American Idol 2010: Top 3 Perform and Lee steals the show

I owe Simon Cowell an apology for doubting his song choice for Lee because man, I was so wrong.  Simon may have just won the competition for him.  The Top 3 performed tonight on American Idol and they all deserve some props for exceptional singing.  They each sang two songs, the first a song of their own choosing and the second, a judges pick.

Casey James was up first and his song was “OK Alright With Me” and the vocals were really good but the song choice was bland.  He needed to step it up tonight and I felt let down by that performance.  The judges all agreed that it wasn’t a good song choice but the vocals were ok.  Kara and Randy chose the worst song of the night with “Daughters” by John Mayer.  They really did him an injustice here.  He slowed the song down and I felt he had emotion with it and the vocals were perfect but it lacked what Simon calls the ‘wow’ factor.  Randy said it fit him like a glove; Ellen thinks a lot of people will vote for him; Kara said it showed his more artistic side and Simon said it was a better choice than the first one but was lazy and he blames Kara and Randy for that.  I think he got screwed with that stupid pick.

Crystal Bowersox chose “Come To My Window” and I wasn’t impressed with this either.  I don’t like the harmonica around her neck because it takes away from her performance.  Her vocals were ok but definitely didn’t blow me away.  The judges all agree that they didn’t like the arrangement but Simon did say that he likes the fact that she doesn’t compromise who she is as an artist.  Ellen picked “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney and she really came back strong with this one.  She had powerful vocals just like Janis Joplin because that is the kind of artist she wants to be.  Randy says someone else who’s in it to win it; Ellen was hoping she would do it like that; Kara liked that she showed part of her voice we hadn’t heard before and Simon thought she had soul.

Lee Dewyze really brought it tonight and we saw someone who gave it all he had to try and make it into the finals.  His first song was “Simple Man” and I thought why is he singing Skynard but now I know lol.  He hit it out of the park.  The judges all praised him and Kara said round 1 goes to Lee while Simon said he crushed the other two.  Simon chose “Hallelujah” and defended himself with his choice by saying we haven’t heard this the way Lee is going to sing it and he was so right.  Lee had his ‘moment’ and it was amazing and for the first time this season I got chills.  Randy said it was unbelievable; Ellen thought it was stunning; Kara said he was the heart of the show this season and owned the night; Simon was very proud of him and said he proved he was a fantastic singer.

I will be so sad to see Casey James leave tomorrow night.  How do you feel about these Top 3?




  1. Ashley i totally agree with you!! Lee was Amazing!! and yes i felt sorry for Casey and the lame song they gave him to sing. Crystal did a good job as well, like she always does. Thumbs up to all three of them, and congrats for making it this far. But as far as tonight goes, i think Lee stole the show. Cheerios =)

  2. i’m a forever Casey James fan but I think lee will win it. I hope casey doesn’t go home yet.. 🙁

  3. Well, we bid farewell to Casey this week. Nice turnaround for Simon’s song choice. We all thought he screwed up his pick but we were wrong.

  4. I think Casey is done. I like him though, and I’m glad he got this far in the competition. I think it really depends on the performances next week as to who will win.

  5. what do u expect.. it was obvious from last week that casey will be eleminated tomorrow… then next week it will be crystal and AI will be Lee… and this time Simon was wrong when he predicted said that the next idol will be a girl… nevertheless i still like casey….

  6. Lee doesn’t hold a handle to Jason Castro. Tim Urban even did a better job of singing that song. I don’t know what everyone saw in Lee’s performance, but I have to call like I “hear” it.

    Get voting for Casey, folks. The clock is ticking!

  7. Casey will stay. The fans (read: gods and mortals) wont let him go. My fearless forecast: Crystal will be eliminated.

  8. I beLEEved he was going to do something really good tonight. I watched some videos from his homecoming concert and I think that gave him the final confidence he needed to make his way to the finale. If is he going to win? I hope so… but it really doesn’t matter now… LEE’s already The American Idol.

  9. Simon knows just how to pick the right song …AI would not be the same without him 🙁

  10. casey got screwed for sure…but in the end..he gets out of the claws of Idol that much sooner. too bad he has to tour with them. he has to wait to launch his real career.

  11. i really like casey, maybe it’s his good looks that’s part of it. i think lee did the best tonight, but i think crystal deserves to win

  12. Lee was fantastic tonight as he is every week. My husband and I started watching mostly when it came down to the final twelve and we have been behind Lee every week. He just continues to get better and better and it is so good to see that he finally believes in himself. I want to download all the songs he performed and I would definitely buy his cds. I wish him success in all he does. I could be his mom but I think he is adorable.
    I would also like to say that I too will miss Simon. I have always trusted in his opinion and 99% of the time agreed with what he would say.

  13. To all Lee fans:



  14. Lee was awesome tonight — However, can any one explain to me why when Idol recapped Lee’s final song the ending was completely different from his performance? Seriously, go back and watch the last 10 seconds of his performance and then watch the recap. I thought this was a live show??

  15. @Liz Because they can’t do it really fast that’s why before the performances happens, they record other performance so that’s why it’s totally different.

  16. I was a huge fan of Cyrstal’s in the beginning. However, every song sounds the same now, and no way would I buy a CD where it’s the same thing over and over. I’m also tired of her “I’ve got this in the bag” attitude. Confidence is good, arrogance is not. I never thought I’d say this, but Crystal should go, and Lee and Casey should battle it out to the end. They both mix things up which makes it more interesting, have great voices (I like Lee the best of the 2)…and they both have the following that will sell CDs. The fact that they’re both nice guys who truly appreciate the chance on AI (unlike Cyrstal seems to) makes them better choices.

  17. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And those who vote are suppose to vote based upon musical talent. I am not a professional musician but have sung in choirs, as a back up singer, and a bit of solo work. I also play. None of these 3 finalists WOW me. Crystal has been consistent week after week. Either you like her style or you do not but musically she knows who she is and can perform with consistent talent. Casey is the weakest performer and has grown little. He should be voted off based upon tonight’s performances. This is a music talent contest right? Lee….while he has a large following has consistently been pitchy and sings off key most of the time including tonight. Has a unique sounding voice but really needs coaching to be a quality professional singer. Has Lee grown the most over the weeks…definitely. From what I have seen and heard Crystal has proven to be the best but then to we vote based upon quality??? And after last year does the voting really matter at all? It will soon very soon be over and I wish them all the best of luck in their musical careers.

  18. Lee did do an awesome job tonight but I almost feel like it was a setup in some way. I still think Crystal has the best voice and always has had. She should be the American Idol. Casey should have gone long ago. They will all do well irregardless of the outcome.

  19. Go Lee!!! you 110% CRUSHED the two with your performance. very awesome!!! two thumbs up!

  20. To Waiting: Yes it’s supposed to be about how well they sing, but it’s also a show based on trying to sell the music. I now know I could never buy Crystal’s CD, because I’m already tired of the same sound every time. Like you, I’m a singer…or was. Until I left to be a Mom, I was female vocalist in a tri-State band. I can say that creating CDs which will sell is not as easy as you’d think, even with celebrity backing. So yes, voice should count for the most, but in order to sell the CDs there has to be a wider spectrum of qualifications no matter who the winner is.

  21. Lee is the best!! he showed strenght and soul!! there is no way anybody else can beat him!! Crystal is gonna be sharing the final, because she got soul too. Casey too weak, eventhough he is a good singer. See u winning next week Lee!!




  23. Monica…..I hear you. And I agree. It is one thing to sing in front of a couple dozen folks, another to sing in front of a couple thousand, and when it becomes sixteen thousand it takes on a frightening aura. As the audience grows you can not be one dimensional. I am sincere when I say I wish all 3 of them best of luck. The music industry and fans in particular can be very fickle. As we have witnessed watching Idol over the seasons few really make it even after all this. Tonight at least two of the contestants performed to the level they believed they could win. And honestly for all 3 of them the roller coaster ride has really just begun. Hang on…it ain’t over yet.


  25. First song went to Crystal , second song went to Lee. Crystal is the one that has more natural talent and can sing just about anything. Crystal was consistant all season and should be this years American Idol.

  26. I am totally a fan of Crystal but I have to admit that tonight went to Lee. Crystal was very good but Lee was great. I just hope Casey finally goes home.

