American Idol 2010 Top 2 Season Finale Elimination Results

We’re about to find out who won American Idol 2010 after last night’s awesome performances by Crystal and Lee. Based on your votes in our Top 2 performance poll it looks like Lee DeWyze could be the winner!

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American Idol 2010 Winner Is:

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American Idol 2010 Finale play-by-play:

  • 8:05 – Top 12 come out to perform School’s Out and Alice Cooper shows up
  • 8:10 – Kris Allen comes out to sing “The Truth”
  • 8:15 – Montage video celebrating Simon’s journey on Idol
  • 8:18 – Siobhan Magnus and Aaron Kelly duet; the Bee Gees come out and join them
  • 8:25 – Michael Lynche is performing; Michael McDonald joins him
  • 8:30 – Dane Cook comes out and like usual isn’t funny at all; memorable “joke” contestants come out, one of them grabs the mic and starts yelling at Simon, the cameras cut away and they go to commercial
  • 8:35 – Lacey, Didi, Katie, Paige, Siobhan, and Crystal are singing
  • 8:38 – Christina Aguilera comes out to sing
  • 8:43 – Ricky Gervais has a video farewell to Simon and it’s very funny
  • 8:47 – Lee, Andrew, Aaron, Timmeh, Big Mike, and Casey sing a melody
  • 8:50 – Hall & Oates come out to perform
  • 8:54 – Crystal comes out and Alanis Morisette follows behind for a duet
  • 9:00 – Carrie Underwood sings “Undo It”
  • 9:05 – Video segment where Kris Allen shows up and gives the custom designed Ford Fiestas to Lee and Crystal; Both seem terribly underwhelmed with the cars, kinda funny
  • 9:07 – Casey James performs and Bret Michaels shows up – Awesomeness
  • 9:15 – Lee DeWyze duets with Chicago
  • 9:20 – Another video montage farewell to Simon about he’s flirty side
  • 9:22 – Pants on the Ground performance by Larry Platt, very funny; Oh my, William Hung joins him on stage
  • 9:30 – Paula Abdul has a video segment and then… she walks out on stage to salute Simon!
  • 9:35 – All the past Idol winners take the stage except David Cook, no idea where he is; other past contestants join them to sing “Together We Are One”
  • 9:40 – Simon comes on stage to thank everyone for everything; He says he’s getting emotional, but he sounds just as monotone as ever
  • 9:45 – Janet Jackson comes out and performs
  • 9:50 – Video montage of Crystal and Lee from the beginning of the season forward
  • 9:55 – Lee and Crystal duet, Joe Crocker comes out to join them
  • 10:00 – The results envelope is delivered to the stage..
  • 10:01 – The winner of American Idol 2010 is LEE DEWYZE
  • 10:03 – A tearful Lee performs Beautiful Day; the show ends mid-performance




  1. Idol is one of my favorite shows but I have tosay that the voting has necer been right and I’m sure that is only because some finalists come from smaller towns and states where ths population decide. You should have a panel of judges to do the finals as they do throughout the show.

  2. I hope tonight is not a repeat of last season where popularity wins over most talented. Go Crystal.

  3. crystal should win cause she rocks and she own the stage last night go girl!!!!!11

  4. Lee has this in the bag…sorry crystal…you are the better of the two..of course casey is the best…show is starting off fun…though sorry to see all the old performers looking so old…damn High Def tv.

  5. seriously. lee is a failure, he sings like nickelback. do we really need another nickelback/hinder/daughtry/david cook? i mean. really. it’s just unnecessary. i haven’t even watched this season. i stopped it right after andrew got voted off. he was the only left of my four original favorites: lilly, alex, lacey, and andrew. this season sucks.

  6. no slamming…tonight its all over but the crying…i am crying about casey…lol…when does he sing..i forgot to turn it on until gibbs…tell me he did not already sing.

  7. Crystal must win ’cause she’s a real talented singer. Plzzz vote for her!

  8. yup. crystal deserves to win. if lee wins i’m never watching american idol again unless i know someone on there. haha. 🙂

  9. i will definitely not watch another show this year…since casey lost…
    i think lee has won it…he is a good guy…but i think crystal is more talented…but the judges stirred this and screwed casey and ultimately crystal as well.

  10. blackgirl…i missed it…boooo hoooo. oh well maybe there will be another…i was hoping casey and eric clapton…

  11. i hate the group songs…but casey and tim are hot..stupid choreography.

  12. Ok, I have watched this show since season one and this is the WORST Finale EVER… SNORE

  13. I agree this season sucks!(Sabrina) Crystal is the only real talent on the show!

  14. talented singer+ glamorous voice+ stylish clothes+ great performances -> Crystal. Vote for Crystal. Everybodyyyy!

  15. crystal is definitely retro….i think this whole season has been retro, now that i think about it.

  16. OMG…SO HAPPY to see CASEY!! Aaron and Siobhan were SUPER EXCELLENT at the beginning of the show! OH, PLEASE, when is CASEY singing? CASEY, your fans LOVE YOU!!

  17. We are watching live in Aus – it is 11 am Thursday morning here – I thought the same thing – when does Casey get to sing and hopefully he may be allowed to pay a guitar!

  18. i guess bret is all better. thats great to see. and our casey rocked with him. ok this show is great….the power can go off now…and i still like the show.


  20. Oh I wish I was 20 years younger!!! lolol I think he is better suited in Aus – hope he tours here!!

  21. I belive Lee will be the wise choice for our next American Idol. Good Luck Lee

  22. Aussie Wendy, LOOKING doesn’t cost a thing! Keep looking and appreciating…I know I am!!! CASEY is absolutely IN THE ZONE TONIGHT!!

  23. Wonder why Ford downsized their budget.
    The car is much smaller than last year’s.

    The two Idols obviously were not impressed
    and so were their fans! A bigger car for them, please?

  24. If Lee wins this season, it will be very much like Kris Allen’s win over Adam Lambert last season. The judges can lead a horse (the American public)to water, but they can’t make it see the difference between a pleasant but unextraordinary talent and a full-blown, original artist.

    • Right on Kat. "pleasant but unextraordinary talent". You hit the nail on the head. I was floored when he won. I'm sorry but I found him boring. No stage presence at all. There is no animation in this guy. Just dead pan. Crystal has a spark, a true stage presence, dares to be different and above all, can sing. My husband is a professional drummer with friends that are in the business and play with some big name stars and daughter competes and made 3rd round in Cdn. idle. I remember the tips they gave her about stage presence. Guess this is why I focused on that for Lee. We've gone to hundreds of concerts over the years but I tell ya I would not pay to see Lee. I'd fall asleep.

      The competitors should be judged by professionals. This is about talent and that something special that makes you a star. NOT about popularity, whose the sexiest, or how many times you can dial the phone. I won't watch this show again. Too many good people bite the dust.

  25. angel…they can put the cars in the garage…they are ones of a kind…so if crystal and or lee become big…they will auction for a ridiculous price…i think Ford is pushing the resurrected Fiesta.


  27. US Wendy I agree and if Aussies had a chance to vote I think you may have found the top 2 to be Crystal and Casey!

    Now I am barracking for Crystal she by far out sang Lee – however I like Lee may get it because of all the young girls.

    But Casey he is going to go on and be an international superstar – hopefully touring over here soon.

  28. Lee will win…but he needs to step it up if he wants to be a big star…he has the potential, but he has not really shined. crystal needs to hang with bonnie raitt and emily lou harris…i hope both are very successful…i am convinced they are decent nice people..of course i love casey and will definitely buy his cd’s.

  29. I think Crystal is the better singer and performer but I think this show is met for Lee because he is a good singer and needs a break. I believe Crystal will get record contracts anyway.

  30. The Idol goes to….

    For creating good music and songs with great vocal, the Idol goes to…. LEE DEWYZE!

    For performing on stage and singing for entertaining, the Idol goes to…..CRYSTAL BOWERSOX.

    For a good show, the Idol goes to….RYAN SEACREST.

    Congratulations all!

  31. If Lee wins then its because of a lot of girls are voting. Crystal is without a doubt the best and has been the best throughout the show. Lilly should have been in the finals she was AWESOME. I don’t know what happened, how did she get voted off so soon and some of the worst were kept including that Tim Urban dude. I think a lot of young girls voted this year thats why all the guys were kept so long when there were much better girl singers.

  32. Hey guys I can’t watch tv im soooo unlucky rite now!! Can you please tell me who won?

  33. Simon was a big reason America watched….he will be a big loss to American Idol

  34. i do think simon leaving will kill the show…i really think he was cruel to casey….but he is at least interesting…will be hard to replace. maybe the woman from you are the weakest link…goodbye.

  35. I America will get it right, it should be Crystal. She got a better performance last night. Lee will definitely be having a record deal even if he losses. He is commercially viable than Crystal(sorry Crytal). It’s a honest opinion only.

  36. remember john bulushi and joe cocker on saturday night live…lol…joe cocker is great….old…but it am i.

  37. I hope Lee wins this Crystal sorry she does not represent what idol is all about take her out of her element janis joplin sound alike and she can’t cut it that was proven a feeks ago. Go Lee

  38. Annielee – he survived the 60’s – last time I saw him live he looked about the same.

    Now were are the Eagles and America and then this show would be a top show! Our legendary rock group in Aus is Cold Chisel – legends over here- unfortunately US did not give them a chance and prefered our Air Supply

  39. good luck lee….have a great year…good luck crystal…we will hear from you…and casey my dear casey…you rock.

  40. Lee has a better chance of being popular. Neither of them are horrible singers by any means!

  41. Congratulations US voters you got it wrong AGAIN for another year!!

    Cannot believe it – oh the power of the teenage girl votes! in the US

  42. I will never watch this show again- two seasons in a row the most talented person comes in second

  43. aussie…did you see the saturday night live…john belushi the late john belushi…would sing like joe cocker and on one episode, he and joe did a side by side…just looked its on

  44. Never, has American Idol had such a deserving winner. Lee will prove, in his brilliant career ahead, that the American People know how to vote at least insofar as music is concerned.

  45. Bummer. Crystal had the most talent!
    Lee and Crystal were my two favorites but
    MaMa Sox did circles around Lee. I hope
    we see a lot of her. Think the little girls
    put Lee in first place. There needs to be
    something done about that. Seems who ever
    appeals to the little girls always wins.

  46. No booing…absolutely no booing…lol…wasn’t casey great with bret? man…it made the show.

  47. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTFF????????
    he will just make 1 album and no more!! she is the best!!! and allways will be……………………………………
    dam it………………….

  48. The teenage female vote is strong for this competition. The result I’d hormone driven rather than based on talent. As in previous years the winner will fade into oblivion and the real talent will stand the test of time. Only two past winners stand out…the first winner and of course Underwood. In other years the iIdol glory has rested with the so called losers who have become more famous

  49. No, and it’s a shame. Idol has consistently in recent years gotten it sooo wrong. It has become strictly a popularity contest, with teenage girls swaying the results, instead of a true singing competition. Lee is not even in Crystal’s league. It should not have even been close.

  50. You know America…you got it wrong again!! Until they change the voting so the tweens cannot vote like a billion times for the pretty boys, I fear no other extraordinarily talented and gifted FEMALE artist will win this show again. I can now see why Simon is leaving. This show has gone from being about talent and being more about popularity. No way is Lee more talented then Crystal…NO WAY!!! And like Simon…American Idol I am done!!! Lee will end up like Kris Allen and Taylor Hicks in a world of “what ever happened to” and Crystal your star will continue to shine!!!

  51. Lee won. THAT IS RIDICULOUS!what did the US girls think? I can’t believe it. T_T


  53. What a joke… Crystal totally smoked Lee in three out of three rounds last night, yet once again, popularity and appearance wins out over talent and marketability… Based on the last week of the season, Crystal was the clear winner… She was robbed, but she’ll be OK.

  54. Its going to be like last year, Kris Who? And Adam Lambert is all over the charts…….

  55. Heck no!!!!!!!!!! I’m done with Idol for good!!! Crystal soooo should have won!!!! Boooooooo Idol!!!!

  56. Glade Lee won. Thought Siobhan and Aaron were spectacular. Their voices blended beautifully. Might have to get tour tix after all.

  57. WOW what a farce…What is up with America? Do we just have teeners voting? then this is what you get. They should only allow 10 votes per person. She out perfomed him from first performance to last.

  58. 2-years-in-a-row-they’ve-gotten-it-wrong.-popularity-over-passion-and-performance,-again.-i-can-guarentee-that-next-season-this-show-is-going-to-tank,hence-the-coming-of-the-us-version-of-the-x-factor

  59. So what if the young girl swayed the vote. That means he have all the appeal to be a singer and not a singing mama from a pub. She is lucky she came in as second. She could have long gone home but for some reason stayed so long till the end. For those who voted for LEE….you know what music is to the ear and not a mama singing while feeding her baby……

  60. Lee deserved to win thank god. He was consistent and never in the bottom two just like crystal so he deserved to win as well as she did, and everyone who says america got it wrong 2 years in a row is wrong last year america got it wrong this year they got it right.

  61. how did America get it wrong, Lee is an amazing artist that has amazing original songs already, Crystal is great but Lee is also great. Yas all complain bout Crystal doin better then Lee yesterday but Lee destroyed her last week so give it a break. People vote for their favourite artist of the season. I am from Canada and Lee has an enormous fan base here, where Crystal’s fanbase is not as big. So give it a rest, the final 3 all got recording deals, its in the contract.

  62. Watching the show from the beginning , Crystal was going all the way. As a musician myself almost every time she was on stage she nailed it. She was confident , had stage presence , and could tell that she put her heart into her music. Not taking away from Lee’s effort , but before he can release a single they will have to do a lot of work with him. I wouldn’t be shocked if a different label picks up crystal and has a record on the shelves before Lee does.

    It just shows what people look for in role models and idols.

