American Idol 2010: Rating the Top 7

We are getting down to the nitty gritty on American Idol Season 9 and have only 7 contestants left to sing for our votes.  Here is my opinion on where they stand at this point.

7)  Aaron Kelly – with Tim stepping things up the last couple of weeks, Aaron is the one in the most danger of going home and is not doing all that well with his song choices.

6)  Big Mike Lynche – although he did redeem himself last week, if he doesn’t rock things up a bit and give us some kind of soul, he won’t make it into the top 5.

5) Tim Urban really has shown more with his last two song choices and I almost ranked him a little higher but not yet.

4)  Siobhan Magnus needs to take some lessons from Adam Lambert about how to perfect the scream at the end of a song.  She is definitely not one of the judges favorites so she needs to wow the viewers in order to make it to the top 3.

3)  Casey James fell a couple of spots for his horrid song choice last week.  He really disappointed me with the vocals and the performance.

2)  Crystal Bowersox needs to do something different this week.  I’m afraid viewers are getting bored hearing the same sound from week to week.

1)  Lee Dewyze proved that he has what it takes to be the next American Idol.  Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us Tuesday night.

How would you rank the remaining hopefuls?




  1. 7. Mike L.-Because he’s just so off-putting.
    6. Aaron K. Because he.s just too green. Good voice though.
    5. Tim U. He’ll pick up some of Katie’s fans’ votes.
    4. Casey J. If he wears his hair down.
    3. Crystal B. Why is a complete mystery to me.
    2. Siobhan M. Will pick up the remainder of Katie’s fans
    1. Lee D. Will pick up most if not all of Andrews groupies.

  2. Opinions are like, uh, noses; everyone has got one. Here’s mine.

    It’s pretty close, right now. Everybody but Lee and Casey can sing up a storm. The results depend upon who best delivers the lyrics.

    7) Aaron. High School Musical ? is calling.
    6) Tim. Glee is calling.
    5) Lee. Lots of vocal tricks don’t cover up lack of strong voice.
    4) Casey. Hair, chest, guitar, no voice.
    5) Mike. He’s got a brand new voice, just has to use it.
    6) Siobhan. Great pipes, can get exciting.
    7) Crystal. She knows the big trick – deliver the lyrics!

  3. Ranking the 7 Idols remaining from best to worse:

    1. Crystal
    2. Lee
    3. Mike
    4. Siobhan
    5. Tim
    6. Aaron
    7. Casey

  4. best to worst-

    1. Big Mike Lynch
    2. Aaron Kelly
    3. Siobhan Magnus
    4. Crystal Bowersox
    5. Lee Dewyze
    6. Casey James
    7. Tim Urban

  5. 1. Siobhan -has the most unique, Adamesque voice -needs to step it up in order to overtake Crystal. Should stop arguing with judges after they critique her.

    2. Crystal -always solid, but that’s really her problem -she’s too predictable, everything basically sounds the same.

    3. Lee -best by default among the men -raspy, David Cook-esque voice, but without the range or personality.

    4. Casey – I agree with the comment about hair, guitar but only so-so voice.

    5. Mike – actually has the best voice among the men, but his attitude is a real turn-off and drops him lower than Lee and Casey. Also, overdoes it on the falsetto.

    6. Tim – has shown the most improvement -maybe not exactly “zero to hero”, but zero to 6. Will get some of Katie’s votes.

    7. Aaron – most old-fashioned 16-year old I know. Has potential though and will improve with time.

  6. 1.Lee-the next American Idol
    2.crystal-judges love her but it’s no guarantee
    3.casey-wonderful voice
    4.siobhan-great pipes
    5.mike-confident but with the last close encounter, he’ll do well to give his best always
    6.Aaron-young and a very good voice
    7.Tim-who is voting for tim? he should have gone since top 24.

  7. My favs best to worst:

    1.Casey (love the voice and the look!
    his voice reminds me of Bob Seger,but
    Casey’s way better looking!)

    2.Lee (like him, but my #1 spot is taken)

    3.Crystal (always the same…boring)

    4.Siobhan (i liked her at first, just not so
    much lately…not sure why…)

    5.Tim (improving each week)

    6.Aaron (too young…not ready)

    7.Mike(I liked him at first, but turned me off
    by his behavior after the save)

  8. best-worst

    1. crystal – just coz I want a girl to win, but honestly, I don’t think she’s great, just good
    2. Lee – nothing really new eh? just another daughtry/cook wannabe?
    3. siobhan – I don’t think she’s good as well, I feel like my throat’s tightening up whenever I hear her sing or scream for that matter
    4. casey – why is he still here?
    5. tim – biggest joke on AI ever.
    6. aaron – too young and I don’t see/here what’s special about him.
    7. mike – fat mike? how can anyone even vote for him?