  27. The judges are obviously edging Casey out. Their comments are completely unfair. They tell Crystal that she stays true to herself, but when Casey does the same thing it isn’t acknowledged. They give Casey a song that cannot show off his voice. It is more than apparent that they want Lee to win. Simon completely overdid the arrangement on “Hallelujiah” but he was excited about what he had done for Lee. Lee really wasn’t that great! I wouldn’t be arguing the point if Lee was more talented than Casey. He just isn’t. I like him but he is not as good. He was flat on both songs. But all the judges could do was praise!

    If anything, I would vote for Casey just to tell the judges they should absolutely not influence the vote. So far, America has been getting it right by keeping Casey in!!

    This season has been a dissappointment all the way around. The contestants were mediocre and the judges were silly, annoying, and unfair!The only one I would buy a record from is Casey – he has an amazing recordable voice and his guitar skills are the best I have ever seen on Idol.

  28. First, someone explain to Bill and Millie not to type in all caps. Next, Yea, Lee should get the title. Crystal has been good, but Lee has some out of the woodwork and touched me tonight.

  29. I wanted Crystal to win, but after tonight’s performance, I am rooting for Lee ALL THE WAY!!!

  30. I forgot to add. I believe it should not be one judge who chooses a song for the contestant, but all of them. I still think Paula’s choice for Danny last season cost him the competition. Not to say anything bad about Paula. No, I just think it should’nt be one judge, but at least 2 or all the judges together.

  31. By comparison, Systal will go home tonite as she is the same mono singer who is flat and nothing great and should go home long ago if not for the judges praising her week in week out. Lee is GREAT but it could be like last year, the GREAT will be runner up (Adam Lambert)A good showdown will be between LEE and CASEY and not with that MAMA…she have to go home tonight instead of Casey.How can the judge say she stay true to herself for the song. It sucks!!!!

  32. Much as it saddens me say it..think tomorrow Casey will be eliminated. They didn’t do him any favors w/ the song choice. And even the one he chose to sing himself lacked the “WOW” it needed. Too bad..cause I was hoping for a better night for him.
    Crystal was good..but she didn’t do it for me..and hasn’t for quite a few weeks. She was my fav. at the beginning too..but nothing different from her. She always sounds the same.
    Lee..well..he had the show tonight. Blew me away actually. I seriously think he will win the title.
    All 3 of these finalists are highly talented vocalists/musicians & I wish them ALL fantastic careers in the music industry.

  33. all 3 singers are great this year, but!!!
    Lee should win simply because he has the best
    vocals of the 3. He is amazing. All 3 will
    make it to the big time. So don’t fret if
    your favorite doesn’t win. Lee was absolutely
    #1 tonight.

  34. I keep hearing how this years singers are not as good as previous. I think some of the singers are very good. Idol contestants are scutized more than actual popular singing stars are. Listen to some popular singers and half the time they don’t sound as good live as some of the idol contestants (Taylor Swift live as example). This years contestants have just not been the main stream pop singers. They are country, folksy and rock. I applaud this years singers for doing something that very very few of us will ever do or have the nerve and determination to do.

  35. I live in New Zealand and love American Idol.Just love Lee, i picked him from first show. We are a couple of weeks behind here but im keeping up with things on Internet.Go Lee we love you down under.

  36. You are all winners!! I have been watching Ameican idol from day 1 when Kelly Clarkson won.Getting the title of “American idol” is just that, a “title” You all did well and I congratulate every one of you!! God Bless 🙂

  37. Okay..gotta add this. Being a mom myself..I understand..but did anyone catch what Crystal said to Ryan S. when asked about how she felt about tonights performance..being in the top 3? She didn’t say much..and specifically said she was “glad her little boy was healthly”. She MISSES her baby. Can’t say I blame her..but I think her focus has not been there for weeks now. Not sure she really wants this title as bad as what Lee or Casey do. Just my opinion.

  38. I think Lee should have been canned in the first few weeks of competition.Much better contestants were booted then.Did anyone notice all the backup Lee had tonight ? Also his sound mix right-on !!! No talent of his. Mix makes all differance in the world.Was it 8 or 10 back-up singers ? Don’t get me wrong,he was great tonight.I think he has been Simon’s next prodject all along thow !

  39. Lee had a good night, but I still think Crystal has the best vocals. She has a lot of diversity in her singing and can do the subtle notes well along with the big notes. Lee keeps getting set up (for example going last on the big nights), and I think his range is actually limited.

    It’s a good year for artists though and I can’t wait to see the duel between Crystal and Lee next week.

  40. # 48 brought up a good point. Casey went out on stage & had no back up what so ever. In fact it almost seemed like they weren’t even ready for him. And the song choice seemed to do him in. Almost as if he was sabotagged. Why on earth they chose that song??..not a good choice for tonight anyway!! Yeah…sometimes makes ya wonder if things are not all planned out from the beginning?
    Soooo…Why DID Lee have so many come walking out with him?? Why was he entitled a whole entire choir singing along with him? Good observation !!
    Yeah..he rocked it out !..BUT perhaps things would of been entirely different had the others had that luxury.

  41. Lee is just another david cook / kris allen.
    but he got the greatest potential in there

  42. Casey seems a real nice person and a gentleman, and he also seems a very mellow kind of a guy who doesn’t really want to fight… he has a great voice and he’s hot with his guitar, he’s really alright with whatever happens… i like him a lot and respect him even though i am a Lee fan… i think he’ll have a great future and he’s going to be a happy guy, not a jealous guy 🙂

  43. im from New Zealand and i would vote for Lee, he has been the best from the start go .Lee we in New Zealnd will be praying for you to win best of luck to him he has made us keep watching american idol .crystal sorry sounds the same every week and it would be good to see Lee and casey be the two idols left, for casey has a good vote to.

  44. Lee stole the show tonight and he should win the competition.

    I didnt like Chrystal at all… she missed some notes in her first song and on the second just did not connect with me.

    Casey seems sad for some reason, I think he is done with the judges and the lack of emotion they all show towards his performances.

    In a perfect world (for me) Lee and Casey should be in the final but is not what I want lol so Lee and Chrystal will be singing next week.

  45. Whether some people like it or not… Lee WILL be the winner this year. Crystal has been loosing steam while Lee has been gaining momentum. I like Crystal… she is talented BUT Lee is more appealing in every sense. He will be a big time artist. You can quote me on it. I didn’t start out on the Lee train but as time passed he grew and has out preformed Crystal numerous times. Crystal is like Big Mike… always the same… predictable. It will be Lee and Crystal left tomorrow night and next week it will be Lee who wins. Casey is good, but not good enough to beat Lee or Crystal. Newsflash to Crystal… your over confidence and lack of creativity lost you the win. You are not as good as Lee. Lee wins. End of story.


  47. If it’s even possible I just fell even more in love with Lee. I will be incredibly sad to see any go, but Lee just won it all by what he did tonight : ) <33

  48. Lori 56 i so agree with you but just a tiny change that will make all the difference in the world, let’s have Casey stay tomorrow even though Lee will win (me beLEEve) because i like Casey for being mellow and quiet from the start… he’s tight with his momma too, like Lee.

  49. i think CRYSTAL was amazing!!!! she nailed her second song!!!! GO MOMASOX!!!!

  50. keep going lee i always know you are the best!!!!

    when i first saw you…i know you will win it!!!!!!!!

    GO lee!!!!

  51. Ronnie, now that would make an interesting night… Lee and Casey. I love Casey’s laid back, low key artistry. I just don’t think he can beat Lee. Crystal and Lee is kinda like Adam and Kris from last year. Adam is extremely talented. No denying.. BUT.. Kris had the appeal to the majority. I think the same applies to Lee this year but the difference is Lee is hands down the best of the two. Either way, no matter who wins, both have a very lucrative career a head of them but my gut feeling is Lee will win.

  52. I think Crystal should go home. Lee and Casey are the two to be in the finale. They are both very gentle and caring people. Go guy’s, you both deserve it.

  53. Monica – “Until I left to be a Mom, I was female vocalist in a tri-State band. I can say that creating CDs which will sell is not as easy as you’d think, even with celebrity backing. So yes, voice should count for the most, but in order to sell the CDs there has to be a wider spectrum of qualifications no matter who the winner is.”
    Good comments by Monica. I think Lee has what it takes to sell. Not all the “wider spectrum of qualifications” but plenty of extras, and being an Idol winner would plug the holes. The other one I see with big possibilities is Siobhan Magnus – who not only will grow considerably in polish and benefit from more work with vocal coaches – comes with all the extras. Originality, intelligence, looks, humor, knowledge of music, amazing personality, and ability to promote herself and her work by captivating others via mass media.
    I could be wrong, but my sister-in-law has worked as a booker for Kimmel, did a temp stint at SNL a while back, and works with promoters looking at future draws – and she has Casey, Siobhan as draws. Used to have Crystal, but dropped her and added Lee after Sinatra week.

