American Idol 2010: Rating the Top 4

Top 4

We are down to the wire for this season of American Idol and I am ready to crown the winner.  Who’s it going to be?  That’s anybodies guess because the voting history this season has been one surprise after another.  And if we are going by previous years, it is not going to be who we think.  Based on last weeks performances here is my ranking of the Top 4.

4)  Casey James – I think we are all a little shocked Casey is still in the competition after the horrendously out of tune singing we heard last week but the idol gods smiled on him and he was given another chance.  I’m pretty happy he is still around and I really hope he pulls out all the stops this week. 

3)  Crystal Bowersox has lost her momentum.  She sings well but the wow factor isn’t there anymore.  She needs to blow it up this week and show some personality and stay away from the boring ballads.

2)  Big Mike is consistent and always delivers a good performance.  He knows how to use the stage and can show off his broad range by choosing the perfect song.  I wouldn’t be suprised if he makes the final 2 especially if he stays away from “Kiss From A Rose”. 

1)  Lee Dewyze is back in the top spot and that’s where he deserves to be.  He brought it last week and Harry Connick Jr. really helped him bring out his personality and we got some smiles on stage.  I loved him singing without the guitar and want to see more of that from him.

What is your ranking at this point in the competition?




  1. Lee will be 1st and Crystal 2d. I think Mike will be gone this week, and Casey next week. By far, Lee is the most improve singer. The only reason Case is there is because of the young girls and Mike is because of the blacks votong for them. Lee has a voice that no other have. He ROCKS

  2. Very difficult choice they all have pluses and minuses, Lee will probably win. Excellent singer; not much charisma though, gets better every week. Cristal will probably be 2nd excellent voice, little charisma, little stage presence, 3rd Big Mike, excellent voice, good stage presence but little creativity, Casey will probably be 4th, lots of charisma and good looks. The thing is that Casey is so good on stage that one forgets his performance. I am rooting for him though.

  3. 1. Casey (He has the complete package although he did 1 bad performance last week. But Harry Connick Jr mentioned he killed the song during rehearsal).
    2. Lee Dewyze (great vocals but no personality)
    3. Big Mike ( great vocal but very cocky)
    4. Crystal (overrated and just a folk song singer to me, she has attitude problems)

  4. The Finale should be Lee and Casey with Lee taking the AI Title!! Go Lee Dewyze!!!!!!

  5. 1. Crystal – awesome
    2. Big Mike – pretty good
    3. Lee- sucks
    4. Casey – really sucks

  6. 1. Lee
    2. Crystal
    3. Casey
    4. Mike (like I said so many times before, he should have been gone weeks ago when the public voted him off? Personally, Siobhan should have been saved. She made the show interesting to watch, now I just go thru the motions and I hope that one of them knocks my socks off. didn’t happen yet!!!!

  7. 3 of the final 4 I picked when it was 12. Was almost floored when Big Mike had to be saved. Casey should go this week to leave the best 3 all year. While Crystal has lost some momentum I still think she has wider range of listeners and will be the best recording artist. It doesn’t mean she’ll win though!

  8. @Ashley….your right about one thing…it never ends up the way we think it should…….it hasn’t since Carrie Underwood…..JMO

  9. I love all of the remaining top four. They were my top four from the start. I will be happy for any one of them who wins. They are all headed for a great career and contract. I have downloaded the songs from each of them and enjoy them.

    I would like for Crystal and Casey to just do things their own way and not listen to the judges. That is what has caused their recent problems. They got where they are by singing it their way and will do much better if they go back to that.

    The judges do influence people’s votes, so I think they should not comment any more on the top four and just let us decide without them trying to sway the vote.

    They are all winners. I do not appreciate those who are so mean to them when they don’t even know them. People make comments that they “hate” certain ones, and judge their motives and personalities when they have never even talked to them. Each contestant is doing their best, just as you would if you were in their place. Would you like to be treated that way. We will reap what we sow. Just say who you like and leave the “hate” and hurtful things off.

  10. i’d pick the 3 most memorable/recognizable voices, as they keep talking about the radio

    1. lee
    2. casey
    3. crystal

  11. 1. Lee
    2. Crystal
    3. Casey
    4. Mike

    I love Casey, he has the looks, voice and he is humble, but he will unfortunatly not win.

