American Idol 2010 Top 6 Perform Tonight


We’re down to just six performers left in American Idol 2010 after last week’s elimination of Tim Urban. This week the theme will be all about Shania Twain when the auditions guest judge returns to mentor the Top 6.

The Shania catalog should offer up a lot of fun choices for the singers, but do you think the guys will be at a disadvantage to sing her songs? Hmm, I’m trying to envision Big Mike taking on Shania’s “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” Well, he probably won’t do that one. What do you want to hear from this season’s Top 6?

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  1. I’ll just repost ^_^


    Hey guyz.. I ask some members of VFTW and they said that they choose Siobhan as their pick because she has the most interesting personality and totally outstanding talent not because she is the worst.. many people love her while their are also people who hate her. the main reason is actually because of the hatred of the judges to her.. knowing that she has the great voice, she might win the competition and that is their goal.. Siobhan was never in the bottom three, she might be the one to grab this thing.. pls support siobhan!! GO SIOBHAN!!!!

  2. I really like Shania Twain and how this great woman came up in life to reach such success. Her songs are plenty to choose from.
    Big week for Casey, Aaron, Big Mike and Siobhan.
    Casey can bail himself out of Bottom 2 if he discovers he really gives a darn, finally. Aaron could surprise and do very well with some of the material. Big Mike has low expectations, so anything he does that is good and different from his usual schtick might keep him around another week.
    Siobhan sort of knows that the judge’s Jihad against her will continue no matter how well she sings. She gave them 3 subdued weeks of note-perfect vocals, no screams, no no avail. Now it’s time to amp it up, rock it out, and sing for the fans again. “Wild and Wicked” would be a great choice. Magnus kills it, she is bound for Top 3. She doesn’t, she is at risk of not making Top 3, though I’m 99.9% sure she is safe even with a botch…Because almost everyone no longer believe a word the judges say about her and won’t this week, one way or the other. What is Cowell gonna do? Stand up with Kara and say, “Hey, we are actually being honest this week! Siobhan did suck. We’re telling the truth this time, really!”
    I also expect Lee will do a brilliant stripped down version of a Twain standard.
    Whatever Crystal sings and how well she sings it will be of course be praised at her weekly Glorification Ceremony.

  3. Did anyone see Tim on Dave Letterman last night?
    If there was any doubt that he’s a star there certainly isn’t now! All he needed was a good band behind him(Paul Schaffer)and a decent song.

  4. At this point of the competition really doesnt matter to me who wins. Of course I have my favorites but top 6 is pretty decent result among thousands of AI wanna be.
    I really want Siobhan to win and to come out tonight and give her best ever, just to make Simon accept for once he has been unfair with her.
    Anyway I know all will do their best, hope their song choices really suit their voices. Aaron needs to feel like a star, so far he has been the most shy and insecure of them all. He has a great voice but lack of stage presence. Casey needs to lose his tightness on stage lol he looks like a singing stick. Lee is getting there but still needs to believe in himself. Mike knows who he is and what he wants so far he has chosen great songs but in my opinion has to cool down a little his gestures sometimes annoy people. Chrystal has it all together and I like her really but somehow I think she repeats herself every week, like there is no diversity, she should try to dance around or something lol. Siobhan had done everything on stage she seems to have the best stage presence of all and her voice is beautiful. I really hope she shines tonight.

  5. Shania really does sing fun songs, and I hope that MOST of the contestants sing her fun, up-beat songs! I’m afraid though that MOST of them will end up singing her slow songs…

  6. I really hope that Siobhan shines tonight. Between her and Crystal, I hope one of them sings “Man, I feel like a Woman”….I think Siobhan will sing it with more emotion than Crystal but like previous comments said…Crystal can do no wrong with the judges…..I really don’t care what Mike sings, he should have been gone weeks ago….

  7. To those who think Lee isn’t confident, check out “Annabelle” in his Slumberland CD – he’s arrived musically even before he started Idol.

  8. I really hope that Lee shines again this week, because to me he is by far th most current and believable artist on the show this year. Hopefully him and Crystal in the final 2, and hope that siobhan goes out as I really don’t see how, even though she has a good voice, could ever become a selling artist.

  9. I don’t care what Casey sings…just as long as he keeps singing!! Casey fans, VOTE!VOTE!VOTE!for him tonight!!!!

  10. Another Tuesday and we can count on Ryan acting
    like a fool, Ellen masking her ability to judge with humor, Kara telling Crystal she “schooled” everyone else, and Siobhan singing her heart out and doing a great job only to be unfairly ripped apart by Kara and Simon in front of millions of people.