  9. Big Mike needs to drop the ‘nice church style vocals’ and get a little more gritty with them rock bluesy style and if so he will be a challenger to the superior vocals of Crystal. He has a good range like her but he lacks something. Crystal though has the ability to manipulate and radiate her voice ‘as’ an instrument not just as a singer and if she can adapt a fraction more she will school this group. I do ask the question of how in the world Tim Urban who CANNOT sing is even there! This just shows how ridiculous this show can be. Stupid young immature mindless girls continually voting for and keeping someone there who clearly is a fish well and truly out of water. Every week he makes himself look more stupid by even walking out there. Fool.

  10. Crystal has real talent and people need 2 stop trying 2 change her. No person is perfect and no 1 is the same. There is so many wonderful things comigs out of her.. they sound so nice.

  11. My pick:

    1. Lee – So far the best of the pack
    2. Siobhan – Like-able. poor girl, guess Simon & Kara didn’t quite like her..
    3. Crystal – good
    4. Casey – good but not great
    5. Mike – fun guy
    6. Tim – oh Tim..guess he’s still on the running
    7. Aaron – Oh man..

  12. The problem is not the song choices but the theme choices. And the only ones who’s making the the contestants bad is the judges. Simon picked he’s two faves and don’t care about the rest!! How do you make blue suede shoes current? They say be current but the themes are ancient history!!

  13. As I want it:
    1. Siobhan
    2. Lee
    3. Crystal
    4. Mike
    5. Casey
    6. Aaron
    7. Tim
    But lol that is not going to happen… Crystal has all the judges support so she will win AI runner up? probably Lee the rest will go home. That is as I think the judges will lead “vox populi” 🙂

  14. Hey, Kara, here’s a bit of information you might not know: We all have two different voices. Hell, some of us have a lot more! Want to know why? Because every single acoustic chamber in our body is used to manipulate and transform our voice into something different. If your “critique” wasn’t so rudimentary and ill-founded. I might forgive your temporary case of Imabsolutelybat@#$%crazyitis, but to sit there and tell a singer that she was being “erratic” because she switched vocal registers is akin to me telling Mohammed Ali that he is an uneven boxer because he chooses to aim both high and low!

  15. Best to worst
    1. Lee – He’s got that Springsteen thingy
    2. Casey – He’s hot & sex singer
    3. Siobhan – Gifted & glam in her own way
    4. Crystal – Sings great, appears troubled in personal life?
    5. Aaron – Teenaged girls luv ’em, probably the easiest to mold into a really great performer
    6. Tim – 70’s hair, sings ok, girls luv ’em
    7. Mike – Not unique, but will probably get a contract

  16. 1. Casey. He’s the total package. He’s got a great voice Eddie Vedder meets Bob Seger. I can’t believe everyone missed what a great job he did last week listen to the original and see how massively he reworked that song. Plus Jealous Guy song of the season. It could be a hit single. He’s not only a great singer but has a tremendous guitar talent and appreciation of musics roots.

    2. Crystal. Like Casey she’s one of the true artist left who’s more then a voice. She also knows who she wants to be. My biggest concern would be will her albums realistically find an audience on mainstream radio?

    3. Siobahn. Actually has the chops but doesn’t know what to do with them. I think with the right people around her she could be groomed to be a big star.

    4. Lee. He has an appeal and I like the rocker in him but he’s got erratic vocals and his non-performing persona always remind me of a kid who’s holding when the cops pull him over.

    5. Mike. Big fan in the beginning but he seems to lose a step every week and the R&B world is already full of loveable Teddy bears and he doesn’t have unique marketableness.

    6. Aaron. I think he did the show 2 years too soon but he’s got the potential.

    7. Tim. He’s a HSM dream but not a major recording actress he needs to get an agent, some acting lessons and give Disney a call.

  17. I think the top three are extremely close in talent, with a mountain sized drop off after that My picks from best to worst:

    1- Crystal – Boring? I guess … if by boring one means irritatingly consistent.
    2- Shioban – Probably the best vocal range of anyone. With the looks that make her extreamly marketable, in a Maria Carey sort of way.
    3- Lee- Love his gritty rock and roll voice. Offstage personality needs a bit of work.
    4- Big Mike – Not my style of music, but the guy has pipes.
    5- Aaron – Great voice, but lack of stage presence dooms him.
    6- Casey – Great looks that the young women love. But, a rather mediocre voice.
    7- Tim – Improved the past two weeks. But, has the narrowest musical range I have ever seen in top 10.