  12. I am hoping Crystal or Lee wins it all but it becomes a popularity contest at this point so it could go to any of the four. This is the most boring season I can remember and I’m just ready for it to be over.

  13. Phil, Clare, Darla, Lizzy, Ronnie, Madam M. All
    the above agree with my sentiment MIKE SHOULD
    GO HOME THIS WEEK. Why is he still around.
    I agree with Phil that this is the most boring
    season of AI and if Mike is still there next week I think America has lost its musical touch.
    I think it will be LEE & CRYSTAL at the end.

  14. @Dave Skinner All the blacks are voting for Mike? That’s a very rude and stereotypical comment. I’m black and I vote for whoever sounds best to me that night. I love big mike but Lee has shined and won my vote plenty of weeks.

  15. should definitely take color and gender out of our discussion… it will be more civil and pleasant if we just stay with sounds and how the individual sound evokes our feelings, if so

  16. I think (and hope) that Mike will be gone this week, Casey the next, and Crystal the next -in other words, Lee will win.

    I have not been a huge Lee supporter (I loved Siobhan) and consider him a second-rate David Cook wanna-be, though I must admit he has improved lately. Basically, I think he is the favorite due to the low level of talent this year.For example, though Casey is a great guitarist, he really is a mediocre vocalist (as shown by last week’s horrific performance). Crystal has a great voice, but is too one-dimensional and predictable, as well as a bit old-fashioned (she would have won AI in 1975, if it existed).

    Though I think Lee will win, you really can’t compare his voice to people like David Cook, Daughtry or Adam Lambert -maybe to someone like Danny Gokey. Plus, he has a very weak stage presence (though that should improve with time).

  17. 1. Lee
    2. Crystal
    3. Casey
    4. Mike

    Mike should have been gone weeks ago. I am so sick of looking at him and everything song he sings sounds exactly like the song he sang before it. He is constantly bobbing his head and sticking his tongue out when he sings. ugh…so obnoxious. Not to mention he is extremely arrogant.

    Regardless…I really like Crystal, however I think Lee will win.

  18. The only thing that I think is a certainty is the crash course of Crystal versus Lee in the Finale….Lee will probably win it all, but in reality Crystal has the better voice.

  19. @ Brian #24….I loved your analysis……I agree 100% and I loved Siobhan too…..Mediocre Season.

  20. The anger toward Mike is still so odd to me. I have watched for weeks. Understanding people’s personalities and communications styles has to come into play. Mike is a big man, and with his size, little motions appear to be big motions. I think he’s probably a pretty good guy, and I’d love to see him make a career of it….. His “Ready for Love” was an amazing tune and my family and I listen to it often……he really did a gorgeous job with it.

  21. To Those Who Want Mike to Go Home: Vote for Casey.

    Lee and Crystal will almost certainly be in the Top Two. Third place is a battle between Casey and Mike. Casey delivered three of the BEST performances of the night, according to the judges, during R&B, Lennon-McCartney and Shania Twain songs. That is 3 bests in 6 weeks. Mike has been in the B3 four of the past five weeks.

  22. Bryon, Your right that Mike is a Fat Man! His over the top motions are exactly that, arrogant and over the top. I guess you would say that Aaron’s motions are tweeny, because he is short, come on.

  23. Lee has won over a bunch of people for some reason, but I just don’t like him at all. He has zero personality, his voice sounds very strained which makes it very hard to listen to. Plus, he acts as if he doesn’t care about anything. He always has that same half cocked smirk on his face. I would have preferred he been kicked off way back in the competition. I would rather see Siobhan in the top 4 than Lee. As for Mike, I think he has the best natural voice of the four remaining contestants. He has not had a bad performance yet and has a huge stage presence. However, it could be argued that Crystal has the best natural voice, but she loses me with her attitude and style. Yes, this is SUPPOSED to be a singing competition, but everyone knows that style, attitude, stage presence, likability, and any and all other personality traits are factored in when voting for an Idol. That being said, my favorite is Casey. He has a great voice, looks like he belongs on stage, and can play the guitar better than any contestant yet. Again, I know it’s a singing competition, but they opened up the door for voting for other reasons when they started allowing them to play an instrument in the competition. The things I don’t like about Casey is that he seems a little stiff and nervous at times. It’s understandable, but to be the best he needs to get over that. He also needs to work on that goat sound he has sometimes when holding a note for longer than a second. That is really weird.

