American Idol 2010: What Should The Top 4 Sing?

Oh my!  The songs for this week suck!  The contestants only have 34 “movie songs” to choose from and they are down right horrible!  Unless they can get some different songs approved like Kris Allen did last season, we are going to have to sit through another boring Tuesday night.  With the show only lasting an hour I don’t think we will have to listen to two from each hopeful but maybe a duet which could be tragic in itself.

My predictions on what these Top 4 will choose:

1)  Casey James will probably go with one of the Bryan Adam’s songs but I would be delighted if he sang Mrs. Robinson, especially after the way he’s been treated by Kara.

2)  Lee Dewyze hopefully will go with “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls.  It’s the only song on the list I can hear him singing.  Of course with the way this season is turning out, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear him sing some randomly awful ballad like “Moon River”.

3)  If Big Mike doesn’t sing Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” I will be so happy, but this is his style and he will more than likely pick it.

4)  Crystal Bowersox may go with “Summertime” Janis Joplin style but it’s still boring so I would like to see her sing Carly Simon’s “Let the River Run” and put some emotion behind it. 

If they sing Duet’s this week there are several on here to choose from but they are all cheesy so I’m not even going to wager a guess.  I hope none of them sing from the Titanic or “Over The Rainbow”.

Thanks to MJ we have the complete list of the 34 songs:

  • (Everything I Do) I Do It For You – Bryan Adams
  • (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life – Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
  • A Whole New World – Brad Kane & Lea Salonga
  • Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In – The 5th Dimension
  • Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do) – Christopher Cross
  • Beauty and the Beast – Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson
  • Can I Have This Dance – Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron & the Cast of HS Musical
  • Can You Feel the Love Tonight – Elton John & London Community Gospel Choir
  • Can’t Fight the Moonlight – LeAnn Rimes
  • Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins
  • Don’t You Forget About Me – Simple Minds
  • Endless Love – Lionel Richie & Diana Ross
  • Evergreen – Barbra Streisand
  • Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
  • Flashdance (What a Feeling) – Irene Cara
  • Footloose – Kenny Loggins
  • Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman – Bryan Adams
  • I’m Alright (Theme from Caddyshack) – Kenny Loggins
  • Into the West – Howard Shore and Annie Lennox
  • Iris – Goo Goo Dolls
  • It Might Be You (from Tootsie) – Stephen Bishop
  • Kiss From a Rose – Seal
  • Let the Riverrun – Carly Simon
  • Moon River (from Moon River) – Audrey Hepburn & Henry Mancini
  • Mrs Robinson – Simon & Garfunkle
  • My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
  • One Night Only – Jennifer Hudson, Deena Jones & The Dreams
  • Over the Rainbow – Judy Garland
  • Separate Lives – Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin
  • Summertime – Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
  • Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from Top Gun) – Berlin
  • Up Where We Belong – Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes
  • We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) – Tina Turner
  • You’ll Be in My Heart – Glenn Close & Phil Collins

What about the ‘Purple Rain’ soundtrack or ‘Crazy Heart’?  What is the deal with all these antiquated songs?  How can the contestants be current when they have NOTHING to choose from and the themes this year couldn’t be worse!   

What do you want the contestants to sing?




  1. This is exactly why they need to get rid of the themes so to speak.. They should allow them to choose what ever they want so they can truly highlight their talents. It would be so very cool if they let them do “originals” if they choose to do so.. I know Crystal and Lee both have originals not sure about Big Mike or Casey but just shows where the true talent is !
    Whether or not Crystal wins to me she is the true talent and star out of them all and that was very clear from Hollywood Week on!! I am sick of them saying how boring, indulgent, and everything else they say about their performances when they limit them to a handful of songs to choose from and most times its not even in their chosen genre’s. Go MamaSox ..FTW

  2. They should have made Harry Conick Jr, do a Pearl Jam song and she how he does!!..

    That is how ridiculous it is when they make the contestants choose songs that aren’t even close to where their talents are.

  3. Correction: Moon River is from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

    Everyone left is down with the Blues. Maybe all four will sing “Summertime”, the only blues song in the list. LOL

  4. I’m really looking forward to see Lee Dewyze sing Iris. It soothes his wonderful voice. Lee is my american idol.

  5. I think Lee could do Bryan Adams-Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman. I have been pleasantly surprised every week by him, so I now have total confidence that he will pick the right song.

