American Idol 2010 Top 4 Perform Tonight


Update:  The duet teams are Crystal singing with Lee and Mike singing with Casey.  No word on what songs the teams will perform.

Update 2:  You can check out the updated list of song choices the contestants got to choose from here.

And then there were 4! After last week’s reveal that Aaron Kelly would be exiting stage right from American Idol 2010 the field narrowed to just 4 of this season’s top singers. Tonight those Idol hopefuls will take to the stage with “Songs from the Movies” selections and battle for the coveted Top 3.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there will be many exciting choices this week so we may have to rely on some Ryan Seacrest induced drama to get through the whole hour! Oh well, at least we know the Idol summer tour will be more exciting.

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  1. They better bring it tonight because it is not about mediocre performances any more. There are no second chances now. Go Crystal you rock.

  2. Ryan seacrest : Dim the lights..
    After the nation-wide vote,
    I’m sorry,Mike Lynche is
    leaving us tonight.

  3. The way I see it, Casey is the only one left that has the “whole” package. He has the ability to be a recording artist AND great stage performer. Crystal and Lee only recording artist. Big Mike, I see neither in him.

  4. peggy perrin 6,
    why u want mike to leave when he is the best singer on american idol this seasons.
    big mike will win this year

  5. Frankly, except for LEE, I really don’t care who goes home tomorrow or the next week….
    I love AI and this year has been a big disappointment. Not sour grapes but if we still had Siobhan and Lilly (I agree with you Brian) it would have made for a better season.

    I have stopped voting because I really don;t think it matters (e.g.Adam & Siobhan) and I rather catch up on my sleep….lol

    GO LEE!!!!!

  6. it seems like my prediction is working,
    big mike and crystal will be at the final
    casey will leave american idol this week,and lee leaving next week.big mike will definitely win.

  7. cant wait to see big mike sing tonight,and do is job good as last week.he was the best proformers last week,he make a good song choice.big mike u an your way to the final,no other contestants can ever stop u again.u r a sure winner

  8. if america votes fair this week,with the proformers of the top four stage proformers.big mike will win comfortable over the other 3 contestants,because he is way better singer than the others.just give big mike what he deserved.

  9. Big mike will win comfortable if america gives him a fair votes on Wednesday,why the judges save him.Simon,Kara,Randy and Ellen see him as the winner.

  10. I am confident of my line up:

    1. Lee (great acoustic vocal, very sexy stereo not mono). Great job. Need to believe you can win and you are going to be the next AI.Draw the energy from the audience and feel it up in you. Just be natural and don’t push yourself and be desperate. Choose the right song. All the best.

    2. Casey or Mike (both have potential, good vocal and powerful vocal and they know how to play into the rhythm in music).

    3. Unfortunately, Crystal (initially outstood others but towards the end, her voice is too soft not powerful and very mono as singing from the tongue not from stomach, unlike Lee very stereo).Sorry, my opinion only.

  11. There’s an updated song list at joe’s place that the contestants got to choose from. It’s nothing to get excited about but I would love to hear Purple Rain and Gangsta’s Paradise.

  12. Right now,there are two groups: Crystal and the rest. Any of the second group could go home this week. The duets are more important than the solo performances this week.

  13. Casey fans…VOTE HARD for our boy this week! He so deserves to be in the top 3! LOVE HIM!!!

  14. wtf i wrong with you people
    lee is amazingly talented and even if he doesnt win (which wont happen) he will turn out to be a big celebrity

    GO LEE!!!

  15. Best of luck to Casey Crystal Lee and Michael. What I would like to see this week( I am sure it will not happen) is that the voting results reflects the best singer or duet of the night and not the worse singer of the night that has been designed to send a good singer home b/c of VFTW large fan base that do not like certain contestants.

  16. Yeah, WTF is wrong with you people? Mike…win? He is sooo boring and every single week sounds exactly the same regardless of song. He’s not a bad singer, but he’s already won by another name, Reuben Studdard, and where the hell has he gone? I agree this season of Idol has been seriously disappointing and down right dull, but I guess if that’s what you’re looking for American, then sure, Mr. Lynche should be your winner.
    All said and done and despite my personal opinions, Lee really deserves to win this.

  17. Get ready for some surprises. Mike is doing a duet with Casey and Lee is doing a duet with Crystal.

  18. Screw Lee WTF is wrong with u people BIG MIKE deserves to win this and no matter how much he’s like reuben mike and CRYSTAL deserve to win this thing!!!!AND CRYSTAL 2. Shout out to my girl she’s the only one in there really trying.
    P.S*Simon doesnt know free willy*HA HA HA HA HA

  19. lee was the best tonight . Great song choice. Lee and Crystal’s duet was even better. GO LEE!

  20. I can’t believe they all picked songs that didn’t suit them and they all sounded like a fragrant pile.

  21. Casey , Crystal and Lee for top three.
    I hope that Mike will finally go home this week.
    Tonight was really unintresting except for duets.

  22. lee is going home tonight,he was up and down all the way.i like big mike the most,i believed big mike will be the next american idol.

  23. big mike we definitely know u will be in the top 3.u will get what u ask for last night.but make sure u choose a good songs the next 2 weeks,and u will win comfortable over the others.dont listen to people text on this website,remember that the votes counts.

  24. you guys should listen to some of lee’s albums that he already made. They are really good.
    GO LEE!!!

    P.S. WTF sam, sandra, jamie

    WTF man out!

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