  54. I don’t think Crystal wants it anymore. I think she’s tired and homesick and is missing so many firsts in her baby’s development. I doubt she thought it through when she signed on for this juggernaut. Likewise, i think Casey is ready for some Texas time before the tour. Lee seems to be the one most interested in going full steam ahead.

  55. Lee is amazing………………He has that shy confidance, that makes him amazing…I would by his CD.

  56. Listen up
    We couldn’t let LEE win if we keep on saying he will win. We all need to vote for him so that he gets the title. I know that Lee would be a great artist/singer after this season. Lee rocks the whole world!!!


  57. Lori, i am a Lee fan and believe in him and have never doubted that he will win it all, from the beginning… the homecoming has strengthened him even further – he feels so moved by all the people who believe in him that he is compelled to bring back the crown to share with them… Casey is a subdue version of Lee and the two of them will make a fantastic pair complementing each other on final night, and i believe Lee will win and Casey will show he has class.

  58. wow!! i think lee and crystal were amazing!!!
    they should be in the final next week..

  59. why do some people vote for casey? they keep on saying that casey should win because he has looks, he has a great personality. What were you thinking of AI? a show for good looking man and a show for those who have a good personality? No! it’s a singing contest.

  60. Agreed, just based on tonight…its Casey in 3rd place.

    But Casey has turned out to have as many lives as the proverbial cat. His looks, give him a big edge with (I’d guess) the #1 voting demographic. Add to that Crystals style limitations and the vote might be much tighter than you might think simply hearing the songs and the judges critique.

    Hats off to Lee……what tremendous growth as an artist and even more, as a performer. This was a kid, early on too painfully shy to even be onstage. To probably #1 as we leave things tonight.

    Casey vs Crystal for having next Tuedsay off.

  61. So glad that America see through the judges unfair
    comments every night regarding Casey.
    Hes like a special, shining star on that stage
    for sure! I love every preformance from him and
    like Adam, he will outshine all the Idols before

  62. 72 Marx because it is an “IDOL” show that’s why singing is not the only determining factor here –
    a Lee fan

  63. LEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! all the way. Have loved Lee since top 12 and as a Chi-town girl, rooting for him always. But it is his voice and presence that tops the other two (who I think are great) but LEE has a voice from another place that when he hits it moves my soul and heart and I want to hear it again and again. He has the music in him.

  64. If Casey does end up going home……..ask yourself one question.

    What would have happened if Casey sang Hallelujah and Lee got stuck singing that bit crap Casey got stuck with. Should the competition hinge on something like that?

    Sure Casey flubbed his first song, but the judges choice robbed him of a chance to come back like he did in last weeks duet.

    Not fair.

  65. I always felt that casey james has always been under rated through the entire competition. He deserves more praise and credit than what the judges have been giving him. I think Lee will win but that’s a good thing since he’s the most commerciable– casey and crystal can go on and make good records with no restrictions from idol. Still a Casey James fan no matter what!

  66. #78: I totally disagree on you. we’ll let me ask you,do you know how to judge the contestants? before you the judges were unfair, think first if you really know what they were saying.

  67. I have to say I thought that Lee did very well and I did vote for him on your poll but I do think that the choir helped a lot in his performance. None of the others had a choir and that is usually a sign that they are attempting to cover some weak part of his vocals with the back ground singers. However I think he did actually out perform the other two. Casey is definitely going home and unless Crystal is holding something back for next week she has plateaued. Maybe she has an ace in her pocket. If not and Lee brings that same emotion and conviction to his performances next week I think he may win it all.

  68. Why is that a lot of people think of Lee as an ordinary guy working in a paintshop going to idol to reach for his dreams when in fact, he has already released 2 studio albums before idol? Nothing against Lee, it just sucks at times when information like these are hindered.. We don’t get to see the whole story, the whole point..


  70. I have not figured out why everybody got hot for Crystal. she is so unrememorable.I can only remember Casey,because he is a super singer and performer,he has only just begun. I think they put him down often to try to make the others look as qualified as Casey,but it backfired. They found ,or Kara discovered a STAR,and instead we get these other two,who are not STAR quality.

  71. Lee would have a earned more and more praise if there is no choir. Im a bit distracted by the choir, but it’s ok, Lee overpowered the choir as well as his opponents.

    #82. Yes, Lee is working in a paintshop, he was recognize by people because of his amazing voice that’s why he had two albums. why you guys keep on bringing Lee down. Can you just accept the fact that he was a great singer/recording artist.

  72. hallelujah is the best!!! Love Love Love Lee

    Lee will win
    If I were you, i will quit liking casey and crystal. lmao

  73. Lee and Crystal for the finals.

    You can easily see Casey in the pub. They are even better than Casey.

  74. I’m from the Philippines and I really WANT to Vote for LEE! Please vote for him…please please please 🙂

    I feel bad for Casey because the judges pick wasn’t good 🙁 I hope kara and randy picked up a much better song for him.

  75. There’s nothing unique with Casey’s voice, unlike Lee. And I’ve never seen crystal having a progress, unlike Lee.

    Who else could we choose for? Then it;s LEE DEWYZE!!!

  76. Ryan Seacrest:Please dim the lights..
    After the nation-wide vote,i’m
    sorry that
    Casey James is leaving
    us tonight.

  77. There are 3 Good Singers, I choose them all from the beginning of the season. I like them all. I feel Casey has been mocked by the judges too much, Kara from the beginning and the other judges would not leave it alone.. I think he was discrimated against and their open comments and laughts were distasteful to this young artist. Regardless of what you say bleeds over to others thinking. I choose Lee first Casey Second and Crystal Third. Casey
    sings, plays more instructments and moves to the rythm of what he sings and plays, the other
    two, just about the same every week. Look at overall talent.

  78. Lee’s voice is the most unforgettable and soulful…

    Lee would have done just as well if not better all by himself without being backed in Hallelujah, i think that’s for theatrical reasons and not to “cover up” anything… and, i am sure if Crystal or Casey had wanted the choir to back them, they would have gotten it also.

    Lee’s won hands down tonight, and wil win all.

  79. Hi America
    Please VOTE : #1 LEE #2 CASEY #3 CRYSTAL
    (U won’t regret it).
    Lee – marketable, good acoustic voice on radio,a crush in concert/show & CD (a unique original vocal). No one can see you on radio, so shyness or confidence immaterial. Vocal counts.

    Casey – marketable, good looks, clean cut & innocent, good silky smoothie flawless (though not 3D vocal but calming and romantic), girls go GA GA over him in concerts. Good vocal on radio.

    Crystal – not sure if marketable. A mama image. Audience rather go for Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson concerts. Her vocal is too lame and have difficulty in high notes (quite breathless)Sorry, my opinion only. Not personal.


  80. Its so stupid for ppl above keep typecast Lee with Cook/Allen! IMO, Lee is a much better singer as he’s the one who can moves me with his singing. I don’t feel the same with the other 2, especially Allen…I still don’t think he deserved the AI title over Lambert!!

  81. Halelujah…., halelujah halelujah
    Lee will be your AI this season 9! Helelujah.

  82. Please dim the lights..
    After the nation-wide vote,i’m sorry
    Casey James is leaving us tonight

  83. ….After the nation-wide vote,… CASEY….., you are safe. Ladies and Gentlemen, Lee and Crystal are your bottom 2. Who is leaving us tonight? We’ll be right back after this break….. (Segue program ID, close shot happily-shocked handsome cuttie face)….

  84. Casey and Lee definitely for TOP 2!!! Casey, still rooting for you. you’re a winner! 🙂

  85. Casey and Lee!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not much of a fan of Crystal mainly because of her attitude and look…

  86. Some people above must be tune deaf if they consider Castro or Tim whatever can actually SING!!

    Btw, Lee is not the first one to have backing vocals, so did Mike in his earlier performance & still proved he’s not good enough!!

  87. After the nationwide vote
    Lee your on your way to the finale
    Crystal and Casey are our bottom two.

    Dim the lights.
    the people have spoken,
    Casey, your leaving us tonight.

  88. I loved Lee ever since he sang Lips of an Angel. Not because he was the best and most brilliant then, but because I knew right then and there that he’s the one whose album I’m going to buy.