    I really can’t see Mike doing Footloose. I think it would be the worst song choice for him. He does need to sing the Seal song because it would compliment his voice and style. He doesn’t need to sing something that would bring out the worst in him.

    I agree Crystal could do Carly Simon or Summertime.

    I guess Casey should do a soft ballad rather than fast rock. The judges seem to like him better with the slower songs.

    Not a knock out song list, but it will be intesting to see what the contestants can do.

  6. I really really want to see casey do either of the bryan adams song. I think they fit his voice the best. And the slow ballad songs suit him better. GO CASEY!

  7. What is happening to this show?????
    The song chooses have been awful, to me the contestants choices have been awful and now we have another week of “OLD” song choices….What happened to Journey, the Eagles, Queen or is it that this group can’t handle these artists…..I just don’t get it or is it just me?????
    By the time they get to the Finale, I will be cheering from the Family Room that the torture is finally over!!!!!!! The only bright spot is that the top 12 will be back and I’ll get to see Siobhan again!!!!!!!

  8. Such a pity if no one will choose “My heart will go on”. But can’t see any of the 4 doing that. Siobhan might have done. It would be a perfect song for her… Such a pity that she’s out of the competition. No fun to follow any longer…

  9. @Elsika…..I agree with you….the spark is kind of gone (SIOBHAN)!!!!! No one there has a spark…very boring group….

  10. Phyllis, seems like we had the same choice of who should be the next American Idol… Any more news on the rumor that the phone number given out at the time gave Aaron a bunch of Siobhan’s votes? Did anyone look in to that? I’m not living in America and that’s why I have no idea what the final result of this story was.

  11. Elsika….I haven’t heard or read anything about that but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true…

  12. Well said Phyllis. The spark is gone! Even if Bowersox sounds good, it’s the same all the time. With Siobhan it was variation and you never knew what was going to come next. It was exciting, it had a spark to the program. That spark is now gone.

  13. It was in one of the comments here after the program. Someone asked for anyone who had a footage or video-recording of it. Obviously at one point in the program when the numbers were shown it was Aaron’s number when they showed the number for Siobhan…

  14. If that was true, they should have had a recount or do over and eliminate two the following week. Sometimes I really feel like these votes really don’t count. I still have a bitter taste from last years finale when Adam lost to Kris…

  15. First of all, not one of the final four has the elocution skills necessary for “Footloose”. Lee should do “Iris” because his vocals are closer to those of Johnny Rzeznik than any other singer. Crystal should do “Could I have This Dance”, but in the style of Anne Murray not HSM. Casey should go off list and do “Blaze of Glory” from Young Guns II. And Mike should do “Up Where We Belong” The group number should be “Aquarius” IMHO

  16. I think that Lee should do Take My Breathe Away from Berlin and just put every emotion in his body behind it. I think it would be a hit.

  17. Blaze of Glory is not on the list for the contestants to sing. I think it would be hysterical if mike sang footloose and put some kevin bacon moves on the stage. Ok maybe that’s more tim urbans style.

  18. At this point all 4 are pretty boring and no matter what they sing they look like cardboard cut outs on that stage. Not a single one of them adds any excitement. They just stand there and sing with barely the occassional arm movement. I just can’t see any of them performing at their very own concert they have absolutely no showmanship the fans will be put to sleep with boredom. Unless, they go to perform at a geriatric hospital then they’ll be enjoyed by all!

  19. I hope Lee or Casey sing “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman” by Bryan Adams. I love that song. I still say Lee will win it all and he and Crystal will be in final 2.

