American Idol 2010: Lee is crowned winner and Simon bids farewell

It was an awesome ending to an otherwise boring season on American Idol and Lee Dewyze broke down even before he was announced the American Idol winner while Simon Cowell managed to tear up a little during his farewell speech. 

I was shocked and in a good way when the opening song was the Top 12 singing Alice Cooper’s “Schools Out” (For Summer) and saw Orianthi jamming on the guitar.  Then the rock legend himself actually appeared on the Idol stage and I was like WOW, this dude has gotten old but he can still rock it!  I think the rock element was long overdue this season so kudos to whomever brought Cooper to the Kodak Theatre this evening.


The first video clip for Simon Cowell was his best insults over the last ten years and Randy, Ryan and Kara all pretending like (well maybe they weren’t really pretending) they were ecstatic about it.  It was by far the best fun and had me rolling.

Siobhan and Aaron pair up to sing “How Deep Is Your Love” and I loved the harmony but the two of them singing a love song?  Come on now!  That’s taking it a little far lol and I know it’s all in fun but it was a little creepy.  They are joined on stage by The Bee Gees and I was kind of like what?  I mean “Staying Alive” was like 3 decades ago. 

Big Mike is up next singing “Taking It To The Streets” and is joined by Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers.  I’m just tapping my foot wondering wth is up with all the old music.  I was raised listening to all this and if the target audience was my parents I could see coming in with all these guys but the younger generation don’t even know these songs much less who these guys are lol.  We need current and relevant!

The Top 6 girls come out singing “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera and I’m holding my breath waiting for her to appear and thank God she comes on stage and belts it out and I’m like there is someone who can sing and who is NOW!!  She sings “You Lost Me” from her upcoming album and is amazing. 

Now it’s time for the Top 6 guys to get their chance to sing on stage and I’m thinking here comes some Enrique Iglasias but no, we get Hall and Oates.  The guys sing “I Can’t Go For That” and are joined on stage while singing “Maneater” and continue to sing with Hall and Oates on “You Make My Dreams Come True”.  Tim Urban actually sounded decent during his solo, as good as anyone else up there.

Crystal Bowersox then gets her duet and it is with Alanis Morisette.  She sings “Ironic” and introduces Alanis and they strut around onstage singing “You Oughta Know”.  The phrase “would she go down on you in a theatre” was changed to “would she go with you to the theatre” lol.  I used to sing this song to my exhusband quite a lot lol.

The best moment of the entire evening was Casey James singing “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”.  I kept looking at my husband saying, “Do you think Bret Michaels is there?”  Is it Poison without Bret?  I never thought he would be able to do that because on the Celebrity Apprentice just last Sunday he looked like he was in so much pain.  When Bret came out on stage I jumped up like it was 1990 and I was at the concert.  I love Bret and Casey so seeing them paired up was a dream come true for me.  In case anyone missed it, here is the video from youtube.

Lee Dewyze gets to sing a medley of hits with Chicago because he’s from Chicago.  I guess the Idol producers found humor in that or something.  So Crystal gets Alanis and Casey gets Bret and the winner sings with Chicago.  Doesn’t seem quite right to me but whatever.

General Larry Platt is back with Pants On The Ground and he’s joined by a group of hip hop dancers who at the end drop all their pants just as Platt says, “keep your pants up”.  It was pretty funny and honestly, he was probably the most popular ‘contestant’ they had all season.

Paula Abdul graces the idol stage to bid farewell to Simon and she’s still as ditzy as ever.  You gotta love crazy ass Paula.  She wasted no time jumping in his lap while all previous winners with the exception of David Cook sing “Together We Are One”.  They are joined by many former idol hopefuls to sing their tribute to the man who gave them a start in the music industry. 

former idol winners

It was a touching moment and made more so by Simon’s emotional speech to everyone.  He actually teared up a little and made me realize just how much I’m going to miss this guy.  This is the end of a ten year era for American Idol because you all I know as well as I do that things will not be the same once he’s gone.  He was the show.

The last performer is Janet Jackson and the Top 12 get to perform one last time with the pop queen.  She is singing a slow song and sounds eerily like Michael which made Matt and I miss him all the more.  R.I.P. Michael, you truly changed music and there will never be another king of pop. 

The moment has arrived and the envelope is handed to Ryan.  People all around the country are holding their breath.  Lee is crying on stage and Crystal puts her hand on his shoulder to calm him down.  Ryan says dim the lights and slowly announces that Lee Dewyze is the season 9 American Idol.  He pretty much loses it and has a hard time singing “Beautiful Day” amid all the fire and streamers and tears.  Congrats Lee!  Hope you rock that first album.




  1. Why weren’t David Cook and Adam Lambert on the stage with all of the former Idols? And Ruben sure showed everyone why Big Mike got voted off twice. Mike isn’t good enough even to be Ruben’s back up singer. I think, fair or not, the results worked out for the best. Lee definitely needs the guidance of a big music outfit and Crystal would prefer to chart her own course.

  2. I definitely will NOT be watching Idol anymore. This two years in a row where the best talent did not win. It is just a popularity contest now. Crystal will have a much more successful career than Lee…mark my words.

  3. The harmony between Aaron and Siobhan was stunning! That was a perfect blending of voices. Those two will be hugely successful in the next few years. Hall and Oats need to retire.

  4. Jason, I completely agree with you. I told myself if Lee won I would quit watching American Idol. These girl teeny boppers are taking over.

  5. This is the second year in a row that I’m disappointed in the results, where the most impressive singer by far comes in second. I doubt I’ll watch Idol next year unless the voting rules change. Too frustrating.

  6. would have liked to see Crystal win…she has an amazing voice and I agree with JASON…SHE WILL GO FARTHER

  7. I was excited that Lee and Mama Sox were the finalists, Lee is an idol and I’m so happy he won! Crystal is an amazing singer, but she just didn’t have the like-ablity factor that Lee has. You have to like an artist to support an artist. Lee is adorable and is a talented singer! Good luck to both of them!

  8. Hey Crystal Fans

    Those of you who thought Lee’s fans are all those girl teens are dead wrong. LEE is no longer a teen not David Archelata. His fans are all grown ups and music lovers, serious music lovers who appreciate his songs and vocal and talent and his creativity in making the songs current and relevant and his own. Music is his life and passion. We love his music and personality, OK? Get over it.

    Don’t worry, Crystal will be doing OK with her music career. In the past, most No.2’s doing well, not bad eg Adam Lambert,

    America Voted her right wyze choice.

  9. Crystal….We’re behind you all the way…You DIDN’T lose at all. The “cream will always…rise to the top”. Most recognized your STAR QUALITY from the on start. Congrats go to Lee, and I’m proud he won’t have to mix paint any longer. I’d love to have more duets coming from the two, and I think Lee would be wise to add Crystal to some road shows if Nashville doesn’t embrace her first. I’d sign her up immediately!!!!!

  10. Based on last night’s performance, it was only fair that Crystal won; it was clearly Lee 0 and Crystal 3 last night, but Lee had been consistently performing too well for the last many episodes especially the last won and people didn’t forget that….(though I personally would have loved to see Crystal win)

  11. Was a good show.. I cried when Simon spoke, I am going to miss him, he really is the soul of this show.
    Very happy that Lee won, he deserved it and I think he will do great same as Crystal and Casey. I really wish good luck to all of them, they worked hard.

    Ashley: I want to thank you specially for your comments, your professionalism and for let us know your thoughts and comment with you ours. You have done an amazing job and wish you lots of success in your career and in your life. Thank you for your posts and for let us express ourselves.

    Everyone have health and happiness 🙂 see you next year hopefully.

  12. So Lee won. I think Crystal should have won. Lee wasn’t as good as crystal to me. But I hope they both make a good living Off music. I heard that only the winner gets a album but always the 2nd place person gets more fame and money. 🙂

  13. I am so happy that Lee won. For me, most of what Crystal did was yelling/screaming. I want to base talent on hearing someone “sing”. The right choice was made and for all of you who have made comments that Lee is backed by teens…wrong! I am far beyond my teen years and from the first day they had their top 12 I said Lee would win. His demeanor is refreshing where Crystal was trying to act like she was already a star. Had to be an embarrassing moment for her on Tuesday when she tried to crack jokes and NO ONE laughed. She needs to back down a little and be more humble. She may have a career ahead of her, but I disagree that she will succeed more than Lee. In case you didn’t notice, Lee won…which means more people liked him…so more people will buy his CDs. You rock Lee! Good luck Crystal!

  14. By the way…listening to all of the other previous Idol ladies tonight…made me wonder all over again how Crystal ever got to the top two…many of the other girls were so much more deserving with much prettier voices.

  15. I Can’t Beleive Lee Won , This is Bull !!! Crystal Should have WOn SHes got the True Talent

  16. You must remember this show is for entertainment! no matter who wins there must be producers out there who’ll dying to have both of them in their recording company. This show is about making profit though. I think america had wisely chosen the best among 12 contestent so, LEE deserve to win. they both are winners! Just enjoy the show! no need to feel bad about anything ya!..happy always!

  17. Wow! What a great show! Congrats to Lee, and to Crystal good luck to you!

    This show was something I did not expect, it was somewhat funny and serious. Big Mike, shoibhan, and Aaron, you are still the performers I like listening to!

    Janet J, and Christina A, what amazing performances!

    Mr. Pants on The Ground, you did your thang!

    I was really happy that AI stepped up and bought the winners of past AI seasons aboard!

    The most inspirational moment for me was, when the top twelve was on stage again!

  18. Last three were all talented but the future will tell the truth. Crystal will be big time, Casey will make it also and Lee will be a so-so. Crystal was the front runner the majority of the season and smoked Lee on the final night big time. All three judges told Lee he needed to step it up and he still couldn’t. People will pay to see entertainers. Crystal is one and Lee is boring.

  19. Bonnie B, just because more people voted for Lee doesn’t mean he’s more talented or will do better than Crystal. Other than Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, what other Idol winners have really had success?

  20. Can’t really say Lee’s victory was a complete disappointment, but I thought crystal was better. They are both very talented individuals who will contribute great things to the music industry. They will both have successful careers and I wish them the best of luck in their new endeavors.

  21. Like many of you, I thought Crystal was going to win.

    Something must have gone wrong with the so call voting.

  22. Crystal has an extraordinary vocal range. Lee was the Idol version of Travolta working in a hardware store & selling paint(?) and morphing into a disco dance king at night; kinda hokey with the BeeGees there:)

    I’ll be buying her music; he has too many needs to be ready for a music career.

    I love Xtina:)

  23. I’m happy for Lee-wishing you all the best. Crystal should have won though.She has her own style and can really hold her own. I can’t wait for Crystal to release a single and/or her cd,I’ll be there supporting you Miss. Thang!!!

  24. It’s disappointing this year (and last year, and the other 2 years before that). Anyways, many top winners in the past did not came out as successful as the runners-up. Crystal’s born with the talent and she will still rise up to stardom. IDOL is just the stepping stone. Now that Crystal is on the map, she can move on to the next level. All is up to her now.

    Now that Simon is leaving, AI will never be the same again. I watch IDOL mainly bec I love Simon’s meanie attitude and comments bec he usually has the point and experience.

  25. Uh…what about Joe Cocker??? He was better than any of them except maybe Alanis…

  26. sorry two years in a row. the show has got to be fixed. its sad, i wont watch anymore. they need to change the voting too bad just feel the contestances got cheated somehow. very sad. lee should have been gone along time ago, some of the other girls were better. sad.

  27. Thank you so much Marta! You are a sweet person and I’ve enjoyed reading your comments. Come visit me over at reality rewind sometime. 🙂

  28. Very dissappointed that Crystal never won. She has more talent, charm, and could really have used a break in her life, and for her childs as well. What’s wrong with voters. The paint salesman (Lee) is always going to get a break with his teenybopper fans. BOO! HOO! Time to stop watching American Idol!!!

  29. I think Lee deserved to win. Kara said that Krystal stayed steady whereas Lee grew and almost outshined her. Part of the point of the show is to grow as an artist and thats what Lee did.