    Even though I think the two remaining girls are the best. The majority of the voters of this show is pre-teen girls. And they tend to vote for cute boys. So, I would not be surprised if Tim or Casey went much farther than they should.

  18. Based on last performance
    1. Tim [sure I also cannot believe myself]
    2. Crystal
    3. Mike
    4. Lee
    5. Siobian
    6. Casey
    7. Aaron
    Overall [based on reliability and on probability of becoming a real top artist.]
    1. Crystal
    2. Siobian
    3. Lee
    4. Casey
    5. Tim
    6. Mike
    7. Aaron

  19. Siobahn – Sings and looks like an idol.Mentally strong
    Lee – Very David Cook …good
    Crystal – Monotonous but with it
    Mike – Has soul but should take it higher
    Tim – Got the look and potential
    Aaron – Too young but with time can be good
    Casey – Getting bit boring .. looks r not enough

  20. 1. Mike. He is the most alive contestant.
    2. Sioban. Great & best voice in competition.
    3. Crystal. Good voice but very boring.
    4. Casy. Unique vocals, good looks, boring
    5. Aaron. Fair voice but unique
    6. Lee. He is very boring. no personality
    7. Tim. Should go home, adds noothing.

  21. Overall:
    1. Lee Dewyze – The next american idol
    2. Crystal Bowersox – Surely have a wonderful voice
    3. Big Mike – Fun, enjoyable and great soul voice
    4. Siobhan Magnus – Good voice, but not great (with the screaming)
    5. Casey James – Getting boring, doesn’t have really nice voice and looks are not enough
    6. Aaron Kelly – Young, talented contestant. Has a good potential but still unexperienced and rarely show that potential of his
    7. Tim Urban – Even though last week’s performance are good, he definitely can’t sing and guarantee will be eliminated fast.

  22. 1. lee – his voice is really amazing
    2. mike- good voice
    3. casey – good looks and have guitar talent
    4. crystal – consistent
    5. siobhan – irritating voice
    6. tim- just cute
    7. aaron- booooring

  23. My top choices personaly would be

    1)Lee = crazy,great singer and good looker
    2)Crsytal = Strong singer but boring
    3)Casey = Voice with character
    4)Siobhan = unique voice and beauitful
    5)Aaron = The lillte boy can sing
    6)Tim = He’s improving
    7)Mike = Hasn’t really kept up with the rest

    overall i would think Lee has the mad skills and quality to win idol.

  24. LEE for sure he has it all looks,voice just needs to let all his talent out and let himself go and believe in himself but i find it cute that he is shy keeps him humble and as soon as he knows he rocks everybody would know he rocks too. i agree with the post above me (prisila)

  25. I’m sick of people saying CRYSTAL IS BORING DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. She plays 4 different instruments , she has the best voice and was the only one who did Elvis proud. ALL THE OTHERS NEED HELP AS WELL!!! CRYSTAL THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL !!!! ADAM WAS ROBBED

  26. I am nt a Teenage girl and i think aaron is far better than tim, big mike and Siobhan. hoping aaron is in da top 4

    My best 2 wrost
    1)Crsytal – One of da best singer
    2)Casey – Voice 2 watch, get better each wk
    3)Lee – Great singer, wk on wk he gettin better
    4)Aaron – Da 1 2 watch, picks great songs
    5)Tim – last 2wks He’s improving
    6)Siobhan – nt like her voice, 2 loud
    7)Mike – 2 borning

  27. Estoy indignada , ya que en Argentina American Idol es transmitida los días sábados, no solo que no lo emiten el dia correcto, este sábado volvieron a repetir la audición del sábado anterior. ARGENTINA

  28. Best to worst
    1. Crystal…fabulous
    2. Lee
    3. Casey
    4. Mike
    5. Tim
    6. Siobhan (I am so over her “uniqueness”
    7. Aaron

  29. My ranking of the Top 7.
    1.WINNER—Cool Casey.I knew it the first time I saw him!!!!!!
    2.As for the rest–I love them all!!! They are all good!!! We all have our favorites–And, for me, Casey has always stood out from the rest. Good luck to all!!!!

  30. Top 3 (IMO)
    Lee, Crystal and Siobhan
    The Rest..
    Casey, Tim, Aaron, Mike
    Everything is pointing to Crystal as the winner but if history means anything…its never what we think it going to be…Only one exception….Carrie Underwood……
    So this season I’m not expecting anything different…..I would love to see Lee or Siobhan win it….All 3 of these performers are going to get a record deal, throw in Casey too.
    I’m not sure how the remaining 4 will do.!!!
    Time will tell.