  20. i really dont care what they sing cuz aaron kelly is gone! (which was the worst mistake idol judges made this season)

  21. Kaitlyn @ 22 I think you are Kara in disguise haha as you are the only person I know could say something like that… Kara has been horrible as a judge not to mention her mushiness towards Simon the whole season. She has looked cheap and vulgar and her comments annoying, sometimes stupid and very out of line… “I dont know who you are” what?? lol

  22. I hate the song choices there is no originality there is no sparkle and there is no competitiveness because this songs are so dull.
    I agree with Phyllis on # 7 what the hell happened to this show?
    I dont care what they sing… this will be a boring night

  23. Daniela (#19): I find fault mostly with the AI “policy” (or what the judges preach) on this issue. Remember earlier on this season, when Mike sang with a swagger, a little footwork, and interacted with the audience? The judges poo-pooed his engaging performance, Simon referred to it as “desperate”… and honestly, IMO that was the best performance I’d seen Mike give; he sang well, looked and sounded natural and comfortable, and engaged the audience. I also recall Casey being told he “thought he was a rock star” (and it wasn’t meant to be a compliment) because he put some OOMF into one night’s performance.

    These poor contestants probably don’t know what to think! If they just stand there and sing, they’re told to liven up, connect with the song more, engage the audience, etc. If they actually perform and do these things, they’re told that they’re being desperate, silly, ridiculous, etc.

    Granted, one *can* put on an amazing performance without a single jig or strut… but that entails feeling the song to the point of being consumed by it, and radiating that emotion to the audience who have no choice but to feel it themselves. However, I’ve yet to see a performance THAT genuinely spectacular on AI, so the contestants need to be allowed to perform while they sing. lol

  24. @ ASHLEY That’s why I said Casey should go “off list” as Kris and Adam did last year.

  25. @#26 As my youngest daughter would say, “I smell what ya stepping in”

    I agree with you! The judges have screwed with the contestants heads so much!

  26. big mike was the best proformers on tuesday night,yet no one gives him is votes.whether he win or not big mike gone skin high.

  27. why can the american idol fans votes fair,big mike and lee was the only 2 proformers that impressed the judges and america.crystal,casey and aaron,did not impressed america last tuesday.yet they were not in the bottom 2,casey or crystal should go home on should not be aaron,because he did much better than casey and crystal.

  28. Well it looks like my thoughts on Casey doing Blaze of Glory are gone as Jon Bon Jovi will be doing it on results night. However each of the four will do one solo performance and one duet on Tuesday. So, That’s cool.

  29. LEE: Iris!
    MIKE: Kiss From A Rose
    CASEY: Danger Zone!
    CRYSTAL: hubby says: We Don’t Need Another Hero
    wife says: Evergreen

    we don’t think mike WILL pick anything else. we don’t think lee & casey SHOULD pick anything else!!!!

  30. My choices from (1) all movie songs available and then from (2) the list here:

    Lee: “In Your Eyes” (Peter Gabriel–Say Anything) He has the voice to do this masterfully. (2) “Iris” I KNOW Lee can win the whole thing with this.

    Crystal: (1) “Uninvited” (Alanis Morisette, City of Angels) This would be a break-through (from her pigeon-hole) for her if she could master and deliver this vocal. A real “wow” song. (I could have absolutely seen Lily doing this one!) and (2) “Aquarius”. She’d be terrific, but it would once again pigeonhole her. I’d love to see her lay down “Summertime.”

    Mike: (1) “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp” (Three 6 Mafia, from Hustle and Flow). This might be chancy, given an older voting audience, but this is a terrific song–and could ‘eyepoppingly’ modernize Mike’s rather sleepy “Velvet Teddybear” image. (2) “We Don’t Need Another Hero” I don’t care that this is Tina Turner. His voice could definitely carry this beautifully. And again, this one might take him to a new place.

    Casey: “Tiny Dancer” (Elton John, Almost Famous). Sweet, cool and upbeat. (2) “Eye of the Tiger” This will let him shine and add some energy to his performance.

  31. Are there any true American Idol fans???? I tnink some themes are weak,but the contestants still bring it.(Cyrstal and Lee are phenomal.I can’t believe how many Debbie Downers there are out there.I hope the contestants don’t read this-worse than what junk mags print.For the people that are still positive,movie night should be fun.I agree Casey should sing slow,and Lee needs more charisma(But his voice is perfect._stage presence can grow-he allready has great vocals.Mike is so relaxing,and a gorgous sound.Cyrstal is so wonderful,and has the unique it factor.They all 4 would be recognizable on the radio-who they are.Stop the mean Simon comments.(Well,at least he is constuctive sometimes.)Vote for vocals!!!!!!!!! The rest will come.