    I like Jason Castro’s version of Hallelujah as he was soft and tender. Yet while Jason gave us a laid-back 60’s feel of Hallelujah, Lee’s version is grand and as Ellen said ‘stunning’.

    I hope Lee wins American Idol. 🙂

  89. At this point I don’t feel one singer should be allowed a backup singer and not the other. Hate the song kara picked for Casey. I like Casey and Lee is good also. Crystal is OK but screams too much for me.

  90. to all those people who practically crucifying simon for allegedly sabotaging lee’s chances by his (simon’s) song choice…eat your words! simon’s choice brought out lee’s real artistry and may just have made lee this year’s AI!

    simon knows his business and i believe that, in his rather droll, sarcastic way, he does try to bring each contestant’s talent to the forefront. it’s a pity that some of the contestants chose not to listen…if they did, they might have been in the top 3. i will miss simon when he leaves after this season…AI will be losing a good mentor.

  91. IMHO, if we were voting for real talent…and not good looks and perfect teeth…it should be lee and crystal in the finals…that’s where my votes will be going anyway.

    i believe that lee has shown consistent improvement in the last few weeks, which are the most critical. i liked crystal from the beginning but she has had only ‘okay’ performances lately. unless she comes up with a real stellar performance in the finals, lee will be crowned this year’s AI. either way, i believe both will do really well in their musical careers. both very talented artists!

  92. I still think Casey is the best of all..i would like to see him win, just for seeing his smile of happiness..he seemed to have been really dumped on, and he is great singer…heh, who knows the dark horse might be riding up that crooked road! Would be something if he did win, but check out ..they have him in the red…so sad, still Good Luck Casey he might make it!

  93. I hate Casey’s song choice but I love him. He is star. Lee and Cystal are a good singer but they don’t have the look for star. America vote for Casey.

  94. The winner for the next American Idol is lee. I am a South African and love the show. Reading the comments I also believe that Casey will be leaving the show and LEE will be the winner. Well done Lee from all South Africans

  95. Crystal’s high notes are soooo annoying…sound just like a broken record!!

  96. I don’t mind which of the boys goes home, I want Crystal to win, it’s time the girls took back the American Idol crown. And let’s face it, David Cook is the only male winner with decent success. All the female winners are doing really well.

  97. I vote for Casey. For some unknown reason, the judges don’t like him. I feel most Americans will prove the judges wrong. Ellen don’t know about music.

  98. Casey probably should go home, but that doesn’t mean he will. Being in the final 3 you really do need to sing songs with a WOW! factor and he didn’t choose one for himself and he didn’t get one from Kara and Randy. As always, it about song choice, now more than ever.

    Lee did do great and ultimately Simon chose a perfect song for him.

    I’m not sure how AI will survive well without Simon as a judge. It’s easy to see why both his praise or criticism have 3 times the weight of the other judges on USA Today’s Idol meter. I think that he gives an honest opinion and advice and even if you do not agree with him it should be possible to respect what he does.

    On the opposite end of that spectrum from Simon I mute the sound when Ellen speaks. Fluff.

  99. I researched a lot of the versions of Hallelujah, and some were just with accoustic guitar, some with piano, some powerful with orchestra and backup singers. Each contestant has the option of deciding how they want to do their song; last week Michael Lynch had the choir, So they could have done it with backup choir if they chose. Lee did great! I think he needed to do it in a style that worked with his voice (it did!) and also be different enough from our idol memories. I loved Jason’s version, I love this one too. One soothes, one inspires us. I also have Leonard’s version, it really is amazing.

  100. First of all, Casey has not been very good for a couple weeks and last night it almost looked as if he phoned it in, gave up. No emotion, no great guitar playing, just real boring. I think the show wants a Lee/Crystal finale but I have a sneaking feeling that those who watch and vote (read: young girls and their mothers) will keep Casey. I am actually glad because the winner always has to sing that lame song they pick and record a really bad first album that they have no input on. The lucky one finishes second or third, they can do their own stuff and still get signed. Crystal and Lee have been the best artists all season and Casey will do great after the show is done. I just think that voting is silly since only a certain type of person votes and that is usually not a musician or record industry employee but a teenage girl who votes on hotness rather than musicianship and ability.

  101. hi dvd_idol! I love them too. I hope they become the finalist. But, Casey is quite good too

  102. Hellulujah!!!!







  103. This season is really sad. Out of all the people that tried out for the show this was the best they could come up with ? American Idol is over and done with. I’m not ever watching again.

  104. MY CHOICE:-)




  106. sorry people Casey was not good…but Kara is right ..Casey fan base is Daughters and Mothers and i think they will be the ony ones that voted for Casey. I am 47 and I enjoy ALL music..his two songs were alright..Lee was awesome with his two songs..being a SKYNARD fan and singing simple man was awesome HALLELEUA was incredible..Crystal was better than Casey..Lee should win.

  107. All season I bit my tongue, but now I have to speak lol. I actually can’t believe people think Casey is the best or even worthy of going against Lee or Crystal. Casey had literally 1 good performance this season and the guy is obviously just interested in playing his guitar. The sad part is, he will probably get through tonight because of his looks, which is ridiculous because Lee and Crystal could potentially be the best head to head finale ever. Lee absolutely owned the night and he will be the only successful artist of this season. The guy’s previous indie cds are amazing. Crystal is also a great singer but I am just not sure people will buy her cd because she very much resembles artists like Joplin. Joplin is great but it is 2010. But who knows people may still buy cds of that kind, anyways it should be Lee (best) and Crystal in the finals because they are in a league of their own.

  108. I feel Casey was robbed last nite due to the song picked for him. Shame on Kara and Randy!

    Final should be Lee and Casey.

  109. The reason why the judges dont like Casey is becos Simon is jealous of his good looks, Kara is afraid to show her emotions, Ellen says she has loved a woman before and Randy cant understand Casey’s music.

  110. I have been a fan of Bowersock since day one. She is more than a singer, she is original, raw talent as we haven’t seen in a long time. I hope comercial producers won’t spoil her and put her in a mould.

  111. Please please please vote for LEE. He was absolutely awesome tonight and did a fantastic job on what I thought was going to be a disaster for his second round song chosen by Simon but he nailed it to the floor. Fantastic. I am in Australia so can’t vote so please America make him the winner !! Crystal is also very good but like a lot of people have said she is very much a Joplin 70’s type of singer. I think she will still do well. It is going to be goodbye Casey next week with a Lee and Crystal final.

  112. Joan of #37, totally agree with you. The judges are saying nonsensical things to Casey…when he is being himself, they tear him apart, but when Crystal does that, they praised her. Just hope America doesnt listen to them and prove them wrong!Vote CASEY!

  113. The 2010 American Idol has been the greatest,with incredible talent,Ijust can’t miss a show,and will be lost when its over,the judges are fabulous,and my choice from auditions has been Lee so can’t wait for him to get a record out there,Casey also has a great voice as did everyone elsegreat great talent,You have heightened the bar this time Idol Love it








  115. Lee showed that he is a true performer tonight, and he brought it big time. I liked Crystal in the beginning, and I like her softer voice, but now she always ends up with the same screaming climax and it all sounds the same. She has lost her appeal to me. Lee is humble and honest and I’m happy to see him doing well. I would buy all of his music – and already have, in fact!

  116. What makes u think that Casey is going home tonight! I want Chrystal to go home! I would love to see Lee win it all, but would like to see the last two to be Casey James and Lee!!

  117. I believe that Casey will be out tonight. And frankly, I don’t like how people are making excuses for him. If he were a true artist, he would have been able to sing ANY song and make it incredible. He just didn’t do that at all. Look at what Lee did with Hallelujah – initially a bad choice, but he turned it into something incredible. Crystal did really well with Maybe I’m Amazed – I love that song. But I agree with whoever said that she lacks a bit of charisma, especially when she plays the harmonica. Lee needs to continue to open up, but my goodness, he is a captivating guy. I don’t know if it is because he is stunning looking or what. But his emotional accessability and his honesty are refreshing. I hope that he wins the whole thing.

  118. I thought Lee was the best and I have liked his stye from the start…..Crystal is good butshe is the same week after week no excitment and she is like a man…..Casey is good but without the looks and hair he should have gone home before now and that baaaaaah sounds like a lanb! Sorry but I think Lee should be the next american Idol!