  31. I personally like Siobhan who I feel has some great raw talent and a large amount of “It” going for her. I don’t think she will be voted the next AI however. She has lots of potential and great range that needs some discipline and focus. The Summer Tour will be a great opportunity for her to showcase her talents and garner a fan base. Given the right material, she could do well in the Pop oriented side of the music industry, moving into Adult Contemporary as she matures.

    Crystal has potential for the AI vote, but it will most likely go to one of the guys. She is already solid in her style, proven her versatility on multiple instruments, but needs great, original material to launch her career. I can see her carving out a niche for herself in the folk-rock, possibly social-rock arena, or adult-contemporary.

    Of the guys, Lee will probably get the AI votes.

    Don’t be surprised to see Tim in the mix somewhere however. Tim is appealing to a large group of people with time on their hands to vote, and allowance money to spend on music. I can visualize Tim offering up one song marketed as a single cd or single download and the tweenies going into a download frenzy. His appeal will be short-term and last only until the tweenies either 1. find another ‘cute guy’ to adore or 2. mature and get past the bubble-gum stage. Lol.

    As for the rest, the Summer Tour will be a great time for them to develop their unique styles in front of large crowds of people.

  32. big mike all the way,without big mike this 2010 american idols would be no fun if big mike stays in the whole will watch.he is the best proformer there,why the judges gives big mike the save so soon.come on american give the man what he deserve we all knows he is the prediction never wrong big mike will stay in the competion untill top 2 final.

  33. Probably wrong but oh well….this is my vote:
    1. Lee
    2. Casey
    3. Tim
    4. Crystal
    5. Siobhan
    6. Mike
    7. Aaron

  34. big mike and crytal will be at final
    3 casey
    4 lee
    5 tim
    6 siobhan
    7 aaron
    this is my prediction weekly,never wrong,it will be in this same order as above.look

  35. Definitely agree w/ Ashley as Lee has all the components & natural vocal talent to win this season of Idol. In my opinion he is better than David Cook, vocally & style-wise!!! He is a diamond growing brighter each song! Big Mike seems like a swell guy, but cut down on facial grimaces & chest pumping after each number already. Crystal & Siobhan are very unique & tlaented vocalists. S w/ my diversity of style of course! And Casey, he’s my son’s age but he is quite delightful to see & to listen to. An interesting season but LEE, will win it all!!!!

  36. 1. Casey…really a total package crossover, dedicated…expirienced…
    2. Crystal
    3. Aaron
    4. Lee
    5. Sioban
    6. Michael
    7. Tim

  37. they are all talented in their own rights… Crystal would have won if the show had been 4 weeks long! Casey is very professional in delivering his performance – both guitar and vocal. Lee has shown the most willingness to incorporate all the comments and criticism to take himself to a higher level vocally and perfomance-wise, and he has such a naturally good, rich and layered voice that really is unforgettable – he is the most likely to succeed if he gets the votes!

  38. my favs.

    1.siobhan,she has been battered,and beaten down as of late,but like she has stated before,she is not far as the complete pkg,marketabilty,looks,style,and the pipes.
    2.crystal,she knows what to do,and how to do it .not lost,althought hearing that she wanted to qiut idol,kind of concerns me.
    3.lee.has talent,but i still feel he lacks confidence.
    4.casey,he is like a singing movie star,has plenty of female fans,and probaly a few men.
    5.mike.pretty arrogant fellow.but he lacks the fan basis.bottom 3 way to many times.
    6.aaron,too young for my vote,also feel he would be way to immature to be the new idol.
    7.tim,teflon tim,well his 9 life is about to come to an abrupt end.

  39. Ilove siobhan so much,she raise me up every time i hear her kind vioce. i think she had an angel voice.iwish icould vote for her but im not american,iwish she will be the next american idol.

  40. 1. Definitely Sioban-She has the voice the vocal interpretation, stage presence and the look of an AI, by a country mile.She’s got the whole package!
    2. Crystal-For sure she’s got the voice, but lacks variety and quite frankly the look.
    3. Lee- maybe the most improved, but still lacks onstage presence.
    4.Mike- Great voice, some stage presence problems. I like him but he is obviously not connecting.
    5.Casey. Great stage presence mediocre vocals and poor choice of songs.
    6.Aaron- Good voice , limited presence. He needs maturing.
    7. Tim- (awful) If it weren’t for young girls and the vote the worst group, he’s have been out at #12.

  41. 1. LEE DEWYZE: Our next American Idol! he’s voice is amazing.
    2. Crystal: Not my favorite type of music, but has an incredible voice.
    3. Casey: I don’t like his rock side, but he has an amazing voice.
    4. Tim: Love him for going out there every week even with all the hate he gets, actually has a good voice and has been amazing the past 2 week, he may be my number 3 depends on how well Casey does.
    5. Aaron: Use to love him, but he needs to be younger, past 3 performences were bad.
    6. Big Mike: boring and always does the same things.
    7. Sioban: Good voice when she’s not screaming, but haven’t liked her since the top 11.