    My top four of the remaining would be:
    1. Casey
    2. Mike
    3. Crystal
    4. Lee

    My real top four would be
    1. Casey
    2. Siobhan
    3. Mike
    4. Crystal

  24. 1. Lee
    2. Crystal
    3. Casey
    4. Mike

    I had Lee picked from the top 24.
    Siobhan should have been number 4.

  25. 1 Crystal
    2 Lee
    3 & 4 Casey or Mike – dont really care

    But I guess will be voting for Mike as per Dave Skinner #2.

    Crystals only competition is Lee.

  26. i dnt care wht anyone has to say i say BIG mike shud win…yes im black and im not racist cuz i lyked alex and andrew and i luv Lee…but i think big mike is good too…

  27. …I don’t think we have seen anywhere near what Casey is capable of…unfortunately the results won’t mirror that…so I’ll put the predictable outcome…
    1. Lee (sings well, but no stage prez)
    2. Mike (always enjoyable, should go on from AI)
    3. Crystal…(boring now)
    4. Casey… (great voice, charismatic, the whole package)…

  28. Crystal and Casey should remain.

  29. My top four(best to worst):

    1.Casey(He has proven he is an amazing talent…”Don’t” and “Jealous Guy” just to name two of his best). He has the look(looks DO matter), and ALWAYS shows nothing but class…especially when he’s being ripped to shreds by the judges(who are continually trying to change him…LEAVE HIM ALONE!),and he also seems to possess a grand sense of humor(especially after last weeks performance…which wasn’t THAT bad…not his best, but please, I have seen worse on the Idol stage.He’s not trying to be something that he’s not…he admitted he was lost without his guitar(nothing wrong with that!)He is a tremendous musician!I WILL buy his music…and I LOVE HIS VOICE…that’s what makes him unique!!

    2.Lee(I also like Lee, and I might buy his music…)

    3.Crystal(I didn’t care for her at first, but she has grown on me the last few weeks. Her voice is great, but I wouldn’t buy her music…sorry.)

    4.Mike(Sorry, Mike fans, but he needs to go! I don’t care for ANYTHING about him…)

    Let’s be realistic, this week is a battle between Casey and Mike, and of the two Casey is head and shoulders above Mike. He can sing country, ballads, rock and roll, the blues…and he has proven himself. Mike, on the other hand, is not as versatile a performer as Casey. He sings the same type of songs and sounds the same…boring…CASEY FANS: PLEASE!PLEASE VOTE FOR OUR BOY THIS WEEK…HE SO DESERVES TO BE IN THE TOP THREE!!It should be him, Lee, and Crystal.VOTE FOR CASEY LIKE MAD THIS WEEK!!!!

  30. Crystal should win IF you take ALL performances to date into consideration. Overall she has delivered much stronger performances than Lee or the rest.

  31. Realistically:
    1. Lee (tho I am rooting for Crystal)
    2. Crystal
    3. Casey (tho I am rooting for Mike)
    4. Mike

    It’s all about the demographics and who votes…oh, and the song selection and performances.

  32. American Idol has become irrelevant. Making people sing Frank Sinatra songs? This group is good when they sing within the context of what they like to do and do best. They should be given way more of a free hand to develope the styles and genres they like to sing in. The shows ratings are down, not because Paula is gone but because of the whole way it is formated. And then there is the manipulative judging.
    1. Crystal
    2. Mike
    3. Casey
    4. Lee
    The show will be canceled next year. (Hopefully)

  33. Anyone who paid attention to last year finale should know the futility of guessing the outcome.

    As far as I am concerned, the contest was over when Crystal sang “As Long as I Can see the Light”.

    This week results are in the lap of the gods. Who ever sings the duet with Crystal will go home. It’s that simple. Whoever has that task will end up sounding like Clarence “Frogman” Henry(Google him on Youtube).

    Casey is at a disadvantage because he’s a better guitar player than a singer and the sound mix and the short time limits don’t allow him to show his skill.

    Mike and Casey have benefited the most from the pop singer’s boot camp. Mike can’t win.

  34. #1 – Crystal
    #2 – Lee
    #3 – Casey
    #4 – Big Mike (please send him home already America!!! )

    I won’t be buying any of their albums I can tell you that…real disappointing year overall…Lee is no David Cook, not even close…perhaps he will get better, but he is boring as heck which is one thing DC was not…DC also has a bigger vocal range and can stay in tune…

    Crystal is well Crystal…

    Casey has done really well on some songs, but needs to bring something diff to the table or exciting..