  119. When the audition phase was finished my picks were Crystal and Lee. All throughout the competition my choices remained the same. I truly wish there could be two idols chosen – one male and one female – because it’s tough to choose between them. Lee’s second song, “Hallelujah” brought tears to my eyes.. It was an amazing night. Just making it to the finals is awesome… doors will be opening left and right for the finalists… look at Daughtry.

  120. Last night was one of the best shows of this season. FINALLY…..I got chills listening to LEE sing (haven’t felt that since ADAM)..
    In my opinion, Casey & Crystal always sound the same so if you like that sound they are your IDOLS but if you like different (which I do, Siobhan, wherever you are) then LEE is your IDOL….
    All three of these performers will get a contract but to me the most improved is LEE, he paid attention to the judges criticism this season and changed for the better. Crystal & Casey sound the same as they did the day they had their auditions…..
    I’ve mentioned this in a few blogs but its so true……last night scared me because all the praises went to LEE and for the last 2 seasons the winner of the semi-finals did not go on to be the winner of AI…..

  121. PHYLISS G….this should be Lee’s victory!
    But as I said earlier daughters and mothers will give Casey their votes. i had chosen as my final 3 as Siobhan , Crystal and Lee. I wish Siobhan had made it but Lee would be a good AI.
    Unfortunaty we may see Casey instead of Crystal in the finals with Lee.

  122. jovesta thats just silly…great artists do not just sing anything well. come one. casey has been picked on since the audition. Casey might go home tonight, but i think he will be relieved. I think he was totally surrendered last night…really had enough i am sure. Lee is a nice guy, and crystal is super…so i am not slamming them…But Casey at home was amazing. sorry he could not have just been casey…daughters..what a crappy song. he should have ripped into a guitar solo and laughed and walked off.

  123. Just a prediction, it will be a shocker, Crystal will go home,it will be Lee and Casey for the finale.

  124. “jovesta thats just silly…great artists do not just sing anything well. come one….”

    I stand firmly by what I said. A true artist should be able to perform ANY song and put their stamp on it. That is why they had the judges choose songs; when it is out of the contestants’ hands it is a new type of challenge. It is easier to pick a song that the performer identifies with or already knows, but the music world isn’t always like that. Sometimes producers, employers, or sponsors want something specific and a true artist has to deliver every time, no matter what the song is.

    This time, Casey showed that he cannot do that and that is why he is going home tonight. He doesn’t seem to care anyway.

  125. For those of you who got chills or were moved to tears by Lee’s rendition of “Hallelujah” last night, a lot of that has to do with that particular song which I have read as being described as: Chilling. Poetic. Haunting.

    That song has been covered many, many times and unless a singer simply slaughters it the song will move people. It has also been used many times as the background music for tv shows at some particularly sad or tragic moment.

    So yes, Lee did good, but a lot of the chills and tears were a result of the song that Simon chose for him. (Yes, Simon does deserve a big, BIG thank you from Lee for picking that song for him.)

  126. so jovesta by your theory Lee can sing opera? you are silly. some songs are just dogs…and daughters sounds by when mayer sings it. it would have sounded just as boring if lee had sung it. too bad kara wasn’t assigned Lee. wonder how that happened?

  127. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed watching Lee grow from week to week..this is what American Idol is supposed to be…he was so meek and humble, and now he is confident and humble,,he blew the other two out of the park last was all Lee all night..who is going home tonight? Not sure if it will be Crystal or Casey? Not too impressed with either one last night….

  128. In all honesty Tim did a more heartfelt version os Hallelujah than Lee..without the choir helping I might add.

  129. 88fngrlouie…….I know what your saying….after 9 seasons with AI and especially after last season nothing will shock or disappoint me…..I, too, wanted to see Siobhan in the top 3 but it is what it is and I truly hope that people vote for LEE because he is deserving of it. Crystal and Casey will do just fine but Lee is the best of the 3 in my humble opinion……The record producers can count me in for his first CD…..

  130. If Lee were assigned an opera song, then it would be Lee’s version of the song, which probably would not come off as true opera, of course. It would certainly be a challenge to do, but check out the East Village Opera Company and you will see how opera can be mainstreamed very well.

    I actually do not agree about “Hallelujah” being a song which evokes tears, chills, no matter who sings it. I honestly don’t care for the song. It has an interesting melody, but I don’t think that is this incredible song that people think it is.

    Even with incredible songs, a singer can still sing it poorly and evoke no emotional reaction from their audience. Case and point: Rosanne singing the National Anthem, any AI contestant who sang Over The Rainbow in the past, etc.

    But on the other hand, someone can really make their mark on a perticular song and even be identified with it from that point on. Ex. Aretha Franklin with Natural Woman, Whitney Houston with I Will Always Love You, Mariah Carey with I’ll Be There, Taco with Puttin on the Ritz…

    So, these contestants have a tall order to make songs their “statements” especially when they aren’t original to them.

  131. “so jovesta by your theory Lee can sing opera? you are silly. some songs are just dogs…and daughters sounds by when mayer sings it. it would have sounded just as boring if lee had sung it.”


  132. by=bad as in daughters is a bad song no matter who sings it…too bad lee did not get that one with no back up…clearly simon picks the same song on both sides of the atlantic. not sure why…but i guess he knows hallelujah resonates with people though the lyrics are not religious at all…just a bit haunting i guess.

  133. We have watched all season,Crystal has always been our favorit with Lee behind her.. Until last night.. I think he has it!!! What a performance. He is amazing!!!!!

  134. Lulu – So tell me. What is the measure of an artist? Is it predicated by the material or by it’s translation?

  135. BTW i do not hate lee…and i think he is an exeptional person and a decent singer…just tired of people slamming Casey..for some reason everyone who hates him, thinks their the new simon…all of them are music critics..casey is a great guy and is an amazing musician and singer. I guess it doesn’t matter anyway…all three are famous now, so lets see what they do with this break in the coming years. lulu out!

  136. I do think that Casey was hampered by the song choice given to him by Kara and Randy inasmuch as it was not a “wow” song and there was not much he could do with it, but the first song choice was his own and it was and it certainly was not a “wow” song either. So that one was on him.

    Here is an interesting thought: what if the song choices for Lee and Casey had been reversed? What if Casey were the one to sing “Hallelujah” and Lee had to sing the “Daughters” song? We might be having a very different discussion now.

  137. <>


    by the nature of your question its clear you are one of the self appointed music critics i am tired of. how artsy fartsy.
    Its in the eye of the beholder…don’t you reckon.
    “you don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

  138. I spent today listening to YouTubes of the three of them. Just listening.

    I wanted to hear their voices without seeing them, so I didn’t actually watch the videos. I did that so I could figuring out which voice I’d actually like to have in my car CD player. And my choice, in the end, shocked me.

    I’ve been a huge Crystal fan, and slowly moved to rooting for Lee to be the winner of the whole thing.

    But when I listened to the recordings, it was Casey’s recordings that I wanted to purchase. Honestly, his timbre and emotions really come through beautifully. Who knew?!!

    So even if Casey is the one to go home (I thought he did a great job with that song, and it did show another side of him), I will be buying his records, for sure.

    An odd thing–I guess about our own TV: My both husband and I hated Lee’s performance when we watched it on our TV. (His gritty voice, the one we love, just didn’t come through.) But when I listened to it on YouTube, the acoustics were so much better. I then saw that the judges (and the rest of you hear) did get it right. Lee did a superb job with Hallelujah! I am so happy for Lee as I think he WILL be the last contestant standing.

    I also thought Crystal did a fantastic job. (I loved her reply to Ellen’s comment that she didn’t know she could hit some of those incredible notes–I think it was Ellen–when Crystal said, “I didn’t either!” Loved that. She is a sweetheart. And I do love her voice, as well. Just like Lee’s raspier sound better.

    Hope all 3 have terrific careers and wish them the best.

  139. It’s really time for Casey to go.He has never been one of my favorites.His voice is very shakey at times.Lee came back with two great performances, but my vote is still for Crystal, she has the confidence and the voice to do big things.I hope she wins.

  140. Lulu – I like that weatherman phrase! And it is true that it is in the eye of the beholder.

    Truth be told, I am no critic in the sense of purposefully putting artists down to feel good, aka Simon. Don’t get me wrong, I do agree with much of what he says, just not how he says it.

    I am a professional singer, arranger, teacher, music lover and have a good amount of background in the arts in general. I speak based on experience. I don’t pretend to be a superstar in any way. If I were, I would have auditioned a long time ago. But I get hired and that’s good enough for me.