  43. don’t worry Phyllis, the judges like Lee fine – especially Simon 🙂 Lee has what it takes and he has no attitude problems, and his presence on stage is as good as mamasox if not more interactive – hey jude & a little less conversation proved it.

  44. @RONNIE…..I hope your right but I’ve been disappointed more times then I care to remember.

  45. Just to be clear Ryan said that Big Mike was not in the bottom 3 last week. Please check that out.

  46. shut up ashley! aaron is perfect! and if i’m saying is because is true!!! XP!!! brincadeirinhaa! can brasilian people vote??

  47. Best to Worst:
    1. Casey – good voice and has the looks of a celebrity.
    2. Siobhan – good voice, knows how to dress up, fashionable (but stop screaming all the time)
    3. Lee – good voice and potential to win too.
    4. Tim – great on some songs and has a strong appeal to girls.
    5. Crystal- can sing, but boring style of singing. Can’t live the celebrity status of intrigues and criticism from public. Does not deserve the American Idol crown.
    6. Aaron – he has a good voice too for his youg age.
    7. Mike – sings well but does not have the quality of the AI champion.

  48. If Aaron, with his great voice but lack of stage presence could somehow meld into Casey’s stage presence but lack of vocal talent … they would BOTH be onto something big.

    Alice, when you tell someone to shut up for no reason …You make yourself sound like you are 8 years old.

  49. From best to worst:
    1. Lee
    2. Crystal
    3. Siobhan
    4. Aaron
    5. Tim
    6. Casey
    7. Big Mike

  50. 1. Siobhan – best by far and I do love the screaming
    2. Michael
    3. Aaron
    4. Lee
    5. Casey
    6. Crystal
    7. Tim

  51. 1.Lee

    Some people need to get lives ure waaaay too serious about idol, gosh its just a show.

  52. @Selina. Yes it is, however their feelings are called passion. The viewers get very involved with some of the contestants and the competition. When people stop feeling passionate about AI and the contestants, it will die and go away.

  53. i genuinely agree with mike (comment no.17)..

    here’s my vote…


  54. 1.crystal. duh
    2.casey. underpraised by the judges
    3.tim. i seriously think hes one of the weaker 2 left but the judges seem to take him as a joke(seriously randy?? the ‘was that a good TIM perf’? how rude was that?) so im backing him
    4.siobhan. underpraised like casey. and another one the judges like to throw under the bus.
    5. aaron. nice good kid.
    6. lee. overrated
    7. mike. he does nothing for me. pretty vocals but thats pretty much it

  55. Season 9 (my opinion) isn’t as good as Seasons 7 or 8. I’m still in awe that Nikki Nix didn’t make the cut.

    Crystal Bowersox will win.

    Siobhan Magnus will come in 2nd place.

  56. #65, I agree with you concerning Casey James. He is underpraised by the judges! Oh,well,the judges have their favorites,too! Casey is always a class act! I love him!!

  57. Every year the public picks the wrong one becasuse they don’t know what sells. I believe Big Mike is marketable becuase he is not arrogant but confident. I read somewhere that his Mother instilled that in him before she died she made a performer out of “all” her children, when you see him out there showing his stuff he is remembering what his Mother taught him to do.

  58. From the worst to the best for me:

    7. Aaron Kelly : Good voice but he never did something unique to his perform, boring..
    6. Tim Urban : He’s good lately but it aint enough
    5. Siobhan Magnus : Her scream aint cool enough to make me amazed, not good at all
    4. Casey James : Good but not my fav
    3. Crystal Bowersox : She’s unique but I begin to be bored of her perform
    2. Mike Lynche : Cool voice, I hope he increases his singin technic
    1. Lee Dewyzee : Cool voice and cool style.. But his emotion must be fixed on stage for a good voice producing, but he’s the best of this season I think

    Actually I expected a diva will win this season, but I didnt found her. First I expected too much in paige miles but… u know.

  59. well today is another day for limitation
    big miek
    will stay in for top 6,aaron will remove definitely off american idols.its the end of aaron wednesday.