  32. OMG!
    I hope they sing “Can I Have This Dance”- Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens! 🙂 Zac and Vanessa are amazing and that would be so cool if someone sang their song. Plus, that song would really showcase their talents.

  33. Here are my song choise for the contestants:
    1)Casey:”Danzer zone” or “eye of the tiger” he can do really well in these song if he can make them his own.
    2)Crystal:She shall sing “It must have been love”from pretty woman(Roxette) or “summertime”.
    3)Lee: He can choose songs like “Iris” and show us how he is different by singing “Take My Breath Away” from TOP GUN.
    4)Mike:He better sing “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” and show us what can he do with this song,he can also sing “Beauty and the Beast”.
    I hope this week is gonna be mindblowing:) Casey and lee are my favourates.

  34. Go Robin (#36)! I’m an Idol fan …. and every season they say they are not as good as the last. Look at all they have to do and practice as well. They are all good but have to admit my fav is LEEEEEEE !!!!!!!

  35. Mike: Night fever(with the same dress as Travolta)!
    Casey: The rose (with a rose in his mouth)
    Crystal: Flash dance (same outfit incl.the infamous dancing routine)
    Lee: Everything you do, do it for you!
    If they do pairings, it should be:
    1) Mike & Crystal: Summer Night or you’re the one that I want…with the dancing routine!!
    2) Casey & Lee: You don’t bring me flowers (again, a rose in Casey’s mouth!)

  36. I would love to hear Lee sings Evergreen by Barbra Streisand with a different version just like what David Cook did with Mariah Carey’s Always Be My Baby. It will be soooo awesome.

  37. No one here should sing summertime,as no one can do a better version as Siobhan.
    She did that song at the Wendy Williams show.

  38. I think Lee should sing “We Don’t Need Another Hero”. Why you ask? Because I think it would suit the rasp in his voice and also because if you sing a song originally by a member of the opposite gender you tend not to get compared as much to that artist. If not that then “Iris”

    Casey should sing “I Do It For You”. Probably could be as good as “Don’t” if done right.

    Mike should sing “Take My Breath Away”. Same reason as Lee.

    Crystal should just sing something fun for a change. Nothing emotional or serious. Just do something fun. “Im Alright” or “Footloose”. Something like that.

  39. the song list is maybe old classic songs but they can make their own vesrion of it..and that will be’s up to them to make it current…they had their night where they could choose a song that inspired them and almost everyone picked terrible song watch their versions of theese songs!s..i think it will be interesting to

  40. My guess is the three remaining men have drawn straws – the loser having to sing a duet with Crystal. Last week,in the Sinatra medley, she traded lines with Lee and Lee sounded bad.

    I predict that the person who duets with Crystal will be eliminated next week.

  41. Crystal has too many of her own stories and personal messages to bring into each song. She needs to connect differently – by allowing her audience to feel their stories and emotions instead of hers.

  42. Fantasia did an unforgetable “Summertime.”For the Mike lover,he is getting votes,he’s still there.My daughter thinks he’ll win.I think Cyrsal,or Lee but Mike and Casey are great too,and can easily catch up.My friend thinks Lee or Casey.I hope Casey does slow.After jealous guy,he could have won the whole thing.Cyrstal needs to smile more,but I want her or Lee to win.

  43. Wow, I totally agree. While several of these songs are classic, they are antiquated. Already this season, the contestants have done Elvis and Sinatra, While I am a tremendous fan of both, Again, They are classic, but how do you sing Elvis or Sinatra without being mediocre? They were both legends. The same thing with these songs, Judy Garland? How many times can we listen to “Over the Rainbow” be butchered? And Evergreen, by Streisand? She hit notes people still can’t hit. If you make a song your own, you are disrespecting the original and if you don’t, it’s karaoke. I am honestly disappointed with Idol in the last couple years. Last year, Adam Lambert should have won, I’ve never seen an Idol contestant take the world by storm, He’s platinum or Gold in Japan, Canada, and here in the states, so much for the people who said in a year everybody would forget about him. Even Idol was intelligent enough to have him as a mentor, Why? Because he draws viewers. Then this year, Siobhan. This girl has an amazing voice, but more over like Adam, she entertained, she wasn’t boring. I will make the same prediction I did with Adam, Siobhan will be a star. I love Crystal and Lee, but I must admit, this year the show is boring.