  11. I want all of the contestants to step up to the plate as I am so tired of hearing that AI is a one person show meaning that Crystal has already won.Its true that Crystal has a lovely voice but the other contestants can’t be rule out.

  12. thats a great piece richard.#11.

    it really is,and does come off that way.its like the show is becoming so predictable.we now know that crytsal is an angel,lee is the second coming of bruce.that mike is another one of the judges favorites.aaron seems to get some rave reviews as well.casey had one good moment,and now becomes the 2nd least favorite.and then we come to the judges all time pick her apart granted she has had 1 stinker.a few so,so performances,a couple of better than average songs,and then by far the best performance by a mile this year,and no matter what she will sing,or perform the judges will belittle this i completly understand why she was picked for vftw.because it is so obvious that she is being wronged,and, the panel.i,will still continue to support her and vote for as long as she stays in this years ai.

  13. @Ron #8 Lee is an awesome singer and yes his lack of confidence and stage presence is obvious no matter what you say. Of course singing on a CD is such a difference. First he is not in front of 30 million people, secondly he is not judged for his performance face to face and third if is a CD to listen and not to watch my point is stronger :)voice great confidence terrible 🙂

  14. PS Lee will have a wonderful future and slowly he will believe in himself. I think he will be second in AI which is the best position he can get, no attachment with AI producers will open millions of doors for him to grow.

  15. Marta @ #14 I appreciate your comments though I think to each one of us confidence may be conveyed in various ways. Those who appear confident may not be inside, and the other way around happens too… Having stage fright is not the same as not being confident about one’s ability in music. Gaining performance confidence will come, very soon, but if one does not have the natural talent or creativity in making music, that takes forever to develop.

  16. @ Martha… you need to make your mind up…

    You start off by saying in your first sentence that you really do not care who wins, only to start your second parapragh with, ” I really hope Siobhan wins” ??

  17. @ Marta #14 & #15, Siobhan is great if that’s who you want to win, no problem there if she gets the votes – she’s unique in every aspect… except she probably needs to sing songs written by others.

  18. By the end of tonight, everyone will have sung 11 songs to millions of people. Each of them will have spent 11 weeks in singers’ boot camp and will have worked with the best vocal coaches, musicians, costumers, makeup artists, hairdressers, etc that money can buy.

    Each of them have the technical skills to perform successfully in just about any concert venue in the world.

    The job of each of them is simple: deliver the lyric in such a way that the audience can feel the message of the song.

    There is no need to be perfect; Crystal has screwed up some detail every week.

  19. Hey Chris I like your “Glorification Ceremony” for Crystal – that’s so simultaneously poetic & funny!

  20. If Crystal wins this, it will be a perfect example of the Peter Principle. And I hope she does win for a myriad of reasons, none of which have anything to do with enjoying her performances.

  21. lol your right ashley .. it would be funny to see mike sing one of her song or even ne of the guys. so hopefully they pick the right one .. good luck LEE,MIKE and CRYSTAL

  22. I truly think Crystal has a gift with her singing skills. But to me, Shiobhan and Lee equally do as well. As much as I like to hear Crystal sing, she has made technical errors on her last three performances, that a blind man could see. Yet, Kara and Simon do nothing but praise her on EACH of those performances. I think Crystal has hard time dealing with the stress of this show. I suspect if the Judges ripped her performance week after week (like they do Shiobhan) I truly suspect Crystal would have had a nervous breakdown by this point and quit many weeks ago. I can’t say Shiobhan is the best each and every week. But, for me she is in the top 3, week in and week out. Plus, I give her extra points for dealing with the very obvious biased viewpoint the Judges are showing toward Crystal. And that is why I lean toward voting for Shiobhan, most every week.

  23. tim would have done great tonight…mike should be at home watching…and he sucked tonight…just heard him…mr bore..

