American Idol 2010: Paula Already Replaced – Victoria Beckham To Guest Judge

Showing no signs of relenting, the producers behind American Idol have already started booking guest judges to fill the vacancy left by Paula Abdul’s departure from the show earlier this week.

First up will be Posh Spice, or Victoria Beckham if you prefer. Beckham will guest judge for one week and be paid very well with a check for $200,000! Wow.

So what do you think? Good move or bad move by Idol to fill Paula’s empty seat on the judges’ panel? Seems a bit soon to me.




  1. If you let Paula go and keep Kara, you will lose some viewers….THIS one for sure. You’ve had a good thing for years, why mess with success? Or, as they say, “if it ain’t broke….”

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how Victoria’s judging would be. Kara’s an absolute bore – she just has no personality and is totally lost in AI. Paula was great – a real loss to AI.

  3. Victoria Beckham? GAG I’ll happily miss that week. Who else? David Hasslehof? Ben Stein? How about Maury Povich or Jerry Springer? Bunch of morons.

  4. Bad move! I dont think VB has the qualifications for it. She will use it as a stage to further her career!

    Sorry, American Idols just wont be the same without Paula!!!

  5. I think Paula is a big whiny baby! What makes her think she is worth more than the others? I think it’s way past time for her to go. The show will do just fine without her. Most people are fans of American Idol not eveybody is Paula fans. I think more people will watch out of curiosity. That is all ya hear on the news and internet. I say GOOD RIDDENS!!


  7. VICTORIA WHO??? You guys have finally lost it. The beginning of the end of American Idol.

  8. A BIG FAT NO! NO! NO! to Victoria Beckham!!!!!!!!!!!

    NO Talent!!
    NO Substance!!!!
    NO Nothing!!!!!!

    her only claim to fame is to ride on the coat tails of her husband and being POSER!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Am sad that Paula is gonne, but we welcome Posh with open hands. And I just hope that Simon won’t start flirting with Posh

  10. Please NO…very very bad move. Your rating will definitely be affected. Why does it have to be a female? Why don’t you get someone like Lionel Ritchie who is highly respected and knows a lot more about music than Victoria. Look at what happened to her career as a musician (she went nowhere) as she can’t sing for nuts. Alternatively there’s Mariah Carey who not only she can sing but well liked by the young ones. Hope you don’t through with it!
    Victoria can stick to be the plastic zombie statue
    who will put people off and will be glad to change channels

  11. No disrespect to Paula but she was holding up the show with her slow motion comments. She took so long to say whateva the heck she was trying to say…her time is up and make way for someone younger who can spit out the comments instantly. Don’t forget the name of the show is “American Idol” not a popularity show. No point hiring someone if he/she have no idea whats expected off the contestants. Most of the time was wasted filming Simon & Paula trying to cover each others mouths than paying attention to the contestants. Karas comments were constructive and straight to the point. She can sing too…she’s my favourite apart from Randy. Please remember that the purpose of the show is to find the next talent and someone who can sing & marketable NOT who’s the most popular contestant. Simon is the one who is selling the show and definitely makes me want to watch as he is looking at who he can nurture to become not only the best but can sell records

  12. I feel sorry for the kids. Paula was the only one who would praise them and I know they loved her and also needed her for that…I will not watch mainly because I was hopping they would let Kara go and when they didn’t. I was thinking about NOT watching anymore but now this ( no Paula) and having to put up with Kara???? Whose bright idea was this??? I’m out of there. The show will die…

  13. I am upset that Paula is leaving, I dont like 4 judges on the show I didnt enjoy last year with Kara on the show, sorry Kara I will not watch the show for sure now with out Paula Simmon mind as well leave like he was thinking last year Because the show wont be the same.

  14. It was bad enough when they added Kara. I will not watch Victoria Beckham. If they can pay Ryan Seacrest millions, why can’t they pay Paula more to keep her?? The show is making plenty!