  30. Lee definitely deserved to win!!! 🙂 Crystal was good though but Lee has a much better voice for me.. Go Lee!!!!!

  31. wow!! for starters it was disappointing to see America get it wrong again seriously like Jason said other than Kelly & Carrie where are the other idols last year Adam did not win because he had to much talent and America thought he would go further then Chris so they voted for Chris and I feel that is what they did this year and Bonnie B. its your kind of thinking that I am talking about. I think they are both good & were the best vocally of the group but Crystal by far has the better voice & is more versatile, and you said it she will go far so you voted for the other guy “smart thinking” that really showing your talent, we are the country that fights for the under dog. And as for the show tonight I enjoyed seeing some of it but they could have shortened it to 30 min and I would have been happy, Crystal & Alanis Morisette were the best on stage to night, I did also enjoy Siabhon & Aaron sing & the few min that the prior Idols sang. But the pants on the ground thing just piss me off that they wasted ten min of my life with that..

  32. Lee overall was better than Crystal. Better tone quality, Hallelujah was amazing, and just seemed like a more likeable person. Crystal seemed like she was trying too hard and Lee was having fun and doing his best. Trust me, I am the concertmaster (violin) in my high school with perfect pitch and at least 7 years of musical experience with piano, voice, guitar, mandolin, and guitar. Competitions are extremely stressful and you forget to enjoy yourself, have fun, and do your best. But I think they were both great, they just each had different strengths and Lee’s won over America. Crystal’s voice becomes very harsh and hard to listen to at times but with all these MP3s and I-pods around they damage all your ears, thus her voice does not seem so harsh to you and you don’t get the great tone of Lee’s voice.

  33. I am thrilled for Lee – Crystal did do a lot of yelling and screaming – good on ya Lee you deserve it young man and come on the USA I am from England give this young man a break he is an amzing singer – and DESERVES YOUR SUPPORT.

  34. I watched it live from here in Sydney (10am)and thought that Crystal was way better. Lee is very good but Crystal is GREAT!!

  35. I am still listening to Lee downloads now and it sound so good and pleasant as an artist. I am glad the mama who also talked back never won. By far and large she was swayed by the judges comments about how good she was. Have anyone notice that Lee was NEVER in the bottom three at all the whole season and that shows he build up his base unlike a Mama singing to her baby.

    I will never even have a second look at her CD and many people keep on saying how good she is, she is just another yelling no standard constestant.

    AMERICAN you all did did the right vote and despite it was said as a tight percentage, this is just to please the judge whom have been singing good things about MAMA. SHE SUCKS and her album will sure fall flat when it hit the stores. LEE all the way to TOP Chart for your single.

  36. Highlight of the night you ask???



  37. Well, I don’t know how old are those who voted for Lee. Some may be older, as someone pointed here. All I know is that…they have no taste at all. Lee sings out of tune, people! I would have not included him not even on the top 12, let alone at number one. LOL. Well, I don’t care. I never care or I would go crazy. Every year is the same. But, if you think votes decide, you are so wrong. The producers chooses the winners. If not, how come I knew Lee would win, only based on what the judges say?

  38. We shouldn’t compare one to the other or put the one you didn’t like down. Their both good singers and they sound very much alike when they sing together.

    Just think, where they started from….and now, look at where they’re going. Their ives will be change forever…Congrats to both of them…they both won.

  39. Once again they got it wrong.. What a shame.. Cast away the votes from the girls 15 and under and we got a whole new ball game.. Im with Simon on this one.. No more idol for me!!!!!!!!!!

  40. well, he won and American feel happy everybody happy. Not because he’s a man but he’s adorable.
    First time i chose Lee and Siobhan to win, and Lee stand up until the last performance. He’s ready to be a star i think, more than cook and others.
    Good Luck Lee

  41. Crystal’s league is outside AI. She’s already a star before joining the competition. Crystal is a “well-prepared” singer to reach a better future. She’s gonna be a big star someday.
    Lee is an “unpolished” diamond and need to build his confident. Being an American Idol winner is not the easiest way to get the popularity. There are some barriers awaiting on his way. But.. I’m sure Lee’s gonna make it..
    Good luck for both of you!

    I think it would be great if Crystal and Lee working on their duet again. “Falling Slowly” of their version is the best performance ever on AI.

    Oh Simon… you made me cry.
    Idol competition would never be the same without you. I definitely gonna miss you.
    Well, all the best luck for you Simon!

  42. God am so Glad tht he won!!!!!!!! i knew the day tht he sang treat her like a lady!! i knew it we were lookin at this years american idol!!!I prayed for him!!really did!!

    he one awesome performer and i have no doubt in my mind that his name will grow even bigger!

    n yeah obv crystal gonna come out with an album of course to!!

    so they both won in aways!!!

  43. From the start Lee and Crystal was my 2 favorites. They are both great singers with a style of their own. Lee did stay consistant, while Crystal lost it for a while. Lee have grown from a shy, non-smiling man to a confident idol. Congrats to you, Lee! And Crystal and Casey i’m sure you will go far as well.

  44. Crystal was great from the beginning, no doubt about it. I’m definitely not at teen at the age of 53! In the end I voted for Lee because:
    *He has a really unique voice.
    *He is humble, listened to the judges and didn’t argue or make excuses. He absorbed everything he heard and tried to make the best of it.
    *I didn’t like Crystal’s attitude in some of the shows and she almost quit. Hey, she got mostly great reviews and seemed to try to defend herself in earlier shows.
    All in all, Crystal will do fine and I’m sure she has a LOT lined up for her. She IS incredibly talented and will do very well. I LOVED her Janis Joplin songs. Lee just has a humbleness and innocence about him that obviously touches the heart. It may be his lack of confidence, or how his confidence grew over the weeks. I liked his drive though. And his crooked smile. lol

  45. I think that the girls were strong sings this year. Simon made a comment early in the season. But they left pretty fast. Crystal was my favorite and stayed up late voting all four hours. Just wondering how many if you who wanted her to win also voted many times like me. I guess not enough cuz she didn’t win. It’s the young teens that are voting. I guess this is what Idol wants they buy the CDs. If you look up what their contracts say. The winner gets only 175k for the first CD only if it’s a hit. And then just alittle more then that for the second one. They do get the fame but the shows producers get the money. They will do the concerts but with all the millions they make very little is given to the stars. So they aren’t real winners until their on their own. Crystal U win!

  46. Yeeeeepe Im so happy Lee won, what a humble guy with an incredible voice, he will go places. And people should stop dwelling on how bad Big Mike is coz in the end, he is great and will go places too.. I wish him all the luck as well… Congratulations Lee you deserve it… Crystal thought she had already won and something about her voice I dont like she tends to scream and yell, heard some great voices from the ladies that we voted off.

  47. C. Bowersox the clear and apparent talent here,what’s going on?? 1. Stupid Americans showing their ugly face yet again or 2. Fox, showing it’s ugly face, as to be expected, again and again and again. So long American Idol and good riddance.

  48. A bit surprised to see Lee winnng the tile, just as surprised as seeing Adam Lambert losing it last year………just the opposite of what I expected.

  49. The most outstanding performance of the night was Bret Michaels and CASET JAMES!!! Love you Casey!! AWESOME.

  50. FINALLY!!! My fav. one WON!! Iwas so disappointed the last 2 years where both of my fav. Lambert & Archuleta are the runner up. So I’m so so happy LEE won!! Can’t wait his CD to come out!

    On the other hand, sad to see Simon go…he’s the only true Judge with valuable comments & I agreed with him 99% most of the time. AI won’t be the same without him!! Hopefully they got someone like Lambert on the show next year, otherwise, I maynot be watching!

  51. I was so into the show this year and my husband and I were so excited to Chrystal sing so well last night – we live in England. After peaking at the results we have decided not to watch the show – and probably not again. She had the talent and Lee must have won on a pity vote. Good luck Simon!

  52. We know already that Lee is the next American Idol for 2010, he is so good in singing, his vocal quality is unquestionable, he’s single, silent and have a personality that is so down to earth so is not a question anymore of who is the next American Idol for 2010, it shows from the beginning of the competition.

    Crystal however is also good but she has this squeeky voice that came like too sharp already on any song she sing, she is not single, a mother and not a my girl material type, so she is not a idol type.


  53. Yay.. it’s finish! Lee & Chrystal are both great in their own ways. But yeah I think I’m with Simon too.. No more Idol! It’s just a popularity show obviously, imagine if the judges had to pick the winner! Yep I’m goin where Simon’s goin.. X-Factor!!!!

  54. I really thouught crystal woud win! wrong again. Probably best she didn’t though, the winner never really does well world wide.She doesn’t need to win to be great

  55. I Love You LEE!!! i have never seen anyone on that stage with as much heart, soul, passion and want 4 it. he is what the show is all about, they didnt get it wrong at all. congrats. i will definatly by all the cds.Lee is the only contestant 2 ever make me cry because you could see how bad he wants it. anyone with that kind of drive will always go far.
    Love 4 Lee From New Zealand xoxoxoxoxoxo
    and guys crystal also deserved it, she was good and it was close. i know alot of you will be disapointed but like they say, may the best man win…. and he surley did. xoxoxox

    • yea i love lee also he is so humblr and he has grown since tha show started i knew he would be the winner when usher said he could really sing

  56. by the way ive just read through all the comments and it does sound like Lee has alot of fans world wide. thats what you need 2 be a super star

  57. well crystal lovers be happy about one thing … crystal can now sing her own songs like chris daughtry did

  58. probably like what happened to Adam Lambert’s batch, the winner didn’t get the opportunity to have lots of offers,it is more likely gonna happen to Crystal, Crystal will be the one rising and not Lee, pretty obvious Crystal isn’t worried on losing.

  59. There wasnt a loser here. Crystal will be ok. I think the fact that Crystal has a kid was a factor in the voting. Lee has only to worry about his folks and family

  60. I think Casey will succeed better than Crystal and Lee combined where the sale of records are concerned.

  61. Lee won because he’s better; appeals to more people; and is likeable. Crystal is the opposite. A good voice but smug and thoroughly un-likeable in personality…She’s had the season to get the teeth fixed and tats removed.

  62. All those who state that they are no longer watching Idol because of the results…


    Last night was not so much a shock, but more an embarressment. To think that American’s know so little about ‘real’ music and singing is rediculous.

    What a messed up show, from a messed up country.

  63. Canyon you nailed it… “I think, fair or not, the results worked out for the best. Lee definitely needs the guidance of a big music outfit and Crystal would prefer to chart her own course” Well said!!!

    But… if Australia were allowed to vote I know Crystal would have won!

  64. So, it’s over for another year. Some folks are happy, others aren’t. Nothing new there then!!
    Well done Lee, tough luck, Crystal. However, when you get into the top 12, I think all of them will keep their careers going, one way or another, don’t you? The TV exposure alone has made them household names so I don’t think we should feel too sorry for them. And don’t forget the tour!! Season 10 won’t be the same without Simon, but America…. you are gonna love “the X Factor”! Scotland out.

  65. I too am very upset about the results. I agree that American Idol has become a popularity contest and that the screaming teen girls have taken over. Who won last year…oh yeah none of us remember. Lee was “ok” but Crystal was dynamic! And Crystal, like Adam Lambert will go on to stardom and next year we will be asking….”who won the 9th season of Idol?”

  66. Crystal sings good like any other singer. But Lee rocks the house which makes him what Simon calls “a memorable artist”. I’ll be looking out at Lee, he’s got a very big potential. After all, he has just learned what he is capable of. Great break for the guy!

    I’ll still be watching next year how a Simonless Idol will do.

  67. I can’t believe Lee won. This show is a$$. Although it was a fun finale, for sure. I can’t believe Lee won.

  68. Thank goodness Lee won. Wouldn’t have been able to watch the show tonight here in the UK if Mama won. Simon is right Lee is what the show is all about. The reason it looks like the second choice contender always wins is apart from appealing to a wider audience they also have to have the likeability factor. Not just sing. Great to see Wil young still an idol.

  69. i think they both are already winner by getting the far away in the compentention I wish you both good luck take care and make money

  70. Lee won because he captured our souls with his voice, passion and genuineness. He never once referred to wanting anything else but a lifetime of music. I’m a 48 yr old mother and I picked him in Hollywood week when I just heard a line or two and was not really “watching”.His tone grabbed my attention and I said “That’s the one to watch”. How wonderful it was to find out he was such a down to earth, real ,genuine guy. I bought his Slumberland CD. He has that je n’ais c’est quois (or X factor!).He has such depth and complexity. He will go far and I am thrilled that he won!

  71. Hi, from Australia firstly 🙂 My family & I were going for Lee from day 1! I cried when he won! Mommasox will definately go along way too….her voice & confidence is definately amazing! My highlight of the night was Janet Jackson…OMG! Stunning, hot, sexy!