    Big Mike—-blah, blah, blah, blah…boring boring and not a terrific voice…I really do not understand why he is still there…I am sorry I don’t …I don’t get it at all…his voice is so ordinary, nothing special about it or unique….

  35. To 40. Wendy

    You said it perfectly. Casey is it! Keep in mind that contestants should be judged on their entire song catalog for the season. A bunch of us re-watched the top four’s performances from the beginning and Casey is awesome throughout. He is the most talented, original, versatile, charismatic, classy, humble, and gorgeous idol. What a great mom and brother supporting him every week. Can’t wait to see The Casey James Band when it comes to northern California! He has the world on a string!

  36. 1. Crystal
    2. Lee
    3. Casey
    4. Big Mike

    Crystal’s all crystal. She knows herself, and she may have an attitude but she is who she is, and no one can change that coz that’s what makes her songs beautiful.
    Personality + Song = Perfection right?!

    Lee’s just so good. I didn’t even notice him at first, I just guessed he’d be in the 24 but not in the 4?! But now he totally deserves it, and he can really win it!

    Casey. 🙂 He’s really good too. But not as good as Lee for the boys. Just a little difference. He looks good 😀 and he does good with his guitar. That’s about it! He’s good but barely great.

    Big Mike. He has a normal boring voice. But he does GREAT when he attaches his experiences to his voice. He was good and a little great along the contest.
    He made Kara cry after all. :))

    This season may not be that great but they’re still a season!

  37. This is Lee or Cyrstal’s competition to win.
    As far as Big Mike goes – BORING – Puts me to sleep everytime. I personally think they wasted the save on him. Casey has grown on me but I do not see him winning AI.
    @Wendy I totally agree with you 100% about Mike – he has not done anything to prove that he deserves to win.
    @wenyen (#7) – I do not understand why you are saying that Crystal has an attitude problem. I don’t see it. Big Mike is very arrogant – Crsytal is sweet as pie.
    To all you Lee Haters – I have loved Lee since day 1 of Auditions. So he doesn’t have this huge stage spectacular perforamce – but he sure does have an awesome voice and is adorable. I think he’s way better looking then Casey.

  38. 1. Crystal ( her performances ‘As long as I can see the Light” and ‘ People get ready ” still by far the best this season
    2.Lee ( a close second, raspy voice, good song choices, but looks embarassed and uncomfortable to be on stage lol)
    3.Casey ( should hv been Siobhan )
    4.Mike (okay , so u had a baby while on AI like Harry said enough is enough ! please make him go home !)

  39. @Phyllis G # 27 – I agree with you about Siobhan. I know it sounds like “sour grapes” to always bring up people who have been eliminated, but the show really has lost a lot of its luster and interest now that Siobhan’s gone. Some loved her and some really disliked her, but she added a lot in terms of originality, quirkiness, brashness and also looks, if you ask me (it’s OK for the girls to say that Casey is good-looking, so I think it’s OK to say that Siobhan was also very attractive, partly due to her spunky personality).

    I even miss Lilly (who was unique and original)- I’d take her over Mike or Casey!

    This final 4 is kind of boring, each in their own way. But at least Lee does try to change things up a bit and put his own stamp and style on things, which gives him somewhat of an edge on the others.

  40. lee is the best I want him to be the next American Idol…

    Hi guys I would like to see Charice pempengco perform at american Idol STAGE.

  41. lee is the best I want him to be the next American Idol…

    Hi guys I would like to see Charice pempengco perform at american Idol STAGE.

  42. As Ashely said the result will be the most unexpected so rooting for that statement

    1. Big Mike
    2. Lee
    3. Chrystal
    3. Casey

    Now how I want it to end doesnt matter as my AI was Siobhan from the beginning but having to choose from the 4 remaining contestants I think should end

    1. Lee
    2. Chrystal
    3. Mike
    4. Casey

    Chrystal indeed lost her momentum and now with her replies to the judges every week loses points for free with the public. I people criticized Siobhan for face the judges and speak her thoughts Chrystal should be too and I dont see many saying much about it.
    Mike is a wonderful singer I am not black and always admired him he knows what he is and what he wants. Lee lack of presence but huge fan club and improved a lot still needs immense experience on stage. Casey cute, gentleman and extraordinary guitar player. Voice the weakest of the four remaining.