  63. I will never watch the show again! With Simon leaving and now the more talented singer didnt win, it sucks on the suck meter at a big 10! Crystal Bowersox had a better voice! What is American thinking when they voted for him a 2% margin of voting separated them? Come on its ovious who has more talent!

  64. •9:55 – Lee and Crystal duet, Joe Crocker comes out to join them

    Is Joe Crocker Betty Crockers husband? 😉 Because the one that sings is named Joe Cocker!!

  65. Crystal lost. Is it real? My god! How can you let it happen? Why? How can the amateur who is called Lee win? HOW? HOW?!? HOW!!!!!!!!!1

  66. Ya need to stopp like deadd ass yoo…Lee is great and so is Crystal but Lee deserved to win tonite because its a big step in his life…he isnt werking in a paint shop no more and Crystal isnt the only single mom she will get over that…If she was happy ya shud b too and Lee hass a great talent and he will shine…ILoveeyhuuLee

  67. I had a strong feeling long ago that
    Lee would be the winner.Congratulations Lee!

  68. America got it wrong AGAIN! Once again I will vote with my wallet once Crystal’s CD comes out! I could care less about listening to Lee or Kris!

  69. Yaaaaaaay!!!!! Lee you are the best!!!! And we are behind you 100%!!!!! Im so happy i could die (ok maybe not lol). But thanks for a great season. Im sad its come to an end, and to Matt and Ashley, thanks for everything. I’ve been coming on this site everyday since the season started, and spending hours on it too. Im gonna miss it. But Cheerio have a great rest of the year to all you idol fans!! God bless, and once again, WE LOVE LEE DEWYZE!!! =)

  70. No, Lee is generic. Please, Crystal will sale more albums just watch. Lee has no power in his raspy voice. I am sick of the teeny boppers and their votes!

  71. I think we voted for the wrong person….I like Lee but he does not come close to the singing talent of Crystal. Perhaps he was voted in because of being a heart throb. This will be the last year I follow Idol.

  72. Wrong again. I will never watch Idol again and my household is part of Nielson rating system. Crystal, I will put my money where my mouth is and support your career.

  73. Yay! I was just thinking like “Oh come on, can I just watch Casey perform in the finale?” And later on, he did hit the stage with two guitars (acoustic and electric) and he’s just too AWESOME! ahahaha.. I loved it! That’s what he’s more comfortable of, PERFORMING and not getting comments afterwards.. :))



  75. All I am going to say is anyone who thought Lee was consistent all season…so back and listen to his earlier performances….his was pitchy and off like he was last night…One week he was great and the next he didn’t bring it….It was Crystal who was the consistent one all season!!! Give me a break!!

  76. Lee and Crystal are both great, however, Lee is so much more humble and likeable and yes that does count!

  77. AI has to seriously consider overhauling the format. This is the second year that the obviously inferior contestant won, which is a problem. The bigger problem is that the supporters of the loser aren’t really upset, because they know that their contestant has a good chance of getting a better contract with a better label

  78. All I want to say that there is a God, when I heard that Lee won, all hats off to this humble young man that has great talent. I must also say Crystal was good as well, but Lee deserves to win. Congratulations Lee and may the good Lord continue to bless you in all your endeavors. Marguerite Millar

  79. Once again America proves it can’t recognize real talent… A perfect end to the possibly the last season of American Idol. No wonder Simon is leaving. The result is a complete joke. At least Crystal will be around long after Lee is forgotten. Does anyone remember who won in 2009? Adam had all the talent but was too controversial to win. Is your country really that stupid?

  80. The winner is correct this time… Crystal is good but I think Lee;s voice is much better than hers. She will be just fine. Lee’s voice is beautiful with little effort. She was not robbed she came in second and will be just fine.

  81. I knew Lee would win when it was down to him and Crystal. But I don’t really like him winning.. Sorry Lee fans.. There’s just already too many artists of HIS STYLE.. Tsss

  82. i knew Lee had a plan when he picked the 3rd song – it’s a beautiful day for us all 🙂

  83. Youre right #69 Beth we BOTH will never watch again and again this year the better talented came in 2nd! Dont worry SHE will make $$ and CDs we wont remember Lee D what? Just like whos Kris Allen is it?

  84. Both Lee and Crystal are very talented but Crystal had an edge. I feel that the judges were trying to sway the vote toward Lee for the past six weeks. Am I disappointe, yes. However, I believe that they will both have wonderful careers.

  85. I told you it’s gonna be LEE DEWYZE emerged as the winner, my predictions is right again since FANTASIA BARRINO seasons ahahahaha

  86. The only reason he won was because he couldnt get a contact unless he won. the show is rigged.

  87. Nay! Lee’s just another Kris version!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO AI! Luv Adam and Crys!!

  88. this is why they don’t let teeners vote in elections, they would vote for the hot guy or they guy with a great car, not the most qualified.

  89. Yet another year where the least talented and likeable wins. He is boring. Mamasox will outsell whats his face in the end.

  90. hahahahaahahahhha! Lee won. But don’t worry Crystal, your album will be sold more than Lee who doesn’t have any talents

  91. Greetings from Brazil – once again, talent and uniqueness lost to cute, mainstream, forgettable and no personality nickleback voice imitation…very sad you voters over there…

  92. I liked both Crystal and Lee, but, in all fairness, Crystal should have been the winner. I do wish both of them well. I, myself, am waiting for CASEY to release his first CD. Can’t wait! I liked the show tonight! The hi-light(for me), was the CASEY and BRETT Michaels song…no surprise there, as I’m all about CASEY JAMES! Everyone have a SUPER evening!!




  94. I have wanted Lee and or Casey to win….Casy did a great job with Don’t and is awsome with the guitar. Lee has an great voice, has the ability to draw a crowd and really American Idol was made for paint store clerks who get this opportunity. Crystal has a good voice (every song sounds same) but won’t be able to drwa the crowd that Lee will be able to.

  95. That single Lee sung was so flat (you call it pitchy over there) Crystals single was just beautiful.

    I guarantee Lee wont be an international superstar over here in Aus – like Carrie Underwood is and Adam who has a huge following over here.

    I will by Crystals albums and of course everyone of Caseys – lol.

    Makes me think, how in the hell you in the US made our Keith Urban a superstar!!…….

    I have heard so many Lee US soundalikes over the years – I am afraid Crystal and Casey had far too much talent for this show

  96. Congrats Lee Dewyze I am so happy to see you winning this cause you are humble guy and you have the commercial voice. As for Crystal Bowersox you are great too it only separated both Lee and Crystal by 2% of the votes so don’t keep saying that America get it wrong cause the luck is on Lee Dewyze.

  97. Lee is the best and he deserves to be the next American Idol!!! Eventhou’ Crystal performed better last night but Lee has ‘that’ commercial voice that you just love to listen to….

  98. This is why I do not watch American Idol, Crystal definately had a stronger voice and stage presence…But I guess we will wait and see who becomes more popular….Like Ruben and Clay… Really who was the real winner there….Never heard from Ruben after Idol winning but Clay made a name for himself and really beat out Ruben…….

  99. No..once again, America got it wrong..but I predict that Crystal will go on to be a much bigger star than it should be!

  100. I feel that AI is nothing more than a glorified popularity contest. It is amazing how people that have consistantly more talent and are more polished seem to come in second for the past few seasons. The only recent winner I feel the public got right was David Cook. Lee is good, but really only second can’t be off key and boring and be sucessful..good luck’ll need it not to be a one CD wonder

  101. No, Bowersox should have won hands down. Again for the 2nd year in a row, American Idol was selected by the very young girls who voted for the cute one rather than the one that more talented. This should be recongized by the producers of Idol and the selection process should be changed in the future.


  103. No more idol it has proved that america has no tast or tallent i hope crystal gos far in life .

  104. All I want to say is if I was Crystal I would file a police report because she just got robbed…She should have won!!! I am a fan of Casey’s and was disappointed he did not make it but I truly believe Crystal is the better artist between her and Lee. I look forward to Crystal and Casey making their CD’s and this time next year Lee will be just that guy that won Season 9…and like the majority of people blogging on here…this is my last season of watching…I am sick of the teeny boopers turning this show into a farce!!

  105. NO Way Lee won. He is an awful singer. Crystal is by far the idol. People what is wrong with you or is it Idol, last time I will ever watch idol. I think the voting is rigged.

  106. Clearly, this show has to be rigged. Crystal is the true talent and should have won. She will go far in her singing career….straight to the top. I bet no one will even remember Lee after their tour, while Crystal will be a major star. I am very disappointed.

  107. Yeeeeeah Lee ! YOUR a beautiful day !!!!!! Well deserved. You Mama Sox fans are a bunch of sore losers, saying you will never watch again, then’ don’t who CARES. @CJR if the judges would have picked, it still would have been Lee, both Simon and Randy pick him in their interviews. Comgrats to Lee again. And by the way, i’m not a teeny bopper voting, fyi, i’m way over my teeny bopper years.

  108. So so happy for Lee!!! Both good contestants, but Lee was more versatile in my mind. Nice people and families.

  109. most of the idol winners have had limited success, country blondie an exception. this shows the votes don’t correlate in $$ as the little ones that vote cant get money from mommy to but the cds

  110. I thought he was fantastic, I voted for him all the way, he will have a great career, I am just as excited about seeing and hearing him as I am with Adam Lambert. He wil be a BIG star.

  111. Once again…The men win because little teenagers are voting. It is clear that Crystal was better…American has no taste! I enjoyed the finale with all hoopla though…A little to much gushing about Simon. Though I will miss him terribly…It will not be the same. I wanted Paula to sing “Straight Up”…oh well…

  112. This just proved that it’s apopularity contest not a talent contest. Crystal easily outperformed Lee for the first two songs and was, in our opinion better in the last song. But, #3 could be called even. Crystal was the most consistent performer throuthout the show. Lee didn’t become a real contender until the last 3 or 4 weeks. Until they limit calls to one per telephone number, it will continue to be a popularity contest.

  113. It figures, Lee is totally “establishment,” blends in like every other person on the street, he was consistantly unpredictable, good/bad/inbetween. Ms. Bowersox is “unique,” white girl with dreadlocks, facial piercing, feather earrings, DOESN’T blend in, she was consistantly(90% of time) predictably, a GOOD singer. . .I told my husband, though Bowersox deserves it, she won’t get it. . .doesn’t blend in enough.

  114. I am a big Lee fan. So glad he won. Crystal will do okay for herself but Lee was more appealing and sang better in my book. Congratulations Lee! People need to vote if they want their favorite to win. They shouldn’t complain because the tweens vote. You can vote just like they do if you want to.

  115. Lee, it is no surprise you will be crowned the American Idol. You are perfect for the crown.

    We, fans from overseas, share your happy moment now. We are so happy for you. You deserved it. You have put in your best in this show. You have worked so hard and most of all you are so talented. Now you have to BeLEEve you are a Star Singer.

    Simon, it’s a wrap. Lee is now AN ARTIST, no more a paint sales man taking a break.
    Give LEE a break. Simon, you are still de Best.

    Lee, we love you and hope we have a chance to see you soon. We care for you very much. You are so special, a special gifted Simple Man.
    God bless you.

  116. Like it or not, Lee is the more commercial of the two. You can sell his personality and his looks to the American people. Crystal has face piercings, dreadlocks and tattoos. She looks like she should be in Hell’s Angels (if she looked like DiDi she probably would have won, coincidentally). Even if she has the better talent, she doesn’t have “the look” and indy music isn’t very profitable in most cases. And while Lee had an off night last night, he was top dog most of the last month or so and killed it last week in the top 3. It’s not like he didn’t deserve to be there and his body of work was pretty damn good, too.

  117. My order of finish would have been: Crystal, Siobhan, Mike, Casey, Aaron, Lilly, Katelyn, Lee.

    I wish Lee luck and happiness. If he doesn’t get a whole lot of the former, he’ll need the latter.

  118. Lee was only average. He appeared to have been molded into a somewhat familiar kind of performer. If he wasn’t so “cute” to the younger generation I’m not sure he would have won. Crystal by far has more talent, could cover more genre’s and not sound the same with the same voice, her range was better than Lee’s. As usual the wrong person was picked.

  119. I’m so happy that Lee won!!! He obviously deserves it. Crystal seems so fake to me, and I only imagine her singing in a karoke… She just screams too much when she is singing. GO LEE!!! He is a million times more likeable as a person than anyone else!

  120. @153…Don’t thank America that Lee won..thank the pre-teen…screaming girls that he won…I am sure the majority of Americans that listened to both of these two sing voted for the true American Idol and that was Crystal!!!

  121. I liked Siobhan but after she left Crystal was the choice…I believe Crystal will have a career no mater what…

  122. Crystal was consistently good throughout the season and she was clearly superior in all three performances on Tuesday’s show, yet she lost. America got it completely wrong.

  123. It looked like the judges had their favorite and it was Crystal. But once again the people spoke and picked their winner – Lee. Thank goodness the judges don’t pick the winner!

  124. The same as last year. People votes for looks, not for the best and most talented singer, what clearly was Crystal the whole season and espesially yesterday. Last year Adam Lampert couldn’t win because he is gay and this year Crystal cann’t because she’s hippie. Here in Denmark Lampert is doing great(was no.1), nobody knows Kris Allen.
    Just look at those stupid comments about her teeth. I have seen the whole season and have never notice anything about her teeth. Listen not look when you judge. Congratulations USA, Still as racist and smallminded as in sixties.

  125. Like Simon this will be my last American Idol. There is no doubt that the wrong person was selected. Crystal was so much better than anyone on the show–it’s just another popularity contest instead of a singing contest. Last year Adam was great and he’s still going strong unlike Kris Allen. Hopefully, Crystal will do the same as Adam. I honestly believe that the judges should have some percentage of the final vote. They know that everyone picked the wrong person. I do wish Lee good luck in his future endeavors, but I think he will be another Kris,David, and Jordan. Thank God for Carrie Underwood. Crystal, get that album out quick so we can all buy it. You and Joe Cocker were great and Lee was just there not knowing what to do. Like I said, you judges have to have a say in the final vote or this show is on its way out.!!