  60. Yes,I do think Cyrstal will take the top.However,after hearing “Jealous Guy”I think Casey has the overall prettiest sound.Lee is very talented,and could win,along with Mike.My list is Cyrstal,Casey,Lee and Mike.Shibon has an annoying nasal voice,there is no Adam comparison other than they are true to themselves(which is a good thing.)However,Adam has amazing choppes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screaming is not a talent,but holding out vocal notes,and always being spot on is.I think the judges,or mentors should guide them more.The contestants are learning,and would succeed much better with stronger advice BEFORE they perform also.Did anyone see Letterman with Katie and Andrew?Letterman was so condesending to both of them,and had them do a one second performance with the band.(Literally standing with the band.)Then,he insulted Andrew with,”Good luck,I’m sure you’ll………. well,maybe do well.Big AMerican Idol fan,won’t watch David Letterman anymore.

  61. It’s me again.I do resent some teeny bopper reference.I have a 14 year old.She does think Tim is cute,but hasn’t voted for him once.SHe looks past looks,and votes for voice.Casey is nice looking,but ha amazing vocals.After jeolous guy,he showed raw talent.That is what we care about.Not all teenagers look for bubblegum,and looks alone.


  63. My personal favorites, with some comments (I won’t say best to worst because I don’t necessarily think the people I like the best and vote for the most are necessarily the best singers… I vote for what I call the “whole package”…)

    1. Tim – Tim has stolen my heart, and right now he’s number one in my book. He really won me over the past few weeks. Yes, he’s got a hot body, and yes, I’ve got eyes as well as ears. I think he may be the “dark horse” that surprises us all at the end.

    2. Aaron – I’ve always had a special place in my heart for prodigies, and that’s kind of what Aaron is. He’s also adorable. So, he’s right up near the top of my list. I think he may be a little young to win over the majority of the voters, but I’ll be cheering him on to the end.

    3. Casey – He’s a nice-looking guy who plays the guitar well. I’d like to see him get a good hair stylist, but he’s got the whole package going, too. He looks like he could be and American Idol.

    4. Crystal – Crystal is just naturally very musical, and she is ready to make an album right now. Very talented. I like her personality, too. She will do well. I don’t necessarily like all the songs that she chooses, but as someone with musical training, I do recognize her talent. If she ends up winning, I could never say that it wasn’t deserved.

    5. Siobhan is an interesting girl with very good voice. I like to see what she comes up with every week, but to me, she is no Adam Lambert. He’s in a different league right now.
    Siobhan’s outfit last week was much more appropriate, but I agree with Simon’s comments completely about her singing. Siobhan has to decide whether she would rather be “unique” or whether she’d rather get votes. While I don’t always agree with the judges critiques, I think she could take a lesson from Tim Urban and just keep smiling no matter what they say. Yes, what they say does influence some people (certainly not me), unfortunately, which is precisely why they shouldn’t be giving comments until AFTER the vote. Also, I think people should just be allowed to enjoy a performance. Frankly, I think it’s just rude to trash someone after a performance.

    6. Lee – Lee just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t get the fascination that so many people have with this guy. Guys that aren’t thin just don’t do it for me, and the voice isn’t all that fabulous. I need the whole package, and he just doesn’t have it. Sorry. I do think he’s a nice young man and wish him well, though.

    7. Mike – I like Mike’s voice, but he won’t get any votes from me from this point on because I don’t think it’s fair to the viewers (or to people like Katie) to bring people back from the dead, so to speak. He also has an “older” demeanor to me.

  64. 1. Lee, Lee, Lee and Lee…. I’ve said it from the start. Lee ticks all the right boxes on my checklist. Awesome sound, cool attitude.
    2. Crystal… so close to Lee, but I just don’t see her appealing to enough voters for the big one.
    3. Casey… still too weak in the vocals. Could very successfully front a band which would support his voice and his style, but I don’t see him winning.
    4. Siobhan, I like her voice and her style but not enough to pay for her music. One or two songs would be enough.
    5. Tim – improves, but does not appeal to me at all…. can’t stand his hair in his eyes.
    6. Mike – eh, just filling a gap right now.. he will go soon. I don’t agree with the save.
    7. Aaron – you’re too cute, but just not ready for this.

  65. 1- Lee- he is so good!! His voice will carry him far.
    2- Crystal
    3- Casey
    4- Mike- I know many don’t like him, but I think he’s got a really good voice
    5- Siobhan
    7- Tim- WHY IS THIS GUY STILL THERE?? People, please stop voting for him- at this point he should be embarrased that he is there because he even knows hes not talented enough to be there.

  66. And no offense Joanne, but Tim #1? Guys that aren’t thin don’t do it for you? I have never heard anything so ridiculous. Tim might not be terrible looking but he should not be voted back week after week because of his looks. This is a singing compitition and your voting is all based on looks. Turn to channel 9- America’s Next Top Model is on on Wednesdays.

