was refreshing. My favorite is still Aaron and feel he will do extremely well this coming week. It may not be a “girl’s” year after all. The top 3 just may be Aaron, Lee and Casey….

  110. I don’t get a frank Sinatra week.Although it could be good for singers to know old classics,this is beyond old.Contestants would have to hear about Frank Sinata from their grandmothers.Ilove Crystal,but can’t imagine what she would sing.They should have songs relatable to the singers.

  111. Crystal is our favorite by far!! In frustration I just have to comment on the judges lame irritating favorite…ism- for a contestant that they just like as opposed to evaluating real talent. They have hacked away at Tim and Siobahn,and then… am I the only one who has noticed how, even Ryan consistently showcases Big Mike and his opinion, story ect.?? You know words do count. (to encourage more votes!!) A process tactic for elimination.

  112. Crystal is ALWAYS amazing…I would have put her at number 2 although I do really like casey. I agree with Lee as Number one he is my personal favourite… He has grown so much through out the show and I just LOVE his voice… I would buy a cd of his right now! Sad to see Siobhan go but I don’t think she was doing her best but I’m sure she’ll go far anyway cos she has such a powerful unique voice! (:

  113. Siobhan was the best thing that has happened on A1 for a long time.She was ,and still is, just amazing.Folks here in Uk and Europe are utterly baffled at the voting results. This girl is more than special -she`s creative and unique.All the best to her;we`re looking forward to her coming to Europe anytime soon.

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