  126. @Greg- If you don’t watch, then how do you know all the facts ?? Everyone has their own opinion and taste in music and obviously your taste was just out won by others taste. duh

  127. They both had great voices however i believe crystal has the strongest voice and should have won. I knew the other week though that Lee would win. He had simon backing him 100%. Kinda feel this one and last season was a bit rigged. It’s not just teenies watching. My parents watch, they are in their 60s. I am in my 40s.

  128. it is sad that idol had to go out this way…but that is why Simon is leaving he is tired of America voting for the wrong winner. How many years can he sit there and watch the real winners losing and he does not get a bigger piece of the contestants pie that actually sell cds…50% of 0 is 0

  129. I feel it should have been Crystal—- she has been solid throughout the whole competition—-

  130. Karen posting #103 she is not just some girl or mama froma pub she has been singing there at the pub since she was 13. Why do I know that im from her home town and have seen her at that pub since then. If you lived here and seen how she performs and the type of person she is you wouldnt say anything about her being just a pub singer. America was wrong and I stopped watching Idol a long time ago when America screwed up voting with alot of singers who actually should have won. I only watched it this time cause Crystal is a home town girl with a greta personality and singing voice. Lee was terrible last night and Crystal should have won but you must be one of those young girls who voted for a paitnsalesman with so called looks. Crystal’s career will blossom for those who enjoy music not for someone who will be a slight success for awhile over looks. Crystal you keep doing what your doing and do it for your children. you are amazing and will outshine LEE no matter if your the runner up or not.

  131. crystal by far the beat, and like simon, i am leaving the american idol scene. that will free up alot of nights. crystal you rock and i will buy your cd.

  132. I thought that Lee would win, due to the demographic of AI viewers. 2%… is pretty close, but it does not reflect how much better Crystal was than Lee last night.

    Crystal is the better artist, although perhaps Lee “grew” more during the season. He is certainly more appealing to the viewers of the program. I just wish that Crystal had not wished Simon success in his career after Idol last night… that was a weird moment.

  133. Yay!!! I am so glad Lee won! He is a sincere person, not a fake like Crystal. He is much more marketable and will be a joy to see in concert. Crystal’s screaming Janis Joplin imitation did her in. Way to go Lee!

  134. No!!! Bowersox should have won. You are not going to tell me that Lee deserved to win. His performance last night was as previously stated above “second best, off key, and boring”. Did anyone even listen to what the judges had to say about the performances, I suppose not. That is ok because I believe that Crystal Bowersox will far exceed Lee in future endeavors. Good Luck in all your future projects Crystal; will be waiting for your album to be released.

  135. Questionable !!!!!!!
    Who knows the REAL numbers?
    Why confuse the voters with so many numbers text ?
    If the numbers are REAL, then Lee is the American Idol because Lee was voted by
    American voters’ !
    If the numbers are not the REAL one …..then the outcome shows that the “American Idol” organization does not care a bit on the votes…

    What about DEMANDING to have the numbers made public , and for those who stay on the game have their votes added …… then ultimately who has the most votes will be the …. American
    Otherwise everything is fishy and questionable!

    Alas!!! These 2 hours seemed to be the ….. American Idol Good Bye!!

    Without Paula American Idol become the Boring American Idol. Now without Simon American Idol will become the ….. Last season of American Idol.

  136. Like Bgirl#63 commented- the correct choice was made!!!! Lee has the “stuff” to propel him into a long career ,as does Crystal— however Dear LeeD– had the appreciative, humble nature that I’m fraid Crystal lacked at times. This is a contest & both are winners, but for my time invested this season Lee was the banana that contiued to ripen perfectly!!! Did you all see his parents when his name was announced- How about Lee’s reaction,,,,,, I thought he would faint- his was the most priceless reaction I have ever witnessed!!!!! This comes from a non-teenage mom, who voted for the “total package”. That’s LEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  137. I am very very happy with the result. Congratulations Lee! You deserve to be the next American Idol.

  138. Great comment! Bible belt and teeny girls have voted! The only international stars AI has produced are Kelly, Jennifer, Carrie, Jordin, Adam Lambert, and that´s about it. And will be joined by Crystal. if not US, then the world will recognise true talent, even if it´s a single mom with a hippie look and “bad” teeth.

  139. for the second season in a row Idol got it wrong. seems more like an Iraqui election with ballot box stuffing than a contest to vote for the best performer. To end my sorrow at what this show has become I’ve watched my last show

  140. Eric #135 – Yes, we are that stupid. We prove it over and over again in so many ways. Although, it may be better for Crystal to not be tied to American Idol for the next year or so. She can have much more freedom on her own.

  141. I wish people would quit bashing each side. This is a wonderful opportunity for all the contestants whether they win or lose. The music-buying public will now determine whose careers thrive. This is just a door opened to all of them. May we all be so lucky in our lives to have a chance to be recognized for whatever talents we possess.

    So those of you who are angry, just cool it. Simply put your money where your mouths are by supporting the artists you love.

  142. K look guys. I personally like both of them but I think Lee deserves it the most. He came from a small job, and im sure most of us has watched him grow, and like what simon said last night, that is what the show is about. Lee has worked sooo hard and improved by a million times! yes, crystal has a great voice, but over time, it can get a bit annoying. Plus, she was pretty good at the begining of the show, but showed absolutly no improvement…seriously. She already had her own little band. Even the judges confirmed it. She kept her style but didn’t learn very much. NO GROWTH. Plus, crystal is gonna do fine anyways. She has a great voice. But not as much capability if you ask me. RE WATCH THEIR PERFORMANCES AND IM SURE YOU WILL AGREE. The show is mostly about growth and a big break. Not showing off.

  143. Crystal will have an actual career – Lee is OK but is really a good ‘cover’ artist.

  144. They got it wrong like they did last year. Lee is a great singer but like the winer last year he has little personality and no stage presence. Crystal shows us emotion and makes us want to watch more of her. We’ll be hearing and seeing more of her in the future.

  145. You got to be kidding!!!! Lee!!! OMG… no way..not in the same league with Crystal

  146. oh well as Lee struggles to stand out among all the sound alikes, Sox will sell because she is different…you have to stand out in the masses if you expect to sell. She will still get a cd and make a better paycheck because Lees money is all going to AI productions.

  147. just won a bet over american idol. not that i liked the results. congratulations, lee. you are the next kris allen. kris WHO? kris allen…. 🙂 go figure.

  148. congrats to Lee!!! Good luck! At last my bet won because before my bet always ends up a runner-up.

  149. I have to agree Crystal is the better singer but unfortunately it is based on how they look / popularity. For me Crystal was consistent, even when she seemed had an off day it was still better than the rest.

    Alas, as someone pointed in their blog, voters vote not based on their ears but their eyes! But who knows Crystal may or can outsell Lee so…

  150. Lee surely deserves to win, he has a nice personality and a great powerful voice

  151. The best part of the night— Casey and Brett Michaels, Crystal and Alanis Morissette. Like Kara says– AMAAAZIING!!!!!! 🙂

  152. Watch it. One year from now, Lee will fade away like some of the other winners i.e. taylor hicks

  153. ok Lee won, not a big surprise there, I liked him better then crystal anyway, Idk why but I do, as for this season, I doubt that Idol will EVER find a better singer then adam lambert whom was robbed of his title as winner =\

  154. Crystal is an artist. Lee is a paint salesman with a pretty good voice. I’m pretty sure whose albums I’ll be buying 5 years from now.

  155. @jade-

    yeah sure lee came from a small job but crystal is a single mom. Do you have any idea how hard that probably is??????? Who knows if she even has a job?

  156. Wasn’t Crystal great with Joe Cocker?! Lee appeared a tad intimidated. They are both great people and I wish Lee luck but Crystal has star power and natural talent. Yes, her look is different but it’s star appealing and her looks are part of her charm (her signature). I wish them both well. Crystal will surely shine through like Adam. Casey was nice to look at but probably deserved 4th. Mike had more talent than Casey and Lee. I’ll rush to buy Crystal’s first album…

  157. Congrats to LEE! He worked as hard as anyone. He now has the confidence to overcome his shyness…he is humble and has a great voice. He has to follow his own star which shines bright tonight and none of the negative, jealous comments can take that away.
    Godspeed Lee on your journey!

  158. The new “American Idol” is Lee Dewyze, a paint store clerk who overcame his shyness and prevailed over soulful and a very humble person. As for Crystal she is a musician mom and she look like an artist in the competition so of cause the humble person will win cause Lee Dewyze is just a pain store clerk, a very humble person who try to oversome his shyness and he has a commercial voice so the luck is on Lee Dewyze and he deserve to win. For Crystal she is amazing in the finals but from week to week Lee Dewyze really did very well in his vocals compare to Crystal so to do the best for the finals to win, it is not enough cause you have to be every week very good in the performance and Lee is just not being too over the top on the vocals cause he is humble. Whatever it is both Lee and Crystal are great in their own ways and luck plays a part too so the luck is on Lee Dewyze so he deserve to win.

  159. The look on the judges faces was priceless. They could not believe the results. Goes to show this show has pretty much run the course. Cell phone texting by teens has preety much killed the goose that lay the golden egg for future young artist.

  160. It was close they were both great but Crystal was better.She the more marketable of the two.How do they expect Lee to top Bono’s version of beautiful day.Give me a break.What happened to them singing the same original songs in finale.

  161. I would just like to know how voters even got through to put in a vote for Crystal. I called for 3 hours, never got through. I wonder how many more votes he received then her, and how many voters never got through. I am bummed out.

  162. Well it was a close race to who was best, but I thought that America was definitly wrong. Crystle was by far the best.

  163. Idol need to be revised, none of these THIS season were that great! Way too many commercials and please no more…lady gaga

  164. when you have ten teens in a million homes texting and calling till there thumbs are sore…Sox did not have a prayer.
    This is why America should not vote just the judges…or at least limit the amount of times you can vote. Maybe allow you to vote online as I tried calling and calling always busy…The voters that have the $$ to buy the CD’s are giving up and going to sleep…so they can work the next day.

  165. We could not get thru the phone lines either……crystal towered over lee with voice and a difference. Think we’ll stop watching idol…its losing it and maybe its all set-up….phone lines you cannot get thru

  166. For all those who make remarks that LEE is not good are just plain sourgrape. If you all have support a mama singing then you should vote. WHY DO PEOPLE NEED to listen to you that a single mama is better? She SUCKS!!!!! Please go and watch her performance last night….SUCKS and over confidence. I am glad LEE won despite i want the showdown to be Lee and Casey than a singing mama who cannot sing but yell and yell her way…..AMERICA you GOT IT RIGHT Tonite!!!

  167. No wonder Simon is quitting. When a talent like Crystal does not win, the credibility of the show suffers. Sign me up for Crystal’s first album!

  168. Had Crystal won, I would have readily congratulated her even if I’m for Lee. Now that Lee won, please be sport enough to give him that due respect and be magnanimous in defeat. Let’s respect the voters – those who watched and supported the show.

  169. I’m so glad that this is Simon’s last show. He’s does not have to see the ridiculous results two years in a row anymore. I’m going to join Simon because I’m not going to watch the male fasion show. That’s coming down to what it is. Look at Taylor Hicks and Kathering Mcphee. Taylor Who? David Cook who? and all Kris Allen appearance is Ford Commercials. The system of Idol have to be change. Teeny Beany can text votes all day while the older generation and guys don’t really text as much as teens. They should scatch the text vote and just allow one vote per phone number and the household can vote within that phone number to determine who to vote. American Idol is not a talent show anymore. It’s a male fasion show. If you look at the comment here, about 80 percent for Lee is female. LOOK AT IT. The show rating WILL drop starting from today. So the producers should wake up and take a hard look at this.

  170. This is a search for an idol…..did ANY of this season REALLY have IDOL quality people? NOT

  171. Lee did improve the most but this wasn’t that kind of a show… it was all about talent. And, from day one, Crystal had the most talent. Even when judges thought she wasn’t doing well, it was the song and not her talent.
    She did not do poorly on one song.

  172. lik i have been saying for years now the show is fixed.maybe change the name of the show to american male idol.what is it 3 years in a row for men to take the title.its quite apparant that the best talent hardly wins.this year i had,and felt the 3 best singers were females.crystal,siobhan,and didi.but,low and behold lee sneaks up and then gets buttered up and pimped by all the judges and next thing u know the fans start believing all this,so this is what turns out in the end.crystal,performed so much better last nite,and based soley on last nights performances she should have won hands down.i,cant tell who will sell more records down the road,but i would stand on my earlier assessment of crystal,and siobhan,and maybe even didi,will outsell the boys of season nine.

  173. Hey AL i’m a song writer do you need some lyrics. You should have a contest. The winner’s song can be sung in the finale.Your going to need the hype after this disaster.And Simon leaving.The winner doing cover songs is boring.

  174. i saw crystal by accident early on and watched the show to see her win the whole thing. lee was consistent. consistently mediocre. unfortunately the teenage girls of america would have voted for lee if had just stood there and smiled. girls, crystal is the one with the talent. so, like simon, i am done with american idol.

  175. Folks, this is clearly a POPULARITY contest, not a singing contest. It is no surprise that Lee won a popularity contest. Lee has apparently inspired many girls to do a lot of voting, and multiple votes are allowed. In my heart, I know that Crystal is a better singer, but I didn’t need to watch the show to know that Lee would win.

  176. Come on America…I’ve been watching American Idol since its inception and I’ve selected the winners with America all the way. Come on…Lee was off tune way too much to our beautiful, harmonious Crystal…Better luck next time America. As another American stated, Lee is way less marketable than Crystal. The voting needs to be revised. Only allow one vote per caller. That would show the true vote.