  44. I think crystal should, stay away, stay away, from singing “summertime”, Fantasia did a remarkable job that would only draw unfavorable criticism from judges. She should sing “Up Where We Belong” by Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes, she is the female counterpart to Joe Cocker – and she could rock it like Janis Joplin and regain her momentum!

  45. Has anyone noticed, While vocally talented, none of the remaining contestants move, It’s like they’re glued in one spot. Crystal stands still, Mike stands still, Casey has done 90% of his songs sitting down on a stool. Lee in the last few weeks has started moving albeit slow, The only contestant who worked the stage was Siobhan. Actually Crystal is my favorite, she could sing the phone book and make it sound great, follwed by Lee, his raspy voice and swaggering style is unique., But I do miss Siobhan, every week I looked forward to her performance, and she never let me down.I truly believe Crystal, Lee, and Siobhan should have been the final three. I’m not worried about Siobhan, she’s on her way.

  46. Casey could sing either of the Bryan Adams songs and hit a homerun…but, I think Eye of the Tiger could be good, with a Casey twist! I would love if he would do Mrs. Robinson,that would be TOO funny…What I REALLY want to hear is a Bob Seger song from him…THAT WOULD BE THE BEST!! GO CASEY!!

  47. I do agree about the lack of moving.I still think they should get some more mentor advice(Suggestion of song choice,how to show more stage presence……….)They ARE amatuers,and need some guidance BEFORE they sing too!!!!!!!! Adam is amazing,and I will NEVER beieve that he didn’t win.(Even Chris Allen said it)Ilike the Mrs.Robinson comment.At least there is still humor out there,instead of bitter people ditching the best show.Ithink the top 4 will do great.When Mike is theatrical,they say he istoo much,even though Adam’s performances stood out from all the seasons.I hope they all show they belong.Lee is phenominal,I wish he knew it.

  48. my choice would be :
    crystal: take my breath away / summertime
    lee : dont u forget about me/ iris
    casey: mrs robinson/have u ever really loved a woman
    mike: kiss from a rose/ we dont need another hero

  49. heres the songs that i think the top 4 should sing this week:

    Big Mike-can i have this dance.. i think he wont make it sound tinibopper like, but he can def. hit the high notes and ROCK IT!!!

    cRYSTAL- shoud sing Footloose. i think usind her strong, beautiful vioce and putting what i like to call that ‘crystal edge’ on it she’ll definitely earn the judges hearts.

  50. WHO CARES????

    Chelsea won the league, nothing else matters…


  51. Crystal should sing Aquarius. Yeah it’s old but she can rock/blues it.

  52. we did not watch the show from Top 5. i came the page to see hows going. Well the show is already dead..not sure why ppl wasting their time…the most boring 4 people remaining on the stage…

  53. I’ll be upset if big mike doesn’t sing endless love

    crystal should go with mrs. Robinson

    Casey – eye of the tiger or danger zone

    lee- iris

  54. I think Lee could do a pretty good job with Separate Lives. Drop the intro. Speed it up just a little. he wouldn’t even be expected to smile.

  55. After Siobhan has left, the show has become quite boring…guess I’ll watch it again when it comes to the final two.

  56. After listening to Carly Simon’s “Let the River Run” from the soundtrack Working Girl, Crystal definitely should sing this song. She has the vocals for it and it would be an unbelievable performance. This song is made for her!

  57. IF aaron is still in the competition , i think he ‘ll sing ”You’ll Be in My Heart ” or ” A Whole New World”
    hahahaa .
    it’s just an if .. :P. aww , i wish he was not voted off 🙁

    btw , agreed. the song lists are so boring . T.T .. i thought it would be interesting because of the theme ”movie songs” . haha .
    i think we will hear simon say ‘old fashion’ lots of time that night =P

    but , best wishes for all of the contestants. surprise us ! 🙂

  58. Casey -(Everything I Do) I Do It For You
    He should sing NOTHING ELSE.

    Lee – Iris

    Big Mike – Kiss from a Rose

    Crystal – who cares what she sings????