  43. sorry for my grammar… its been a long day… usually i review before posting but my eyes are closing lol

  44. the final two should be Lee and Casey,both of them got what it bad performance for Casey is not a big deal i’m sure he will the amazing job tonight 🙂

  45. 1. CASEY! Casey!!!
    2. Crystal
    3. Lee
    4. Mike
    Casey is amazing. He is uber talented with star quality and he is humble. You deserve it! Go Casey!

  46. 1. Lee
    2. Casey
    3. Crystal
    4. Big Mike

    Casey sang it ok.. his voice is amazing.. so the voice won over. the out of tune is not an issue.. he will do well tonight.. big mike and crystal is the worst. i never think crystal has a great voice. just have the personality.. nothing else. she didnt lose momentum, just that we are sick and tired of her old style.. casey and lee has great vocals… i hope lee and casey are the final 2. either big mike or crystal should go home…

  47. @Ken.. You Shut your mouh a zentillion times!!! you just don’t know anything about singing.

    Lee and Crystal are the best out of this season. But for me Lee should win ‘coz he has a nice voice and the most improved of all. anyways, here is my top 4

    2. Crystal
    3. Casey – duhh.. boring
    4. Mike – most boring

  48. Big Mike should not be saved from top 9.
    Casey should be voted off at top 5 results.
    Aaron and Siobhan should be in the top 4

    LEE DEWYZE for the WIN

  49. Lee is by far the best and not like some big fatty on stage and pretending to singing well. Fatty Mike and Cystal will have to go. Cystal is just those pub singers which is overated by the judges as they cannot go back on their words that a girl will win….LEE is THE BEST

  50. 1. Lee ( Of course, who else? )
    2. Michael
    3. Casey
    4. Crystal

    Casey’s only problem is that he keeps choosing the wrong songs. But, once he chooses the right one, he rocks.

  51. Lee should really win. Duh 🙂 He rocks, baby. He’s modest though he’s the best. Lee all the way. :DD

  52. @David Skinner, you obviously don’t like Mike because his black, shame on you, why would you think that only blacks vote for him? Personally I don’t think all whites has such a pea brain like you and some probably like him for his talent and will vote for him.

  53. Why the hell is MIKE still in the show?-.-||
    Yes,he CAN SING.But i DON’T think the music he sings is what the people in the world wants to hear.I don’t know,but that’s just my opinion.It’s just too BORING and SLEEPY..
    I hope Lee and Crystal will be in the finals.
    However,the one who leaves the deepest impression of herself is Siobhan.I can’t wait for her album to be out

  54. @Jenn #50

    If you do not understand what I mean by Crystal’s having attitude problems, let me list them down here for you…
    1. She argues and talk back to the judges
    2. She always look angry and pouting as if she is mad with the whole world.
    3. She talks about leaving the show.
    4. She brought her own carpet to stage
    5. She brought her mic stand along
    6. She lost control and sob and asked for sunglasses.
    7. She declared openly her love for her boyfren

    This annoying attitude of hers is definitely an insult of the show.

    Btw facebook has a page “I Hate Crystal Bowersox!” Go read and get all the answers there.

  55. How can anyone say Crystal is “one-sided”? She’s shown the versatility that all the others lack and done everything well. She’s shown incredible musicianship the others cannot hope to match. I like Lee, but he sounds like 300 other guys on the radio right now. Casey just hit the wall as a singer and will do well in a band. Mike sings well, but his style doesn’t appeal to me. Crystal is unique, and will sell millions upon millions of records. The others are copies – Crystal is an original.

  56. @BRIAN #52…..It would have been a much better season if we had Lilly & Siobhan in the top 4 with Lee & Crystal…….and its not sour grapes its just the way I feel!!!!!!

  57. 1. Crystal-Great voice and would sell more records (by far) than anyone left.

    2. Lee-A good, unique voice and headed for a great career.

    3. Mike-OK vocals, but just ordinary.

    4. Casey-Will probably end up singing in bars and at weddings.

  58. I have never seen anybody who is worse than crystal. She can sing. But she don’t have the attitude and the looks and sure not an idol material. American idol means a complete package and one mustn’t get it wrong.