  72. No one has mentioned the fact that Lee has already recorded and has a label. He was always referred to as the paint salesman. America loves a rags to riches story .Though they both have it, Crystal was the best but it is hard for a woman to win given the audience full of women and girls.

  73. have again proved that the land is only for underdogs who actually do not qualify on talent. You have managed to pull of yet another upset and in this case an upset which is quite upsetting. The idea of AI was to search for talent and not based on popularity contest. If it was that, then it would be called Glamour Idol or some crap like that
    Firstly, Lee performed in a mediocre manner. No distinguished style of singing and no stage presence. To all those people who said Crystal was screaming, had an attitude issue…please stop listening to artists such as Queen, Janis , Melisa, or any of the classic rockers or even hard rock artists. Your taste would probably lie with the teeny bopper pop culture of Jonas brothers and the likes.
    Crystal has a charisma of her own and could walk the stage with aplomb. Her song renditions was very different and as an artist you need to take the songs and covert them to be yours rather than create a lamentable karoke version
    This is probably the second time that America has got it wrong and completely. In the end, a show like Rock Star Inxs was much more palatable and truthful. Good that the acerbic man decided to move on from a show flawed in its process and in its people
    To rock girl and am sure one day you would be up their with Janis
    To Lee, congrats and try to define a style that you call your own

  74. I am not an American Idol watcher.Last night was the first time I watched this season, but I can say that from the moment Crystal opened her mouth (minus the missing tooth) you could tell that she had a phenomenal voice. She will go far. I, personally, think she should have won. Lee has a good voice, but Crystal really wowed me. She also has stage presence which she will need going forward. She introduced those celebrities like she really knew what she was doing. I predict she is going to take Nashville by storm. Look out for a revamped Crystal.

  75. I am so disappointed that Crystal didn’t win. Lee did not sing well and teens voted for him because of his looks. Even Lee was shocked himself because he knew he didn’t deserve to win. Americans made another mistake, last year and this year. I am done watching this show. Crystal will do so much better and I am looking forward to buying her cd.

  76. Fact, Any musician can tell you that Lee is a poor singer. He is often out of tune. For that reason alone he should not have been even in the top 20. There are no grown up people who would vote for him…unless they dont like dreadlocks.

  77. This is cliche & corny but they are both winners and both deserved to win. Crystal was the winner the final 2 night but the week before, the final 3, Lee won hands down. He was also more consistent throughout. He has a good voice as does Crystal so I think they will both do well. I don’t see the need to bash either of them because they both came across as good singers and good people IMO. I liked them both but Lee was my fave. I will buy CD’s from both of them and Casey as well. I really enjoyed the whole season & like many others will miss Simon!

  78. ….See ya in Nashville Crystal…Wish I was a producer; I’d ride the wave with you kiddo…and, on to the BANK. Your lifestyle’s about to change for the better. You have but ONE WAY TO GO FROM HERE……..UP ! UP ! UP! We’ll be watching you all the way. You’ll make all your fans happy, and pickup the majority of skeptics along the way.

  79. America did get it right finally(the only other time’s this has happened were with Kelly, Carrie and David Cook). Batting .400 not so great. Crystal was great on the finale night, not so much leading up to it though. Where as Lee definitely was consistent. My big question is why weren’t the two finalists singing with Bret Michaels, seeing how he is the biggest artist in the music business and the Celebrity Apprentice winner. How could you have Crystal with Alanis(where has she been in the past decade) and Lee with Chicago(without Peter Cetera). So I guess those that claim Crystal should have won, maybe you should have voted. Sort of like for the president if you don’t vote, you can’t complain!

  80. Not only teens liked Lee. Forget that argument. Last year I agree America got it wrong. This year you could flip a coin. Lee or Crystal could have won. I’m not a musician so I can’t tell all the time when the singers are “PITCHY” but I liked both of their voices. Very distinctive! They both entertained the heck out of me and my family this season!

  81. I thought the show was terrific! ALL of the idols did a great job of bringin’ it! Overall, CASEY JAMES and BRET MICHAELS(so glad he feels better) blew the roof off that place! They were SPECTACULAR together! Two performers doing what they most love to do…PLAY GUITAR AND PERFORM MUSIC! I could see in CASEY’S face and gestures how happy he was just to go out and do what he LOVES doing without having to worry about the judges.I love both of them, and they certainly didn’t disappoint last night! I would have to say Aaron and Siobhan with the Bee Gees were my second favs. I was also pleasantly surprised by Paige Miles, she sounded really good!! Congrats to both Lee and Crystal, as I feel they are both winners no matter who took the actual title! After watching CASEY perform, I can hardly wait to see him on the tour this summer! CASEY fans, he is supposed to be on Larry King, along with the top 10, on Friday! GO CASEY!!

  82. I am very happy Lee won ,congrats Lee.He was a better performer that Crystal who only just managed to scream her lungs out.Just because the last two AI winners were not a success doesnt mean the same will happen to Lee .He is a star and will continue to shine.Shine on Lee shine….

  83. Lee? talented? hell no! so he sings The Boxer and it’s on the radio stations, BIG DEAL! His final performance night before the results, and he sings Beautiful Day, which he BOMBS and his vocals are all over the place, then he wins?!! WTH! Like alot of people said on here, I’m done with A.I. also, and Bowersox will be ripping up a CD today, people were probably waiting in the wings to sign her on. Then Lee will be back at Idol next year, overweight and going nowhere.

  84. Wow, well I wasted two hours of my day….it’s very frustrating, once again, that the wrong person won. It’s not like Lee can’t sing, but he wasn’t the better performer. He is much like last years winner, and we never hear of him….well, good luck!!
    Crystal will be one busy girl, and we will hear alot more from her in the future.
    I will be one less Idol watcher. It’s not worth my time anymore.

  85. CONGRATULATIONS LEE!!! he deserves it and he remained humble right to the end. all the best to him. i think the best part of the show was brett and casey. i just got to “know” brett on celebrity apprentice and it was so touching to see him come out like that – i am sure against drs. orders. i wish the two of them could’ve performed more songs. casey looked so happy and in his element. i am sure we will see alot of casey in the future. all in all it was a great finale. does anyone know why david cook wasn’t there???

  86. So happy Lee won. Though Crystal clearly is vocally talented, Lee is the one who appeals to the majority. Which was my guess. Lee comes across as humble and genuine. Crystal – proud and probably thought she had it in her hands already(judging from the way she carried herself throughout). Which goes to show talent alone doesn’t get you there, talent+likeability+humble heart does. You derserve it Lee!!God Bless!

  87. Well it looks like the majority of the people here are saying that Crystal should have won. I feel this way also. Lee has a good voice, but Crystal’s is great and she is also the better performer. She is very comfortable performing where as Lee is so wound up that he looks like he is going to jump out of his skin. He just seems very uncomfortable performing and made mistakes with his vocals in almost every performance I watched. I guess everyone who voted for him out there put in multiple votes for him and this is why Crystal didn’t win.

  88. Very well put: it was a beautiful finale. There were some touching moments and I regret not being able to speak English properly to say it as beautifully as Ashlie did. The main thing of course is that people as a rule confuse the goal of the show with the emotions of a football game. (In a way I do too) American Idol aims at promoting the careers of talented artists who otherwise would not have the chance of being exposed to the public. The thing is that the publicity and exposure that the first 3 contestants get is almost the same and it doesn’t really matter much who wins. There is no magic formula for success. Any of the 3 can be successful. THerefore, I fail to understand why some people seem to consider the loss of his favorite contestant as the end of the world. It is true that I myself, am pretty happy with the finalists and with their classification but if the 1st had been 2nd or the 3rd had been 1st wouldn’t make much difference to me or to the contestants’ careers.

  89. In past seasons, I only watched on occasion, however, this season I watched from beginning to end, and I have to admit that Lee and Crystal both deserved to be in the finals. They even announced at the beginning of the show that it was a very slim 2% difference between the number of votes. That’s extremely close IMO. The votes could have easily swung either way.

    Both Lee’s and Crystal’s lives are about to change forever, along with the lives of Casey, Big Mike, Siobhan, and Aaron.

    Congratulations Lee and to your new career.

  90. Finale was at the Nokia theater–not the Kodak! Alice Cooper wasn’t at the Kodak theater last night– Polaroid was!

  91. I am really happy for Lee. He is quite worthy yet humble. Somehow I feel he was possibly a bit sabotaged on the night of the final performances. The 2 songs that were picked for him-poor-and he performed them in a mediocre way. The Boxer, although well performed had an underwhelming effect. A big contributing factor on that night other than lousy song choice could have been his nerves. His signature raspy plaintiff wail just didn’t register the way it usually does.

    Cyrstal will be just fine-she’s more indie and I am sure she will forge her way.

    Just a random note-the 17 year old kid, Aaron has a damn fine voice for a person of any age!

    Just as I predicted last year, Kris Allen has gone nowhere and will continue to do so, unless he GOES COUNTRY. Then, he has a good shot.

  92. Lee is the only one who showed progress throughout the whole season. if you need, you could watch back at how he started and compare it to now. He truly deserves it.
    Crystal, however, was really superb as she started, she did grow a bit, experience wise, but not vocally, in fact, i think she actually got worse these past few weeks.
    if both Crystal and Lee were in the American Idol last year, Lee would definitely survive longer than Crystal, Lee’s got progression, that’s what the show’s about–to help talent grow. with all those talents last year, it’ll sure help Lee to grow much more than he did this year.

    i’m a fan of both, so don’t think i’m just any brainless fan girls supporting Lee cause he’s the last guy standing. x(

  93. Wow… the writer of this article is harsh – and very obtuse… I thought the old stuff was very relevant… and very good….. aux contraire… not just the young folks watch idol… This was my fave of all time Idol endings…. The “3 decades” ago music was a stepping stone for the current – Idol is about all styles of music… I LOVED LOVED LOVED the finale!!!! (except for the results)

  94. So Lee won, well done Lee but what was America thinking! He was so dull on the final and Crystal didnt just beat him she blew him away. Sure Lee seems a nice enough lad but really will anyone be buying his records because hes a nice lad.

    Second year in a row the wrong person won and the clearly better artist came second. Was more annoyed last year than this but come on Lee…Really?!

  95. YAHOO……America finally got it right……Congratulation LEE & CRYSTAL…..If history has anything to do with it, Crystal will do just fine and so will Casey. My first choice was Siobhan and I will definitely buy her CD…I still feel that she has the best vocals out of all the idols this season but I am so happy for LEE.

    The show last night was awesome. I loved seeing the stage full of Idol winners and runner ups….I loved the way the idols started the song and then the professional came out to join them… AWESOME show…..

    It was sad to see Simon’s last show but I loved the way they did it and Paula was awesome too. I do hope they hookup together on the X FACTOR. Idol will go on and I know I will watch it no matter how disappointed I get at times. (especially last season)…..

    I special THANK YOU to MATT & ASHLEY….This site is awesome and I really look forward to it day after day during Idol season……I have meet quite a bunch of nice people and not so nice people but thats what makes the world go round. Thank you again guys….AWESOME…

  96. I’m a music-loving, single mother and no where near teeny-bopper in age or attitude. All you people winghing that Lee does not have a good voice…. wake up. You don’t need to have a good voice to be a great star. There are plenty out there who qualify. Didn’t you hear Joe Cocker could barely sing last night ! LOL. Lee has won us over by singing to us – the audience. He is like a magnet to our emotions and THAT is what music is about. In the early days I liked Crystal, but as the weeks went on I found her obnoxious, and did not feel her music. The right person won and I do wish Crystal the best for her career.
    Lee… you still have some growing to do, but you are in the right hands to do it. Listen, learn and you will shine on for a long time to come.

  97. As american idol says good bye to simon.I say good bye to Idol. i will never watch the show again as the 2nd best won again. By far crystal was the better talent.I cant wait hear great things out of Mommasox.As far as Idol goes ill let the bubblegum teenboopers support the show.

  98. I think Lee was the best performer of the season & he desreved to win. He has an AMAZING voice & wonderful personality!! Congrats Lee! Crystal has a grat voice but I agree with Bonnie on being surprised she made it to the top 2 cos there were ALOT of girls that had better voices than her. Tho I loved the duet btwn Lee & Crystal and would love to see them join together in producing a song! As far as Lee being a teen artist I disagree 1000%…He is nothing like Justin Beiber or Jonas Brothers or anyone of the teen sensations & am appauled that anyone would compare him to them! I personally think Lee will go ALOT farther than Crystal & can twait for his first song to air. They both did a great job & i hope the best for both of them!!