  59. They added 16 songs and “falling Slowly” was one of them. I remember when I first heard this song, i continued listening to it day and night for a whole month. It is just so captivating. Someone must sing this.

  60. I know this may sound weird, but I could hear Big Mike belt out “Eye of the Tiger” and Lee sing “We Don’t Need Another Hero”…..which would fit his voice.

  61. The list now has Jai Ho – Slumdog Millionaire, and Gangster’s Paradise…. wow…..what’s the point of putting those on there?

  62. Lee – Iris or (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

    Mike – We Don’t Need Another Hero or Take My Breath Away

    Casey – Falling Slowly or Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman

    Crystal – Let The River Run or Evergreen

  63. Without Aaron Kelly in the scene I will no longer watch the completion of American Idol Season 9.

  64. What’s with the boring comments,or not good t 4,or not watching it anymore?Why are you on this blog?All comments aren’t going to be positive,(People don’t all love same singers,)but if you hate the show,or won’t watch it,don’t blog,and burst everyones bubbble who like the talent????????? They’re not all phenominal,but there is 1 winner,and runner up.After that,the good ones get a contract anyway.If you don’t like the show,try blogging funny comments,or about how you feel about the judges.Don’t be Debbie Downers for AI fans.

  65. @Tasha 21… the judges didn’t send Aaron home – the lack of VOTES did. As for the notion that the contestants should be able to sing whatever they want, you have to realize that the show has to PAY for the performance rights for every song that’s performed on the show. It’s not likely that they will EVER open up the list to all comers.

    As for songs, I can see Crystal doing We Don’t Need Another Hero or Over the Rainbow (ala Eva Cassidy). Lee should do I’m Alright. I don’t know about Big Mike or Casey… nothing really jumps out at me for them. Should be an interesting night if for no other reason that to see who will take a risk and who will play it safe

  66. @#71 To quote “Tyler Perry” from “Madea” plays, “Hallelujer”!

    I AGREE!!!!!

  67. I wish that Big Mike Will Pick A song like ‘Everything i do’ or Have you ever really loved a woman and Crystaal must be sentimental and vibey.

    I am very sasd that my baby left but I will just LET IT BE but now Iam praying for Big Mike. i wish them all the best because now is the point where the competition is tough so everyone must be in it to win it.

  68. I don’t care what they sing. I just hope it’s a
    good, entertaining show. And I still can’t figure out why they saved that arrogant “Big Mike”. He
    looks too much like a bouncer or even a body guard. Yeah, he could be a body guard for Adam
    Lambert.Ha, Ha, Ha! (If Big Mike wins, I will never watch
    this show again!!.) I would prefer if Casey & Lee are the TOP TWO! If that would happen! Well, first we have to get to the Top Three! So, on with the show….I’m ready.

  69. They have to provide a list – remember last time when, like, 8 out of 10 kids picked songs from “The Wiz”? They couldn’t let that happen again.

  70. I have to agree with the song selection for tonight. It sucks in a major way. What is the deal with that? Are they setting all the contestants up to fail. I happen to love movie soundtracks and they sure swept the bottom of the barrel for these. They are NOT CURRENT. You would need some major Mojo to make them current. Many of them on the list, I like as pertaining to the movie. But I can’t imagine a new young singer, trying to come out sining any of it. Dollars to donuts one of the judges will be like “Oh, I wouldn’t buy your album”. Well who even wants to watch this $hit on tv? Give the contestants better songs or stop the criticisms judges. They really have no song choice at all, if all the songs they can choose from SUCK!!!

  71. @#77 I love your comment! So far you have one of the best comments, that I have read!

    It is very funny and down to earth!

  72. Every board I’ve visited has multiple entries urging Lee to sing Iris. Fingers crossed, it’s the best song for him on that list.

  73. I thought that the movie theme list from iTunes was a longer list??? I like Crystal and was trying to figure out what I would like to hear her sing, and I thought she could do a Kenny Logins song either I’m Alright or Footloose. I didn’t like the Janis Joplin version of Summertime, and the Carly Simon Song, Let the River Run was boring.
    I thought that I saw An Aerosmith song, I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing that Lee could do well. I don’t have a guess for Casey or Mike. I wish them all well tonight.

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