    Anyway, I am impressed most when a singer can personalize a song well in the way that the judges oftentimes describe. I hate karaoke. An artist’s confidence shines through when they really put their stamp on a song.

    I have never heard the original Hallelujah but I have heard it enought on AI and Lee’s version was the best thus far by a mile. I actually like the song now. He definitely did something better with the song then Jason Castro or Tim Urban or the others did…

  141. Lulu – Is that because you don’t know how to respond? Why don’t you try responding to my points and we can have a discussion.

  142. Check here for the many “Hallelujah” covers:

    “25 Noteworthy Hallelujah Covers:

    1. Jeff Buckley
    2. Rufus Wainwright
    3. Alexandra Burke
    4. John Cale
    5. Ari Hest (this is just so good that I included the video of it)
    6. Damien Rice (sigh…his little Irish voice is just meant for this)
    7. Kate Voegele (interesting voice)
    8. Sheryl Crow (despite some of her pop songs, her voice is still amazing)
    9. Bob Dylan (definitely put a new spin on it.)
    10. K.D. Lang (not too unique but still good)
    11. Allison Crowe (three words…get ’em, girl!!!!)
    12. Damien Lieth
    13. Tina Dickow and Steffen Brandt (not my fave but I think the Danish aspect ruins it a bit lol)
    14. Bon Jovi (good hair and good music = a decent cover)
    15. Over the Rhine (lovely but I like Allison Crowe’s cover better!)
    16. Lucky Jim (good but aiming at being Bob Dylan with that deep voice)
    17. Rea Garvey
    18. Hunter Gallagher
    19. Alter Bridge
    20. Amanda Jensen (not bad for a foreign version of IDOL)
    21. Gavin Degraw (yeahy Gavin!)
    22. Perla Batalla (Leonard Cohen’s very own backup singer…so obviously!)
    23. Chris Phillips (casual but I love this…please youtube it!)
    24. Phil Wickham (3.5 stars…appreciate how he tries to make it more his)
    25. Imogen Heap (Marissa Cooper dies! ay caramba! a great ode to a random yet powerful OC moment!)”

    There are lots of videos of that song to watch there as well. This song has been covered many, many times.

  143. #165 Ashley…..then I surprised he didn’t have Adam sing it last year….

  144. Jovesta & Lulu…..I know two things the two of you can agree on…you both like AMERICAN IDOL and enjoy commenting on this blog….

  145. I agree Phyllis. I also like having intelligent discussion about things.

    Lee threw the gauntlet down last night and I hope that he continues to bring it. I think that Crystal could do something just as memorable, which is why this finale is going to be really exciting and probably one of the tighter ones to vote for.

  146. I had not been a big Lee fan thus far (I preferred Siobhan), but he really did steal the show last night. Cyrstal was good, but not great; although the Melissa Etheridge song was a great choice for her, right in her sweet spot, I thought her performance was a bit disappointing.

    Casey was, as expected, weak. His first song was totally bland. I must admit that “Daughters” was a tough song to make exciting -it is a very boring, flat song -but he actually did a decent job on it. But Lee had a true “moment” with Hallelujah -he stayed true to his own style and did a very different version of it from the original (or Tim Urban’s version, which actually was OK). Lee’s first song, “Simple Man”, also was good and suited his style very well.

    Surprisingly, Lee actually seems to be putting some distance between him and Crystal, and has all the momentum. I like Casey (he is a fine guitarist, and has remained modest), but would be shocked if he doesn’t leave tonight.

  147. Lee is the best and he has an amazing future ahead of him. Simple Man was an excellent song choice, you did a great job!!!!!

  148. When American Idol started i Was a Big Aaron fan that is who i wanted to win….I still love the little guy…But out of the three that is left….I think Crystal has a great voice if you are into that kind of music….I am not….So my vote goes to Lee he amazed me last night….I really would love to hear him sing a Bryan Adams song he has the same kind of voice….

  149. Congrats to all three. Mamasox will probably be the newest idol. Lee has certainly come along way from the paint store. I still like Casey. I think the judges have been particularly hard on him. I believe he has been true to himself. What a musician and artist. There isn’t a loser in the bunch including Michael Lynche.

  150. I tend to agree with #145. I’m not a big Casey fan but there are LOTS of women/females out there that will vote for him. His looks have gotten him this far! Crystal will get a recording contract regardless of whether she “takes it all.” Season 5 was still the best IMO. Seems like the “talent” is getting less “talented” every year!

  151. A national study conducted by among American Idol viewers found that Casey James was selected as the contestant that should be eliminated from the competition based on his performance last night and only received 15.3% of votes. The study parallels American Idol voting to determine the weekly winners based on a democratic, “one person, one vote” methodology.
    More results can be seen at

  152. EMMA # 174

    dont know if talent is being deluted..AI is becoming a popularity show..a lot of the talent got sent home because they were talented but QUIRKY..AI doesn’t like QUIRKY. The 3 left are all talented so we’ll see.

  153. The best singers went home .between the 3 top singers maybe Crystal is the was a very weak season but with great singers(Didi – Siobhan Michael….)lets hope for better public judgement next season!

  154. Lee sang one of the best songs ever written. and his voice was just made for it.
    Mind you,Leonard Cohen does a pretty good job of it too!

  155. Big Mike was the best. Now that is gone, I don’t care who wins.
    However, I wish Lee, Crystal and Casey get what they deserve. All the best.

  156. I think that Casey is not all that good looking – he’s cute yeah but….I love his voice though and totally will buy his cds. Also Lee’s and Aaron’s; Crystal’s not a chance. I thought she was yelling last night’s second song. I have read on this site how Casey is lost without his guitar – that is true for Crystal. I sure would love to see Crystal go home tonight so she can be with her child that she keeps refering to. And have a Casey/Lee final.

  157. I think Lee, Casey and Crystal were given those song choices, so one or two could have the advantage over the other!

  158. haha, i find it hilarious how some people are saying that tim is better than lee! seriously if you people didn’t see how amazing and heartfelt lee’s peformance was you obviously don’t know good music and are most likely tone deaf. lee deserves everything he’s getting and he deserves to be the next american idol.

  159. haha, i find it hilarious how some people are saying that tim is better than lee! seriously if you people didn’t see how amazing and heartfelt lee’s peformance was you obviously don’t know good music and are most likely tone deaf. lee deserves everything he’s getting and he deserves to be the next american idol.

  160. If I were Crystal, I wouldn’t want to win. Let Lee have it. The winners of idol, except Carrie and Kelly never go very far afterward.
    I thought Lee did good, but everything seemed a bit skewed.
    Casey got completely jacked over with the judges song choice and then Lee gets a great song, that any of them would have shined on plus he gets a choir, which adds a huge wow factor.

  161. I’ve been a singer and musician all of my life. I have watched AI from the beginning and I have to say next to Carrie Underwood, Lee DeWyze is the only AI I would buy a ticket to see or buy their CD. Listen to the radio…Lee’s got it all! Crystal is good too, but gets boring; Casey….great on the guitar, but the voice needs work!! I say Casey will go home tonight, Crystal and Lee will be in the finale and Lee will by far be the winner!!

  162. AI has just seen broadcasted in the UK (what you guys watched in the US last night) and even though there has always been a debate between Crystal and Lee…LEE is the answer after tonight!!! His 2 performances were awesome, in a different league but the Hallelujah gave this country the goose bumps as every body is talking about it. Europe is supporting Lee, shame we can not vote!!!! 🙁

  163. i think that crystal really needs to go home caseys okbut i really want lee to win he is amazing hes gonna win it all on how he sang last night even simon was clapping for lee!!!!!!

  164. Casey is so modest and he seems to have parepared to leave a few times already, saying so himself when Mike was eliminated, and making exit-like comments on the AI site… to some this may seem his weakness, to me, it says he is very wise and knows what may be coming and taking it all very well. Lee is full of passion, and Casey is full of gentleness… for those of you think that people vote for these guys only because of their looks, maybe you’ve underestimated their other appealing qualities besides their great voices.


  166. I respect Casey and I think he’s a nice guy, but he’s so vocally untrained. Sure, the guy can carry a tune, he has decent hair and he’s reasonably good looking, but he has such a strong vabrato — and it’s not the good kind either. That type of vabrato indicates pushing and vocal weakness and could potentially hurt his voice. I think with a little more training, he could be much better.
    Lee and Krystal have much more of a musical personality – they know who they are and what they do best and they stick to it. Casey just has to figure things out a little more.
    Hats off to Lee! I think he’ll win this!