  177. The problem also is with the voting being open without an end time being specified. Ryan always says the voting will be open for at least____ hours. What does that mean? Does that mean when one particular person has more votes than the other, the poll is closed. Sounds very rigged. The voting hours should be clearly addressed each week. That way phone lines are shut down at a specific time REGARDLESS of who is ahead. Ellen telling Lee that it doesn’t matter that he is “pitchy” because he is such a nice guy, is insane. Of course it should matter. It is about vocal talent.

  178. yup, once again the voters got it wrong. yes, the judges should have fifty percent of the vote as well…geeeez, guess i won’t be watching this fixed show any longer now.

  179. Dave, I don’t really understand the women drooling over Lee. Tim Urban and Casey were much more worthy of the drooling, imho… lol.

  180. Once again the LOSER wins Idol becuase of the damn tennie bopper vote – the REAL WINNERS are Crystal and Kacey and we will support them by purchasing their music !
    Idol sucks especially now that the only honest host has left ………

  181. yeah I agree that casey was THE BEST this year, they got him out of the picture because they wanted to give crystal and lee a chance I think its stupid, Adam lambert is BY FAR the BEST singer I have EVER heard, casey is the second (at least from idol)

  182. Crystal you are really great in the finals you already look like an artist and I wish you the best in whatever you do. Lee you are a very humble person and that makes you stand out from the rest cause of your humbleness that touches peoples heart when you sing it looks like you are going to cry cause you sing right from from your heart with a humble soul and I wish you the best too in whatever you do. God bless both of you Lee and Crystal.

  183. Crystal is clearly a better singer. It’s a shame the ignorant public are allowed to vote for the winner. AI should hire a 13 professional judges and let them decide.

  184. Are U freaking kidding me???Crystal should have won!!!She’s perfect!!!I can’t believe this…First it’s Adam who’s wronged, now Crystal…Damn shame!!!

  185. Ho Hum, this Idol season is finally over. It now rates in the bottom three. It was too much like the Taylor Hicks year. Great talent discarded and mediocre talent crowned.

  186. Hey Lee DeWISE if you re reading this be a REAL MAN and give Crystal her well deserved WIN – you know as well as we all do that she far outperforms you – even Kacey way out performs you …………c mon be a real winner and give Crystal her TROPHY !!!! that takes BAWLS !

  187. Lostkat’s idea is great (contest). Agree that some kind of hype will be needed to make AI credible again. Really think it’s all in the voting but if they cut it down to one vote per phone number, it will lower their total count and that might not be appealing to producers.
    Hope they figure something out.

  188. nobody who has been the best has won American idol, look back and you will see just how true that is, America votes for who they “feel” is the best, most people don’t know what octaves and such are so they just for the one who sounds the best.

  189. When it is all said and done Lee will struggle as an artist and Crystal will bloom. This lady has talent and it was very clear of the gap between the two. The judges are at fault for the results. Crystal was running away with this contest 2 weeks ago and they knew it so they tried to make a race out of it by supporting Lee and it back fired. The teen texting girls won this contest for Lee and no one else.

  190. Why people assumed already that this one or that one be the winner …….WAIT FOR THEIR ALBUM and you’ll see who gonna be the most loved……..anyway come to think of it……TIME BE THE JUDGED……we cannot eradicate favoritism anyway….. LEE GET HIS TIME and all we have to do is to watched him if HE GONNA GROW AND SHINE in his generation.

  191. the show has really over rated itself…do some math, they say 30 million voters..what…I hear some voters saying they voted 200 times divide that by the number of voters and see what you get. Simon leaving pretty much ends the show as the ratings will plummet…he was the only judge to tell you the way it was and not sugar coat it. As much as people say they hated him because he was too mean, he was the only reason this show went past season one.

  192. Lee was off key at least once per performance- it is a singing competition -this is the second year in a row that the best singer/musician did not win. Along with Taylor Hicks and Chris – Lee will be a forgettable American Idol. Crystal will join the Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert- perhaps more successful than number 1. She has an amazing voice and is an extordinary musician – much more deserving. Lee should have come in number three – behind Big Mike – at least Casey did not win…..

  193. I would actually like to see the entire results of who voted for who cause I honestly do not think that the firm that actually confirmed the voting got it right. Crystal will sell more albums than Lee and I bet those other Idol singers will do much better than Lee also. Lee you can sing not as good as Crystal or any other Idol but popularity will only sell your albums for so long after you cannot figure out what to write or sing about and Crystal can do that cause she has written her own music. This coming from someone in her hometown and has heard her sing and heard her own music.

  194. come one crystal fans stop crying. ur idol is a sure loser. wahahha. now let me say beegees with shioban and aaron are amazing…

  195. I have seen the changes in American Idol over the years…When it first started…each phone line was only allowed 25 votes per week..after that is you tried calling you would get a recording saying you had reached your maximum votes allowed and look who won those first few years…Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia,Carrie…true artists…now that you can vote as many times as you want it went from a talent and singing competition to which boy can garner the most popular votes…until the producers fix the voting process..then it will continue to be about being more popular instead of more talented. I can see why Simon is leaving because he has to endure watching his creation go from something so spectacular in finding the best of the best to what it is today…a show based less on artistry and more on looks…what a sad sad day it is…..

  196. Crystal blew the whole bunch with her natural talent… she didn’t have to “blossom” or “grow” or “get better”. She has it in her soul and in her heart. Lee did improve but he sounds just like any other latent artist who has nothing original to offer. Crystal as noted several times by the judges, is in a league of her own. Real Talent like that doesn’t have to bloom… it’s already a forest!

  197. The judges helped to sway this outcome. They were too tough on the best and not tough enough of those improving from week to week but just not there yet. They should give each singer a number too. That would help viewers understand how they ranked singers against one another.

  198. Won’t even bother to download this finale, going back to watch Britains got Talent. Much more talent and fun. Good Luck Crystal, looking forward to hear your music in the future. And for Simon Cowell I more and more understand why he find this boring and is leaving. Only one really talended singer this year out of tousands. Don’t think there will be any American Idol next year.

  199. everyone knows Crystal was more talented…voting needs to be changed…perhaps, the judges should score the singers as well as the popular vote…second year in a row the best singer/performer lost..Lee had some good performances but Crystal was consistent…her talent will not go un-noticed…

  200. Ahh and we have heard some words from the young teenage voters already telling us Crystal fans who actually know talent that we are sore losers. Hmm those will be the only ones watching American Idol season after season and will continue to pick popularity over a musical artist. Hmmm I remeber back in the old days when young girls hung their favorite male musicians on the walls over their beds will this trend continue with these so called singers that they pick now?

  201. and we must remember, the show is called ‘american idol’ not ‘america’s most talented.’ crystal was compared to janice joplin and it was said ‘janice move over.’ they were right. i saw janice sing and crystal’s performance topped janice’s. lee is the idol but crystal has the talent. she doesn’t just sing, she writes lovely songs. go crystal.

  202. Watching from Canada, and being unable to vote, I am again amazed that Americans like their music bland. Crystal’s performance was so much superior that I wonder what is going on with the voters.
    It happened last year as well. The obviously better performer did not win and the in the next year, I know we won’t be hearing about Lee doing great things.

  203. Congratualtions Lee! Well done. All the best to both Lee and Crystal in the future.

  204. This season only proves what I knew some previous seasons before that whoever is voting for the popular person has know clue on musical talent and one reason why i stopped watching this show years ago. Crystal, from someone in your hometown of Toledo you are the real winner with real musical talent and you were robbed just like many others who should have won in your same position. American Idol i bid thee farewell and even if another person from my hometown goes on this show I will not watch even if it was a male the votes will be swayed as always the other way!!!!

  205. Two great finalists. However, the very best artist and performer was Siobhan. Wow, what a talent. She is the only one I would actually pay to watch perform.

  206. I think if AI is to survive without a reputation of being fixed some way or another eg by the teenage girls texting, the judging giving their hints along the way and they sure as hell did not want Casey! and Lily who I thought had major talent – I agree ONE VOTE PER PHONE NUMBER is the ONLY way to go in the future.

  207. “Off Key Lee Wins American Idol” is what the headlines should read and BTW Eric Luxton from whatever country youre from DONT BASH AMERICA OR YOU WILL GET BAD KARMA!! ITS A FACT!!!!!!

  208. WHAT?!?!?!? i seriously thought Crystal would win… she can sing… why did this happen??? WHY?!?!

  209. Lee? Really? IMO, not really. Talk about safe choices. I think America was a bit put off by Crystal’s style, appearance and personal circumstances. If you really just voted based on vocal performance quality over the course of the season, she would have won. Really the same bias here that worked against Siobhan. Nothing particular against Lee, who has plenty of talent. Its just clear to me that Crystal has more.

  210. you know you can say she was robbed all you want, but the episode was very good, especially what they said to simon “yeah its cool you made them famous that’s ok you only took 80% of there wages” hilarious.

  211. Surely watching the finale proved that Siobhan, Casey and Aaron are all better singers than Crystal or Lee. It also showed us all how much better Ruben is than Big Mike.

  212. take a look at the charts and see if you can find any of the first place winners in the top 50..
    Daughtry is the only idol in the top 50 album chart…just google it if you don’t believe it.
    ” American Idol, Adam’s hit single brought him to #1 on the Billboards Hot Singles Sales. He becomes one of only 27 finalist (William Hung makes 28) to reach #1 on the charts”
    So good luck to them all…the winner may need more luck than the rest.

  213. Lee has an awsome voice and he deserved to win. They are both good singers and will both do well 🙂

  214. Tyler honey octaves have nothing to do with pop music. That’s why god invented the sound board.

  215. the problem with you guys/gals is that you don’t act or vote for your favorite, once he/she lose it then you are there making NOISE…..what a waste of time…

  216. LET US ALL ACCEPT THE FACT THAT LEE IS THE NEW AMERICAN IDOL. If you will look at the last part before announcing the winner, Crystal gave Lee a tap on the back as a sign of congratulating Lee in advance. Congratulations to both of you.

  217. it is a waste of time, and I am telling you now, the people that flat out didn’t like crystal voted against her anyway, you can’t fix that either.

  218. yes he deserves to win as crystal had a good voice and was more consistent but she didnt grow much in the whole season and sounded more or less the same with every song plus i found her a little cheeky

  219. Hey People

    In our opinion, American Idol is not always about making records and top the No. 1 Chart. Besides music, it is all about inspiring and touched people.

    Inspiring people to beLEEve that you can achieve your dreams, if you work hard and beleeve one day you will get there, like Lee.

    Lee has it all going for him in a package-talented,creative, gifted vocal, song writer -singer, guitarist, adorable,lovable,humble,authentic,original, simple,great great support from his family,
    his hometown,his friends,his buddies,his employer and all his fans.

    He has the PEOPLE POWER, CONNECTION & SUPPORT all going for him to achieve his dream of his life, that is, MUSIC.

    He is our current music of Cat Steven, our Bruce Sprienstin, our Simon & Garfunkel, our Leonard Cohen, our Fireflies and so on……

    Congratulations, Lee. What a colorful day (Talego) for you and your fans around the world! Good Luck in your music career and have a great life.

  220. Josh, that may be true to some…but I tried for 3 hours to get through to place my vote…there needs to be online voting or limited voting.

  221. Well, this is the last season I will be watching AI after last night’s decision!!!! If the American public cannot truly decide the difference – in bucket loads – between Lee and Crystal, then this show has really lost its reason to go on. Lee is a good singer, no doubt, but Crystal ran rings around him, not only in the finale, but around every other contestant since the early days of this season. Rock on Crystal, I’m ready to buy your album when it’s released here in Australia. You are the real winner!!!

  222. Just want to comment about the finale, in general. I loved it–with the mix of singers who participated. Loved that Alice Cooper opened the show (love the hint with the makeup on the dancers)! I thought the Casey and Brett Michaels coupling was inspired; loved it! Touched that Joe Cocker was invited on–even if his singing was pretty much limited (now) to his signature guttural sounds. The Bee Gees with Siobhan and Aaron: wonderful, as were Hall & Oates and Michael McDonald with Big Mike! I LOVE Alanis Morissette, so that was really special and quite a surprise! (Crystal mimicked her distinctive phrasing perfectly!) Chicago still has it (though Lee clearly faltered on pitch in one of the songs–then came back and did superbly on the next). Loved seeing and hearing the older ones after so many years. And I got a real kick out of the “Pants on the Ground” performance, with the surprise appearance of William Hung. So lovely they worked that in for Larry Platt. It was a memorable part of the show and entirely fitting to include them. I enjoyed the goofy contestant appearances (thankfully short), as well.

    Wasn’t crazy about: Kris Allen’s song; Christina A’s song (though she was fascinating to watch); Carrie Underwood’s song (she is beautiful and a great performer; just not crazy about her singing style, myself); Janet Jackson’s songs (why did she get to do two?); and all of Paula’s meaningless, almost unplanned-sounding chatter. She looked beautiful, and maybe it was important to have her there to tie things up, so to speak, as Simon leaves, but . . . not a fan at all, so I could have done without seeing her. (I guess they had her on to allow her commercial to air about her show.)

    Left wondering about:
    1. Why no mention (in Matt’s synopsis) of Fantasia and Kelly Clarkson’s lovely duet of “Together We Are One”. And why each had what seemed to me to be a pretty small part in the evening. (Also, Fantasia did not look at all happy. Wondering why.)

    2. How Tim Urban sounded so good when he sang!!

  223. @294 Canyon: casey, shioban and aaron are my top 3 finalists. casey sings good tonight with bret michael. theyre really good! awesome 😉

  224. i wish casey will become the next Daughtry in terms of career success. LONG LIVE Casey!

  225. Cystal Bowersox is a talented, powerful singer. It looks like a remake of last year when the most talented singer did not win.

  226. America rarely get’s it right! Crystal was robbed! The same thing happened last year when the best artist came second. It is too much of a popularity vote rather than a singing vote.

  227. Definitely got it wrong. Lee may have been the most improved singer over the span of the season,but Crystal was, by far, the best singer from day one. This was a competition for the best singer,not the most improved singer. She should have won. That being said, Congratulations Lee.

