American Idol 2010: Neil Patrick Harris Guest Judges In Dallas While Paula Goes Diva

American Idol 2010 still looks to be moving ahead full force without 8-season judge Paula Abdul. Earlier this week in Dallas Neil Patrick Harris (‘How I Met Your Mother’) sat in as the guest judge for Paula’s vacated seat. No word on any future judging events for Harris, but rest assured he does have a musical background with work on Broadway so the man knows his singing.

Meanwhile, Paula Abdul has landed herself a new gig with VH1’s ‘Divas.’ Abdul will host the musical concert this September which will honor the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, Leona Lewis and Miley Cyrus.

What will Paula be doing other than that one day in September? Will she return to Idol for season 9? Let’s hope so!

Who else would you like to see take a turn as a guest judge on American Idol 2010?




  1. How do you register for American Idol 2010?
    I would like to audition. Can somebody please tell me the process, if you know?

  2. Ellen is a horrible replacement for Paula. It would almost keep me from watching American Idol. What were they thinking in choosing a gay commedian. What does she know about music?

  3. RE: David Kruegar’s post ——– Ellen is one of greatest comedian and actor and host that we have had in long, long time. Her personal life style is no one’s business but hers and does nothing to hinder or help her position as judge. She is Ellen!!!!! She does a lot of good for the people of the US!

  4. I do not believe that Ellens personal preferences are an issue here. I believe that she would be a good judge and have alot to offer and bring to the table here as far as her feedback on the contestants. My only question would be if she has any musical knowlwdge or background to qualify her to make good decisions on who has the potential to qualify and who doesn’t.
    Kathy Laughlin

  5. I hate Ellen Degenerate. I will not watch Idol without Paula or Simon after this season. Poor Randy.

  6. Paula will be missed greatly!! She gave the show that positive but constructive critcism that gives the people that deserve it the motivation they need to continue with their dreams of becoming the next American Idol or a possible successful career. Those people that aren’t obviously up to the skill required to make it are still given Paula’s advice in a way that doesn’t destroy their self esteem. Kara is also great but Paula has been loyal from the beginning and her personality and laughter will be missed greatly. I personally will still watch the show because of the entertainment but I fear that it won’t be the same without Paula’s prescence. However, at the other end of the criticism spectrum, Simon makes the show!! I love to watch Simon say what everybody is thinking but Paula was great at finding something good out of the worst audition or song. Randy is the laid back peacemaker an is so loved for his refereeing! Bye Paula good luck to you and your next procedure. I’m so proud of everything u have overcome and noone should judge you until they have walked in your shoes! Having a bad back is something that people don’t understand unless they suffer. You will be greatly missed by everyone!

  7. Ellen degeneres would not have been my pick for any kind of judge especially not American idol! She is annoying @ times and is lacking any kind of real musical talent to b able to judge what is American’s Idol! The show wudve worked just fine with the ratings with Kara, Randy, and of course my favorite of all Simon!

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