American Idol 2010 Top 7 Perform Tonight


American Idol is back tonight after last week’s exciting double eviction where we saw Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens head home, leaving us with the Top 7.

This week the theme will be “inspirational songs” as part of the Idol Gives Back theme. Ashley has already broken down her recommendations for who should sing what but what do you want your favorite performer to sing?

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  1. Please someone remind me…. Tonight is Idol gives back right? As I recall there is no elimination this week or am I wrong?
    If I am right they can sing whatever they want as wont have the pressure to fight to stay but if I am wrong and there is an elimination tomorrow then I think Aaron should be very careful, he is been on the bottom too many times now.
    Good luck to everyone 🙂

  2. Here’s my wish list:
    Tim – Dream Weaver, Tweenies will love it.
    Siobhan – I Hope You Dance, She’d do it justice
    Lee – It’s My Life, With a Jersey vibe
    Aaron – Impossible Dream, Perfect idealistic teen song
    Mike – What A Wonderful World, Mellow and old school
    Crystal – You’ve Got A Friend, Carole King suits her
    Casey – Calling All Angels, Right up his alley

  3. @Marta: Tonight will be the Top 7 Performance show and then tomorrow night will be the official “Idol Gives Back” event with celebrity performances/appearances/etc.

    In past seasons there was no elimination this week of the show, but things could always change.

  4. I find myself really looking forward to Idol tonight…After last season I thought I’d never get excited about watching Idol again and honestly I don’t think there ever will be another season like season 8 but I find myself wondering what the Idols are going to sing tonight…..Please don’t disappoint me!!!!!

  5. Since there is so much skepticism over Tim’s range, myself included, I went over to Idol Ranges and checked it out. Siobhan has the most range at the moment with 15 steps. Tim, Casey and Crystal were second with 11 1/2 steps, which surprised me. Mike Lynch is at the bottom with only 9 1/2 steps. Aaron and Lee both have 10 steps.

  6. Mike Lynch some Luther Vandross
    Casey should sing a Michael McDonald song

    Here’s my wish list:
    Tim – Go Country
    Siobhan – Any…Taylor Dayne …Love Will Lead You Back – or number 1 female song she’s just great at whatever she does…
    Lee – Bon Jovi song upbeat to get him to move around more

    Crystal – You’ve Got A Friend, Carole King

  7. Canyon said to have Siobhan sing”I hope you dance”. I know she could sing it well but too sleepy for tonight maybe. I want her to sing something upbeat…Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Temptations maybe. I just want to to blow everyones socks off. Siobhan rules!!!!!!!!

  8. For Casey, can he sing Bridge Over Troubled Water? For Tim, how about You Raise Me Up? It may be too late now for you to practice the songs, but I think those are really great inspirational songs.

  9. Mike and Siobhan have just been playing with the competition singing one slow song after another. The best, most inspirational song available, IMHO, is Jackie Wilson’s “Higher and Higher”.

    Of course, Siobhan could wrap up the competition right now by singing “Amazing Grace” a Capella.

  10. I can kind of see Tim Urban singing “Daydream Believer” by the Monkees. As he has that pre-teen vibe going on. The kiddies would eat it up.

    I would absolutely love to see Crystal try to do “Piece of my heart” or that mellow, blusey number “Summertime” by Janis Joplin.

    I’m not that familiar with Maria’s Carey’s work. But, Shioban definitely has Maria’s high range and good looks going on. So, anything by her.

    Since Mike is a new dad, he would positively make grown girls cry if he did “Cats in the cradle.” Don’t know the original artist

    Casey and Aaron could do a duet with … “Over my head” by Fleetwood Mac. Because, they honestly both are … over their head at tis point. And that way they could meld Casey’s decent stage presence with Aaron’s better voice and come up we a decent performance.

    Lee doing anything rock and roll works for m

  11. The judges are so obvious as to who they want to win … Crystal. I’m rooting for Lee all the way! I’m tired of Big Mike and his Big Ego! And I’d like to know why the judges are so against Siobhan.

  12. Katie and Andrew should have stayed in they are the best singers there Aaron and Tim should have got kicked out well now its the future and theres nothing we can do so………I hope Katie comes back next season i will always vote 4 her. Remember if Katie comes back next season EVERYONE VOTE FOR KATIE STEVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


  14. Siobhan was great and was always great. The judges are very unfair on providing their comments. Siobhan is the only one taking risks in very episode. Unlike crystal and Lee who always do the same thing. Maybe crystal made a little bit changes but this time crystal was loud and annoying she even did an emotional appeal, that’s a shame/. I mean try to think about the recording output. Siobhan will surely have the variety package with a full blown hooray. Not Crystal; and the other contestants. Come on America! Vote for Siobhan. Siobhan has million of Fans here at Manila, Philippines!

  15. I think Aaron Kelly did a fantastic job of his song. Simon Cowell, I really think that you need a hearing aid. You keep on giving Aaron bad feed backs. Is it becoz u cannot sing? He has been given a gift of a wonderful voice and he deserves to be in the running of the top 3, and to all of America that has ever said a bad word about his singing…JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS!!! You don’t know a good voice, even if it bit you in your butt… I hope that Aaron wins, but if he doesn’t he will still become a success. I’m rooting for u Aaron

  16. A national study conducted by among American Idol viewers found that Aaron Kelly was selected as the contestant that should be eliminated from the competition based on his performance last night and only received 4.8% of votes The study parallels American Idol voting to determine the weekly winners based on a democratic, “one person, one vote” methodology.
    More results can be seen at

  17. I am a big big fan of Siobhan, but I think the finale will feature Lee and Crystal. I hope i’m wrong!!!
    Tim is also doing his thing. Good job y’al!

  18. My favorites are Crystal and Siobhan. Such awsome voices. Hope that Crystal wins.

  19. Aaron Kelly is my love
    he’s so handsome and beautiful
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