  167. Lee still has to win next week. It ain’t over till it’s over. How many thought Adam was a sure can’t fail to win last year?

  168. i am praying that LEE is the next idol ..he is so awesome and i love his voice ! oh my gosh i could listen to him all day long he is so cute and shy like but you can see in his eyes he is a star! always

  169. At the stage of the game i always hate to see any of them go.But only one can win.I do think Casey will leave tonight,but will do great in the real world,he is a winner.I believe crystal will go next…another winner…But standing alone as the Next American Idol will be Lee,and he is so deserving…As they all are,but as i said only one can take the title.And…Lee has been from the start my pick and still is…So you go Lee…

  170. Well i have just finished watching the results show and it ended as i expected. Casey went out with class. He has a lot of talent and he will go far in his career. It is Crystal and Lee in the finale and I hope Lee takes the title. It has been interesting to read all these blogs and see the differences in the opinions. My pick has always been Lee. He will get my votes again so hope he wins. It was nice to read these blogs and not see a lot of hatred comments. I was reading on other blogs and the comments were hateful and if you stated a contestant was not your choice people got very mad and nasty about it so this is a pleasant blog experience.

  171. Sandy, thanks for sharing. But you shouldnt decide who you will vote for until you’ve heard the songs in the finale!!!

  172. sea cal,

    Lee has been my favorite all season anD last night really sealed it for me. I have not been too thrilled with Crystal no offense her style just doesn’t appeal to me . I hope I do not get beat up too much for making that comment as I did when I stated that on another blog today. She can sing but she is just not my style just saying!!

  173. All 3 of the videos from these contestants visits home were very touching. I was especially touched by Lee’s & Casey’s. Pretty awesome guys.
    When Crystal cried while viewing hers…that was a tear jerker too.
    All 3 of these finalists have proved to be special individuals. They have given it their all to win this title.
    Much as I wanted to see Casey stay…I was proud of the way he handled himself tonight being voted off. He left with a smile..and really shown everyone his true character. Made me like the guy evern more. He’s gonna be fine..and I beleive he will go far.
    Watching Lee..I beleive he should get this win. He wants it more than anyone..and he deserves it as much as anyone. I hope he wins next week.
    Crystal..I think she would be okay with 2nd place. Her heart is not truly into this. I’m not saying that to be just isn’t. If you listened close to her comments..she misses being w/ her son & being a MOM..and I can’t say I blame her. I think she appreciates the experience AI has brought to her life…but I think this may not be her “dream” as much as she thought it might be when she 1st started. Just an observation.

  174. Diane, I am inclined to agree with you. Watching tonight sealed my belief that Lee should, and will, win the competition. No doubt Crystal is talented but I don’t think it is her dream as much as Lee’s. Nor do I think she has the soul Lee has. I knew Casey would be going home tonight, but I was touched by his grace, his humbleness and emotions. I wish him all the success in the world. You are also correct in saying everyone believed Adam would win… and he didn’t. I foresee the same this year. Lee will win- not Crystal.

  175. This is what I think….
    I agree that the vocalists this year may not be as good as last year. Adam Lambert has extraordinary talent as far as vocals go – his style might not be everyone’s thing but he has an AMAZING range and dexterity – he can do whatever he wants with his voice – I’m a singer (of the backing vocal variety) and am in AWE. Crystal has lots of that too….I like Lee – he seems like a good chap and has an amount of talent – did not like his version of Hallelujah – I thought it was too ‘big’ and brassy. It’s a beautiful song and deserves not to be belted. I think Casey has more talent than Lee – by quite a ways – but I think his song choice let him down. On both of his songs it was pretty much just him doing his thing – simple, beautiful, almost flawless – Lee came out with the big guns – brass instruments, black female gospel singers – way more showy and I think that’s what sold him last night. Maybe that’s what it’s all about. I think out of the top three I would have picked Crystal to win, or Casey (it’s a hard call – he’s a phenomenal guitarist! Loved his guitar work on the duet he did with Michael) and then Lee third – if I was just going on talent. Think the judges have really been talking Lee and Crystal up too (I don’t know how many times I’ve heard about Lee’s paint job!! – and yet I know very little about Casey). Granted I don’t watch the show – I download highlights – coming from New Zealand we’re a little behind on what’s happening. = )
    Anyway, I hope the two that didn’t make it go on and make it on their own – cos they’re all good. = ) Kia kaha.

  176. oh and one more thing…..for me (in the words of Randy)….Lee’s still pretty pitchy. Really. Still think he’s good but not Casey good.

  177. Lee is not a good singer. He can barely hold a note. As an Aussie who is watching the show for the first time, I am amazed at the lack of talent in these contestants. Ask yourself if you would pay to watch these people perform? The judges (apart from Simon) are tossers. What a disappointment!

  178. Lee is constantly off key. I dont know why people cannot hear that. I cringe everytime he hits an awfully bad note (which is pretty often) and that is why i cannot enjoy his performances

  179. Of all the singers this year, Casey was the best, however whenever he was putting out his best,doing his thing with his guitar the judges asked for more singing. When he tried to please the judges, this wasn’t what he stood for and he was uncomfortable. I appreciate his integrity as an up and coming artist. I will definitely buy his CD, so will my mom , my sisters, my friends. Love you Casey!

  180. Hi, will be waiting with baited breath to hear Lees version of Hallelujah, Australian Idol Stan Walker, our very own Kiwi Maori Boy, 🙂 sang a superb version of that song, the best i have ever heard, but don`t think he was mentioned as one of the singer`s of that song, but i like Lee, and all the top 4. 🙂

  181. Go Lee! He is most definitely peaking at the right time. He just needs to ride the wave and bring it home! He is absolutely more invested in the competition than Crystal by evidence of her trip home. Crystal was rude at times and not too emotional about the experience. Tells you a lot about her as a person.

  182. So Crystal responds to insults in a straightforward way. Sue her(!) She speaks her mind, and I find that very refreshing.

  183. I wasn’t talking about her interaction with the judges; I was more talking about her interaction with her fans on her trip home. What was up with her popping up and down out of the skylight of the limo?

  184. Lee is TOTALLY overrated. He’s terribly unversatile. I thought his performances were lackluster this week. He was even off pitch on a couple of notes and yet the judges act like they are blown away? Kara says, “you are what this show is all about.” Puhleeeeeeeeeeeeezzz.

    I haven’t been a fan of Casey, but I thought he did great this week.

    Lee is overrated and is clearly being pushed by the producers of the show

  185. Lee did awesome and he has grown more than any contestant on the show this season. He seems to be more hungry for this win than Crystal. I find it interesting that in the beginning the judges especially Simon was pushing for a win for Crystal and she can really sing (just doesn’t appeal to me) but now they are especially Simon are poushing for a Lee win (which I think he will) Could it be that they are tired of Crystal’s back talking. I think if she wins she will be like Taylor Hicks and want to buy herself out of her contact with them because she doesn’t want to be told what to do. Lee is so humble and will abide by Idols suggesstion as it is only for the first year and then he can do what he wants to do. I think that is a pretty good trade off for a jump start on his career. So my votes will definitley go to Lee but congrats to all the contestants as they have certainly accomplished a great deal

  186. Winning this thing isn’t about how much someone has grown over the season. It isn’t about how “hungry” one is to win either.

    When you start out the season and you’re shy and skiddish, then naturally you have the most room to grow. That doesn’t mean you’re the best or that you deserve it more. All it means is that you were kind of lame to start off with.

    Secondly, what’s with this whole “hungry” thing? It’s not about who’s hungry to win. And who are you or I or even the judges for that matter to judge a person in that way and then go so far as to make it a qualification for winning? Are we all a bunch of retards?

    For some reason so many of the viewers posting comments on this thread seem to think they are mind readers. You all are not qualified, nor called upon, to judge these people’s character, so please get down off of your high horses and stop it.

  187. In SA we know Casey was voted out still we are watching right now……….Lee is awesome way way better than Crystal. Lee you have grown so much and we rooting for you here in SA, thank goodness for Google……..see you soon at the 2010 WORLD CUP AMERICANS, exciting yet very scary. BE WISE BE AWARE DON’T TAKE ANYTHING AT FACE VALUE IN SA ALWAYS BE ALERT. GREAT BUILD UP BUT WE IN SA HAVE A LOT TO LEARN…………BE SAFE IN SA

  188. Lee is the most appealing and should win it all. Crystal has taken to screaming at the end of each song, and that has gotten very annoying. I liked her at first, but can barely stand to listen to her anymore. I will buy Lee’s music. Not Crystal’s.