  15. Beckham knows less about music than I do.
    She’s a celebrity with no backgrond in music.
    Can’t see what she’ll bring to the table.

  16. i will love to see what the rating is going be this year. with all the people not watching the show. I guess we will be saying good by to American Idol to there last year. As someone said if it isnt broke why fix it. This started last year add Kara to the show they couldnt even all speak because it took to long for the judges to say what they had to then they still add a 4th judge again an Keep Kara yuk why why why would you do that.

  17. WEll,
    I think,Paula was correct when she said 4 was to many. Ridiculous,paying more $$$$$$$$$$ for this addition to Idol entertainment. Networks, have the big $$$$$$$,to gamble with;in hopes to make more bucks for themselves.

  18. I care less about Paula in AI anymore,Hope she could do it in SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. She’s more fit there.

  19. I will not watch this show again, for several reasons, first is that they have basically pushed Paula off the show, I feel that the way they went about making her quit was not nice to say the least; the second reason is that 4 judges makes the show way more about the judges than the contestants, third reason is that knowing what Ryan makes to stand on that stage makes me ill and last but not least I can not stand Kara, and she has proven that she can not write a song.
    Time to find another network to watch.

  20. don’t care……let the people be the judges….the ONLY judges….since they are the only ones that count anyway!!!!

  21. i think we will miss paula very much. i,m sure she was jealous of simons paycheck…..

  22. What a mistake!!! If Simon had so much say on this show why wouldn’t he stand up for Paula? They don’t need 4 judges and the only one that showed some concern for the people that lose is Paula. Paula needs to be on the show and they should get rid of Kara and a fourth judge. Things were fine for all these years with the original 3 judges. WHY CHANGE A GOOD THING.

  23. Kara a bore, yes. 4th judge too much,yes. Paula should stay, yes. Take away Paula, take away the fun, compassion and a big part of the entertainment. We need Paula, Simon and Randy.

  24. Paula should have received a huge increase like Ryan and Simon. Paula is what makes the show interesting. There was a nice balance with her there. I like Randy but he says the same thing all the time. I think he should have been the one to go.

  25. Paula is the wild card that makes the show fun. Without her it’s just a big ego contest amongst the judges. She is off the wall, charming, endearing and honest. Going to be boring without her and Simon’s bantering. Paula should stay and get a big fat raise.

  26. and lets not forget that Paula was the (only known) name on that show from the beginning…

  27. I, for one will not be watching AI this season.
    Now that Paula will not be in it made me make it so…She was the glue that held it real.

  28. I always felt four judges were too many!!!! Too many comments to listen to. Keep it at three and forget about guest judges. We’ll get used to Kara (hopefullly) and then we can spend more time with the contestants which is what the program is about anyway.

  29. the show won’t be the same without paula. don’t know anyone that likes the judge karen, whatever. probably won
    ‘t be half as interested in the show with paula gone. i hope you will regret it. j carter.

  30. Big, big mistake not to have Paula back, bringing Victoria in is a HUGE MISTAKE, what does she know about music, not many people like her, now you will loose a lot more viewers, especially since a lot of viewers already stated they will not be watching AI after the last results.

  31. Forgot to say, I will not be watching AI, after Adam Lambert there will not be anyone worthwile to watch.

  32. The show has become more about the judges than it has the contestants. I agree with the others that four was too many and too much time was wasted with the “opinions” so if Paula has decided to leave then leave it at three.

    What Beckham can bring to the table is very debatable. She is a plastic surgeons dream and her personality is just as plastic.

  33. Victoria Beckham?? Good Grief. She can’t even smile. Bad enough with Kara. Keep Paula!

  34. American Idol has made so much money with Paula and Simon differences…It’s ashamed and feel like Paula has been missed treated by Fox..Will I be watching American Idol probably not..part of the whole show was ” what is Paula n Simon going to get into now” …and another judge cannot replace that chemistry….sorry for Fox!