  67. I’m not trying to disrespect anybodies viewpoint. But, I’d really like to know what people see in Casey. I admit, he did a great rendition of “Jealous Guy” a couple weeks back. I actually thought he was best of the night when he did that. But, every other performance of his in beyond that in my opinion is him using his VERY mediocre vocal talents, masked behind this better guitar playing. In fact, he has never once performed without the guitar, as of yet. So, can anyone tell me why THEY THINK he should be in the top 3? As I’m not getting it. Just curious.

  68. this year’s group doesn’t have the jazz that they had last year. they all need to step it up quite a bit. be showy don’t just stand there. remember Adam Lambert!!!!!! ENTERTAIN ME!!!!!!!


  69. so the best singers that night for the top seven was Crystal and Lee! They are the ones I hope are in the top 4 or even top 2! All the others really need to work out tons or some kinks in their performances

  70. i think that we should have different idols because we are all different and we feel differently … i take the word “idol” to mean “a figment of the mind; fantasy” and i think each of the contestants has something for each of us to fancy or idolize? since this is somewhat a singing contest, it seems fair to say singing and voice should come first or be emphasized more? i love Lee’s voice and the way he conveys and communicates through singing, it is quite amazing given his apparent shyness…



  72. My favorites (means I’d buy the CD)
    1. Lee
    2. Tim
    3. Crystal
    4. Casey
    5. Mike
    6. Aaron
    7. Siobhan

  73. 1) Crystal
    2) Mike
    3 the rest, these two are the only ones, especially Crystal that can consistently sing in tune and with a good voice tonality that has to happen if they are going to take it to the next level. The rest minus maybe Lee lately, have serious vocal issues.

  74. Go Green Girl – Why would you or anyone else vote for Lee, Crystal or anyone else BEFORE you even hear their performance. I can’t image how incredibly BORING this show would be for me personally, if I already knew who I was going to vote for beforehand, regardless of how they performed. Seriously, just try voting for who performed the best that night and I guarantee you will enjoy the show 100% more.

  75. 1. Crystal – she is the most talented, vocally, instruments, range and ability to sing any genre. Boring she is not. Those who think she is boring don’t understand talent. BTW- the emotion came across as one who is not taking this for granted and is thankful for being there.

    2. Lee- good voice but needs to be a little stronger. His rendition of The Boxer was outstanding and I was wondering how he would pull it off.

    3. Siobhan- Best control over her voice than anyone and very, very gifted in her range. Many people are confusing intellect with strange. She is a very beautiful young lady and I see her as another Barbara Streisand or even Bett Midler.

    4. Casey- Best guitarist ever to be on the show, great looks, nice voice but very weak in his carry.

    5. Michael- His voice is better than he realizes and he has yet to use it. I am convinced that he could really belt it out and do some serious R&B if he would let lose and quit trying to win on being liked and nice.

    6. Aaron – Kid has a great voice but doe snot show any emotion when he sings. He could be as good as David Archuletta if he picked it up in the personality department. I think that he would do well in C&W, another Randy Travis maybe??

    7. Tim – Bless his heart… nice young man and great attitude but he has no business being on right now, too much pitch, all over the place, but a great kid.

    Some of the picks above are obviously based on crushes, looks, etc. If you go off shear talent, I am sorry, Crystal is a runaway

  76. Look, Gabby. Last year, I voted for the guy with the best voice: Adam Lambert. Did he win? No. If you think this is a singing competition, you’re dreaming. This competition is just as much a popularity contest as anything else. After Adam lost last year, I decided that it didn’t make sense to waste my time voting for the person with most talent. This year, I’m voting for the people that I personally like. Crystal is by far and away the most musical of the bunch. That is obvious to even the most casual observer. But Crystal doesn’t need an AI title, frankly. She’ll do fine, just like Adam. Btw, did everyone hear Adam’s hit song playing in the movie 2012? For me, Tim is the most “interesting” musically and otherwise. I just like him. He’s getting my votes. Crystal doesn’t need them. And anyone who thinks Lee can sing should listen again to “Hey Jude.” Was it in tune? Not in my mind.

  77. Siobhan was great and was always great. The judges are very unfair on providing their comments. Siobhan is the only one taking risks in very episode. Unlike crystal and Lee who always do the same thing. Maybe crystal made a little bit changes but this time crystal was loud and annoying she even did an emotional appeal, that’s a shame/. I mean try to think about the recording output. Siobhan will surely have the variety package with a full blown hooray. Not Crystal; and the other contestants. Come on America! Vote for Siobhan. Siobhan has million of Fans here at Manila, Philippines!