  189. BTW you can already buy Lee’s CDs online — he has already released a couple — one called “Slumberland” and another called “So Im Told” — they’re not too bad, but could use some polish, which he’ll get with his next release!

  190. Lee will win! He is great and humble. Momma Sox is also great, but I don’t think she will win. All of her songs sound alike. Either way, they both will have music careers and be recognized.

  191. Lee, I just want you to know that I think you are georgous. OMG.. that smile and them eyes are so dreamy. I’d love to meet you one day. I really hope you take this from Crystal. She is talented but I feel you’re the real winner here. I see you as a Daughtery type of artist. One song that crossed my was “incomplete” by Backstreet Boys. it sounds as if it’s one artist but it’s several and I think it would be a great song for the final show.

  192. the song simon chose for lee was a song he chose for another singer alexandra burke from the x factor in the uk which she sang on the show he is a judge also and which scored a number 1 there look it up on youtube

  193. When Siobhan screamed every one wanted her off now Crystal’s doing it and its just OK??? Lee for American Idol just love Lee, he is so humble when he went back to visit at the Paint Shop he worked at I was in absolute tears……..WOW FANTASTIC SONG CHOICES. ONCE AGAIN I REALLY HOPE LEE WINS THIS AMERICAN IDOL.

  194. Well i watched Idol tonight, we behind you guy`s, the one where Casey went. I was watching with baited breath to see how Lee sang Hallelujah, don`t get me wrong, i love Lee, i love Crystal, they are both deserving of Idol. Lee sang Hallelujah well, but our very own Stan Walker from NZ who won Australian Idol so far in my opinion has the best version of that song yet. Sorry Simon don`t agree with you that Lee`s version was probably the best version, i would suggest you get a copy of our Stan`s version and have a good listen, he`s da bomb. 🙂

  195. Lee DeWyze is not even REMOTELY on par with Adam Lambert for talent. Keep dreaming!

    People say that Crystal always sounds the same? I think Lee DeWyze always sounds the same. And what’s with giving him a choir for backup for his last song?

  196. David,real sensitive retard comment.My nephew has special needs.Think before you speak.I think Adam was far better than Lee.However,I do think Lee has a phenominal voice.I think you would recognize Chyrstal on the radio easier,for her unique sound.Lee sounds simlar to David Cook.I’ll vote according to who is better in the Finale.I do think they both will be successful.I think the one with more of an It factor will go further.I do think it’ commendable about Lee’s confidence booster,but it would be condisending to vote for him for that reason alone.Listen to vocals.ANd people,we don’t need to mention”fat MIke”(when he was on,)Or David’s ignornant retard comment,or Chrstal’s teeth.We are buying Cds from the artists,and if you love them,you won’t be shallow about perfection.Last time I looked,no one was perfect.Have a heart.

  197. Robin,
    Whether or not your nephew has special needs is completely irrelevant to this discussion.

    You can focus on my use of a particular word and beat me up for it, or you can choose to understand what I was trying to communicate (which I know that you can do if you want to).

    The point I was trying to make was that people posting in this thread seem to be judging these contestants by invalid criteria (but I think you knew that).

    Now let’s not argue over the use of a particular word as the commenting rules here state that the conversation has to be ‘on topic’.

  198. Sorry didn’t know pointed out a sore subject was a bad thing,but I think you knew that.

  199. David, that comment i made about being on a par with Adam Lambert, i was not saying Lee was on a par with Adam, the Australian Idol was, but yes i agree, Adam has exceptional talent, i don`t know if there will be another American Idol like him, and that does not mean i think Lee is not good, he is.

  200. I don`t understand why people out there have to start slagging this one off, or that one off, we all have our favourite`s, different stroke`s for different folk`s, but the top 4 were all deserving, and i hope they all do well in the future, and get a chance to do what they love to do, and that`s sing. Personally i think the boy`s have an unfair advantage over the girl`s cause the teeny bopper girl`s are gonna be voting for the young hot male singer`s, they are probably the biggest voter`s, it has become a popularity contest and sometime`s voting doesn`t reflect who the best singer really is.

  201. My daughter who is 14 votes for vocals,not just a cute face.Not all teens do that.Everyone should vote for who has the ultimate best voice,and who would stand out on the radio,like,”That’ an Adam lambert song.”

  202. Please, all Lee fans, please vote for us that is in other countries like me in South African that cannot vote. Liked him since day one

  203. The theme this week is “Wonder How the Producers Are Going to Rig The Show THIS Week!”

  204. David,why are you so bitter?Ifyou hate the show,why are you watching it and blogging?WHat is up???????? Millions of people love the show.Stop being such a Dan downer.I can’ wait until the finale.If it was “rigged”Chris ALlen sure wouldn’t have won.”Ican’t wait to hear Chrstal and Lee sing.I’ll make my decision according to the best vocal,and who would be most unique,and stand out on the radio.I’ll get the real theme from another source.

  205. Robin, i really don’t think voting for the best singer in the final round is right,you should vote for someone who has been the best through out and not just the best singer of the casey james and sorry he had to leave

  206. Dalene YIP, another SA LEE FAN. Don’t care what other bloggers say about Lee, he is fantastic we been following AI from day dot, Crystal has just become so much more self opinionated as far as I am concerned. Well different strokes for different folks, when is she going to take those horrible strange things hanging on her head out, they sure don’t look like “dreads” yukky!!!!!

  207. I am excited to see how the two finalists respond to the big stage tonight. It usually throws the top two for a loop. But these two have prior performing experience and might be able to pull out great performances in this new environment. The way Lee has been soaring, I hope that he thrives on stage and shows off his adorable personality…

  208. And to Robin #237 – Obviously the voting was not rigged BECAUSE Kris Allen won last year. He was the better finalist.

  209. #241 JOVESTA…..Are you serious? Kris Allen better than Adam Lambert!!!!!
    Two different kind of singers but Adam is hands down a better all around entertainer…..

  210. Adam Lambert is an all around better screamer than Kris, I will give him that. But Kris is a viable pop artist. Adam Lambert is working in Vegas.

  211. Gee Whizz are people not strange, we are millions of miles away from America, here in SA and its so cool to see the banter on this blog. The same happens with our SA Idols, only difference is most your Idols do something with their lives, one of our WINNERS in one of the seasons fiancée ended up in jail when he murdered the Guest House owner while the so called Idol was performing in Cape Town and last year SA messed up so bad they had to have a tie as the votes were totally incorrect, HOW?? WHO KNOWS??? OH AND YOUR JUDGES AND PRESENTER ROCK, THE BEST IN THE WORLD, JUST AMAZING STUNNING, MAKES YOUR SHOW, ours oh dear, no comment…. LEE ROOTING FOR YOU, you can’t compare Lee to Adam its like comparing oranges and banana’s. GOOD LUCK LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  212. JOVESTA….Adam is touring the country, Kris is an opening act right now…..Don’t get me wrong, if Adam wasn’t on the show, Kris was my other choice to win… I was only disappointed because everyone, including Kris felt that Adam should have won…..Make no mistake, I like Kris but I love Adam’s music better…..

  213. You are entitled to your opinion, as I am mine. IMO Adam Lambert is more a Broadway performer and not a pop artist. And where is Adam touring? I haven’t heard about any tour. I know Kris has a stop in my hometown coming up this summer.

  214. Like the saying goes, we can agree to disagree and you are 100% right, it is our own opinion and thats what counts….
    If you want to know where Adam is touring, check out his website….TheOfficialAdamLambertsite
    There is a whole list of cities where he will be this summer…..Meanwhile enjoy seeing Kris, I know I would……

  215. I was so disappointed in Lee tonight. Crystal has it in the bag now. I loved her tonight. (Didn’t like that last song she sang, though Simon called it “outstanding” and the other judges loved it, too.

    Lee was good tonight; he just wasn’t wow-good. Sigh. I had switched camps and was pulling for him.

    Course these last performances may not turn some from their favorite. I think Crystal deserves the win, however. She was definitely on point.

  216. If you had not seen any other performances by these artists, Crystal was by far the better performer tonight. Lee had a lot of momentum going in so it seems pretty much even at this point . . . best for whoever ends up taking the votes . . .

  217. We in SA are watching tonight, we know Lee won cause some of us were up half the night and some of us googled at 06h00 this morning.


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