  35. I am happy to hear that Paula Abdul stops. It’s so easy to be “the good guy” – always telling the contestants, how good they look, when they can’t sing. Simon is strict but fair – and nearly always right!

  36. what a rush to replace Paula !
    well no choice , they want someone fast but please not Victoria Beckman !!! She looks so cold, only preoccupied by herself and does she has any knowledge of music?

  37. I think that after all Paula has done for the show and the contestants, that she has been treated unfairly and even humiliated. She is a sweet lady with a good heart and not a bad bone in her body; she was probably on her last year anyways so Fox could have been more gracious.

  38. NO Paula NO AI!!!What’s this about Posh filling in??? and worse still Katie Perry???Gosh this show is losing its class FAST!!

  39. I don’t mind that Paula is gone. Her opinions carried little weight and recently its been more about trying to be different from the other judges. The rumor I heard was that this was all about her wanting a salary bump in light of Ryan getting $15 million as the emcee?

    Regardless, if there are guest judges, they should be musicians, not barbie dolls. This is a music competiton and Beckham has nothing to offer.

  40. Doesn’t her hubby make enough money? I think she is a snob, and I can’t believe they theink she can fill Paula’s shoes. I hope Idol Is cancled!!!

  41. Some of you seem to forget that Victoria vas part of Spice Girls – a very successful group in the 90’es

  42. OMG! AI has gone from bad to worse. First adding Kara and now this Beckham dame. AI, you have gone to far. Say goodby to your ratings.

  43. BIG BIG MISTAKE TO GET RID OF PAULA!!! She is so sweet to all of the kids who try out!! She even got Mr. Nasty Simone to come down to earth!! Victoria Beckham is a stuck up well you know what! No cursing on here! If she smiled it would crack her face!!!Has anyone EVER seen POSH-BECKHAM crack a smile?? I for 1 love Paula. She is such a sweet Heart! I don’t intend to watch American idol again anyway! Reason number 1~~They cheated for Kris Allen to win. And almost everyone knows it!!! Number 2 because Paula is not coming back. I hope they cancel the show!! GREAT GOING PEOPLE AT FOX TV NET WORK! After all these years you have made the show stink!!! I hope you are happy! You and AT&T your cheating sponser in Arkansas. Fans you can try to deny it all you want! BUT, It was all over the news paper in Arkansas. And on Fox TV news with Kevin Kelly. Power texting and cheating. SORRY FOLKS KRIS ALLEN IS A NICE YOUNG CHRISTIAN KID!! BUT ADAM LAMBERT JUST BLOWS KRIS AWAY WHEN IT COMES TO TALENT!!! SHERRY

  44. To Sherry – have you forgotten, it’s a competition? People who sing out of tune and time should have no place in the programme, and Paula protects people who have no chance in the real music-world. She gives them false hope – much better to be honest and thus protect them from total failure.

  45. If its her choice ok but if not her choice, I think it wrong. Paula is American Idol. I think Ryan should go.

  46. Bad mistake. Idol will never work without Simon and Paula they made the show inbetween the singing acts. When they brought Kara in I knew there was going to be problems. I didn’t like it.

  47. Vibeke – No, I have not forgotten this is a competition! As I said in my last post. Paula is so sweet! The contestants you are speaking of I rely on Simone who is the smartest and most knowledgable judge on the show to keep everyone in their place. He tells the kids the truth. But , Paula is nice to them. And even if they are losers someone should be nice to them And Paula does that. What I am in essence saying is that even though Paula may give them false hope ~ she at least makes them feel a little better. Simone tells them the truth. But when you have a let down it is so nice to at least have someone be nice to you!! Another thing with out Paula there it is going to be boring. At least when she was there the show had some fun to it. I stick to what I said. I hope the show is canceled. I do not intend to watch it anymore! My number one reason is the cheating that went on last year in the voting! And any, or all of you can think what you want! I live here in Arkansas and listened to the local FOX TV Network. Kevin Kelly is the nightly anchor and talked about what AT&T Idols sponser did. It was plastered all over the local Democrate Gazette about the huge cheat voting. I posted the whole article last year. Many,Many people know Adam was and is the best talent! And they also know about the cheating for Kris to win. That’s all I have to say! Fair is fair. And right is right! Do you remember Simone saying Adam would be know world wide?? Lets wait and see! Thank-You Denise! I agree with you!! Sherry

  48. I will not be watching American Idol without Paula. She gave the show excitement. The other judges are very boring and repetitive, and Posh Spice is a joke as a replacement. Why replace Paula so fast! That will upset alot of people.