  24. So many Mike haters. Get a grip! He did way better this week than last week and he has a great future ahead of him.

  25. Hats off to Aaron! He brought me to tears!! He may not win, but he
    has earned my votes tonight!

  26. They’re all very good and talented in different ways. Who will be in the bottom three this week?

  27. Everyone has a favorite for different reasons. I am hoping the winner will mean the best because of talent. The judges are pretty gifted group like it or not and many times I do not agree with what they say. Siobhan, well.. this young lady no doubt has the vocals however she needs a lot of training and less screaming I agree she did pretty good with last week performance. The judges have the capability to hear something I didn’t. (Like an artist that see things
    differently). Crystal is consistent and that’s the way she needs to be. I have heard ridiculous comments about her hair style, her guitar however her performances are right on. Mike should have gone along time ago. Tim, had personality and a smile and manage to slide across the stage like a dork. Really, I am glad he is finally gone. Sorry, Chichi Richards?, I was not that crazy about slider.
    Lee DeWyze is really great, gifted and talented and will be right beside Crystal in the finality. My vote is for Crystal. Let’s get ready for another great night on American Idol

  28. Chchi this a message to you and all of those who keep putting down Michael Lynch.
    What the hell is wrong with you?
    What’s wrong with Michael?
    He’s just there for the reason that America loves him and the Judges saved him.
    So if you are acting like this, you should be ashamed of yourselves, also I have one more question to close this.
    Are you racist against blacks? Cause that’s the image you’re putting out there

  29. Am I the only person in America who thinks Shania Twain’s songs are boring?

  30. My comment: I would like to see Siobhan and Casey and Crystal to at top 3. I always like to watch Siobhan on stage which every weeks she come out with her new fashion.

  31. @ Chris I said I wouldn’t mind to see any of the remaining contestants to win but if you have read me I have always preferred Siobhan, she has been my favorite since the beginning. Still I want her to win but dont think at this point of the competition matters much lol all of them are great but my heart is with Siobhan 🙂 hope I made myself clear

  32. @ Ron you are right in a way.. confidence might be inside but in this business you have to show it outside 🙂 or else the rest will eat you lol. Lee seems such a great guy just too shy in my opinion, he should show more secure, his body language talks about how timid he is and how overwhelming is to face a crowd. I dont blame him, but if he wants to achieve a goal he must overcome and learn to face the wolves with his head high and a smile in his face 🙂

  33. @ Marta #38 thanks… he (Lee) is getting there as himself says, he’ll get there in time I have no doubt.

  34. Siobhan, is favored by many however I do not know why because she really has a problem with screaming, she opens her mouth and shows every tooth in her head and actually quite freighting, she looks like a screaming skeleton.# 33. I have many favorite black singers however Mike is just not the one that needs to be here just because he is black. He was far ahead of the rest that have left however he is not a fit for this group. Fantasia was my favorite, sad, she is not doing that much singing and she has a great voice. Clay Aiken was great and I felt the best and was beaten by Ruben Studdard in December 2007,.
    Quote from Wikipedia
    “On May 21, 2003, Aiken came in a close second to Ruben Studdard, who won the contest by 134,000 votes out of more than 24,000,000 votes cast. The result was controversial, as some hypothesized that Idol’s voting system was incapable of handling the number of attempted calls.[26] In an interview prior to the start of the fifth season of American Idol, Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe revealed for the first time that Aiken had led the fan voting every week from the Wild Card week to the finale, when the possibly-random voting result gave Studdard the win.[27] Though officially, Aiken was the show’s “first runner-up,” he has since gone on to be the second season’s best-selling star.”
    It is not about Black # 33 it is about talent and race should not enter into this and ruin what American Idol is about.

  35. It was really disappointing that Shania Twain did not perform on the Idol stage on results night. I’m sure I speak for a lot of fans who would have loved to hear her sing again.

    Lee blows the rest out of the water, so talented.
    GO LEE LEE GO LEE LEE!!!!!!!!

    AARON (an innocent little lamb) IS ANOTHER Clay Aiken (previous American Idol),already had that, need something new.

    And big MIKE is another Ruben Studdard- who was a previous American Idol winner…did anyone listen to his music after he won? NO

    just think -are you actually going to buy Mike or AAron CD’s when they come out??????????

    DID U ENJOY CLAY AIKEN OR RUBEN STUDDARD (previous American Idols “winners”)… because it is the same, lets swith it up this season.

    Although, Crystal is a great siger, I am not a fan of her style so I wouldn’t end up listening to her music..

  37. Crystal is by far tha most constantly talented singer who is not afraid to push her range even further. Hate to admit it but she is way better in every way than all the rest put together. That said, I believe that the show is rigged making her pure talent too much to acknowledge for all the phoneys in the industry. I hope Im wrong !

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