  99. On a night when Lee forgot to sing his part (opening of Joe Cocker song) and when he sang way off key and was embarrassingly worse than the Chicago lead singer, he was crowned the American Idol by folks who, once again, got it wrong. The teenie bopper vote once again created a travesty. Before the elimination of Tim, Lee was just another contender. The teenie’s ended up settling for Lee. There is no way on this planet that Lee is a better singer than Crystal or Siobahn or several who didn’t even make the top 12. This is rediculous and I am not watching next year either. I mean, if you would have told me at the beginning that Lee was going to win, I wouldn’t have bothered to watch this year, either.

  100. If it was true that the teenyboppers did all the voting then Tim or Aaron would be the American Idol.
    Get over it, move on……LEE WON!!!!!!!!!

  101. Lee is NO WAY A “TEENIE BOPPER”!! Thats sooo lame & for the ones who think he is I think U need to update ur ears on the music of “teenie boppers”a lil better. America made Dewyze choice & that was Lee!

  102. The American Voter has spoken!!!
    Now is not the time of complaining the results.
    They reflect the knowledge/taste of those who voted. If we don’t like it, vote as well as try to educate those who don’t know what they are doing!
    The Monday QB-ing, the should-s,would-s and if-s have no meaning …. after knowing that Lee is the American-Idol-2010.

    Lewis Carroll put it simply as ”
    if it was so, it might be;
    if it were so, it would be;
    as it isn’t, it ain’t.
    That’s logic.”

    Let the time show us how Lee and Crystal evolve. Good Luck to both!

  103. #110 WANDA LEE……I don’t know what you were listening to but LEE sounded 100 times better than the lead singer of Chicago did…..
    Was anybody watching Idol prior to the Finale??? Crystal was awful and Lee was right on…..
    He improved and Crystal started to scream……I think she was a Siobhan wannabe…….
    All kidding aside……Crystal will do fine, she can handle herself just fine on stage with a little makeover (that Hair)….I really feel that LEE needed the title…….They both will be fine, they both have a great fan base…

  104. AI producers have got to look hard at revamping the show. For the second year in a row, the clearly inferior contestant won, and that is a problem which needs to be addressed.

    A bigger problem is that past experience shows that the “winner” is unlikely to be the most successful recording artist.

    Part of the problem is built in due to the nature of television. To be successful, a TV show has to have broad appeal. It has to appeal (or not be unappealing) to people in New York City; Miami; Los Angeles; Elgin, Iowa, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and Globe, Arizona.

    The recording industry appeals to much smaller audiences. Carrie Underwood doesn’t care if she sells any records in Harlem. Usher doesn’t worry about his sales figures in Nashville. “Christian” singers don’t care if they ever make it onto the R&B charts.

    But that being said, there must be some way to acknowledge the wide diversity of musical tastes in this country. After all, McDonald’s sells the most hamburgers, but they don’t sell the best hamburgers.

  105. We are Lee’s Fans and we are not girly teens. We are adults who still idolize and have infatuations.. with Lee of course.

    Most of his songs he sang during the season were not teens songs, like Lips of an angel, Hey Jude, You are the only one. Get real, guys.

  106. That was the best American Idol ever!! worth the 2 hours!! Highlights for me were ALICE COOPER, BRET MICHAELS, JOE COCKER,, all of them, gave me goose bumps! Great Job AI

  107. So sick of those whose fav. contestant didn’t win the show & threatened never watch the show again…but that’s few years ago when they said that & they are still watching & moaning year after year….Zzzzzz!

  108. 118,119,120 TENISADDICT…..
    I totally agree with you about the so called fans that won’t be watching Idol anymore…..SOUR GRAPES……..DON’T WATCH IT!!!!!!

    I was hoping to see ADAM too but I think they had prior committments……They were both on the show during the season so I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t be there. I would have loved to see Adam, wish he would have sang with Siobhan…….

  109. Didn’t think the show was as good as last year .. a bit too long and bordering on boring… too many older acts struggling to sound like they did 30/40 years ago…While Crystal has more control of her singing her voice most times screeches and gets on my nerves… she needs to learn to manipulate her tone.. Lee goes offkey but with good voice training he will be great as he has a lovely voice.. My favorite is still CASEY.. he too with a bit of voice training will be awesome.. 2 very likable humble guys… Good luck to all three.

  110. Is it only me that noticed..this? Christina, Kelly, Janet and Alanis…Where have they been the last two years ? Buffet world …queens! My goodness …I was stunned all the weight they gained.There music is good and they used there looks and sexiness over years to sell there albums as Carrie Underwood is doing now. Weight should not be an issue so do us all a favor and stop wearing tight spandex and leather, when you don,t have the body to do it anymore..its not sexy matter how great they sing!!

  111. I see no reason to to bring either performer down. Both seem like good folks and are both talented. I do agree that the most talented singer from this year and last finished second. That’s all right though this show gave them an outlet to be found and we are lucky it did. I was not happy with Ellen as judge, I like her but she brought little to the show.I hope they replace her and find someone who can talk music. Simon will never be replaced, he was perfect for the show. Lastly I am tired about hearing about how old time some of the contestants sound. Look at the theme weeks and the celebrity “tutors”. Practice what you preach, ever hear of David Bowie? LOL I enjoyed the season.

  112. It amazes me how stupid and ignorant some people are that actually have jobs writing..oh yes, and get paid for it…Your lame comments about the old school acts that were on were totally ignorant and one sided….First of all, when ANY of the acts that have won on Idol for the last 5 seasons actually sell more than one Platinum CD, let me know…..Next, when did half of the crap that is turned out today on the radio become “relevant”? Most of the singers, bands that are on these days, knock out 1 CD and they are bye bye…..Prediction….Lee Dwyze or whatever his name is, cuts 1 MAYBE 2 CD’s and you will see him in the back room of some smoky lounge 5 years from now doing just what he did before….Cover tunes…..

  113. Simon, i will miss u… It’s u that make me fall in love for american idol… Bye simon… see u in other show… keke.. Lee is the winner!!! yeah.. america got it right… I love carrie underwood… She’s the best!!!!! Ellen is great…..great job Ellen.. u brought life to the show.. Best result show ever…

  114. I don’t trust the format of ‘idol’ or any of the reality shows which requires a ‘phone in ‘ vote from the public. Would an ella fitzgerald, nat king cole, or tony bennet have made it today with this type of format? I don’t think so, and I have a feeling that Simon Cowell realizes the flaws of AI after these many years and is saying goodbye

  115. I cannot believe that Crystal did not win – she was clearly the best overall, though I think she will still have an amazing career …..I’ll certainly be buying her 1st album
    Lee was a lovely talented guy – but just not the same quality as Ms Crystal

    America ………What were you thinking ??
    was it just the teeny boppers and old grannies voting again – just like last year when the awesome Mr Lambert lost out to a mr Cutesy -Pie

  116. Att: Denny’s comment (#125)
    It doesn’t take a bunch of platinum sales to be set for life. Air play (worldwide) for years, tickets for shows, royalties that pay well…even more if the singers write the songs keeps probably 95% of past successful acts from ever having to fill those smoky barrooms as per your reference.
    How do you think past stars that’s are hidden to your eyes are living today? Very well, thank you. Due to digital technology & so many venues of music, they get more airplay than you’d ever imagine. i.e. Dolly Parton…not on mainstream county/pop…but other stations like bluegrass, traditional country & gospel have filled in the slack. Do your homework Denny, and just know that idols do quite well…even the ones that don’t win the final. Their futures look much brighter than you give them credit for.

  117. @121 Phyllis G. (Las Vegas) Thanks & I totally agreed with your comment @111 & shamed that Adam couldn’t make it…too busy rehearsing for his coming concerts…& he came down w a throat bug most likely caught on the flight back from this past weekends’ concert in Boston….that’s what he mentioned in his tweeer!

  118. Crystal is the clear talent, but, as was well documented by columnists throughout the country, tweenies and perimenopausal women voted for the safe choice. There are a thousand Lee’s out there, but only a few Crystals. She is a singer, song-writer, musician, with Joni Mitchell talent and Janis Joplin/Christina Augilera ballsiness.

  119. #131 TENISADDICT….I knew he would have a good reason not to be there. He always thanks AI for his success…..Thanks for the info…..I can’t wait to see him in July…..

  120. #132 BILL…….Its called preference and its obvious that the voters chose LEE not to say that CRYSTAL is not talented… stop blaming certain groups of people for voting for what they prefer…….like I said before, if that was the case….TIM would have won…..the teenies and grandmas loved him…

  121. #134 Phyllis, thanks for the rejoinder. Appreciate your comments, and you are obvbiously in the majority. Not blaming groups for voting for whom they like – just pointing out the obvious, and well documented. TV ratings are down big time for AI, and certain segments of the remainig audience dominate. I don’t believe I saw one blog comment from any non-female that voted for Lee. On the other hand, many females not in the groups mentioned voted for Crystal. Thanks Again.

  122. It is clear that Crystal should have been crowned the winner!! I am one of the grannies, but I knew this was a singing competition. I voted for Crystal I am with Wanda 110.

  123. ….and, the whole episode’s final came down to………PHONE DIALING ENDURANCE. Lee’s voters won the battle with only a 2% increase and fast finger dialing & less sleep. Wonder what AT&T plus AI’s take on the millions of calls amounts to. Change the voting format next year??? Forget it!
    and, lose out on the commissions?…No way!

  124. I hope AI does not think that when the ratings for AI go down that it’s because of Simon’s departure. I, like most of the people my age, the ones that have the money to buy the products that are advertized on the show are not happy with the voting system. The current system makes it easy for the teeny boppers to “stuff the ballot box”. It’s too bad AI couldn’t come up with a similar voting system like “Dancing With the Stars”. The person that wins is almost always the best dancers or the most improved dancer. Adults are not going to keep voting over and over again for FOUR hours. I love Simon, I know I will watch his new show and if there is public voting I hope it’s more like “Dancing with the Stars” voting system. Attention AI: you need to have some limits on the voting or you are just handing it off to one group and you will lose the other groups and it won’t be because of Simon.

  125. UNBELIEVABLE!! Lee basicaly screams not sings…is a “wanna be” david cooke or chris daughtry or even, and good luck trying, kris allen, whom if you’ve really listened to his entire cd is quite awesome and technically vocally beautiful. unfortunatley these little idol boy rockers have screaming kareoke voices that the studio hypes, are actually are allowed to make a million dollars off their amaturishness……… Technically, compared to the true rockers of this world..such as mick jagger, sting, billy idol, areosmith, acdc rod stewart etc and on and on NO COMPARISON!),lee was perpetually flat throughout and those of us who understand vocals can’t believe that simon, and kara etc., rarely mentioned his horrendous pitch issues, and screaming issues but would criticize someone with a beautiful “onthe mark voice” like big mike, who was virtually never flat and is a true consumate singer. Plus Lee has no business singing rock. He’s not innately a rocker and it shows, boy does it! Who votes for these people?? a bunch of tasteless middle america who is obviously tone deaf. and little pubescent girls with a crush. Chrystal screams too much too and needs to refine herself and stop drooling over lee…it was sooo obvious. She needs to get out of her ego and focus on vocals and performance and stop trying to make every song sound like Janis! She really got old after a while. She could go far if she gets the right guidance and starts listening to advice. None of these people are Adam Lambert,
    Carrie, kelly, fantasia, Jorden, etc……NO COMPARISON! I’m done with idol. oh and by the way i’m was professional singer here in Sandiego and sang in a rock group for 15 years, i’m friends with many amazing musicians and hey, guess what none of us are as tone deaf as the judges of idol!

  126. #139 PENNEY…..I totally agree with you regarding the voting system but did you really think that Donny Osmond deserved to win DWTS last season????

  127. The teeny boppers are complaining about all the “old” people being on the finale show. Most of those “old” people are the contestants idols and who they look up too. I was shocked to see Bret Michaels there. He is such a trooper and I’m so glad he won Celebrity
    Apprentice. I like Donald Trump now. I am a grandmother of four ages 10-19. My 10 year old
    granddaughter knew everyone except Joe Cocker. All four grandchildren are Bret Michael fans. We are a three generation Bret fans.