    Crystal tried to quit idol many times, So ask your self why she went for audition at first?

    Crystal looks like a Nepalese maid( Just google Nepalese maid and you will see plenty of women like that)

  59. 1. LEE
    2. CASEY

    no place for Crystal Bowersox and BIG MIKE. They will go home soon.

  60. GO LEE! GO LEE!
    for me, personality DOESN’T matter, for crying out loud, his voice is amazing!

  61. CASEY – Simply the Best!!! Forever !!!
    GOD BLESS you baby.
    Anerican Idol 2010 – Casey James, only ONE !!!

  62. AMERICAN IDOL 2010 – CASEY JAMES, absolutely!!!
    We love Casey, no looks one !!!
    Love from Latvians.

  63. Casey all the way!!!!!!!! He has had several outstanding performances as well as Crystal..the other 2, forgetabble.

  64. I think Casey is a better all around performer…the whole southern rock with a little country thrown in ..he would do great with that in the real musical world. The others are fairly bland in comparison.

  65. PHYLIS G ..

    noticed the interest level in Idol has tapered off a bit just by reading these comments. not much exitement it seems. what do you think?
    siobhan , lily…..used to be 250 comments , now down to about 90 teenie boppers taping away at their phones

  66. All you Casey fans…VOTE HARD tonight for our boy…he so deserves to be top 3!!

  67. I love Chrstal,and Lee,but Casey has great moments with soft songs.My “teeny Bopper”(not)is 14,and votes for vocals,not just cuteness.Not everyone who is 14 doesn’t care about vocals!!!!!!!!!! Ridiculous stereotype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are plenty of A.I fans out there.(Millions vote For some reason,Debbie Downers love to blog.Vote for the one that you would recognize the most on the radio,and who has the best unique sound.There are alot of great singers.Who has the major It factor.I can’t wait for the show.It’s great!!!!! I do think the judges should help(or the mentors)before the show also.Chrystal does seem a little attitudeish,but maybe she is getting more confidence,and it’s coming off wrong.I hope Lee starts realizing how good he is.Stop hating on A.I!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. 88fingrslouie……You can say that again..infact its pretty boring (like the Idols). I don’t know if you were on the blog last year but it was some group of people, mostly interested in ADAM. It was really fun and I think if SIOBHAN was still there, it would have been fun too. Even though I like LEE (because SIOBHAN is gone) there is no excitement, its just not there….and thats my feelings on this season….

  69. robin..the unique and different voices and personalities are long gone…just an observation on the AI excitement level..don’t have a heart attack!!

  70. Worst to best:
    4. – Mr. Velveeta Third rate piano bar singer.

    3. – Casey [ I’m just here to break the monotony of my life in Texas] James.

    2. – Crystal one trick pony Bowersox

    1. – Lee not a star by any stretch, but most likely to improve DeWyze

  71. I don’t know why I bother reading these comments. I will just say that Mike is the most talented and although you will not vote him the winner, he clearly deserves a great future in music. Crystal would be next as she is unique and I have enjoyed her performances.
    Lee then Casey. The fat and cocky comments about Mike are getting old and just show the immaturity of those commenting here.

  72. Sooooo disappointed at Lee’s performance May 11; but still thik he’ll win it. Casey gone next then Big Mike and still deciding between Lee and Crystal. Leaning towards Lee. I’M LOOKIN FORWARD TO THE FINALE!!!!!

  73. I not going to say Big Mike is the best performer remaining. As he’s not in my viewpoint. But I also don’t get the large numbers of people that seem to “hate him”. While Mike has never had a best of the night performance for me, I would be lying if I said I can recall a night were he ever had a bad performance. Though I doubt they will own up to it, I think there are a lot of racist people on this website

  74. I just don’t understand everybody’s negativity about Lee’s personality. Seems to me he’s just shy. People are reading him the wrong way. He sings awesome and deserves to win. Same as everyone said about David Cook. People assumed Archella was going to win, and Cook beat him by a landslide.

  75. 1) Lee
    2) Crystal
    3) Casey
    4) Mike (because I don’t like the ‘save’)

    Listen to Lee’s CD’s. (google “Annabelle”) He’s definitely going to be a top-notch recording artist. We’ll be hearing tons from Crystal too.

