American Idol 2010: Rating the Top 12 Finalists

american idol 2010 top 12

Thursday night we were shocked to find out the members of the Top 12 for American Idol Season 9.  We learned two of our favorites were eliminated from the competition while others with questionable vocals sailed through.  Here is my rating for the finalists based on last week’s performances only and these in no way reflect my personal favorites.

1.  Big Mike Lynch – Once again Mike delivers an outstanding vocal this time as an R&B candidate.  If he keeps this up he may win the whole thing.  Hat’s off to this young man.

2. Crystal Bowersox – Crystal is a close second and definitely leading the girls as she continues to deliver one great performance after another.  I don’t think she will have a problem bringing it with whatever she chooses to sing from The Rolling Stones.

3.  Didi Benami – I love the girl and thought she finally brought her A game and showed us how truly talented she is.  I hope she continues on with her comeback and really nails her song this week.

4.  Siobhan Mangus is rated just above Lee Dewyze because of the beautiful a cappella version at the beginning of “House of the Rising Sun”. 

5.  Lee Dewyze is keeping things current each week which I love.  At least he is trying to connect with the viewers and is starting to get the pitch problems under control.  If he continues to improve he will be in a good position to make the top 5.

6.  Casey James – He is my man and I thought his vocals were so much better this week.  He needs to stick with country because that is where he shines. 🙂

7.  Tim Urban is not in the bottom two this week.  I loved that he sang on key throughout the entire song even though “Hallelujah” has been way over done.  Who would have ever thought he’d make the Top 12?

8.  Lacey Brown’s performance while boring was good vocally.  She has a lot to prove after the last few weeks but she did quite well with “The Story”.

9.  Andrew Garcia – You know it’s sad to see Andrew falling so far down the list.  He had the most promise going into the Top 24 but each week he is getting worse.  I hope he can turn things around.

10.  Katie Stevens has also fallen since coming into the semi finals.  I think she is having a problem picking songs and is trying to impress the judges more than just singing what comes naturally to her. 

11.  Aaron Kelly was a big disappointment last week.  He should have left the competition instead of Alex but what can we do?  His vocals were by far the worst of the night for the guys and if Tim keeps doing well, I see him leaving the comp real soon.

12.  Paige Miles gets the vote for worst overall performance.  How can you turn “Smile” into one of the saddest songs in history?  She should have gone over Lilly.

Who is at the top of your list for these top 12 contestants?

According to Access Hollywood, Siobhan Mangus is singing “Paint it Black”.





  2. I agree that Crystal and Big Mike are the best. They seem so at ease on stage and the music seems to flow out of them easily. Siobhan is another favorite. My other favorite was Lilly. Once again, I can’t believe that people actually voted for Katie in such numbers that Lilly was eliminated. So in error!

  3. Crystal is amazing and should win it all. I have been a fan of blusey music forever and she is possibly the next Bonnie Rait. So much raw talent. Go Crystal.

  4. I am still reeling over Paige staying and Lilly going home. Also I am still reeling over Alex going and Aaron staying. BIG MISTAKE! Of the ones left, I like Crystal, Didd, and Siobahn in the girls, and Andrew and Tim in the boys.

  5. Even Andrew has not delivered as expected by the judges he is consistent and has a beautiful tone of voice therefore is my favorite on the guys side and Siobhan for the girls. She has such a beautiful voice and her attitude is great as well. I like Crystal too but I don’t understand her. Seemed so out of place last week, annoyed, sad or mad I don’t know. Hopefully she gets some outside advice about being more cheerful. Michael Lynch is delivering beautiful so there are my 4 last contestants. Crossing fingers one of them get the title 🙂

  6. Ashley, I think everybody saw how visably upset you were with the results show…but regardless, I think you analysis was spot on! For me, I HATED Tim Urban the first week, but ever since, he has been improving and I’m actually starting to like him!


  7. I am soo not feeling the love for Micheal Lynch. I still think he cant sing very well.
    Hope Crystal and Lee blow the competetion away tomorrow night.

    Hope Sanjaya/Tim Urban shows the hidden talent that America saw in him..I didnt see any talent for sure.

  8. Big Mike and Crystal are the best but I am disappointed that Todd Rodrick left… He sounded very good last time! I am not impressed by Lee Dewyze neither of Katie… Will see what happens …

  9. I think I am the only one, but I am not a fan at all of Crystal’s. I do not find her voice that good, and do not look forward to her performances. I am actually not really a fan of any of the girls but if I had to pick one it would be Siobhan as the best girl. I am loving Big Mike, Lee, and Casey, and could see Big Mike winning it all!