  228. Definitely got it wrong. Lee may have been the most improved singer over the span of the season,but Crystal was, by far, the best singer from day one. This was a competition for the best singer,not the most improved singer. She should have won. That being said, Congratulations Lee.

  229. Wrong choice American Idol. Crystal was consistently better than any other contestant. Something is wrong with this system. The best contestants are not allowed to rise to the top.

  230. Yeah it’s all been said. Crystal was robbed, teenage girls can text really reaaly well when there is a cute buy involved. The judges are retarded, except Simon who was at least smart enough to leave before tonights vote. Nothing will change because the show is about AI making money that means AT&T , coke, and Ford will control the format. We already know that Crystal will outsell both Lee and Kris put together so we will ultimately vote with our wallets. Truthfully I am glad my money will go to Crystal and whatever label decides to produce her music and NOT to the “idol machine”.

    Notice on this blog how many times Crystal is compared to Joplin, while Lee is simply referred to as….well…he isn’t. He isn’t an artist he can sing, sure, but an artist he isn’t and hiscareer will demonstrate that.

    When people mention Lee they mention paint, nervous, and offkey…when they talk about Crystal, they say talent, strength, and future music sales.

    To see who the real winner is, Just look at who has more hits on last nights performances on you tube and iTunes. Next, watch the charts Crystal will shine while Lee fights with Kris over Ford commercials to pay the rent.

    Regardless of the votes, Crystal is the NEW AMERICAN IDOL.

  231. Lee is a nice guy, but not a star and has a very limited voice. Crystal was superior in all aspects of the competition. The problem was Simon who sabotaged the outcome by predicting Lee to win. He was clearly off the mark as far as judgement of the best talent. But it is what it is. Congratulations to Lee and I’m sure Crystal will do very well.

  232. Somebody above said Crystal will be the new Janis Joplin? Does that mean she is going to die of a drug overdose? C’mon people think before you speak!
    Oh BTW Congrats to LEE! He has a sweet voice and super potential. I am really excited to hear his music. For those of you complaining about Lee, I was reading these kind of boards 5 yrs ago when Carrie Underwood won and people where ripping into her too….just a bunch of venting because Bo didn’t win. Look at her now!

  233. Yes, it is what it is. I’m just glad that Siobhan and Aaron got national exposure, because before long they will each have great careers.

  234. The best singer, performer, artist lost tonight. Much as last year’s results, true genius and talent was passed over so teenage girls could vote in their dream boy. Watching American Idol is as frustrating as watching a poorly judged boxing match.

  235. @ Robert- Everyone I know loved Lee and we are (really really )far from teens!!! I think it is wrong for people to assume only teens vote or only teen girls would like a male singer. Crystal is great but it is OK to choose one over the other. That is what the show is about.

  236. I am very disappointed that Crystal did not win. She is truly the most talented between the two Idol finalists… I mean true, honest to God, pure talent. Her style might be a bit eccentric, but her talent is AMAZING!! I will definately be purchasing her CD when it hits the stores.

  237. Why do all these people pick on the fact that Lee won. I am an adult (not a little girl)and voted for him. All these people keep crying that “Crystal didn’t win, America got it all wrong, Lee doesn’t sing good”, blah blah blah. You guys should have voted for Crystal, not complain after the fact that she didn’t win. VOTE VOTE VOTE!

  238. Crystal should have won, just like Adam last year. Another injustice. For all those who think Lee will rip up the charts, you are simply wrong…and I wish I could find you all in 5 years and say, “I told you so!” But of course your comments will be lost and forgotten…just like Lee starting tomorrow! Ironic isn’t it.

  239. Janie YOU need to think before you wright. Who said anything about drugs and overdosing??? Stupid!! Crystal was compared to Janis based on her style, sound, etc. NOTHING about drugs you moron!

    Do your parents know you are up this late using their computer??

    GO TO BED!

  240. The worst american idol winner I have ever seen you have to be kidding me america we can do better than this come on.

  241. Not that this isn’t saying what most of you have(or at least are thinking), tonight showed the faulty system that lies in this program. Crystal should’ve won by a landslide, as I agree with the many aforementioned posts–she’s a true artists, and she will outshine Lee in the long run. This is one girl who will not be watching next season. Truly upsetting.

  242. Oops I forgot…Karen (103), you are simply a idiot, such ignorant words in this day and age. Judging others like that usually is compentsation for you own feelings of inadequacy. I don’t care who you wanted to win, your comments were…embarrassing. Hope you see the error of your ways.

  243. And at least we know who Bo Bice is and he still has a decent career. Who won Idol 2009??? He is doing comercials now. So is Jason Castro and he went out at #6 years ago!!! Kris never deserved to win over Adam and I don’t even like Adam!! And now we are stuck with another idol winner who they will have to spend millions on to market him in the hopes that he will sell enough music for Simon Fuller to break even.

    Meanwhile Crystal will effortlessly top the charts and join the ranks of Carrie, Adam, and Jennifer Hudson.

    Make us proud Crystal!!!!

  244. it is all moot. the one with the real talent will be judged by his/her performance in the real world. if it indeed was teeny boppers voting 200 times each for lee he is in trouble because these people will not each buy 200 cd’s that he puts out. so, if, like myself, you really like crystal best then buy her music and support her. i doubt the producers of the show would like to change the voting rules because it is a huge money generator. if people get tired of the false outcomes and stop watching then idol will be idle. oh, and what planet was paula abdul on?

  245. did America get it right? absolutely not. Crystal sang rings around Lee the whole season. i sure hope someone good signs Crystal immediately.

  246. It doesn’t surprise me Lee won, especially after last years decision (which was obviously wrong given Adam “Bringing Back Glam Rock” Lambert’s worldwide success). It’s a popularity contest with a viewing public of mostly teenage girls and what do they know about talent (Justin Bieber anyone?). The fact that Lee will be releasing a cover of a U2 classic (oh the tragedy) implies AI’s lack of confidence in him. Crystal wasn’t my favourite but there’s no denying her talent, so she deserves a shot at success. Oh well, an end to a rather lacklustre season.

  247. Virginia
    I’m sure they were lined up long before the voting started!! If I was a label I would have been talking to her parents, boyfriend, kid … Whatever it took to be first in line to sign her. Thank god she lost, now Crystal can be Crystal and do what she does best without the influence of AI goats.

  248. I think Lee is really good but doesn’t hold a whatever to Crystal, that girl is outstanding and I believe you American’s got it wrong. Maybe it has to do with the tall poppy syndrome, although I thought that was us Aussie’s that like to knock people down. How could anyone compare Lee’s performance to Crystals last night. She was on a league of her own!

  249. No America got it wrong again. Lee was great but Crystal was 100 times better last night. I like Lee but think that Crystal was great throughout the series. I will be buying her album. And I hope she stil releases her winning song too.

  250. Once again dimwit America votes for the wrong person and then buys the runner-up’s (and Casey’s)records.
    Crystal has been the only deserving winner since top 24. In a year we will be saying Lee who??

  251. How on this earth can Lee win! He has no stage presence whatsoever and is as interesting as watching a wet towel!!! I don´t think he has a good voice and not once during this competition has he ever looked as though he really wants to win. I´m so upset that Crystal didn´t win. She has far more talent than Lee but then I suppose she´s not going to get pre-pubescent girls phoning in and voting for her. Good luck Lee but I for one won´t be buying any of your records.

  252. both of them deserves to win. both of them will going to have a beautiful future no matter what. just be happy for them and don’t compare them to each other. win or lose both of them was already an star.

  253. I heard Lee has already been offered a chance to sing Ford’s new jingle advertising their “no scratch” line of paint

    The tag line is. “like my singing…it resists any KEY!”

    Experts say Off Key Lee may outsell Kris Whatsizname if we could just get American parents to increase their pre-teen girls allowance for the next 2 weeks before he drops completely out of our memories.

    Ford hopes to retain Adam Lambert or Crystal Bowersox to write the new song, so far both are unwilling citing busy CAREERS singing top 10 hits, and instead suggested Taylor Hicks or Reuben Studdard to which Ford replied “Who?”

  254. Crystal Bowersox should have won it’s been a long time since a girl won hasn’t it? I didn’t think Lee sang too good at all this week.

  255. I think first of all that Lee and Crystal were both great & both will go on to become idols in the singing world. I myself think that Crystal is far better than Lee. But the winner is selected by phone voters. I am sure the votes probably were very close. They were both fantastic. But look at last year…Adam Lambert came in second (which was crazy) and I can’t even remember the first place winners name from 2009. Can you???? I will be buying Crystal Bowersox first CD for sure. BOWERSOX ROX !

  256. To be an American Idol it is not all about voice or how good you can sing. You should have charisma/connection to your audience, because they are the ones that will make you successful. Crystal has the voice no question about that, but she lacks charisma. Remember charisma is different from being beautiful/handsome. When I say charisma that person is beautiful both outside and inside, even if that person doesnt speak. That is why Lee won. As a singer I love his voice, but needs improvement though. But what I like about him is that I can see how honest and simple man he is.

    Im sooooo proud of you.

  257. Congratulations and all the best to Lee. However, I hope that we shall see a Crystal Bowersox DVD in the UK very soon.

  258. First Adam now Crystal – the two best singers miss out on their rightful first place!!!!!

  259. I think that America did not make the right choice – Lee is mediocre singer/performer. He’s a nice guy, although I am sick to death of hearing how he is a “former paint sales-man” who was looking for a “break” – they all were looking for a break, obviously. Crystal out-performed him almost every week, and the finale was no exception. Hopefully someone out there was watching and she will get a contract.

  260. Disappointed for Crystal…can’t wait for the release of Crystal’s album, as I am sure she will be big with her natural talent.
    Lee is ok, but definitely not my favourite.
    What about American Idol without Simon?? It’s just not going to be the same. The fun of the show is gone!

  261. i think that america did the right choice by voting for lee and even if crystal was the winner i wouldnt mind cuz both of them were great!!!

  262. That was it for me. I will no longer tune in to AI. Not that I dont like Lee but Crystal was so superior in raw talent, consistency, ability to cross all music types, and natural affinity to perform. She had it from the auditions in my humble opinion and then they picked Lee who was not consistent, did not posess the stage presence, will need a lot of professional training, etc. So I will enjoy watching them go forward and become successful in their careers but I am moving on from AI.

  263. YUKKKKKKKKKKKKKK – America got it wrong again. Crystal lamebasted Lee in every way — what a joke . Tweenies are not the only ones to buy music . Nex thing you’ll see a rapper (c*rapper)win. Take the show and enlighten your inslides.

  264. I have never seen such a one sided final.
    If this was a three round boxing match there would have been a knockout after the second.
    Yet to my amazement the referee or in this case
    Ryan Seacrest declares the winner the person who was totally outclassed.

  265. all i can say is i just don’t get it… last year’s finale which i did not get either….and i never got taylor hicks so i guess i am not in touch with the majority of viewers

  266. I think that Crystal should have won. I think she is more talented then Lee. I really don’t watch Idol that much but I heard both of them sing and she is incredible. I maybe biased because Ohio people tend to stick together.

  267. lee won? how? he cant even sing well with chicago. i cant even recognize him singing without looking on tv. anyway, CASEY was singing last night so the finale is now complete.

  268. This was a terrible result. Crystal is far superior to Lee as a performer; she has a much better voice and completely dominated Lee in the final week. Lee is often unable to hit the right note, while Crystal has a fabulous voice and a great stage presence. I agree that Lee’s a nice guy, but that’s not what this is about. Really disappointing to see a far inferior performer declared the winner.

  269. OK … First – everyone is entitled to their own “opinion” (beware the “saying” about that though …) as they are to their “favorite.” Both were talented or they wouldn’t have made it to the “finals.”

    CONGRATULATIONS, Lee … I am by no means a “tween or teeny-bopper” or … for that matter, even very young but I LOVED your consistently heartfelt performances – it was so clear just how much you wanted this victory – and I was always very impressed by your dignity, maturity, clean-cut looks and good manners. You are a WONDERFUL and much-needed “role model” for the “tweens” and other young people of today!

    Those who choose to bash you (and other previous winners who also were deserving of their titles or they wouldn’t still be moving forward)are simply a perfect example of what is most wrong with our society, in general, today – bad losers who enjoy “shocking” those in society who are decent, hard-working, responsible and respectable citizens … so never you mind, Lee … your “star” will shine brighter every time another one of your CDs flies off the shelves!

    I have not always agreed with the voters’ choice of winner, granted … but the ones I felt shouldn’t have won … pretty much you hear very little about anyway. Janis Joplin wasn’t “on the scene” very long (my generation, by the way) – mainly because of her “style” and the “lifestyle” that went with it so I hope Crystal chooses to be different than her so that her little one will have her with him for a long time.

    Good luck to both – I, for one though, WAS THRILLED that the person I KNOW will be far more marketable in numerous venues WON!! GO LEE!!!

  270. The whole season was bad. They had nothing good to choose from music wise. Should have had more southern rock, rock, old rock and roll, newer rock, more country etc. not Frank Sinatra…Bowersox was by far the best from the get go, definitely wrong choice made. Casey should have come in second. Dewise should have gone before Casey.

  271. So why does Idol pass up on who should’ve won for a guy who really can’t sing. Oh, poor paint boy! Well did anyone say OH poor girl with diabetes???? Well, we all know that Crystal Bowersox will be a legend and Rock N Roll hall of fame watch out. As u could see on the face of Alantis M’s face when she was singing with Crystal. Lee, needs to be floating on a cruise ship singing to old people. Crystal we all miss u at Papa’s Taveren and Toledo will slways say u are the Idol and the show is really rigged for Simon so he can sign who he wants to his label!

  272. Just remember people Simon is a record producer and owns everything so he signs many of the kids on Idol so really think who owns who and he makes money off screwing the american people over like this show. So, go support him ya and buy the records!!!!