  50. PS, I THINK 90% OF THE PEOPLE POSTING ON THIS BOARD ARE AS ONE! Posh is stuck-Up!! And the show won’t even be any fun with out Paula!
    BORING AMERICAN IDOL!!! If anyone knows how to email Fox TV American Idol directly please let me know! They need to be told off!


  52. Sorry; I was a bit upset and typed too fast. So I messed up the spelling in some of the words. If you post and have a reply please feel free to post it! Have a GREAT day! I am out of here for today!!

  53. I think they should have regular people guest judge. I have no musical background, but I love music. I think I would be an excellent guest judge. I can definitely “make it my own” what do you think?

  54. Ha Ha funny. Paula is great but AI may be on the down tube anyway. Who can afford to waste so much money on NE? People need to be frugal and those that have need to be thinking of ways to help those that don’t. Obviously Idol gives back, kept a lot more than they gave.

  55. Barry;
    I am not sure who you are talking to. But do you have any idea how much AI pays Simone? And I do think AI is going to go down the tubes! Who cares? Oh I get it now NE. Needless energy! If you think this is needless energy go to Adam Lamberts fan and take a look at the posts on there.Yes that is nice that Idol gives. But I’ll bet you they don’t give anywhere near what they pay Simone. In acuality Simone is really the only and best judge they need!

  56. Ok, NE is non essentials, I know we need to be entertained but the economy downturn should help all of us realize there are more important ways to use our money than supporting all this “drama”. It’s obvious everyone feels they should get the largest piece of the pie. The producers want to keep it or at least all they can so hold the line on Paula. Four judges make little sense, but people want changes, and new drama, so bring in someone nobody likes and make Simon and Randy look good. It’s all a game to get you to complain and watch the show so you know what to complain about. lol

  57. i cant see ellen doing the show.i want paula back it will not be the same .as Simon and paula were great and made the show.please let paula come back .i think Ellen will be to funny and not take it seriously like paula has and did.the show will not be the same .as a perosn who has watched american idol since the first show i am disapointed and very upset.i want paula back and paula and simon are so great and they have something that the others dont sparks and are really good so hire her back and give her what she wants

  58. KELLY YOU ARE THE WHINY BABY!! PAULA IS LOVED BY MANY MANY FANS. SHE IS A SWEET HEART AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN!!I think it’s way past time for her to go. The show will do just fine without her.NO IT WON’T!! Most people are fans of American Idol not eveybody is Paula fans.YES THEY ARE. READ THE MAJORITY OF COMMENTS ON HERE! YOU MY DEAR ARE IN THE MINORITY! I think more people will watch out of curiosity. That is all ya hear on the news and internet. I say GOOD RIDDENS!!

  59. paula was awful and had nothing to say so she would ‘dress’ nothing up in stupid words…. simon is a business man first and foremost and he knows what he is doing.

    secondly for those of you who don’t know, like her or loathe her, victoria was one fifth of one of the most successful girl bands ever – THE SPICE GIRLS! and she went through the auditioning purpose and formed a band and therefore is more than qualified to give her opinion.

    last but not least – there are many people who are afraid of change….and they think resist it because they don’t like the unknown…it is the successful person who takes risks – especially if they are well calculated. don’t knock it before you see it.