  10. I totally agree with Marta, I think Siobhan is the best of the females vocally as well as stage presence, everyone seems to like Crystal so much, but I think her additude seems rather ungrateful to be there, maybe she’s getting a little over confident, but even so Siobhan’s voice could beat out Crystal’s one man band anyday. Lets see all the instruments put down and hear just the vocals for a change, for all of them!!

  11. You are wrong. Andrew Garcia isn’t 9th. If you think that Casey James, Lee Dewyze, Tim Urban all sing better than Andrew, then you are just crazy. You probably think that David Cook sings better than David Archuleta too. Author=idiot

  12. Stephen, did you read the freaking blog? I said last week only and andrew garcia was not better than any of those guys vocally last week.


  14. Not digging Andrew Garcia either. His story is touching but this is a sing comp not Dr Phil.

  15. Andrew Garcia is the only outcast among the finalists…he does not project a true artist and his voice is not comparable to all the guys.Siobhan and Krystal are definitely the best!

  16. Lovin the guys this year. Was really sad Alex left i loved his quirky sound. My other fave is Lee – kick ass vocals. Time on the show will only improve whats killer already.

  17. Oh and BTW Tim Urban Im feelin it with this guy too – I like listening to his performances.

  18. I just can’t believe Lily and Alex were voted out of the competition. It should have been Tim or Aaron or Katie or Paige.
    I agree with what Lily has said. I really don’t understand what America wants to see in the competition. It’s a good thing Andrew, Casey and Didi are still in. Hope they’ll make it to the top.

  19. You are all idiots. Andrew Garcia is the best. He is ten times better than Big Mike.

  20. I think Aaron Kelly for his age is doing a wonderful job. Nobody should be put down on a couple mistakes, nor should be put to blame for the way they dress for their performance. They are showing people what their made of.

  21. Stephen…it’s a damn shame you can’t write your thoughts without name calling! When you resort to name calling, you HAVE no argument! AI, is all opinion based guy! It all depends what you like/dislike…that’s it! You must be the only one left in America who hasn’t see Andrew fall apart before our eyes! I like the guy too! I hope every week he comes out with something else buzzworthy enough to top or at least match, “Straight up”..but he’s not doing good!

    Of course he’s better than Tim Urban but IMO, Ashley’s right! Casey and Lee ARE better than Andrew…most people see it that way, and they’re NOT idiots…root for whoever you want and good luck to ya! But don’t call someone an idiot cuz they think differently than you!

  22. I, personally, don’t see the big draw to crystal. i think she is good, but I don’t think that simon should have already dubbed her the winner (and i think that will lead her to a close finish, but not winner). I am also not a sioban (sp?) fan.

    my favorites are lee, big mike, casey, and TIM.

    my absolute least favorite has to be aaron kelly. someone with his tone of voice and lack of confidence/stage presence has no business singing my girl. he is no david ruffin!

  23. I personally love Lee very much. He kinda remind me of Daughtry in season 5 (is it season 5). And he has been giving us consistant performance every single weeks.
    I personally, are not a big fan of crystal. She has begin to become a little cocky and over confident on her performance.
    Siobhan Mangus should be the leading one among the females.
    Glad that Didi and Caesey are in.
    Tim has been improving from week to week. So maybe he might rise up to one of the best among the top 12.
    No offence. Personal opinions.

  24. i think big mike’s ego will get bigger than him every week he stays on. that will then be his undoing. i don’t get why people think his vocals are super great; todrick has a better voice.

  25. I was one of those fans that about threw their remotes at their tv after what happened last Thursday. As for who’s left, out of the guys I’m going with Lee. He’s been the most consistant out of who’s still there. Girlwise Siobahn has been as good if not better than Crystal over the course of the top 24. I will say this though, I think Lacey might suprise us all.

  26. Agreed Big Mike is doing a great job, but I really like Aaron too. Even though he’s not got the best voice, he definitely has a lot of potential to grow as an artist. And being a young and shy teen, he’s definitely inspiring a lot of people out there. In any case, he’s going to stay longer, whether one likes it or not. He’s got the young girls swoonin for him, surprisingly.

  27. Aaron Kelly is the best!! He will be the next American Idol!! He can sing the best and looks the best!! He is Number 1 He will stay longer, whether one likes it or not. All the young girls swoonin for him. He is number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. And another thought … Am I the only one that is getting a little bored of Chrystal. Her voice is clear and powerful and she hits all the notes (she can sing) but she kinda bores me. The Tracey Chapman song was so predictable. Both that she would do it and the way she did it. And it’s not even a good Tracey Chapman song.

    Maybe, I am being influenced by the judges who are, in my opinion, a bit over the top in singing her praises. As solid as she is, I find myself hoping to hear these words from the judges afer she performs: “Technically your performance was okay but … you didn’t really do anything different with the song. And it was a little boring and predictable.”