  76. @Steve, you’ve said what we thinking, it’s so sad that in today’s age colour should determine the likes or dislikes of someone. In fact on this forum their is so much hatred for Mike. However saying this I still have faith in mankind and believe there is still good, decent white people who don’t care about colour.

  77. 1. Big Mike (most intriguing and fun to watch)
    2. Crystal (nice)
    3. Lee (okay)
    4. Casey (should go home – not interesting)

  78. Common JOMARC, it was not Mike’s fault he was saved. He was simply very amazing and outstanding good, and the judges did the most sensible thing with the save – used it on someone they knew was not supposed to be in the position that he was – being in the bottom 3 and even being the least voted for. Get over it and give the guy the credit he deserves.


  79. If you look at development during the season, IMHO Casey has not grown at all. He may be talented, and easy on the eyes, but he struggles with some musical styles. Crystal started out great and is stretching; Lee has come a long way; Big Mike is fine tuning and perfecting. Casey just seems to be calling it in.

  80. 1. Casey James (Simply the best!)
    2. Michael Lynche (Fun)
    3. Lee (no stage present)
    4. Crystal (over rated! should go home)

  81. i think tim should have won it all! he was amazing nd i loved him. but forreal big mike over aaron kelly?! mike so should have been voted off. aaron was so much better in everyway. as for now my vote goes to lee. i put all my bets on him now.

  82. May 12th, 2010 at 11:00a.m
    1. Crystal
    2. Mike
    3. Lee
    4. Casey
    I beleive people are not listening to the songs of each performance and looking at the individual. Next week try closing your eyes and listen, and than really vote for the right person. I am judging on last night performance.

  83. No one is having a heart attack(Nice comment though for anyone that has had one)Now,people are putting down the show,and personal digs at bloggers?????????Alot of negative people out there.I can’t wait to watch tonight.No one said everyone loves the same person.And Casey gets votes for his voice but alot of people.

  84. My ratings for last nights show:

    1-Crystal and lee’s duet (awesome)

    2-Crystal’s solo (made an old song new and differant)

    3-Lee’s solo (great)

    4-Mike’s solo (good job)

    5-Casey’s solo (better than his last 10, or 12)

    6- Mike’s and Casey’s duet(What the heck was that?)

  85. Lee Dewyze is the sleeper this season. He is quietly incredible, has underlying qualities that are emerging slowly and will be famous whether he wins this show or not.

    Crystal is very talented too – but my vote goes with LEE DEWYZE.

  86. I can’t believe what i just saw tonight on AI.
    Big Mike was not my favorite but he has emotion, passion, and a good voice. Casey! on the other hand has none of the above. Kara must be calling in at least a million times for this guy who should of been gone quite some time now. If Casey wins, ahead of Lee or Crystal something is WRONG! and i won’t watch it next year.

  87. Lee is my favotito! really want to win! I also like Crystal! I hope this season is just because for me the previous year it was not! Good luck guys! from Argentina, we saw them!

  88. Those of you who think Casey is so great! Can anyone tell me WHY! You must be watching a differant show! My take on Casey is as follows
    1–Stage presents: Stiff as a board.
    2–Personality: shows no emotion or passion.(talking or singing) Just doesn’t seem to care.
    3–Guitar: Plays great! but this is a singing and personality contest.
    4–Vocals: Would probably sing well at bars and weddings.

    That about sums it up!


  89. Big Mike. You can DO IT! South Africe is behing you. Just sing ”IT’S A MAN’S WORLD” again, then youre home and dry. Im nearly sixty and want u to win!!!!!!!

  90. 1. LEE DEWYZE
    2. Crystal or Casey

    They’re all great. But, for me, Lee’s the best 😀

  91. After tonight’s show, it’s really clear to see now! that Casey(ROBOT)James is not even close to Crystal or Lee. I kind of felt sorry for him, but he should have been gone weeks ago.
    At this point! fans sould be voting on who’s the best singer, and that should be Crystal or Lee.

  92. Lee and Crystal are going to the finals and i think that’s GREAT! The fans finally got it right! My favorite has been Crystal, but Lee has grown into a special singer. I know we will hear great songs from both of them next week and i’ll be happy for whoever wins. As far as Casey goes, i’ve been pretty hard on him these last weeks. But i have to give him credit for leaving with such grace and taking the loss like a man and being greatfull. I wish him the best and i think he will end up with a contract.

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