  128. Phyllis from LV: I was never a Donnie and Marie fan however Donnie was one of those candidates that was most improved. This year even though I live very close to Naperville, Il, I thought Evan was most improved however Carrie Ann said Nicole was the best dancer they have ever had, I agree. I did not vote because I liked all of the three finalist. I live very close to Mt. Prospect too.

  129. Crystal got an amazing voice compared to Lee , based on their performances .I strongly believed on Crystal than Lee . For to me – Crystal deserved to win . Well , its the votes that counts . God bless America. I am pretty sure CRYSTAL will make it to the top , she have an incredible voice of a STAR .

  130. After watching Adam Lambert lose last year, I had lost faith in the vote system that American Idol has. After watching Crystal Bowersock lose to an ingratiating Lee makes me feel even more staunchly, that the network of structures and channels for voting the winner of American Idol has to be changed. Clearly, Crystal is the one that is most forte. I sing in the choir at church and have been singing most of my life. Wake up American Idol, it’s time to make a change and let the most gifted one be the true winner!

  131. Strictly from a performance level (especially based upon the performances in the final competition Tuesday) it’s clear that Crystal should have won. If this were a boxing match rather than a singing competition, Cystal would have been declared winner by a TKO. But, as previous Idol results have shown, this is much more than a singing competition. Factors such as likeability, attitude, looks and appeal to the major voting bloc (pre-teen and teen females)count as much collectively as singing ability. Hence, Lee ekes out (by 2%, according to Ryan) a victory over the superior singer by far.

    I think Lee’s sincerity and humility helped him a lot – once again, just as with Kris Allen, the likeable, less confident underdog won. I’ve been saying all along that Lee is off-key more than he’s on-key, but his victory shows that singing in correct pitch is overrated (like in that Beatles song he sang with the great, ancient Joe Cocker, “What would you do if I sang out of tune?” -I guess the answer is, we make you the next American Idol!).

    I must admit, as the season went on, I liked Lee more and Crystal less, as individuals -partly because of ther aloofness and over-confident bearing – and I’m sure many others felt the same. My real favorite, Siobhan, showed last night what a unique and compelling performer she is -hope to hear more from her in the future.

    I think Lee will get much better with time, and he does have potential, based on his raspy style and the honest emotion he puts into his songs (must say I didn’t like the way he mangled the lyrics on The Boxer -anybody else notice he patched lyrics together from different verses?). I think Crystal will do great too, because, well, she is great, in the vein of Joplin/Etheridge/Raitt.

    Thanks to Ashley for running such a fantastic blog, and to people like Phyllis G and Marta for so many poignant comments.

    See you all next year!

  132. I am extremely disappointed that Crystal didn’t win last night. I was very impressed with her from the beginning. She sang from her heart, and it was clear to me that SHE was “the one to watch”. I think that the younger generations didn’t understand the significance of the older songs that Crystal sang. Lee wasn’t anyone that I even LIKED, much less thought of him being a “winner”. Actually, I would laugh at him for being off key on most every song that he sung. I will not be rushing out to buy his music for any reason, and I truly think that he will be forgotten by this time next year like the guy who won last year…what was his name????

  133. Shannon #30…I voted for my favorite performer. The one who had grown the most on the show and will be VERY successful. I am not thinking WRONG as you commented. I just voted my heart. YOU can’t tell me that I voted wrong any more than I can tell someones else they voted wrong. The votes are in, Lee won so I guess there are many out there who loved him…just because you liked someone else better doesn’t mean the people who loved the winner are wrong for doing so. And for the last time…it is only MY opinion, but ALL of the other girls that got voted off had much prettier voices than Crystal. Hearing them all again made me realize all over again how her voice is just nothing special. Sioban’s voice blew Crystal’s away. I think the top 5 will do things with their careers…so why is anyone all upset because some of us are happy that Lee won?

  134. Cheers Simon, thanks for the entertainment over the years. Best of luck Crystal and congrats Lee 🙂

  135. You people need to get over it.. the season is over, lee won, deal with it and stop moaning about it!
    And for all you people who live outside the states and say its a messed up country bcos we let the teeny boppers take over idol, get a life! it would the same in your country too doofus! we’re not the only country with under15 year old teen girls! doh!
    And i can bet the people who say they wont watch idol again…..will probably be back on here again next year when their pick doesnt win, saying the same thing blah blah blah!

    GET OVER IT!!!!! LEE WON!!!!!!!!

  136. #146.BRIAN…….Well thank you Brian and hope to hear from you again next year too! Have a great summer!!!!

  137. #148 BONNIE B….My thoughts exactly…..Siobhan should have won but I am glad that my 2nd choice did….LEE……

  138. Sorry America – I live in Britain and just seen the result – and you got it wrong – AGAIN! What is wrong with you? Two years in a row! Good luck to Crystal – she is a real star, not another run of the mill singer like Lee.

  139. thank you #154, we’ve already got our Brit’s opinion that counts & that’s right on the money… full-stop

  140. I do believe Lee should have won he has a great voice and doesn’t scream and yell.Well voted America. All the very best Lee from South Africa.

  141. Brian # 146 Completely agree with all of your
    comments. Was just wondering who will be taking Simons spot.

  142. well the result endorses my theory that the outcome is RIGGED–by the producers!!!as last year with ADAM –2nd him to–bullshite–LEE has as much talent as my dead parrot!–CRYSTAL like ADAM will be mega stars,speaks for itself about the shows corruption, another if not the reason for SIMONS departure??DEFINITELY a not to watch again show, except for the ‘would be hopefuls’ in the elimination rounds–now thats ENTERTAINING! MR DISILLUSIONED.

  143. PS,the proof of RIGGING is endorsed by the lack of emotional displays by the runners up–they seem to know the result prior to the viewer?????mike2

  144. Crystal Bowersox should have been crowned American Idol – better vocals than Lee

    Simon Cowell you will be missed!!

  145. Crystal was the true winner. Lee is a nice guy, with a fairly nice voice, but Crystal is awesome. Like Lambert, she should have won. Crystal made the show tolerable. I can hardly wait for her to put out her songs. I really liked the song that she was to record, it was awesome.
    I just could not stand to hear Lee sing that corny song they gave him to record. He needed something with a little more soul to it.

    MaMaSox rocks.


  146. I have been an avid fan of AL for the last 3 years.
    The show is extremely entertaining.
    My wife and I watch it faithfully. We get caught up in it probably like most of you. When I look at the handfull of artist that are chosen from some 30,000 people I have to think my God, they are all winners. So congratulation to all of the winners. Don’t quit or give up. You have to make your dreams come true.

  147. Crystal is amazing but not my style of music. Lee may not have performed aswel as he should have, but he has an amazing rough tone to his voice and i would buy his music. You can’t say the votes arn’t correct just because the best singer didn’t win.

    Love Lee and very happy he won. x

  148. P.S the show wasn’t a patch on last year, the performances were far less relevant and there really wasn’t much of a wow factor. Last year i was glued to the TV (and not just Adam and Kiss), i still have last years finale and watch it again from time to time. Quite un-impressed with most of the show

  149. Go Jason!!!!!!!!!!!!!It’s definately about popularity!!!!!!!!!!! Adam was beyond better than Chris last year.(The first thingChris said last year was,”Adam should have won.”This year,Lee was oof key several times(even in the finale-as all the judges agree.)AMerica cares about gay or dreadlocks not winning,(How pathetic is that),instead of accepting someone not exactly like them,who has amazing talent.Adam has made it bigger,and so will Chrstal.I’ll still watch,but won’t waste time with votes.I gave Chrstal 265 votes.Oh well.I can’t wait to see her in concert,and buy all her cds.Lee has a good voice,but he could be mistaken for David Cook or Daghtry on the radio.Chrstal is unique,and one of a kind.SHe will stand out in talent in the end.

  150. I can’t believe America has done it again – do you guys ever show any back bone???
    Crystal stole the show, from start to finish yet Lee wins?
    I don’t get it…can anyone explain? He is a nice guy but quite ordinary yet Crystal is absolutely amazing, vocals we’ve probably never experienced since Janis herself….
    I have no credibility left in the great USA regarding true talent – you are a sell out, truly commercialised, truly false, truly un-Adam Lambert (get the picture?)

  151. This show really is about unearthing talent. I have listened to and watched all Crystal’s home videos on you-tube and she is incredible. She was my favourite from the moment I heard natural Woman in Hollywood week and I wished she sang that on the final night.

    Her not winning is a blessing as she will now record the album of songs that she wants. I cant wait…

  152. 167.Mark – you have kept me quite grounded – there I was banging on about how America got it all wrong (which is still true) however Crystal is the true star – can’t wait to buy her album.

  153. The final night was ok – my biggest surprise was Carrie Underwood. I had never really listened to her before but her voice is amazing – she is right up there with Christina…

    Alannis Morrisette still holds a great tune as well and her duet with Crystal was cool – even though the lyric change was an Ed Sullivan moment!!

  154. Christina’s performance was truly moving….best part of the show for me. And of course, Sir Cowell – you will be truly missed.

  155. she was robbed just as adam was robbed last year-is america too conservative?

  156. No doubt the format of this show needs a review. Without Simon it will struggle – one thing I am opposed to is the themed nights. I know this helps judges and voters compare more easily across one genre but it is boring and no indication of future popularity. To truly survive they are going to have to apply their good voices to a great original song.

    So lets see their song-writing ability. I would like to hear more original work – I want to know what these stars will be releasing when they go solo. Let us judge their future recording style instead of the current karaoke competition.

  157. after watching american idol,for the first time in my life at a friends house,i came up with different viewpoints.1.alice cooper cant sing anymore,and maybe never did.2.i thought bret michaels was almost dead!3.i prefer to see.and hear janet.christina,alynnis,carrie,bee-gees,michael mcdonald all day long,whether they are current or not.4.i thought the 2 best singers on last nites idol,were the girl in the schoolgirl costume,and the cute black girl.well that showed i dont know a whole lot ,because my friend told me that the black girl named paige was voted out like number 11 or 12.and the cute girl named siobhan was also eliminated number6.but ,i clearly wouldnt of picked the final 2,but thats just me!go figure

  158. I was so disappointed Crystal didn’t win. Once again I also thought the wrong person won. Adam should have won hands down last season too. All the best for the future Crystal – you were awesome. Was blown over when Alice Cooper hit the stage. What a legend. All the best Casey – you were terrific too. Simon – I’ll miss your sick sense of humour.

  159. Mark (172)….Well said.
    I felt most of the season,the singers were out of their comfort zone….not in their genre much at all….but forced to fulfill the producer’s & judges style of music they promote. I’d read somewhere that Crystal asked the producer about singing one of her originals, and I’m sure it went right over their head. I’m sure Lee could’ve done well also with full band & backup on one of his. I’d love to open the door for these type of challenges to give the viewers something more to look forward to. I agree that each singer should be judged according to the genre & style they’ll be promoted in. We, viewers, can decide who we want as the idol with a max of 10 votes per phone line per evening. That would make the Idol chosen… the RIGHT CHOICE… without the questions, disappointments & despairs we’re subjected to.

  160. Crystal is the true star of the show!
    Lee not bad but not as good as Crystal

  161. As a Brazilian who has watched and loved American Idol since season 1 I can’t understand why so many people say that America got it wrong with Lee or in any other season for that matter. Maybe I am a little biased because I have almost always picked the winner except for season 5 when I picked Chris Daughtry. (I still can’t understand why Chris lost) Last year Americans chose the worse of the finalists because they had no choice. They couldn’t elect the best contestant, because after all the show is called American Idol and he was obviously the best singer but couldn’t be the American Idol. Maybe this is a language problem but I think idol means somebody that people admire and try to emulate. After all he wasn’t honest and he evaded the issue when Ryan insinuated he was gay and so missed the chance to come out. If he had come out then, he would have won the title easily. Americans love honesty and by failing to come out he lost the title and the chance of becoming a gay icon. This year Lee was clearly the best and his poor last performance couldn’t disqualify him. Americans are not fickle. Congratulation America on your wise choices

  162. I cannot believe that Crystal did not win. She was by far the most professional and marketable person as you will see moving forward. like Adam from last year. Can the show go on without Simon. I hope so because Arerica does have great hidden talent. The voting system needs to be changed though even for just a year.Love the show.Great work Mr Fuller.


  164. my favs were casey, big mike, aaron, tim, siobhan, paige and kate.
    thought they were the best.
    they have the ability to sing and perform, but crystal and lee were the judges favorite from the very beginning.