  273. I strongly disagree with the results…Crystal was far better than Lee….but saying that…I am glad she didn’t win because she will be able to sign with a good record company and not be held to contract obligations with americal idol. She will be much better off without idol, as is the case with Adam last year (who also sould have won). Good luck Crystal!


  275. This is so american, same as last year best singer doesn’t win, why?? their not ready for a single mom or a guy who prefers not to be with women. BOOOOOH even it is called American Idol it still should be the best singer and not who we like more. Go Crystal hope to see your CD soon, Lee keep practicing and who knows maybe one day you will make it.

  276. Not at all, Crystal deserved the win. Lee’s performance on Tuesday was not up to par and should not have won based on that. Crystal is the better artist. Hopefully she will be awarded a fabulous contract as she deserves it.

  277. I was dumbfounded here in Australia when the verdict was read. Lee has some talent and idol potential but Mummasox has it all and has had from the beginning. Once again it proves the voting format needs an overhaul and if it does not happen I will not waste my time and emotions on next season. Maybe give us an international number so we can vote

  278. For two years in a row America used its deaf ear to decide its vote! The best vocalist does not apparently mean anything to pubescent girls.

  279. lee had hard time singing with Chicago. what a shame. is that your american idol? someone who sound like a dog? whoa?

  280. This is why American Idol is dead.

    You can’t a “talent voting show” when 80% of the audience is now female and 60% of them are under-21.

  281. Once again America you get it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo WRONG! Lee will be like all the other boring middle americans you have created from this show I will not watch it again! The only saving grace is the find of Adam Lambert pure talent!!

  282. GOOOOOOOOO CRYSTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did u here lee’s last song? pull urself 2gether boy!

  283. Well America got it wrong again same as last year with Adam. I just don’t get it Chrystal and Adam unique talents both lost out.
    As I am typing this though I have never forgotten Adam and hand on heart I can’t remember the name of last years winner and I feel the same will be the case with Lee,forgetable but seemed like a nice man.

  284. @ #366 Anybody would have a hard time singing with Chicago – could you pull it off? And you know, America DID get it right. Lee is GOOD – he is the all-American young man. Crystal is GOOD too but all her songs sound the same, and you better believe that she had off nights too. Remember Country Week? I think she had 2-3 weeks in a row where she assumed she had it in the bag and didn’t have to try at all. Maybe America didn’t forget that and was not blown away on the last episode! Anyways, she will of course get a contract and put out an album and all the disgruntled fans can buy it, everybody will be happy. Myself will buy Aaron’s Casey’s and Lee’s.

  285. You have got to be KIDDING!!! I so agree with above: Simon(366), Mike(367), Paula(368) and Hailey(369).. Idol I hope you are done, I know I am with you all!!!

    Go get-um Crystal, I wish you and your Son all the best. You are the AMERICAN IDOL!!

  286. Both artsist are AMAZING but in my opinion crystal should have one. Yes, Lee might be a former paint salesman who needs a break, but crystal is a single mother who could use the cash now not later like lee. Hopefully, some big record company person was watching and will give her a contract like david A.

  287. Sorry to say it but Lee will yet another flash-in-the-pan Idol winner. His so-called “release” of “It’s a Beautiful Day”, a pathetic U-2 ripoff, will never sell and shouldn’t. Crystal is 1000% the better artist cuz she’s an Original, not a cover artist. My bet is still on Crystal to do better than Lee and she’ll be the artist we’ll be talking about for years to come. Go Crystal!

  288. Crystal should have won. An amazing voice and an amazing talent, that girl is going places. It’s unfortunate when it’s a bunch of 13 year old girls doing most of the voting, they always pick the guy.

  289. Crystal is simply amazing. A talent all her own.
    She owned American Idol this season. If not for Crystal I found this to be one of the worst seasons except for the finale. Lee is someone just in the background where I think he will stay. Hopefully a recording company was watching
    and give her a contract. The Best for Crystal!!!

  290. Lee was not the best singer, Bowersox was. Lee had all the ladies voting for him. Crystal being a lady, men just don’t vote. If the program returns, there should be a new panel of judges. I think Harry Connick would be good. Then theres Cindy Lauper and Shania Twain.

  291. Crystal’s vocal and performance at the finale is far more superior and she has stage presence too. Agree that most of the voters are young teenage females who are likely to pick the guy. The voting pattern in the American Idol series is often skewed towards one sex. According to our opinion poll in the office it is quite consistent that the girls were stonrger this season as compared to the guys but they got voted out…Come on gals vote fairly and not emotionally.

  292. I was a Lee fan before he even was accepted into the top 24….I’m so proud of him and Simon saw early on what it took others longer to find out…Lee is our American Idol….Good luck Lee and have a blast enjoying your wonderful win.

  293. I just read through alot of these comments and it makes me sick. If you wanted Crystal to win so much then why didn’t you VOTE!!!!! It is America who votes and obviously American got it right. Lee has a great voice and Crystal does also. They were both wonderful but Crystal isn’t nearly as marketable as Lee. I think they were both very deserving to win the title and I see NO reason at all to bash the one who did win. Do I agree Crystal did a better job on the last night…yes I actually do but that was Lee’s only off night and alot had to do with songs they had to choose from. Lee was a class act from his first audition day and he was just as humble on his victory. I also think Crystal was a class act too. Yes, I wanted Lee to win and I am NOT a tween girl and haven’t been for a very long time. My circle of friends were all voting for Lee and that includes Men also. We all have a right to give our opinions but it is just sour grapes when the people on here start bashing the winner. If you want someone to win, VOTE for them. CONGRATULATIONS LEE, you deserve every good thing that is about to happen to you.

  294. So glad Lee won. His talent will grow with his experience. Crystal had the experience singing and performing. I am sure she will do just fine. And to Lee, I am waiting to hear your music in the near future. Thanks for the humbleness and don’t let the fame change you.


  296. The only thing that I did not like last night was at the start of the show. It sounded like a roast of Simon. It was not funny. This season was not as great but last night was wonderful. I like Lee but I thought Crystal was better. They are both stars just like past contestants. All the top twelve with have opportunities because of this good feel show.

  297. Noooooo…. Crystal is fantastic and really should have won i know im from England but i wish i couldve voted for her !!!!!

  298. Of course America voted right. The vote was offered to all and they did just that. The difference comes in when we discover that we like different things and we feel cheated when our favourite horse or singer does not arrive at the winning post first, perfectly normal.

    I wanted Casey to take the crown, or Crystal, but Lee did, and after some fair minded consideration, I thought he deserved it. Many will disagree with the result, but that is the nature of the game. There are people involved!

  299. Yes I think we got it RIGHT. Lee is what American Idol is all about. Paint salesman. we watched this shy youngman grow through out the season. He was very deserving of the title. I have watched every season and Lee was one of my favorites of all time. He will go far. Congratulations to Lee DeWyze

  300. The fact that Lee won – was the best news of the night for me!

    CONGRATULATIONS Lee … you’ll go far .. love it!


  301. American Idol was great this year (in my opinion) and they didn’t get it wrong, as both Crystal and Lee will have great careers

  302. Lee deserved to win, he has had so much growth from the start!! The final 2 will both go far in their music career so why sit here and bash who won and who didn’t? Have some respect, they both have love for music. Congrats to lee, you are an amazing person!!!

  303. Choosing Lee was the most stupid thing. He was not at all deserving. It was crystal all the way. Just because he has a pretty face , people fell for it.. wrong choice..

  304. Crystal Bowersox far outsang Lee last night! She was superior in vocal & performance. Not sure why America keep choosing the same old thing with the guys? UK think it’s time for something different & Crystal was it.

    Shame on USA for not choosing the best voice & rathwer all the silly girls voting for looks! You can’t listen to a good looking face!!!

  305. the only performance i like about last night is casey and bret michaels duet. casey is both eye candy and ear candy.

  306. No, America blew it big time. Crystal should have been the top American Idol.

  307. nikki cain, thank you for representing the entire UK… so all of you over there think Lee has a good-looking face?

  308. me in cali never think lee has a good looking face. he is not ugly but just ordinary. casey does have a good looking face and most people sees it.

  309. I had hoped Crystal would win but I said on these emails to watch out for Lee cause he can sing. Looks like I was right. They both should be successful in life with their singing carreers.

  310. I like Lee and I’m a Chicagoan who always supports the home team. However, clearly Crystal is the better singer.

  311. I realize that most people think that Lee was a bad choice. Crystal and Lee are both amazing artists and it is kind of hard to compare the two because of the different sounds. No two people can sound the same. Some people are saying that Lee one because he was good looking. How come Aaron and Tim and Casey got voted off? its not because of looks it is the natural talent that both and all of the singers have. They are blessed to be chosen and all of them are winners no matter what america says. They got there, right? that is already like a 1 in a million chance. SO give Lee and Crystal some slack. yes every one is entitled to their own opinion but don’t be hating on people you don’t even know.

  312. I realize that most people think that Lee was a bad choice. Crystal and Lee are both amazing artists and it is kind of hard to compare the two because of the different sounds. No two people can sound the same. Some people are saying that Lee one because he was good looking. How come Aaron and Tim and Casey got voted off? its not because of looks it is the natural talent that both and all of the singers have. They are blessed to be chosen and all of them are winners no matter what america says. They got there, right? that is already like a 1 in a million chance. SO give Lee and Crystal some slack. yes every one is entitled to their own opinion but don’t be hating on people you don’t even know.

  313. Really, I feel that the voting is all wrong on these reality shows. You should only get 1 vote per phone line or what ever means you use. There were some wonderful singers this season. My favorite didn’t win but we’ll wait and see what happens. Most of the winners don’t do nearly as well as ones voted off earlier. I’m hoping at least three others from this season go on to have great careers!

  314. Another year of disappointment. Crystal should have been the American Idol, but like last year popularity won out over talent. I do feel Lee is talented and I believe with training and experience, he will be good. With that said, Lee too often went off key, but as I said, I chalk that up to inexperience. people have said not to get nasty with Lee, but the majority of nasty comments have been about Crystal, as to her teeth and her hair and the fact she’s not a beauty queen. American Idol has turned in to a show for teens and pre-teens, I knew Lee would win, All of the teeny boppers who were voting for Casey now would vote for Lee. This is supposed to be a singing competition, and Crystal is a far better singer than Lee. What has happenned to entertainment? This season was to put it bluntly, boring. A big fantastic stage, that nobody used. It was as if they were glued in one spot, many of them sitting down to sing. Who wants to pay good money to see that? The show this year lost the wow factor. The only contestants to use the stage were Siobhan and Aaron. As is with Kris Allen, in a year people will be saying, “Lee Who?”

  315. NO the last 3 years they have not got the right american idol. Lee should not of won last night. Crystal was by far the best. that is why it should GO back to the judges to make the decisions. i am very disappointed

  316. Hey Nancy-381 Take a moment and count the number of people on this chat for Crystal.. Then tell me voting matters..IT DOES NOT..

  317. Crystal was SO much better, but as long as Idol allows the love sick little girls’ vote to count as much as the judges’ they’ll never get a representative result.

  318. Of course Lee won. All the little teen girls across the country voted for him! sure he’s cute, but talent wise, Crystal had him beat.
    She is a confident, poised young woman, with an exceptional vocal range.The emotion that she feels with each song she sings sets her apart from all the others. It really doesn’t matter that she didn’t win. Her future as a star is sealed in stone.

  319. Lee is just another very ordinary singer,nothing special and his voice range is limited.I truly believe that Crystal should have been a winner.shame.It looks like these days everyone can win

  320. I believe America got it wrong for a second year in a row. Crystal was in a different league in terms of delivering when it counted the most. Ever since Hollywood week I felt Crystal was the most ready to begin a career. Like Adam last year, there were many weeks that Crystal was just in a league of her own and then there was everyone else. The good news is that I believe the recording company is going to give her that single anyway and I bet you it goes platium quickly. As Randy Jackson said: he thought it was the best song ever sung on American Idol.

  321. What is the point of watching American Idol, the best singers are voted out and Crystal the best participant ever has not been rewarded for having a great voice or even greater personality.Unfortunately forgettable characters such as Chris and now Lee win.Shame on the voters.I wish I could have my say !Probably a great year for Simon to leave.


  323. I don’t know if they got it right, personally I think Crystal out performed Lee on Tuesday, and most of the season. However I believe most voters are young females, which tends to lead me to think guys will always win over a girl. No biggy though as Adam and Doughtry and Jennifer have proved, you don’t have to win to win.

  324. i was shocked that Crystal did not win last night(idol) she was far the better singer throughout the season..The night before she was the outstanding singer on night , Lee Dewyze did good few weeks back but on the second last night he was terrible out of key etc., Another year the best person missed out… let judges pick the best, (Australia) i would vote if we could!

  325. All of you that said Lee doesn’t deserve to win are wrong!!!! He has such a great personality and I mean he is soooo innocent. Why wouldn’t you vote for someone who is so nice?!? Sure Crystal was my absoulute favorite before but then I took the time to see what an amazing person Lee is. And by the way it was not a popularity contest. Lee obviously had the better voice!!!

  326. Wow….so much hostility. Amazing things are going to be happening to both performers. AMerica voted for Crystal and Lee to get this far in the compition and the final vote was so close. That goes to show that both are amazing artists. I think alot of people fell in love with Lee’s “insecurities” and “realness”. He was genuanly happy just to be singing. Everyone is right that Crystal has amazing stage presence and is fun to watch. She will also be doing amazing things. I think America did awesome by getting those two as far as they got.

  327. Well for the second year in a row they got it wrong again.Whats with you voters??Anyone with a brain can see and hear that Crystal was the better singer and performer.Anyways thats it for me no more IDOL watching.Crystal will go a lot further than Lee.. Just wait and see!!!!