    Am I the only one who feels this way?

  29. siobhan magnus is the one to watch.simon saw enough in her to call her the dark horse.she has a lot to offer,and has 3 outstanding performances so far.i believe she =can and will continue to shine.

  30. Big Mike picked the best song! (Maxwell) I am in love with his music anyway! I think he is so devoted to the show and he is meant to be there. He put’s 100% and shows it! I hope he wins and shows his family what a winner he is!!!!

  31. Arron Kelly and Siabon Magnus has by far the best voices. 1)Arron Kelly, 2)Siabon Magnus. Arron’s vocal on “Angie” tonight made me cry. The kid has an AWESOME voice!!! He can sing anything. Arron please keep singing! I would pay to hear you sing. You are already a STAR! Use that confidence and give it all you have!. Siabon Magnus has a very powerful, dramatic and very beautiful voice. Shes AWESOME! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! BRING BACK ALEX LAMBERT!!! I would pay to hear him sing! Hes FANTASTIC!

  32. I half-heartedly tuned in to hear Lee, Crystal, and Siobhan. I loved Alex Lambert and was really looking forward to seeing him progress. Watching AI now is just bitter-sweet. I’m just not as in to it. Alex should have made the top 5 for sure. I’m still pouting…..

  33. YES Susan… Alex was the BEST among the guys…i believed in him, he would have improved his stage presence given time, and he his voice…ooohhhh he would make a great recording artist…so original, so unique…im still shocked that he got eliminated so early…America!!!!! Dont feel like watching the show anymore…its soooo very sad…hope either Lee or Casie wins now that Alex is gone…the others pretty much S**k!!!!!

  34. I’ve been following Idols since it started and just want to say that the wrong people were voted off, and it felt like you judged according to the skin colour.

  35. I am so frustrated with America! How can you vote off Alex and keep Andrew Garcia(one song wonder) or Aaron Kelly or Tim Urban!!! Did you all not listen to Alex sing? Even when he had stage fright, he sang incredibly! His nerves’ just something he had to get over and he would have with another 2/3 performances! What is this!! I thought American Idol is a show which gives singers time to grow and learn!! Singers like Katie or Paige or Tim will never really get it right!! But Alex!!! Common!!! He knows who he is as an artist! How could you do this to him, AMERICAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

    Alex your fans are following you wherever you go, whatever you do! Dont ever give up!! Make an album and show America what you’ve got!!
    ALEX you are the BEST!!!

  36. Go aaron kelly, can’t wait to hear you singing your own album……i’m a fan from philippines…i wish we could add votes from here lol….people love you here!

  37. I have no self-consciousness issues in commenting whenever/where ever. Firstly, the post has to interest me enough for me to have a say – negative/positive – doesn’t matter.

  38. come on this show seems to me a set up. tim urban is improving but he is terrible. aaron has a good voice but he is that good. paige has an amazing voice but she hasnt done anything to impress. andrew is okay. didi impressed me with terrified. janelle with american boy. siobhan she is a box full of surprises and thats y i love her. alex touched me with that song everybody knows he shoul have stayed.but the best ones are casey and lee they have good voices but their arrengmants are the best, thats y kris won last season because he is a complet musician. kris voice is okay but his arrengments was off the hook. last season my favorite was allison everytime she sung her voice gave me goose bumps. thats is one thing that i expect when i watch idol . this year the judges seems to want tim and paige to win. i think tim is simon ‘s son and paige is randy.

  39. I belive everyone does a good job, but I am mostly a fan of Crystal and Siobhan.I am not such a fan of Lee and Casey- they don’t have such a voice as the rest of the top 12.Lacey and Didi did a great job and should not have gone home. Nor Katie. I was so sad when she left that I cried! Aren’t the results shows so dramatic? the order of the top 7 i would put into possible winners are: 1.Crystal 2.Siobhan 3.Aaron 4.Big Mike 5. Tim 6. Casey 7.Lee I would do ANYTHING TO BRING KAITLYN EPPERLY BACK! BRING HER BACK!

  40. I think that everyone is very good but my favorite would have to be siobhan or crystal. i was really upset when katie and didi left but i know that it wasn’t your fault.

  41. i have NO IDEA why they keep voting off girls. Let a girl win this year, will you, america? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE?

  42. Last year, Adam Lambert should have won. He was much, much better than Kris Allen. If Crystal ever leaves the show i’ll cry. She’s my favorite.Scince there are more boys than girls in the show, I wish the whole American Idol show was only for girls. After all, i belive that girls have better voices than boys. Who’s with me, america? Randy? Ellen? Kara? Simon? GOOOOOOOOO GIRLS! YEAH!

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