  165. To all LEE DEWYZE detractors wanna here the CD of Lee SLUMBERLAND especially the song STAY,WHERE YOU LIE AND PRINCESS you’ll gonna love it…….i do promised.

  166. To all LEE DEWYZE detractors wanna hear the CD of Lee SLUMBERLAND especially the song STAY,WHERE YOU LIE AND PRINCESS you’ll gonna love it…….i do promised.

  167. America Voters are always right in their Idol. Everyone thought America was wrong in choosing Kris Allen last year, but look at how good he was last nite!

    With due respect, Adam L was a good entertainer and stage performer but his vocal is mediocre except for his signature high notes. It all depends whether one likes music or performance. For music lovers like us, we go for good music and good vocal.

    KRIS ALLEN, if you read this, our shout our “We love you, we are also your #1Fans. Give us more of your songs and music. We met you in K.L. you were Great! Love you, Kris.

    America voted for good lasting vocal as their #1priority, and not so much of stage performance and drama. A good singer would leave the drama to professional dancers and performers.

    A good singer is all about his/her vocal and the connection of the song and the vocal of the singer with us. Important is it had to be good on CD and people want to hear more.

    We BeLEEved America got it right in voting LEE. We can never get bored listening to his vocal in all the songs he sang, as he is passionate in his singing and we can feel it as if he exudes his energy in the songs and we receive his strong energy thru his singing.
    That was why we were his #1Fans too.

  168. I was looking forward to Idol this year, with Ellen on as a judge but i swear this season sucked, I didnt like any of the top 12, none of them stood out, so bornig and typical, they just blended in with every other pop singer you hear every time you turn on the radio and turn straight off again, nothing special, I feel sorry for the winner, as judging from past idols, its hardly ever the winner that actually goes anywhere in the end and anyway no idol will ever top Adam Lambert and that incredible voice!

  169. In addition.. it depends on what type of music each of us likes. If one likes Joplin kind of music, then Crystal is your pick, but if one likes something like LEE’s, LEE is your pick.

    Crystal is good in her style and she is comfortable with her style like what she did in the finale.

    For us, LEE is our pick. We love his vocal although he may not be so comfortable on stage and not as confident on stage but he can improve on all these elements, but a good singer must first have the vocal to start off, and LEE has that!

    America, thank you for picking Lee. Guess Americans too like this type of vocal, like us.

  170. @154 Leanne — If you think AI got it wrong, Britain is no better with Joe McElderry won the X-factor!!His singing ability is as bad as Tim & worst of all, he won!!

  171. tenisaddict…
    i completely agree with you lol, joe mcelderry sucks.. i cant stand to listen to him sing.. uggh!!

  172. Hey Crystal Fans

    Wake up! The Season 9 is closed and over! Respect America’s votes.

    Sorry People, If you are Crystal’s fans, go and buy her records when out in the market. That would really be more helpful to her in her livelihood and providing milk powder to her son than all these crying over spilt milk. OK? Stop blaming America and America Idol. We still want to watch America Idol. It’s fun.

    One comment about last night’s show, in my opinion, the dancing of the 12 contestant was horrible (looks robotic). I think AI should bring PAULA ABDUL BACK to cheoreograph the dancing and the dressing and take over Simon Cowell. She is good, she cares for the contestant, but looks like she is drinking too much. Is she an alcoholic or her back problem gave her hell? Paula, we love you. Take care and make a comeback, Dear!

  173. Hey AI

    Will Ellen deGeneres be back as a Judge next Season? Anyone knows?

    She is funny and cute but she will be even cute..ter if she takes up some music related lessons, as she needs to pick up on those skills. Love you Ellen, you did well and you made us laughed with all your “banana” jokes. At least you don’t make those kids cry and store up towels, like what Simon did to them.

    Love you Ellen, you are frank and confident in who you are.

  174. Crystal should have won, but we know the best doesnt win on Idol, like Daughtry or Adam Lambert. Lee is not even close to Daughtry or David Cook and will be one of the mediocre forgettable winners like Taylor Hicks,,,
    AI should hv a different voting sysytem so that the judges also have a say like DWTS.
    Maybe its all for the best and Crystal will go on to make her mark, like Ellen said…one of a kind …GO CRYSTAL !!!

  175. The great American public (well, a few million teenybopper girls anyway) haven’t got it right since Season 4 (Carrie Underwood), so no surprise that they vote yet again for the short cuddly guy with the warm fuzzy voice … this time ignoring the unique, stunning talent that is Crystal Bowersox.

    Not to worry, Crystal, Lee will go the same way as Hicks, Cook and Allen, while you will follow Clarkson and Underwood … and maybe even surpass them! Good luck, and thanks for the ride.

  176. Thank god Xtina was there to give the programme some class. I thought Alice and the Bee-Gees were dead!

    As for whoever decided the camera should travel behind Xtina exposing that ugly mic battery pack and wires, urgh….. the production values on AI need a thorough shake-up.

  177. Hi suzanne Young,
    You said:
    “Carrie, kelly, fantasia, Jorden, etc……NO COMPARISON! I’m done with idol. oh and by the way i’m was professional singer here in Sandiego and sang in a rock group for 15 years, i’m friends with many amazing musicians and hey, guess what none of us are as tone deaf as the judges of idol!”

    With due respect, are you suggesting they should change all the old Judges and get new ones. We will be thrilled. That would rejuvenate the show. I agree, Big Mike got some classy tones there but I have problem with his ego and character. He needs to fix that.
    We will be trilled if AI bring in Judges who were famous singers but kind of semi-retired like rod steward, paul mccartney, elton john, eric clapton etc. I think the present judges are getting bored with the show esp. Simon and overlooked in their selection in Top 24.

    AI needs a make-over, otherwise it will suffer “old age syndrome” phase (sorry, just my constructive comment).

  178. @146 Brian

    Thank you for counting me in your comment 🙂 I always tried to be objective and impartial and yes, Siobhan will be my personal AI she is the best of them all 🙂
    See you all next year

  179. Im sick of hearing Crystal should have won…..HALOOOOO, she DIDN”T now move one!!!!

  180. Hmm…I don’t begrudge Lee his victory, as without the win I don’t feel he had any chance of a long term future. There were a few times over the season I thought he did well, but not in the final…Crystal was the winner there, hands down. The reason I think Lee won, was that he was humble, and Crystal came across as if she was already a big star. Ultimately though, Crystal is way more talented, and she has by far the superior voice, with far better voice control. For these reasons alone, Crystal will be here in 10 years, and Lee will be a distant memory…but he’ll make some money along the way, and he’ll have some fun. Crystal is the true all rounder and more interesting, and she’ll be the one making the music people will want to listen to, long term. Her PR person needs to give her some lessons in modesty though, or it’ll all go very wrong for her!

    I think it sums it up that Lee hasn’t brought anything extra to ‘Beautiful Day’…I only hope that Crystal releases her intended single, anyway.

  181. what’s the freakin point of having a finale if the one that wins the finale will still end up losing in the end..pointless,seriously pointless..crystal is more talented and will have a great career, better than lee.

  182. Oh, and by the way…I guess you all know that Simon is bringing a new show to the US? It’s called ‘The X Factor’, with a similar structure to AI, but should have some fundamental differences:

    * 4 distinct categories…under 25 girls, under 25 boys, over 25s, and groups (2 or more singers).
    * Each Judge to mentor one of the above categories, and will take 3 contestants each, into the live shows.
    * Viewers vote to decide bottom two each week, and judges vote on which of the bottom two goes and stays…until I think it gets to the final 4, when the viewers have the final word.

    It’s a little different, and they may change things a little from the British show, but in the UK, The X Factor took over completely from ‘Pop Idol’ which was the UK forerunner to American Idol. Basically, America hasn’t lost Simon Cowell!…smiles

  183. Well America once again you got it wrong.It was one of the worst idol seasons.Glad i dont need to watch it again now Simon has gone, if you have 4 American judges well next year will be the last.Looking forward to Simon on X Factor

  184. In my opinion, both the finalists were deserving. Lee, I am happy for you because your dream has come true. Crystal, this is not the end, but the beginning. For you and your son there is a promising future. I will definitely support both of you by purchasing your debut albums.

    Best wishes goes out to both of you from South Africa.

  185. As an Aussie woman in her late 50’s I was disappointed Crystal didn’t win as she clearly had the better voice. However, Lee is such a sweetie and with some voice coaching will be great as well. Sad to see Simon go – won’t be the same. Still recovering from last year when Adam didn’t win. We hear his music all the time on our radio stations – last night was the first time I had heard Chris sing – does he have a music career currently?

  186. @ Me 39,wow you got so many talent,maybe you should join American Idol,for me i think Crystal should won,and thats it

  187. AMERICA you got it right! He has talent, he is gorgeous, he has likeability, he has the X-Factor and I was so excited for him when he won. Lee is the American Idol and deservedly so. PS I am not a teenager! and I live in Australia so unfortunately couldn’t vote. But I would have voted for LEE if I could.

  188. Marta, it’s another site of Matt’s. It’s and we discuss whatevers going on in the reality tv world. 🙂

  189. Not a crime moment Phyllis..a celebration!
    Booze?….oh, alright….You talked me into it.
    Enjoyed the site as well. May you have a Blessed summer, and keep the storms from blowing into this NE Alabama area. See ya next year gal!

  190. 210 DON…..I will be looking forward to seeing you on the site next season….Its been fun!!!!!

  191. Att: Phyllis….As a pro photographer & staying on the computer fine-tuning my work (per digital world invading my LIFE), I found the site quite interesting as “break moments”. I’ll miss it!
    What’s been very interesting is HOW people HEAR & see DIFFERENTLY; And, how intense & persistent people are trying to influence others….sometimes in kindness…or…in downright anger. Certainly, those of the latter group lives their lifestyle with that attitude, and that, in itself, is sad. Kindness toward others will always win out.

  192. Crystal Bowersox is still my American Idol. I think you all the people who voted for Lee are Morons. Wasn’t the final performance a living proof of who had a better Talent.

  193. No matter who wins or loses, it will be said that AMERICA GOT IT WRONG – according to who you wanted or didn’t want to win. It’s just like the Democrats and Republicans – the other side is always wrong! I’ll miss Simon very much. I rarely disageed with what he said – although his delivery could be quite harsh! Can’t wait for X-Factor.

    Paula looked beautiful the other night, and Casey and Brett Michaels were the best! OMG – they not only can sing, but what eye candy!

  194. #212 DON……I totally understand what your saying….thats what makes this site so much fun…different strokes for different folks…..sometimes even I get a little crazy with the comments and sometimes I respond but on a whole I just read them…..especially with Casey & Mike L……people seemed to be coming out of the woodwork with their comments……
    I’ve been on this site for a few seasons and I do miss it when the season is over but there is always next year (I hope)….LOL

  195. PHILIP…..No need for name calling…….We are all entitled to our own opinions, doesn’t make us morons!!!!!!

  196. Lee was not my first choice but demonstrated a broader spectrum of singing talent compared to Crusted Nottedlocks. I find it perplexing that more observers didnt notice the formidable propaganda campaign promoting Nottedlocks without one scintilla of criticism pertianing to dress/appearance yet in contrast Shioban was ripped asunder pertaining to dress. Moreover, people in this neck of the woods thought Shioban should have won or come very close. Futhermore, My close relative who performed in David Merricks/Gower Champions Broadways 42nd Street and Radio City New York Summer etc. said Shioban was overall the most talented performer and singer with best stardom potential. If you pay close attention Nottedlocks is no Janis Joplin. Nottedlocks does not have the range, inflection and soft finese Joplin peppered within some of her belted out blues. Tangled Nottedlocks was consistent at being loud incorporating a gravely raspiness and was completely unable to show great variation within the musical scale. Lee had more subtle charm where Nottedlcks came off semi cocky,semi mundane and completely lacked stage presense/charisma yet exhibit herself more presentable. Pertaining to final votes, whether people like it or not, I believe it is not necessarily the teenage vote but the overlooked middle America vote who filters out the more edgy appearance thus nudging the more conservative contestant into an Idol win. Just observe all Idol winners and the competitors they defeated. My suggestion to future contestants,who have singing talent that can make it to the finals, is leave wierd hair, dress, demeanor, mannerisms, expressions home. Learn humility, politness, good appearance, smart dress politness and diction etc.
    In addition,I believe that at best the contestants are given a limited list (short list) of songs to select from and at worst are assigned a song and told to say they selected the song. Casey, who wasn’t my first choice could have come close to winning if he wasn’t bestowed that dreadful put you into full (REM) sleep type song called Daughters. When I hear Daughters on the radio I want to blow my freakin brains out with a Smith and Wesson .50. Why dont they just change the name of the song to “Duldrums to the Second Power”and be done with it. How in the world could they have expected someone to sing that torturous monotony and possibly expect them to win? Casey was another sacrificial lamb in order to try and nudge Crusted Nottedlocks into Idol stardom.