  328. just notice that there’s another Ronnie who calls people stupid and moron… that is NOT me!

    i am the ronnie who’s happy for Lee and his believers… America definitely has it right 🙂

  329. I knew he would win!!! And like Simon predicted on Ellen’s show yesterday!!! He knew it too. He wanted Lee to win. He had an off night Tues, but the week before Simon said he “crushed” his competition and Kara said if it had been the last night he would have won it. And all the weeks before that he Wowed us time after time. Thank goodness a lot of Americans have a good memory and aren’t the fickle type. They won’t let one lackluster night hold Lee back from what he truly deserves. He deserved to win 100%. The first time I tuned into Idol this season I picked Lee out to be the winner. That was before he started outshining the rest, but I saw his potential. I have a knack for that. I did not waver one bit and he proved me right. Simon saw it too. Now, I predict he will go on to superstardom and be the BEST AI of all, better than Carrie Underwood or Adam Lambert. He is just so humble and real that he can’t see how good he is and how much potential he has, which adds to his charm. He won over a lot of hearts in this country, and they stayed true to him and supported him through Tuesday night. It isn’t just me that thinks this way, but obviously the majority of American viewers, at least those who voted Tuesday night. Mark my words–Lee DeWyze is going to make it BIG.

  330. I am very concerned about the current arrangement to allow America to vote. Lee is cute and has a nice voice….Crystal is talented. Her voice and presence is unique and powerful like Janis Joplin’s but her voice has the purity of Bette Midler’s. She truly is a talented individual and will do well in her career. It would appear that America is more in tune with the single cute guy versus the single mom with a boyfriend. Enough is enough. Leave the voting to the people who know the business. My family and I will not watch the next American Idol unless the the voting results rest with the judges because last night was too much of a disappointment.

  331. No Crystal should have son. But I am happy for Lee because he can sing and they should both get careers out of this.


  332. I had never voted before because I thought I had to have an account with AT&T. I also did not knew voting was free. I only have a tracFONE and a land line. I discovered last night I could vote FREE with both lines. Yes… very dumb of me but I wonder how many others thought as I did?

    Lee: Congratulations and Good Luck… You worked hard for your title. Remember: CONFIDENCE!

    Cyrtal: Can’t wait for you to record an album.
    Just didn’t get enough of you on AI. You are magnificant… so refreshing… love your sound… love your look (you are beautiful)! You will do wonderfully and your dream to make a better life for your son WILL come true.
    Congratulations on your AI Success.

    AI: Please revamp your voting process. It won’t be as exciting for you to state only 1 million votes came in versus 50 million but it will be more credible if only 1 vote per phone number was allowed and if the judges vote how got worked in to the equation (something like Dancing with the Stars does).

    I’m now going to YouTube hoping I can find that Joe Cocker clip.

  333. P.S. to AI: Also hope to see the song choices changed next year. I LOVE Sinatra but it just did not seem to fit every contestant. The songs seemed so outdated this year.

    Also: Love all the judges you had this year. You just need to find a blunt person who tells it like it is to replace Simon… a guy or gal everyone LOVES to hate and HATES to love but does.

  334. I believe that Crystal really should have received this title. Without downgrading Lee, of whom I respect a great deal. This is about Talent and I believe that Crystal had the more natural talent and sings terrifically. I was disappointed, however, happy for Lee but it is not a competition to see who is the one more worthy of the honor. Crystal has more talent.

  335. Absolutely NO!!!! Lee is a one trick pony. Crystal can sing everything great. He was pitchy. I think it is rigged. I think they should do a recount or america needs to know what is great singing and stage presence or else we will never watch again. Come on now she had more kuddos from the judges. Another thing I think it should be just the judges not the american people because obviously they do not know talent if it hit them in the face

  336. Lee may be cute and a nice guy, but Idol voters got it so wrong! Crystal has so musch talent and should have won. The up side however, is due to her talent Crystal will be around long after Lee’s “one-hit-wonder”.

  337. I am SO disappointed!
    Crystal Bowersox is by far and away the better singer and she should have won the competition. What was America thinking?
    There – I’ve got it off my chest!

  338. AI should take the voting out of the hands of the tone deaf tweens and put it back into the hands of the judges…period! Crystal is a shining artist, a one-in-a-million artist. Lee will be a packaged, processed singer. There IS a difference. I agree with many here, in a couple of months we’ll all be saying, “Lee who?” Won’t be seeing AI anymore because of this. Another let down. Sadly disappointed. And for those who support Lee, where are his original songs on YouTube? Check out Crystal Bowersox and then tell me who the REAL AI is and should have been. It won’t be Lee.

  339. Ryan Seacrest put a smile on my face as soon as he introduced CASEY JAMES. And then Casey is shown with his electric guitar doing what he’s been dying to do since he was chosen as one of the top 10. This was a magic moment for me!!! Anyone else feel it? And then if this isn’t enough, Bret Michael comes out!! You gotta see how these two have something special!! I enjoyed that performance so much. I’ve been smiling ever since.

  340. Casey was holding two guitars and he played both of them and sang beautifully , HappyGIRL.
    The Casey and Bret performance was unforgetable, I agree.

  341. The reason why Lee got the tile is that he had good fortune. The good fortune is necessary for a star, too.

    But the took title will not be always certain for the success as the singer .
    Let`s talk about
    I am so interested that with in One or two years , which will sall the record most,,and also cacy too.

  342. Two years in a row! They should call it:

    “Teeny- bopper’s Idol”

    Not worth the effort anymore.

  343. No. they didn’t get it right. There was no comparison of the two performances the last week. I agree, Crystal will sell more records by far.

  344. Another year of idol with the wrong person coming out on top. Crystal was the better singer and deserved to win. And everyone knows that if she looked liked Carrie Underwood, she would have walked away with the title. Nothing against Lee. I do believe he has talent. But it was the Cougars and females in their late teens and early twenties that put Lee on top.

  345. Crystal is an “Artist”. Lee is a singer. Maybe someday Lee will become an “Artist”, but not now!

  346. On final night we listened to an incredible singer and artiste with a terrific range and a nice guy who, while having a decent voice, has a very limited range.

    This is not the first time the votes have not reflected the best singer as the winner and I am sure it will not be the last.

    If AI keeps the same voting format, I suspect season 10 will be the last.

  347. America is getting it right now! Everyone seems to believe that Crystal Bowersox should have won. There was no comparison. She is a star and she performed like a star. I keep playing her songs over and over again. Especially the last one. It could get the song of year award and her the new recording artist of the year. Put her and any other performer on AI in front of a publisher and see who comes out with a recording contract. Like Ellen said, I will buy your records, I will go to see you perform when you tour and I will even eat salad if you make it!!! That girl will be the next super star.

  348. I’m sorry to say that for the second year in a row America got it wrong. Not to take anything away from Lee, but Crystal was clearly better at displaying her individual talents. Like Adam, she showed more emotion and attitude, not to mention her skills with playing instruments. C’mon America! We can do better! Stop voting for popularity and vote for pure performance and talent. If not, then Simon won’t be the only one to depart from A.I. but the fans as well.

  349. @winsloh olsin ~

    ya good luck with that offer

    @Fi Fi or whatever

    Yeah I know Crystal was a single mom and blah blah blah but if you read the rest of my paragraph and see that Crystal was good before the show and did NOTHING to change her style OR improve, youd get it. Crystal would’ve made a million even if she was eliminated before hand. In Crystals case, it was just a title. In Lee’s case, it was just a title and he has more opportunities with it. He has shown WAY more variety this season than Crystal.

    Here Ill safe you the trouble of scrolling up to find it 🙂

    K look guys. I personally like both of them but I think Lee deserves it the most. He came from a small job, and im sure most of us has watched him grow, and like what simon said last night, that is what the show is about. Lee has worked sooo hard and improved by a million times! yes, crystal has a great voice, but over time, it can get a bit annoying. Plus, she was pretty good at the begining of the show, but showed absolutly no improvement…seriously. She already had her own little band. Even the judges confirmed it. She kept her style but didn’t learn very much. NO GROWTH. Plus, crystal is gonna do fine anyways. She has a great voice. But not as much capability if you ask me. RE WATCH THEIR PERFORMANCES AND IM SURE YOU WILL AGREE. The show is mostly about growth and a big break. Not showing off.

  350. @ Jade
    Crystal and Kacey are performers / Lee is an adolescent heart throb – nothing more ………
    click click vote vote American Idol is on it s way out ………

  351. This seems to be a popularity contest not a singing contest. Crystal was far superior in talent. Lee is a sweet, nice, shy guy. The american public seems to pick winners on personality only. Last years winner was a nice shy guy as well and was not as good as the runner up. I think professional people in the music business should really be judging this show, not the public who typically have no experience in the music business.

  352. it appears hat the verdict is in. lee won the voting and is the new idol. remember, an idol is a tin god that people falsely worship. good thing crystal didn’t win. she is real and apparently ‘our’ favourite.

  353. I was so angry that Crystal didn’t win that I was yelling at the TV. I blame the judges, especially Simon and Randy, who were pumping up Lee, especially his “paint store worker” story.
    I voted for the first time and texting was easy because of my IPhone. I was upset last year when Chris won over superior Adam.

    Crystal, you’re the true Idol, and we will buy your music!!!

  354. No, No, No!! i am really disgusted = 2 years in a row, the clear best singer isn’t chosen! Either it really is rigged or American is kinda blind, I mean deaf – Lee is cute, etc, but often off pitch – and he just doesn’t have the vocals, skill, ability that Crystal does – I am really sad about this – probably will stop watching Idol after this season – not because of Simon but because it does not seem to me they are picked for ability –
    now for Adam, I actually think he was better off not being constrained by Idol rules – but these “winners” are weak and sad.

  355. crystal should have one she had more talent then what lee had and even though idol is one of my favourite shows the last two seasons have been rigged by people who have been voting over popularity and looks not abut singing if u havent forgot THIS IS A SINGING CONTEST!!!!!!!!

  356. I think Crystal has a voice that has more versatilaty and is able to sing the songs from more styles than Lee.

  357. show’s over!

    winner has been crowned!

    both of them have already been signed to labels within 24 hours of coronation!

    be patient for a couple months and their music will be available!

    judge them then if you wish but be happy for both of them now… Crystal says she’s the happiest girl so no need to keep lamenting!

  358. Lee was not my first choice but demonstrated a broader spectrum of singing talent compared to Crusted Nottedlocks. I find it perplexing that more observers didnt notice the formidable propaganda campaign promoting Nottedlocks without one scintilla of criticism pertianing to dress/appearance yet in contrast Shioban was ripped asunder pertaining to dress. Moreover, people in this neck of the woods thought Shioban should have won or come very close. Futhermore, My close relative who performed in David Merricks/Gower Champions Broadways 42nd Street and Radio City New York Summer etc. said Shioban was overall the most talented performer and singer with best stardom potential. If you pay close attention Nottedlocks is no Janis Joplin. Nottedlocks does not have the range, inflection and soft finese Joplin peppered within some of her belted out blues. Tangled Nottedlocks was consistent at being loud incorporating a gravely raspiness and was completely unable to show great variation within the musical scale. Lee had more subtle charm where Nottedlcks came off semi cocky,semi mundane and completely lacked stage presense/charisma yet exhibit herself more presentable. Pertaining to final votes, whether people like it or not, I believe it is not necessarily the teenage vote but the overlooked middle America vote who filters out the more edgy appearance thus nudging the more conservative contestant into an Idol win. Just observe all Idol winners and the competitors they defeated. My suggestion to future contestants,who have singing talent that can make it to the finals, is leave wierd hair, dress, demeanor, mannerisms, expressions home. Learn humility, politness, good appearance, smart dress politness and diction etc.

  359. Hi Winslow, sorry i don’t agree with on this one you said: “Crystal and Kacey are performers / Lee is an adolescent heart throb – nothing more ………”

    I am no adolescent and i love Lee’s vocal and his creativity in creating the songs to make it current and his style. He is consistent.
    I BeLEEve he has a wide range of vocal and he has a wide range of Fans, from young to old grandma like me. I am 51 and i love Lee for his talents not only his charm, although i must admit i am infatuated with his charm. He will go far in his music and talents and perhaps in music biznes industry. BeLEEve my word.

  360. Hi Steve & Jennifer,
    Both said: “Absolutely NO!!!! Lee is a one trick pony. Crystal can sing everything great. He was pitchy. I think it is rigged. I think they should do a recount or america needs to know what is great singing and stage presence or else we will never watch again. Come on now she had more kuddos from the judges. Another thing I think it should be just the judges not the american people because obviously they do not know talent if it hit them in the face”

    With due respect, i guess the Judges judged based on performance and not on vocal, but America judged on vocal and not so much on performance. This is a singing competition, not a concert or a dancing show or fashion show or comedy show. Vocal, talent, versatility, creativity, endurance are paramount.

    Not trying to be an expert here, but this is what i perceived the purpose of this show to be, (truthfully) unless AI is not truthful about it and is actually exploiting it for commercial sales.

  361. In addition,I believe that at best the contestants are given a limited list (short list) of songs to select from and at worst are assigned a song and told to say they selected the song. Casey, who wasn’t my first choice could have come close to winning if he wasn’t bestowed that dreadful put you into full (REM) sleep type song called Daughters. When I hear Daughters on the radio I want to blow my freakin brains out with a Smith and Wesson .50. Why dont they just change the name of the song to “Duldrums to the Second Power”and be done with it. How in the world could they have expected someone to sing that torturous monotony and possibly expect them to win? Casey was another sacrificial lamb in order to try and nudge Crusted Nottedlocks into Idol stardom.

  362. yes yes yes! although crystal is as good its a pity we cannot have a joint winner! good luck to both of them all the way from south africa!

  363. After her brilliant performence the night before. I was horrified when Lee was declared winner .Everyone around him. Crystal alone in centre stage head down arms forward .As a fan of her voice, music, persomnality from the beginning my heart could not take it. I switched off my tv and slunped into my settee in deep depresseion. just now coming on to the website hearing she got records deals and is on to big carear status and watching her looking cheerful has cheered me up .She deserves the rewards of all she has worked for. So talented.She has got so much to give in music and as a person. Although Lee never personally impressed me I am glad its turned out well for him too. looking forward to her album and maybe his to. Hope she comes to perform in London soon. Best to both .Enjoyed twitting on this coloumn over the weeks with all. God bless.