  78. 1. Casey James – He’s a rocker can play that guitar and has a great Bob Seger, Eddie Vedder type voice. The judges have never had a rock contestant win. I think the judges should be more versatile in who they are. For example, Slash, Steven Tyler, Bon Jovi. At least one in the mix of judges. It seems to be a pop artist contest. Look at how well Daughtry is doing and he was #4.
    2. Crystal has a great voice but she just stands there and sings. Not sure about that one.
    3. Siobhan – great voice… just needs a little direction.
    4. Aaron – young boy with great potential. Hits the notes perfectly. He has a nice future if he keeps it going and keeps on building

    I’m going to stop here because really those are my thoughts. Thank you for giving me the chance to comment.

  79. I can’t vote as I’m watching AI and every year somehow I saw unfair judgements from judges, claiming: you’re not sincere. What kind of judgement is this? Or your performance is sincere and connecting… Hell no! I just didn’t feel any connection or touched. I feel very sick of such non professional judgements. Sometimes it’s just wasting time to hear them talk and see their unfairly criticizing faces. So pls don’t listen to the judges! Pls vote and support for your own idols!

  80. my top 7 from best to worst:
    1. Lee
    2. Casey
    3. Crystal
    4. Siobhan
    5. Big Mike
    6. Aaron
    7. Tim
    For me, Lee Dewyze is the best of all the remaining 7 contestants. He’s got all what it takes to be the winner. His unique voice outshines the rest of the contestants. Boo for Siobhan. She soon will be voted out after the 3 (Tim, Aaron & Big Mike)

  81. 1. Crystal
    2. Lee
    3. Casey
    4. Siobhan
    I can’t bother myself grading the rest. They are not worth it and are definitely not winning material so they can leave in any order they like. Who cares!!!

  82. strongest to weakest performer

  83. 1. Crystal – consistently awesome
    2. Casey – probably the best single performance “Jealous Guy”
    3. Lee – limited vocal range
    4. Big Mike – very good vocals, but here is a body/voice disconnect for me
    5. Siobhan – needs someone to do arrangements for her, not creative but strong vocally
    6. Tim – limited vocals
    7. Aaron – still unripe

  84. My list from best to worst based on top 7 performance:
    1. Crystal
    2. Lee
    3. Mike
    4. Siobhan
    5. Aaron
    6. Casey
    7. Tim

    Good to see Crystal showing her emotion this week. Come on guys, she’s not boring at all. Her performance this week was so touching and inspiring. I can’t be more agree with Simon and Kara that she’s definitely in defferent higher level compare to other contestants. Lee and Siobhan both were gifted with great voices, they would be very competitive if they can find the right way to release their true power and to show more personalities. Looking forward to their upcoming performance. Casey, Mike and Aaron did just ok but i think they’re are in no danger of going home this week. As for Tim, soory to say that but i genuinely think this could be the end of his journey.

  85. Best to worst
    1. Mike lynche- i know some will disagree with this but look back at his past performances, he has an amazing voice and his music is so meaningful and soulful.
    2.Lee Dewyze
    4.Casey James
    6.Tim Urban
    7.Aaron- He has basically no origionality whatsoever and therefore he is the weakest competition in my opinion.

  86. Can someone please tell (command lol)Casey not to do rock next week and mellow down to a nice sentimental, emotional song? That’s where he’s getting his points from….how come he cant see that??

  87. Of course Crystal has a great voice. Can they sing her praises any louder? Give her a contract. She’s good to go. There is no losing for her.

    CASEY is my favorite, he IS a Bob Seger type with a Great unique voice…but the boy needs to step up his game. I keep wanting him to move so we can see the music in him. CASEY, GET SOME SHOW GOING ON MAN! You got the look and the talent…bring it on. LEE is GREAT also. Love him. Then Siobhan, then Mike. Very close call between those two. Aaron is last. He looks too much the child and his fear is palatable. He can sing, but he’s got time later. COME ON CASEY. Don’t let us down!!! Be in the finals at least. Right now, today, I think it would be Crystal and Lee. Still rooting for you Casey.

  88. The last three will most likely be:

    1. Crystal (she can only lose if she picks the wrong song)
    2. Siobhan (she needs to pick better songs and use that great voice the Lord gave her…no screaming…just a little more intensity.
    3. Lee (the only guy that has a chance)

  89. i realy liked caseys performance but it was not up to me it was up tp the djudges it was weird why they didnt like hi performance but casey has a greate voice and he can work hard to improve next week i thin he can stay till the finalze


  91. Lee – He is no.1. Has been my pick from the start, love that voice kinda reminds me of Kings of Leon!

  92. So what ever happened to Nikki Nix If I remember right, she coulda blown all these people out of the water. Where did she get voted out. I watched every minute and didnt see it happen.. Too bad..

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