  197. THE FACT OF THE MATTER CLOSE TO ONE MILLION PEOPLE THOUGHT LEE WAS BETTER probably based on consistency of better performances improvement, humility, stage
    appearance/presentation,adaptability,better demonstration of the musical scale and feeling etc,etc,etc.

  198. Name calling is so childish, John…smiles How about you send us your photo, and give us your name and we’ll all have some fun with them? You sound so bitter in your rather pompous critique, that I wonder if you don’t have some jealousy or envy issues going on there?

    As for Siobhan (note the correct spelling there), she was an excellent singer, possibly the best in Season 9, but she finished where she should have in this competition. Her downfall was the trademark ‘scream’ she had developed…always at the end of a song, and that became tedious and predictable. She needs to learn not to rely on those ‘screams’, and realise that she has a strong voice without that ‘scream’. She also needs to work out other kinds of highs in a song, at varying places…or maybe not to have a high at all. I will give you that she was arguably the best singer though.

    Casey was struggling with his song choices, thinking too much about what he enjoys playing, and not enough about crowd pleasing. ‘Daughters’ was a very necessary choice, because he wasn’t connecting with his audience, and ‘Daughters’ at least appealed to females, and those of us more emotionally driven males. He too had some great moments in the series…His duet with Mike Lynch in the top 4 show, was first class, and for me was one of the highlights!

  199. casey was not struggling with this song choices. people are struggling in giving him bad song choices just to pull him down.

  200. AI,
    1. Why the 2 did not compete on the same song in the finale like what Kris & Adam did?
    2. Why did AI give the showroom cars to them? Remember Kris+Adam got a bigger hybrid cars.
    3. Why Ryan did not announce the total votes only mentioned the margin btw the two?

  201. Hello #214: You ran out of vocabulary? It take a bigger @$#$$%$ to call another @%$^%! Go and listen to Lee’s you tube songs again and come back with another vocabulary. Enjoy.

  202. Leanne (154): You said America got it wrong. Well Britian got it wrong when Susan Boyle came in second. The dance group that won, I don’t even remember their name. Second place Susan Boyle sold 4 million CD’s in two weeks. I bought her CD and Adam Lambert’s CD the same day. They were well worth the money. Second place Adam only sold 551,000 which isn’t to bad either. You should have seen the look on the guy at Target when I asked for Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert at the same time; talk about 2 different type of singer. He couldn’t believe I was buying Adam Lambert’s CD for me. I’m a grandma (58) and I love Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle, two 2nd place losers. They aren’t losers to me.

  203. John (219) The reason why many people believe that teeny boppers control the results are as follows: 1.teeny boppers have four hours to spare to call and text for four straight hour. 2. Most adults have children that need their attention such as bathing and putting their kids to bed. 3. Adults would be more likely to vote if they thought their vote counted. Some people say they voted 300 times or more so how would one or two votes stack up to the kids that vote over and over for 4 hours. That’s not what most American’s want. 4. Adults that have children would be neglecting their children if they voted for four hours straight. 8:00 is bath time for my grandchildren. By the time my daughter gets finished with bath time, getting clothes ready for the next day etc it’s already 9:30 before she can even call to vote. If the voting were limited like DWTS she could delay bath time by 15 minutes, call in her vote/s for at least 15 minutes. Everyone would be happy especially her kids 15 minutes means a lot to them.It’s to bad that the voting isn’t limited like Dancing with the Stars (DWTS). They vote for 30 minutes, get a limited amount of votes per phone line. If there are ten contestants you get ten votes and if their are two contestants you get two votes. Voting on line you get the same amount of votes that the phone line gets. See my previous comment # 139. No one would be able to say America got it wrong if their were limits and a more better structured voting system so it would include any American that wants to vote and actually have their vote count.

  204. Penney (225} Case well & realistically stated. No one could dispute the facts that NO adults would have 4 hrs. to devote to the phone NOR would they even want to. A husband would have been given a “momma do-list” or snoozing int he ole easy chair during this time, and the mom would’ve been doing her motherly duties. We, adults, may have sneaked in 5 – 20 votes…no more. Speaks volumes: Kids control the world we adults ONCE had a say in…. IT’S A FAST WORLD OUT THERE, and we adults are not able to keep up NOR DECIDE EVEN the outcome of shows like……AMERICAN IDOL???????

  205. Amber 21. I certainly didn’t mean to imply that Casey struggled with the songs on a technical basis, as his presentation was pretty good, and had one or two very rousing numbers. What I was getting at was, in a competition like AI, where votes are the only way you will progress (unless you were lucky enough to be saved!), you need to grab attention, and his looks alone weren’t going to take him all the way. Some of the songs he sang were, while being good album tracks, and good solid performances, were not attention grabbers, or, to coin a phrase, ‘showstoppers’. Only in a couple of places did he have someone else choose his songs, so he was in charge of his own destiny to a large degree. The trick would have been to have taken some unlikely song choices, typically of another genre, and given them the rock treatment, and who knows, he might have been in the final. I do however feel that he has great potential, with the right record company.

  206. Caroline, Scotland (128)

    Just wanted to let you know this GRANNY voted for Adam Lambert last year. I bought his CD the day it came out. My favorite song on it is (10) FEVER. Last year I couldn’t wait to see what he would do next. I especially liked the way he did “RING OF FIRE” and “MAD WORLD”. I loved and looked forward to hearing “MAD WORLD” as the theme for James Franco’s segment on GENERAL HOSPITAL. I would love to go to his concert if he makes his way to Chicago. Can you imagine GRANNY with her WALKER at an Adam Lambert concert. I loved the finale last year with him singing with KISS and I LOVED LOVED LOVED those boots

  207. Hush Crystal and Lee fans. No worries…both of them will be signed.The two planted AI robots.They were expected to be in the finale long before top 12.All the better singers were thrown out of the bus.It was so obvious. Lily,Katelyn,Alex and Siobhan. Alex and Siobhan are my Final two, they’re ,much more talented. In the long run, people will realize who the real idols are…

  208. @ 214 Philip — You’re the true Moron as you got involved with this entertainment business so deep & forgot that in the real life, both Crystal & Lee are the actual winners as they both sign a record deal to earn real money while you…….sign!!

  209. Simon@ 220 Where was Simon D during scores of negative adjectives bestowed upon numerous contestants throughout the seasons. Where was Simon D when Simon Cowell vividly described to a contestant how he looked like a monkey in a jungle. Where was Simon D when with A.I. 100%backing, filming and directing instructed numerous Idol contestants to state, how the very nice kid with a great mother, Aaron looked like the hideous creature named Yoda. Simon D suddenly comes to the surface like a blemish on a chin because Crystal (Crusted Nottedlocks) isn’t portrayed to his liking. Any half witted casual observer can see how within a sentence or two Simon Deeeee refers to my name calling and within the same breath reveals himself as one of these sniveling little creatures who, as he hides behind his screen, performs internet slander liable on people as he and his other little snivelers probably did many times in his high school and beyond. Simon D is yet one other by product of the Ghia Universalist social justice education system thoroughly effeminated to such an extent that Simon D wasen’t even given a chance to play dodge ball which could accidently,alarmingly manifest some vestige of dominance and assertiveness. Its still America and the critique stands. I will say what I please ! I don’t like, whether Simon D likes it or not When someone presents themselves with peculiar dress, hair, jewlery and or bad hygiene before the mass public they can’t be totally shocked if someone notices. I’m getting tired of seeing an avalance of wierdness such as Tangledknots . In addition Simon D appears unable to differintiate between envy and rightous indignation where I admitted, in previous posts, going on a tirad due to a season riddled with maneuvering to edify certain contestants like Big MIke and Scraglesocks over others . Futhermore Simon D is all wet in regards to the belief Casey needed the DREADFUL momentum killing Daughters song for the female audience. Didn’t Simon D focus once on the dozens of suggestion by judges that they need the WOW factor. Nothing in the music business is done without compensation. Hasn’t Simon D paid any attention to the various lawsuits initiated by artists desperately trying to salvage any possible royalties they are entitled to in good part due to theft. Public Stores can’t even indiscriminately play the radio through their intercoms because they could get sued by money conscious artists. There is NOOOOOOOOOO way Casey chose the Daughters song for himself. It was a win win for A.I. they got compensated for playing Daughters which was the kiss of death for Casey thus nudging C. Nottedlocks into thee final. Morover, the only real merit to Simon D’s dissertation was my typo of Siobhan. My utmost apology to the talent riddled Siobhan who received the most underhanded manuver with the accidently on purpose “Wooops that was Arons voting number’ Which without a doubt cost Sioban her advancement. PS provide your contact number and I will deliver my photo in person. .

  210. Siobhan Magnus & Lee DeWyze should be the top 2 🙂 Haha! I really love them both! By the way, congrats to LEE

  211. Where’s the talent? This season’s Idol was soooooo boring that I can’t remember a single “Moment”. The judges(mostly Kara) kept the contestants so confused that they ultimately chose the wrong songs week after week. They kept telling Casey to show some vulnerability-WRONG! He’s a ROCKER! Then they praise Crystal for remaining true to herself! I just don’t get it. They praised Lee over and over from day 1-even though he sang off-key over and over. Which only proves that some people need judges to tell them who to vote for. Also, Lee’s Idol CD will not be his first. He had a recording contract before Idol.

  212. I am happy for the artist’s success,especially the top three finalists. I wanted Casey to win but he wasn’t a favorite of the judges,however congratulations to the winners. All the top 10 artists are talented and they deserve to be praised. My heart was broken when Casey didn’t make it to the top 2. I don’t know what America was thinking? But Lee was driven to win and the judges helped sway the votes by their comments obviously. It would help make the votes more fair if the judging wasn’t so biased.Crystal is a true artist, Lee is a good singer who is liked by many young girls, and Casey for me is all-inclusive,he’s “In the moment”, professional in mannerisms, exceptional in guitar and singing skills,and he appeals to many people in a larger majority of countries and age groups.

  213. I just remembered who Lee’s voice reminds me of-Bobcat Goldthwait! A lot of off-key mumbling-then SCREAMING!

  214. #234 C.D.,
    Overall, I was happy with the top three and wish them all success!You are right-on with your comments!CASEY JAMES was never the favorite of the judges,(they were brutal with this kid!), but he always handled himself well,performed flawlessly, and so deserved to be in the top three! I, too, was devastated when he was eliminated!I do think CASEY has a bigger fan base then what everyone thinks he has…it’s not limited to young girls only.I,for one, am not a young girl, and neither is my husband, and we both loved him from the start of AI! Everyone kept trying to change CASEY, but I believe he stayed true to who he was, and did the best he could do…I have a feeling we haven’t heard the last of CASEY JAMES!

  215. Should hve been Chrystal.Popular is winning,(Chris Allen last year(Even he admitted it)and Lee this year.The best vocal is not winning.Period.People can’t handle dreadlocks,even though she is amazingly talented.

  216. I have heard Lee didn’t really win. I have heard Crystal was the most popular and better talent. And on and on…that Lee won’t sell CDs while Crystal will. Reality speaks for itself. On ITUNES Lee’s “Beautiful Day” is outselling Crystal’s “Up to the Mountain” but that is to be expected since he was the winner of the show this season. Don’t under-estimate him. He is more popular than you give him credit for. Are the teenie boppers buying on ITUNES 300 times just to help him out. No…he really is popular and will go far. Crystal will have a limited following as her genre is not as popular. Just fact!

  217. Re Tennis addict – I did not want Joe McElderry to win x factor either! Better ones were voted off in previous shows!

  218. I think Lee will make it for a certain anount of time.I do think Chrystal will go far for a while.The fact that she is unique will be her IT factor.BECAUSE there is not alot of Chrystals out there will be the very reason she will be very successful.Even if she was big in the world.There is a big gap of talent in that genre.Mandisa made it big in gospel.Many moved on and made it big in country.I still think she can make it HUGE in the general public,but also can branch out to many other avenues.Lee has a phenominal voice(don’t get me wrong at all,.)But he could be many other artists out there.Popularity wins,not best vocal.Adam was mountains above everyone else,and didn’t win.Even Chris Allen said”It should have been Adam when he won.Adam is more successful,and was the won chosen to mentor,and did great.