  364. I think this was the best ending for both of them. Crystal is the better artist and probably would be frustrated as the winner, being forced to produce what the Idol team want her to produce. Where Lee, someone who really takes guidance well will probably do well making a record with a lot of supervision. Both are great performers and it’s just a matter of taste on who you prefer, but bottom line..I think this was the best conclusion for both of them…whether they realize it or not.

  365. In a very average season the only shining light still didn’t win. Anyone who watched the final must see the gulf in class between Crystal and Lee. When the voting public decides who wins,results like this will always happen.
    For all of us who believe Crystal was the true winner we can vote through our pockets and buy her album.

  366. Lee and Crystal both are talented so it doesn’t matter who wins at the end. But I happy for Lee too. 🙂

  367. How funny was it when old mate interrupted Dane Cooks “comedy act”. And what was the go with Paula?? That was a little…..weird..almost stalkering.Poor Simon
    Lee needed to win as Crystal will be a superstar anyway

  368. Im so happy for Lee. Thats what this show should be all about. He has improved so much since the beginning of the show and Crystal has just stayed the same week after week. Yes she is a great singer and will do well. Cheers to you Lee I cant wait to hear more of you. I couldnt vote, so glad they went your way.

  369. @HappyGirl 431: I agree with you too. casey and bret’s was the only performance i could remember after that night and its still make me smile everytime i watch it. i post their video on my facebook and watch it everyday. casey’s smile always brightened my day.

  370. Lee should have won the most improved competitor and crystal should be the winner. Over the years I have been following this comp. and the last two year’s results just make one wonders what is wrong with the voting system. If you dont have abig fan base you are a goner… just like Big Mike, he deserves to be in the top 3.

  371. THE FACT OF THE MATTER CLOSE TO ONE MILLION PEOPLE THOUGHT LEE WAS BETTER probably based on consistency of better performances improvement, humility, stage
    appearance/presentation,adaptability,better demonstration of the musical scale and feeling etc,etc,etc.

  372. Thanks # 465 Amber
    I think Casey is confident,knows who he is, never let his emotions affect him when the judges were unduly unfair to him, and took criticism with 100% class which shows he has STAR POWER.I’m entertained just by looking at him before he picks up his guitar and starts singing. Every word he speaks is inspirational to young people with interest in music. His voice is so wonderful to listen to,and he’s a phenomenal guitar player. What’s not to like.
    American Idol Finale was memorable with his performance alongside Brett Michaels. I think the AI FINALE was symbolic of how America needs to keep their MUSIC INDUSTRY HERITAGE ALIVE, comparing the music superstars of the 80’s to our young artists of 2010 from AMERICAN IDOL.
    In the past superstars were born from exposure to the public and AI is promoting just that. America needs to support up and coming artists with more music shows like The Old Ed Sullivan Shows, Tommy Hunter Shows,Rita McNeil Shows, Dick Clarke Shows, Don Messer Show, The Grand O’pry and music videos are also great.These newly discovered artists/stars need to be supported by America and other countries like Canada and Britain.One of the first debuts from Shania Twain was on the Rita McNeil show.And look how far she made it. She has looks, personality, confidence,she’s got the whole package just like Case James has. I like talk shows but America needs more music shows like in the past when artists received more exposure for their talents and not for their mistakes in life.
    As our superstars of the 50’s, 60’s,70’s, and 80’s are getting older, who is going to fill their shoes? American Idol is helping the music industry find new young artists with talent, like Casey, Lee, Crystal,and others from the top. So don’t give up people. Get some psitive perspective on it as Casey James would and smile and be happy!!!LOL

  373. WTG LEE!!!! Sorry Crystal you just didnt have what it takes you came off as fake and in it for all the wrong reasons. AGAIN GREAT JOB LEE FROM ALL YOUR FANS IN BOTH IOWAS AND WISCONSIN

  374. #466…isnt that what sell records is a big fan base…I mean really guys That is what a american idol is one who is going to sell a lot of records. Carrie Underwood, huge fan base for all the right reasons. Crystal must have had a really big fan base but more people wanted to hear Lee. If you all wanna Blame america go for it BUT HOW MANY TIMES DID YOU VOTE.

  375. there is no correlation between fan base and votes. if people (aka teenyboppers) are allowed to vote 200 times for a contestant, that doesn’t mean that contestant has the largest fan base. it skews the results. will these fans each purchase 200 cd’s when they come out? unlikely. in the end it is just another reality show produced for profit. the cast of friends made $1 million per episode in the end. what do you think it cost AI for the contestants? simon made all the money here and will profit immensely from the winner. and if it is a talent contest, who cares if lee works in a paint store? plenty of people could use a break. this isn’t a fund raiser for paint store workers is it? randy jackson summed the season up when crystal sang ‘up to the mountain.’ he said it was an amazing performance of an amazing song by an amazing performer. simon said it was the best song of the night. it was said that she was in a league of her own. i don’t want to put lee down but crystal clearly trounced him in the final. much like the world series, it doesn’t matter if you lost the first three games 23-0. what matters is that you win game 7.

  376. first off, both Lee and Crystal are talented… now thoughts for dave 471 and the like:

    1. Lee’s single so far outsells Crystals – up to one to decide whether there’s a correlation between fan base and sales.

    2. Randy has given similar compliments (ref dave 471 comments) to Lee multiple times.

    3. Bad or illogical choice of using world series to establish your point, dave @471 – reasons too trivial and you should know better.

    last, music is an art, there is no absolute so don’t even go there, it won’t make any good sense and it will only reflect one’s inability to appreciate and embrace…

  377. i think this whole season was a big joke. crystal bowersox should have won it by far! lee was flat alot of the time in his songs. tbh i think that all the voting was, was for his looks. i know that crystal is going to go much further then lee will. it is just the same as last adam should have got that title buh kris did. buh look adam is much more bigger then kris. crystal is the better singer by far!

  378. I think Crystal should have won based on her performance the previous night. All three songs she sang were fantastic and “Over the Mountain” brought tears to my eyes. I really like Lee too but she was a little better. I am totally happy for both of them because they came along way in the show and both had to come out of their proverbial shells.

  379. I agree with many saying AI has become more of a popularity contest, with a lot of “hot too trot” fems, teeny bops, and grade school girls wearing their fingers out voting for the “OMG HE’S SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!” guy.

    Crystal was consist throughout the entire season, and even on her worse night, she still shined. She is unique, and has a great career in front of her! I do agree that Lee is a nice guy, and sings good, but if I heard him on the radio would I know who it was? NO! On the other hand, there is no doubt I WILL IMMEDIATELY KNOW MAMA SOX.

    I agree that the judges should make at least 60% of the decision and the audience the remaining 40%. That way the public will still feel still a part of it but NOT be the controller of someone’s destiny.

    I performed on the second season (1984-85) of Ed McMahon’s Star Search and made it to the finals, where I lost to Durrell Coleman. From the very beginning of the first song to the finals the ONLY votes were the judges, based on 4 stars. Regular season had 4 judges, the semi-finals had 7 judges, and the finals had 9 judges. I lost to Durrell 5 judges to 4. I would love to hear what others feel about the 60% / 40% voting method I mentioned earlier.

    One last thing. Congratulations to Crystal for the recording contract you signed with Jive Records, who also signed Kris Allen and Jordon Sparks. Also, Congrats to Lee signing with RCA.

    God Bless,

  380. Chrystal will be huge!!!!!!!!!!!! Lee could be David cook,or Daugtry on the radio.Chrstal will be recognizable no matter what.Popular wins,not best vocal.ADam last year!!!!!!!! Just remember who was the mentor this year.I rest my case.Winner isn’t always best,.

  381. I think that the real winner of the night and of the whole season, is Simon.
    He is a real magnificent hunter of the great artist of the future.
    We all will feel the silence of his voice and his sincere comments to the contestants. Congratulation to Lee, and Good Luck in your new project Simon.

    Rafael, from Dominican Republic.

  382. Only saw the semi-final and final. Thought the quality at those stages wasn’t great compared to x-factor in england. Surely by the time they get to the final they shouldn’t be getting critism cos they should be amazing by then. Thought american idol would of been really good considering the population is over 307 million but it was a let down and boring. But crystal should definitely have won she was by far the best singer.

  383. America got it right! Lee is brilliant and the opportunity and guidance you gave him, means just everything to him! He has raw talent, emotion and a sincere quality, lacking in the other very talented contestants. Can’t wait for his CD and hope to see ‘Halleluja’ and ‘You’re still the one’on it as well.

  384. I thought Crystal was the strongest during the final performance ,but then again Lee had been the chosen one at that point. They’re all very talented. Lee was very popular with his charm and vulnerability which seemed to be a “must” for the judges all along. He’s a good singer.

    As for my favorite of the contestants it was CASEY right through. I love his style of music. He’s more mature and less vulnerable but amazingly talented. I love his voice because it’s so soothing and unique. He reminds me of Don Henley, and he’s a fabulous musician. It was disturbing to me and a lot of my family who watched the judges be so unfair to him. I hope he has a huge successful career like he deserves too. I am looking forward to buying his C.D.”s

  385. Lee haters,

    there’s nothing you can do cuz Lee is already the winner. And to those who criticize Lee’s voice, well, all i can say is you REALLY don’t know about singing. The Hell’are ya’ Lee Haters

  386. Congratulations to all the Top 10 Of the American Idol winners. THEY”RE ALL WINNERS!!

    If you see them together during their performances and interviews, they all care about each other.

    We should all check them out on their world tour. Can’t wait!!

  387. American definately got it wrong… while the result is based on audience polling. Its defiantely not a popularity contest and should have been based on performance and talent on that given day. Crystal was in a different league.

  388. tOtally true Priya ! in fact Lee doesn t even make the ” league ” – Crystal and Casey far far out performed him – so did a few of the other top ten – but I guess they just weren t good looking enough or MALE enough for those little female baby boppers :)))))))))

  389. To Paramatma and Priya- You obviously don’t know a whole lot about this TV show. People choose who they like over the course of many weeks (12-14) NOT just one day or performance. There is a 50/50 chance every yr if the winner is a man or woman. Casey is a man and he didn’t win. Why would you think only teeny boppers voted? America is full of all types of people of all ages. Many loved Casey and Crystal. The fact is Lee got the most votes and that is how we do it in America. It is kind of weird to hear your judgments when you are far away and are just echoing what someone else said. If you watched the show you would have seen Lee is a very good singer, and deserving of the title this year.

  390. BRAVO Janie, the things the people say on here are crazy. Crystal will do fantastic if the people who are complaining about Lee buy her music. the truth is probably all these people complaining won’t do that either. Lee was fantastic every week and grew and grew. I am not a teeny bopper and my many friends aren’t either and we all voted for Lee. I like them both, Crystal is a very nice girl and Lee is a great guy. I wish them both luck but Lee is my favorite.

  391. To Janie and Nancy – you OBVIOUSLY no NOTHING about MUSIC ! get your ears cleaned and listen again – it was not just ONE DAY it was every week and it STILL is – he STANK and still does – it is merely his ” bedroom ” : eyes that have you so helplessly TRAPPED in your hopeless ILLUSIONS !

  392. Nancy- thanks, I know, and I am left wondering…why am I even reading this, or care?? LOL
    I am not a teeny bopper either and I did an informal poll of friends on FB and out of 20, 19 favored Lee over Crystal. I do like Crystal a lot, but hey it is an elimination show, right?? Someone had to win and that someone was Lee.

  393. to paramatma- If you know so much about music why are you doing therapy and mind reading over the internet? Some people get all the talent….

  394. I voted for four hours for Crystal Bowersox and created 1,179 votes did it make the difference…. no…. I think it was fixed for Lee to win. Sorry American Idol this is your last season for me I will not watch your show again Crystal you are our american idol

  395. To Paramatma, the fact you are so disrespectful to people you don’t even know shows you have no class at all. Actually Crystal would not like the fact you are one of the people routing for her. I respect Crystal, I think she is a sweet girl and I hope she does very well. I watched the whole show and it had nothing to do with Lee’s eyes, it had to do with his voice, his character and the amount he grew over the competition. Obviously alot of other people felt that way too and they were not teeny boppers. I do believe you have to be exceptionally young to be so disrespectful. Also this was not fixed at all. Don’t people think the judges wanted Adam to win last year, of course they did. If it were fixed he would have won….get a grip people!

  396. to paramatma / jesus and nancy :

    nancy you are the rude ignorant one here insistently arguing for Lee – anyone with half a musical ear would agree with the majority of ADULTS who all sided with Crystal and Kacey and many other performers – Lee is a kid who will probably not produce much musically – the others just have to perform and the obvious presents itself at once

  397. Well said Nancy, you hit the nail on the head. Voting was fair and square. Those with sour grapes need to sweeten up a bit.

  398. I’m not going to answer anymore because for the most part talking to most of you is a waste of my breath. The person who wanted Lee to win the most was SIMON. They hadn’t even put him in the top 24 and when Simon heard that he said Lee has to be there. Simon has produced so many stars and he does have a good ear. Simon was in Lee’s corner the whole time. That does NOT mean it was fixed by any means, it just means Simon knew Lee was good from day one and Simon isn’t a teeny bobber either and he wasn’t looking at Lee’s eyes. The fact is most of the people voting for Lee to put him over the top were ADULTS. All of my adult friends wanted Lee and the teeny boppers I know weren’t even watching the show. Lee won so get over it.

    • horse kaka Nancy ! you think we are all so IMPRESSES becuae you quote the name SIMON ? go back to your ear lessons ………

  399. thank god lee won i love him and his music he really rocked it on haleluyah i never liked it before he sang it now im addicted to listening to him proform it

  400. with those 2 there was no winner.absolutely no star power whats so ever.crystal needs a total makeover lose al least 25lbs.lee looks way older than 24.and he looks sloppy.

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