  60. Sandra,First, You have a right to your opinion of course. Second, Victoria is a stuck- up B–ch! IF SHE SMILED HER FACE WOULD CRACK!! SHE is also an idiot!! She thinks she’s HOT! SHE IS NOT HOT! AND WHETHER YOU KNOW IT OR NOT SIMON IS A BUSINESS MAN. BUT HE IS IN LOVE WITH PAULA. HE HAS SAID SO MANY TIMES!! I JUST think you are ignorant(excuse me, you are a successful person) as to what really took place on American Idol.And still are ignorant as to what is taking place NOW at AL. COME ON NOW!!ELLEN DOES NOT KNOW A THING ABOUT MUSIC OTHER THAN SHE LIKES IT! AND YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF CALLING SWEET PAULA AWFUL. PEOPLE ON THIS BOARD~~HOW MANY OF YOU THINK PAULA WAS AWFUL??? IF ANYTHING SHE WAS AWFULLY SWEET!!! AND HOW MANY OF YOU THINK SANDRA IS SNIPPY???

  61. I will no longer watch the show.paula should never of left she knows more about music then the other is paula,simon and randy.4 judges to many no time for contestants.I hope this is the last year for ai.

  62. VICKY BECKHAM A JUDGE!!! – What a joke – she needs someone else to help make up her mind for her – as we say in England “What a load of Tosh”

  63. I can’t imagine American Idol without Paula! I’m afraid this will be the last season of AI as the ratings will quicky fall due this mistake.

  64. what does beckham know about music. she is too busy spending money and $200,000. to judge. come on, there are starving children in this world, she does not need the money. Go back to England where you belong.

  65. My family will no longer watch the show.
    First you replace Paula and now this Ellen “Degenrate” as a judge!
    How can you place someone as a judge with no muscical talent? No I did not mispell the name.

  66. Paula will be missed and Ellen cannot replace her but the requirement of a Homosexual up front has been met for the Hollywood folks

  67. I do not feel like watching American Idol, without Paul Abdul.I say- Simon, Paula and Ryan -will make a best spicy team. No comments about Kyra or Victoria, they are very boring.

  68. victoria isnt the replacement shes a guest judge like the ones theyve always had its nothing new. and American Idol wont get paula back because she left, it wasnt their choice, its not a bad move because it wasnt a move it at all. people will guest judge like always and thats that, american idol has been boring since probably carrie underwood, people (including me) only watch the editions then change the channel and forget about it until the last two people. and lately it doesnt matter who wins because no one becomes famous. they get one or two hits and thats that. American Idol will probably have one more year with no simon to see if they can do it. people will watch (at least the auditions) to see if they can do it and that will be the end of it. and i wont miss it

  69. Kara is boooorrrriiiiiiinnnnnngggg and always repeated what Paula said, she just phrased it differently. Victoria, GAG! Someone give that girl some food-stat! I can see the shows rating drop. I am not watching it this year-I’d rather read a book than watch!

  70. the reason why paula left was because she had an affair with a contestant and she was drunk sometimes so they gave her a couple more yearsbefore she leaves

  71. Have Just seen the 1st AI series 9 in the UK and Vicky Beck was just as bad as we thought she was going too be! – I would not give her the job of “putting our cat out!!” Some one buy her a Happy Meal (x 10) – If I want to look at a bag of bones then I’ll go to a grave yard!

  72. i hope that paula come back again …i like the way she judges the contestant..not like ellen and the other girl i dunno whats her name…she just copying paula’s way of talking..hope the original three still remain…i really miss paula

  73. ok, 1st off, I love, love, love Ellen – just not as an american Idol Judge. Her expertise is limited – yes, she loves music. they touted her as the ‘peoples’ judge but you have 30 million people judges, you need a musically knowledgeable judge. She doesn’t contribute that much in that regard. Bring back Paula. We miss her special unique contributions. Even Simon is gone soft, what’s with that? I think he misses Paula too!!!

  74. Paula has a lot of emotional feeling on judging the contestants, and she can see their potentials, how ever she comes across is who and what she is…down to earth and up front.

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