  219. John 231. Simon D has only just found this blog, and wishes he’d found it earlier, as he had a lot of discussing to do, and no one around him to do it with…grins. I don’t know what you’re on Mr John, but whatever it is, I think I’m glad I’m not on it too, as it seems scary!…lol

    You’re too easy to wind up, and you seem to enjoy embellishing the English language…it’s just a shame you don’t use spell or grammar checks. You should try one…they’re usually free! I don’t actually have a problem with spelling or grammar on these sites, as I think it’s good that people just get to communicate with other like minded souls. I did notice a couple of your messages, though, only because you seem to be a self appointed captain of literature. You’ve placed yourself upon a pedestal.

    Not being an American citizen though, I’m afraid some of what you said went a little over my head, but it was funny nonetheless…smiles

    I think Siobhan has a first class voice, but I also felt she was a better singer than one that resorts to a gimmick, ‘the scream’. Nothing wrong with impromptu screams, but when it’s predictable, then it loses it’s appeal. I feel she had more to offer, that, ultimately, we never had a chance to see. If she’s that good, she has a chance of finding her way to the top…but this is my humble opinion, so I hope you’ll treat my words with a degree of contempt…after all, what do I know?…smiles

    Thank you for crossing swords with me though (although I have feeling I’m in for a last minute lurch of the blade), it was fun!…smiles Take care Sir!

    Oh, and I think I’ll pass on the photo!…lol

  220. Simon D @243 What is interesting is Simon Cowell can verbally rip asunder rows of contestant show after show in most demeaning style and yet if someone becomes gruff on these posts some like yourself declare your on something which is a bit of an enigima. I dont see a need for perfection in spelling on a A.I. site. What is funny is Lamberts screams are acceptable where Siobhans are not. I think people were very well conditioned by Cowell, who didn’t want Sioban to win, that when Siobhan throws her voice it is a scream. i didn’t see it as a scream. I think there is much verbal lashing of certain contestants they just do not like. You had to notice how Crystal, who should have been critiqued on appearance went unscathed where Siohban who looked good next to Crystal received unjustified talking down to. In actuality Simon D you sound like a good guy with character and a bit of class. Take Care

  221. John (219)

    I hope you don’t really believe one million more people voted for Lee. I only vote a few times and others have stated that they voted 300 times etc. Lee might have gotten one million more VOTES but that’s not one million PEOPLE. Until AI changes their voting structure we really do not know who America really wants as the true “American Idol”. My vote basically does not count because I don’t keep voting over and over for four hours and those that do it’s “LIKE” cheating but within the rules of AI. AI just wants to say 42 million VOTES (example). They are careful not to say 42 million VOTERS. It’s not 42 million PEOPLE. It’s like dishonest bragging and encouraging sneakiness. I wonder how many PEOPLE do vote ??? I would really like to know which singer America really likes best. The current system does not do that. This voting system is MISLEADING. All we really know is some people vote more than others. I love AI and I look forward to it each week. This show gives singers a chance that they would never have, however with the current voting system it’s misleading and not fair to the contestants either. Is the person voting 300 times going to buy their CD three hundred times. I do buy one CD more than once sometimes but I’m not going to buy it 300 times. I liked both Lee and Crystal and I wish I really knew who America liked best. I love a good contest but I like it to be FAIR.

  222. Hello all, I am a UK viewer who has enjoyed the last few series of American Idol. I felt that overall Crystal had the better voice on the final night and Lee was a bit of a disappointment, perhaps down to nerves as he certainly sang just as well or better than Crystal in previous weeks, showing that he had the talent to get to the final. I did think that overall Crystal is the more talented of the two, but she did come across as a bit arrogant at times and did not show as much warmth as Lee. As in the UK, public likeability seems to play a big part in the votes, regardless of talent. I think it should in a way as you have to like someone to buy their music, but sometimes I feel that the public can let the likability factor influence them too much.
    For all those that are sad that Simon has left American Idol, don’t worry as it has been reported in the UK that he will be back next year with the American version of X Factor. This is the show that replaced the UK version of American Idol, which was called Popstars. The UK X Factor is split into different types of contestants, females, males, under 25 years of age (these being male or female) and groups/bands. As per American Idol these go through the initial judging stages in the same way. Once the you get down to the last 24 contestants or so, the judges (we have 4 in the UK) are each given a certain type of act to mentor, the girls, the boys, the groups etc. Each judge will then choose their favorite 4 contestants of their particular group. These final contestants then do the live shows each week as per the standard format. I prefer this format over Popstars as it does provide a bit more variety than single singers and gives band/groups a chance to get onto the talent show. It can get a bit competative between the judges as they of course get very protective of their mentored acts! Once the public choose the bottom two, it is down to the judges to choose which one is going home. This also makes if more exciting as if you happen to have two acts from one mentor in the bottom two, the mentor judge often gets left with the casting vote, putting them in the difficult position of having to send one of their acts home and of course they get very upset at having to do so. If all of the mentored acts of one particular judge get knocked out, they play no further part in the judging process to send a contestant home. Also it is gets far more argumentative between the judges as of course Simon is always a bit dismissive of any act that he is not mentoring to the annoyance of the other judges! One year we had Sharon Osbourne as a judge on the show and you can imagine the arguments that she and Simon had about their acts!
    I am not certain if America will get X Factor in the same format as the UK, but it has been succesful over here and why change a winning formula?
    Thanks for reading my comments, hope this has given some useful information!

  223. Penney @ 245 Penney presents a very good argument. I would prefer to see a perfect voting system and know who actually received most votes over who I would like to see win. The one possible positive is if someone is voting hundreds of times for a contestant odds are there is someone voting hundreds of times for another contestant. I agree A.I. is a very worthwile show. Best regards

  224. I m from Argentina , Mendoza.
    I m so happy Lee won .
    and sad by Simon , he is inteligent and fun , he was part of the show.God luck!!
    If it possible that you repeat the great last show subtitled??
    Thanks , I enjoy American Idol , is Great!!

    • Ilse- My name is Colleen and I am from Oxford, MA in USA. I was the same as you results night. In fact I was screaming so loud that my neighbor came over and told me to stop all the screaming!……..Just Kidding! haha! I am still in shock that he won! Although I did think that Crystal was a little kiss-up when she was thanking Simon. No effence. Now I have two questions for you: "Who did you want to win last season?" and "Do you like Adam even though he is gay?" My answers are: Ques. 1) "Kris Allen" and Ques 2) "Yes he is still an amazing singer and I love his song 'Whatya Want From Me' " Well send me back as soon as possible and thanks for your time! And if you don't have time to send me back a reply or you just don't want to…..that's ok! =) Talk to you soon I guess!! =)

  225. John (247)

    One of the reasons why I have a problem with unlimited voting has to do with what went on the season Taylor Hicks won. There was an organized group to vote for the worst contestant. I don’t know if that group continues to do that. When I refer to teeny boppers(I was one once) I remember liking the young,cute guys not contestants like Crystal of Kat McPhee. The two David’s I probably would have liked both. I would like Jordin Sparks because her age and she was really good. Kris Allen instead of Adam because I didn’t

    • You are correct anyone interested in a fair contest cares about proper voting. With tons of tech stuff around I would bet they have the technology that could recognize a phone number who attempts to vote more than once. They could program it to allow only one vote per phone or text. Yes priorities change with some but I bet in many cases there ore 70 year old still voting because they prefer someones appearance. Sometimes appearance adds to overall image which isn't a bad thing. Take Care

  226. Penney 250 continued. I’m not sure what happened.

    As a teenager I would have voted for Kris Allen and not Adam Lambert. As an adult I VOTED for Adam Lambert because he was GREAT and his life style/sexual preference isn’t an issue. As a teeny bopper it would have been an issue because I would not have not understood his choices. Anyway limits on voting would not allow any special group(s) to control the vote and give all the contestant a fair chance.

  227. Penney,my daughter is 14,and understands people have preferences.SHe is straight,but that has no relavance to talent whatsoever.SHe wantedAdam to win(as our whole family did.)You shouldn’t stereotype abou teeny bopers.y daughter never voted for Tim(as many said that all teenagers care about is young andcute.SHe thought he was cute,but she wouldn’t buy his cd because ofthat ridiculous reason.Chrystal and Lee have star quality.We lood personal issues(as long as they are good people0,and vote for vocals alone.

  228. Robin I appreciate and thank you for your comment about you 14 year old daughter. I keep forgetting that when I was 14, kids were not as advanced or smart as they are today. Your daughter is very smart. I did not mean for my comment to come out as a stereotype. I have read some of the NASTIEST comments about Adam Lambert from that age group and I know it was from that age group (not guessing) and it had nothing to do with his singing. I was angry about the horrible comments and realize a lot of teenagers or teeny boppers does not mean ALL teenagers or teeny boppers. All I have to do is look at my 4 my grandchildren who love Adam Lambert and their ages are 10-19. Thanksagain for correcting me.

  229. Robin
    When I was talking about negative comments about Adam Lambert I forgot about all the negative comments about Crystal's hair and teeth. I love Crystal including her hair and teeth. I think her teeth give her character and if she wants to get them fixed she can afford to now. I'm sure she had other priorities as most single moms would. There were a lot of negative comments about her hair. She so cute and pretty, I wouldn't want her to change anything. I'm sure you have read some of those negative comments about Crystal and the comments about
    Adam Lambert were a lot worse.

  230. If Idol believes the new web format is an improvement I believe they are mistaken. I feel it was more convenient to not only be able to schroll up and down all posts but to also be able to more easily refer to a post by the reference number Idol attached to each post. I dislike going page to page as if I were using Google. In addition why in the world would the word class, in my post to Simon D above, be altered to cl*** ?. Is the word class offensive? In addition why don't the heck they remove the ridiculous light blue rectangular bar they overlay in the Post a new comment space?

  231. I seriosly thought Lee was going 2 take the trophy especialy after that halleluya song Simon picked for him,that was brilliant although I luv Crystal bt we got 2 face it Lee is better and also cute n shy n hot n that smile oh my word I could go on n on 4eva

  232. Oh i was expecting zt crystal will win. She has Gorgeous voice. Hope to hear her new realses soon. Best wishes for crystal and Congrats for Lee.

  233. Colleen says: I was screaming sooo mcuh when Lee won! I love Lee! During the season I could picture listening to him on the radio. He is soo talented….more than Crystal. No effence, I mean she is good, but I just thought Lee was better. I can't wait to start hearing him on the radio…maybe Crystal too! I really loved Aaron Kelly and Siobhan Magnus's duet together!!! It was awesome!! I really loved to see Aaron and Tim's faces again! They were soo talented…..mostly Aaron though. I thought that Aaron would go further….and Katie too! They were much more talented than alot of other people. Casey-No talent. I also think that Siobhan and Big Mike should have gone further. I think the top 5 should have been: Aaron, Lee, Katie, Michael, and Crystal. Top 4 should have been: Aaron, Lee, Katie, and Crystal. Top 3 should have been: Aaron, Lee, and Katie. Top 2 should have been Lee and Aaron. The winner should be the same and Aaron Kelly should be the runner up! No effence! Well thats all I have to say!
    CONGRATS LEE! and congrats to everyone else!

  234. @Penney The vote for the worst group is still going with Tim being the main choice for them this season.

    I'm glad Lee won.
    Good luck to both Crystal and Lee in the future.

  235. I venture there are loads of somebodies like me, who stumble across various good blogs or sites by luck. Your site appears to feature a solid community and a strong blogosphere presence. Its right to hold interesting and unique perspectives on issues.

  236. Hang 'n there Daryl….Before the season ends, you'll agree, disagree, laugh, get angry, find folks stupid, childish, intelligent, boring, and downright mean. But, it'll give you something to do instead of listening to all that's going on in Washington….which by the way…..has much of the same characteristics.

    It's a crazy world out there, and we like to think everybody's weird but us. This blog site gives us a home if we can catch just a few agreeing with our point of view. Enjoy!

    Fact: All the "non-watchers" that you read about………hint, hint….can't wait for the season to start. Their hands are already on the controls. ha.

  237. My personal opinion is that this article is terrific. I agree with much of the information you’ve provided and I’m interested in reading more articles written by you. Good job!

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